• Nadal comes to terms with Wimbledon loss

    6/26/13 5:40 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal comes to terms with Wimbledon loss Rafael Nadal is trying to quickly absorb one of the worst losses of his career and he begins to regroup in the wake of his surprise Wimbledon first-round exit to Steve Darcis.

    "Life continues, that's all, it's not a dramatic thing," said the fifth seed. "That's the sport. That's the game at the end."

    While refusing to talk about any problems with the left knee which forced him out for seven months a year ago, Nadal tried to look on the positive side after winning seven title from nine finals since his February comeback.

    "Two weeks ago I was in a fantastic situation, winning a fantastic tournament,"said the eight-time French Open champion. "Two weeks later I lost here in the first round. That's the positive and the negative
    thing about this sport.

    "It's tough, but the tour continues, life continues. This is a sport of victories, it's not a sport of lose. Nobody remember the loses, people remember the victories. And I don't want to remember (this one)."

    Nadal left his immediate future vague, with his next event not scheduled until early August at the Montreal Masters. "The only thing I can say I can do is keep working hard and keep giving me chances about my game on this surface.

    "I think and I hope to have a few more years to play here and to play at the right level. I was not able to play great this year or last year. It's obviously. But I'm gonna try."

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all I can think of is that he might have strained his knee while practicing with Pico on the slippery grass.
He didn't have any problems with pressure during the tie-breaks with Nishikori in the Hurlingham cup but then again maybe he fell more pressure in his first round after what happened last year.

Shireling , 6/26/13 10:48 AM

The sparkle has gone out of Wimbledon. I hope an outsider wins it this year. Anyone but the top 4 seeds.

tethys , 6/26/13 12:17 PM

for you it has and your friends
Andy IS an outsider tethys
If he wins it it will be a very new occasion. Very.
80 years and all that.
Unlike bloody fedal,

Twinge , 6/26/13 12:25 PM

I am rooting for Andy now, no doubt aout it.

Shireling - I get that you are just not able to accept what went wrong all of a sudden. It is a fact he was limping, his movement was impaired ..but how in 2 weeks did the knee give away and what contributed to it is somethng we will not know till Rafa tells us . He is out of Wimby and resting now, no point worrying anymore :-)

sanju , 6/26/13 12:45 PM

It seems as though Darcis beat Nadal with a bum shoulder. He has withdrawn from his second round match.

chr18 , 6/26/13 2:02 PM

Darcis damaged shoulder in quest to beat Nadal.

tethys , 6/26/13 2:05 PM

sanju, this one from wimby blog:

10:49Uncle Toni reassures any Rafa fans - and which of us isn't? - that they are desperate to come back to Wimbledon because it's one of their favourite tournaments and Nadal's two wins here are among their most special memories. The problem this year, says Toni, was a lack of preparation.

phoenix , 6/26/13 2:05 PM

Vamos uncle Toni. That is great news indeed. I am not concerned if he had a bad day and lost fair and square but another 7 month break I would not be able to bear. I have great hopes for the USO

vmk1 , 6/26/13 2:13 PM

Toni can say what he wants....Rafa himself said that he is feeling physically fine in his pre-match interview, what else do you expect Toni to say.
Anyone watching the match can clearly see Rafa was in discomfort.

atul1985 , 6/26/13 3:16 PM

Cilic has now pulled out of Wimbledon because of a knee injury. There has already been a ton of injuries at this tournament. Bad luck.

tj600 , 6/26/13 3:34 PM

Wow! An injured Darcis beat claydal in straighsets. LOL!

I want toni and his clown nephew to come to wimbledon and be shown up for the chumps they are. The next time claydal plays on grass should be the last torunament, he will ever play, going by his mushy knees.

I think there will be a genuine clamour among the lowly grass courters to get a piece of claydal and show him how grass court tennis is played.

claydal on grass is, officially a chump. I cant even remember ferrer losing to a 100+ ranked guy at a slam. and claydal has done it in 2 of his last 3 slams. LOL!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/26/13 5:16 PM

JamesDjokovicFan, 6/26/13 5:16 PM

I really feel sorry for are so obsessed with's beyond comprehension...I wonder what kind of disease you are suffering from...your brain is under tremendous pressure...don't worry, Rafa will be don't need to talk about him all day...find something useful to do to not think about about cooking? Gardening? you need to leave the room otherwise your mental health is in serious danger...

natashao , 6/26/13 5:56 PM

Djokovic IS a hard court specialist and nothing else, so yes he does excel on one surface and suck on all others, especially compared to Nadal. Lets do some comparisons shall we:

Djokovic: 5 slams on hard courts, 1 on Grass, 0 on Clay

Nadal: 2 Slams on Hard Courts, 2 Slams on Grass, 8 on Clay

Considering the above evidence, which is irrefutable, Nadal is the FAR superior all around player. Its not even close!

willmw101 , 6/26/13 6:17 PM

"Yeah he should come to terms with it."

LOL! he better come to terms. I dont think he has even come to terms with the Rosol loss. I hope they don't keep burying their heads in denial and take a 7-month injury lay-off so that he can resume playing when the clay-court season begins.

There are 1 or 2 clay court tournaments after Wimbledon. Claydal should play it. He really needs to play all clay tournaments he can. He has won 1 title in about 3 years, outside the clay.

claydal doesn't have a fan base..... but has a TROLL base. LOL!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/26/13 6:23 PM

jamesdjokovicfan/fedkovic still can't adress the stats I've given him. HILARIOUS inability to come back in any argument where logic is present. LOL

willmw101 , 6/26/13 6:24 PM

Willma ....Lolz
Jamesmadhole is definitely broken away from a mental asylum and is now on the run. How can you expect him to react to logic

atul1985 , 6/26/13 7:18 PM

Vamos, Rafa!!! Keep your chin up, after all there's lot to be proud of! Take care of yourself and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Monalysa , 6/26/13 8:40 PM

I think Nadal's knee has been a bother on and off for most of his impressive come-back.
We saw him lose and almost lose quite a few times. So now there's the loss on grass. Well, it was more difficult to play on grass for Nadal, mostly because of the transition. Could very well be that the knee bothered him, but it could also very well be that he would have lost to Darcis with a perfectly healthy knee. He will be back on the winning track soon enough!

JBeer , 6/26/13 8:58 PM

just read U. Toni said that his (Rafa's) knee was the same as in RG. U. Toni says that what left Rafa down was his attitude.
Looks like he's copied Djoko's theatrical trait then :( - although I give him the benefit of the doubt...

