• Murray gets chance for U.S. Open revenge on Young

    9/6/11 4:13 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Murray gets chance for U.S. Open revenge on Young Andy Murray will be going up against Donald Young for the second time this season on Wednesday at the U.S. Open. A place in the quarterfinals is at stake.

    Andy Murray and Donald Young will be going head-to-head for the second time in their careers and second time this year when they clash in the fourth round of the U.S. Open on Wednesday.

    Young won their only previous encounter this spring at the Indian Wells Masters, stunning Murray 7-6(4), 6-3. Of course, that was when Murray was in his post-Australian funk--a dismal stretch that also included a loss to Alex Bogomolov in Miami.

    Murray is a completely different player now. The fourth-ranked Scot is coming off a Masters title in Cincinnati and he has improved his record for an up-and-down 2011 campaign to 37-10. Murray has battled through one difficult test in New York--coming back from two sets down to beat Robin Haase--but he destroyed Feliciano Lopez on Sunday.

    At 22 years old, Young is in the midst of a breakout year on the ATP Tour. The once highly-touted American is 14-12 for the season and he has sustained the momentum from a semifinal finish in Washington. Young took out Lukas Lacko in round one, upset Stanislas Wawrinka in a fifth-set tiebreaker, then dismissed Juan Ignacio Chela in straight sets to reach round four of a Grand Slam for the first time in his career.

    Young is talented and should be able to make this entertaining if nothing else, but Murray is looking too strong right now. With revenge on his mind, count on the No. 4 seed advancing in straight sets.

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Tennis cancelled until tomorrow due to rain. Yet another year and I continue to despair at the USO. Once more rafa and muzz hugely disadvantaged by a schedule that refuses to make allowances for rain in what has clearly become their rainy season. Fed and nole safely thru to QFs 2 days ahead of muzz and rafa who, if they reach the final, will have to play 4 X best-of-5 matches in 5 days. Just like 2008, muzz/rafa could arrive in the final to meet a rested and refreshed fed/nole. And that's the best outcome, assuming no more rain breaks which, given the forecast, seems very unlikely. How the heck, in a 2-week tourny, can they justify playing muzz (a SF seed) until Wednesday of the 1st week. I despair. USO needs to draft in a decent scheduler ... or use some of their megabucks to buy a couple of roofs.

alex , 9/6/11 8:13 PM

As it happens, all the Americans left in the draw are in the bottom half, that will make them think.

nadline , 9/6/11 8:45 PM

I hait to be the one to bring it to you alex, but youre about to be treated on some more horror. I gues.
They propably would wanna make up for lost time as quickly as possible. So the would be scheduling some 4th round matches on other courts and therefor give leading way to the Q which would be played tomorrow. Tsonga-Fed will be big match to be put on centre court at prime time. But all top4 wiil get big stadia to play in.

Sienna , 9/6/11 8:50 PM

It's very unfair and very poorly laid out but the bonus is Muzzy gets little Donald Young served up for some cold revenge,
He's in for a shock, as well as at least one bagel or breadstick,
Maybe 2!
So he'll be in a good position physically for the rest of the tournament despite all of the nonsense hes had to put up with.

Sosueme , 9/6/11 9:21 PM

Oh, poor Alex whining again just to overcome possible loss of his favorites...

vjakov , 9/6/11 9:59 PM

order of play is out. I hate to say I toldyou so, but...
You must not take offence it is just common sense.

Sienna , 9/6/11 11:21 PM

The rain is going to cause huge problems for the bottom half of the draw. Can life be more unfair? Lucky Nole gets additional days rest but does not need it coz he's got the egg pod to energize him. Can life get any better ?

scoretracker , 9/7/11 2:39 AM

Oh, poor Alex whining again just to overcome possible loss of his favorites...
vjakov , 9/6/11 9:59 PM

Vja-cough, that is a fact, nobody is whining. You're gloating because your favourite can only win with the luck and help of the weather and scheduling as always so cut the crap. Any fool can see it's unfait to the bottom half but you're obviously beyond foolish!

jean , 9/7/11 6:21 AM

Murrays Wednesday start sealed this deal. I don't understand why the USO can't run a tournament normally and just play the semis on Friday as well without all this Super Saturday nonsense. They should be aiming for the best possible final that they can get.

