• Stakhovsky over Federer concludes carnage at Wimbledon

    6/26/13 10:41 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Stakhovsky over Federer concludes carnage at Wimbledon One of the most bizarre days in Wimbledon history ends with Roger Federer going down to Sergiy Stakhovsky in four sets. Stakhovsky's upset win on Wednesday sends him through to a third-round date with Jurgen Melzer.

    Misery loves company, and Rafael Nadal now has it on the Wimbledon sidelines.

    Two days after Nadal tumbled out of the tournament in round one, Wednesday delivered what has to be one of the most surprising 10-hour stretches in tennis history. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and John Isner both retired, Marin Cilic withdrew, Maria Sharapova lost on the women's side, and--most shocking of all--Roger Federer saw his streak of 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals come to an end.

    World No. 116 Sergiy Stakhovsky stunned Federer 6-7(5), 7-6(5), 7-5, 7-6(4) during second-round action at the All-England Club. Stakhovsky needed exactly three hours to set up an entirely unexpected meeting with Jurgen Melzer.

    Story to come....

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I didn't see the match but the result leads me to one of two conclusions:
1. Fed has just gotten too old to play great tennis, in which case he should retire, my opinion only.
2. His back is still a problem, in which case he should seek some alternative treatment. If that doesn't wok then he should retire. Sad but true :(

chr18 , 6/26/13 11:42 PM

chr18, I watched the whole match. Stakhosky came up with EXQUISITE net play...his volleying and gutsy net approaches and traditional grass court tennis was amazing..he stole rhythm from fed...fed did NOT play the big points as well as he usually does at wimby ..did not look like the king of grass today...

vamosrafa , 6/27/13 12:37 AM

Thanks for the feedback. I don't remember seeing Stak play on grass so I didn't expect this at all. There are a few guys going forward that I thought may be a challenge but I never saw Stak as one of them. Oh well I suppose if Fed is going to stick around he could always sign up for Newport as he'll be needing the points now lol.

chr18 , 6/27/13 12:53 AM

just wanted to make a point... people talk about how federer would have benefit from fast conditions and how he could be equally superior on the very fast it was clear fed is also a baseliner...his strength like always is his baseline game and even with this 'slow' grass, a traditional grass courter like stakhosky handily defeated him..

Besides, i am not sure why players are so scared to adopt stakhosky's style of play..sure the surfaces have been slowed up, the superior racket+string technology allows for easier passing shots and bigger return of serves BUT, the serve and volleyers can also take adv of the superior technology ! now don't today's rackets and strings provide a MUCH better feel? players can hit better drop volleys and punch thru their volleys with less effort too and with the new tech players serve bigger and better than ever with more spin too ! The negatives for the traditional grass courters might be greater but as stakhosky showed today, its still very possible to play super tennis with this style of play ! players have just lost the willingness and hope .. I am damn sure the ridiculous high backhand overhead smash winners beautifully executed by nadal-federer nowadays wont even be really possible with those old rackets...


vamosrafa , 6/27/13 12:54 AM

LOL...fed must be really upset...this was GRASS, he is the king of grass....would have been a really bad feeling not playing his best on big points... he might drop as low as no.7 after wimby... WTF qualification in danger?

vamosrafa , 6/27/13 12:57 AM

Sympathies to the Fedfans. I didn't see the match - am on the road - but from what I can glean sounds like Fed didn't play that badly, just not brilliantly, and ran into a 'perfect storm'.

As for retirement, Federer has more than earned the right to retire whenever he jolly well feels like it. Which he said in his presser won't be for quite a few years yet. Champions are stubborn. Deal with it. For the record I'm a Nadal fan(atic) but I would not have minded seeing Federer win his 8th Wimbly since Rafa is out of it.

Ramara , 6/27/13 1:15 AM

Must be something in Wimbledon's water supply

ts38 , 6/27/13 1:16 AM

RetireretireretiretireRetireretireretiretireRetireretireretiretireReti reretireretiretireRetireretire
In case you didn't get my point..

Twinge , 6/27/13 1:17 AM

'For the record I'm a Nadal fan(atic) but I would not have minded seeing Federer win his 8th Wimbly since Rafa is out of it...'