Shireling , 6/26/13 9:43 PM

Here is the link -nadal-says-his-nephew-will-return-to-play-at-wimbledon-in-the-future/

He did not explicitly say in video knee was not bad. He only said he is not worried much which means maybe they can recuperate

sanju , 6/26/13 10:24 PM

Rafans..Rafa is busy enjoying a concert in Barcelona today..why are we worrying? ;-) to/1

sanju , 6/26/13 10:31 PM

and here's the link to those comments U. Toni has allegedly made about Rafa's loss to Darcis : l

Shireling , 6/26/13 10:33 PM

Julio Iglesias! yikes... Rafa ought to change his taste in music :)

Shireling , 6/26/13 10:37 PM

Rafa loves Julio!!!! Rafa is the son Julio wishes he had.

Maya , 6/27/13 2:48 AM

Oh Maya, you really are so COOL!
I bet you have everything Barry Manilow has done too!

Twinge , 6/27/13 3:15 AM

The racist prick has the nerve to come back. What?! no comments about India's GDP?

jean , 6/27/13 4:23 AM

I'm not a racist you third rate Trollop
And why on gods green earth are YOU still here!??
Rafa is in Mallorca & you are in a crack den
F**k Off NOW, that is an order (lol)
Wouldn't it be better if you haunted a website for blind sex addicts
Then, for once, you might get lucky,
Certainly someone will find you attractive as long as you don't spoil it by posting.
Which is more than can be said for here eh?
Just trying to help, you know!

Twinge , 6/27/13 9:53 AM

@Twingey, 9:53 AM, stop swearing, that's an order!

Do something constructive for a change and HEAVE Muzza over the line, boy gotta take advantage of this opportunity and snag that title! Fed's loss was strategic to save energy for Wimby 2014. Rafa's loss was strategic to pave the way for Muzza.


@deucy, you too are in the firing line, get your hands on Muzza's butt and give him a push!

Vamos Muzza!!


rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 10:36 AM

Darcis hurt his shoulder during the first set. He said he didnt feel anything then but AFTER the match, his shoulder was getting worse and he was feeling the pain.

Rafa would've problem on grass from now on, because after his knee injury, he would've difficulty bending his knees so low on grass. He looked hesitant in getting to those balls, imo, fearing of slipping and falling and re-injuring his knees. There're so many players slipping and falling and getting injured and there're seven retirements/withdrawals yesterday, no wonder some players were complaining.

Rafa and his team should ponder on whether he's still interested in winning Wimbledon again, and make the necessary adjustments to his schedule on clay, cutting down one clay event at least and concentrate on a proper warm up tournament on grass if he's intent on winning at Wimbledon. He's ill prepared this year, having his efforts fully concentrated on the clay season and had nothing much left for grass. I feel he should maybe skip Wimbledon, at least for next year, so that he would not stress his knees further, immediately after the clay season. Come 2015, when there's one more week given between the FO and Wimbledon, then maybe consider playing at Wimbledon again.

Toni had confirmed that Rafa's knees were in good conditions like they're at the FO, so Rafa should be fine for the second half of the season. Ironically, the HCs may be better surfaces for Rafa than grass surface as bounces were not as low as on grass and are more regular. Rafa is not bad on the HCs, getting to the finals of the last two HS slams that he played. He'll have his chances of winning them, given how close he was in one of them. He'll have to improve his serve and his backhand and cuts down on the long rallies though, for the sake of his knees. Vamos!

luckystar , 6/27/13 11:46 AM

I believe U. Toni said that Rafa was mentally exhausted and he would continue to play Wimbledon because he likes grass. Looking over the years, Rafa has had some very narrow escapes at Wimbledon in the early rounds even in the years that he won it, so it's not new.

I'm glad that we are not waiting for further updates on his injury and that his knees are OK.

nadline , 6/27/13 11:58 AM

Well that was a long & tortuous exile, wasn't it ladies?
All 1 to 2 days of it!

Twinge , 6/27/13 12:05 PM

just heard it from the horse's mouth (U. Toni) at (segunda parte, sorry in Spanish).
Toni indeed says that Rafa lost because of an attitued problem.
He goes on to say that they approached the match with optimism and that Rafa's knee was no different to how it was in IW, Rome, RG, etc.. that, had the same score been in the final, no doubt Rafa would have found his fighting spirit and his knees wouldn't have bothered him in the least.

This time however, he just didn't have it in him. U. Tony also mentions that it's not obvious to mentally prepare yourself after such a win as RG.
So, there you have it. The limping was just Rafa's body language telling us that he didn't believe in the victory at that stage of the match.... a bit sad really.. I thought it was only Novak who behaved like that but, no worries, I hope Rafa learns from this and improves. In fact, I'm sure he will.

Vamos Rafa!!!

Shireling , 6/27/13 12:49 PM

Can't blame Rafa for that. He's obviously mentally not there, and its difficult to fight the battle when mentally you're not there. Rafa is not getting any younger, so there'll always be mental lapses, or mental fatigue after big matches or big tournaments especially when he goes deep into those tournaments and winning them.

I'm now adjusting my expectations of Rafa's performances on the tennis courts. He can win and he can lose, so I've to accept his wins and his losses when they come. Of course its regrettable that he has to lose in R1 of a slam, after going 34 or 35 slams not losing at R1; or having to lose at MC for the first time after eight years; or having to lose at the FO in 2009. Like what Rafa said before, all those defeats add value to those victories that he had, making us realized how difficult it is to keep winning all the time; and making us treasure each victory even more and not to take the victories for granted. Streaks are meant to be broken, so the positive thing for Rafa is that he's no longer burdened to keep alive all those streaks (at MC, RG, slams or whatever) and can feel a little less pressurized going forward.

The same thing happened to Fed too, his amazing runs at the slams have to come to an end and it makes people realize how difficult it is keeping up with all those records. Fed and Rafa, or Fedal, are amazing with all those records that they have.

luckystar , 6/27/13 1:28 PM

I think we are all guilty of expecting too much because he spoilt us with a near perfect comeback. He didn't expect to win 7 titles in his first 4 months so we should be grateful that he hasn't slid down the rankings too much. Just imagine if he was unable to defend all his clay points, he would probably be out of the top 10 now.

The good news is, when Rafa is fresh we know what he can do. He is only human, he can't be in top form all the time.

nadline , 6/27/13 1:35 PM

This is a comment from a poster called @TheKluse on Bleacher:

"After losing to Darcis, Nadal waited for him at the end of the match, then stayed afterwards to sign autographs.

After losing to Stakhovsky, Federer stalked off down the tunnel with his head down, declining to do either of these things.

Quite an interesting insight into the character and levels of class and humility between the two men."

