• Djokovic, Tipsarevic set for all-Serb U.S. Open quarterfinal

    9/8/11 1:37 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Djokovic, Tipsarevic set for all-Serb U.S. Open quarterfinal A matchup between good friends and Davis Cup teammates will be on the schedule whenever play resumes at the U.S. Open. Novak Djokovic is bidding for a semifinal spot with Janko Tipsarevic standing in his way.

    Novak Djokovic and Janko Tipsarevic will be going head-to-head for the third time in their careers when they do battle in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open--if the weather ever gives the players an opening.

    Djokovic has won both of their previous encounters; 2-6, 6-1, 6-4 on the grass courts of Queen's Club in 2008 and 6-2, 4-6, 6-0 one year later in the Serbia Open semifinals. They were supposed to face each other at the same Belgrade event earlier this season, but Tipsarevic pulled out with an injury prior to their semifinal match.

    This won't be as easy as a walkover, but it's hard to imagine Tipsarevic putting any real scare into his heavily-favored countryman. The world No. 20 took multiple injury timeouts for a knee issue during his win over Juan Carlos Ferrero on Monday, although he did not appear to be particularly hampered.

    When he has been 100 percent of late, Tipsarevic has produced outstanding tennis. The No. 20 seed is an awesome 40-17 for his 2011 campaign, which includes a recent semifinal performance in Montreal. Prior to taking out Ferrero, Tipsarevic dismissed Augustin Gensse, Philipp Petzschner, and Tomas Berdych (via retirement while leading 6-4, 5-0).

    Of course, nobody is as hot as Djokovic this season. The top-ranked Serb boasts an unbelievable 61-2 record and is seeking his third Grand Slam title following triumphs at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. So far in New York he has taken out Conor Niland, Carlos Berlocq, Nikolay Davydenko, and Alexandr Dolgopolov without losing a set--although the opener against Dolgopolov went to 16-14 in a tiebreaker.

    If Tipsarevic gets off to a fast start, he could gain some confidence, show that he is out there to win, and make it relatively competitive. If not, this is going to be a rout. Either way, Djokovic in three sets is the obvious pick.

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Pff Tipsarevic is already thinking how can I givethe break back without people noticing.

Sienna , 9/8/11 9:26 PM

Thats better Tipsarevic FO out of this championship. Youve got no business here. Try and win a 250 first. Give youre podbuddy a free ride into semi where he will be retired.

Sienna , 9/8/11 9:53 PM

Hello Sienna, having a good old field day? :)

samprallica , 9/8/11 9:58 PM

If you have eyes... if you have brain... you would see how good tennis they are playing...
Cool of woman... just try to act like you are normal!

zare , 9/8/11 10:04 PM

sienna is so scared of Nole beating Fed in the semis that she started talking to herself...she may be hearing voices in her the voices speak Serbian by any chance?

natashao , 9/8/11 10:08 PM

5:5...wooow... Tipsy looks on fire here...

zare , 9/8/11 10:12 PM

For a set or two I think. He knows Nole's game well, probably is used to winning his fair share of points in practise. I think fitness will ensure that Nole goes through.

samprallica , 9/8/11 10:14 PM

Nole's playing terrible, and Tipsy is playing quite well. 6-5 and probably Nole's first lost set.

I'll say it again, the surface is awfully slow and it will favour Nole in a potential matchup against Federer, but I still don't like it.

samprallica , 9/8/11 10:24 PM

Well, way toooo many UE from Novak... but Tipsy really earned this...
LOL...Very strange way of of letting Nole to SF... isn't it Hyena??
This match is not Fed and Wawa :)

zare , 9/8/11 10:26 PM

Aha... Djokovic having a tough time.. !!! :P temporarily lol

tomnjerry2 , 9/8/11 10:31 PM

i have no words to explain how the HELL nole won this first set.

mriiidula , 9/8/11 10:38 PM

This match is a joke. They make it into a breaker where tipsakneus is dumping everything in the net.

Sienna , 9/8/11 10:38 PM

Yeah, yeah... hyena... Ah those Serbians !!!!

zare , 9/8/11 10:41 PM

I wonder if Tipsy will now fold, as he should have closed it out.
He doesn't seem to have the hex on him as the Spanish players seem to with Rafa.

Sosueme , 9/8/11 10:42 PM

Its so obveious. They just exchange some nice ralleighs and dophea uno istaking 3 setc to nill. Do not think one of the lesser dopheads will take it.

Sienna , 9/8/11 10:45 PM

hey cn anyone plz tell whn Rogers match gonna start !!! :P

tomnjerry2 , 9/8/11 10:45 PM

Ever heard of spelling hyena...?
...or you so pissed of that you are hitting the keyboard?
BTW... Tipsy is not jinxed... confirmed break 2:0...
Tomnjerry... he should be playing not before 19h local time.

zare , 9/8/11 10:51 PM

Whooops...3:0 for Janko.....

zare , 9/8/11 10:52 PM

donot worry besides youre spelling is not so great either.
3-0 will soon be turned in second set for doper I.

