• Nadal makes 2012 Miami debut

    3/23/12 2:22 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal makes 2012 Miami debut Rafael Nadal will kick off the Sony Ericsson Open against Santiago Giraldo as the world No. 2 looks for his first ever Miami title.

    The Miami Masters is one of the few tournaments Rafael Nadal has not won. The Spaniard will begin his campaign this year against Colombia’s Santiago Giraldo.

    Nadal comes into Miami off a disappointing semifinal loss in Indian Wells at the hands of eventual champion Roger Federer.

    Santiago Giraldo, ranked 57 in the world, has played victim to Nadal on four other occasions, with the Colombian failing to take a single set. The closest Giraldo got was their last meeting in Tokyo on hard courts, where he took Nadal to a tiebreaker.

    Friday’s match should play similarly. Giraldo played well to take out Pablo Andujar in the opening set and he has the game to be troublesome, but Nadal is one of the most mentally tough players on tour.

    Prediction – Nadal in straight sets, with Giraldo making one competitive.

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Well, my suspicions are confirmed...............there is a vast worldwide conspiracy against Rafa! My TV station does not start covering the Miami Masters until Saturday, despite second round play beginning Friday and guess who's playing Friday? Rafa!

I have my suspicions about who is behind all this, but I will hold my tongue for now..........

rafaisthebest , 3/23/12 7:06 AM

rafaisthebest, can't get any of the matches in the UK not even on Bet 365, which is usually a sure, um, bet! Streaming starts tomorrow.
However, Bet 365 is kindly showing the challenger from Bath, if you're interested...;)

deuce , 3/23/12 8:15 AM

Nadal/Granollers defeated Cilic/Karlovic yesterday: 61 63.

You should be able to watch Rafa on the ATP live stream, but it's by subscriptions only. To be fair to SKY, their schedule was fixed ages ago they weren't to know who was playing when.

nadline , 3/23/12 10:12 AM

Actually, live streaming on the ATP starts tomorrow. The plus side is that the botttom half is playing first.

nadline , 3/23/12 10:14 AM

Vamos Rafa

nadline , 3/23/12 11:21 AM

Good luck our Rafa & vamos!

schatz , 3/23/12 2:04 PM

Congrats to Rafa & Marcel - good doubles win.

schatz , 3/23/12 3:56 PM

Haha nice, i really like how nadal play and i hope he will win this tournament. It would be a great thing for him and i'm really curious of the final. Looking forward for it !! ;)

PS check out

Mrrybnik , 3/23/12 4:25 PM

Giraldo has good power from the baseline, but he is inconsistent and his serve is bad. He can also have mental issues.

conquistador , 3/23/12 5:49 PM

Nadal and Granollers will team up as doubles partners for the olympics.

nadline , 3/23/12 8:40 PM

Does that mean Marc Lopez can't qualify for the Olympics, so Rafa has to partner Granollers?

luckystar , 3/23/12 9:01 PM

^^^Sounds like it.

nadline , 3/23/12 9:42 PM

Marc Lopez is playing doubles with Feli in Miami.

nadline , 3/23/12 10:34 PM

Nadal helps his boyfriend Marc Lopez win a few bucks here and there so he doesn't have to give him too much cash. As far as winning the Olympics he wants a better playing partner it seems. If his singles goes down quickly, he can at least make it playing doubles judging by the results so far this year.

chr18 , 3/24/12 3:17 AM

Heh heh, chr18 finally admitted that Fed was doing both singles and doubles at the 2008 Olympics because Fed knew he won't make it to the singles final, oh not even the semis as it turned out.

chr18 has forgotten that the Olympics will be played on grass not hard courts this time, so both the Wimbledon champ and the runner up of last year would have better chances of winning the Olympics singles this year, than say a Wimbledon quarterfinalist. Rafa did win his Olympics on the hard courts in 2008, further proof that he can win major titles even on his least favorite surface. When it matters most, it's Nole and Rafa who do their best to prevent the likes of Fed and Murray from reaching the finals these days.

luckystar , 3/24/12 3:34 AM

I had the pleasure of watching Marc and Rafa's last 3 doubles matches first hand at IW and it was incredible. Marc is a doubles specialist extrordinaire. Seriously, he outdid Rafa in the Paes/Steps match. It's a shame that he doesn't qualify for the Olympics because I do believe they'd be a shoe-in.