You're probably NEVER going to get what you want.
From either side of Fedal.
So sorry!

Twinge , 6/27/13 1:20 AM

@ Twinge,

I hope ure not talking as if Rafa does not have more slams in him?! There is still US Open and Australian which I would like to see him win!!..............and just wait, he will!!!


Monalysa , 6/27/13 1:45 AM

Well I hate creepy, entitled old Fedal fans like ramara
However as it is you I will say that Rafa is surely the fave for FO 14!
The AO?...less so
The USO?!
Lets not go there darling

Twinge , 6/27/13 1:51 AM

Right now, I dont think ANYONE knows whats going to happen for the rest of the season and the coming seasons!!! As we saw today, so many surprises can occur and the fact that I would like Rafa to win two other hard court GS does not mean that it will happen, but it does not mean that it will not happen either even if others dont think so!!!

So, I am happy to be looking forward to the rest of the season and I wish Rafa well!!


Monalysa , 6/27/13 2:05 AM

We can't predict the future but we can act logically when presented with the facts surely!
Rafa is DONE as a force, certainly he will never be number one again
Lets see how his health holds up and hope he can make it to next years FO
Please be realistic, or are you some kind of Helen Keller type person?
As a Muzz fan I've learned that the truth is always the best
It frees the mind and spirit
Maybe I'm hard but why have unrealistic expections that will surely be bitterly disappointed in the future?
Fedal are nearly done,
Both sides!

Twinge , 6/27/13 2:23 AM

Fedal may be done Twingy, but Nadal is far from it, and the only reason you think he might be is because you are not a fan and know not what he is made of. As a Murray fan you've finally got to bang your drum a little bit this year, but after the USO (if not before) you-ll be back to pulling hair. Count on it.

Maya , 6/27/13 3:02 AM

Oh really?
Oh dear!
And yet somehow, I doubt it!
My take is neither of Fedal have a chance during or after the USO (and if one does for a time, so what?)
Do you also know that women age like dogs too?
I'm guessing the demolition order has already been passed on your ass
Not too many chances you see,
For sure!
But let's hear it for imaginary boyfriends for ugly girls eh?
Oh well

Twinge , 6/27/13 3:13 AM

Compare the reactions of Fed fans to Rafa's loss and that of Rafa's fans to this loss and you will see who's got class. I'm supposed to dance on Fed's carcass as I promised brothdog but I just can't...

phoenix , 6/27/13 3:32 AM

Laughing now, arrogant crap20 over Rafa's loss? You were 'laughing' when Rafa lost, worrying about what excuse he's going to give. Now you're giving excuses? Too old? You are beyond disgusting!

Will we get a Stakhovsky 'poem', redneck homophobe?

jean , 6/27/13 3:33 AM

Now we get to watch the shot makers and thirty somethings like Rusty, Fed and Haas show the younger guys how to play on grass.

crap20, 6/25/13 3:17 AM

jean , 6/27/13 3:37 AM

sthakovsky played great grass court match. totally deserved. congrats.

rfzr , 6/27/13 3:48 AM

At least Fed had his early round losses when he should have had them : early in his career before he arrived and now well past his prime when he has no business winning a GS anyway. It's not like he lost early in the prime of his career at age 26-27 at any GS.

You see how someof the arrogant Nadal fans are still bragging despite a first round exit? Predicting wins at USO and AO no less. It is possible but talk about bad timing to talk tough lol.

Post it if you have proof I said I was laughing after Nadal lost.

chr18 , 6/27/13 4:20 AM

I don't think Federer was beaten as soundly as it might look. Looking at the match stats: Total points: 162-161; aces: 17-16; 1st serves 66% to 72%. But the following stats are the killer: Break points won 29% - 13 %; Winners 72-57: UE 17-14.
Stakhovsky just hit a lot of winners and won so many points at net. It was a great display of grass court tennis, as was Darcis'. Uncharacteristically, Fed lost a lot of the key points, didn't really come to net.
Vamosrafa is right; even Federer is a baseliner, or at least knows he can defeat basically everyone off the line if he is patient enough. But the passes did not come today. I'm disappointed he didn't try to change or adpat during the match. The draw seemed wide open for him to get to a SF. Now murray seems a lock...
Federer always plays poorly after Nadal exits early...I remember the 5 setter vs Haas at the FO 09; Benneteau '12 in Wimbledon, for example.

