• Nadal and Roddick clash in quarterfinal blockbuster

    9/9/11 5:17 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal and Roddick clash in quarterfinal blockbuster Defending champion Rafael Nadal will take on American favorite Andy Roddick as the US Open plays weather catch-up.

    RAfael Nadal has had a sketchy summer so far, but the Spaniard put in a top-notch performance against Gilles Muller in the round of 16.

    Nadal started his match against Muller on Wednesday, but poor weather sidelined the match after just 3 games. Nadal voiced his displeasure for what he said were unsafe conditions on the slippery court. The distracted Nadal dropped the first three games on Wednesday before coming back strong on Thursday.

    Andy Roddick, the 21st seed, hasn't been at his best, but he was good enough to get past world No. 5 David Ferrer in his fourth round match.

    Nadal owns a 6-3 head to head record over Roddick. The Spaniard was in better form on Thursday, but Roddick will have the crowd on his side.

    Prediction - Roddick and his big serve might get a set, but Nadal should win this one.

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I don't know why some people were saying Rafa's got a cakewalk draw...........Roddick's no pushover, this will be tricky for Rafa.............

rafaisthebest , 9/9/11 7:00 AM


Roddick in the third or fourth may have been a tough draw. Roddick in the quarters is about as well as any of the Top 8 could have hoped for.

RickyDimon , 9/9/11 7:04 AM

Ricky, I stand corrected if I am wrong..........Roddick did beat Rafa the last time they met in a slam, no?

rafaisthebest , 9/9/11 7:11 AM

rafaisthebest - I think Andy did beat Rafa, but it was 7 years ago. Rafa was a baby.

Maya , 9/9/11 7:38 AM

Now he's a man! I get you, Maya..........comforting indeed, thanks.

rafaisthebest , 9/9/11 7:45 AM

Why no match report for the Nadal/Muller match? Rafa is only the defending champion.

nadline , 9/9/11 8:01 AM

If Rafa plays the way he did against Muller, then he will win this match. He knows what he will have to do against Roddick. He has to serve well and try not to be broken and then take any chance he might get to break Roddick.

I think Roddick could make a match out of it if he is blasting his serve and lots of aces. Even though he started out this tournament not in great form, he has managed to get some good wins and seems to have some confidence now. The crowd should be behind him as the sentimental favorite, but they also love Rafa.

Good luck, Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 8:04 AM

None of the 5-8 guys made it to the QF this time, a bit strange. The highest seeded QF opponent for the top four is no.11 Tsonga.

I'm surprised that Tipsy played so well against Nole, didn't watch the full match, fallen asleep after the exciting first set, as it's early morning here. Missed a few games of Fed/Tsonga match but i thought Tsonga not playing too well this match, IMO Tipsy played better in his match against Nole than Tsonga did against Fed. Fed played better than Nole did too(from the little that I'd watched). I hope to see all top four guys making it to the semis, that way no one can be said to have any unfair advantage.

luckystar , 9/9/11 8:48 AM

I think Rafa is playing great tennis at the moment...IMO he has not played this well the whole 2011 season...his movement on the court is stunning...he chases every ball and he is doing such a fine work with those forehands...his backhand is better than ever this year...all I am saying is that Rafa should feel CONFIDENT...that is all he needs...when his mind is set on the target and when he is focused, there is no way to beat him...Rafa should just enjoy his tennis...I am sure he knows how to handle Roddick...VAMOS RAFA!!!

natashao , 9/9/11 8:51 AM

I saw the Fed/Tsonga match and thought it would be much more competitive. Tsonga just didn't seem to have his game. He certainly wasn't serving well, below 50%. He seems to be like Sod, in that his serve is the engine that runs his game. When it isn't working, he has no backup plan and it all falls apart. Fed did look very sharp, serving in the 70% range and not allowing Tsonga to even get into the match. He dictated play pretty much all the way. I had a feeling that Fed would come out strong and try to take control. No way did he want to lose to Tsonga again. I was surprised that it wasn't more competitive, but Tsonga just had no answers.

I don't know how that will translate to a matchup with Nole again in the semis. It will give Fed some good momentum going into the match. I think Fed wants another crack at Nole, especially after that tough five set loss in last year's USO semi.

Nole has been able to bring his best when he has needed it in the latter stages of slams this year, with the one exception being RG. We will see if he can do it again. It should be one heck of a match!

