• Nadal takes on Muller for quarterfinal spot

    9/6/11 3:42 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal takes on Muller for quarterfinal spot After a scary bout with cramps in his third round post-match presser, Rafael Nadal took to the practice courts in preparation for his round of 16 showdown against Gilles Muller.

    In order to ease the minds of his legion of fans, Rafael Nadal posted a photo on Facebook showing a 2-hour practice session on Monday. The Spaniard had a frightening collapse on Saturday owing to thigh cramps, but seems to be ready to go for his Tuesday match.

    Gilles Muller of Luxembourg has actually defeated Nadal once, back in the 2005 Wimbledon second round. The two men played again this year at the All-England Club. Muller was able to take the world No. 2 to a pair of tiebreaks, but he eventually lost in straight sets.

    Muller has had a favorable path to the round of 16. Ernests Gulbis took out No. 16 seed Mikhail Youzhny in the first round, only to lose to Muller in the second. Muller’s third round opponent was Russia’s Igor Kunitsyn.

    Muller has a monster first serve. He has served 65 aces at the US Open this year, second behind only Ivo Karlovic. That single shot is powerful enough to make life difficult for Rafael Nadal, but the Spaniard will likely win any extended rallies.

    Prediction – Expect a couple of close sets, but for Nadal to win in straights.

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Rafa will have his work cut out but he's dealt with big servers before so I hope he doesn't have to work too hard. He is a little bit more confident now than he was last time he played Muller so I keep my fingers crossed and he actually bagled Muller when they met at Wimbledon this year.

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 9/6/11 9:17 AM

hoping for a short and nice 3 setter for rafa...VAAAAAMOS

vrael , 9/6/11 10:22 AM

This Muller fellow better not bring his A game today...................he gave ME fits last time he played Rafa at Wimby.........


rafaisthebest , 9/6/11 11:42 AM

Ha ha, Cheryl has been stalking Rafa's facebook page.

samprallica , 9/6/11 11:47 AM

Rafa had better hold on to his serve today.

nadline , 9/6/11 3:36 PM

Samprallica, I get the feeds from all the top players. I'm in the news business after all. :D

vrael - there is rarely anything short in a Muller match -- except the actual points on his serve, that is. Rafa's going to have to keep his focus on serve, because breaking Muller is a difficult prospect.

cherylmurray , 9/6/11 4:32 PM

Rain delay this morning. Does anyone know if it's suppose to clear at all this morning? Does a wet (or one that's been wet) court favor Rafa? Heavier ball and
all that stuff? Hopefully, someone slipped a pea under Mueller's mattress last night.

Maya , 9/6/11 5:06 PM

I've just been watching the Rafa/Muller match at Wimbledon this year and it looks like Rafa was a bit timid returning Muller's serve in the first 2 sets, still wary of Muler as he lost to him the last time they played, but counting a challenger match, Rafa is 3-1 up in their h2h. I think that, having taken the 3rd set to love at Wimbledon Rafa will have got rid of the nerves and will be more relaxed this time round, rather like his reaction to Nalby beating him the first two times they played, then after defeating Nalby in Miami after a very tentative start even taking the final set to love he got his mojo against Nalby going and is not scared of him anymore.

nadline , 9/6/11 5:19 PM

Maya, they say it's going to rain all day and for most of the week.

nadline , 9/6/11 5:21 PM

There is a storm system stalled over NYC that isn't moving. It's apparently the remnants of a hurricane.

cherylmurray , 9/6/11 7:24 PM

Nativenewyorker, can you not do something about the New York weather? Lol

nadline , 9/6/11 7:35 PM

The USO website says the Sept 6th Day and Night sessions are cancelled due to the weather

mriiidula , 9/6/11 7:40 PM


Well, I can call up my sister and tell her to try to do a non-rain dance! :)

She said that the humidity was terrible the day that Rafa played, absolutely horrible and she is used to it. It's the end of the summer for them, but sometimes there is what they call Indian Summer. Right now it's more like wet city!

This storm seems like it will be taking its time. So frustrating not to be able to see any tennis today, especially Rafa. I can imagine it's even worse for the players. This is really going to wreak havoc with the tournament schedule.

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/11 7:42 PM

mriiidula , 9/6/11 7:42 PM

So now they have offically cancelled play for today. Well, that is really such a shame.

Nativenewyorker , 9/6/11 8:02 PM

Does this mean the semi on sunday and final on monday?

I cant understand how can they pack so many matches - 4th round mens (1 half), ladies n mens qtrs, ladies n mens semis n finals all in 5 days..

sanju , 9/6/11 8:36 PM

USA ..superpower..highest GDP.get a roof over the showcourt Ashe cmon :-)

sanju , 9/6/11 8:41 PM

Rafa/Muller are 1st on Ashe tomorrow, weather permitting, followed by Djokovic/Tipsa and night matches include Federer/ Tsonga. Murray and Isner have been moved to Grandstand with Roddick moved to Louis Armstrong.

nadline , 9/6/11 10:45 PM

It is a bigger problem if the rain would have come in the first 3 rounds.

There are just not so many matches to play from round 4 onwards so no bigdeal to make them all in the manic wednesday show.
But couldnt they had those two budd(nn)y's the night slot, do youknow how killing those night matches are?

Sienna , 9/6/11 11:37 PM

I don't mind Roger playing at night. That is probably going to be the best match of the day. Plus they go on after Serena so that will be a short match for sure. Let the rest of the suckers (provided there's no rain) sweat it out in the hot sun and humidity. ;)

numero , 9/7/11 1:54 AM

So does this mean whoever makes the final on the Andy/Rafa side of the draw will have to play four days in a row against a possible rested Novak/Roger. Why bother with a final, it will be a forgone conclusion.