Bharata , 6/27/13 4:39 AM

It was beautiful to watch the classic serve n volley tennis from Statoschy. The volleys from Statoschy were pure class and what serving.

It also clearly showed that any of our so called Top 4 can be beaten with this serve n volley tennis. I was surprised to see Fed not adjusting and changing his game plan to this style of play on his fav court. Maybe he forgot what to do as he may not have played a serve n volleyer from ages

Rafa fans are hopng for good results at USO, AO and nothing wrong with that. However if you are dead sure that only Djoko or Murray will win USO, AO..tats rubbish...Nothing is cast in stone here.

And neither Murray or Djoko have won the title yet in Wimby , anything can happen.

sanju , 6/27/13 7:12 AM

Stakhovsky was brilliant. Even from the baseline. Roger was breaking down in EVERY rally, 4-5 shots into it and out comes a shank from nowhere (and that's become a pattern these days). Couldn't take his chances either, played poorly on the big points.
But I doubt Stakhovsky would have had similar success against a DHBH player. Roger's ROS just wasn't good enough.

xrf , 6/27/13 7:48 AM

Federer actually played much better than he's done lately but Sergio was even better. Sergio said it was like having 2 opponents, Federer and his ego. That's very telling.

There are still some dangerous players left lurking around so I don't think anyone is safe. Hoping that an outsider gets a chance to kiss the trophy this year.

For me, I am soooooooooooo happy that the FedUps have have had to shut up for a bit.

#Goats hate grass ;)

tethys , 6/27/13 9:32 AM

XRF - He shanked far less in this match, he played better here than he played all year. His serving was very good. Just that Sergie was far better in the match.

sanju , 6/27/13 9:45 AM

Just stopped by to offer my commiserations to @sky and @sabs. This too shall pass.

............................................................. .............................................................

At least Fed had his early round losses when he should have had them : early in his career before he arrived and now well past his prime when he has no business winning a GS anyway. It's not like he lost early in the prime of his career at age 26-27 at any GS.
chr18 , 6/27/13 4:20 AM

Hold on tightly to that warm blanket, there's more chilly weather on the horizon.

For the record, Jon Wertheim disagrees with you: Which is bigger: The Federer or Nadal upset?

Wertheim: I would say Federer's upset. Given Nadal was coming off a spectacular French Open victory on clay, his loss was certainly shocking. But Nadal lost in the early rounds at Wimbledon last year, and this is the first time since the George W. Bush years that Federer has lost this early at Wimbledon. Federer just doesn't lose these kinds of matches at a major, especially at Wimbledon, which he's won seven times.

Read More: federer-loses/#ixzz2XOx81AWc

Makes more sense than your gibberish. And btw, Rafa has never lost in the 2nd round on his favourite surface. You all tell us ad infinitum that Rafa is just a clay court specialist, well then it should not be a surprise if he loses early on non clay surfaces.

Fed is supposed to be a grass court specialist, so why is he losing this early on his favourite surface?

.......................................................... ..............................................................

Btw, chr18, I have a new verb to add to my collection of English words: Stakhed. No, I did not invent it, Tiggy did. RCDc

So, according to your hare-brained theories and logic, Fed must have tanked his match against Stakho to save himself for...................Wimby 2014?

............................................................. ...........................................................

@brothd og, I hear you were wondering where I was. Well, I am wondering where YOU are. I don't expect you to understand, but I don't like filth, the kind sprayed by your fellow Fedfans all over this site. So I choose to distance myself from it while you and your kind (Fedfans) enjoy swimming in it, your kind seems to like muck. Just read the posts from your fellow Fedfans.

Something for you to ponder during your next visit:

Rafa is the UNDISPUTED King of Clay. He is the UNDISPUTED Clay GOAT. Fed is nowhere near this conversation.

