• Djokovic takes on Berdych in quarterfinal clash

    7/3/13 6:12 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Djokovic takes on Berdych in quarterfinal clash World No. 1 Novak Djokovic will battle No. 7 seed Tomas Berdcyh for a spot in the semifinals of Wimbledon.

    This has historically been a favorable match-up for Novak Djokovic. He and Tomas Berdych have played 15 times in their careers and Djokovic has won all but two of those encounters.

    Unfortunately for Djokovic, one of the Czech's wins came in their last meeting a couple of months ago at the Rome Masters. Djokovic suffered an uncharacteristic collapse in the second set, eventually losing in 3.

    The good news for the Serb is that he's played a great tournament thus far and he's already dispatched of one player who beat him earlier this year in the form of Tommy Haas.

    Berdych had a tough match against Bernard Tomic in the fourth round on Monday, but he's had a day of rest and should be fresh enough for the encounter.

    Prediction - Given their history and Djokovic's current form, the Serb should find his way to the semifinals.

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Ajde Nole, show them who THE boss is! :))

danica , 7/3/13 8:27 AM

Nole in 4. 6-4, 6-7, 6-3, 6-1.

alex , 7/3/13 2:00 PM

7-6(5) to Nole.....i see Berdy going downwards from here as he normally does

Getty8 , 7/3/13 3:17 PM

Berdych completely outplaying djokovic, should have won the set but made 2 sloppy EU's. Djokovic will scrape through another lucky win.

Scrotracker , 7/3/13 3:17 PM

When Marian Vajda is 'barking' down instructions to his player it is not called coaching.

nadline , 7/3/13 3:29 PM

Djoker playing on court No.1!?

textor , 7/3/13 3:40 PM

berdych letting djokovic back into the second set. What a choke after being 3-0 up.

Scrotracker , 7/3/13 3:41 PM

What a choke by Berdy.

#Berdych Implosion Complete

dejan1989 , 7/3/13 3:46 PM

Berdy doing what he does best...throwing matches wonder a befitting name like bird brain....smh

Getty8 , 7/3/13 3:46 PM

berdych first serve % at 21%...........


Scrotracker , 7/3/13 3:47 PM

Thanks Berdy for losing this's been very refreshing to see you in the quaters though lol

Getty8 , 7/3/13 3:57 PM

biggest choke of all time from berdych!! Did anyone see that miss on set point down! HAHAHAAHAH Hilarious. Walk in the park for djokovic.

Scrotracker , 7/3/13 3:59 PM

It ain't over till it's over

Shireling , 7/3/13 3:59 PM

OMG!!1 What play from Djoko to come back from 0 3 down. He is moving like a dream on grass. Who said it was his worst surface! This Djoko seems to be ominously going back to his 2011 level. Glad it is not Rafa that is receiving the beatings though

vmk1 , 7/3/13 4:08 PM

@Shireling,when it comes to Berdy that saying doesn't apply lol

Getty8 , 7/3/13 4:09 PM

vmk this is berdych capitulating not djokovic playing well. He just double faulted on break point down LOL and his 1st serve in % is under 20% now.


Scrotracker , 7/3/13 4:13 PM

Farterer would not take more than three games from Nole in this match. Would be funny to watch heheheh

Ferrer, Youzhny and Haas all playing the best tennis of their career over 30.

Farterer can not change his antique style like others can.

rafkovic18 , 7/3/13 4:14 PM's all over for Berdy...he really lives up to his ranking lol

Getty8 , 7/3/13 4:17 PM

DelPo through to the semis in straight sets

Shireling , 7/3/13 4:28 PM

wonderful choke from berdych today...the berdych of old showed up ! Set 1 was evenly contested and novak's superb serving , and defence earned him the set...set 2 , berdy had an amazing start but from then on it has been inexplicable! berdych had the 2nd set on his racket.... anyway, djokovic was very good as expected ! one giant down , one more to go ! I am glad delpo beat ferrer ! delpo is not hampered by injury i guess...

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 4:28 PM

well done to Novak, he wants this very much.
Also, well done to Berdych, he did the best he could and he got as far as the quarterfinals which is more than some can say, respect!