Tipsy really surprised me with his brilliant tennis today. No one can ever accuse him again of rolling over for Nole. He went out there and put it all on the line. I think Nole was surprised at how well he played. I saw the first set and then I stopped watching. I wish I had continued, because when I checked back I saw that Tipsy won the second set in another tb. However, he paid the price with an injury that pretty much doomed his chances.

It would be great to see the top four guys get to the semis again. It would make for great tennis!

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 9:42 AM

Djokovic, it seems, is not playing well. Fed is unpredictable and the Tsonga match really doesn't tell us much. Rafa has a very good shot at defending his title and if he makes it to the final, he will win. I don't see him dropping a set in this one.

xrf , 9/9/11 10:16 AM

Folks - I am confused

I thought mens semi is on Sunday along with womens final and mens final is on Monday

Why will Novak get off on Sunday?

As far as I understand today will be qtrs of 2 mens matches, tomm womens semis, Sunday both mens semis n womens final and Monday mens final

Pls correct me if I got it wrong

sanju , 9/9/11 1:01 PM

sanju ; nole and the other semifinalist both will have a day off on sunday.

Today, there are two Qfs. Tomorrow we have the two SFs. Sunday day off.
Monday final.

fedexal , 9/9/11 1:30 PM

Just read all 4 semis will be on SAturday

If Rafa gets through today, unlucky for him..He plays second today..less time to recover..If Muuray gets through today, Murray wil be all over Rafa on Saturday..He usually brings his best against Rafa

sanju , 9/9/11 1:31 PM

Its still better than playing on Sunday where one player plays 4 matches in 4 days whereas the other finalist plays 3 matches. At least Rafa would be playing Andy who is also going thru the same kinda schedule.

fedexal , 9/9/11 1:34 PM

Men?s Singles Quarterfinals
The remaining men?s quarterfinals will be played on Friday, September 9th, with gates opening at 10am. The tickets from the originally cancelled Session #20, Wednesday September 7th night session will be honored for this rescheduled session.

Men?s Singles Semifinals
The men?s Semifinals (Session #24) remains as scheduled for Saturday day, September 10th with gates opening at 10am.

Women?s Singles Semifinals
The Women?s semifinals (Session #23) originally scheduled for Friday, September 9th are rescheduled to Saturday night, September 10th, with gates opening at 6pm.

Women?s Singles Final
The Women?s Final (Session #25) is rescheduled for Sunday, September 11th at 4pm with gates opening at 11am and doubles match TBD.

Men?s Singles Final
The Men?s Final (Session #26) is rescheduled for Monday, September 12th at 4pm with gates opening at 11am with doubles match TBD.

Are these people smoking sumthing stupid? Why is the mens semis played during the day on Saturday and womens on the night? Whats gotten into the heads of these people? Isnt Rafa/Andy playing their matches much later on Friday,shouldnt ther semi (if both reach) have been scheduled for Saturday night to allow rest recovery time

sanju , 9/9/11 1:39 PM

Sanju with so much of rain and USO's crap schedule very year this is the best they could do. At least Rafa and Andy if they both come thru would have played their QF on the same day.

Even otherwise in USO schedule of Super Saturday, one semifinalist enjoys the edge of having won the SF before the other SF starts on Arthur Ashe after that. So, its not a new thing at USO. Don't be that surprised.

fedexal , 9/9/11 2:28 PM

Nadline - there is a match report for Nadal-Muller, but the system was acting up and I had to post it under "news". It was posted within 10 minutes of the match's end.

The USO schedule is as follows. Men's quarters today, men's semis tomorrow, men's final Monday afternoon (and they wonder why viewership is down).

Women's final has been moved to Sunday instead of Saturday.

Nadline, I commented on it, so it would show up in the "recently commented" list. Sorry about the confusion, but the articles database is a little persnickety at time.

cherylmurray , 9/9/11 2:41 PM

Cheryl, you must think I'm a perrenial whinger.

nadline , 9/9/11 4:26 PM

I don't know why some people were saying Rafa's got a cakewalk draw...........Roddick's no pushover, this will be tricky for Rafa.............
rafaisthebest, 9/9/11 7:00 AM

figure out the schedules of the players rafa has played this year and realise that his walk is a cake walk.

It isn't difficult concept.

Excuses must be stopped.