Roger is King of what? Not grass, he is tied with Sampras for Wimby titles. Hard Court? Now, Djokovic and Murray will have something to say about that, no? Still a lot to play for on that front. As for GOAThood, that is disputed. Some people say Fed is GOAT, some say Laver is. Oh, and Rafa is in the GOAT conversation too...........

How can Fed be a GOAT when he cannot even be the best on his favourite surface?

Another sobering thought: Fed is now officially #6 or #5 in the rankings post Wimby, sure to tumble further in August after the Olympics points come off. Stakho and Co. will be salivating at the prospect of meeting him early!

Rafa is back in the Top 4, will the prospect of only gaining points till February next year.

I am feeling preeeeety good about life these days, I know Rafa is!

Take care, and all the best. Off to cheer on El Pistolero in the TdF!

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 10:27 AM

I think he said Federer and his legend.
Yeah according to the stats I guess, but that's how it appeared. Maybe it's hard being objective as a fan. Or maybe it's just that last backhand shank etched into my brain! :D

xrf , 6/27/13 10:39 AM

Beautiful grass court game played by Stakhovsky. So happy to see a guy playing the S & V game, however low his ranking is, and beating the current grass court goat with it. Got to hand it to Stakhovsky, for not faltering even when break points down, never lost faith and kept going for it to the very end. Well done!

Agree with both sanju and vamosrafa. Fed played well but not well enough to counter Stak's effective S&V game. Fed didnt win all those critical points, especially those break points when he had his chances; a Fed at his peak would've taken those chances, however few they were. The fast grass in week one of Wimbledon may be the best time for the S & V guys to succeed, I'm wondering why Llodra doesn't do better here on grass with his beautiful S & V game. I remember him winning at Eastbourne one year and causing Roddick all sorts of problems at Wimbledon the same year, but he didnt have the consistency to finish the job and lost in the end.

I think this loss is more shocking than that of Rafa's, given Fed's record here and he's the defending champion; and his ridiculous record of not losing before the QF stage at the slams for so... long! Its such an irony, that his great run of his QF streak had begun at Wimbledon 2004 and had to end here too at Wimbledon, in 2013.

Rafa looked hesitant in getting to the balls in his match vs Darcis, might be afraid of slipping and falling and hurting his knees on the still slippery grass. Even if he had won the match, he would not go far this year at Wimbledon imo.

luckystar , 6/27/13 11:14 AM

I think he said Federer and his legend.
xrf , 6/27/13 10:39 AM

No, he said "Federer and his ego". It is the media who interpreted (rightly I guess) and reported it to mean Federer and his legend. Makes you wonder though that a man who speaks 5 languages (as per report) can make an obvious mistake.

phoenix , 6/27/13 11:36 AM

Two things struck me, yes Stak played beautifully but he also looked much faster round the court than Fed and Fed's forehand was shanking all over the place.

deuce , 6/27/13 11:44 AM

sanju this was what Sergio said and I saw it live

"When you play Roger Federer at Wimbledon, it?s like you?re playing two persons. First you play Roger Federer and then you play his ego." vsky-brings-down-the-legend-and-his-ego-909121.html

nadline , 6/27/13 12:13 PM

I watched the match.I thought Starkovsky played well but Federer was quite poor, barely hit any passing shots and didn't really changed his tactics much, not even gonna mention his shanking, something which should be alot rarer for a top level player. I think if Starkovsky had played Murray, Djokovic, Ferrer, or Nadal close to top form he would have lost, he was good but Federer did little to change that.

rbennett , 6/27/13 12:23 PM

nadline , 6/27/13 12:13 PM

Noone can convince me Stakho choice of words was accidental. The man is educated, multi-lingual and cultured. This was Stakho speaking from the heart and reveals what the locker room really thinks about Fed. But these pros are not stupid either, they know which side their bread is buttered. They will offer canned platitudes in the public eye but when their guard drops, as it did for Stakho yesterday, the truth comes out.

Still, expect them to vote for Fed for the Stefan Edberg award later in the year.

But now we know what they REALLY think about him..........

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 2:13 PM

Well said, Rafaisthebest. Federer played at his normal level. The stats show it, he hit only 13 unforced errors and 57 winners. Rafa on the other hand, hit 24 UE's in just 3 sets. Stakho showed that he does not have the amount of respect for Federer that made guys like Benneteau choke in the past. He went for it and showed that the real GOAT does not come from Basel!

