• Nadal continues Queen’s Club run on Thursday

    6/10/10 3:43 AM | Kelli DeMario
    Nadal continues Queen’s Club run on Thursday Rafael Nadal will continue his transition from clay to grass Thursday afternoon, as he takes to the court for his round of 16 match at the AEGON Championships. The world No. 1 faces Denis Istomin for a place in the quarterfinals.

    World No. 1 Rafael Nadal bids for his 40th victory of the season, set to face first-time opponent Denis Istomin on Thursday. The 24-year-old, who captured his fifth French Open title on Sunday, made a successful shift to grass after defeating Brazilian veteran Marcos Daniel in the opening round. Nadal passed through the 6-2, 6-2, 53-minute encounter without facing a break point.

    Wednesday’s success signaled the first grass-court win for Nadal since 2008, when he defeated Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final. With a victory on Thursday, Nadal would advance to his ninth consecutive quarterfinal berth of the season.

    World No. 73 Istomin is 11-10 heading into the round of 16, having dismissed both wildcard Jamie Baker and Dustin Brown in straight sets. The 23-year-old aims to secure his first quarterfinal since February, when he reached the final four in San Jose (lost to Verdasco).

    Prediction: Istomin plays well on quicker surfaces, but won’t have enough to really trouble Nadal. The Spaniard for the win in two.

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I envis'age this man's acid power of such ""good"" will contending / competence with the lastest gain; most well done to the dear brother.

Enjambments of life, let us try and do carry our heads..

TAFARIANA , 6/10/10 12:06 PM

6-3 6-3 nadal

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 12:15 PM

6-3 7-5 nadal


vrael , 6/10/10 12:50 PM

I'm a lucky fan; four of my favorite players: Rafa, Nole, Andy M, and Andy R, are playing one after the other today. I think all of them will make it and make my day!


phoenix , 6/10/10 1:44 PM

goodness me this guy istomin is playing so well right now, retrieving so many balls and taking chances too. ..rafa needed to being out his best to save brk pt and duece again !

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 4:15 PM

So the match starts.

Vamos Rafa, play well.

Raindrops , 6/10/10 4:15 PM

istomin offering resistence...this might be a competetive one!!!


vrael , 6/10/10 4:16 PM

some scorchers from rafael.....

vrael , 6/10/10 4:24 PM

nadal breaks...phenomenal from the WORLD NO. 1

vrael , 6/10/10 4:26 PM

beautiful shots, Rafa! Vamos!!!

natashao , 6/10/10 4:27 PM

so you are just lurking in the corner so quiet, awaiting for Nadal match hahaha

Vamos Rafa!

Raindrops , 6/10/10 4:28 PM

whTS ISTOMIN RANKED....playing real well

vrael , 6/10/10 4:30 PM

two drop shots missed, and istomin breaks back... OMG what a shot from istomin !

adn roger-rafa playing their matches at the same time ! lol

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 4:32 PM

istomin is 72 vrael..

clayking , 6/10/10 4:33 PM

Rafa got broken.

This could be IT clayking? the Law of Averages?

Raindrops , 6/10/10 4:34 PM

TY clayking.....

lovely play from rafa again.....hope he breaks him again!!!

vrael , 6/10/10 4:35 PM

maybe rain..
this could be..
but this shouldn't be..
it should be the SF match against murray..

clayking , 6/10/10 4:36 PM

So far Rafa is alternating hard holds (or being broken) with easy and fast holds.

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 4:36 PM


vrael , 6/10/10 4:37 PM

what a time to suspend

vrael , 6/10/10 4:39 PM

there is one thing..
wwhen lesser known players play big guns, specially roger or rafa, we come to know many things about the lesser knwon guys..
because we pay attention these guys only when they play the biggies..
i just came to know that istomin is coached by his mamma..
now that's rare!!

clayking , 6/10/10 4:40 PM

he is 23 yrs old....this guy can be in the top 40 i guess...another player to look forward to!

vrael , 6/10/10 4:42 PM

It is better if L.o.A. catched him early rather than at later part of the tournament, that's frazzling.

Why did I make that wish for a lose of a set while he was playing in RG? Can it be differed after the Wimbledon? :-]]]]]

Vamos Rafa.

