• Federer quick to move on after Wimbledon debacle

    6/28/13 1:43 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer quick to move on after Wimbledon debacle Roger Federer was digesting his epic Wimbledon second round loss 6-7(5), 7-6(5), 7-5, 7-6(5) to Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky and already plotting strategy for the future.

    Nothing will chance for the Swiss as he admits defeats and prepares for what he hopes are better days on the summer North American hardcourts.

    "It's always disappointing in losing any match, but particularly here," said Federer, who said that he plans to be back next year and is set to make a fresh start on the new surface. The third seed who had been bidding for a record eighth title at the All England club was stunned in three hours of drama on Centre court, his "home" since his first grand slam title a decade ago.

    The loss ends Federer's run of 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarter-final or better appearances (starting at 2004 Wimbledon). "This is a setback, a disappointment, I've had some great moments here, and some really tough ones. It was a tough loss today and I appreciated the standing ovation I got when I left the court.

    "I wish my streak would not have ended but I don't think I'll mourn it. I'm moving on from here."

    Added the stoic Swiss: "What do you do after something like this? The first thing is don't panic, go back to work and come back stronger. It's simple but hard to do. I usually do turnarounds pretty well, I'm hoping for a good summer and a good end of season. This what not what I was hoping for and I'm looking forward to next year. I still have many more years to come.

    "It was a tricky match but credit to him for closing it out under enormous pressure."

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this reminds me of 2002 when Pete Sampras lost to George Bastl in the 2nd round of Wimbledon this time another 7 time champion in his 30s has lost to another player ranked outside the worlds 100, Sampras was 31 and retired that year after winning the US open, Federer should accept the fact that he will now be ranked no 5 after Wimbledon which makes his task of even reaching the SF of events much harder unless he is in Ferrers quarter.

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 2:28 PM

Sorry, today's Fed will struggle against Ferru. I wouldn't be so confident that Ferru will be a gimme for Fed moving forward. He struggled against Youzhny on grass for goodness' sake...............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 2:55 PM

Stakhovsky was just Meltzered.

Conspirator , 6/28/13 6:05 PM

Yeeees! Melzer played really well, defenitely a candidate for SF.
Greets from Vienna

textor , 6/28/13 6:24 PM

Simon Barnes writes, ?It had to come some day, but the fact that it was inevitable didn?t make it any less of a shock. Roger Federer, the greatest male tennis player of all time, lost at Wimbledon. Not lost, but was humiliated, going out in the second round to a Ukrainian ranked No 116 in the world. An era ended with a great howl of disbelief yesterday evening on Centre Court.? (The Times London June 27)
The article read more like an obituary and the end of an era which are farther than the truth. Both Mr. Roger Federer and Mr. Rafael Nadal are formidable champions and are yet not in a position to relinquish their statuses in the ATP tour at least a few more years. In post match press interview Mr. Federer has stated in no uncertain terms that he would like to play many more years and why not if in good health, spirit and motivation to compete even with a few shocks. The defeat can?t be described as humiliating. There is no humiliation in a defeat where the losing player had an even contest falling marginally short of the great expectations of many who admire the player.
In fact the loss of Mr. Federer Wednesday was much less painful than the ones in the quarterfinal in 2010 on the same court against Mr. Tomas Berdych and against Mr. Robin Soderling at the French Open quarterfinal a few years ago. Mr. Federer failed to contest those matches on even terms. The most comprehensive losses of Mr. Federer were in Australian Open in 2008 against Mr. Novak Djokovich and in the Final of French Open the same year against Mr. Nadal. The return to form after that epic loss in the final of Wimbledon in 2008 and subsequent success is history.
Whether he wins another slam or not is not the point. The moot point is the gentleman is a class act, great competitor, has the skill and experience unmatched in the sport, great motivation and millions of admirers the world over. It is, therefore, a bit early to write an obituary of a legend at least as long as he has the spirit and courage to step in on the tennis courts with a racket in hand across the world. Fans around the world will always welcome the maestro on a tennis court anywhere for the mesmerizing skill and aplomb as long as he has the zeal. It is not yet time for Mr. Federer to join the Seniors? Circuit or the Legends? Series. The King is down but not dead.

newfangkc , 6/28/13 6:47 PM

textor , 6/28/13 7:17 PM

^^Halle's now a major.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 8:56 PM

Jeez, where's the respect.............

RT @SI_BTBaseline: "Melzer on playing Stakhovsky: "Go out there & show him that I'm not Roger Federer & I can return his serve & make him play tough volleys."