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 2:07 PM

I didn't see Fed grabbing his lower back near the end of the match like that faker who was limping at the end of the third set when it became apparent he was toast lol.

chr18 , 6/27/13 2:10 PM

^^Did you see the 2 body shots Fed aimed at Stakho, giving Stakho venomous looks in the process and not even apologising after? He could have decapitated the guy with at least one of them?

But don't worry, he will get the Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award!


rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 2:18 PM

You're gonna love this, chr18: 8/photo/1

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 2:27 PM

I went to visit but found it too complicated to navigate:-(
And I refuse to spend time breathing the same air as some of the Tennis-X mob.
Furthermore I missed the chat and banter with the knitting circle so until the air become too polluted here again, TT is where it's all at.

So, please chr18, be an angel and tone down the spiteful remarks and stop trying to rile rafans.

ed251137 , 6/27/13 2:29 PM

Rafa might have faked a little against Darcis but with Nole faking has become such a habit that he even believes it himself :)

Shireling , 6/27/13 2:33 PM

Well, the pollution levels are at acceptable levels at TT right now (might it have anything to do with the loss yesterday by a certain Swiss gent I wonder?). Should they rise to unbearable levels, I just leave................

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 2:41 PM

Why are we assuming Rafa was faking Shireling. Not sure why u repetaedly saying that over n over aain? What makes u say he was faking even moderately.

Uncle Toni did not say his knees were perfect. He said his knees were as they were earlier with its problems, just that there he had the fighting spirit and here he messed it up with his attitude.

He did not try to move here which inspite of the pain he did in earlier tourneys

And Rafa played with infiltrations for 1st match, so that means knee was paining..just that he did not have the willpower n energy to fight it n play

sanju , 6/27/13 5:27 PM

BTW Rafa may play Stuttgart or Hamburg on clay before proceeding to Montreal/Toronto. I am dead sure he will skip Cincy

sanju , 6/27/13 5:29 PM

Toni said knees were the same at French and Wimby. Wimby probably caused more pain with Rafa having to bend down more. Doesn't mean knee condition is not the same. Rafa has basically said the same thing. Knee pain has not gone away but given successful year (still leads Race to London, sorry Twinge, he ain't done by a long shot).

Anyone who has a chronically bad knee knows that it hurts more if you bend it more. Not a difficult concept.

Comizz to the real Fed fans esp. sky, bharata, rbennett, etc.

Conspirator , 6/27/13 6:04 PM

RITB - Decapitated? Let's not get silly now! Hitting the ball at your opponent is a legitimate tactic, Murray did it to Federer, Berdych did to to Brands today, there's nothing wrong with it :).

Conspirator - Thanks, this day was a long day coming, Federer hasn't been playing that well for a while and he's just ducked a few upsets over the years, I wasn't that surprised after let's say! On the Rafa comment, I think he seemed alot worse at Wimby compared to the French, his movement and play at French was great and he played amazing against Djokovic so I don't think he was injured at the French, I could say he wasn't 100% against Darcis though.

rbennett , 6/27/13 6:20 PM

rbennett, I'm saying his knee problem was essentially the same, it's just that the problem was more difficult to deal with on grass when he needed to bend more.

I don't believe that is the main reason Rafa lost. As Toni said, he was not prepared to play on grass. Rafa needs exposure, repetition, etc. for both physical and mental reasons to play his best. He cannot as easily play himself into form the way Fed could.

I think Rafa will be ready for the hard court season. He may skip Cincy (TBD) but I believe he will play Montreal.

Conspirator , 6/27/13 6:51 PM

Conspirator - I'm not sure I agree on this one. I think the surface will make some difference to his knee of course, but he wasn't chasing stuff down at Wimby that normal Rafa would always chase. I'd say his knees were definitely worse at Wimbledon, maybe he wore himself out at the French? Who knows! Possibly agree on him not adjusting, Darcis didn't play that well though, unlike Rosol last year, I did think Rafa would end up pulling it out the proverbial bag. I hope he plays the US open and the hard court fall season, never like a player to be out injured.

rbennett , 6/27/13 7:03 PM

@rbennett, posting profanity on tennis blogs is legitimate, doesn't make it okay. Hitting the ball at your opponent is legitimate, doesn't make it okay, especially if the perpetrator does not apologise after. Tennis IS a gentleman's sport. Most players who hit their opponent with the ball or aim the ball at their opponent will apologise after, Fed did not.

The tactic may have been legit, but his behaviour after was poor form. I know Rafa would have apologised.

Have you ever been hit in the face by a tennis ball travelling at 125 mph? If you have you wouldn't be so flippant about it.

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 7:12 PM

I am also going to join in and try to post again here since the obscene filth seems to have abated for now. So all it took was for Fed to lose early for them to run away and hide after trashing Rafa for his early loss and bragging about how Fed was going to win. Typical.

I agree with sanju about the comments from shireling. It sounds as though you are comparing Rafa with Nole regarding supposedly faking an injury. You even said Rafa might have faked a little against Darcis? For what reason? We know that the knee has sometimes bothered Rafa because he said so. He indicated that in Barcelona it was really bothering him but somehow he persevered. It's been kind of up and down. He never said that it was perfect. He will probably have pain that comes and goes.

I did see the latter two sets of Fed's match with Stakhovsky. That shot to the head was frightening. If Stak hadn't ducked so quickly then we might have had a more serious situation. Then they showed a slow motion shot of Fed right after it and he had the most menacing look on his face. The commentators then said he apologized, but not really! I think that was shocking. Fortunately Stak kept his composure and didn't let it intimidate him.

chr18, 6/27/13 2:10 PM,

This is such a nasty, petty comment! But why would I be surprised? You brought up Fed's lower back issue yesterday after his loss. So who is making excuses now? Why are you even comparing these two injuries? Fed didn't have to withdraw from competition for seven months. Obviously Rafa's knee problem is more problematic.

There's no need to get petty just because your guy lost.

rafaisthebest, 6/27/13 7:12 PM

I agree completely with your thoughts. That ball whizzed by Stak's head and it would have been a tragedy if the guy was hit. It's incredibly dangerous.

Nativenewyorker , 6/27/13 7:32 PM

luckystar , 6/27/13 1:28 PM


I am totally over Rafa's loss at Wimby. My initial concern was that he had suffered a relapse with his knee but this has now been rubbished. Rafa needed more time to prepare for Wimby that is clear. It will be interesting to see how he approaches Wimby next year given that he always goes deep in the clay tournies. Roger's loss certainly puts Rafa's success this year into perspective. Rafa was due an early round loss after all those finals. It happened, now time to put it behind us and look to the future. With all the slipping and falling that's been going on at Wimby, I am glad Rafa was extra cautious even if it meant losing. There's still a lot of tennis to play after all.