samprallica , 9/7/11 8:19 AM

samprallica - exactly. Having played 3 matches in 9 days, the finalist from the bottom half will have to play 5 matches against much tougher opponents in 4 days. To fix this nonsense would not be rocket science (as the other slams demonstrate), but would just take common sense and a will to have a fair contest. but again, it's too much to ask of FM.

alex , 9/7/11 1:44 PM

Sienna - I've just seen the schedule and see what you mean. We now have the crazy scenario where there is every likelihood that nole will have qualified for the SFs before Isner/Simon have finished their R16 match (it could be a loooong one).

alex , 9/7/11 3:19 PM

Andy's just got to get this done and dusted in 3 quick sets...but knowing our Andy it'll probably be a 5 set, 5 hour jobee, with thousands of rain delays....groan...

deuce , 9/7/11 3:21 PM

" Once more rafa and muzz hugely disadvantaged by a schedule "
100% correct... yes I am Nole's fan but what is true it' true...
What was wrong with scheduling 2 ( of the first 4 ) on Monday and 2 next day...
But no... they have to give all day just to Mr Arrogant... that is ridiculous ...
Not the champ... not the No1... it's Fed who is first.
OFC it is advantage... in his presser after poor Monaco he said ten times he was frighten by rain prognoses . Nobody want to wait in locker room.
Muzza especially ... and usually he has the hardiest draw, last few years...
Nole also will have one more day to rest... but at least he wasn't on Monday
schedulle. But OK...I think it will be more rainy days ...we wwill see

zare , 9/7/11 3:30 PM

zare - thanks for your honesty.
I have no gripes against nole, what he has won has been well earned. and given the number of tournaments he's had to play to completion this year, if anyone deserves a rest it's nole.
my gripe is with the USO organisers who verge between, on one hand, putting money ahead of tennis and, on the other, shambolic planning.
fed starting on monday, as you say, was ridiculous and unjustifiable. the bottom line is that the people who pay the bucks want fed in the final and that's all the organisers care about.

alex , 9/7/11 5:08 PM

Mark Petchy had a great interview with Andy, Fleming and Hutchins yesterday and the three of them took the micky out of each other. Apparently, they rib Murray a lot about losing his hair early.

nadline , 9/7/11 5:13 PM

nadline - ha, ha. yep, I've neen noticing too - here's hoping he wins a slam before he goes bald. lol.
oops, my laughs stop there ... another rain delay:(
tum-te-tum ... twiddle thumbs ... yawn ...
Anyone know what they'd do if it rained non-stop for, say, 7 days? Just musing ...

alex , 9/7/11 5:22 PM

Brian Earley says there is no rain in the radar so they are hopeful they'll have play today. Would that be the same radar that told them they'd have paly yesterday? Just seen Rafa talking to Brian Early demanding some definite answers as to whether they'll have play today or not.

I know they can't help the weather, but the schedule was a joke to start with and for Roger to be the only one to play his tournament over 14 days whilst the others might have to cram theirs into 9 days, probably, is disgusting.

nadline , 9/7/11 5:26 PM

Yeh, like yesterday's forecast ... "rain for the next few hours followed by a dry period." Incredibly vague and STILL wrong!
Yep, I definitely agree that after it stops raining it probably will be ... dry ... but only until it rains again of course. lol.

alex , 9/7/11 5:36 PM

alex, Andy's been bumped off his original court too :(

deuce , 9/7/11 5:37 PM

yeh i noticed, down to the grandstand; i.e. #3 court.

alex , 9/7/11 5:39 PM

but it's fed, a-rod etc that put bums on seats and bucks in pockets, so that's the way it's gotta be.

alex , 9/7/11 5:42 PM

alex, let no-one complain about Wimbledon scheduling next year!

deuce , 9/7/11 5:51 PM

wimbie should be congratulated for taking the weather into account and roofing centre court. i hadn't realised it but the beeb are pointing out that this could be the fourth consecutive year that the uso final takes place on 3rd monday ... and still they don't plan for it. monday might actually be optimistic this year :(

alex , 9/7/11 5:58 PM

DY made Andy wait for nearly ten minutes on court,
Very poor behaviour at the best of times,
Never mind Today!

