• Tomic, Dolgopolov, Del Potro in day 3 action in Melbourne

    1/17/12 6:27 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Tomic, Dolgopolov, Del Potro in day 3 action in Melbourne Bernard Tomic will look to continue his winning ways in front of the home crowd as the second round at the Australian Open gets started.

    Bernard Tomic vs. Sam Querrey

    One year ago, American Sam Querrey was ranked No. 17 in the world. He now sits at No. 95, well below his second-round opponent. Bernard Tomic is on his way up the rankings at No. 38 and he has a upset win over Fernando Verdasco to show for his work in Melbourne so far.

    Querrey's 2011 season was an utter disaster. He was forced to play on the Challenger circuit to keep his ranking up and his 2012 season started with a pair of losses before finally getting a win over Frenchman Kenny De Schepper.

    Tomic will have the crowd support and has the momentum of a big win on Monday. Querrey's only hope is that the Aussie will be tired after his five-set victory over Verdasco. Prediction – Tomic in straight sets.

    Alexandr Dolgopolov (13) vs. Tobias Kamke

    No. 13 seed Alexandr Dolgopolov will continue his Aussie Open campaign against German Tobias Kamke. Dolgopolov put in a five-set match against American Greg Jones, but he only spent two hours and 30 minutes on court. The Ukrainian started slow, but finished strong, winning the last three sets.

    Kamke is ranked 98th in the world, not high enough to gain direct entry into most tournaments. He successfully qualified in Auckland last week, but he lost in the first round to Olivier Rochus. Prediction – Dolgopolov shook the rust off against Jones; expect him to advance in straight sets.

    Juan Martin Del Potro (11) vs. Blaz Kavcic

    World No. 11 Juan Martin Del Potro had a shaky start to the 2012 season. The Argentine crashed out of Sydney in the quarters at the hands of Marcos Baghdatis and he dropped a set to Adrian Mannarino in the first round this week before right the ship.

    Look for the Argentine to come out to make a statement in the second round. He will take on Slovenia's Blaz Kavcic, ranked No. 103 in the world. Kavcic won his first match of the year this week; he played in Chennai, but lost there in his opener to Steve Darcis. Prediction – Del Potro in straight sets.

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how long is it gonna take for Cheryl to figure out that Tomic beating Verdasco was not an upset?

Tomic was a considerable favorite to win the match.

RickyDimon , 1/17/12 7:45 PM

It looked like Verdasco was on his way to an upset, lol.
Hope SQ can give Tomic a little trouble.

smr , 1/17/12 9:39 PM

mara002 , 1/18/12 12:36 AM

i think he is feeling fine. Just not playing that great.

RickyDimon , 1/18/12 2:42 AM

It's so great seeing Delpo back on courts!! I hope Kav?i? gives a semi-decent performance to represent our country and stir up some interest for tennis in slovenian media (ups he breaks!), but not to decent, I still want Delpo to win. :D

Ssunn , 1/18/12 2:49 AM

Del Potro through in straights

RickyDimon , 1/18/12 5:23 AM

DelPo is starting to pick up his form. I cannot WAIT for a Federer-DelPo quarter.

cherylmurray , 1/18/12 6:19 AM

I do think that Delpo is working his way into form. For the first time in a slam, he has a chance to breathe and doesn't have to face a top player in the early rounds. This gives him time to get into better form.

This will be fascinating to watch. I think he has a good shot to meet Fed in the quarterfinals. If Delpo keeps getting better, that will be something to see.

Nativenewyorker , 1/18/12 7:32 AM

gonna need to see a lot more from Delpo (like against Kohli in the fourth round) before I get excited about the quarter

RickyDimon , 1/18/12 7:46 AM

I think that's a fair statement. I guess we shouldn't get too carried away until Delpo plays a quality player. Kohls in the fourth round would be a good test.

So I will temper my expectations for now.

Nativenewyorker , 1/18/12 7:51 AM

How I love Atomic :) Getting far too close to Andy in my heart....How gr8 to see the future of tennis unfolding!

deuce , 1/18/12 11:31 AM

Yep deuce, and that's why I said among the new batch of youngsters, I like Tomic the most, followed by Harrison. Harrison was unfortunate to meet Murray in the first round. Dimitrov was beaten in five sets by Almagro, and Dolgo beats Kamke in five sets. One of Dolgo or Tomic has to go out in the next round. What's your take deuce? I think Dolgo has better chance of reaching the next round, if he plays well and not go for broke. He moves better than Tomic so that's his advantage over Tomic.

luckystar , 1/18/12 11:57 AM

I prefer Harrison to Tomic/Raonic. Some of those points he played against Murray yesterday were amazing quality, and they had rhythm to them all the while.

samprallica , 1/18/12 1:40 PM

I would prefer a Fed Tomic faceoff in 4th round..I think Dolgo is too erratic n loose, fed may eat him up..Tomic will give Fed a better resistance n looks like he loves the attention he gets from the crowd. I think Tomic may be able to snatch a set off Fed

And yes Tomic, Raonic, Dolgo are the top 3 hopes for future followed by Dmitrov and Harrison

sanju , 1/18/12 4:33 PM

lucky, hoping for Tomic but expecting Dolgopolov, whom I also like. But...D. has some sort of injury. Towards the end of his match he definitely wasn't moving so well and movement is such a key part of his game.
Also, kind of agree with sanju, Atomic could well step forward and, loving the big occasion, take a set off Fed. Has as much chance of beating Fed as snow in august though :)

deuce , 1/18/12 5:01 PM

Harrison is a more traditional kind of player. Tomic is unorthodox. Dolgopolov is unorthodox. Raonic is serve machine (but groundstrokes improving). We'll see which one turns out best.

