• Djokovic battles Chardy in third round

    6/29/13 6:56 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Djokovic battles Chardy in third round World No. 1 Novak Djokovic will look to continue his impressive form at the All-England Club on Saturday against France's Jeremy Chardy.

    This is a favorable match-up for Novak Djokovic. The Serb has enjoyed a perfect record against France's Jeremy Chardy, with 6 wins over the Frenchman since 2009.

    Chardy hits hard off the baseline, but unfortunately for him, Djokovic hits harder, returns better and moves much better than he does.

    Grass isn't Djokovic's best surface, but he's been efficient in week one of play, impressive considering the ousters of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer during week one.

    Prediction - Djokovic to win in straight sets, with one tight set.

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One unforced error? Don't think I've ever seen that before, especially in a major.

Nole will be tough to beat.


Conspirator , 6/30/13 2:52 AM


Wow. So many comments from all of Nole's TT "fans"!!!


Conspirator , 6/30/13 4:27 PM

Rafa beat Christophe Rochus at the AO in 2009 with NO UEs. I remember it well.

2009 Australian Open
Australia Hard R128 Nadal, Rafael
6-0, 6-2, 6-2 Stats

nadline , 6/30/13 4:42 PM

Wow. The year he won the AO too!

Too bad Delpo beat up his knee/ankle. Hope he can continue.


Conspirator , 6/30/13 5:05 PM

That's why Christophe is so bitter, he's never got over it.

nadline , 6/30/13 5:16 PM

'One unforced error? Don't think I've ever seen that before, especially in a major...'

According to the stats board there were 3 UE
Obviously still awesome, however
Trouncing Chardy in the 3rd is alright but really it's only a big deal if he can do it in the 2nd week to delpo or Berdych...
Then we will be talking...

Twinge , 6/30/13 5:20 PM

don't be surprised, there's still nothing to write home about :). And besides, it seems like I'm the only regular Nole fan here :). I just came back from vacation and will be leaving again soon (will miss the Wimby finals for sure) and as I hate using phone for posting comments, there will probably be even less support for Nole here ;).

danica , 6/30/13 8:23 PM

Djokovic is playing very well, and I?m sure his fans are very happy even if they aren?t doing their rejoicing on TT. Monday?s matches look very interesting. I?m particularly happy to see Seppi getting so far, and with Del Potro?s health a question mark, perhaps he has a chance to go further. As usual, I come to TT mainly because lower profile matches are given some attention. Mannarino and De Schepper have caught my eye before, but not recently. It?s a great opportunity (and already a good achievement) for them, and for Kubot and Dodig. Although Verdasco has never been among my favourites, I?m happy to see him recovering form, and I always like to see Youzhny and Melzer. But apart from Del Potro (who is iffy) I don?t think any of those named has a chance at the title, which still seems likely to be decided between Djokovic and Murray--very much according to form and seedings, despite all the upsets. However, Haas, Tomic, Berdych, Ferrer, and Janowicz have the potential perhaps to go all the way. I?ll be rooting for the oldest guy, and for one or both of the two youngsters to make some real noise.

jmk , 6/30/13 9:26 PM

I have to agree with Twinge's comments regarding Nole's victory over Chardy. This is not a big deal! Chardy wasn't ever going to trouble Nole. A player needs to be at his best in the second week when it counts.

I am not ready to hand the trophy over to Nole on the basis of this performance. Credit for playing high quality tennis for sure. But this match does not mean that he is a lock for the win. We should have learned by now not to get ahead of ourselves.

Andy has been looking really good, too. So there's no way I am going to write him off. We have a few dark horses still in the tournament.

I am leaning toward it being Nole and Andy in the final. Notice I said "leaning"! Nothing for sure at this point.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 9:33 PM

Don't forget zare Danica! I wasn't trying to give you a hard time.

Too bad there are only two Nole fans on TT. Would be nice to have more!

Conspirator , 6/30/13 11:26 PM

I agree. Haas/DelPo/Berdych already beat Nole on grass and I wouldn't be surprised to see DelPo and Berdych beat him again. I would be disappointed for sure. Also, Tomic is my dark horse - he performed exceedingly well in the QF against Nole two years ago, so you never know. This side of the draw looks pretty hard to me now.

