• Federer, Roddick collide for 24th time

    3/26/12 6:38 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer, Roddick collide for 24th time Familiar foes Roger Federer and Andy Roddick will be squaring off again on Monday in Miami. A place in the fourth round is at stake.

    Roger Federer and Andy Roddick will be going head-to-head for the 24th time in their careers when they do battle in round three of the Sony Ericsson Open on Monday night.

    Federer is dominating the series 21-2, including 14-2 on hard courts. They most recently faced each other last fall in Basel, where Federer rolled 6-3, 6-2. A pair of Miami quarterfinal encounters were split in 2008 (Roddick) and 2009 (Federer).

    Although he is still at No. 3 in the world behind Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, Federer is the in-form player on tour. He won the Indian Wells title and is now 23-2 for his 2012 campaign after dismissing Ryan Harrison 6-2, 7-6(3) on Saturday.

    Roddick has been plagued by injuries so his season has been going slow. The 29-year-old American brought a disappointing 5-5 record with him to Miami, but he had no problems with Gilles Muller in a 6-3, 6-2 rout in his tournament opener.

    "We've played a ton," said Roddick. "There's no secrets. I know I have to execute really, really well. There's a small window of percentages where you have to be right. What he does is he shrinks that window with his strengths.

    "We have had a couple really tight ones here before at night. It's always fun."

    It may be fun and the atmosphere should be rocking, but Federer has a massive edge in both head-to-head history and current form. Count on the No. 3 seed advancing in straight sets.

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Cool, can't wait to see it. I always enjoy roddick and federer's play, so it will definitely be a spectacular match ;)

PS Check out:

Mrrybnik , 3/26/12 9:26 AM

Its quite sad that each time I saw Roddick playing well (like for example at Basel in 2010, reaching the semifinal there), he ended up losing to Fed in the next round and most of the time, he lost meekly. Its as if he didn't have even a little bit of self belief. I can remember only three exceptions: Madrid 09 where Roddick played so well and on clay, but lost in three sets; Miami 08 where Roddick won in the QF; and Wimbledon 09 where Roddick lost in a heartbreaking five sets final. Unfortunately, those were the exceptions and not the norms. Poor Roddick, I do admire his courage and his sporting spirit, in facing Fed and facing the expected loss time and again.

luckystar , 3/26/12 10:21 AM

Am going to stay up late to watch this match. If Roger wins and gets 22-2 H2H I think it will be the first time a player has 20+ differential.

HOPP Roger!!!!

bleck , 3/26/12 10:21 AM

bleck, I thought you didn't believe in H2Hs?

nadline , 3/26/12 10:29 AM

It's not a question of believing in H2Hs or not. It's about what H2Hs show and they show who is the better player between 2 players. What they don't show is how good a player is simply because each player plays against the entire field and not only one specific player.

According to your view of H2Hs dominic hrbaty would the one of the greatest players since he has positive H2Hs against both Roger and nadal.

bleck , 3/26/12 10:37 AM

Now I think you are being facetious. Of course Hrbaty was better than Rafa as a 25 year old when Rafa was 17/18, the same applies to Hrbaty's h2h against Roger. Look, he played Rafa 4 times, Rafa Ret once, won 1 and lost the first 2, and Roger lost 2 out of 3.

What does that prove? Only that Hrbaty is much older than Rafa, and concluding that one player is greater than the other after 3 matches is ridiculous.

nadline , 3/26/12 10:52 AM

A plus for RF in this game: he is cool while Roddick will be upset and arguing fast which will defect his tennis, also Roddick will be more nerves when he will face a cool player.

wics , 3/26/12 10:52 AM

poor Roddick...he stands no chance cause Fed owns him...Rog in two easy sets...

natashao , 3/26/12 10:53 AM

"Now I think you are being facetious. Of course Hrbaty was better than Rafa as a 25 year old when Rafa was 17/18, the same applies to Hrbaty's h2h against Roger. Look, he played Rafa 4 times, Rafa Ret once, won 1 and lost the first 2, and Roger lost 2 out of 3.

What does that prove? Only that Hrbaty is much older than Rafa, and concluding that one player is greater than the other after 3 matches is ridiculous."

Of course it is ridiculous to atribute much weight to the H2H.

A player plays against hundreds of opponents not just one. The fact that Roger has a negative H2H against nadal means nothing when analysing his career and achievements.

