• Stakhovsky outnumbered by Federer and his legend

    6/28/13 1:47 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Stakhovsky outnumbered by Federer and his legend Sergiy Stakhovsky admitted that he felt "outnumbered" as he took to the court against Roger Federer in the Wimbledon second round.

    But the No. 116 outsider ignored the maths and got on with the biggest upset of his career as he ended the run of the seven-time champion.

    "You're playing the guy and then you're playing his legend which is following him because he won it seven times," said the Ukrainian who reached the third round at the grass master's expense. "He's holding all possible career records here, winning matches and everything.

    "You're playing two of them. When you're beating one, you still have the other one who is pressing you. You're saying, Am I about to beat him? Is it possible?"

    Stakhovsky, a colleague of Federer's on the ATP Player Council, called his win extraordinary. "Beating Roger here on his court, where he's a legend, is I think having definitely a special place in my career.

    "Our sport is Roger Federer, here at least I would say. He's the greatest player we had. He's the biggest name we had and we still have, thank god. And I think as a person he showed us that you don't have to be really somewhere else, you can be a decent man achieving a lot of things and still be a person which everybody admires."

    The winner was in such a daze that he did not know his next round opponent and was not immediately interested as he absorbed the biggest win of his career."

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This was the best win against Roger Federer who did play very well but Sergei played better throughout, specially when it mattered most. Federer missed badly in the big moments failing to convert big points when Sergei held firm. Rosol, Darcis and Sergei will be forgotten in no time and remain footnotes in tennis history, but they will live to tell their grandchildren that they vanquished kings on court.

newfangkc , 6/28/13 7:01 PM

"Kicked the butt of Roger Federer" I believe is how he put it, no?

Conspirator , 6/28/13 7:38 PM

Thank you Sergiy for preserving Rafa's 'REC8RD'.

nadline , 6/28/13 8:11 PM

Conspirator, 6/28/13 7:38 PM

Yes! Well said! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/13 8:16 PM

Fawning Lindt-all couldn't bring himself to mention the offending quote, @Conspirator!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 8:27 PM

end of 36 QF

rogervic , 6/29/13 1:12 PM

Fawning Lindt-all couldn't bring himself to mention the offending quote, @Conspirator!
rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 8:27 PM

If it was directed against Rafa, he would use it as the title story.

phoenix , 6/29/13 1:30 PM

Looks like Sergiy kicked rafa troll butt too! LOL! now go deep into the internet wood and cry their sorrows at the wheel-chair approaching career of claydal and sing Kumbaya!

Ajde Nole! clay-dull overtaken. Let us get the 17slams and 302 weeks. Let us dream higher. clay-dull is for claycourters like ferrer to emulate. We have Pete, Laver and Roger to emulate!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 6:09 AM

Jurgen Melzer can now tell his grandchildren that he kicked the butt of the man who kicked Roger Federer?s butt. lol

rogervic , 7/1/13 12:17 PM

Roger is getting old. so sad..

rogervic , 7/1/13 12:50 PM

Roger thought he was Rudolf Nuyerev when he saw 'Tchaikovsky' so instead of playing tennis he performed Swan Lake.

nadline , 7/1/13 1:55 PM

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