Sienna , 9/8/11 10:55 PM

Thnx whts the tym if u cn tell tht too plz !! :D

y r they showing Wozniacki vs Petkovic match :/

tomnjerry2 , 9/8/11 11:00 PM

Doper? DOPER?
Although I am enjoying in discussion with this poor soul.... Ricky, Cheryl... don't you find out that doping accusations from Sienna are little bit to much?

zare , 9/8/11 11:04 PM

Huppakee there it is. A hard earned breakback. LOL

Sienna , 9/8/11 11:04 PM

Hyena why do you watch if you are so pissed of.... you are masochist ???

zare , 9/8/11 11:07 PM

Zare.. doper from dophead in the pod you know? both stick there stuff inthe podd so why not call them as they are the dopers. You have doper I and doper II I gues Tipsa is stil doper III ? And TT started with the allegations of the pod? They said itt was OK. So I am just going along with that. Not in the spirit of the games the dop.

Sienna , 9/8/11 11:14 PM

Geeeeeez hyena... It will be ethereal mystery what have you tried to say... atleast do you know? ROFL!

zare , 9/8/11 11:19 PM

Time warning at 26 seconds..... this is ridiculous!?!

zare , 9/8/11 11:27 PM

Another tie breaker on the cards... Tipsy really troubling Djoko !! :P

tomnjerry2 , 9/8/11 11:32 PM

Sienna dont worry, Nole will give free one set to Federer lol

Misel , 9/8/11 11:33 PM

I get the feeling that Novie has to win this set,
Or there might be an UP-Set,
He's wheezing the way he used to before he kissed goodbye to glutan...

Sosueme , 9/8/11 11:34 PM

Tipsy snatches one :P

tomnjerry2 , 9/8/11 11:43 PM

And Janko just took the second set.... woooow... two and half hours for two sets....

zare , 9/8/11 11:43 PM

Janko has ambitions of his own. Showing some stones here. Nole may be in trouble if not losing this match he will be worn out before his tourney here is done. This reminds me of Rafa vs. Verdasco at AO.

numero , 9/8/11 11:46 PM

Novak is playing in WTA power mode... I think he has some problems... not hitting shots powerful... this looking to me like he is saving himself...

Janko is playing great, but not sure how long he can keep this level

atg , 9/8/11 11:51 PM

Saving himself for what?
An early exit he better get it together and close this off in 4 or Tsonga and Federer shall have some fun.
On a more positive and fairer note...
The final shall be on MONDAY.

Sosueme , 9/8/11 11:58 PM

Definatelly Djokovic is for some reason in limp mode... On important points you can clearly hear that he is hitting ball harder. During most points he is just keeping ball in play, hitting hard on winners (which are rare)...

In 3rd set you could see difference at Novak break, where he boost some power to his usual level. Have he mentioned something about shoulder? I thought that was history?

atg , 9/8/11 11:59 PM

Normal service has been resumed for now

Sosueme , 9/9/11 12:04 AM

I don't think he expecting this level of Tipsy... Maybe he was waiting for Janko to make mistakes. Janko did had rather unusual number of winners, playing very aggressive. In 3rd looks like Novak realized that he has to do something, there is no time for waiting...

So question is why Novak was reluctant to play at full power... I am his fan, and I know how he is injury cautious, and that he is scared a lot of injuries... it does look like he is able to risk tactics to protect himself...

atg , 9/9/11 12:15 AM

Fact is that we didn't see the nole's aggression... maybe he is playing against good friend... but this is not kind a game you would use when you have Tsonga or Fed on the other side of net.
Not to good but win is win... you just have to go on... I really don't see Janko can do something anymore...

zare , 9/9/11 12:15 AM

Very good tennis indeed. Argentinians have no chances against Serbian team in Davis Cup according to high quality play two Serbs produce right now.

vjakov , 9/9/11 12:16 AM

Tipsarevic is done,
The leg is hampering him too much,
Just as well, as it was not looking good for Novie for a while there....

Sosueme , 9/9/11 12:18 AM

well done nole, and congrats to fans. the incredible run continues. and that was an amazing shot where he hurt his toe - so nearly wasn't worth it though.

alex , 9/9/11 12:50 AM

So that's it.... Nole in SF...
Bravo for Tipsy... shame for injury, but he could not move at the end. French commentators have said that Janko's coach said to him, to quit the match. Janko tried two points more... but it was impassible to go on.
Anyway... good match... very physical in first two sets. Janko was playing in life form but injury ruined the day.

zare , 9/9/11 12:50 AM

Well done to Novie and loyal Zare Mriidula atg and all the others (sampracilla too?)
Yet ANOTHER semi final!