Maya , 9/7/11 2:11 AM

Playing at night has the disadvantage of not being able to get used to the heat and humidity of the day, and the semifinals and final are all held during the day.

luckystar , 9/7/11 3:05 AM

Don't worry Maya, Fed/Tsonga and then Nole/Fed or Nole/Tsonga won't be easy matches, so they need more rest time. In case the one from Rafa's half of the draw wins this whole thing, there won't be any excuse that the opponent from the other half was tired, disadvantaged, blah blah blah....

luckystar , 9/7/11 3:11 AM


It won't be 4 days in a row unless it rains. They'll have Friday off.

On another note, your Rafa is playing at the same time as Roddick's match and Young's match so don't expect to see too much of it on ESPN and the Tennis Channel. American eyes, American eyes.............

numero , 9/7/11 3:20 AM

It's four days in a row for Rafa'a half of the draw: thurs for fourth round; Fri for QF; Sat for SF and Sun for Final! So no excuse if Fed's half of the draw failed to win this tournament!

luckystar , 9/7/11 3:33 AM

Press the send button too soon before checking. Sorry it's three days in a row for Rafa's half of the draw, from Fri to Sun, unless all QFs are held on the same day, ie on Thurs.

luckystar , 9/7/11 3:37 AM


All of the men's QF can't be played on Thursday unless there is more rain. Don't forget that Roger/Jo is a QF and so is Nole/Janko and these are scheduled for Wednesday. Most likely all men's QF will be completed by Thursday as Friday should be dedicated to women's SF and men's doubles final. Hence my above comment that Rafa/Muller winner and AndyM/DY winner should have Friday off. Hence they likely won't have to play 3 days in a row. :)

numero , 9/7/11 4:52 AM

"After persistent rain led to play being cancelled on Tuesday, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are among those players still locked in the fourth round, who will need to play four matches in five days if they are to win the US Open title." Tuesday2-Busy-Schedule-Wednesday.aspx

jean , 9/7/11 5:34 AM

Yes just hope so no more rain delays. Well I certainly hope that come Sunday it'll rain like hell, so that the final will be postpone yet again for the fourth year to a Monday final! That way, the players will get one day rest before the final.

luckystar , 9/7/11 5:44 AM

part of me is pleased that it was raining yesterday...after that heat Rafa was forced to play in and such exhausting match which caused those terrible cramps it is good that he has rested a bit yesterday...Muller is all serve and it will be tough on Rafa mentally more than I do not expect that match to be so physically demanding on Rafa in terms of running a lot as it was with Nalby....I hope Rafa enjoys his tennis and stays focused...he should be able to deal with Muller with confidence and the way he is playing lately I really believe Rafa will do just fine...VAMOS RAFA!!!

natashao , 9/7/11 8:05 AM

yeah and with guys like Muller and Roddick, the matches will be relatively shorter with no long rallies. However if Ferrer and Rafa make the QF it could be a dog fight, not to mention a showdown with Andy in the semi

vmk1 , 9/7/11 9:06 AM

The USO organizers exist to satisfy CBS; the players are just puns in the whole game. They really do not care who is exhausted so long as they get maximum viewing. Yesterday, they were saying that tennis depends so much on revenue from the American media without which it would be hard going financially, that's why they need Americans at the top of the game otherwise people won't watch and they'll lose the money.

The problem is the organizers have shown little regard for the players and appear totally unable to organize a brawl in a pub.

nadline , 9/7/11 9:14 AM

Horribly reminiscent of 3 years ago with Rafa and Andy locked in a two day battle in the semis...:(

deuce , 9/7/11 9:27 AM

Yikes, just checked forecast :( As nadline said it looks pretty awful for the rest of the week. Thunderstorms tomorrow and Friday too :(

deuce , 9/7/11 10:00 AM

I've got a solution for the schedule.

The USO and the ATP should come to arrangement to give Young and Muller extra prize money and 250 points to default so that Rafa and Murray can move onto the next round.

Only joking!!!!!!!!!

nadline , 9/7/11 1:59 PM

The USO organizers exist to satisfy CBS; the players are just puns in the whole game. They really do not care who is exhausted so long as they get maximum viewing.
nadline, 9/7/11 9:14 AM

Finally something we agree on. Absolutely right.

numero , 9/7/11 2:13 PM

I have an even better solution to get round the delay - just get the defending champion and the No 1 seed to contest the final on Sunday.

In days gone by, the defending champion did not have to play the rounds, he just waited to defend his title against whoever got to the final.

nadline , 9/7/11 3:05 PM

In circumstances like these why don't they start the matches earlier, which is what they do at Wimbledon?
In fact today 60% chance of rain. Tomorrow 70%.

deuce , 9/7/11 3:17 PM

, 9/7/11 3:05 PM

Completely agree you, nadline! They should implement this immediately for USOPEN 2011 and Roland Garros 2012................for Oz 2012 and Wimby 2012 they can implement the current knock-out rule for everybody!

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 3:27 PM

deuce, that did occur to me, but they start early enough at 11 am, to start any earlier would not be fair to be players as they will virtually be rolling out of bed straight ono the courts and if Federer gets his way they wouldn't even have time to warm up before play starts.

nadline , 9/7/11 3:28 PM

If the bad weather persists, they should consider the title defended until next year. The rest of the players in the draw should be given prize money and points according to their rankings, then everyone will be happy. It so happens that the runner up last year will still have his 1200 points, Roger will have his SF points and for Andy M it will be a win win situation because he'll have a surplus.