Sosueme , 9/7/11 6:55 PM

Weather is out of control of organizers hand

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:43 PM

Murray always makes viewing painful for his fans hopefully he wont do it in this match and win some what convincingly for a change

tennis2011 , 9/7/11 10:56 PM

That's it off for another day, and the forecast (not that we can trust it) says NY will be even worse tomorrow ... "thunder storms". If Thursday's rained off then it's 4 rounds in 4 days just to finish on Monday.
Turning out even more farcical than 2008.
Bodo suggested solution is to roof Grandstand and Court 17 (as Ashe would be too big and expensive). That's a financial solution and it sounds good.
But how about some common sense in the meantime? Like making sure the top seeds always play on the first day of each new round and making middle Sunday a deadline for all R16 matches to be completed by. If the latter can be managed in a London June, it should be just as easy to achive in a NY September ... but it will never happen when you have the idiocy of having top seeds twiddling their thumbs for half of the first week.

alex , 9/7/11 11:58 PM

I'm an advocate for the lower-ranked players, whom I feel are treated as excess baggage and sub-humans. Hence, I have to ask, why should the top seeds be given more privileges than the lower ranked players, and made to play first on the the first day of each round? In any case that's not possible, coz, matches do spill over from each round. I think the favoritism shown the top players is unfair. They get the easier draws than the guys who are ranked 5 to 100, so they don't need anymore help.Tennis rankings should be about hard work not cushy draws.

scoretracker , 9/8/11 7:06 AM

Well, miracles are possible!
I agree 100% with scoretracker! There is nothing but the true!
But... if you try to mention that last few years... you was automatically Fed hater!
There can be a lot of stories... ugly and unfair... but nobody wanted to notice it.
I will say same if they start to pamper Novak in same way.
Like I said .... ones the door is open... there will be lot of scandals in tennis!
This year USO... I was nervous in beginning, pissed of later, and now I am happy... I would like storms and thunders over NY next 5 days. Just to see what USTA and ATP will do!

zare , 9/8/11 10:12 AM

scoretracker, firt of all, not all the top players get preferentiala scheduling. In the past Rafa used to do all his matches at night, I remember looking at the scoreboard with just his match on and I should know because of the number of sleepless nights I had day after day.

As for the draw, they've earned it. The draw should be a gradient because only a fool would want the top players to knock each other out in the early rounds.

It's not raining in NY at the moment, ITV have just done a report live from there, but we are 5 hours ahead.

nadline , 9/8/11 10:38 AM

scoretracker -
I have some sympathy with what you say, but the logical follow-on from what you say is just to scrap seedings altogether then, since it means lower ranked opponents get tougher matches! But the point in improving as a player is to gradually rise up the rankings, so when you eventually get better draws it's for two good reasons: 1) you've earned it, and 2) to prevent having lop-sided draws and keep the best players apart for as long as possible.
The reason I suggested what I did was to prevent situations where box-office-money-spinning-beautiful-people (you know who I'm talking about) get a 2-day start on, shall we say, those with less star-like qualities who don't sell so many tickets or generate the same TV revenue.
I can't think of any fairer solution that would make it impossible to deliver pre-eminence on a plate to a world #3 (and slipping) who hasn't won the tournament concerned for 3 years ... just because he's Roger Federer.
Unlike some, I actually admire Roger Federer, but just think he should have to earn his bacon like everyone else.

alex , 9/8/11 10:52 AM

nadline - just read your comment. Hear, hear.

alex , 9/8/11 10:55 AM

The top players have got there through hard graft and trekking through Challenger matches in God forsaken parts of the world. Endlessly playing in grotty conditions, with no support, hardly any spectators, far from home. Let the rest earn their privileges too.