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 9:03 PM

^^^I haven't laughed like this for ages.

nadline , 6/28/13 9:25 PM

Federer can't retire because his endorsements go on for years to come.

nadline , 6/28/13 9:28 PM

I have this mental image of Roger on the catwalk modelling the Nike Collections around the world once he has retired.

Nadline: Surely there must be a get-out clause in his contracts in the event he stops playing on the tour. Or maybe he will simply embark on an endless round of exhibition matches.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 1:44 AM

Fed must be in shock. I bet he actually believed the PR hype that players worshipped him. Turns out Stakho thinks he thinks he is God on court and Tuna Meltzer thinks he returns like a girl! Poor Fed......

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 5:57 AM

Still can't understand why Fed's still keeping Annacone. He needs a coach to tell him how to win a 250 event?

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 6:01 AM

The tributes are pouring in. Here's another one: ger-federer/

Well, we'll have to wait and see what people say of the Spanish meat grinder in years to come.

RogFed , 6/29/13 8:59 AM

The comment from Melzer was shocking. I though he and Fed were friends being around the same age.

The comment from Sergie was not shockng. He made similar comments last year about Fed calling him 'Too Swiss', 'Too neutral' to take a stand etc. Maybe the flying backhand shot aimed at his face was in retaliation to that :-).

BTW Andy Murray has joined in and made a statement that he thinks Roger will not be dominant agan and neither consistent again and we may just see brief patches of superior play. On Rfa he said ' Dont make mistake of writing him off'. I bet Roger will not be happy if he reads that and may have something to say to Andy when they meet next :-)

British No.1 Andy Murray has said that he feels that defending Wimbledon champion Roger Federer may never again regain his levels of consistency and domination like before, following his exit from the tournament on the heels of Rafael Nadal.

According to the Scot, even though Federer still played some top-quality tennis this year, he may never be as consistent as he had been for the last decade, although the Olympic and US Open champion added that he expected his Swiss rival to bounce back from the loss and become a dangerous force at the US Open this year.

Murray further said that despite critics writing off Nadal after Wimbledon last year with his injury, he came back with a bang and made nine finals in a row, adding that with good performances from Darcis and Stakhovsky, and lack of form from Federer and Nadal, the duo had to face an early exit from the tournament.

sanju , 6/29/13 9:40 AM

Another jibe at Federer :-) by Murray in his own sweet way..hehe..indirectly telling about the scheduling advantage Roger gets :-)

I haven't played that many times on the Friday at Wimbledon, so it's a little bit new for me. I've only had the extra day of rest once or maybe twice in seven or eight years here," Murray said.

"Roger (Federer) often played on Friday. He had a pretty good record here. But I don't know if it's got anything to do with the two days off over the weekend."

sanju , 6/29/13 9:43 AM

@8:59 AM The SI piece (more an obituary than tribute) is a portent of what we can expect to read and hear in the coming months.

All over the world tennis journalists and commentators are honing their skills and drafting their own contributions in readiness for the day when Federer announces 'that's it guys'.

I've watched some emotionnal retirement ceremonies over the years but the outpouring of grief will be mind boggling and likely the GOAT when Federer departs from the tour.

Does anybody know the betting odds for when that date will be?


ed251137 , 6/29/13 10:04 AM

ed, I doubt if Fed would dream of a get out clause because he believes that he can go on and on winning for ever.

nadline , 6/29/13 10:09 AM

Time for a reality check methinks.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 10:12 AM

Fed misinterpreted the standing ovation he got on CC after his defeat; he took it as adulation when it was actually farewell. They all thought he would see sense and hang up his man bag, but Oh no, he thinks he is still at the top of his game and planning to go on for years to come.

nadline , 6/29/13 10:16 AM

I hope he doesn't cling on too long. After such a long and illustrious career it would be horrible to witness repeated sub par performances from TMF. It will be a sad day for tennis when he retires but all good things come to an end.

My other wish is that all the fans of other players show respect and do not dance on his grave.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 10:26 AM

@RogFed, yeah, that would be Fed you had in your burger!

@sanju, it's funny how a lot of Fedfans sought solace in clumping Fed and Rafa together in their obituaries after Fed was knocked out. The reality is as painted by Muzza: Fed is finished. Now watch the rest of the lower ranks feast on his poor chipped returns and that girlie SHBH.

Rafa, otoh, will be back.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 10:31 AM

My other wish is that all the fans of other players show respect and do not dance on his grave.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 10:26 AM

It's not the fans of other players you should worry about, it's the other players! Starting with Stakho and Meltzer.............