Maya , 3/24/12 4:23 AM

Yes too bad for Marc. Btw, have the Rafa/Marc pair ever beaten the Bryan brothers? It will be great that they can and have beaten the Bryans, I would then agree with nadline that Rafa/Marc is the dream team, at least for Spain.

luckystar , 3/24/12 4:33 AM

Goodness what happen to Giraldo? He got bagelled by Rafa! Anybody there at Miami watching live tennis? Is Rafa in a hurry to get off the court before 12 midnight? Is he playing very aggressively or is it just that Giraldo is not himself today?

luckystar , 3/24/12 4:39 AM

I though chr18 wasn't going to be back anymore? Can't help itself I suppose. Worry about your faggot idol showing up again in Wimbledon in his embarrassing feminine gold embroided cardy and distasteful man purse my dear! Looks he is someone's bitch!

jean , 3/24/12 6:46 AM

If his singles goes down quickly, he can at least make it playing doubles judging by the results so far this year.
chr18 , 3/24/12 3:17 AM

You mean like Rogie did in 2008 when he wasn't even good enough to make the SF in singles and Rafa won gold?

nadline , 3/24/12 7:04 AM

chr18, Rafa has made 1 slam final at least so far this year which is more than Federer has done in 2 years.

nadline , 3/24/12 9:35 AM

"Nadal helps his boyfriend Marc Lopez win a few bucks here and there so he doesn't have to give him too much cash. As far as winning the Olympics he wants a better playing partner it seems. If his singles goes down quickly, he can at least make it playing doubles judging by the results so far this year.", chr18

LOL. So funny.

Congrats to nadal. Although I heard that giraldo lost the match by himself but still one has to be on the other side of the net watching his opponent spray erros left and right.

When nadal meets a tougher opponent (yes in IW it was nalbandian before the semis LOL) we'll see where his game is at.

HOPP Roger!!!

bleck , 3/24/12 10:21 AM

You mean like Rogie did in 2008 when he wasn't even good enough to make the SF in singles and Rafa won gold? -- nadline, 3/24/12 7:04 AM

LMAO !!! Some fed tards have selective memories!

jean , 3/24/12 10:30 AM

@bleck, from did you 'hear' giraldo lost the match himself? please support this claim. the match was not streamed live and all reports are brief and saying rafa crushed him. support this claim of yours

vamosrafa , 3/24/12 10:50 AM

@lucky, rafa/marc have not played against the bryans ! rafa has played against the bryans twice but with a different partner

vamosrafa , 3/24/12 11:12 AM

bleck @10.21 - enjoying the post by chr18 and here I was thinking that you were a more refined Fed fan. Oh well...... it seems they are thin on the ground after all.

Great scoreline our Rafa - let's hope you continue in this mood.

NNY - are you in Miami? If so, hope you can manage to access a computer to give us your thoughts. Enjoy the tennis and our Rafa.

schatz , 3/24/12 11:39 AM

My bad. I can see how my statement could be misunderstood. I meant Nadal might be a doubles specialist when his singles career goes south, not just for the Olympics. I think jean's abrasive politically-incorrect statement made at 6:46 am should be deleted. Whatever will tennistalk do if GLAAD gets wind of it. Litigation, litigation oh my.

chr18 , 3/24/12 3:19 PM

@chr18 , 3/24/12 3:19 PM

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

nadline , 3/24/12 3:54 PM

chr18, so what will Rogie do when his career goes south now that he's lost his doubles partner after blaming him for their roasting by the Americans in the DC.