deuce , 9/8/11 12:23 PM

@alex, Becker has stated that the manner in which the draws are set uop, makes it impossible for the lower ranked players to break throough and win a GS. If you were to look at it objectively, you'd see how impossible it ireally is. for instance, a top 20/30/40/50 player, has got to play players oin their categories, then by R16, they're playing a top 4 player. don't you think tat's tough to have to battle through such a lot of talent? Then say, they win an R16 match, they meet with a top 4 in the QFs. If they win that, another top 4 in the SF, then in the final another top 4. In essence, from R16 onwards, it's all top 4 players a lower-ranked player has to beat, 4 in all. That coupled with the 3 other tough matches prior to R16, makes for an impossible task, unless they can get a retirement or a W/o. I personally think it's a humoungous task. Those ho've done it, had a lot of luck on their side. DelPotro's draw as very favorable, then he got Rafa who was in jured, and a Fed who was not playing his best. But that is not usually the norm nowadays.

I think all the Gs manipulate the the draws by placing qualis and other players that are not drawn into sections of those they favor. Last year, Nole's draw at the USO was easy as most of the tough players were taken out by the players in the top 5 group. Those guys had to do the hard work for Nole. This is exactly what Becker was talking about, and until the draw format is changed, it will always be the top 4 at the SFs and the finals. I don't think it's fair and to be truthful, it makes me lose interest in tennis.

I know people talk about the draws especially on Fed's side, and albeit I'm a Fed fan, I'm also an American. I never did understand how it is that roddick, the only american that's been in the top 10 all of these years, had the misfortune to land on Fed's side of the draw, be it, GS, MS, 500, or 250 tournment. It's something like 35 to 40 times, regaardless of where he was ranked. How could that possibly happen? The only conclusion some have come up with, is that the tennis fans wanted to see other countries win, and stop the US domination, hence, the tournaments placed the american in Fed's side, because they saw that he was a bad match-up for roddick. had it not been for Federer, roddick would have gotten at least 6 more slams. He was stopped at the finals, SFs, QFs. I dunno, but something was not right there. This is coming from a Fed fan, but I'm not blind. That saidm, I don't think Nole fans should be upset that Fed's in his side of the draw 10 times already, coz he's got a long way to go to catch up with Roddick.

@Nadline, yes they've earned it, but I think this carry-over of points is what assists them in remaining at their ranking. I think the ranking points should be removed at the beginning of the year, and then we'd see how long the top guys will remain in the top 4 without the cushion of points carried over from previous years.

I'm not a fool, about the draws, and it's a matter of opinion. so what if they know each other out early, then there will be new plaers who would be in the top 4, is that so bad/ All of these guys work so hard, why shouldn't they have a glory moment? That's just my opinion. I'd like to see it done for a few times, and some of us would probably change our minds as to how imperious they are. It's easy to look imperious when you're beating up on a low-ranked player, especialy a HC specialist vs. a clay court specialist. Let them play tougher opponents from round one, and I'm sure by the QFs they'd be dog tired..

scoretracker , 9/8/11 12:47 PM

scoretracker -
you shoot yourself in the foot with your opening word: "Becker":)
EVERYONE - not just lower ranked players - has to beat top players to win a slam. And the only way we have to ensure this fairness is ... the seeding system!
Nole wasn't parachuted in from heaven, he started from ground zero and worked his way up to the top by consistently beating very good players and eventually burst through to #1 while two of the best players of all time were still winning slams.
Becker ought to know better, having used tennis skills to beat top ranked players when he won the greatest slam on earth as an UNSEEDED 17 year-old.

alex , 9/8/11 3:02 PM

Ha score.... you got me... Once, just once your post seemed reasonably... and 10 min later... it is just a trampoline for new attack on Novak???
When Fed fan speaking about Nole's, Rafa's and Andy's easy draw... that is absurd!!!
Yes as you said...Rodick was always with Fed, but why? Not to destroy US tennis ( like Bin Laden was chairman of ATP)... no ... but to make Fed's draw easy. Rodick was powerless with Fed... only that Wimby finale in more than 10 matches!
USO.... Fed's draw was joke! Round 1... Britton 1350 ranking... in same time Nole against Troicky No40...
2006...R1 opponent was Yee Tsee Wang or something like this... on there is nothing about his ranking lool....
Lower rank player can win... not easy but possible .... remember Ivanisevic... wild cart and Wimby trophy.

zare , 9/8/11 3:42 PM

alex and zare, two excellent post making me laugh out loud :) alex u r wrong about Nole though, the way he's played these last 9 months, am sure heaven had something to do with it.
Just off to look up Yee Tee in player's list....;)

deuce , 9/8/11 4:09 PM

Wow, andy sure is annoyed. thats the first set!

mriiidula , 9/8/11 5:34 PM

M Bear doesn't appear to be in the mood for any more nonsense,
No siree!
He's gonna kill Donald Duck!