The H2H means a player is better than another and sometimes that's purely down to matchup issues.

bleck , 3/26/12 1:56 PM

I did not say that H2H doesn't matter, stop twisting my words. I said judging a 25 yr old against a 17 year old doesn't prove anything especially as we are really talking about 2 matches, because Rafa retired in the nex one and beat Hrbaty in their last meeting, quite comprehensively; I also said you cannot claim anything over 3 matches, but over 28 matches you can.

nadline , 3/26/12 2:31 PM

I often ignore H2H stats simply because many matchups were so close and tight, that they could have gone either way. Often when the audience looks at the H2H of any player, they don't analyse those specific matchups individually hence leading to a skewed stat.. they only see "W" and "L". No matter the H2H vs Andy, it will be a good matchup.

No one is invincible, and on any given day, any player can lose.. that is the beauty of sports. You never go into a match thinking you are going to lose; just stop playing then if you think that way.

aegis , 3/26/12 5:12 PM

aegis, your first part is right, however the 2nd are not.

There are advisers get highest money to choose to there player when to win and when to lose, in another meaning when to play hard and when to keep energy for the future.

Till now we are blaming Novak advisers who never advise him when and how to stop wining last year without defecting his image. and you can see now how much he is defected.

These advisers they take there salary to say 'lose'. and RF advisers are good to stop him last year and choose for him to get strik and Rafa advisers too good to keep him down and get 2 slams this year, however RF will keep Basil and Rafa will keep Madrid.

Here, the logic will be the path not the static 'H2H'


wics , 3/26/12 7:14 PM

1st set Andy! Loooooooooooooong way to go....

ts38 , 3/27/12 2:37 AM

horrible performance by federer so far....

Emiliano55 , 3/27/12 2:37 AM

Both guys are playing well. Fed isn't playing horrible, Roddick hasn't even earned a break point. Roddick served well in the tiebreak. not so m uch in the 2nd set. But he is saving himself for the 3rd...

Bharata , 3/27/12 3:05 AM

honestly, Roger is terrible at challenges. Wrong twice in a row.

cherylmurray , 3/27/12 3:14 AM

I cannot believe that just happened. I haven't seen Roddick hit forehands that well in years.

cherylmurray , 3/27/12 3:19 AM

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and SWIIIIIIING!!!

ts38 , 3/27/12 3:19 AM

I think Federer is actually grunting a little bit. Odd.

cherylmurray , 3/27/12 3:29 AM

Roddick flattened out the forehand in one game and hit 4 winners. Federer looks shell chocked. But this always happens when you give up a 0-40 lead. Roddick will serve it out.

Bharata , 3/27/12 3:37 AM


ts38 , 3/27/12 3:40 AM

Federer holds. It's all up to Roddick now.

cherylmurray , 3/27/12 3:44 AM

Excellent match Andy. As I said, on any given day, any player can win.

aegis , 3/27/12 3:51 AM

that is the most unlikely outcome I've seen in a long while. WOW. It was interesting to see Roddick playing aggressive again.

cherylmurray , 3/27/12 3:51 AM

What a boost for a rough couple of years...

ts38 , 3/27/12 3:53 AM

That was some cool headed clean playing from Roddick at the end. Well deserved win. Major congrats to Roddick!

chlorostoma , 3/27/12 3:53 AM

...and Mr. Roddick is back!!!
Well done!!!!

zare , 3/27/12 3:55 AM

a stern reminder of how well roddick can hit that forehand, he threw in an excellent mix today with that wing. so he gets his 3rd win over federer , haha, nice effort :)

vamosrafa , 3/27/12 4:05 AM

So much for the COOL PLAYER. Can't wait for the excuses now...

jean , 3/27/12 4:05 AM

It would be InCreDiBlY refreshing if for once he would not offer any excuses.

chlorostoma , 3/27/12 4:11 AM

great effort by andy, congrats. can't wait for nole vs andy.

rfzr , 3/27/12 4:22 AM

yeah,andy and nole have had some great battles in the past. andy is doing well and he can give a tough match to nole

vamosrafa , 3/27/12 4:36 AM

regardless of whether he wins his next match... I hope that Andy plays to the left he can, rather than have the post great upset syndrome.

chlorostoma , 3/27/12 4:39 AM

@jean- i thought somebody else is a master at giving excuses. Anyways lets wait for the presser.

abhirf , 3/27/12 4:42 AM

Ooh, I could say so many things after what I have had to read here when Rafa lost to Fed.