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 7:33 PM

Nativenewyorker , 6/27/13 7:32 PM

Thanks, that's the word I was looking for, "menacing". Sorry, I cannot give Fed a pass there even if the shot was legitimate, not cool.

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 7:36 PM

rbennett, again, lack of preparation and perhaps added knee pain (symptom, not problem). The knee PROBLEM may not have been worse but the SYMPTOMS of pain may have felt worse on the grass. In other words, I don't think he made the problem worse that it will affect his hard court season based on what I have read. Probably didn't chase down the ball sometimes because he was feeling too much pain once he had to bend down to make a good shot.

I think Darcis played a good match BTW.

Who knows?

Conspirator , 6/27/13 7:37 PM


I think you are right about Rafa's knee on the grass. The different movement and the change of surface could have caused more pain. I don't think Rafa could or would ever fake pain. There's no reason to do that.

For myself, I think the problem was lack of preparation. Rafa has spoken in the past about how important it is for him to play in a warm up tournament before Wimbledon. He considers it essential to his success at this tournament. I think he was feeling the lack of preparation and match play on grass and it made him lack confidence. Also, having to bend low to get balls is not something he has had to do since he came back.

I think that it was just too tough for Rafa to play back-to-back slams after being gone for seven months. A slam is totally unlike Masters tournaments. It's completely different, mentally and physically challenging. Rafa simply was not ready for it.

Nativenewyorker , 6/27/13 7:46 PM

RITB - I wouldn't say those things are really comparable. Hitting the ball at someone at the net is a legitimate tactic with the aim of winning a point, posting profanity has no end goal, so I wouldn't say they were comparable, but that's just my opinion :).
Can I ask, do you think it's bothering you so much because Federer did it? When Murray did it to Federer he didn't apologise, I can't comment on Berdych apologising as I didn't see it I read about it in commentary.
I have been hit by tennis balls and it hurts very slightly but it's not gonna cause any damage tennis balls are pretty soft, if we were talking about cricket balls then it'd be a different matter altogether!

Conspirator - Ah okay that's a fair point, that does make sense so that might have been the reason behind it. Do you think mechanical or movement wise (not sure how to put it) his knee was any worse?

He played a good match but I think Rosol/Starkovsky played better in their matches, especially Rosol, he probably would have beaten anyone that day, jeeze.

rbennett , 6/27/13 7:47 PM

@rbennett, the second body shot was aimed at Stakho's head, not his body, so yes, it was dangerous. No, this is not bothering me because it was done by Fed. This is the problem, you Fedfans are paranoid about Fed! Seriously, not everyone is out to get him! Chill already with this......

Let me repeat: aiming a tennis ball travelling at 125 mph at someone's head is dangerous play whether it's done by Fed or somebody else. Why you cannot see this is beyond me. I think I would have cut Fed some slack if he had apologised.

Fed is not the first player to aim a body shot at their opponent but all the players I have watched do it apologised after. Almagro did it to Berdy in Australia, Lendl used this tactic to great effect etc, etc.

Let me ask you this, was it okay for you that Fed did not apologise? You would have been happy if that zinging ball had connected with Stakho's head?

Another example: net cord shots, players apologise after this happens. The same applies to body shots.

Hope this is clear. Thanks.

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 8:01 PM

rbennett - Very nice to see the way you conversing with Rafans and actually discussing tennis, thats the way it should be irrespective of whom our favs here.

NNY - It is irritating to see someone is drawing a conclusion that Rafa was faking the limping and then saying taking a leaf out of Novaks theatrical playbook . It is a known thing that Rafa has limped innumerable times and has knee pain many times in past 5 months despite all the victories. However since in grass balls are low, it was putting pressure on his quads while bending n hence caused more pain and hence the limp. But thats not what lost him the match, it was his attitude and he simply did not want to fight or play , its like he was just going through the motions. You take passion out of Rafa, take his grit and fighting spirt out and Rafa is not even 20% of player he is and that iis what we saw on Monday.

sanju , 6/27/13 8:06 PM

Incidentally, @rbennett, you know what went through my head when I saw that ball whiz past Stakho's head? I thought, "thank goodness it did not connect otherwise Fed would have been defaulted the match for causing bodily harm to his opponent!" Remember this happened to Tim Henman at Wimbledon once when he hit a ball-kid IN ERROR! Can you imaging if Fed had hit Stakho in the head triggering a nose bleed or something like that, the Authorities would have been left with no option but to default Fed.

This is not being far-fetched, it has happened before................

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 8:08 PM

RITB - We'll have to agree to disagree on how dangerous tennis balls are I think! I am asking because you don't seem bothered that Andy didn't apologise but seem very bothered that Federer didn't. I'm gonna ask nicely for you not to start this 'Fed fans are like this' stuff that everyone seems to like doing, I am a person, just like you, not a special group of people that behave differently because we're fans of Federer, I'm not a huge fan of his anyway, just a normal fan. But yeah talk to me like a person, don't start this Fedfan stuff, okay? And I'm super chilled, enjoying the Djokovic match!

Where are you getting 125 mph from? It wasn't a serve! Umm I would prefer if he apologised but it's not big deal that he didn't, he's usually good with this stuff so we can let him off for occasionally not apologising. If he had hit him then he should of course have apologised!

rbennett , 6/27/13 8:10 PM

Sanju - Thanks, we're all the same us humans at the end of the day, we all wanna be happy, we all feel similar things, we all want similar things, we should remember that :).

RITB - Sorry just saw your second comment! Fair point about that, I dunno what would have happened if he'd caused a nose bleed, obviously hitting a ball kid is a no no, as is kicking and causing a line judge to bleed (BAD Nalbandian!). Anyway that's a fair point, I accept nose bleeds are a risk if you hit the ball at someone, whether it would make Fed default the match is a good point!

rbennett , 6/27/13 8:13 PM

Do you think mechanical or movement wise (not sure how to put it) his knee was any worse?
rbennett, 6/27/13 7:47 PM

Worse in terms of pain (symptom) yes. He probably had to put his knee closer to end-of-range on grass than he did on clay (i.e. bend it more) which may have been more painful.

Conspirator , 6/27/13 8:14 PM


Yes, we are in agreement. Rafa does not have to fake anything. The problems with his knees are well documented. I remember Rafa limping after the I/W final against Delpo. He has limped at various times. It may just be the way of it with his knee. But it did not stop him from playing and winning.