Sosueme , 9/8/11 5:36 PM

Now, don't go on one of your little walkabouts...

Sosueme , 9/8/11 5:43 PM

Grr Andy's serve would be so much better if they stopped that stupid "let" rule :(

deuce , 9/8/11 6:07 PM

And, Andy, no good breaking his serve if you can't hold yours. Come on!

deuce , 9/8/11 6:09 PM

Same old roller coaster,
When is he going to stop this?
Oh hes broken Donald D again,
38% shall cut it here probably but not going on,

Sosueme , 9/8/11 6:15 PM

Now that's better my little red devil. Don't you go hanging about out there. There's quarter final matches must be completed today so don't go being selfish.

deuce , 9/8/11 6:17 PM

And the Don breaks back and holds. Interesting.

cherylmurray , 9/8/11 6:45 PM

'interesting' wouldnt be my own word choice Cheryl......

Sosueme , 9/8/11 6:52 PM

Murray will win the match in the end, o doubt about that.

nadline , 9/8/11 6:53 PM

Another break to M Bear,
Well, it's been nice knowing Ya Don!

Sosueme , 9/8/11 6:54 PM

Revenge is sweet! Easy! Easy! Easy!

deuce , 9/8/11 7:00 PM

Congrats to Murray and all his legion of fans.......!!!!

He looks ready for Isner/Simon!!

Monalysa , 9/8/11 7:03 PM

You mean all of his 3 fans here Monalysa!
Thank you!

Sosueme , 9/8/11 7:08 PM

OK...fairy tale for Donald from poll is over.... nice run... lot of points...
---but Andy was too much... nice and easy... congratz to Muzza's fans...
Beer for everyone.... deuce and alex are paying :)

zare , 9/8/11 7:08 PM

Monalysa, thanx :) Well there's at least a "legion" of three on here..;)

deuce , 9/8/11 7:08 PM

Gr8 minds all post together at 7.08
Of course zare, hurry on down!

deuce , 9/8/11 7:10 PM

Not me Deuce dear,
I'm posting from the Priory as we speak!

Sosueme , 9/8/11 7:13 PM

Congrats to Muzza fans. I just had a feeling he would win this time round. Young is not yet in his class, yes he snatched a win once but that didn't mean he could do it again.

nadline , 9/8/11 7:16 PM

zare and monalysa -
many thanks from the third muzzateer!
5s to deuce and sosueme :)
... and poor isner-simon, as predicted, shaping up for a 5-setter ... muzz won't cry about that

alex , 9/8/11 7:19 PM

Deuce, not to worry, I think Muzz is beginning to grow on some of!!!

Monalysa , 9/8/11 7:19 PM

Nadline Honey,
Donald shall NEVER be in Andys class..
Thanks anyway..

Sosueme , 9/8/11 7:19 PM

nadline - thanx

alex , 9/8/11 7:21 PM

Monalysa, alex and I used to drive a little red racer round the slams with ed and dear fan4t hanging on the back. We've long been threatening to get a bigger vehicle, perhaps now's the moment :)
Sosueme so sad.....a tincy wincy drop of herbal tea for you then, I know they'll make sure it's not too nice..

deuce , 9/8/11 7:25 PM

No Deuce my sweet, not even that.
I have a 'happy' jacket on!
And everythings so intravenous here!
I'm posting using my nose right now... I hope you appreciate my efforts!
Geez That Nurse Coldwater is SUCH a beyotch!

Sosueme , 9/8/11 7:35 PM

Wow! sososueme so impressed. Bet u love it really, especially Nursey Ratchet....

deuce , 9/8/11 7:47 PM

I expected Murray to take care of Young in fairly routine fashion, even with all of the horrendous rain delays and starting and stopping matches yesterday. That loss to Young was an aberration, when Murray was in one of his funks and struggling. He won't let that happen again. Young is not in Murray's class.