At least we won't have to endure their rather odd, for want of a better word, celebration again. Please tell Roger there is a time and place for everything. In case you have selected memory here is the link:

nadline , 3/24/12 4:03 PM

Nadline, doubles partner?? You mean his BOYFRIEND, don't you?

jean , 3/24/12 4:43 PM

chr18, why have you gone quiet, too busy watching Rogie and Stan celebrating at the olympics?

You see, you can dish it out, but you can't take it.

nadline , 3/24/12 6:27 PM

LOS ANGELES ? Roger Federer has been named the greatest player of all time by Tennis Channel.

The network?s ?100 Greatest of All Time,? a five-night series, aired this week and culminated Friday.

Weigh InCorrections?

Personal Post

Federer edged Rod Laver for the top spot. Rounding out the top 10 were Steffi Graf in third, followed by Martina Navratilova, Pete Sampras, Rafael Nadal, Bjorn Borg, Margaret Court, Chris Evert and Billie Jean King.

The rankings were determined by an international panel

torres9 , 3/24/12 6:38 PM

Laver would be pleased. Lol

nadline , 3/24/12 7:01 PM

Looking forward to seeing Rogie come on court with his blazer embroidered with 'I Am The Greatest' on the back.

nadline , 3/24/12 7:05 PM

To be honest Torres, no one is going to take any notice of a bunch of Fedfans declaring him the greatest of all time.

nadline , 3/24/12 7:12 PM

well,such polls are usually more of popularity contests. not sure what is meant by 'international panel ' here, did a group of experts decide it? i doubt that because usually such polls are there to entice the viewers and get them to vote.

Anyway, steffi graff on 3? hmm the holder of 22 slams and the golden celander slam...i will not mix up the ladies with the men here..considering the men, placing federer at the top is interesting..does he deserve the top spot? in some dimensions and some ways YES, why not?! but there are equally as many ways/dimensions not to label him as the GOAT, i can make up stronger arguments for some other players.That is why i feel GOAT is a flawed concept, its a good crowd puller though!

vamosrafa , 3/24/12 7:50 PM

Half of Graf's majors came after the infamous stabbing of Monica Seles. I hold it against her even if others don't. Apparently some of the voters took this into consideration or she would have been voted number one. Fed acknowledged that it is too hard to determine a GOAT due to the vast differences of eras, technology, amateur v professional pre-Open era,etc. so I don't think he takes it too seriously. He's by far the best I have ever seen though.

chr18 , 3/24/12 9:26 PM

BY FAR the best LOL LOL LOL, you have not seen anything then chr18 or u are blind.thanks for your view. if graf won that many slams after seles's stabbing, what about federer winning 12 of his slams between 2003-2007 before his main rivals nole and rafa stepped up? perfect example of perfect bias

vamosrafa , 3/24/12 9:34 PM

How can Federer be by far the best when there are players like Nadal to consider. Nadal is a better player than Federer any day and that's not to do with their h2h. If Federer was that good he wouldn't go nearly two years without making a GS final, or however long it was.

chr18, I'm looking forward to your response to Olympicgate starring Rogie and Stan.

nadline , 3/24/12 9:35 PM


Hi! No, I am not in Miami. I will be in Florida next month to see my Mom. She gives me weather reports every day! She lives in West Palm Beach, which is about fifty miles north of Miami.

I see that chr18 is back to stink up this site again. Yes, can dish it out, but can't take it. Let's see how long he sticks around while Rafa is winning.


Chr18 is a troll. He is here to instigate, inflame and incite. Then when Rafa wins, he slinks away like a coward. You cannot reason with this person. He is a pure blind hater.

For me the true all time #1 is Rod Laver. Because he played professional tennis when it was still an amateur sport, many of his great wins are not included in his official record. He was phenomenal. There was no one close to tim, and he played in an era of all time greats like Roy Emerson. John Newcombe, Arthur Ashe, Pancho Gonzales, and Ken Rosewall. He went up against the best and triumphed.