I don't think Rafa lost the match because of the knee. Not after what I heard from Uncle Toni. But I did see him walking very tentatively on and off the court in that match with Darcis. I think he was concerned about slipping and falling and seriously aggravating the knee so that could have affected his play. I also think that the lack of preparation was a key factor in this loss. Preparation through playing in a warm up tournament gives Rafa a feel for the grass and the different movement required and also gives him confidence.

They are going to have to figure out a way to get Rafa to play at Halle next year if they want him to be ready to play at Wimbledon. We know that Rafa loves Wimbledon and wants to play there. I am also hoping that as Rafa continues to play and has more slam matches, then he may be better able to handle the quick transition to grass next year.

I don't know about skipping a clay court tournament. Would we want him to skip MC or Barcelona or Madrid or Rome? This is where he does his best and gets his points. He won Barcelona, Madrid and Rome. So which one does he supposedly skip next year? I don't see that happening.

Nativenewyorker , 6/27/13 8:15 PM

Rafas knee..God looks scary to/1

sanju , 6/27/13 8:25 PM

Haha..look at Tomics statement

Interesting talk from Tomic: Thinks Federer was happy when Nadal lost and "I think he got ahead of himself, then things turned around."

sanju , 6/27/13 8:26 PM

Primarily, I think it was as Toni said, lack of preparation.

Also, I meant to point out (as NNY did), that Rafa's seven month layoff might have affected his ability to do the quick turnaround from FO to Wimby.

Not many players can pull off the channel slam multiple times. There's a reason for that.

Conspirator , 6/27/13 8:34 PM

@rbennett, apologies for my continued "clumping" of all fans! Please do not hesitate to continue calling me out should I err...............

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 8:35 PM



Conspirator , 6/27/13 8:40 PM

Seriously people, given the length of the injury layout Rafa had, Rafa had no business enjoying the success he has had since coming back. Rafans, are you aware that, in the blogosphere today, people, including staunch Fedfans, are saying Fed should also seriously consider taking an extended break from the Tour a la Rafa?

Rafa needed a break after that highly emotional RG campaign. Does anyone ever remember Uncle Toni crying? He cried openly after Rafa beat Novak in the semis. Rafa's father cried at Vina del Mar. Rafa himself cried after Brazil. This has been a highly emotionally charged comeback after all they went through. So, in my opinion, Rafa was due a let down. Just as well this happened at Wimby rather than at RG.............

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 8:44 PM

So RITB my love
As in being
Remember we discussed it?
about you thinking Rafa will basically win everything this year?
Still think Rafa will win the USO?
Or is it all becoming a little clearer to you now?
I basically called this but my predictive capabilities were deemed 'lousy'
Well then what can we possibly say to describe yours then eh?

Twinge , 6/27/13 8:45 PM

C'mon Twingey, I am ALLOWED to change my predictions to conform with reality, no? The reality being Rafa cannot, I repeat, cannot obviously win Wimby now (duh), so yeah it's USO or bust!

Seriously though, of course we are now entering Novak and Andy territory but I still maintain Rafa is competitive on HC, he is not the complete donkey on HC that most people assume he is. It is quite simple really: grass has to be his worst surface given all the bending required to scoop those low bounce balls and of course this plays havoc with his tender knees. Couple that with the lack of preparation i.e. not playing a lead up tournament, one can see why Wimby 2013 was doomed for Rafa from the start. Mea culpa, I was drunk with hubris from the successful RG campaign and this blinded me to the realities above. But remember, this is transition year for Rafa, so I do not expect next year to be the same regarding his readiness for Wimby, we shall be ready!

In short, do not expect Novak and Andy to have it all their own way in the HC swing, Rafa is going to push them all the way........

And yes I am putting all my meagre financial resources on Rafa winning USO 2013..

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 9:12 PM

Then get ready for Costco loyalty points my sweetness!
Also I doubt the grass caused any of Nadal problems even if it highlighted them
It's obviously the HC and his stule of play on them and that is where we are headed next :(
Number 4 is about right for Rafa or 3 anyway
Yeah :-)

Twinge , 6/27/13 9:42 PM

'Style of'
Not 'stule'
Oh lala!

Twinge , 6/27/13 9:45 PM

Twinge forgot who won the last hardcourt Masters, his first shortly after seven months without playing. Nolandy couldn't make it.


Conspirator , 6/27/13 9:56 PM

#4 considering he has been away 7 months.......i'll take it. No, I did not say the grass caused Rafa's problems, I said in this transition year the low bounce on grass makes it difficult for him to bend. He is playing with a knee under rehabilitation, not yet 100%, so at this point higher bouncing surfaces such as clay and HC are easier for him to navigate.

It's a shame he missed an opportunity to gain points at Wmby but he has gained extra recovery time to prepare for the HC swing.........

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 9:59 PM

Yeah right
Indian Wells is a HC that even Rafa could love
I post here I watch tennis I know the score Conspirator!

Twinge , 6/27/13 9:59 PM

'He is playing with a knee under rehabilitation, not yet 100%, so at this point higher bouncing surfaces such as clay and HC are easier for him to navigate..'
And they're so lovely on the old knees too!
What's going on here?!
The USO is a fast low bouncer as is cincy
If Rafa were to win this slam he would need the momentum of a 10' style year!
Not being bounced out by a nobody at Wimbles!
Rafa's season is effectively over, it's obvious!

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:04 PM

Novak and Andy
ESP Andy can place shots at your feet
At will!
If he wins USO I'll run down the broadway in a pink thong singing 'Rafa is the best!'
Fortunately for pedestrians however, it WON'T BE HAPPENING.

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:10 PM

It ain't over till the fat lady sings Twinge. He has won USO before so he knows what to do there

Rafa being bounced by a nobody is no cause for alarm actually considering the season he has had to date. He was due for a let down, it happens. He is still well ahead of the expectations curve for the season, so no worries there.

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 10:16 PM

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:10 PM

As God is my witness I am bookmarking this post of yours. You will live to regret this, mark my word. Better start buffing up, wouldn't want you scaring the horses.........

rafaisthebest , 6/27/13 10:20 PM

Oh yeah no worries!
None at all
And Jean not singing wont prove anything!
You were making fun of the fedtards 'coping mechanisms' previously
Just backs up my theory about how the Nadal fans are morphing.

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:22 PM

Oh I'm buff enuff!
But my singing can scare all the horses, donkeys, sheep, cows and every thing else with a pulse too.....

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:26 PM

My o my! If Rafa's year was as bad as Twingey's predictions, he certainly wouldn't be leading the race to London. Would likely be quite depressed.

Twinge, do you spend more time writing about Muzza or Rafa?