Shireling , 7/3/13 4:30 PM

Did you see the match with Delpo? Obviously not. Not hampered? His knee is wrapped up like a mummy, not that little strip of 'show' tape like your namesake. His power helped him through but when that knee cools down and stiffens up the pain killers and shots may not help him the next match.

chr18 , 7/3/13 4:38 PM

"When Marian Vajda is 'barking' down instructions to his player it is not called coaching."

nobody beats tio toni and francisco roig.

rfzr , 7/3/13 4:42 PM

^^ Obviously Marian Vaijda does.

Scrotracker , 7/3/13 4:47 PM


I wonder how Nadal will look on court at 30?

Lobo , 7/3/13 5:05 PM

chr18, i mentioned it on the other thread that I did not see the match I am counting on the assessment from you guys.... haha, so the criterion for an injury is how big the wrapping is on the injured part LOL ! Every injury is different, mummifying your knee would NOT help in case of tendonitis...I thought you had good enough understanding chr18....may be now I know why you are famously called crap18 here lol

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 5:06 PM

and the ultimate hater rfzr posts yet again to berate rafa and his team... I am not going to defend toni or roig but if some other coach is doing some on court coaching and u justify it by saying so what, look at the ones who also do this, its an indication of your pure hatred...

90+ posts directed at rafa's criticism and hatred LOL...rfzr is matchless

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 5:10 PM

Nadal's knee condition is mild. Delpo's injury just happened this tournament due to falling(s) and may prove to be debilitating. His pain is severe. Don't be surprised if he gives Djoker a walkover. His gait and demeanor was different today. He was worried because he likely doesn't feel confident about his recuperative powers.

chr18 , 7/3/13 5:24 PM

@Lobo,wait in 3years time you'll have an answer to your question

Getty8 , 7/3/13 5:31 PM

"and the ultimate hater nadline ..."

fixed it for you.

rfzr , 7/3/13 5:38 PM

speak for yourself, why are dragging nadline in this? its extremely rare to see you posting anything other than a hate comment...

yeah i agree about ur analysis chr18...

vamosrafa , 7/3/13 5:41 PM


I am glad to see you here. Thanks for saying what needs to be said to the hater rfzr, who never talks about tennis.

It sounds like Berdy did his usual choke job while Nole was playing extremely well.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 7:09 PM

many congrats to nole and fans. clear favourite now.

alex , 7/3/13 8:59 PM

^^^^He is the clear favourite
Andy is feeling it now
I'm not convinced he's going to go all heroic on us
All things equal I'd give Muzzball the edge on this surface
But all this passivity creeping in I don't know
He has one last chance before the final to change the dynamic

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:21 PM

Yes, well played Nole and a terrific first set. Am horribly jealous though, why does Berd always crumble against Nole, but never against Rafa....;)
Twingey, he's gonna have to have a re-think or JJ will win. He's hungry, talented and 6' bloody 8.

deuce , 7/3/13 9:25 PM

He's in his head
Beaten him too many times, too robotically paced etc
Novak did not look indestructible and has not looked for a couple of matches
But if Andy is to prevail he will Need to be less f***ing passive
I really, REALLY thought we were over this stupidity

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:29 PM

Lol meant Andy but wrote Rafa. Don't know if the same comment applies to Rafa.
Yes Twingey, really depressing. Thought we were over that indeedy.

deuce , 7/3/13 9:38 PM

Nole still gets the edge. Ridiculous that Muzz dropped the first two sets to Vedasco even if he is playing better. Don't think Nole would have been pushed to five.

Of course same thing happened in USO final when passive Muzz dropped sets 3 and 4 up two sets and winning in the 5th so hope I am wrong.


Conspirator , 7/3/13 9:44 PM

To be fair to both Muzz and Verdasco
Verdi played really well,
Awkward serving,lights out, really it was as if the last Two years had never happened
Haven't Seen all of the match yet but I'm impressed by the Verdasco play.
But a giant kill was not to be for once

Twinge , 7/3/13 9:54 PM

Thank you Nole ;)

danica , 7/4/13 9:54 AM

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