Rafa and Murray are through early and can relax and take it easy!

Congratuations to Murray fans. This one was never in doubt.

Nativenewyorker , 9/8/11 7:49 PM

Sosueme , 9/8/11 7:57 PM

why is everybody being so nice to everyone? am i on TT? :-)

congrats to andy's legion of 3 - deuce, alex, and sosueme.

phoenix , 9/8/11 9:25 PM

Hi guys. Just to let you know I'm following matches as best as possible but having lugged my laptop all the way to Barcelona cant get a connexion in my hotel so cant chat here. Regards and fingers crossed

ed251137 , 9/8/11 9:39 PM

Congrats to Murray and his fans, deuce, sosueme and alex. Didn't get to see the full match but some, never in doubt that Murray would win this one, and comfortably too. Next opponent : Isner, Murray should be able to handle Isner's big serves.

luckystar , 9/8/11 9:44 PM

But ed honey, why are you there? Rafa is not there, he is in New York, didn't you know? You've made a terrible error...;)
phoenix, um no....just this tiny oasis of good humour and good feeling towards fellow fans. Elsewhere, it's WW3.

deuce , 9/8/11 9:45 PM


As deuce said, this is one peaceful place, but check out some of the other discussions and you will see that nothing has changed regarding the usual suspects and their hatefest.

Nativenewyorker , 9/8/11 10:46 PM

Yep, TT da place to be.

alex , 9/8/11 11:02 PM

alex and zare, two excellent post making me laugh out loud :) alex u r wrong about Nole though, the way he's played these last 9 months, am sure heaven had something to do with it.
Just off to look up Yee Tee in player's list....;)

deuce, 9/8/11 4:09 PM

-deuce, are those references made towards me? if so, why don't you address me, instead of hinting? I don't care whether you agree with me on the ranking or not, your fave's a top 4 player isn't he, and he gets some very cushy draws, so I don't expect you to understand what I'm saying. FYI, all of the lower-ranked players have had to play challengers and do so much more than some of the top 4 have had to do. On the the other stuff you mentioned, the lolwer-ranked work a lot harder than some of the top 4, and they do deserve a chance to break through, but unfortunately not many are afforded wild-cards to help them build up their rankings. I suppose you'd say Donald Young is an extremely tough QF opponent for a player ranked No. 4.

As for the hatefest comment, the innuendoes and aspersions continue, which is gutless, if the writer cannot address the poster by name. complaints abound, 'what did I do syndrome' and the casting of the usual aspersions. I suppose jellyfish is in season.

I don't see why posters who aren't part of the oh so classy flock here should be called 'jungle woman, and 'stinky', but , but not one of you think that it's vile to call others those names? It's just like BS is a filthy word, when I used it, but nt when part of the dream team does. Absolutely hilarious.

As usual the one who's the most bitter talks about a hatefest. You guys make me laugh on the back scratching that's taking place and is it any wonder why you can't stand it that some don't indulge in the *dear friend* hypocrisy?

@zare, I think you are becoming extremely paranoid, where did I attack Nole in my post about the ranking and carry-over of points from year to year.? Anyway, have fun y'all, as it's obvious your tight little group can't handle diverse opinions, which are termed as 'hatefest'. Hatefest is very rampant else where thankfully there's anonymity.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 3:04 AM

Sosueme , 9/9/11 3:58 AM

Here we go again with the inciting and inflaming. It's amazing to me that one person could possibly think that my "hatefest" comment somehow is meant for this particular person. I guess ego and narcissism is the order of the day. Oh but then, I am gutless for not addressing it to this person, who has decided that it was definitely, purposefully meant for the one and only.

There are other people posting on this site. Hello? If I choose not to name one person, it just might mean that my comment was directed at several people. But then that would not fit this individual's persecution complex.

Ooh, we are a tight little group and that's not okay, now is it? Yes, some of us have actually grown to like each other and enjoy the lively discussions. What a concept! However, it must be a conspiracy to cause some poor souls here to feel left out. Oh, the infairness of it all! The pain of it all!