Conspirator , 6/27/13 10:39 PM

But due to the population here and their constant mutual fap fapping I have to chip in about the general coca cola mantras on Rafa with a cool dose of reason, can't resist it!
What do you want conspirator?
Should shut up and mind my own business is that it?
Perhaps if I said Rafa was going to clear up in the US I wouldn't be branded a 'hater' etc
But then I would be a liar because I just don't see it
Oh and careful!
you're starting to sound like nagline.

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:51 PM

'year was as bad as Twingey's predictions..'

You do know a 'prediction' is about the future don't you?

Twinge , 6/27/13 10:54 PM

No no goodness no!

You'll just forgive me for not giving much weight to your opinion (or wish more like it) that Rafa's season is "obviously" done based on your extensive YTD predictions for Rafa. I think they are just a tad biased and therefore inaccurate.

BTW, USO is not as fast as Cincy. Between Cincy and Montreal.


Conspirator , 6/27/13 11:00 PM

And I think likewise about your's and RITB's!
But either way you are always forgiven
Indeed when they start to work you out here and maybe give you the cold shoulder,
I'll still be here for you

Twinge , 6/27/13 11:09 PM


rogervic , 6/28/13 12:49 AM

During today coverage here in Argentina they said Rafa is evaluating going under surgery for his left knee.

Emiliano55 , 6/28/13 1:19 AM

After uncle Toni, Rafa said in an interview that his attitude was not right at wimbledon.
No mention of any injury much less a surgery

atul1985 , 6/28/13 5:41 AM

When Almagro directed a forhand into Berdych he was on the run and in such a position that it was the only shot he had to keep the ball in the court. There was nothing intentional about it. I didn't see Murry's shot so can't comment, but I did see Roger's line drive that took Stakhovsky to the ground. It was wholey intentional and the malice on Roger's face was a tad shocking. The commentators were actually a little stunned and wondered if some of Sergy's comments last year hadn't riled Roger more than he let on. Staks had said that Roger was too neutral (Swiss) to be a good leader, or something similar. At any rate the shot was meant to intimidate for sure and could have seriously done some damage. A shot like that could break a nose, damage an eye beyond repair, or even knock someone out. A tennis ball to the face at 90-100 mph is quite dangerous.

Maya , 6/28/13 6:29 AM


It's really the height of irresponsibility to post something like this. What would the Argentinian media know about Rafa possibley considering surgery? From my experience it's usually the Spanish websites in Mallorca and Barcelona or Spain in general which have the reliable, accurate information.


I completely agree with your take on Fed's intentional shot at Stakhovsky in that match. I posted my thoughts on it already and ritb even thanked me for using the word "menacing" to describe the look on Fed's face as he kept staring down Stakhovsky.

The commentators on the tennis channel were also at a bit of a loss when it happened. Fortunately, Stakhovsky had good reflexes and ducked very quickly. But even he looked a bit stunned after it happened. I think the crowd was shocked, too.

The look on Fed's face said it all. I am just grateful that Stakhovsky was okay thanks to reacting so quickly.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/13 6:44 AM

Quite, @Maya. In fact Almagro was mortified, stopped play and went to the net to apologise to Berdych. Berdych was so upset he refused to acknowledge the apologies and even refused to shake Almagro's hand at the net after the match. Berdych clearly did not think a body shot was an acceptable playing tactic because it can do serious damage.

In Acapulco, Almagro drilled one at Rafa, unintentionally and boy did it rile Rafa up but in a good way. You could see Rafa was upset but he channelled that anger into positive energy and took Almagro to the cleaners. Maybe this is what happened to Stakho, he just used the incidence to focus his play.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 7:08 AM

Rafa generates the most post on any tennis forum, tennis will never be the same without him. 'Fans' of other players feed off Rafa to 'appreciate' their players. He is their lightening rod.


nadline , 6/28/13 7:56 AM

@Conspirator, don't worry, I for one am looking forward to seeing Twinge run down a crowded shopping district with nothing on but a bright orange, Borat-style, man-kini. Because Rafa IS winning USO 2013.

Of course the evidence will have to be on You tube to be believed. Now, how to ensure it will indeed be Twingey and not a paid sap from the local gym?

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 8:09 AM

TX - Rafa says his attitude could have been better at Wimbledon. Video from youtube.

I think Rafa could learn something from Nole and believe in himself more. He is the best player when he is on, he just needs to believe that in his heart and stop doubting himself.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/28/13 8:29 AM

Rafa had an emotional letdown I believe, @nadline. I know when I put all my energy into something and it pays off I am emotionally spent after. Rafa needed a break after RG, he was emotionally exhausted. Nobody expected him to win RG after such a long break but Rafa understood the importance of winning it and he put all his energy into it. That semi with Novak took a lot out of him. He was like a man possessed in that 5th set. You could see the signs of emotional exhaustion in the final against Ferru, he was flat. He only won because well, he is Rafa!

Add to that the short lead time to Wimby from RG. It just gives perspective to his 2 channel Slam achievements. I believe he couldn't do it this year because he is still in transition. He has said himself he had approached this year as a transition period. This means he expects next to be fully strong next year.

He has achieved so much in a transition year, I am not complaining.

Well, he is having his much needed rest now. Of course Rafa will not have been pleased with the nature of his Wimby exit. He will use that as motivation to "settle a few scores" at USO and Oz Open. I believe this.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 8:56 AM

Rafa is not as devastated about these losses as we, his fans, are. At Wimbledon, they tested him on his records and when asked to list the players he had beaten at RG to win the title, he had trouble remembering Sod.

nadline , 6/28/13 9:35 AM

This is funny!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 9:49 AM

I can see how some of you could get irritated at my suggesting a slight faking from Rafa, my apologies for that. I mean no direspect. But I am entitled to my own personal opinion and I still think he did. He was not limping at the beginning of the match nor during all RG. He just limped, slightly at that, during the third set against Darcis when he had already given up.
I remember a drop shot from Darcis to which Rafa sprinted, head down as usual, only to ease down when it was clear he was not going to get there and then limping.
I'm not saying that he doesn't have pain in his left knee, of course he does but I repeat U. Toni's words: had he been two sets down in the final, he would have fought hard in the third set and not given a second thought to his knees.
This is why I think his body language let him down - it's no biggie.
If you want to crufify me for this, go ahead but even though I'm a Rafa fan I also like to see things clearly and have my own opinion about things even though it might be wrong (or not).