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 10:36 AM

I have a hunch Mirka will influence his decision. She has masterminded the FedExpress for years and, rather than preside over his gradual decline, will encourage him to play 'his responsibilites to his family' card.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 10:39 AM

Actually it's the Fedfans I feel for rather than Fed himself. Fed has fantastic resources at his disposal to cushion his "blows". All his fans have are their computer keyboards to vent from. I for one am going to be more forgiving when I see the vitriol, it will be serving a purpose, for good.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 11:14 AM

Hey, @RogFed, this is what a tribute looks like, not the Fed obituary you posted:

Sergiy Stakhovsky: the man who beat Federer at Wimbledon 2013

Come to think of it, have never seen one of Rosol or Darcis..............

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 12:15 PM

Everyone knows that, for whatever reason, Rafa was not at his best when he lost to Darcis. It would be foolish to take that loss seriously, given what Rafa has achieved this year whilst still recovering.

I am still sad though that he is no longer in the draw. However, Rafa has put it behind him, so I'll try and do the same.

nadline , 6/29/13 12:29 PM

Look at who is # 8 and who is # 51 : _filter:All%20categories

chr18 , 6/29/13 12:52 PM

Barnes got some real good points for rafatards:

"It had to come some day, but the fact that it was inevitable didn?t make it any less of a shock. Roger Federer, the greatest male tennis player of all time, lost at Wimbledon. "

So Roger is the Greatest. Not Nadal. While we are at this, Bolliteri claims Novak to be the most complete player ever - Not Nadal.

more from Barnes:

"Having bestrode Centre Court as an immortal for so many years, Roger Federer was suddenly made to look all too fallible"

"?He remains perhaps the greatest master of his sport any of us has seen, bestriding tennis as Don Bradman once bestrode cricket.?

I am sure the Brits remember Bradman? He is the guy whose boots your media licks on a regular basis. Even the dumbest of Brits know he is a colossus of the sport. So the rafatards' favorite writer Barnes is telling us Federer is the Greatest Icon in our sport. Not NADAL!

I am not Federer's greatest fan by any means, but there is no doubt that the guy is the Greatest player we have ever had. He has the highest winning %, highest slam count on 2 out of the 3 surfaces unlike claydal. 302 weeks at number 1.

There is no doubt whose numbers I want Novak to emulate. Roger/Sampras without a doubt. Claydal is the gold standard for spanish claycourters but not for tennis players who want to be considered Greatest. Even if novak wins 0 FO and achieves 14 slams like Sampras and gets 250 weeks at no1, he will be considered greater than claydal.

Over to rafatards to continue their stupidity. You guys can check the outside world and you will know Roger is the greatest tennis player of all time and Novak is the best player on planet right now. Claydal, as always is a champ on clay and chump off it. He has murray as a fanboy who gets it as he is a chump on clay and can relate to claydal being a chump on another surface.

novakisthebest , 6/29/13 12:57 PM

Chr18: are you telling me claydal was actually ranked 51 and not 1? According to rafatards rafaisthecrap,rafafartED, crappyrator and crapserve and new-crapper, Forbes is owned by Federer, no?

If claydal could speak like an adult, he would have owned forbes and not Roger, no? Uncle toni, can you try and buy Forbes? Please please. rafatards cannot live with this. Why is everyone saying Federer is the Greatest on court [Simon Barnes, Steve Tignor, Jon wertheim] and off-court? [Forbes, ATP fan-favorite, sportsmanship awards]

novakisthebest , 6/29/13 1:03 PM

chr18 , 6/29/13 12:52 PM

So who's #5, Kim Kardashian? I see a reality show coming!


rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 1:03 PM

ritb: I'm getting boss-eyed following the lst stage of TdeF and Verdasco v. Gulbis at the same time.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 1:08 PM

ed251137, am following TdF on TV and Wimbledon online! Froomy has already drawn blood in the neutral zone, what the hell?? Must have been too excited, forgot to pay attention and took a minor tumble..................

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 1:13 PM

#3 is Spielberg and # 15 is woods, an immoral person but a great athlete.

I am sure rafatardsarethebest is thinking about Kardashian because the claydal injury reality telivison is officially hitting the screens this USO. just like last year.

Great stats from another site:

claydal in last 4 non-clay slams : 2round, faking injury, faking injury, 1st round. 1 title in almost 3 years outside clay. CLAYDAL is the greatest. LOL!

novakisthebest , 6/29/13 1:14 PM

Another post from the x-blog, which the rafatards adore!