Easy. I wonder why it's not occured to them yet.

nadline , 9/7/11 3:34 PM

nadline, fair enough about the time. Early start wouldn't suit Andy anyway! I wonder what they'd actually do if the bad weather went on and on. Presumably, if it did, your solution above would have to be introduced. Can only see it as a last resort though, tournaments/ officials seem set in concrete. Wonder if a Slam has ever gone unfinished.
In fact Thursday looks the worst day and the weather towards the end of next week looks good. Andy has Davis Cup commitment quite soon though.

deuce , 9/7/11 3:47 PM

Probably because they're not insane Nadline,
Oh and not desperate for Puss N Boots to retain his title anyway possible,
That would be my guess!

Sosueme , 9/7/11 3:49 PM

Do you really think the warm up starts at the time they enter the playing court?
Let me assure you that those players already had an session of tennis in order to become match ready. They have don FH/BH, Volleys, serve, sprints, stretching etc way before those 5 to 10 minutes they get.

Sienna , 9/7/11 3:59 PM

sienna, where do they have those worm-up sessions you are talking about: in the locker room while they are waiting for their turn?! They might as well sit and wait for five hours...

natashao , 9/7/11 4:18 PM

@Sosueme, Nadline was joking, but clearly you are a little slow. Mentally I mean, I guess I should make myself clear maybe you'll understand I am trying to offend you. You are dumb as a brick. I have communicated with retarded dolphins, and they were brighter than you show us to be.

eduardvalalex , 9/7/11 4:25 PM

^^^Exactly, eduardvalalex. Talk about missing the point.

nadline , 9/7/11 4:29 PM

and people who are not into sports are usually unaware of the importance of a warm up can not be done way before the has to happen right before the match so that joints and muscles can be set in motion properly...Rafa in his interview was saying how last time he had a match at 11 am, he tried to go to bet early but could not fall asleep...they have their usual rhythm and it is really hard for the athletes to change their habits overnight...

natashao , 9/7/11 4:30 PM

They started drying up the court then the rain started again.

For a country who has been to the moon, they should send a rocket up to space to turn the tap off.

nadline , 9/7/11 4:32 PM


Your devastating wit clearly knows no bounds!
As does your interspecies communication skills apparently.
If it was meant to be funny it was as amusing as a dose of herpes,
But I'll apologise for the misunderstanding just in case,
I know how sensitive many are here,
So run along now Mr Valtrex,
I wasn't talking to you anyway

Sosueme , 9/7/11 4:38 PM

Oooooo "interspecies". That's a big word Sosueme. Did you learn that in your 8th grade biology class? I think when your on the internet you're pretty much talking to whoever reads your post. Probably what you meant to say is, "I really don't have much to say". That's the truth.

Maya , 9/7/11 4:52 PM

Roddick is complaining that he is having to play on Armstrong for the 1st time in 9 years. As for Sir Smugalot, it's so evident that organizers smooth his path a lot, it's no wonder he's got 16 GS titles.

nadline , 9/7/11 5:19 PM

These players are going to have to canoe through the rest of this tournament. What a shame. The AO and Wimbledon both have roofs. Paris will be moving from planning to construction soon. What's being done here in America? It's obvious you can't put a roof on Ash stadium. Maybe we could cover the court and the lodge seating and let the nosebleed section fend for themselves.

Maya , 9/7/11 5:33 PM

With all their mutifarious silly rules in tennis, the one thing that the ATP and the ITF have not addressed is fairness in rest time for the players. Rest time has a huge effect on performance so they should do something about it because that's far more important than one player taking 5 secs longer between points.

Talking about time between points, isn't it dumb that the ATP sets a time limit of 25 secs whilst the ITF sets 20 secs? What's the point of that, why not have the same time? Why should the players be counting 20 secs in one tournament and 25 secs in the next. It just goes to show how meaningless the rule is.

The drying machines are out, so there is hope.

nadline , 9/7/11 5:34 PM

Thank you for your contribution Maya,
And yes. Learned it in my last 8 th grade biology class, as you say,
No need to break out the dictionary dear,
It means basically when I talk to you,
I'm talking 'interspecies'.......

Sosueme , 9/7/11 5:38 PM

The players are on court.

nadline , 9/7/11 6:21 PM

on the contrairy a warm up is highly overrated. Chances are you only injure yourself in warmup.
When a match starts at 11 AM the probably hit the courts and check everything out at 9 AM work a sweath have a few bananas drink some water + 1 hour get match ready etc... They are machinesand know what to do...... You dont expect the 5 minute warm upo to ne the first hit of the day? Natashao.

Sienna , 9/7/11 6:23 PM

Muller currently leading 3-0. Roddick Up 3-1. And Murray down 1-2 but on serve, rain again though me no like all this rain!

rbennett , 9/7/11 6:49 PM

anyway Nadal did not use a good warm up. He left the court without permission from the umpire. Unsportmanslike behaviour from Nadal. He got boedbu the dozen spectators who were at the match. Pff what a low specattators count for the #2 seed. That should be the reason The organasitors turn to Djok and Fed as far as their scheduling is concerned.

