• Djokovic takes on Haas in fourth round headliner

    7/1/13 6:36 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Djokovic takes on Haas in fourth round headliner Novak Djokovic will battle German Tommy Haas in the marquee fourth round match on Monday.

    The best of the fourth round match-ups is Tommy Haas vs. world No. 1 Novak Djokovic as the entire field takes to the court at the All-England Club after the customary middle Sunday off.

    Djokovic is certainly the favorite in the match-up as the world No. 1 and 2011 Wimbledon champion. But Haas at least has a shot at the upset. The German had a surprising upset of Djokovic in Miami a couple of months ago.

    The Serb hasn't always been at his best on grass courts, though he's been impressive during the first week of play. Haas is a good grass court player in his own right.

    Haas will have a shot at another upset win, but he'll need some help from Djokovic, who will surely win if both men play their best tennis.

    Prediction - Djokovic in 4.

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Where's jimmyfakenoletroll and (love the name as it says so much) fedkovic1020?

Like I said, even I'm a bigger Nole fan than this numbnuts.

So obvious lol.


Conspirator , 7/1/13 11:07 PM

He's on tennis-x posting under the name Danny Morris and saying the same crap that he said on this site. By now he probably has a few more screen names over there.

He's no fan of anyone!

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/13 11:16 PM

Djokovic was not looking quite as confident and cocky as usual but nevertheless berdy will need to bring his A game if the QF is to be competitive. He has wobbled a few times in several of his earlier rounds.

ed251137 , 7/2/13 1:23 PM

I'm just seeing bits of matches here and there. Didn't see this one but the score seems to suggest that Novak was quite effective, especially in the first set.

Shireling , 7/2/13 3:06 PM

Just saw Djoker's interview on ESPN. He said that Wimbledon was the biggest tournament of the year( we agree there). When they said he has reached 17 straight QF he smiled and said 'Half as (many as) Roger'. Good that he is aspiring to be like Fed.

chr18 , 7/2/13 3:38 PM

And yet stylistically speaking there is a stronger match between Federer and Murray's actual tennis.
Funny that!

Twinge , 7/2/13 4:00 PM

Agreed with the grass court tennis but I meant with Fed's achievements which he has a chance to come close to matching unlike Murray. I see the Djoker winning at least 2 FO titles but none for Murray. Djoker will be a much better all around player than Murray, my opinion only no offence intended.

chr18 , 7/2/13 4:11 PM

Not offended but i disagree,
Clearly Murray's weakness is Clay
But if all goes to plan and seedings you will see next Sunday that Novaks relative weakness is grass.

Twinge , 7/2/13 4:23 PM

Hope everybody is watching Bartoli. Fed was criticized for doing this how many times. Bartoli has no GS but she got her way lol.

chr18 , 7/2/13 4:30 PM

Actually you're probably right about Murray being better on grass. I feel the Djoker will deal with the pressure better and come out on top though. It should be close.

chr18 , 7/2/13 4:35 PM

The difference is it's raining now when Fed wanted to stop it wasn't raining.

nadline , 7/2/13 4:40 PM

As i said on another thread they are both noticeably tight at the start of their matches with each other.
It might even be down to how much crowd support can offset any late match tightness from muzz.
After the USO i expect him to 'arrive' at least.
Still the world number one is number one for a reason.....
Anyway we are getting ahead of ourselves..

Twinge , 7/2/13 4:41 PM

The point is Bartoli bullied the officials to stop play long before the harder rain came down. The chair umpire and the official wanted to play but Bartoli refused.

chr18 , 7/2/13 4:50 PM

^^^So you think that Bartoli has more clout than Roger?

nadline , 7/2/13 5:14 PM

No people assumed that Fed got away with it because he is Fed. It just shows that anybody can do it. Bartoli is kind of a nobody really.

chr18 , 7/2/13 5:45 PM

^^Yes chr18,
But the point is not everybody does do it.
Bartoli being obnoxious doesn't somehow vindicate fed.
I couldn't believe his behaviour against Murray in Shanghai!
And lets face it, without the roof helping out (3 times) last year he probably would have finished his tally of slams at 16.

Twinge , 7/2/13 5:57 PM

Agree Fed got incredibly lucky last year to win Wimby. The roof came on at all the diffcult matches - Julian, Novak, Murray

sanju , 7/2/13 6:27 PM

Tom Perrotta ?@TomPerrotta 2h So Roger Federer lost in the second round of Wimbledon and is going to play a clay court tournament this summer. Tennis, you have gone mad.

Haha..Hear he is playng Gstaad

sanju , 7/2/13 6:58 PM


Is this true? I want to hear what his fans have to say about this! You know, the ones who have been trashing Rafa for playing clay court tournaments!

