• Soderling meets De Bakker, Ferrero faces Melzer

    9/4/10 12:38 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Soderling meets De Bakker, Ferrero faces Melzer Robin Soderling and and Thiemo De Bakker will be in action at the U.S. Open on Saturday. Juan Carlos Ferrero and Jurgen Melzer are also looking for spots in the fourth round.

    (5) Robin Soderling vs. Thiemo De Bakker

    Soderling and De Bakker will be going head-to-head for the second time in their careers and second time this season when they do battle in the U.S. Open third round on Saturday afternoon. Their only previous encounter came on the clay courts of Barcelona, where Soderling dominated 6-1, 6-4. De Bakker should have a better chance on hards, as he does his best work on faster surfaces while Soderling is a two-time French Open runner-up. Coming off a semifinal performance in New Haven, the 21-year-old Dutchman has ousted Marc Gicquel and Ivan Dodig so far this week.

    While De Bakker eased into round three, Soderling's U.S. Open campaign almost failed to get off the ground. The fifth-ranked Swede survived Andreas Haider-Maurer 7-5, 6-3, 6-7(2), 5-7, 6-4 before picking up the pace and blasting Taylor Dent in straight sets on Thursday. Soderling is now a stellar 38-14 for the season. De Bakker is talented enough to scare Soderling, but the underdog is not yet an established Grand Slam force whereas Soderling has been awesome at the majors over the past two years. Look for the No. 5 seed to advance in four sets.

    (13) Jurgen Melzer vs. (22) Juan Carlos Ferrero

    It will be the seventh career meeting between Melzer and Ferrero when the two veterans square off in second-round action on Saturday. Ferrero leads the head-to-head series 4-2, but the two competitors have split a pair of hard-court meetings. They last faced each other in 2008, with Melzer winning in Vienna; however, Ferrero prevailed earlier that year in Auckland. So far at the U.S. Open, Ferrero has rolled over Martin Klizan and Ricardo Mello while Melzer has battled through five-setters against Dmitry Tursunov and Ricardas Berankis.

    Melzer has never been past the third round at the U.S. Open, but he had never been past that stage at any slam prior to this year's French Open and he has now eclipsed the mark in two straight majors (semifinals of the French Open, fourth round at Wimbledon). Ferrero reached the 2003 U.S. Open final before losing to Andy Roddick, yet his 2009 slam success is not on par with that of Melzer. This could go either way, but with Ferrero looking far more convincing through two rounds, the Spaniard should pull out a win in four tight sets.

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croc , 9/4/10 1:25 PM

2flow , 9/4/10 2:06 PM

I like De Bakker and I think he'll be a good player in future but at this moment, I don't think he can threaten Sod.

Ferrero vs Melzer, hard to call that one, though I hope Ferrero can come through as he has fourth round points to defend. Also, of the two, I think Ferrero is more willing to challenge Fed and will at least make it more competitive should he meet Fed in the fourth round.

luckystar , 9/4/10 3:53 PM

De Bakker seems to be heating up with the break back and moving Robin around the court well now..., but Sod is solid and punishing any poor execution from the Dutch. 2/2 in the second set, this should be interesting...

Sanela , 9/4/10 5:52 PM

or not... :}

Sanela , 9/4/10 6:32 PM

Not. 2, 3 and 3. Easy for Robin. But I think Thiemo could do damage in the future. Definitely a name to circle.

gorafago , 9/4/10 7:13 PM

With that scoreline, the Fedfans are uneasy trembling with fear. Solderling is a HORRIBLE GHOST that causes nightmares to everyone of them. hahaha

Come on Soderlding, show to these fedfarts that RG was not a fluke !!!

Raindrops , 9/5/10 5:54 AM

Not at all, Raindrops, not at all...
Soderling is an impressive ball-striker, extremely powerful with a fantastic forehand and in a superb form I might add!!! If he is to beat Federer in the quarters (that is IF they both get there since there are obviously matches to play beforehand), this Fedfan will congratulate el Sod for being a better player on the day. But I will wholeheartedly cheer for Roger to win, though I admire Robin's play and 'killer-stance'.