There will never be another one like him. A truly great player and a real sportsman.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/12 1:32 AM

^^^^Arthur Ashe???? Surely only at the tail end of Laver's career. To include Ashe, you'll have to include Connors and Nastase amongst others.

nadline , 3/25/12 2:51 PM

"How can Federer be by far the best when there are players like Nadal to consider. Nadal is a better player than Federer any day and that's not to do with their h2h. If Federer was that good he wouldn't go nearly two years without making a GS final, or however long it was."

Seriously? Roger has made a GS final every year for 9 consecutive years, only rivaled by Borg and Sampras. He made the final of AO 2010, and then he made the final of the FO 2011. That is not even close to "two years" as you have stated. You act as if he's been losing in the first or second rounds, but he's consistently been making it to the semis of Grand Slams, even at the age of 30. Don't forget that Roger is a good 5-6 years older than his main rivals, yet he still beats them on occasion even though he's not supposed to. For Roger's age, he is still doing very very well. Just look at where Sampras was when he was 30. He was enduring a two year long title drought and had dropped out of the top 10.

Baldomir , 3/25/12 6:59 PM

^^^Don't bother and try to explain to nadline. She's a Federer hater, one of the biggest I know. She hates Roger, thinks Nadal is better than Roger (ROFL), thinks Roger game is boring (ROFL, even more comparing it to nadal's game...).

Roger is the best player ever every slightly reasonable person know that. Some blind haters think otherwise but what can we do. Let them live in ignorance.

I have long stopped replying to stupid remarks like this one beacause it just isn't worth it.

bleck , 3/25/12 7:40 PM

^^^^Yes, but that does not make Roger the greatest player ever BY FAR, as stated by chr18. Forgive me if I don't have Roger's stats at my finger tips. I seem to remember that after he won the AO in 2010, he did not make another final until RG last year. I know I can look it up but can't be bothered. My general point is still valid though.

nadline , 3/25/12 7:40 PM

just for the sake of information, rafa has also reached the final of at least one slam for 8 consecutive years now !!!

vamosrafa , 3/25/12 8:01 PM

bleck, are you still ROFL after Rafa and Marc won the doubles title at IW? I soooooo hope so.

As to who is a better player between Rafa and Roger, that's a matter of opinion, and my opinion is that Rafa is better.

nadline , 3/25/12 8:03 PM

Fed is a great player but the greatest ever is questionable! Why are Fed fans so obsessed with the Goat title for Fed? I don't think I see fans of other players, or fans of the legends calling their player the Goat. It all started with some stupid media propaganda about this Goat issue and now the Fed fans all wanted to believe that Fed is the Goat. To me he's far from being one. None of the current players are Goat material. Which thirty something player of the current era can dominate like Laver did in his thirties? Agassi won slams in his thirties but he hardly dominated the field. Fed didn't win a slam since turning 30 and didn't even dominate the field. Did Connors or Lendl win any slam when they're past 30? Or in the top ten? If yes, then they're not that far off from Fed in his thirties.

luckystar , 3/25/12 8:05 PM

Comparing tennis now to the seventies, eighties, nineties,... is very hard. The game has become more physical. We'll never see a player with the longevity of Connors for example. We'll get a comparison point when nadal, djokovic reach 30. Then, imo, everyone will able to admire what Roger is doing at his age.

Roger is one of the greatest and the greatest of his generation.

bleck , 3/25/12 8:11 PM

She hates Roger, thinks Nadal is better than Roger (ROFL), thinks Roger game is boring (ROFL, even more comparing it to nadal's game...).
bleck , 3/25/12 7:40 PM

You seem to enjoy ROFL so I hope you did a lot of that when the 'dream team' won the IW Doubles title.

nadline , 3/25/12 8:14 PM

bleck, if I thought Roger was a better player than Rafa,I wouldn't be a Rafa fan and if you thought Rafa was a better player than Roger, you wouldn't be a Roger fan, so everyone's opinion counts, even if we don't agree with it. There is nothing reasonable or unreasonable about it.