JBeer , 6/27/13 2:24 PM

Of course Federer will win the Stefan Edberg award because they'll out him up against no opposition like Tobias Kamke and Pablo Lorenzi as they do.

nadline , 6/27/13 2:37 PM

Pity we would not have a Darcis v Stakhovsky match up for bragging rights on whose opponent was stronger

vmk1 , 6/27/13 2:40 PM

It's easier to just put Nadal and Fed against eachother. That actually happened 30 times and Rafael Nadal, the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) won 20 times.

JBeer , 6/27/13 2:42 PM

Expect to see a proliferation of new posters with monikers such as Federray, Muzzaisthebest, as Fedfans cosy up to Muzza and his fans in a desperate attempt to open another anti-Rafa front (as they have done with Novak), hoping Muzza and Novak can work in tandem to stop Rafa accumulating more Slams since Fed cannot do so himself now.

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 2:49 PM

Andy Murray was right- Federer and Nadal can't go on wining for ever.
But this match was very close, three breaks and three tiebreaks. Fed served well, played well but missed on big points. His unforced error count was not bad at all but a few of them were very costly. His returns were not good and some of his shot placements were anticipated very well by his opponent who played a little better at important moments. It was to happen a day and it happened yesterday. Can he bounce back? Who knows? Only time will tell the truth.

newfangkc , 6/27/13 3:07 PM

thank you for your commiserations zare, rafaisthebest, and anyone else I might have missed


It was beautiful to watch the classic serve...The volleys from Statoschy were pure class...

sanju , 6/27/13 7:12 AM

Stakhovsky was brilliant for sure. I would have loved to see the FED play more of the same (serve, and volley), but it was not to be. It may not have made any difference anyway. Stakhovsky was an ace all around. He was perhaps unbeatable on this day no matter who had played him... It will be interesting to see him much further Stakhovsky will take it. If he can sustain what he did yesterday, on that level, who is to know...?! As for the FED, you got to love him FEDfans! Yet he will Lose, and he will Win. That's the nature of sport, the tennis that we love. Love you FED. C'MON!!! :)

sky , 6/27/13 3:11 PM

This year's wimbledon has brought with it so many surprises than any GS i can think about now.I couldn't see the match and i opened my mouth so wide in shock a plane could've entered my mouth at the shock of the news.Well,hard luck to fed and i'm really glad rafa is back to #4 even when he left unceremoniously in the first round.Looking forward to USO.

Getty8 , 6/27/13 3:13 PM


As a Rafan, my turn to ask you how comfortable it is having your feet in your mouth? hahahahhaha

I am sure it's hard for you to cope up this loss of your man because the way you talk, so certain and no precausion and that loss surely make you feel miserable and you deserved it hahahahahaha.

I am the happeniest tennis fan I guess.

Raindrops , 6/27/13 5:55 PM

Feet in their mouths WHILE their head is up their a$$es.

#KarmasABiotchAintItThou gh?

Conspirator , 6/27/13 6:14 PM

Q. After the match you said something like, When you play Roger Federer, you play two Roger Federers, the player and the ego. What did you mean by that?
SERGIY STAKHOVSKY: Well, every player, when you step on the court, when I step on the court, the first round I played Dutra Silva. I played Dutra Silva. Some Brazilian people know him and know he's playing good on clay.
Here, when you come here, on the cover of the Wimbledon book, we don't have it here, is Roger Federer. You're playing the guy and then you're playing his legend, which is following him because he won it seven times. He's holding all possible career records here, I think, winning matches and everything. You're playing two of them.
When you're beating one, you still have the other one who is pressing you. You're saying, Am I about to beat him? Is it possible?