Sienna , 9/7/11 6:52 PM

rafa did not want to get out on court while there was still a breeze...all he had on his mind in his opening game was the rain...he lost his focus and look what we have right now...

sienna, one can train the whole morning, but once he hits the court there has to be a warm up...that is why it is called a warm up... have you ever been into any sports? I personally find a 10 minute warm up essential...maybe that's just me...and if you are not warmed up you can easily get injured not other way around...

natashao , 9/7/11 6:56 PM

The usefullness of a warm up in terms of affecting whether you get injured or not is widely contested. I remember reading a study that come to the conclusion it made 1% difference! However if a player wants to warm up they should be allowed, I like to warm up just to get a feeling for how im hitting the ball (usually out)

rbennett , 9/7/11 7:00 PM

I think having a quick warm up is fine,
But some of theses warm up periods are nearer 20 minutes,
That's excessive, as is the time some players take between shots,
Tennis matches are usually long enough, much longer than most sports, there's no need for further additions...

Sosueme , 9/7/11 7:09 PM


Did not take you long to get your first dig in vis a vis Rafa. You are just so predictable. Enjoy your empty ramblings as none of us do.

schatz , 9/7/11 7:19 PM

I am not playing tennis so I would not know what the difference does it make to warm up, I base my judgment on my experience in other sports...anyway, we all know it takes a while for Rafa to warm up and for him hitting the ball for 10 minutes means a lot...I am disappointed though that Rafa let's other stuff get in his head and loses focus so easily...he rarely starts the match in a fast manner and today he was somewhere else and not thinking of his service game at all...I hope it gets better than this...

natashao , 9/7/11 7:24 PM

natashao..Rafa is 2 breaks down is it? or 1 break down?

sanju , 9/7/11 7:26 PM

natashao..what exactly happened? he wasnt allowed to warm up?

sanju , 9/7/11 7:27 PM

Rafa is 1 break down...................

People, why did Rafa not warm up properly? Were the players rushed into playing?

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 7:28 PM

LOL @sienna...another clown at TT...

vrael , 9/7/11 7:28 PM

Well natashao/RIFB..If Rafa gets 1 set down against a big will mentally affect him.. (:-..Look what happened with Isner in RG

sanju , 9/7/11 7:29 PM

It seems Rafa and both Andy's were ticked off that they were told to go on court in a light mist. They went to complain to organizers. Rafa blamed the ATP for not giving him enough time to get ready and making Muller wait 10 minutes for him to go on court. The crowd did boo because Rafa walked off court early, and visibly pissed.

numero , 9/7/11 7:33 PM

sanju.......I am not too worried about Rafa being 1 break down at this point. Of course it would have been better if he had held his serve, but it's early days yet. We know Muller is a monster server and that it was important for Rafa to serve lights out to hold onto his. I am glad the rains came when they did because this will give Rafa time to regroup.

Remember, while Muller ia a monster server, he also has a tendency to lose concentration, and this is over 5 sets, so even if Rafa drops the first set I will still give him a shot at winning...................

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 7:35 PM

YesRIFB..I hope so..just makes us face tension longer and thats the issue..

sanju , 9/7/11 7:38 PM

Thanks numero, for the heads up!

I don't blame Rafa for being pissed off at all............................why should he risk injury to satisfy the organisers? Why don't they put a roof on Ashe?

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 7:38 PM

sanju, having said that, Muller was the one I pencilled in as a danger for, I am not taking his challenge lightly at all. He gava Rafa the yips at Wimby so he is always going to be a big danger on the faster hard courts........

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 7:47 PM

Well, it's amazing to me at just how much the atp can affect the outcome of a match or tournament if it's in their mind to do so. They should have made sure both players were ready to go on court before pulling Mueller out of his room. Both players were affected by this, but obviously more so Rafa because he relies on his routines so much, and because he's got so much more to lose. And he seems to be more easily riled these days. Too bad it all has to mean so much. The bigger issue here though is, did the tournament put the players on the court in unsafe conditions. There's no excuse if in fact they did. I wonder what would happen if a player refused to take the court because it was unsafe. If I were forced to play, and
I was hurt on court, I would own the Billy Jean King complex.

Maya , 9/7/11 7:49 PM

I've another suggestion,
If roofing Ashe is a logistical nightmare etc,
Why not one of the smaller stadia instead?
It's better than nothing, and it stops the Open from turning into the farce it clearly has become right before our eyes in the last few days..

Sosueme , 9/7/11 7:49 PM

@Sosueme, obviously you are dyslexic so calling you retarded is not funny anymore.

eduardvalalex , 9/7/11 7:54 PM

Thanks, publisher, for the clarification.

Sienna, I am really interested to know why you have this vendetta against Rafa? Have you two met? Do you two have a "history"? I mean, it really is unnatural to harbour the kind of invective against a "stranger" the way you do against are even prepared to manufacture stories against him!


rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 7:54 PM

If Rafa and both Andys complained, I am surprised is USO organizers overruled their collective angst? All 3 are top players.. And Roddick is their own guy

sanju , 9/7/11 7:57 PM


Yes Mr Valtrex I agree!
But was it ever?
Perhaps you should use your clearly limited imagination to come up with some new insults, or simply accept that youre not really clever enough for even this sort of thing, as I'm about as bothered about you as I am Nadline.

Sosueme , 9/7/11 8:06 PM

Sanju - Rafa and both Andy's complained AFTER being pulled from the courts. Even though they're top players they're still just pawns. They need to refuse to take the court when it's unsafe. It would create a huge uproar, but I can't imagine anyone wanting players to risk their bodies for the viewing audience.

Maya , 9/7/11 8:10 PM

IT was when it wasn't true. Now it's sad.

eduardvalalex , 9/7/11 8:13 PM

The way this scheduling is panning's playing into the old man's hands..................he could win the damn thingy................