RickyDimon , 1/18/12 5:07 PM

Dolgopolov is older than the others, more Delpotro's age. . I know he's had a lot of illness. I heard an interview with him saying he doesn't like being told what to do, regarding his playing style. Wonder how he sees his development.
Would be very sweet if T. H. and R. and Dimitrov managed to share the honours.

deuce , 1/18/12 6:14 PM

Oh yes I also like Dolgo. I always like unorthodox players: Rafa, Dolgo, Tomic. Murray too, he's a bit unorthodox. Dolgo is one inconsistent player. You just don't know which Dolgo will turn up to play. He played well against Murray at AO and against Nole at USO last year but played poorly against Rafa at Miami. He can sometimes be reckless and go for broke. I think Tomic is a more consistent player. I really don't think they can take a set off Fed unless Fed starts shanking badly.

luckystar , 1/18/12 6:58 PM

Of the 3 youngsters, I find Dolgopolov's game most interesting, but I think Tomic is smarter. He has brilliant court sense and his tennis acumen actually reminds me of Muzza a bit. This should be an utterly delightful third round between those two teens.

Harrison's game isn't quite as inventive, but whoever said he has good rhythm is correct. Kid's got potential.

cherylmurray , 1/18/12 7:18 PM

Dont count out dimitrov, he's an excellent mover and he's got good variety in his game.

and i think Tomic will beat dolgo, tomic is one of the smartest players out there. For his age and experience, he is extremely smart ! his court sense is admirable. He did take a set off fed on GRASS , and he can do that here in melbourne no question about it. He was up 4-0 against rafa last year but somehow rafa dug deep to win that set 7-5.

vamosrafa , 1/18/12 9:59 PM

I am loving this discussion about the young, up and coming players. I really like Harrison. This kid seems fearless on court. He has some great shots, really natural talent and a ton of potential that I hope is realized.

Dolgo fascinates me. You never really know what he is going to do when you watch him play. Someone said that he doesn't like to be told what to do. I believe that, because watching him play you see him hit some brilliant shots or some really crazy and bizarre ones. He seems to like being his own unpredictable self. When he is playing well, it's exciting to watch him. It is true that he's extremely inconsistent. He took longer to get on the big stage and noticed, due to illness. But he is never boring to watch.

Tomic is one crafty kid. I have been slow to warm to his game. He seems kind of brash and I never like that kind of attitude. However, he's got game. On espn2, the commentators were talking about how long he can hold the ball on his racket and change his grip to fool his opponents. He can keep his opponents off balance.

It's interesting that both Dolgo and Tomic are unorthodox players, but I like Dolgo so much more than Tomic. Maybe the reason I like Harrison is because he's a more traditional player, as Ricky said.

If Tomic meets Fed, I think he can take a set off him. No chance to win, but it could be interesting. He doesn't seem to get intimidated by anyone.

Nativenewyorker , 1/18/12 10:23 PM

Well I believe it depends which Fed shows up to play against Tomic. If it's the non shanking one, I really feel that Tomic can't even take a set off Fed. Fed, Rafa and Murray all seem able to deal with Tomic's style of play better than Nole does. Tomic does play a bit like Murray. Among the young players, he has the best tennis brain; Raonic has the best serve; Dolgo the most interesting and unpredictable game; Dmitrov has the best movement but he has a bad temper; and Harrison has the best all round game, he can S& V and he can play a solid baseline game.

luckystar , 1/19/12 2:10 AM


I agree with you about a possible matchup with Tomic and Fed. I am not saying Tomic will do it, I am just saying that it possible depending on which Fed shows up as you said. I think Fed will be ready for a kid like Tomic. He knows what it's all about with him and would be ready for it.

I never thought of Tomic as having a good tennis brain, but that is what some here are saying. I just have this innate dislike of him, so it's hard for me to be objective. I like the way you ran down the list of each young player's best qualities.

Harrison is my favorite at this time, with Dolgo in second place only because he can be great or really, really bad on any given day. I wonder if Dolgo would be open to advice on his game and becoming more disciplined, if he couldn't develop into a more consistently good player.

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/12 3:27 AM

Is anyone watching Duckworth-Tipsa match?

Ssunn , 1/19/12 3:42 AM

cheryl@7.18, if Dolgo is a "teen" then so is darling Andy...;)
NNY, I just love the sheer variety that comes off Atomic's racquet.
Yes, lucky he does remind me a lot of Andy, probably why I like him so much.

deuce , 1/19/12 6:32 AM


I heard about the Duckworth-Tipsy match. On espn2 they kept updating the score. I was watching the live coverage and they didn't show the match, but it sounds like it was a cracker! See, I am starting to talk like some of my British friends on this site!


I am going to make a concerted effort to look at Tomic with new eyes. I will forget some of the silly things he says and just focus on his tennis.

You should be very happy with Murray's second round! They made up for giving him the toughest opponent in the first round. He was looking very comfortable out there. :)

Nativenewyorker , 1/19/12 8:26 AM

NNY, Cahill said of Andy's match with Tomic, something like, "It'll be fascinating to watch two surgeons ply their trade." Love that man :)

deuce , 1/19/12 10:38 AM

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