Fleur , 9/9/11 4:41 PM

Rafa's draw is peppered with big servers, hope he overcomes them all.

nadline , 9/9/11 5:10 PM

I don't understand why people say Rafa's draw is easier. Who else have played tough opponent until Quarters. Roger played Tsonga in Quarters until then he didn't have much competition. Murray will be playing Isner only in Quarters until then he too didn't face any tough opponent. Rafa vs A.Rod BTW A.Rod is not a push over. After all he had been in top 10 for such a long time. Nole played his quarters against Tipsy no one considers him as a tough competition to Nole. so in my opinion all have easy draw until quarters.

jaynadal , 9/9/11 5:31 PM

Jaynadal................lets just put it this way...................

Nadal ALWAYS gets easy draws...........fine.................Federer won most of his slams during a WEAK era!!!...................fine...........we are ALL happy!!!!!

Monalysa , 9/9/11 5:37 PM

, 9/9/11 4:41 PM

Thank you, oh fragrant one........................still constipated I see..................hehehehe!

rafaisthebest , 9/9/11 5:58 PM

Nada's draw is so tough he will reach the semis and did not have to face a single top20 players. of course he is very lucky with this draw. Come on get real.

Sienna , 9/9/11 8:05 PM

Is it Rafa's fault that Ferrer, who is #5 by the way, allowed Roddick #21 to beat him?

Come on, you Get real?!!!!

Monalysa , 9/9/11 8:19 PM

Good luck to Rafa tonight! Do hope he doesn't give you lovely fans the horrible frights Andy just gave us!

deuce , 9/9/11 10:17 PM

rafa will win queekly, no? no point get too tired before beeg match tomorrow;)

all the best to rafa and fans.

alex , 9/9/11 10:25 PM

who are the lovely rafa fans here who always beat the daylights out of the goat whenever they get the chance. Monalysa joined the queue and deuce!

get real will you!

Monalysa, WEAK era!!!! what country are you coming from? blindingly obvious?
Another tennis WEAKling. Nadal can no longer be called the No.1, and his claim to the greatest? never on your life!

He can't beat Novak, er, 5 times in a row in finals? Claim wasn't even on the cards!

Nadal chokes when he plays Novak. He's admitted it.

Until this tournament, it's always been fixed that rafa plays ferrer and ferrer chokes against rafa. That's what's weak!

Fleur , 9/9/11 10:26 PM

Vamosssss. Rafa breaks. Great start.

jaynadal , 9/9/11 10:33 PM

Haha...Rafa is killer.... opening game broken...
Big mouth will go out in three sets.

zare , 9/9/11 10:34 PM

Fleur, I'm beginning to feel really, really sorry for you. To live your life with such bitterness and hatred must be terrible and COUNTING posts to make some obscure point. Oh dear. oh dear. Also, do hope you're not going to try and spoil this match too, like you attempted with Andy's.

deuce , 9/9/11 10:38 PM

What are they ( comentators ) talking: Rod Laver broke hand to ball kid with ball???
That really happened?

zare , 9/9/11 10:40 PM

Rafa breaks againnnnnnnnnnnnn. Vamosssssssssssssssssss Rafa

jaynadal , 9/9/11 10:42 PM

quick-start Nadal

RickyDimon , 9/9/11 10:47 PM

Quick start indeed................Rafa needs to send a STRONG message........................VERY strong message!!!!!

Monalysa , 9/9/11 10:49 PM

Well Andy has his name on scoreboard atleast :)

zare , 9/9/11 10:52 PM

What is Rafa 1st serve %, seems not to be that high................any aces thus far?! Bcos he will need them!!

Monalysa , 9/9/11 10:55 PM

I am not too happy with his First serve %. Rafa has to improve on it. Rest of his game is just perfect. I think two aces so far

jaynadal , 9/9/11 11:13 PM

Rafa breaks in 2nd set. Vamossssssssssssss. Rafa's first serve thus far is 46%

jaynadal , 9/9/11 11:17 PM

Rafa breaks again in 2nd set. Vamosssssssss Rafa

jaynadal , 9/9/11 11:30 PM

I was going to say good luck to Rafa and his Fans...


Rafa doesn't need any luck here..