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 8:14 PM

and the "even" comes before "really" and after "not"

eduardvalalex , 9/7/11 8:14 PM

yes RITB..I think Fed is poised to take this..

Only obstacle looks to be semis as Novak will have better schedule than him

Anyone from Rafas half wll not hurt him including Rafa the way the scheduling wll happen over the next few days with back to back matches.. They wll bespent forces by the time they reach the final unless there is a good gap between semis n final

sanju , 9/7/11 8:22 PM

Play is suspended due to the current weather conditions. We are hoping to resume match play at 3:30 p.m. ET.

If there is clear weather post 3:30..looks like Fed will again start his match post 12 today..unless they shift one of the other matches elsewhere

sanju , 9/7/11 8:24 PM

I think this is it..............USTA will be so mortified they will come up with serious plans. This is making the Open a joke internationally......................

rafaisthebest , 9/7/11 8:33 PM

read a news item where roddick said courts were unplayable and they all 3 went to referrees office to ensure they wont be put in same position again and everyone is in agreement now that they wont be sent again to play in these conditions

sanju , 9/7/11 8:34 PM

sanju@ 8.24, that's good news. There've already been so many withdrawals and injuries, we don't want any more.
Agree with everyone, one of the richest countries in the world and the tournament is a shambles.

deuce , 9/7/11 8:38 PM

Thank you for the prissy grammatical correction Mr Valtrex.
At last, you are of use to this site!
I didn't realise perfect grammar was so important here, clearly no one else does either.
I'm put more effort into future postings however!
I am now very bored with your horrifyingly lame attempts at wit and humour.
And as I don't take you seriously enough, I'm going to let this nonsense go now...
Which is a fortunate outcome for you...

Sosueme , 9/7/11 9:08 PM

Oo lala!
I actually meant 'I'll' not 'I'm'
Or should I have said 'I shall' or 'I will'?
Oh, I just hope it's okay......

Sosueme , 9/7/11 9:12 PM

there were roars from the crowd patiently waiting inside Ashe and louis armstrong :D the drying machines are out on court, and the courts are umm 75% dry already :D

vamosrafa , 9/7/11 9:25 PM

nd when the courts were almost dry,it starts drizzling again :(

vamosrafa , 9/7/11 9:31 PM

Fed/Tsonga match has been called off.

nadline , 9/7/11 9:40 PM

Rafa is being interviewed by Pam Shriver and he says quite clearly that the players are not being protected because after all they are part of the show and no one is thinking of their welfare. He says he hopes the players will speak with one voice to change things.

nadline , 9/7/11 9:46 PM

The players say it was still raining when they were sent out to play.

nadline , 9/7/11 9:48 PM

Play should be made to start over. Clearly the courts were not ready for tennis to be played. This is a shame.

Maya , 9/7/11 9:56 PM

thanks for the updates nadline. drying machines are once again on Ashe but i can also see plenty of umbrellas out there too !! I HOPE RAFA COMPLETES HIS MATCH SOMEHOW , murray and rafa shud complete their matches, unless it would be unfair with them

vamosrafa , 9/7/11 10:18 PM

Djokovic match is cancelled... and Serena's not???

zare , 9/7/11 10:25 PM

Muller is in good form hopefully this will be a tight match with Nadal winning in the end

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:29 PM

I wonder if Serena and Pably want to hang in and play if possible.

nadline , 9/7/11 10:31 PM

Rafa not a happy camper today. Not at all.

RickyDimon , 9/7/11 10:31 PM

zare, the cancelled below the fed's match means the whole evening session has been called off !

vamosrafa , 9/7/11 10:32 PM

All the Women's Doubles Qtrs are cancelled but all matches on all other courts including Armstrong and Grandstand are still on.

nadline , 9/7/11 10:34 PM

I have a question for the moderators of this site why is donald young included in the list of Who will win the US Open question? I mean he has never been to a grandslam Qf before why include him in the list? or is it just to make the question sound funny?

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:35 PM

not canceled doesnt mean the match will be played today

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:38 PM

its just to make the funny i am sure :) and I am sure Ricky is responsible for this lol

vamosrafa , 9/7/11 10:48 PM

What's this funny? Is The Don or is he not still active in the tournament? :D

Tennistalk gives players good karma, obviously. ;)

cherylmurray , 9/7/11 10:50 PM

Tsonga should have been a better choice instead of Donald young

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:50 PM

Or even a player like karlovic or John isner would have been a better option with their big service

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:53 PM

I think the Williams/Pavly match is still on.

nadline , 9/7/11 10:55 PM

It is so obvious Rafa was very upset today and it did affect his game right away...while Muller was waiting to go on court and with Rafa nowhere near, the Eurosport commentator was so quick to criticize Rafa's behavior acting as the rules did not concern him...these commentators really get on my nerves...I agree with Rafa that players should not be put to play in unsafe conditions...shame on the organizers...

natashao , 9/7/11 10:56 PM

conditions whether good or bad are same for both players so dont complain, nadal is down because he served 2 double faults in his first service game not because of conditions. Why wasn't muller bothered by the conditions? you should be ready to play in adverse conditions Muller is in good form. Nadal has a right to complain about the conditions but they definitely didn't benefit Muller

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 11:02 PM

Apparently they called them to play without any warning and Rafa then had to tape his fingers before going on court that's why Muller went on court without him.

nadline , 9/7/11 11:05 PM

Even i want Nadal to win but i want a good match not one sided match

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 11:11 PM

The US is becoming a third world nation, they cant even afford a roof or dont care enough. If this were in China , all the courts would have had transparent roofs.