All I can say is, you cannot recognize a 'dream team' if it hit you in the eye.

nadline , 3/25/12 8:19 PM

what contradiction, , if you yo cannot compare tennis from the 70s and 80s then what's this GOAT thing? oh now u call him greatest of his generation. I agree, but SO FAR he is the greatest of thsi generation, lets see how things pan out in future...and dont make the mistake of comparing ages so literally...rafa has been around for long too..i mean he started his career at age 15-16 ! his tennis years spent on court are also too many now..nd he is also pretty consistent out there, 8 years with at least one slam final !

vamosrafa , 3/25/12 8:20 PM

bleck, if you don't know a dream team when you see one, how can I trust your judgement as to who is a better player than the other?

nadline , 3/25/12 8:28 PM

To me Fed's generation consist of the likes of Roddick, Hewitt, Safin, Davy. Rafa, Nole are of the next generation. Fed can be king of his generation but he's not the king of Rafa's generation, now that Rafa and his generation have come out of age. It's between Rafa and Nole now for the king of their generation..

Also, why take for granted that Rafa and Nole won't be able to do what Fed is doing now at age 30? It's still early days to say that. Looking at Ferrero, who at age 31 and plagued with injuries all these years, and he's still able to win some titles, I think should Rafa play till 30, he'll still be able to win some titles too, especially on clay, just like now Fed is winning on hard courts, mostly indoor ones.

luckystar , 3/25/12 8:34 PM

"bleck, if you don't know a dream team when you see one, how can I trust your judgement as to who is a better player than the other?"
nadline , 3/25/12 8:28 PM

You don't have to take my word on it. The majority of the people agree with me.

Yes nadal is 5 years younger and as such he has more probability of winning more slams and other titles than Roger.
Even so looking at the numbers as of today:
Slams: 16 vs 10
YEC: 6 vs 0
Masters 1000 (I'll even include the non mandatory MC (from 2009 forward): 19 vs 19
# Titles: 73 vs 40 something
Weeks at # 1: 285 vs 100 something

Excuse me for not bothering to look for nadal's # titles or weeks at #1 but I think the number show that as of today Roger is the better player. Of course that can change depending on what nadal achieves in the 5 year gap between him and Roger.

bleck , 3/25/12 8:50 PM


I would never include Nastase on any list of great players because of his outrageous antics. That takes him out.

As far as Arthur Ashe, maybe he wasn't at the level of Rosewall or Emerson and shouldn't be counted as the greatest. However, it is an illustration of the kind of competition Laver faced when he played.

Laver's era was much more competitive than the likes of Roddick, Hewitt, Safin, and Davy. There is simply no comparison. Rosewall won twelve slams himself.

I am also not including Connors on that list. He came after Rod Laver. If I was going to include the next generation, I would have mentioned Borg. He actually did play Laver when he was near the end of his career at the age of 36 and beat him soundly in a non-slam event. That was Borg coming of age.

This comparison between Rafa and Fed is a fundamentally flawed argument. It's a cheat to try to compare Rafa at this point in his career. It's not even worth debating or arguing. Any rational person would realize that there is no way Rafa could win 16 slams by the age of 25.

Rafa has said himself that he can be judged when his career is over.

Nativenewyorker , 3/25/12 9:02 PM

There is no point s trying to convince me to agree with you that Roger is a better player than Rafa because I have already made up my mind and no stats will change my opinion.

By the way, why did you leave the olympic gold medal out? Being selective, are we?

nadline , 3/25/12 9:08 PM

NNY, I was trying to say that Ashe was a lot younger than Laver I didn't realize he was only 5 years younger so you could include him in Laver's era but Connors is, of course, much much younger than Ashe.

nadline , 3/25/12 9:14 PM

If stats don't change your opinion maybe all the sportsmanship nadal often uses may do the trick.

bleck , 3/25/12 9:15 PM

bleck, haven't you got anything better to do than conduct a hate campaign against Rafa. Just think of what Rafa has done for tennis. He saved it from the boredom of Roger having matches handed to him by the feckless players of his generation. It took Rafa first then Nole and Murray to expose the fact that Roger wasn't all that.

nadline , 3/25/12 9:26 PM

bleck, you cannot push that Fed is better, peoples have right to love Nadal and thinking he will pass Fed one day.