I still can't believe it! I didn't even watch the match because I was so sure Fed would win. Well, shame on me. I have to try to see this on the replay. That could be in the wee hours of the morning.

This is just amazing. It appears that Andy came out and played some great, aggressive tennis. So nice for him after his struggles in recent years.

Some people should not get so cocky. The fall is very hard.

Nativenewyorker , 3/27/12 7:23 AM

Now watch SOME Federer fans melt from this site like snow in June.

deuce , 3/27/12 7:54 AM

abhirf, this time, Federer takes a different tack by saying he is happy that Roddick is playing so well, like he let him win because he was playing well. That's patronizing, if nothing else.

nadline , 3/27/12 8:42 AM


You are getting positively poetic these days! Love your analogy! Yes, the worst of the worst will go back into hiding now.

What is that old saying - don't count your chickens before they are hatched? Very applicable here.


Interesting comment from Fed. Patronizing, to say the least.

Nativenewyorker , 3/27/12 8:57 AM

As I said in this post earlier,

wics, 3/26/12 7:14 PM: Here, the logic will be the path not the static 'H2H'

These players knows when they must lose, all we know Fed cannot go on for another titel shortly and he need a break,

Please think as RF, better to lose with Nadal or Nole? or just walk out from not top 10?


wics , 3/27/12 9:00 AM

Didn't see that one coming, but congrats to Roddick for playing a good match. Perhaps this will fire up his engine for one more push.... Nothing to do for Roger except taking a well deserved break after a great first part of the season :-)

Bonker , 3/27/12 9:23 AM

torres9, chr18, solitudine - You are sorely missed, where art thou? ..:-)

Oh but please be prepared Rafans - If Rafa loses in Miami, that day they will be out in full force :-)

sanju , 3/27/12 10:27 AM

@ sanju,

You forgot their queen BLEAK (bleck) lolz.

Raindrops , 3/27/12 11:31 AM

Raindrops..To give due credit to bleck, though she defends Rog tirelessly 9which she has every right to given shes his biggest fan), I dont think she usually disappears after his losses. Shes quiet regular here.

The other 3 I mentioned are the ones resurfacing once in a blue moon ;-) They love Rafa so much, they ahve to take potshots at his expense whenever they can:-)

sanju , 3/27/12 12:34 PM

Nadline, Fed didn't said that he let him win. He clearly gave credit to Andy for his all aggressive game. As far as i know, he always gives his opponent the credit if they beat him rather than citing any excuses (injury, fatigue, playing conditions etc.) which most players do. So u all should better check ur comments before posting them. Also, there's nothing bad in losing to a better player on that given day especially when the player on the other side is a former world no.1. H2H only shows one player having a mental edge over other. But it's not an engraving on a stone that can't be changed. Remember every streak is meant to be broken. That's the way law of avgs. work. I being a Federer fan do feel sad for his loss today, but am still happy with his recent performances. I am also happy for Andy. Had it not been Federer, he would have won many more titles. Hope he can make a real deep run in this tournament.

abhirf , 3/27/12 1:30 PM

Tough match for Roger. I didn't watch the match but looking at the stats Roger was better in everyone of them, exept for the BP conversion rate.

From what I read Roger had 0-40 in Andy's servie game in the third set and couldn't capitalise and then lost his own serve. Maybe that was the pivotal point in the match.

Maybe Roger is tired mentally and physically. He was trying to do a last push before taking some time off and unfortunately he was unlucky today. Roger even had more points won in total. Had he won he should make the semis and defend his points but would've probably lost against Djokovic.

Can't say I wasn't shocked because I was. But looking at the big picture Roger had a wonderful start of the season. 3 titles, semis at the AO and then an early exit at Miami. Way better than the 2011 start of the year.

Just hope Roger doesn't play Monte Carlo and takes some rest because he needs it.
Then it is off to the most important part of the season from Madrid to the US Open.

Thanks for stating the truth sanju. Raindrops, I was here when Roger went titleless from Doha to the US Open. I support Roger win or lose.