Try and find the link to the youtube video of Roger and Rafa giggling like two little schoolchildren before using the offensive and immature nicks such as 'Fedfarts'. Tennis, albeit a beautiful game, is only a game. And nobody is guaranteed a final yet. There have been some people here saying that Roger's fans went silent on TT after Wimbeldon or during it or RG or dunno what, because of Fed's poor play and (quote) "embarrassment". Imo, some of Mr.Federer's fans just do not opt to post their opinions here, because as soon as you comment on a match, any match on this public forum, you get a reply like yours. Shame, and no wonder that consequently, the majority of fans posting on TT, who jointly support a great player like Rafa, end up discussing only amongst each other, bullying everyone else out. (This is not meant for all Rafa's fans, I've learnt to differenciate.)

Why can't we all get along? LOL, I am feeling utopian...

Sanela , 9/5/10 2:20 PM

To be fair Sanela, there are some so called Fed fans being offensive towards the Rafa fans, calling Rafa fans Rafatards. I was a lurker on this site more than a year ago. I had read many abusive posts about Rafa too. I remained a lurker until I couldn't stand it any more and started posting here and refute some of those insulting nonsenses directed towards Rafa and his fans. What you see now is one side of the story. There are also fightings between Fed fans and Nole fans too. It seems that Nole's and Rafa's fans can get along better here.

There are also those who post negative things here just to irritate people here, claiming that they are none fans of any players, so their intention is clearly to irritate people, real saddist.

luckystar , 9/5/10 3:08 PM


That fedfarts are aimed to those lunatic fedfans, that due to their desperation, they even went to criticize the way Rafa's play. Do you hear any Rafan criticizes Roger's or any other players style of play? NO ONE ONLY THE STUPID FEDFANS.

Tell me Sanela, why your fellow fedfans have to criticize style of play, RAFA IN PARTICULAR?

And you can read everywhere at the net the horrible fadfans calling Rafa the Moonpie, the Gardener, user of Steriod among others personal attacked by the stupid fedfans to Rafa.

I admit, I criticize Roger of being so arrogant and big mouth which is true, just like his fans.

Tell me Sanela, why your fellow fedfans have to criticize style of play?

Raindrops , 9/5/10 3:23 PM

Brave try Sanela but I fear it is a vain hope to expect the sniping to stop. It's a secondary sport involving trading insults, played by many of the people who frequent TT.

ed251137 , 9/5/10 3:29 PM

For sure, Luckystar, I agree about the equal negativity coming from some of Fed fans as well, or some fans of other players for that matter, and even those who just want to stir up a reaction for the sake of some sort of weird negativity, provocation or indigent fun...

And nicks like "Fedfart, ugly mug or Rafatard..." won't make me or you or somebody else here on this site hole up in an attempt to try and find an equally or more insulting absurdity to call any fans of other players. Nonetheless, yes, sometimes one just can't help oneself but to post a reply to it like I did in my post above...

Sanela , 9/5/10 3:35 PM

Sanela: for the record I'm not a supporter of Raf/Rog but I've never felt bullied on this site, irritated yes, many times. But a) I try never to post anything that I wouldn't say to someone's face and b) if the fan of a particular player insults my fave I won't then insult their fave, who is the blameless one anyway, so that would be plain daft!

deuce , 9/5/10 3:41 PM

Nice post Sanela.

smr , 9/5/10 3:52 PM


I believe the answer to your question is a really simple one. Some Fed fans, NOT all, criticize Rafa's "style of play" or just anything they can think about him because they recognize Rafa as Roger's strong rival, who is a formidable force on all surfaces (not just clay). Rather then saying it out loud and admitting or acknowledging Rafa's qualities, they rather scoop to the level of name-calling, wishing for the reality to be different.

yes, I read your post on 2010 U.S. Open picks: Murray over Federer, I think you replied to nadline, and your post here, I like your approach to these things :}

Sanela , 9/5/10 3:52 PM

deuce: "But a) I try never to post anything that I wouldn't say to someone's face and b) if the fan of a particular player insults my fave I won't then insult their fave, who is the blameless one anyway, so that would be plain daft! "

I agree with you on a). anything I say on this or any other site, I can look someone straight in the eye and say it to their face. It's the reason i use the same screen name.