Sosueme , 9/9/11 1:01 AM

Tnx sosueme... it was funny to watch this match... no loose situation... who ever wins... hyena will be pissed of ;)

zare , 9/9/11 1:11 AM

Yeah but it's best that Novie pulled through for obvious reasons,

Sosueme , 9/9/11 1:24 AM

@Sosueme :) +1

This one ended as expected, but I wouldn't care if Tipsy won... that guy really need something big in his career...

atg , 9/9/11 1:46 AM

The last time I checked, the rules regarding comments about doping by ANY players, are not acceptable on this site!

Sienna started this nonsense on another article that first brought up Nole's use of the CVAC device. In her infinite wisdom, she decided that it gave her permission to go off on continuous rants about doping by Rafa, Nole and anyone but her idol Fed.

I thought Cheryl settled it all on that specific topic thread. The article spoke about the specifics of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, not doping! These ongoing comments about doping by Rafa and Nole should be deleted and Sienna should be reminded one more time that there is no justification or reason to bring up the subject!

Enough is enough with these disgraceful comments impugning the integrity of Rafa and Nole!

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 3:02 AM

Sienna did not start the topic of the CVAC. It was done by a Nadal fan, over two weeks ago. However, coz she's a Fed fan, she's being blamed. It would be nice to get the facts straight before accusing others. Another attempt to get rid of a Fed fan.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 5:47 AM

What are predictions for Fed - Djoko..This ones too tough to call

Djoko hasnt looked too good in 4th & qtr in 1st and 2nd set

Couldnt really make out Feds performance today as Tsonga couldnt put a ball inside the court and was spraying errors all over ..

I think it will be 4 tight tight sets whoever wins.

sanju , 9/9/11 6:35 AM

Hope Fed-Nole is a classic and both guys bring their A-games.................

Sorry zare and all the good Nole fans out there...........I will be rooting for Fed in this one, I want Rafa to have a shot at Fed at Flushing Meadows and put this "outstanding matter" to bed. But first Rafa has to go through A-Rod and hopefully Muzza first................both high mountains to climb, but if there is any player out there I would be comfortable betting my house on doing just that: it would be Rafa..........

Let the games begin!!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 9/9/11 6:55 AM

This was veyr much a frustrating performance from Tipsarevic, he adopted a good agressive strategy and no doubt Nole was defnintely there for the taking. To be a break up both in the first and 2nd set and still not have what it takes to see the match, through and then retire at the end. It's what separates the good from the great I'm afraid.

Just hope that Federer can deliver the goods in the semi. I'm not a hardcore Fed fan, but he and Murray are the two players left who are capable of beating Djokovic and therefore saving men's tennis from an interest point of view.

lebsta2 , 9/9/11 7:21 AM

^^ Save men's tennis from an interest point of view? When will you learn that interest for you is not the same for someone else?

Anyway, you only hope Fed will win because it increases Rafa's chances of defending his title quite astronomically :)

samprallica , 9/9/11 7:38 AM

This was no match. it was a fix. Even the breakers were meant like this.

Sienna , 9/9/11 8:55 AM


Fair comment that people have different views of what's interesting. Though after what has been a pretty disastrous US Open in terms of the weather and scheduling, the prospect of another epic Nadal /Federer match is far more enticing that watching Djokovic stroll to another title.

I will also happily agree with you Rafa's chances will increase by a huge amount, if Federer were to beat Djokovic tomorrow. I have no problems with Murray beating Nole in the final, as long as it goes on to create an ongoing rivalry at the top of the men's game. That's what tennis needs at the moment.

lebsta2 , 9/9/11 7:10 PM

If it so happens that Roger and Rafa get to meet in the finals, there is NO telling that Rafa will beat Roger. Rafa has not been his best all year while Roger looks cool, calm and collected which equals dangerous!!! I think if we have a Fedal final, the chances are 50:50...................and thats coming from a hard core Rafanite!!!! So for those who think we want Fed to beat Nole bcos of that fact, then where I am concerned ure wrong! And even if it so happens that Rafa meets Nole in the final, the odds for me will still be 50:50!!!

Monalysa , 9/9/11 7:54 PM


I actually think Rafa has performed well this year especially in comparison to every other player on tour. He has been consistently reaching finals of tournaments and his win/loss ratio is only second to one player this year. Two or three victories more this season and he would be on 11 slams and probably still be no1.

And that's been the only downpoint for Rafa, the 'one player' being Djokovic who he just cannot beat this year. In previous years Rafa would have a 60-40 chance against Nole and probaly 70-30 on clay and grass. But in 2011 these probabilities have changed dramatically. Yes Rafa should've won in Miami and Indian Wells, but the losses on clay and particularly Wimbledon have given Nole a massive psychological edge.

No way at the moment can Rafa be given a 50-50 shot against Nole. Right now he's 30-70 against in any match with Nole. Both Fed and Murray have a much greater chance against Nole than Rafa does. This is why Rafa / Fed makes for a better final and of course would complete the set of finals between the two in the slams. Yes Rafa has had the recent upper hand but Fed will perform at his strongest in the US Open as opposed to the French. A more historic and dramatic final that would be for sure.

lebsta2 , 9/10/11 1:25 AM

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