On the other side, Janowicz can be dangerous for Andy. We will have to see, but I never take anything for granted. On paper, it's Nole against Andy at the end however, other combinations are feasible.

danica , 6/30/13 11:31 PM

I didn't forget about Zare ;) but it seems to me that he only appears when Nole plays. He is not constant, he doesn't get involved in other topics, and honestly and unfortunately, I see him rarely. Sampralica too. :(

I know you didn't want to give me a hard time :).

danica , 6/30/13 11:36 PM

Novak is not a natural grass court player due to the funny bounces one can get.
He like's rhythm.
Its faster (although slower by the final) than clay and gives an attacking player a chance to break through a defensive baseliners defenses and although he's improving he is still not as good at the net as say, well Andy who is the best volleyer in the tournament in my view.
if they both get to the final Andy can use his full variety of shots and throw Novak from getting into a comfortable groove and if he does this in an aggressive manner he will be tough to beat, there's no way I'm calling it for Novak regardless, if he meets Andy in the final there.
Andy will overwhelmingly have the crowd on his side which has got to count a another 10% lift as it did seemingly against Novak and Roger at the olympics.
I just think Murray is the more natural grass court player.
Yes Novak won it a few years ago but to me that's not because he is a great grass courter rather it is simply he is a great player in the white heat of his ascension
Who had also finally unlocked the key to dealing with Nadal.
Right now there are more grenades in Novak's path than Andy's but both will be dropping sets up to the final from now on i would venture and there might yet be a twist.

Twinge , 7/1/13 12:10 PM

^^Although I can't ignore the fact that potentially winning wimbledon for a brit might be a rather chokeworthy occasion too......
Lets hope Lendl can keep him grounded and he certainly has had enough experience to prepare for this should he make it (probably) to the final.

Twinge , 7/1/13 12:48 PM

After what happened today to Serena, I am definitely not giving the trophy to Nole just yet! He may be getting into really good form now, but there is too much tennis still to be played.

Somewhere on another site, there was a topic thread or blog saying that it's just a question of how many games Serena will lose on the way to the trophy. That may be women's tennis, but it shows us once again that nothing can be taken for granted. You have to go out there and win it.

I don't see Murray going anywhere. It's not necessary to play your best tennis in the fourth round. It counts at the latter stages of the tournament.

Good for Lisicki for believing that she could win. On the men's side there are players who need to believe the same thing.

Nativenewyorker , 7/1/13 8:21 PM

NNY, have to say I was disappointed to see flash backs to the Andy of old during the second set, thought he`d gotten past that now. Delpo`s on form and Ferrer still with us, should prove to be an interesting match Ferrer can run and run, think the mans on batteries! We could easily see another upset on the top half. There have been so many surprises this year and I sincerely hope AndyM doesn`t become one of them in a negative way!
Think Janowicz could be a tricky customer if they meet I`ll be behind the sofa for sure! Looks like Novak is having it all his own way here!

mojo , 7/1/13 8:52 PM

I haven't seen most of the Djokovic match but poor old tommy looks rather crestfallen & lethargic
He didn't really think he was going to win did he?
Lol oh dear!

Twinge , 7/1/13 9:16 PM

Final flurry from tommy, quite impressive
Novak looking a little tight there

Twinge , 7/1/13 9:23 PM

He's a survivor is old tommy!

Twinge , 7/1/13 9:30 PM

Twingey, JJ's serve, for whatever reason, wasn't nearly as effective against Meltzer, who had plenty of chances. So here's hoping :)

deuce , 7/1/13 9:36 PM

Scr** JJ!
I'm not going to allow these Lankey newbies to intimidate the muzz
Wow Tommy is standing up to Novak
Good for him
But he should come in more

Twinge , 7/1/13 9:39 PM

It's finally over
In some style too
Soon Conspirator will swoop down clutching his pearls..
Oh Novak is so unstoppable!
Think again
We'll done Novak.

Twinge , 7/1/13 9:48 PM


Delpo says he hurt his knee and will do his best to recuperate with a day off and be ready. But it's got to be a concern for him.

Ferrer's biggest asset is his physical strength. He just keeps on going. I didn't think he would get this far. In fact, I thought that Dolgo should have beaten him.

I didn't see Andy's match. I will have to check it out on the tennis channel replay. The bottom line is that he won. If he struggles a bit, that doesn't mean he can't win here. Just because Nole looks to be having an easy time of it doesn't mean that he is a lock for the win either.

I don't think anybody still in this tournament should take anything for granted. JJ is a real wild card here. He could be dangerous.

We might be in for a few more surprises.

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 1:18 AM

Nothing will come as a surprise after what has happened so far!

ed251137 , 7/2/13 1:25 PM


Yes, this is true!

Nativenewyorker , 7/2/13 6:39 PM

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