• Federer to turn to Gstaad clay

    7/4/13 7:41 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer to turn to Gstaad clay Roger Federer will make a surprise return to his tennis roots as he plays on clay this month at the Suisse Open at Gstaad.

    The return will mark the first appearance at the home alpine venue for the tennis icon since 2004, when he won the event.

    Federer;s schedule in 2013 has been a mash-up form previous years, with the world No. 3 taking nearly two months off in the spring to return at Madrid in May. He then lost a French Open quarter-final to
    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and went out in a Wimbledon second-round shock to Sergiy Stakhovsky.

    With time on his hands and in need of match practise on any surface. the 17-time grand slam winner has opted to make an appearance at home. "I’ve decided to play #opengstaad," he said in a tweet. "Excited to play in Switzerland. This was the event that gave me 1st wild card in ‘98!"

    Federer, who won the Halle grass court title the week before Wimbledon, came to Gstaad as a hero in 2003, the day after winning Wimbledon for the first time and starting his unparalleled run of grand slam glory.

    At that edition, he was presented with the gift of a cow, now long deceased, which fans and others just cannot seem to forget. Federer's only other result of note at the VIP village venue was a 2003 final against Czech Jiri Novak. Reports indicate that there is no appearance fee involved for this latest planned entry.

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So, no comments from the Fed-trolls aka Cry-feds on what a minor surface Clay is? No more 'the Clay court season is only 3 months' etc? Gstaad and Hamburg on Fed schedule now. Very confusing for all tunnel visioned folks I reckon.

JBeer , 7/4/13 8:23 AM

Well, why not? He wants to be close to home and family and certainly thinks that he can win those events. The wins there, no matter how small in terms of points available, would probably be good for his confidence.

danica , 7/4/13 8:51 AM

I understand where JBeer is coming from. I have no problem what Fed decides to do with his schedule. However, Rafa fans have had to hear too many derisive comments trashing clay as an inferior surface merely because Rafa is so dominant on it. We have seen the hydra troll dissing clay and Rafa over and over again. Then there is the tendency to downgrade RG.

That's why JBeer spoke up and I can totally understand it. The silence from Fed trolls about their guy playing a clay tournament is deafening.

I can understand Fed wanting to keep playing given his early exit from Wimbledon, also the need to gain points. But I would have thought he might go to Newport and then DC to prepare for the North American hard court swing.

Nativenewyorker , 7/4/13 8:59 AM

So Federer has his sights on winning his second GS of the year at Gstaad.

vmk1 , 7/4/13 9:43 AM

Although I trully didn't like the days when Fed was effortlessly trashing everybody I have to say that it feels kind of sad to see his career winding down. It reminds us of the inexorability of it all!

Shireling , 7/4/13 12:00 PM

Farterer at leazt iz not dumbazz like zeeveeenteeeeeeen.

He knowz clay iz bezt zurface to play (if Rafa iznt there to kick hiz zcrawny azz).

He might get another 250 pt. 'slam' yet.


rafkovic18 , 7/4/13 3:56 PM

textor , 7/4/13 4:08 PM

textor , 7/4/13 4:12 PM

textor , 7/4/13 4:14 PM

^^^ LOL

willmw101 , 7/4/13 7:00 PM

He will also play Hamburgh. It seems he finally understood he has to play this low ranges tournaments if he wants to keep winning titles.

Emiliano55 , 7/4/13 8:12 PM

According to 17, fed has to focus on 250 point slams from now on to add to his many World Tour Final slams.

Absolutely clueless. What a shitiot

rafkovic18 , 7/4/13 8:22 PM

39 of Federer's 77 titles are 500 and 250 events, he's no stranger to small tournaments.

nadline , 7/4/13 8:35 PM

according to 17, farterer has 62 slams then heheheh

farterer knowz exactly what to do. avoid rafa. farterer knowz clay iz the bezt.

cluelezzz fcukwad zeeveeenteeeen heheheh

rafkovic18 , 7/4/13 9:06 PM

more tenniz 'expertise' from azzhole zeeveeenteeeeen fcukwad.

Knowz zero about tenniz except world tour finals are majors


rafkovic18 , 7/4/13 9:56 PM

Good that 17 is giving rafkovic/conspirator/raindrops/willmw a taste of their own medicine.

Seventeen, keep giving it "back" to the rafatrolls. What is this story about uncle toni and rafa's mom? I know rafa's parents are divorced.

Rafatrolls are shivering in their boots with Nole looking destined to eclipse rafa records outside clay. This Sunday, nole will have equalled/bettered the slam count of claydal on all 3 non-clay slams and the year-end, which is indoors.

Nole is also poised to overtake claydal in total weeks at no.1 during the next 3 months.

Fedkovic23 , 7/5/13 12:36 AM

God, even I am tired of talking about claydal sucking outside clay.

Here are the numbers people:

Djokovic: 6 slams, 2WTF and 10 masters

claydal: 4slams, 0 WTF and 6 masters.

H2H: 12-7 in Novak's favor!

Fedkovic23 , 7/5/13 1:32 AM

here is numbers for fcukovic20

rafa has almost as many points as farterer and Nole combined in 2013


what a fcukwad!!!

rafkovic18 , 7/5/13 2:06 AM

Not sure why Fed has suddenly decided to overplay. Is it to make the final 8 in WTF?

sanju , 7/5/13 8:32 AM


Do you think he is overplaying by going to Gstaad? He didn't get much play at Wimbledon, that's for sure. I also have to believe that it's about getting some much needed points. I don't remember where he's at in the race to the WTF right now. But he just dropped close to 2000 points. I am sure it's about qualifying for the WTF and also making sure his ranking doesn't drop even lower.

The world is really turning upside down when Fed is playing an extra clay court tournament!

Nativenewyorker , 7/5/13 9:55 AM

Federer is the king of 250s. I don't think he'll qualify for the WTF this year.

tethys , 7/5/13 11:22 AM

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