Sosueme , 9/9/11 11:38 PM

Rafa bags 2ns set. Rafa the king

jaynadal , 9/9/11 11:40 PM

Wow! Rafa looking awesome. Don't think he's gonna give u any shocks folks. Enjoy:)

deuce , 9/9/11 11:40 PM

omg.... he is destroying Rodick...
Unbelievable !!! Monalysa.... this is not message.... this is threat !

zare , 9/9/11 11:41 PM

Rafa's 2nd set first serve % is 77. Thats what needed. come on Rafa.

jaynadal , 9/9/11 11:49 PM

Rafa breaks in third set. Looks like this match is just a formality now

jaynadal , 9/9/11 11:52 PM

First serve 67%. 6 aces. 35 winners 13 UE . Great performance. Vamosssssssss

jaynadal , 9/10/11 12:25 AM

Congrats guys Rafa was on FIRE!
Should be a fun day tomorrow!

Sosueme , 9/10/11 12:26 AM

BRAVO RAFA! Amazing performance today...Roddick obviously tired and not at his best, but Rafa was great as ever...35 winners...just beautiful...VAMOS RAFA!!!

natashao , 9/10/11 12:30 AM

Simply brutal performance from Rafa today.

Everything in terms of his game, was in full working order from serving, movement and length of shots, even hitting them more flatter than usual. He anticpated like most that Andy was going to take it too him and knew he couldn't afford any slow sluggish start to the match. Rafa is clearly improving with each match.

For me if he plays like this tomorrow, then he will beat Murray comfortably in four sets. I still feel though as excellent as his match was, he'll need to play even better if he is to have any sort of chance against Djokovic and that's scary to think about.

lebsta2 , 9/10/11 12:33 AM

lebstra2..What makes you so confident Djoko will get past Fed tomm? Fed can beat him too..I think its a 50-50 between them..

Both semis are 50-50

sanju , 9/10/11 12:46 AM

That was a master class by anyone's standards.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 9/10/11 12:50 AM

I mean WOW .. rafa's performance curve has shooted up with a large gradient with every match he has played so far ! this is supremely important for a player like rafa who depends so much on mustering momentum and hence build more and more confidence. Murray will be a much bigger test and the semi will show us how good really rafa is playing at the moment, but for me rafa is the slight favorite to win the event right now !

vamosrafa , 9/10/11 12:51 AM

he just blocked so many returns and then those passing shots had me stand up several times in excitement ! i have not seen rafa hit passing shots as good as these in 2011 ! i just want him to improve his serve a little bit, its going good but adding a little bit of muscle would help surely, i know he can and he will do it. rafa's forehand was scarily good but we all know how good andy's backhand is to deal with rafa's forehand. Should be a great match as always, and remember that andy is fond of testing rafa's backhand in baseline exchanges, he uses angled forehands with medium pace to constantly test rafa's forehand and forces him to do more .If rafa keeps his backhand clicking, I do think he has the edge. The confidence will see the defending champ through to this 2nd final in 4 sets imo

vamosrafa , 9/10/11 12:56 AM

congrats to rafa fans. looking scary good. just when i was starting to get confident for muzz, rafa gets back on top of game again:(

alex , 9/10/11 12:58 AM

I'm never hugely confident for M Bear against Puss n Boots actually,
Mostly because I don't think he is
But on a hard court well, we shall see.
Confident it will be amazing however,
Hope it's not too brutal either way or the final shall be a fizzle.

Sosueme , 9/10/11 1:09 AM


I didn't neccessiraly say Nole will definitely beat Fed tomorrow. I'd even go as far to say that out of three remianing players, Fed has the best chance of beating Nole.

The point I was making was in regard to Rafa's performance today and Nole's overall current form. In Rafa can replciate today's form, he will definitely beat Murray and probably overcome Fed - infact he played to much the same effect earlier in Miami against Fed.

But the way Nole is right now, if Rafa were to meet him in the final, he would have to reach an even higher level to have a chance of winning.

Will agree with you that both semis are 50-50. I think the Fed/Nole match will be just as good as last year's epic.

lebsta2 , 9/10/11 1:37 AM

Roddick looked flat out awful, despite the fact something was probably wrong with him physically. Rafa was pretty sharp out there, and that was one of the best matches he's played this summer, right along with yesterday's match. With that said, the matchup with Murray tomorrow will be very interesting. Murray is a great matchup for Rafa, but this year, his form hasn't fully convinced me that he can win the title. That includes today's win over Isner.