They also reveal who really rules them , "Television".

nirv02 , 9/7/11 11:12 PM

Yes, nad, that was explained afterwards...and Muller was kept waiting and Rafa was upset that he made Muller wait and that organizers did not warn them on time...

tennis 2011 I am complaining for all the players, not just Rafa...where did you see I ruled our Rafa? was equally unfair to all of them who were put to play on wet and slippery courts...Rafa is scared of injuries and I just knew those conditions would affect him mentally...that is where those double faults came from...

natashao , 9/7/11 11:18 PM

the rain just picked up some pace :@ :( its just not stopping ! may be there will be no play any more, i hope there is and chances are that we'l get to see some play but i dont know , this is hell annoying

vamosrafa , 9/7/11 11:19 PM

according to muzz on twitter, all play for the day has been cancelled. and according to some, the weather for tomorrow is even worse

Sib69 , 9/7/11 11:25 PM

Andy Murray just said play was canceled again today for everyone. USO is a hot mess.

cherylmurray , 9/7/11 11:30 PM

so only women's qf matches are still on for the night session...the rest is cancelled...the agony continues... this USO is a joke...

natashao , 9/7/11 11:43 PM

no more play today who cares about the womens Qfs

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 11:49 PM

Nadal was tralling 3-0 to Gilles Muller when rain caused play to be halted at Flushing Meadows on Wednesday afternoon, and he was clearly unhappy about being forced to play in slippery conditions.

The Spaniard told tournament referee Brian Earley "It?s the same old story, all you ever care about is money," as he and Muller left the court.

more complaining.

Fleur , 9/8/11 5:16 AM

This is an anti-climax to the max! I don't care anymore who wins the title! Off to the 2012 season.

phoenix , 9/8/11 6:37 AM

I think USTA should seriously think about selling the Slam rights to China.............communists get things done, no mucking about! Bet they can even "arrange" weather patterns over there. USTA could then buy it back when they become rich again.............Lord, they can't even afford to cover the courts during the rain!

rafaisthebest , 9/8/11 7:44 AM

Their weather forecast is also dodgy for a country that has been to the moon and back a few times. Their reason for not covering the cours is aesthetic, they think it looks ugly. No one watches covered courts anyway so what does it matter what they look like. At least now they have drying machines, up till a couple of years ago they did it with towels.

The players are the last on their list. How short sighted of them not to seek the interests of the main props in the show because props is all they see the players as, and so long as one player in the men's is looked after, the rest of them can lump it.

nadline , 9/8/11 7:50 AM

Oh well, Rafa and Muza are well and truly stuffed now.......................the only question is who's going to take it between Nole and Rog.........

rafaisthebest , 9/8/11 8:08 AM

And what's wrong with complaining? At least unlike a certain Swiss, who was fined for being rude to the umpire while complaining!

luckystar , 9/8/11 8:10 AM

Rafa's definitely drawn the short end of the straw, but guess what? Life's like that sometimes......................he needs to just lump it, accept the situation and FOCUS!!!

USTA may be incompetent but they are not conspiring against him.

He should put his foot down and refuse to be made to play when it is not safe to do so.

He is a champion, he should and will rise above adversity........


rafaisthebest , 9/8/11 8:20 AM

Thumbs up to rafa for what he did. He is booed by the parisian crowd at times so this crowd booing him shouldnt bother him. He needed to protect his body and no player should risk themselves to put up a show. With so many retiremnts already its time people became sensible about playing conditions.

Rafaelrocks , 9/8/11 8:52 AM

Ah well, I'll tune in to the rugger now..............................c'mon All Blacks!!!

rafaisthebest , 9/8/11 9:14 AM

If Rafa doesn't win the US OPEN this year, I will have lost all faith in one of the greatest champions ever.

eduardvalalex , 9/8/11 9:20 AM

So many comments and only 3 games have been played in the match. lol

Nadal fans shouldn't be talking about fairness and cheating because their fanboy has been lucky enough for 2 or 3 lives.

Let's just hope rain doesn't prevent play today and that all matches are completed, although I don't believe that will happen.

bleck , 9/8/11 9:52 AM

bleck, talking about lucky with two three lives, who has better luck than Fed, with all the scheduling favoring him all the time? He has more than nine lives, more than a cat! Guess bleck is even a bigger fanbou/girl of Mr Fed! Stop all your BS! I'm waiting for the day when Fed is at the receiving end of all these rain delays, and see how many matches he can win!

luckystar , 9/8/11 10:12 AM

Serena was sent out to play and had to pack up again after the warm-up. Either the organizers don't have a reliable weather forecast or they are in denial. It is shocking that having sent the boys out to play whilst it was still raining they did they same to the girls whilst the weather was still obviously unsettled.

Rafa says he was distracted on court yesterday due to all that's been going on behind the scenes, being sent out to play in the rain and not given any warning of when play would start.

nadline , 9/8/11 10:31 AM

luckystar, nice to meet you too...

I disagree when you say that the schedule favours federer all the time.
When I have time I'll post some facts to see if you understand what I'm saying, although I've learned that with most tennistalk nadal fans reasoning is worthless.
But still I'll give it a shot.