Shireling , 6/28/13 10:02 AM

I didn't see Fed grabbing his lower back near the end of the match like that faker who was limping at the end of the third set when it became apparent he was toast lol.

chr18 , 6/27/13 2:10 PM

This is who originated this faking story. Says it all, nothing to say from me on this issue.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 10:06 AM

This is what Gulbis said recently:

?When I played against Roger Vasselin, I played 3 sets, and you need to be completely concentrated every point for three hours. After that you have incredible headache, your completely exhausted, and you need this one day to recover. BUT, if you play far into tournaments like Azarenka and Rafael Nadal does, it?s tough to recover. You need time to recover. Mentally, physically, everytime. You need more time in between."

9 finals Rafa played before Wimby, winning 7. What Gulbis says confirms what we suspected, and what Uncle Toni said, Rafa needed more time to recover and prepare for such an important tournament, especially in a transition year.

Vamos Rafa!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 10:17 AM

Shireling, believe it or not, I take solace from what you think. IF after reaching 9 finals in 4 months Rafa's knees are good to go that's a plus as far as I am concerned. It would be more of a concern if his recovery was going backwards. It's obvious that you are not saying it out of malice but as you know his haters will latch on to it.

All players engage in this sort of thing from time to time and Rafa is no exception. For me, it's great that we are not waiting for updates on his knee right now, and it appears that he is good to go very soon.

I cannot wait to see him wield his racquet again and I hope it's soon.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/28/13 10:38 AM

Well, according to this : (again in Spanish but I'll translate)
Raf a seems to contradict U. Toni in respect to his attitude.
Of course, the media blows it out of proportion but in this article Rafa simply says that in his opinion his attitude has been good so far but i against Darcis for several reasons (he doesn't want to tell which reasons those might be) he was not able to play with the same intensity as in the past months.
He adds that he will try to finish the year in a good physical condition which right now it's the most important thing for him in order to try and prolongue his career as long as possible.
So.. if Rafa contradicts U. Toni... maybe he wasn't faking after all... :) Sorry Rafa!!!

Shireling , 6/28/13 11:47 AM

From the outset I had a bad feeling about Rafa and Wimby this year. Hence my comment about his fans being greedy to hope he could go on and win a second slam title in such a short space of time. In the event Wimbledon 2013 proved a bridge too far for the greatest warrior we have seen for many a decade.

I absolutely hated watching him struggle to contain Darcis - so much so I left the house before it was all over. But at the same time the result came almost as a relief because it was clear he was not in the right place, either mentally or physically: even had he pulled off a Rafa style win in that match I was fearful he would have got injured sooner or later.

Thank goodness he has the capacity to switch off when he goes back to his beloved Mallorca, give his body time to recover, and to recharge his batteries.


ed251137 , 6/28/13 12:41 PM

The Tour schedule really screws Rafa over IMO. Consider this:

Australian Open (Novak's favorite surface)
How many lead up tournaments does Novak play? 1 and/or an exho here or there. How long is it after that Slam does he play the next tournament, Slam?

French Open (Rafa's favorite Slam)
How many lead up tournaments does Rafa play? 3 Masters, 1 500 tourney. How long after that Slam does he play the next tournament, Slam?

Of course Novak also plays the same clay schedule as Rafa but he does not go as deep in each tournament as Rafa, case in point Madrid, Rome and RG this year. The same can be said for Fed and Muzza, althoug for these 2, even less. So, for Rafa, preparing for Wimby adequately is tricky indeed. And to me this just serves to highlight how special his 2 channel Slams are.

And dropping any clay tournaments does not make any sense for Rafa, those are his bread and butter.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 12:47 PM

Rafa lost because he had tickets for the Julio Iglesias concert in Barcelona. Lol

nadline , 6/28/13 12:51 PM

My sole interest in Wimbledon now is to root for certain people to lose.

Sad but true.

#Vamos Rafa
#miss you on the tennis court

nadline , 6/28/13 12:53 PM

For Rafa fans een

nadline , 6/28/13 1:22 PM eft-knee-after-returning-to-Spain-articolo11018.html

vamosrafa , 6/28/13 2:01 PM

Most of the Nadal fans believed that he is the clear favorite to win Wimbledon as the poll on this site indicates. however their opinion was based only on Nadals performance on clay this year, its ok to trust in someones ability but you should be more realistic now you are expecting him to do well in the 2nd half of the year where he has traditionally been weak, he has won US open once never won Cincinnati, never won Paris or Shanghai and never won ATP world tour finals. Add the fact that he will be ranked 4 after Wimbledon which means he will have to beat both Murray and Djokovic to win the remaining Master series events and US open, highly unlikely I say. specially taking into account that SF and final are played on back to back days at US open and also at the masters series events.

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 2:19 PM

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 2:19 PM

1. Seems to me basing our Wimby prospects opinion on Rafa's clay performance was not a far fetched premise given his past ability to translate that clay dominance to Wimby success, twice.

2. If you are saying Rafa will not win USO 2013 because he has only won it once, the same pessimism should apply to Novak and Murray who have also won it once.
By your logic, Fed should be the overwhelming favourite because he has won it multiple times, ROFL. Please, try harder. Novak has historically never done well at RG and yet y'all were proclaiming the new favourite for RG 2013.

3. Since when has Cincinnati become a barometer of how well a player will do at Flushing Meadows? Same for Paris, same for Shanghai.

4. By your logic, you are writing off Fed's chances since he will be ranked no higher than #5 after Wimby, I mean chances are at that ranking he will likely have to go through Rafa, Murray and Djokovic to win anything after Wimby. If you say Rafa's chances are highly unlikey at #4, then Fed's are nigh impossible.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 2:39 PM


tennis2011 doesn't understand how the rankings system works obviously. Also must have missed IW.


Conspirator , 6/28/13 3:15 PM

Federer last won the US open in 2008 and he is 32 years old now he has no chance of winning the us open.In best of 5 set format Nadal is an underdog on hard courts against both Djokovic and Murray and will find it very difficult to reclaim the world # 1 ranking, and he hasnt historically done well post Wimbledon so be realistic and dont be delusional u saw how he played against Darcis didnt you?You cant compare Nadals hard court game with Djokovics, Djokovic is a much superior Hard court player, a better player indoors and he has done better than Nadal post Wimbledon. just check the record how many hard court titles and grand slams have they won on hard courts and add the indoor titles at World tour finals, Paris Shanghai etc.Nadal struggles to end the year as world no 1 because he rarely does well post Wimbledon.

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 3:19 PM

Indian Wells is one off He wont always escape a hard court event without having to beat one of Murray or Djokovic or most likely both of them. I must add you cant lost in the first round of a major and expect to be ranked # 1 you have to do better than that.

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 3:25 PM

Thx for the links both to nadline and vamosrafa.

tennis2011, I think Rafa isn't realistically thinking of being Nr. 1 again.
The situation with his knees doesn't allow it. I think, at this stage of his career he just wants to win as many events as possible before retiring.