Given what Rafa's had to go through this year with the injuries, losing the No. 1 ranking, and watching Djokovic dominate him and the rest of the tour, I think he's out to really prove something. If he can find a way to maintain his U.S. Open title, I think it would be a huge boost of confidence, not only for the rest of 2011, but definitely going forward into 2012.

As for the match, this probably will go 3 or 4 at the most, and Murray will make it interesting. However, I'm going with Rafa for the win.

djb247365 , 9/10/11 2:22 AM

It was a wonderful sight to see Rafa hitting with such purpose, going for his shot s and stepping inside the baseline moving forward into the court. He seemed to come out ready to rumble. I think he was expecting more of a battle from Roddick, but it occurred to me that beating Ferrer really took it out of him. That's what Ferrer does to his opponent, win or lose. He makes you pay physically. Andy had nothing left in his legs. So Rafa was really free to go for his shots at will.

It kind of reminded me of Fed's match with Tsonga. Fed came out guns blazing, very aggressive and Tsonga seemed flat. His serve wasn't working and the rest of his game went along with it. Fed looked great, but it was obvious that Tsonga was not playing anywhere near his best.

Rafa got those first serve in percentages up in the second and third sets. He was hovering below 50% in the first set, while winning about 80% plus first serve points. He will need get a higher percentage of first serves in against Murray tomorrow. He has such a good ROS and always puts pressure on Rafa's serves. However, Rafa's groundstrokes were a thing of beauty. He seemed to be seeing the ball so well and just could not miss.

I never take anything for granted when it's a hard court match with Murray. This will be his best shot to beat Rafa. It's not clay or grass. This is Murray's best surface. I expect it to be another great contest between these two. Rafa will need to continue to play aggressively and get that serve working well.

I get nervous about making predictions. Murray is always a tough opponent for Rafa and he will never take him for granted. If Rafa serves really well and can play as well as he did today, then I like his chances.

I am not even thinking about the final. One match at a time!

Nativenewyorker , 9/10/11 6:19 AM


What a performance! What a show! Awsome display from Rafa...................I was purrrrrrring!! Some take-outs:

1. Serve was puny, especially in the first set but he upped it in the 2nd and 3rd; could do with a little more oomph.......regardless, he was not broken once; In fact one of his service games he went down 0-40 but he overhauled that to win it;
2. The way he blocked Andy's serves..................magnificent;

3. The forehand on the run is back, always a sign of high confidence;
4. The backhand was firing, and those passing shots..........orgasmic!
5. And he was finding his range, very few shot balls;

The best part for me was when a couple of times the cameras panned to Uncle T after one or two of Rafa's outrageous passing shots and he was smiling there like a cheshire knew what he was thinking: my boy is back!

Muzza better bring the heat, he will need it to make Rafa melt in this mood...........

My only regret is that those 2 will go at it hell for leather with the winner being vulnerable to either Nole or the ol' man in the final.......................

I cannot pick either of the semis tbh.............

rafaisthebest , 9/10/11 7:05 AM

Rafa certainly looked sharp during the match, convincing win! Congrats to Rafa and we the Rafa fans, after all the worrying. Commies to Roddick and his fans, he certainly fought bravely even not at 100%. Roddick won my respect, for not giving up and being professional throughout the match. I wish him well, at least he's back to top twenty now.

Rafa vs Murray. I feel that if Rafa plays aggressively, he'll win. I like his forehand DTL shots, that's the shot he needs to deal with Murray. I have a feeling that Rafa is also trying to rely on his second serves to win some points. His second serves can be tricky for his opponents. To me Murray needs to rely on his first serves more than Rafa needs to, esp on this court which is still a quicker court than the AO. I feel that Murray can play better at the AO than the USO, as his retrieving skills work better on the slower courts. On quicker ones, he has to play more aggressively, which I think is not his natural game. To me, he should have finished off Isner in straights, but he had his lapses as always and ended up spending extra time under the hot sun to get the win. This may work against him in the semifinal, as Rafa had spent lesser energy dealing with Roddick in the QF, and looked fresher and sharper of the two.

luckystar , 9/10/11 8:08 AM

Perfect timing for Rafa to give his fans a bullet train ride instead of a rollercoaster... when i'm not watching. Missed the exhilirating experience without the minor heart attacks. :-(

Will not miss Rafa vs Andy this time, even if I have to sleep through work tomorrow. :-)

phoenix , 9/10/11 9:41 AM

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