Raindrops , 6/10/10 4:43 PM

its getting dark there.....

does any other rafan feel that rafa shouldnt have played doubles too...or is it only me????

vrael , 6/10/10 4:49 PM

rain again ! meanwhile here is a link to roger's match , any one interested can pass time until rafa takes court..roger playingn well. lsh&event_id=19248&tv_id=342&tid=595&channel=0&tmpl=component&layout=p opup&Itemid=190

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 4:49 PM

heres another one.

tj600 , 6/10/10 4:54 PM

vrael, rafa looks a bit tired , not much but a little becoz he has nt been able to take ANY sort fo rest after his title match. he played doubles just to get ready for singles but due to the rain he had to play his singles match before the doubles...anyway his main goal here is to get as much match practice as possible and he knows doubles is helpful in honing his forecourt play.

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 4:54 PM

yeah...thts a positive way to look at it....i just hope that he plays at his 100% at wimby....queens must help him...not tire him out!!!

vrael , 6/10/10 4:56 PM

Hopefully a week of rest next week and a day between matches at Wimbledon will be enough.

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 5:03 PM

Roger will have it easy here..
fall is no threat..
it will interesting to see how he plays against kohlschreiber who is solid to say the least!!

clayking , 6/10/10 5:05 PM

I think Rafa was experimenting a bit when he lost his service game and allowed Istomin to break him back...those two drop shots were poorly executed...he should be fine from now on...I hope it stops raining soon...

BTW, Fed playing very well...

natashao , 6/10/10 5:09 PM

I guess he is suffering delayed reaction from the emotion of last weekend.
Vael, it will take more than the week at Queen's (even if he gets to the doubles and singles finals) to tire him out! Just so long as the wet conditions dont cause a problem for the knees.

ed251137 , 6/10/10 5:13 PM

of topic, what happened to Andy R? Dudi is not a bad player but still, beating the Rod on grass in straights...

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 5:29 PM

We should wait till the end of the match , Istomin may give up at big points. Lol..

I still belive Nadal in straight sets.

champ00289 , 6/10/10 5:45 PM

Can anyone tell me if it always rain in London during this time or it is the impact of global warming and (or just a )climate change.

champ00289 , 6/10/10 5:49 PM

nd we are back......go BREAK him rafael.....

vrael , 6/10/10 5:50 PM

ALWAYS RAIN champ!!!


vrael , 6/10/10 5:52 PM

yep ALWAYYSS!! LOL.....the court is ready and rafa is abt to take the court, 4-4 duece, must start by breaking serve :)

and dont worry, a week's rest is MORE ThAN ENOUGH to recuperate for rafa, he is a supernormal athlete.

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 5:56 PM

vamosrafa......i love u

vrael , 6/10/10 5:58 PM

rafito on the court again......;

vrael , 6/10/10 6:03 PM

Looks like the wind is stronger now

SGHIceman , 6/10/10 6:07 PM

yep...istomin might struggle with the wind....rafa will adapt as always!!!

vrael , 6/10/10 6:08 PM

lol.. less than a minute left ! vamosss !!!

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 6:10 PM

massive point now

vrael , 6/10/10 6:12 PM

ohhh....its wide....the wind carries it long

vrael , 6/10/10 6:15 PM

gr8 volley from rafa

vrael , 6/10/10 6:18 PM

ahh 2 brk pts missed, btw istomin is playing superbly well, and an excellent stretch volley from rafa...he is forcing rafa to come up with great shots and rafa is under pressure now 30-30 4-5

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 6:18 PM

living dangerously...

vrael , 6/10/10 6:19 PM

2 bp to serve for the set..

vrael , 6/10/10 6:22 PM

massive bakhand and 2 brk pts ! rafa u dont have the permission to miss them now ,ok ?? understood??!!

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 6:22 PM

istomin has venom in his 2 hander......this might go to a breaker

vrael , 6/10/10 6:23 PM

rafa slicing the ball way too much today..its good on grass but still his two handed bakhand is so destructive..adv istomin now .go rafa pull it back to duece and break !!

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 6:25 PM

haha a lot of missed opportunities.

Vamos Rafa. C.O.N.C.E.N.T.R.A.T.E.



Headache Rafans.


Raindrops , 6/10/10 6:30 PM

Dreadful weather.

nadline , 6/10/10 6:31 PM

rafa is irritated.....

vrael , 6/10/10 6:33 PM

Rafa keeps slicing a lot... maybe practising?

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 6:35 PM

BH'S just flyin away....

vrael , 6/10/10 6:35 PM

Does Rafa know how much his fans suffer when he fafs around like this?


nadline , 6/10/10 6:35 PM

tie breaks going ok atm.....hopefully he will win it quick...and make istomin pay in the 2nd

vrael , 6/10/10 6:37 PM


vrael , 6/10/10 6:39 PM

1st set at last.

nadline , 6/10/10 6:39 PM


first set ended up with a tiebreaker Nadal 7-6 (4)


Raindrops , 6/10/10 6:39 PM


Longchar , 6/10/10 6:39 PM

Oh dear! Nadal serving 15-40!!!