Have a nice day

bleck , 9/8/11 10:44 AM

Rafa's pre-match interview:

nadline , 9/8/11 11:01 AM

It's worthless with people like you bleck BS'ing about Rafa being lucky, when what we see here is obviously he being unlucky. Yet somebody is blind enough to say otherwise! What about 2007 Wimbledon rain delay that caused Rafa to play for five consecutive days, while Fed had five days of rest, with Haas withdrawal being one reason, so who's lucky here? Also the 2008 USO semifinal, both Rafa and Murray had to play on two days while Fed was waiting comfortably for one of them for the final, so who's lucky there? Stop talking as if Rafa has all the luck, in fact Fed has more luck than Rafa!!

luckystar , 9/8/11 11:36 AM

The one notable cupcake draw rafa had was at the USO last year. Except for that one, he's generally had moderately tough roads to his grand slam wins and it didn't really matter anyway where his FO wins were concerned.

samprallica , 9/8/11 12:12 PM

Actually for last year's USO, if not for Murray falling early in the draw, Murray would be a tough opponent for Rafa, having beaten Rafa twice in hard court slams. The top four's QF opponents were Monfils for Nole, Sod for Fed, Verdasco for Rafa and Stan for Youzhny (in place of Murray), how was Rafa's draw any easier than the rest, maybe Fed excluded as he had Sod( though Sod's serves were affected by the swirling wind on that QF night). It's Murray's failure to get to the semifinal to meet Rafa there, not that Rafa had a cup cake draw. If Nole was drawn into Rafa's half, and Murray in Fed's, would we be saying the same cup cake theory for Fed too? So Murray was the one who determined who had the cup cake draw??

luckystar , 9/8/11 12:47 PM

"It's worthless with people like you bleck BS'ing about Rafa being lucky..."

BS is not allowed on this forum it's filthy language. I should know, as i was read the riot act for using it.

scoretracker , 9/8/11 12:51 PM

@Sosueme If all I am doing is keeping you from posting anything related to the one sport you'll probably never understand, I'm going to keep coming back, because it is worthed.

eduardvalalex , 9/8/11 3:17 PM

Luckystar, how do you know Murray would have beaten Rafa in the SF last year, he went out in the 3rd round to Wawa, Rafa won the title, let's just leave it at that instead of thinking something else could have happened, because it didn't. Whatever happened at the USO in 2008 and the AO in 2010 have nothing to do with last year's USO.

nadline , 9/8/11 3:26 PM

lucky star, dearest

And what's wrong with complaining? At least unlike a certain Swiss, who was fined for being rude to the umpire while complaining!
luckystar, 9/8/11 8:10 AM

similar to rafa getting fined for illegal coaching last year and complaining that he wasn't being coached by uncle.

I remember it well champers.

Fleur , 9/8/11 4:15 PM

" I'm going to keep coming back, because it is worthed..."

More to the point, because it's 'worthed' ?
I thought we had a handle on such things dear?
Stop stalking me right now Mr Valtrex.
Im getting irritated by your refusal to accept your own feeble mindedness.
Your best bet is to give it a rest, or I'm going to get very nasty with you- even if it means getting banned.
Go bore someone else with your useless gadfly like behaviour.

Sosueme , 9/8/11 4:24 PM

The USTA should arrange for all the players in the bottom half to have the use of a hyperbaric chamber and ban the top half from using one.

nadline , 9/8/11 4:36 PM

hahaha, nad , that's the good fact Rafa was asked about it on his USO blog where fans are posing questions and look what he has said about it:

1- Ana F. Sanz: Hola Rafa. I do not know if you have an opinion about it, but I'd love to know what you think about the machine that Djokovic uses to recover quickly after a game. I finds all these artificial things little scary ...

Rafa: Hola Ana. I do not know, I don't know about the machine and I do not know what it treats, sincerely.

natashao , 9/8/11 4:57 PM

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 9/8/11 5:14 PM

the USTA should also start fining players for taking too long between bounces.

Fleur , 9/8/11 5:22 PM


natashao , 9/8/11 5:34 PM

Where do they play now? Arthur Ashe? I just can't believe the spectators is almost the same as Doubles Game. Does the winning champion last year having less magnetic charisma to draw the spectators to come? Does anyone know why?

bryanindo , 9/8/11 5:43 PM

This surface is ridiculous.

samprallica , 9/8/11 6:06 PM

Well Rafa is playing on Arthur Ashe. He broke back to even it up at 4-all and it went to a tb. Rafa played some of the best tennis I have seen from him to win it easily. Nice to see!

From what I am hearing on espn2, Roddick and Ferrer can't play on Louis Armstrong stadium because there are cracks in the surface where water has made those areas moist and heavy. It would be too dangerous to play, so the last I heard they will have to wait for it to dry out or maybe wait until Rafa's match is over on Arthur Ashe. The nightmare continues.

Nativenewyorker , 9/8/11 6:15 PM

Wow. NNY, Thanks for this piece of news. You couldn't make it up. I hope Hollywood film writers are making notes, I feel a film coming.

nadline , 9/8/11 6:17 PM

@bryanindo , 9/8/11 5:43 PM

Don't forget that Rafa wasn't supposed to be playing today, the tickets were sold for the top half of the draw. Today should have been rest day for the bottom half.

nadline , 9/8/11 6:20 PM

NNY is correct. The court is not safe on Armstrong. It doesn't look like they have much of a plan to correct it either. Disaster for those 2.

Bryan - trust me when I say that there is no problem with Rafa's ability to draw a crowd. People are afraid because of the weather. New Yorkers hate to waste time -- they aren't going to make the trek to Queens only to have to leave again because of horrible weather.

cherylmurray , 9/8/11 6:25 PM

Vamoss. Rafa breaks in 2nd set. Can anobody tell me how Rafa is palying today. Unfortunately I am not able to watch this game.

jaynadal , 9/8/11 6:25 PM

Thanks NNY.. Rafa shows improvement but most of the point he caputalize from Mueller's unnecessary fault. Too many UE from Mueller.

bryanindo , 9/8/11 6:26 PM


natashao , 9/8/11 6:29 PM

jaynadal, Rafa is playing well. It's Muller who is having difficulty returning his serve.