Pardon me if I refuse to take this nonsense seriously anymore. It's gotten quite repetitive and beyond boring.

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 4:27 AM

Sorry, typo in my last post. I meant to say the UNfairness of it all! Have to be grammatically correct here!


You make some reasonable arguments, however I fear it will fall on deaf ears! Oops, I just realized that I must be guilty of "backscratching"! Yikes! A capital offense if ever there was one! :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 4:34 AM

Sosueme , 9/9/11 4:50 AM

Sosueme, I stand corrected. It was R16, but still a very easy opponent.

FYI, Federer is not my idol. If he were, I'd behave as some do here, calling others names and going to extremes, fighting for his rights, etc, and living vicariously through him. thankfully, I'm a gujy, so I don't have to swoon over Roger's appearance. Soem go to the extreme of discussing how wonderful their fave guy looks in his clothes. I couldn't care less about their attire. Also everything that's termed offensive by some toward their fave is taken personally. I will only defend Roger if I see something that's untrue, other than that, I'll say nothing, and don't need to call people names coz they have an opinion different from mine. Sorry to disappoint you, Tennis is just a sport to me, and Federer is just a player whom I happen to like to watch when he's playing. His smooth strokes and ease of movement are beautiful to watch. I personally would like to see someone new win this USO title, bt again, the draws come into focus, as to why no one else will win it. Fed's got 16 GS titles, nadal 10, Djokovic 3, so how about someone else lifting the trophy come Monday next week.

"But I suppose you think the underlying narrative is that Federer gets it harder that the others."

You're wrong. because I don't idolize Federer , I don't get into long arguments as to whose draw is easier than his, only when it's staring me in the face. i feel that tsonga is a tougher QF opponent than Tipsy. QF opponents, Mueller is tougher than Young, and Ferrer is tougher than Monaco, which was Federer's R 16 opponent.

If you noticed, you'll see that I'm one who thinks about the lower-ranked players and feel that they are entitled to receivet some appreciation for their hard work, and not be the slaves who have to do the hard work of taking out the tougher opponents so that the top 4 can reap the benefits of their hard work. It's the reason I feel the draws are very unfair and too much manipultion is involved. The lower-ranked players are used just to make up numbers, which is despicable and their opinions don't count for squat.

thanks for your time. You're always cicil and polite unlike some who feel that everything said is a hatefest, coz I and the other Fed fans are are not part of the elite group, thuis, if we get picked on enough, we'll leave. It's a phi beta kappa within a sorority. lol.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 4:59 AM

Sosueme, I didn't see your 4:50 am post, before I wrote mine. All comments were here before I wrote mine, and I'm not that dense to not understand that that remark was made toward me. Isn't it coincidental that every time I write anything, then the one who likes to write in the third person throws a hissy fit? After the cleansing has occurred then the usual stupidity is written as to how nonsensical and boring everything is, yet the same person will continue until dwan rehashing the same garbage? I've yet to see anyone else write with such angst. Oh man, this is pitiful.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 5:07 AM

"Oh, the infairness of it all! The pain of it all!" I think the shakespearean actors should be able to find a part for such a dramatist.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 5:10 AM

Sosueme , 9/9/11 5:18 AM


Oh, I didn't start this party! My "hatefest" comment had nothing whatsoever to do with our resident paranoid instigator. In fact, if I recall correctly, I was specifically told to never under any circumstance interfere with this person's discussions at any time. Someone seems to think they have been elevated to the position of moderator, but in the end it's just a pathetic attempt to control and dictate and insert oneself into the discussion. It's lonely being this person. I can understand.

I have been happily engaged in talking tennis, yet one comment from me and all of a sudden it has started all over again. It's not a coincidence or an accident. I am tired of being told who I am, what I think, to whom I am referencing my comments, and where and when I am allowed to post on this site. As long as Cheryl and Ricky are in charge, I will post where I like and say what I want. I am not responsible for someone deliberately deciding to infer that anything I said was directed at them. That is their problem.

I try to avoid this problem person at all costs, but as you can see sometimes it is to no avail. So maybe if this person would shut their big mouth and get off my back and stay out of my discussions, then I could continue to enjoy this site and get back to all things tennis.