Longchar , 6/10/10 6:43 PM


vrael , 6/10/10 6:43 PM

not the ideal way to make istomin pay, right??

clayking , 6/10/10 6:44 PM

ahaha, what pay vamosrafa?

He's got broken.

Nadal 0-1

Vamos Rafa.

Raindrops , 6/10/10 6:44 PM

not at all clayking.....

vrael , 6/10/10 6:46 PM

Now its Nadal 0-2...RAFANS what do you guys made out of this?

Longchar , 6/10/10 6:49 PM

nice serve and volley to hold, though

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 6:50 PM

I think that Nadal is too conscious of the wind, that's why he is slicing so much to take the pace off the ball.

nadline , 6/10/10 6:51 PM

atleast he is volleying well....good signs for wimby!!

vrael , 6/10/10 6:55 PM

if clayking's law of averages has to hold true, it's better that it happens here than in Wimby...

phoenix , 6/10/10 7:00 PM

This could be IT. The loss of a set haha

Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:00 PM

he is serving soo fast .. less than 10 secs between points .. thats a change ;)

justtennis , 6/10/10 7:01 PM

nadal is volleying well.. just making a few unusual errors off the groundies....istomin is serving very well and not giving rafa any chances...4-3 now and i sense rafa getting a chance to break in either of the two next games from istomin...dont want this match to be stretchd to a 3rd set... arghh again istomin paints the line much to the aggravation of nadal.

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 7:01 PM

istomin's serving like a dream....

vrael , 6/10/10 7:01 PM

istomin's down the line forehand has been the key...nadal produced a stunner to save himself. adv nadal now and i hope its 5-4 and then 5-5

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 7:07 PM

lets see if the uzbek has it in him!!!

vrael , 6/10/10 7:07 PM

Rafa is doing a lot of high bouncing slices.

Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:09 PM

WOW all over again..

vrael , 6/10/10 7:11 PM

one set all, crisis!

nadline , 6/10/10 7:12 PM

now nadal has satisfied the law of averages..
its time the matador tames this uzbek bull and show grass is not only for cows and bulls, it is for the matadors too.. :)

clayking , 6/10/10 7:12 PM

argghh...i hope rafa gets it done quick now but its not gona be easy..infact istomin is in wid a shot to pull of a BIG upset...if he keeps serving like this rafa is in grave trble.

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 7:13 PM

when is this STUPID wind gonna die........

vrael , 6/10/10 7:13 PM

rafa called a worried!

vrael , 6/10/10 7:15 PM

Rafa takes medical time out!

nadline , 6/10/10 7:15 PM

OMG the trainer is treating rafa ...what has happpenneed????? plzzzz not the knee again !!

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 7:15 PM

Feeling sleepy here but can't just go to bed without not knowing what happens to Rafa......come one RAFAAAAAAAAAAAA

Longchar , 6/10/10 7:17 PM

its not the knee vamosrafa!

the trainer is treating his thigh or hip i feel!!!

vrael , 6/10/10 7:17 PM

Please, please pull out now Rafa. Dont take any risks, it's not worth it.

ed251137 , 6/10/10 7:18 PM

seems like his lower back or hip!!!

vrael , 6/10/10 7:18 PM

let's see what Nadal is made of in this 3rd set.

Protect your serve Rafa.


Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:20 PM

phhewww its the hip...only fatigue is the reason...i wont be surprised a lot now if rafa loses..still the favorite though.

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 7:21 PM

brave game from rafa....i hope he pulls out if he does not feel 100%

vrael , 6/10/10 7:21 PM

Novak also broken!

Longchar , 6/10/10 7:23 PM

The high wind is working against Rafa.

ed251137 , 6/10/10 7:26 PM

can he pull out from doubles and still play singles.??? lol.

vrael , 6/10/10 7:27 PM

Positive that he didn't take the trainer again

SGHIceman , 6/10/10 7:29 PM

If he has a niggling injury any further damage will be done when he is playing singles, not in a doubles match.

ed251137 , 6/10/10 7:30 PM

very frustrating....the backhand is in shambles....maybe its the wind

vrael , 6/10/10 7:32 PM

Rafa is error prone today.

nadline , 6/10/10 7:34 PM

rafa's getting close....but istomin serves to erase everything....a good serve is such a weapon on grass...

vrael , 6/10/10 7:34 PM

This is really nice a match...I like it.

Vamos Rafa !!!

Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:41 PM

Two horrible ue's

SGHIceman , 6/10/10 7:44 PM

yeah the match is good, nice passing shots, nice winners... a pretty good one for a 3rd round match... and rafa looks so calm and he's smiling, like he's in a practice session... and istomin is serving very good....

oh no, 2 bp for istomin, not good rafa, not good...

linuta , 6/10/10 7:45 PM

wohooooo, he hold by the skin of his teeth.

I really loving this.

Vamos !!!

Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:48 PM

Raindrops, I wish I had your nerves.

Nadal breaks, he just needs to hold his serve now.


nadline , 6/10/10 7:54 PM


a break of serve.

Close it out Rafa, your chance.


Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:54 PM

he was so close so often, now finally broke well done

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 7:54 PM

uncharacteristic to lose two set points....

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 7:59 PM

Rafa just missed 2MP strange and unusual for him....

linuta , 6/10/10 7:59 PM

Not yet over hahaha

Vamos Rafa.

Raindrops , 6/10/10 7:59 PM

wat the hell was that?? :S :S nadal looks tired , fatigue is there and he isnt 100% in to the match..he is gona lose now i not know how he missed that smash 40-30

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 8:01 PM

SHIT ... pardon me but SHITSHIT SHIT...



Raindrops , 6/10/10 8:05 PM

nadal will lose

saxenanalin , 6/10/10 8:05 PM


The end justifies the means. Stern test from Istomin.


nadline , 6/10/10 8:05 PM

i was wondering too how he missed that smash, and a number of other seeminly easy to make shots

but it's true: he was looking relaxed through it all so maybe it is just fatigue and or coming off the highs of the last few days...

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 8:07 PM

take that SAXENANALIN, a pure nadal hater... it was his determination that propelled him past the finish line... lopez next and he is gona win that one but murray might be too tough given that nadal is tired..


vamosrafa , 6/10/10 8:07 PM

What a great match.

nadline , 6/10/10 8:08 PM

wat the hell was that?? :S :S nadal looks tired , fatigue is there and he isnt 100% in to the match..he is gona lose now i not know how he missed that smash 40-30

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 8:09 PM

nadal should have better taken the rest
it will affect his wimby hopes

saxenanalin , 6/10/10 8:10 PM

I gave up this match for good but Rafa just would not. I should have known better.

Vamos Rafa!

phoenix , 6/10/10 8:10 PM

I'm a not a pure nadal hater
I admire his quaities

saxenanalin , 6/10/10 8:13 PM

maybe it will end up affecting yours, sax

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 8:14 PM

I don't think so chlorostoma

saxenanalin , 6/10/10 8:15 PM

@saxenanalin , i have never seen u posting ANYTHING good abt nadal!! never, u always cheer for opponents playing against him too.... liking fed more it totally diff nd understandable...i like rafa better but i am always full of compliments nd respect for Mr.federer.

vamosrafa , 6/10/10 8:24 PM

I saw part of the first set before rain delay...I waited but it just wouldn't start due to rain and I had to leave to get some work hour and a half later I phoned to find out about the outcome of the match and I learned Rafa was to lose the second set...well, call me superstitious but I decided to cut my obligation short and hurried back to watch the third set...I arrived at the time when Rafa was treated for the pain in his gluteus I guess...the fear just overwhelmed me...but I was there to watch him and support him...I did not stop believing and at the end he won...I was thinking how I should have not left in the first place...I have this superstitious believe that if I don't watch his match he is likely to lose...crazy, I know...anyway, Rafa did win and I hope his injury is nothing serious...I think Rafa was tired, while Istomin played well...and the wind was annoying especially when Rafa attempted those drop any case, I hope he will be ok for tmrw

Is Rafa also going to play doubles match?


natashao , 6/10/10 8:29 PM

vamosrafa, you don't need to expend effort dwelling with the hypocrites. When Soderling beats Roger at RG, they want to kill him, but they rooted Robin afterwards at the Finals against Nadal and one of the loudest supporters is saxenanalin so it's up to you if you get blinded with their ugly color. hehe

Raindrops , 6/10/10 8:35 PM

I hope we are getting all the bad weather now before Wimbledon.

nadline , 6/10/10 8:40 PM

that's what I was thinking throughout today's match

no more wimbly matches played over 5 days, please

chlorostoma , 6/10/10 8:46 PM

Nole is out...what is happening with all these favorites? Murray just lost first set...I guess Rafa was SO lucky...

natashao , 6/10/10 8:47 PM

so clayking,

The L.o.A. has been satisfied, as I wished to happen here at Queens not in RG, what's next?