ATP has an article on a commemorative book on no.1. In that article, they got quotes from - Sampras, Roger and Djokovic. guess they are looking at Novak to carry on the legacy of Sampras/Federer and not claydal. LOL!

ATP acknowledging claydal's one-surface game in their own way.

Good to know rafabots have not filtrated into the ATP yet. LOL!

novakisthebest , 6/29/13 1:24 PM

Last time I heard Nole has only 1 grass GS and ZERO on clay can he be the more complete player than Rafa?

phoenix , 6/29/13 1:39 PM

RT @SI_BTBaseline: "Interesting talk from Tomic: Thinks Federer was happy when Nadal lost and "I think he got ahead of himself, then things turned around."

I think the word Tomic was looking for was: karma.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 1:44 PM

Why is 'novakisthebest' talking aout Fed and defending Fed. His entire post was on Fed..haha..caught u

Further proves that novakisthebest,JamesDjokovisFan and Fedkovic are the same guy. Check the way they write..exactly similar :-)

sanju , 6/29/13 4:34 PM

The rafa fans on this site are a disgrace to rafa. It is sad that such a great man can inspire such evil feelings in people.

Do you remember what Nadal said when Federer beat him 6-3, 6-0 in world tour finals? go watch interview again.. he says - there are times when federer plays in a zone, and there is not much you can do when he does that. If he plays like that, he can win every match.

Roger's 2006 french open final 1st set is an example. And yes, Roger used to play at such a high level for years and Nadal was the only one who stood upto him. They have great respect for each other. Do not diminish or degrade Nadal/Federer just because you don't like Federer/Nadal

It is very easy to accept that Federer is the best player on Grass -7slams, Hardcourt 9 slams and indoors. [6WTF titles]. He is the master of No.1 ranking.

Nadal is the greatest clay court player of all time 8 and counting, he is the master of masters [24 and counting] and has dominated both his rivals. [Murray will have to achieve more to be considered a rival].

There, I said it. We can all agree on that without getting into gutter language and demeaning yourselves and the player you are supposedly, supporting.

Grow up guys. You are not 5 years old. Behave like adults like Federer and Rafa do.

Sherlock , 6/29/13 5:03 PM

The rafa fans on this site are a disgrace to rafa. It is sad that such a great man can inspire such evil feelings in people.
, 6/29/13 5:03 PM

You proved you are a Fed fan by talking about Rafa fans but not making a comment on the actual gutter - the rabid Fed fans on this site. What Rafans say about Fed is 10% of what Fed fans on this site talk about Rafa. Stick around more and read before passing judgement and if you wanna, atleast be fair rather than going all out and preaching (which I agree with what you said except the 1st 2-3 sentences)

sanju , 6/29/13 5:15 PM

You proved you are a Fed fan by talking about Rafa fans but not making a comment on the actual gutter - the rabid Fed fans on this site.
sanju , 6/29/13 5:15 PM

Well spotted @sanju. You hit the nail on the head. This is part of the hydra, very soon the mask will fall off and he will start speaking in the same voice.

This is a seriously sick individual.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 5:29 PM

I will go out on a limb here, Stakhovsky does not like Federer. His departing tweet:

?Flying out of London on the wing of @FlySWISS?awkward?

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 5:44 PM

Wow dolgo really hitting the ball hard with so much control mixing it up with very aggressive backspin against Ferru.

As with any former great, the game of tennis has made Fed's style, while very pretty, now quite obviously obsolete.

Is it just me or does Dolgo look a lot like Martina Hingis?

#WouldYouLikeToDoTheDancingsWothMeMar tina?

Conspirator , 6/29/13 8:12 PM

Simon is a cricket commentator and he does not know that many cricketers had overtook him as the greatest and one of them is yet hang his bat across the ocean even at 40. But cricket is not a game of individuals. So his take is not at all important.

I personally think the skill, capability and dedication of Roger Federer is something we will come to know when he thinks and does hang his racket.