I hope that is clear enough.

xrf , 6/27/13 6:31 PM

Would you all stop saying Fedfans are like this Rafafans are like that, we're all the same underneath this silliness, we all like tennis but we like different players, who cares! All Fedfans don't have certain traits and all Rafafans don't have tcertain traits. So let's stop pretending they do because of the behaviour of a select few and let's get along! That means everyone - behave yourselves!

rbennett , 6/27/13 6:33 PM

rogervic , 6/27/13 7:31 PM

@PseudoFed: My withdrawal from Wimbledon mbledon/

"I made a lot of perplextions as the day went on. Staff informed Me that everybody was withdrawing from the tournament and, being the team player that I am, I thought these were new rules created by the ATP and AELTC ( All England Law, Tennis and Croquet Clubs). I promptly decided to lose. I want to make the confirmations that I don?tslip have an injury, nor did I do the slippings over and show My undergarments like Maria Sugarpova, I just decided to lose because I thought this is what we were all doing.

As you can imagine, well, you can?t imagine because you?ve never done it, so I will tell you. During a match you have no idea what is happening in the world. So it was only after the match that staff promptly advised Me that not everybody was playing the withdrawals game."

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 7:49 PM

Raindrops: fully agreed! I am not one to celebrate losses but the one of yesterday is exactly what was necessary for all those mean tunnel visioned Fed fans to face the facts. The nonsense mantra of Fed the Goat has been going on for too long. It was rather repulsive from the start, in the latter stages of the Weak Era (note: even before Nadal was around, Fed himself, although 20+, was among the weaklings, failing at RG). It's basically the disrespect for the achievements of other players and the combi of ignorance and arrogance that resulted in this widespread huge dislike for Federer, all over the web. He embraced the Goat mantra and started even to use it himself (!). The defeat of yesterday was as welcome as Rafa's 8th RG. It's humiliations like this that will put him in the right historical place. One of the greats, however overshadowed by the greatest.

JBeer , 6/27/13 8:21 PM



Conspirator , 6/27/13 8:38 PM

Stakhovsky kept Federer off balance with an array of serve-and-volley artistry, almost playing Federer-like at times.

?He was uncomfortable to play against,? he said. ?I think he served and volleyed really well. It was difficult to get into that much rhythm clearly against a player like that. But I don?t mind it, to be quite honest, playing an opponent like that. I mean, I think he did really well. I struggled maybe on the big points, you know, this time around again, like I have for some time this season.

?It was tricky. But credit to him for closing it out under enormous pressure. He was better in the more important points today than I was.?

Federer won?t be higher than No. 5 in the new rankings and the loss further signals a decline in which he?s won just one title in the last 10 months, and will now going into the summer hardcourts without a Grand Slam in 52 weeks.

?Right now this is a setback, a disappointment, whatever you want to call it,? said Federer. ?But then overall I think I played great eight months ago at the World Tour Finals, I played great at the Australian Open. If things would have gone my way, maybe I could have done a bit more.

?Overall I think I?ve been playing actually not so bad, like some have portrayed it. Season?s not over here. Only just in the middle. Still have a lot of tennis left. That?s what I try to use for a good end to the season.?

After taking the opening set, Federer failed to win another against the 116th ranked Ukraine. And now almost 32, will Federer ever add to his 17 Grand Slam haul?

?Well, what do you do after something like this?? Federer said. ?What do you do? Do you do the 24-hour rule? You don?t panic at this point, that?s clear. Just go back to work and come back stronger really.
Somewhat simple. Hard to do sometimes.

?I?m looking forward to what?s to come. I hope I can play a good summer, a good end to the season. This is clearly not what I was hoping for here today at this tournament. Unfortunately it does happen. Looking forward to next year, that I can do better next year.

?I still have plans to play for many more years to come.?

rogervic , 6/28/13 12:31 AM

Well said Roger , class act,

rogervic , 6/28/13 12:36 AM

Old mug Davydanko ?4?- ?0 hayday nabull by hard court.
Loll funny

rogervic , 6/28/13 12:43 AM

Well said Roger , class act

rogervic , 6/28/13 12:36 AM


sky , 6/28/13 2:55 AM

you mean it's classy to intentionally hit your opponent with the ball? it's not illegal but i don't think it's classy.

phoenix , 6/28/13 7:23 AM

Roger should sack Annacone. He hired him to combat Rafa and that clearly hasn't worked. OK so Roger went back to #1 for a brief period but that was sans Rafa in the mix.

tethys , 6/28/13 10:46 AM

Fed hired Annacone to combat Rafa? That's a bit OTT no, @ tethys. But I agree with your overall assessment, on the basis of this season's performance so far, Annacone should be gone.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 11:45 AM

You have to think that at the time Roger hired Paul, Rafa was the only one who beat him regularly. Chris Fowler actually suggested this to Rafa at the time.