On b), well, I've tried turning the other cheek many times, but it seems that when you do that people think they can say whatever they like and you wouldn't retaliate. It's at those times I like to let them know that I'm not a lover of their ugly remarks and I give them a bit of their own medicine, just to let them see how it feels.

Von , 9/5/10 5:55 PM

Like Von, once or twice I have retaliated to particularly spiteful remarks but for the most part they float off this old duck's back. There is just one person who is particularly tempting to wind up - and I'm guilty of not being able to resist that temptation from time to time D:)

ed251137 , 9/5/10 6:14 PM

ed: If it's the same person I think you're talking about, I'm guilty of doing the same thing. For some reason it's similar to an exposed nerve where one has the urge to just yank it free or douse it with some arsenic.

Von , 9/5/10 6:19 PM

It's so satisfying cos she always rises to the bait. She once told me 'I cant help it if I am thick'. I laughed for days.

ed251137 , 9/5/10 8:18 PM

Von: I cannot believe sometimes the remarks that appear on some forums. Remarks about Fed's wife, Andy's mum, Andy's teeth, Roddick's wife, racist comments about the Williams' sisters etc etc. What on earth have they got to do with anything? That being said most fans, here and elsewhere, are decent, appreciative folk who are just inhabit forums to chat about the beautiful game.

deuce , 9/5/10 8:33 PM

deuce:I agree. I don't think I need to mention names but you've seen the nasty comments aimed at Roddick and myself from a few who hates him so much. In fact that person hates every player, except for Fed. She mentioned when Murray played Lopez, that "it's the beauty and the best". then she'll pick the guy with the "broken lungs to beat the balding guy". She meant the Joker to beat Roddick, who she tihinks is old, ugly, and bald. She mentioned Brooke has tons of wrinkles. The worst though, is today, I saw another poster telling her that her posts are the best and she should continue as he loves them. Talk about people with no class, that was one.

ed: She's on the other site blasting me and calling me all sorts of names. One of these days I'm going to let loose and she'll be sorry. She's pretending to the Joker fans that she cares about him, Oohhhlalaa, that blows me away. She no more cares about any player if they stand on their head or feet except for her guy. I can't stand the phoney nonsense. But, his fans lop it up though, as they think she's being truthful. What a joke.

Von , 9/6/10 5:58 AM

Von, Ed, Luckystar and the rest.

Good to know know that you were able to shrug your shoulder with those pester fedfans. For me it's totally different, I love to bang their heads on the wall. So if there are some sensible fedfans here that reacting on how I address them like Salena, then tell your fellow to be nice (but I am telling you, the fedfarts are hopeless, they will remain arrogant, rude and bashful).

And as I said, FEDFARTS is for lunatic fedfans.

Raindrops , 9/6/10 6:53 AM

Raindrops: there's only ONE lunatic Fed fan that I have a problem with, AND I THINK EVERYONE ON THIS SITE KNOWS who that person is. I think she's the one that gives the other Fed fans a bad name on this site. Most of the Fed fans are intelligent, reasonable posters, but this one, is just out to cause trouble, because she likes to argue and create dissension wherever she goes. She thrives on animosity. When she can't succeed here, she goes over to the other site and does the dirty deed. Now she's crusading as a Djokovic fan, and is jumping down anyone's throat if they only dare speak his name. Unfortunately, there are naive Joker fans who actually believe she's genuine in her defense, because she's cunning enough to compliment them and they suck it up like candy. LOOOL. According to her, I'm contemptible because I say Iwant to hear it from the Joker that he indeed has asthma. However, on the flip side, she has no qualms about labeling Roddick as a *Bronx street fighter* (if she only realized the significance of her words) and posting her boring links on everything she can find that's that's dirty pertaining to Roddick. This from a woman who preaches she never bad-mouths another player. sheesh.

All of her Joker defense will go into hibernation if he were to beat Fed, then his fans will see her for what she really is, as we all know how she responds to Fed's losses -- with deep and manic depressive lows. She is an amoeba that just sucks the last breath from its victim. OUC, where's that fly swatter.

I think she's running scared now because she sees Nadal's path to the finals is pretty much on course. Poor baby, she's about to choke.

Von , 9/6/10 7:52 AM

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