Congrats to Roddick, even though I expect this win to not translate to something bigger. He should lose in the semis if he makes it that far.

bleck , 3/27/12 2:03 PM

As far as i know, he always gives his opponent the credit if they beat him rather than citing any excuses , abhirf, 3/27/12 1:30 PM

OMG! I never read a biggest lie or ill-informed claim. Go read all his pressers in the past when he lost big matches - to Berdych at Wimb 2010 (he was injured); to Rafa at Wimb 2008 (it was too dark); to Safin at AO 2005 (Safin played gamesmanship); to Rafa FO 2011 (he only wins when I'm not playing my best); to Rafa at AO 2009 (it's not always the better player who wins in a 5 set match it's all about momentum)...blah, blah.. I don't really care to list the rest. If you're blind, you're blind, I can't do anything about it.

abhirf, 3/27/12 4:42 AM , as you can see it's not someone else or anyone else who is master of excuses, it's YOUR idol who is master of excuses and under handed digs!! Deal with it!

jean , 3/27/12 2:36 PM

Ha ha Federer says 'he's happy that Roddick played well' and that's patronizing? Whereas Nadal tells Federer 'you're the greatest player in tennis, roger' while holding the AO trophy (and countless other times Nadal has beaten him in finals) That's at least equally patronizing :)

I thought it was a gracious comment for Fed to say he is happy his friend is playing well, and that US tennis should not forget about him while seeing the rise of Isner, Harrison, Querray, and perhaps Fish.

If a player blames the wind and rain for not being able to execute his usual tactics, is that an excuse? I don't think so. And I don't think Fed offered any similar 'excuses' (or did he?) He just lost fair and square.

Bharata , 3/27/12 3:27 PM

What Federer meant was was that Roddick doesn't usually play well and he would have had to play well to beat him.

nadline , 3/27/12 4:04 PM

sanju, I agree about bleck. S/he doesn't disappear/re-appear, like some...;) And we do need regular Rogie fans on here. Fans of all should be welcome, providing they don't appear just to bad mouth another player.

deuce , 3/27/12 4:32 PM

Wow. Roddick was extremely aggressive and hit the ball HARD for most of the match. He basically took the pressure off himself by thinking he had nothing to lose (similar to how Roger took the pressure off himself vs Rafa last week). Roddick led in 1st-serve pct. 69% vs 59% and had one more ace than Roger. From Roger's presser:

" I didn't come out with a lot of energy. I was pretty flat today. I just felt tired, I guess. I have been playing so much. "

Bound to have a letdown at some point but so much of this win was dictated by Roddick. I didn't think he had this game left in him anymore. He certainly resonates with Miami.

agfmilos , 3/27/12 5:04 PM

My gosh..................Federer says he was "flat" and "tired"..................boy or boy!! Unless i was blind he did not seem like that to me..........particularly in the second set.................which of course he won!!

Roger, just admit that Roddick was better..............Rafa to me looked flat and tired last week.....................but dare him to say that!!!!

Monalysa , 3/27/12 5:44 PM

@jean- ur excuses n observations make me laugh. I do agree on Berdych's match part. Rest of them are ur wrong interpretations. Even if u think that they r excuses, they r still better than taking unneccessary MTO's during the match and later on citing injury reasons for the loss.

abhirf , 3/27/12 6:00 PM

obviously, abhrif is a medical doctor and can read Rafa's mind or spoke to him about his MTO to determine that they were unneccesary or perhaps is a high level athlete and knows exactly the physical condition of Rafa (or any other player) when he calls an MTO.


agfmilos , 3/27/12 6:05 PM

And that's the problem with blind worshippers like you, abhirf. You cannot accept that these words came out of your Mr Arrogant's own mouth. They are not my interpretations not did I make them up out of the blue. Nice try though

When has Rafa cited injuries for his lost? Now THAT is YOUR wrong interpretation. You interpret his injuries to be him SAYING that's why he lost when he probably just said announced he's having treatment or withdrawing. Did he actually say "I lost because I was injured" or you are putting 2 and 2 together and putting words into his mouth??!! That's what you call interpretations and making it all up. Like I said, NICE TRY!