Here's someone else who thinks the same. I think it's pretty obvious. This is from the AO website:

Then Fowler asked a strange question, wondering how Nadal felt about the nefarious Roger Federer hiring Paul Annacone, supposedly with the sole purpose of helping the Swiss beat Nadal. (I assumed Roger was like me, and still getting over his 2009 loss to Julien Benneteau in Paris.)

Rafa just squinted and said: ?We will see. Roger is not my problem right now. My problem is the next round.?

(And why is a player supposed to hire a coach, exactly? To open the balls? There goes Roger with his gamesmanship, again.) wanska-racquet-mishap-best-for-last/#ixzz2XVOpNjPd

tethys , 6/28/13 12:30 PM

thank you for being nice phoenix. needs to be more people like you on this site. It's the end of an era for sure. I'm gutted for Roger deep dpen I think he knows he doesn't have what it takes any more. Still, I will always support and believe in him. No matter what, hope muzza goes on now. No doubt it is his and Novaks time to share the slams outside RG.

brothdog , 6/29/13 9:41 AM

How well Melzer returned against Stakh, especially in set 3 & 4.
Roger made Stakh look good, he dont have a return game now.
Any top 50 is better than Roger in the ROS.

And Roger still argue that his game is good, Fans are not blind.

sabs , 6/29/13 10:10 AM

sabs , 6/29/13 10:10 AM

You are a true TENNIS fan, not just a Fedfan. You have refused to partake of the FedKoolAid and called it as it is. Your post above reflects this. This is not hatred towards Fed on my part, it's the truth. While some have sought solace in demeaning Rafa and his accomplishments as a coping mechanism rather than face the truth about Fed, you have not been afraid to look the truth in the eye.

For me, the defining sentence in your post is:

"Any top 50 is better than Roger in the ROS."

And this is what Meltzer menat in his comments before playing Stakho. Unfortunately Fed is blinded by his ego, and the blind adulation he has received from his fanbase.

I see more tears on the horizon.................

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 10:45 AM

'Fed is blinded by his ego, and the blind adulation he has received from his fanbase.'

His 'I couldn't believe the talent that flowed out from me' ego is a major factor but more than fan adulation it has been the sycophantic treatment by the press, the tournament organisers who pander to him at every turn, and the fawning treatment from sponsors who pay obscene amounts of money for his patronage that contributed to his overweening sense of self.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 11:10 AM

^^^the press has never behaved as they should towards Fed, they have been partisan, fans really. For me, they have been the backbone of the Fedfan base.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 11:18 AM

Where is seventeen gone? She's not seen at TT lately. This is the great time to torture her along with her lunatic sisters rogervic fedkovic jameskovic and their queen pantyless pissy odor scoretracker haha.

If may I use your own words fedfarts ... imagine Roger, the defending champion get trampled at the 2nd round by a player ranked outside 100. Now we are burying you fedfarts on the same hole you digged for Rafans hahaha.

Raindrops , 6/29/13 11:41 AM

Even Murray is speaking out, observing that Federer always has Fridays off. There is evidently resentment in the locker room about Federer being 'helped' along his way by tour organizers.

nadline , 6/29/13 11:44 AM

Raindrops: We've enjoyed a mainly peaceful 60 hours. So please don't start stirring up the hornets' nest no matter how tempted you are ;-)

ed251137 , 6/29/13 11:49 AM

And the hits keep coming:

RT @AmyFetherolf: "Why any Federer fan would take offense at anything Tomic or Melzer said about him is beyond me. He's not above criticism. Newsflash: returning serve isn't Federer's strength. And he may have gotten ahead of himself."

So it appears Tomic has also thrown a grenade at Fed. Now, I remember during the Australian Open Tomic saying Fed was his idol, and that he had posters of Fed on his bedroom wall! Clearly those were canned PR platitudes, privately he can't stand Fed.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 12:01 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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