I think tiredness is catcihing up Rafa, he's visibly irritated during the entire match. Well, he's been playing and winning since MC compare to his peers at the top 10, they normally exited early in the past tournaments while Rafa is consistently reaching semis and finals.

I just hope there's enough energy left in his tank to win this tournament then he will have 1 week rest heading to Wimbledon.

Vamos Rafa.

Raindrops , 6/10/10 8:53 PM

Rafa could have given up and rest and get ready for Wimby and nobody would have been too upset considering he just won the last four tournaments he played including a Major.
But he stuck in there and persevered even when the spectators, commentators and just about everybody else was counting him out.
That's Rafa for you.
Another good part about this match is that he was trying things out and experimenting, even though his perfectionist self was irritated at every error. Errors will come in a new surface, trying out a new style of play. There was a time when he even decided to forgo his usual serving "ritual". Did anybody else notice?

grafight , 6/10/10 9:11 PM

Rafa is still in the doubles.

nadline , 6/10/10 10:40 PM

i don't think it matters too much if rafa loses here. the important thing is match practice, and quite frankly, he could do with a break before wimbledon. as long as he exits the tourney (as the champ or not) healthy and able to play wimbledon, i'll be happy

Sib69 , 6/10/10 11:58 PM

The important thing is HE WON!......... Istomin played so well, some lucky shots as well. But Rafa seemed out of sorts..... One of the bad days!......... Win is a WIN!

McQ , 6/11/10 12:55 AM

Some perspective here:
Djokovic and Roddick were ousted and Murray is almost on the same path.
The conditions must have been verrrrrrrrrry difficult, in this tournament as all the big boys seemed to have either struggled or kicked the bucket.

In my book Rafa did well to win his match and not end up in the scrap heap.

isabeau77 , 6/11/10 1:45 AM

I think I jinxed my top 4 favorites.

phoenix , 6/11/10 5:42 AM

It was all a case of a BAD (or good) match up on a bad day!.... It makes tennis more exciting!

McQ , 6/11/10 6:06 AM

grafight, 6/10/10 9:11 PM I was only able to see snatches of the match and didnt spot the change in serving ritual. What were his serving stats? Wish he would warn us in advance if he is going to experiment and then we wouldn't all have a collective heart attack.

Weather forecast for today is much better. Light rain this morning but should clear and this afternoon will be cloudy, warmer and very little wind.

Deuce: Hope last night was a wake up call for Andy and he will come out firing this afternoon.

ed251137 , 6/11/10 8:51 AM

ed: Andy needs a swarm of bees in his ear, perhaps that'd wake him up..perhaps not....

deuce , 6/11/10 11:11 AM

I hope Murray can come through, and both Rafa and Murray can then beat their respective QF opponents and meet each other at the semifinal. Its been two years since they last met on grass. I want to see how Rafa fare against Murray, since Murray's improvement on grass last year.

luckystar , 6/11/10 11:34 AM

Actually this grass season, I was hoping to see Rafa facing Murray in semi, and either Roddick or Nole in the final at Queen's; and then either Roddick/Nole at the semi and Fed in the final of Wimbledon, if Rafa can get to all those stages. That way, I can see Rafa playing against the other top four guys and also Roddick on grass.

luckystar , 6/11/10 11:40 AM

No what you mean Deuce. He has reverted to wandering around on the court, looking as though he has been dragged out of bed to get there. This reminds me of how he was up until mid 2008 when he suddenly he pulled himself together after the dismal performance at the Olympics and went on to win his first two Masters and reach the USO final. He needs to get back his will to win.

btw: do you think Murray might have a change of heart and play Davis Cup now that Bogo is refusing to play?

ed251137 , 6/11/10 11:56 AM

why is bogo refusing to play DC?

homos , 6/11/10 12:12 PM


he was denied wildcard entries into queens and not sure though....

vrael , 6/11/10 12:23 PM

tnx vrael. whoa!

homos , 6/11/10 12:43 PM

He has thrown a hissy over LTA cutting his funding and being refused WC for Queens and Wimby

ed251137 , 6/11/10 12:53 PM

Bogo has NEVER won a Davis Cup match, think that might've had something to do with it! Disgraceful he is being denied a wildcard at Queens and Wimbles when Baker, who is at least 100 places behind him, has got them. I'm not sure what came first, either refusing to play Davis Cup or withdrawal of funding and wild cards.
ed: as Leon is ex Andy coach there is a good chance he might play DC again, just to get them out of a hole. Well known he and Lloyd don't get on.

deuce , 6/11/10 1:09 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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