Why not, Rafa can!
If Rafa will win 2 Slams a year and Fed not, then they will be tie after just 3 years.
If Rafa will get 5 titels a year and Fed not, then he will beat Fed records shortly just after 6 years only no more.

And forget about winning 829/554 .. really hard to calculate!

So dear bleck, you cannot wait only 6 years? :)

wics , 3/25/12 10:00 PM

Federer is goat to date but he has a 5 year advantage. I say this as a Rafa fan. I love watching Rafa bead fed. Rafa shows much better sportsmanship win or lose. Roger shows good sportsmanship when he wins.

And bleck don't use the Roger is over 30 argument as he has never played better. Yes he's had better results but only because the field was weaker. Besides Rafa has been beating Fed since he was still a teen and Fed was in his supposed prime.

Vamos Rafa!!!!!

agfmilos , 3/26/12 1:38 AM

bleckk..why have u omitted OLympic gold and Davis cup winning team titles too/ Cmon Fed values both a lot, he wants both arguement put it in comparison list too ;-)

sanju , 3/26/12 5:59 AM

Hvng said that..I will be more than happy if Rafa wins 14 slams..and my wish list is 1 of each slam more so that he has 2 of each slam and has 7 clay slams , 7 non clay slams too and overall wins around 60 titles

sanju , 3/26/12 6:03 AM

You guys completely misunderstood me! I wasn't trying to pass off Roger as the GOAT, but I was trying to defend him from the claim "If Federer was that good he wouldn't go nearly two years without making a GS final, or however long it was." which is clearly not true. If you think he isn't the GOAT, that's OK with me. Roger doesn't have to be the GOAT as long as he's already considered one of the very best ever. If you think Rafa or Djokovic is better than Fed, then that's OK too, since that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But for those who think that Rafa has already surpassed Fed in terms of their place in tennis history, you have to remember that Fed is 5 years older than Rafa. He's had 5 more years on the tour to accomplish things, and it's only natural he would have achieved more. Once both their career are over, only then can we make an objective assessment of their respective places in tennis history.

Baldomir , 3/26/12 6:09 AM

No one argues with the fact that Roger is one of the best players ever, how could anyone disagree with that. No one is saying that Rafa has achieved more than Roger to date either. What most people dispute is that Federer is the greatest of all time and that he is greater than Rafa, because to be 'greater' it's got to be more than just counting slams if one player has a head start in age and pro life.

I believe that Rafa is the best player in his generation, I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but it's my opinion and that's why I'm a fan.

nadline , 3/26/12 9:23 AM

nadline, you are 100% right. If we will follow this statement and every one will support and like there player(s) without attacking others, then we all will get full benefits from the nice and scientific analyzing you are posting.

By the way, many years I am in tennis work and follow news/forums. I have tennis court and some tennis business. I saw many players go up and down, and we all must admit our current top 4 are solid long time and keep there positions in top 4 and they are doing well.

However I like your last post (many of yours in the past). I loged in here because of many correct statements from you and many other experts.

We are looking forward to learn more from this analyzing from you all.


wics , 3/26/12 10:11 AM

Thanks a lot for that, wics. You've made my day.

nadline , 3/26/12 10:32 AM

I don't think it's such a crime to say that Roger is greater than Rafa RIGHT NOW. After all, Roger has a whole career behind him already. It's only natural since he's older that he's achieved more and is considered greater in that sense.

Baldomir , 3/26/12 7:16 PM

Even if, for argument sake, that Roger is better than Nadal.......................I still MUCH prefer Nadal!!!

Monalysa , 3/26/12 9:20 PM

The thing is, we are not going to convince one another to change our allegiances. AUGUST will have to have an 'R' in it for me to prefer Roger or anyone else to Rafa no matter how many slams Roger wins. Roger was around long before Rafa came along but he is just not my kind of player, talented though he is.

I waited for years for a player like Rafa to come along during all those Agassi/Sampras/Federer days.

nadline , 3/26/12 9:53 PM

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