jean , 3/27/12 6:09 PM

@milostard- yeah u got it right im a medical doctor. Jean, rafa never speaks about his injury coz he has already cited his injury nd so his loss is interpreted by many (fans like u n many experts). Sometimes it seems like he can't be defeated until n unless he's not fit. That makes it irritating. I respect Rafa for the competitive charachter he shows out there on the court. If u find Roger arrogant (coz he says some facts, rather than saying nothing and acting as a nice guy) , then be it. That's ur opinion nd maybe many more too. But an opinion is just an opinion. It doesnt always reflect the truth. Things are always in the manner in which u try to see them. If u will want to find excuses u will find plenty, if u will want to find credit, u will find plenty of them too. U cant basically change any persons way of thinking. If u think Federer is full of unsportsmanship, he wuldnt have won sportsman of year award so many times. So in the end, it just turns out be a futile debate like many other ones discussed on this forum. C'mon, we can discuss and enjoy more about their game rather than taking illogical digs at their acts.

abhirf , 3/27/12 6:44 PM

Not bad match from Roger really just one break point conversion fro Roddick and opps Andy wins. stats shows everything, but you have to give Roddick the credit for playing aggressive, I think he did that against Nadal once couples of years ago ... was that in Miami too? I can't remember..

anyway if I want anyone to beat my Fed I would pick Roddick for it so congrats Andy :D and Roger please prepare well for clay season Allez!

OnTheRise , 3/27/12 6:56 PM

@ OnTheRise.............."anyway if I want anyone to beat my Fed I would pick Roddick"........................really?!!!.......ummmmmmmmm!!!

Monalysa , 3/27/12 7:05 PM

@Monalysa yeah I would, I think Roddick could have done much better in his career but he always collide with mighty Fed in his prime and lose.. I wonder how Roddick was able to get over it! it's really too much for a former No.1 player.

I always hoped for Roddick to win another slam and I Hope I can see him win a couple of big titles this year but maybe it's too late for him now, who knows..

OnTheRise , 3/27/12 7:30 PM

And the discussion goes from tennis to a discussion about a presser and Federer said that, Nadal does this and so on.... Same song, different tune!

Why not give praise to Roddick for winning that match, instead of Roger giving it away. I'm a fed-fan, but if he loses.. well that's it.

For all the talking, badmouthing and so on.... it's the players who need to produce it on the court. So again congrats for Roddick for playing a good game!

Bonker , 3/27/12 7:40 PM

Amen to that Bonker!!!........esp when considering how A-rod was written off from the get go!!! Federer played very well in this match but Roddick played better when it mattered. Federer was taken off guard when Roddick broke him in the third but Roddick refused to let him break much for that!!

Monalysa , 3/27/12 8:47 PM

Seeing Roddick play like he did, it makes one wonder why he hasn't achieved more in his career. He's got a serve to die for, and yesterday he showed far more weapons in his armoury than I 've ever seen from him.

nadline , 3/27/12 9:07 PM

Nadline....................its all about belief!!!!...................thats what Rafa has taught a lot of us.

Monalysa , 3/27/12 9:20 PM

Belief, gameplan, execution..... Roddick played well, executed well and his serve was clicking. Maybe Federer was a bit off mentally, but Roddick deserved it in the end. He played the big points well! Kind of reminds me of the Roddick of Wimbledon '09...

His hard work paid dividends last night! I'm glad for him.... he's had some tough losses over the last couple of years. Like Roddick said... there's no script in tennis. That's what makes it fun to watch :-)

Bonker , 3/27/12 9:29 PM

I sincerely hope Roddick wins Miami! Didn't he win it in 2010?

rbennett , 3/27/12 11:53 PM

This business that Fed doesn't make excuses after losses is baloney! So he was "flat" and "tired" against Roddick? Yeah, right! Yet Fed fans have the nerve to say that Rafa and his fans make excuses for his losses.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. When Fed makes excuses, as he clearly was in his comments, then call him out for it and don't only go after Rafa.

Also, I checked out tennis-x, where the worst of the worst Fed fans reside. They were actually blaming Fed's loss to Roddick on Rafa! Yes, Rafa! Why? Because they said that Rafa walked out of a player's meeting or resigned his position on the council. I am not kidding! They were dead serious!

That's the same ones who will come here to trash Rafa should he lose in Miami. What they said was worse than making excuses. Is Rafa responsible for the sun coming up in the morning and setting at night? What does anything he did regarding the player's council or meeting have to do with what happened with Fed in his match against Roddick?