Have a good night and sleep well! Tomorrow our respective guys will go at it for a chance to meet once again in the semis!

Here's to great matches and more wonderful tennis discussions! I am not going to be dragged down into the muck and mire, despite how hard this troublemaker tries. Try, try again!

Cheers! :)

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 5:32 AM

Sosueme, thanks for the explanation. If you want to be fair, you'd notice I don't come here often, but every time I do come here and write something, I seem to rub this person in the wrong way, albeit I don't have anything to say to her. Why are the aspersions cast only after I comment? It's very strange to me, and I can't help but think that I'm being targeted. I'm sure you'd feel the same, if someone else did that to you. The last time this happenend, I stated I had nolthing more to say, and I kept away for about a week. I wrote a few comments a couple of days ago, and then this evening, and it's begun again. So what would you have me think? Or maybe, I'm just being paranoid that thiks is not happening and it's all a bad dream? OK time to move one again. an d leave the occupants of TT to enjoy their peace.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 5:36 AM

NNY, I'm not going to get down to your level, you thrive on this stuff. FYI, the biggest mouth and troublemaker on this site is yours. Have a great night doing what you do best, tear down others to make yourself look good. . Hope you find a few more to complain to about this terrible and paranoid person. BTW, how can you be dragged into the muck and mire when it's where you reside Your problem is any Fed fan you see blogging here. Have a wonderful night.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 5:43 AM

All right, here we go setting the record straight once and for all. Although I see that the same person who is desperately complaining about me, has once again inserted themselves into a discussion on another topic thread where I spoke out about Sienna's insistence on bringing up the doping issue in her comments about Rafa and Nole.

Someone is being quite the hypocrite here. So my comment can be contradicted, but I must never, ever even hint at anything contradicting this person? I don't think I like those rules at all.

Now for the sake of clarification, and to make sure that everyone knows who is responsible for this latest brouhaha, I will reveal to whom I was referring when I made the "hatefest" comment. It was directed at both Sienna and Fleur, two people who have come here not to participate in an honest way as Fed fans, but to merely post verbally abusive comments about Rafa and Nole and their fans. They are not here to discuss the tennis, but to personally attack those who they have chosen as targets.

This is quite the nuisance, but what can one do when someone has this bizarre paranoia and thinks that what I say must necessarily be about them. Instead of making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, it might make more sense to ask someone in a reasonable and polite way, if their comment was directed at a specific person. Then all this could be avoided. Of course, that would mean being respectful and not wanting to have just another excuse to start another argument. No, much better to attack first.

I deserve an apology from this person, who wrongly attacked me for my "hatefest" comment. Better yet, pause, take a deep breath and then ask before going off on a rant.

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 7:58 AM

NNY, I won't get into any of the whys and wherefores. You said your comments were not directed at me, and I wrongfully accused you. Now you feel that I should apologize to you for my accusations. OK, here goes: NNY, I stand corrected, it was wrong of me to judge you without knowing the facts. Please accept my sincere apologies, and I will do my utmost to refrain from jumping to conclusions in the future. Thank you.

scoretracker , 9/9/11 8:11 AM


Thank you. Apology accepted. Hopefully, we can now move on and just enjoy the tennis and the discussion.

For the record, I have no agenda to get rid of any Fed fan, nor do I have the power to do so. Only Cheryl and Ricky have the right to do that.

I hope that you can accept this sentiment and believe that it is sincere.

Nativenewyorker , 9/9/11 8:18 AM

scoretracker, What? What? How can you possibly think that my response to alex and zare was in some way an indirect dig at you? That's extraordinary. I found their remarks funny, I responded. Now I remember, elsewhere, you said I was "angry and upset" when again I was having a laugh with sosueme. It must be humour you don't get. You need to lighten up. You're coming across to me as incredibly confrontational.
BTW I've blogged here years. Rafa is not my favourite player and yet I like it here very much. I find the majority of Rafa fans funny and generous. I am sure that if Fed fans came on here and didn't hurtle insults right left and centre, they too would find it a very congenial place to be.

deuce , 9/9/11 9:53 AM

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