I'm watching Rafa on the interactive on SKY because some British player is playing and they have to feature his match no matter what, so it's not easy to keep upt with what else is going on.

nadline , 9/8/11 6:31 PM

Rafa is now leading 2 sets to love - 7.6 (1) 6.1

nadline , 9/8/11 6:37 PM

Vamosssss. Those scores are very pleasing to my eyes. Hope Rafa crushes him in third too.

jaynadal , 9/8/11 6:40 PM

that 2nd set from rafa, i doubt any serve and volleyer would have survived that onslaught of vicious passing shots from rafa ! great stuff

vamosrafa , 9/8/11 6:40 PM

Rafa means business now. He wants off that court.

cherylmurray , 9/8/11 6:43 PM

Rafa breaks in 3rd. Vamosssssss

jaynadal , 9/8/11 7:02 PM

So far Im so impressed with Rafa! Is he playing that well or Muller is off his mark today?!!

Monalysa , 9/8/11 7:04 PM

Oh my gosh...................Rafa breaks again?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monalysa , 9/8/11 7:07 PM

Monalysa, Rafa is playing that well, believe me. Yesterday, Rafa was sulking that's why he was 0-3 down because he was so cross to be sent out to play in the rain and for not being given enough warning before they were asked to go on court.

nadline , 9/8/11 7:10 PM

Rafa puts Muller in his place - 76 (1) 6-1 6-2

nadline , 9/8/11 7:11 PM

Vamosssssssssssssssss. Rafa the King

jaynadal , 9/8/11 7:13 PM

First serve %: Rafa - 73%, Muller 54%.

nadline , 9/8/11 7:13 PM

Nice and easy... yesterday is forgotten , that wasn't Rafa...
Congrats to nadline, lucky & co....

zare , 9/8/11 7:13 PM

Well, thats no lie Nadline! He really did put Muller in his place..................what a convincing win!!!!

Hope Rafa maintains this form into his next match................which looks like to be with ARod!!


Monalysa , 9/8/11 7:14 PM

When Rafa's game is on there is NO one better to watch, NO ONE!

Vamos Rafa!

nadline , 9/8/11 7:19 PM

Yes, only Nole and Rafa did not drop a set up to the fourth round, well done!

luckystar , 9/8/11 7:21 PM

Congrats to all of you Rafa fans here, Lucky Monalysa Rafaisthebest etc
Oh and of course Nadlie!
Your boy did great!

Sosueme , 9/8/11 7:22 PM

So the crying over the scheduling will stop now hopefully. It was really pittyfull from the hardcore nadaninos. Please keep in mind that youre guys has played 4 players ranked outside top ATP60. Fed has had a far more difficult draw as to Nada.

Sienna , 9/8/11 7:29 PM

Congrats to Rafa and all his lovely fans. Mullet was no match for him, as we all knew :)

deuce , 9/8/11 7:30 PM

rafael will have to play roddick next by the looks of it...his first real test this tournament...roddick always gives him trouble.

vrael , 9/8/11 7:32 PM

As I said in my earlier post after Rafa won the tb, this is the best tennis I have seen from him so far. That first set was tough and Muller was serving very well, but Rafa got the break he needed to even it up and take it to a tb. It was no contest, as Rafa dominated right from the beginning with smart, aggressive play and excellent serving to take the tb easily. I think from that point on, the air seemed to go out of Muller. Rafa just blew him off the court in the second set. Yes, Rafa was really playing that well. Muller seemed to lose it, but Rafa was going for his shots. Then Rafa got the break in the third set and another one to make it an easy win.

Rafa showed his poise and champion's heart in coming back strong today after going down 0-3 yesterday. He got just what he needed, a relatively quick match and now off the court to rest. He seems happy and knows he is now playing so much better.

Roddick and Ferrer are playing on court 2. They wanted to get the match started, so the tournament officials found this outer court. Surprisingly, Roddick is up a set and a break. It appears that Ferrer hasn't been able to deal with the adversity of the delays and maybe it has affected his game. I haven't been able to see anything of the match, so it's hard to tell what is going on.

Louis Armstrong court is still not available for play. They have to wait for it to dry out completely, so it is safe for play. This will still present problems for the tournament, because they need that court for other matches.

I am just happy that Rafa won and has moved on and can now take it easy. Well done, Rafa!

Nativenewyorker , 9/8/11 7:37 PM

When Pam Shriver asked Rafa about being 0-3 down when the match was called off, he just smiled and said it's a best of 5 sets; at that point I stopped worrying about it. I bet Muller had a good sleep last night thinking he would polish the set off today, not so.

nadline , 9/8/11 7:44 PM

Gee......thanks Rafa! I went out to eat, couldn't bear to stay at home and watch................sorry for my wavering faith, Rafa but it's your fault!

Loooooove the score, looks like Champ brought the heat.............

What a feelin'.................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rafaisthebest , 9/8/11 8:08 PM

this was just great...Today Rafa put on one of his best performances this year...he was amazing...I just love to watch him play like this...he was confident, serving well, those trademark passing shots were magnificent...Rafa of 2010 just resurfaced and he is getting better every was a pleasure to watch the match...what a treat for Rafa's fans...BRAVO RAFA!!!


natashao , 9/8/11 9:54 PM

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