Does Rafa have the power to curse Fed? Honestly, this stuff is getting more and more out of control.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/12 1:16 AM

I was watching the Fish/Almagro match and noticed that Fish also took more than the allowed time between points after long rallies. Almagro served big and earned cheap points so he's one who rarely went over the time limit. I guess the umpires were giving players some leeways here as it's a hot and humid day and it's natural that after long rallies, players took longer time to catch their breath. Rafa and Nishikori served poorly and hardly won any cheap points, so they had to rely on their rallies to win points, hence both looked half dead to me during most part of match. I think that explains why the umpire didn't call them out for time violation. Some exercise of discretion here by the umpire, on humanity ground!

luckystar , 3/28/12 4:16 AM

I also wanted to say that I think that bleck does not deserve to be put in the company of the likes of torres9 and solitudine. Those people are haters, trolls who come here only when Rafa loses to post vicious attacks on him and his fans..

We will rarely see eye-to-eye, but bleck has been here through Fed's victories and losses. It's important to separate the reasonable Fed fans who are supportive of him consistently, as opposed to the few who only come out of hiding when Rafa loses and wish to gratuitously insult both him and his fans.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/12 4:24 AM

Look guys, do you really have to scrutinize EVERYTHING Fed says and look for a reason to take a dig at him? Fed says like one to two sentences about being tired, and you crucify him for it. Every athlete can't be perfect. It's not like Rafa has never mentioned fatigue. Also, look at the final statement of Fed at the presser:

"No. I feel like I lost against a former No. 1. That's how it felt, not that I lost against a guy ranked 30 in the world. That ranking is not real, so it was a tough second round. I knew that in the start, and particularly here in Miami where I lost against him in the past. So I was aware of that, and I didn't underestimate Andy at all."'

Fed isn't perfect. He's been known to say arrogant and backhanded comments in the past. But seriously, he's crucified for every less than complimentary comment he makes. Give him some leeway for being HUMAN. I've been posting on this site for a few days now, and I can see it's full of Fed haters. Every comment I've made has been in defense of Fed, and there's no way I have been able to keep up with all the hateful comments directed at Fed. I can understand Rafa fans who go all out to support Rafa, but it seems like some people on this site just take every chance they can get to take a dig at Fed.

Baldomir , 3/28/12 4:44 AM

well said Baldomir. That's what i too was trying to point out to some in my above posts. We fans should respect these guys for the wonderful show to put up for us rather than criticising them for illogical stuffs.

abhirf , 3/28/12 4:57 AM

Baldomir, 3/28/12 4:44 AM
Well, that's exactly right! The reason we feel the need to further call out the blind fed tards is because they deny that fed makes excuses. Apparently it's OUR interpretation! If they would just admit like you do, we wouldn't nit pick. As for scrutinising his every word, fed has himself only to thank for that! It's been a long time pattern with him that he cannot give a gracious compliment and leave it at that, somewhere somehow the claws just have to come out. The same fed tards do it to Rafa's comments. Of course Rafa is not perfect either, but it's the flat out denial of some fed tards that trigger the hatred.

Notice that if Novak does something questionable, his fans don't deny it so you don't see the some hatred directed at Novak! That ought to tell you something!

jean , 3/28/12 5:06 AM

Come now, Jean. Is it really necessary to resort to name calling? Or are you calling me a fed tard too because I dared to defend Fed? Federer fans will defend Fed as Rafa fans will defend Rafa. Should the situation be reversed, I'm sure you would not hesitate to rise up and defend your favorite tennis player.

Is this a long time pattern that Fed cannot give a gracious compliment? Fed said two sentences about being tired and flat in the first set. That should not take away from the many praises he gave Roddick in his presser. He's had some less than stellar moments in the past such as 2010 Wimby and 2011 US Open, but among those, his good moments have far outnumbered his bad ones. Otherwise, he wouldn't have as many people supporting him.

Baldomir , 3/28/12 8:53 AM

Baldomir, yes it is indeed necessary. If you go back and look at comments by chr18, fluer, solitudine and the like, you should understand why they are tards if you are as fair minded as you appear to be. Do you see anywhere in my post where I indicate that you are one of them??? Maybe you have not been here long enough.

I'm done arguing about fed and his famous comments for now. I've better things to do.

jean , 3/28/12 10:12 AM

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