Till then people should just shut up and wait.

newfangkc , 6/29/13 8:24 PM

Twinge , 6/29/13 8:33 PM

If Bradman was the greatest batsman, Headdly,Sobers,Hobbs,Javed,Sachin,Rahul,Boycot ET ALL were not jokers. Nobody outside the British Isles and their colonies believe that he was the best. Sir Alexander Vivian Andy Richards is and will continue to be the best batsman ever to walk in a cricket pitch anywhere in the world and so is Mister Roger Federer in tennis till someone comes up and show us the MAJESTY. Bradman scored a hopeless duck in his last official match, Roger has not been handed a bagel on the green yet. Looking forward to Rio.

newfangkc , 6/29/13 8:40 PM

Simply ENOUGH with the babbling newfang!
No one cares about your drunken nonsense, it's Saturday night so we will soon all be drunk and there you go!
Go out and have a good time dear boy\girl.
And leave the past behind....

Twinge , 6/29/13 8:45 PM

Nole 2.0 in da house!

Just one (1) unforced error and serving for the match.

Still my pick to win Wimby.


Conspirator , 6/29/13 8:54 PM

He's always your pick Conspirator...
But Andy won't do a Nadal, so don't worry about any of that!

Twinge , 6/29/13 9:01 PM

No I believe it was you, not me, that picked Nole for the French, no?


Conspirator , 6/29/13 9:28 PM

My goodness is every Nadal fan still sore about that here!?
It's only me!
And anyway had it been the final I might have had a point......
But Do know what?
In retrospect I think it's best that Rafa remains the CCK for the time being..
Taking the bigger picture kind of perspective

Twinge , 6/29/13 10:02 PM

Ha ha no you could have picked crap20 to win the French for all I care.

I was just addressing your incorrect statement regarding me always picking Nole.


Conspirator , 6/29/13 11:59 PM

I think it's hilarious that the hydra with the screen name novakisthebest is singing Fed's praises to the heavens! I also love the ignorance of the past greats in this sport. Rod Laver would be the real GOAT, if I believed in it at all. What about Borg? Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson?

Ooh I forgot! That was decades ago, so we really shouldn't care about them at all.


You are spot on @ 4:34 pm! Also, there is a Danny Morris posting on tennis-x who has posted almost the same comments verbatim! This creature is popping up all over the place. Lacking a real life, perhaps?

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 3:09 AM

As some one said, rafa trolls are cannibals. they will eat up their own if the person doesn't shove their head up rafa's @ss like new-crapper and crappyrator and rafaisthecrap do!

Andy is definitely not a one-surface pony like claydal. He knows which is the most important tournament in the world. Hence he is still in the tournament, while claydull is busy sobbing in uncle toni's lap!

boo hooooooooo!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 6:43 AM

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 3:09 AM

Danny Morris/JamesDjokovicFan/novakisthebest/Fedkovic23/Sherlock

They are one and the same person. No need to stress. Just ignore him. Even on tennis-x the sane posters, including Fedfans, just ignore him.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 8:17 AM can't argue with people who are in a perpetual "war", with themselves. All they want is to draw you into their orbit of self-destruction.


rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 8:44 AM


You were on the Rafa thread where all the fun happened. This hydra just blew a head gasket and had a full on meltdown! Got caught in a lie and was outed.

Have you seen mem on tennis-x? She doesn't post that often but when she does, it's great! So now the hydra/troll is calling me mem! He also keeps bringing up deuce and Jane. What a gossip monger. Usually guys don't engage in that kind of thing, but this one just can't keep his mouth shut.

A very angry, unhappy person. You are right about misery loves company.

It's okay. Thanks for the reminder. I had my fun and now I am done. It was entertaining for a while to watch this creature try to dig himself out, but it's not worth continuing to engage with such a disturbed, hostile individual.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 9:33 AM

Oh don't worry, he has also clumped me with other posters over there, hyra-style. I just ignore him, no matter how scandalous his accusations. It's all designed to get a rise, and I ain't biting!

Although the Rafans who post over there are few, a lot of them are good, rational posters. @mem is one of them. I pay attention to her posts, I just ignore the hydra.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 10:04 AM

......btw, I would take being mistaken for @mem as a compliment, she is an intelligent poster!

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 10:06 AM


I agree about being mistaken for mem! I said on the other topic thread that I love her posts. She doesn't seem to post very often there. But when she does, she makes it count! Mem doesn't back down and doesn't take any crap. She is blunt and to the point.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 10:16 AM

@nny, no she does not post as often as she used to but she does "listen" and posts now and then, like we all do. Just like we have learnt here on TT, it is good to take breaks now and then!

However, you can't keep a good woman down!

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 10:24 AM

Old mug Davydanko 4 - 0 hayday nadal by hard court.

rogervic , 7/1/13 12:36 PM

sorry for Roger. good luck for hard court season.

rogervic , 7/1/13 12:40 PM

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