This is hilarious!

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 7:05 PM

Yes it is true. He tweeted it himself too

sanju , 7/2/13 7:38 PM


Does chr18 know? :)

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 7:47 PM

I bet he does..did u even xpect him to break the news over here himself? It would rubbish all his arguements against Rafa right :-). Just few days back he made a comment on Rafa possibly playing Hamburg

sanju , 7/2/13 8:02 PM

Not sure why Roger picked a 250 tourney to play of all the tourney avl? Lack of competition or just coz its in his home country?

sanju , 7/2/13 8:05 PM

My only thought is that Sweden is near to Switzerland. I personally would have liked to see him play Newport and D.C. if he needed the points but I guess he wanted to stay near home.
I'm relieved that the last American is out of Wimbledon because ESPN was so over-hyping Sloane as this big game player and she hasn't won anything yet. At least give her a chance to develop at her own pace without smothering her. I personally would love to see a rematch with Serena at the USO. I definitely think she will GS events in the future. At least I can watch the rest of the tournament without the American bias.

chr18 , 7/2/13 8:08 PM

Got Bastad mixed up with Gstaad. Clearly he is only playing it because it's in Switzerland and he needs the points.

chr18 , 7/2/13 8:10 PM

I like the sound of this news: Hotel reservation for Montreal made by Rafa.

chr18..250 points will take him nowhere..

sanju , 7/2/13 8:14 PM

It could help him get to WTF. I agree it's not a good move. Two tournaments in the USA would have been better. If he is to continue playing this #5 business does not sit well I'd have to say.

chr18 , 7/2/13 8:24 PM

So the USA is also in the over hyping business. Laura Robson is suffering the same fate and I don't think it does them any favours.

I hope Rafa plays in Germany before the USA, I'm so starved of his tennis.

nadline , 7/2/13 8:34 PM


Really? You found out that Rafa made hotel reservations for Montreal? Now I have to go check out vb to see if I can find out more.

I would have thought that Fed would play Newport. Why not a grass tournament?

I agree that 250 points isn't going to get the job done. He just dropped almost 2000 points, so he's got to step it up. I am trying to remember how he did in Montreal/Toronto and Cincy last year? I think he got to the semis at the USO. Just trying to figure out how many points he has to defend there.

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 8:36 PM

'At least I can watch the rest of the tournament without the American bias..' chr18

And your Fed bias too ;-)

Twinge , 7/2/13 8:40 PM

Yep, reservations for the hotel at Montreal confirmed for both Rafa and Fed per vb.

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 8:40 PM

That's really too much info if you ask me. Some psycho like Conspirator may go and stalk them at their hotel now.

Fed has been out a while so my bias went with him. I'm actually enjoying all the other upsets in the tournament : career changers for some of the lower ranked players who are now getting a chance.

chr18 , 7/2/13 8:58 PM

Wimbledon has become the people's tournament!
But only on the WTA side
It's gonna be Novak or Andy for the win I think
It has been quite momentous for sure
I'm thinking lisiki versus radwanska
Want raddy to win it
She's the female Muzz in some respects.

Twinge , 7/2/13 9:02 PM

I want Radwanska to win. I love Aggie's game. She has a great opportunity here. We will have to see if Lisicki can come up with another great performance after knocking out Serena.

On paper it should be Nole and Andy, but you never know. Some dangerous players still lurking in the draw.

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 9:56 PM

She's still a bit underpowered however,
So she certainly doesn't remind me of Muzz 1.5
More the 23year old Muzz.
Or 22
But better than all the bashing and screeching

Twinge , 7/2/13 11:15 PM

I like that Aggie doesn't have a power game. That's what makes her so interesting to watch. She can win with accurate placement and smart strategy. In that respect she is not like Murray because we know he has the power game. But I like Aggie's finesse.

Oh and yes, no screaming! Music to my ears!

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 12:30 AM

I've learned to tune out the screaming. I like Aga too. She reminds me of Hingis, a player with a beautiful game who got over powered by the next generation. I'm leaning toward Sabine because she did the hard work, taking out the Queen Bee.

chr18 , 7/3/13 1:48 AM

I remember Martina Hingis. She was ultimately undone by the arrival of the Williams sisters. I enjoyed watching her play very much. She was a great competitor.

I just hope for a great match between Aggie and Sabine. One might argue that Sabine did the heavy lifting in beating Serena, but Aggie's also got game. Two worthy semifinalists.

Nativenewyorker , 7/3/13 4:19 AM

Take no notice of this comment. Just bumping the wretched spammed thread down the list.

ed251137 , 7/3/13 9:43 AM

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