Shireling , 6/28/13 3:28 PM

you make more sense his chances of becoming # 1 again are slim, lets see how well he does post Wimbledon outside clay.

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 3:32 PM

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 3:19 PM

If you are basing your arguments on how Rafa played Darcis then there is no point carrying on because it is clear you're not interested in a logical discussion. Rather, you're looking for reasons to put Rafa down as a coping mechanism for the obvious fright enveloping you at the juggernaut bearing down Fed's rear view mirror: Rafa.

You wanna wrap yourself in the "Rafa rarely does well post Wimby" blanket, knock yourself out. I have a feeling you will be reaching out for another one very soon!

Stay warm.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 3:34 PM


Show me where I said Rafa is going to be year end #1.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 3:36 PM

you make more sense his chances of becoming # 1 again are slim, lets see how well he does post Wimbledon outside clay.

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 3:32 PM

Noone but you are banging on about Rafa's chances of being #1. So now you want to wait and see how well he will do post Wimby.....................I thought you had decided already he has no chance post Wimby?

Sounds to me you are the one with a mental health issue........


rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 3:40 PM

"Indian Wells is a one off....."



rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 3:44 PM

I agree, Rafa has won ample HC tourneys now. The fact that he won IW shouldn't be called a one off.

Shireling , 6/28/13 3:49 PM

Just because no one else has much to say during the clay season it's easy to think that Rafa does nothing after it because it's more of a level playing field then.

nadline , 6/28/13 3:50 PM

I will tell you what a one-off is - RG 09

vmk1 , 6/28/13 3:53 PM

vmk1 , 6/28/13 3:53 PM

You beauty!

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 3:55 PM

"Indian Wells is a one off....." or a two off where he beat Andy Murray 61 62 in 2009.

nadline , 6/28/13 3:55 PM

.........and let's not forget the 17yr old Nadal's first meeting in 2004 with the world #1 - Roger Federer, beating him 63 63.

nadline , 6/28/13 3:58 PM

Very soon, these desperate attempts to put Rafa down will be drowned out, buried under Rafa's record, which will be indisputable, there for all to see.

Very, very soon.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 4:00 PM

Before Indian wells his last Hard court title came in 2010

tennis2011 , 6/28/13 4:02 PM

I don?t comment much about what you write anymore, do I? But reading your latest comments this morning NAG popped into my head.
It?s true you write fairly often about real tennis views. But you seem to spend the majority of your posts writing about Rafa and his fans. It is getting a bit repetitious, ain?t it?, this constant showing off of how sarcastic you really can be, and rhyming at that, and how often you try to get a rise out of Rafans, and how often you claim to be so objective while you?re not, and in how many ways you know to be insulting gratuitiously. So clever you are. Admirable!
If you do respond to this, your choice of course, then try not to be too predictable, i.e. don?t threaten to kill me and peel my skin off my body just because I dared to speak about the positive aspects of claycourts as a tennis surface, or otherwise not to your liking, and also try to refrain from calling me a bore and such. Gets kind of boring and repetitious when you do, no?
I much prefer the posts of deuce and alex and other Andy fans. They suffer Andy?s ups and downs (happily more ups now) with grace. And appreciate what there is to appreciate about Rafa as well as about 95 percent of his fans here at TT who are just normal maybe enthused sometimes about rafa but essentially respectful of everyone.
Just as I much prefer to your attitude that of my second favorite male tennis player. He is funny (actually funny) but never has a harsh word about anyone (but himself). He is confident but at the same time entirely grounded and humble. Altogether a very nice man. And brilliant at tennis. And suffers his ups and downs (happily more ups now) with grace. I?ve been waiting a long time for him to end the 80 year wait. I hope he does in ten days? time.

chlorostoma , 6/28/13 4:16 PM

according to an article, rafa will be heading to germany in the next 2 or 3 weeks ! WHAT???? is rafa going to play on clay?? I will be FURIOUS if does so ! HECK NO

vamosrafa , 6/28/13 4:25 PM

Who said Rafa "expects" to finish the year at No. 1???

Doesn't mean he won't or can't.

Just look at the Race to London where he leads and will only be passed (and then just slightly) if Nole wins Wimby.

Serious lack of how the points system works and/or need to bash Rafa. I suspect both.


Conspirator , 6/28/13 4:27 PM

vamosrafa, why not? He should play Hamburg. He only has points from two 500 tournaments to date and, given his early exit from Wimby, why not play Hamburg in mid-July prior to the hard court season?

Conspirator , 6/28/13 4:34 PM

vamosrafa , 6/28/13 4:25 PM

Think about it:

1. He has just had treatment to his knee post Wimby, wouldn't it be a goog idea to seek a "soft landing" for it by starting out on clay as he did in Vina del Mar? It's not as if there are 3 or 4 clay tournies available to him now. After that he will then head to North America for the HC swing.
2. He missed a golden opportunity to gain valuable ranking points by going out early at Wimby, why not use this to gain some?
3. He had a one month lay-off after IW and it cost him dearly going into MC and Barcelona, according to him. So maybe he feels he will get more rhythm if he does not stop too long.

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 4:37 PM

vamosrafa did you see these links that I posted for you? fLhc#at=137
McEnroe ? Rafa is the GOAT Abg0#at=47
McEnroe: Rafa is still the greatest even after the loss to Darcis

nadline , 6/28/13 4:50 PM

Maybe vamosrafa thinks it might just encourage people labeling Rafa just a claycourter. Not that Rafa cares.

nadline , 6/28/13 4:53 PM

If this news re Hamburg is true that's good news. I have been taking what Toni said a few days ago with a grain of salt. You have to sometimes with what he says. But this Hamburg plan would be a clearer sign the knee is holding up OK.

chlorostoma , 6/28/13 5:25 PM

I wonder of chr18 is now a fan of Stakhosvky as he has a soft spot for giant killers.

nadline , 6/28/13 5:27 PM

I have a feeling that the article must have been based on what Toni said.

nadline , 6/28/13 5:29 PM

Chr18 is not impressed with Stakho's win. As far as he is concerned, Fed's loss was part of a super secret strategy. He (chr18) will reveal all soon.......

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 6:02 PM

I'd go by what Andy M said: it is far from sure for any of the top players to make the final rounds as there are so many dangerous opponents now. Said that a couple of days prior to Stakho's win.

chlorostoma , 6/28/13 6:16 PM

Murray said that after Rafa lost. They are are all coming round to Rafa's way of thinking that he takes one match at a time.

nadline , 6/28/13 6:30 PM

But when Rafa says it, he is accused of false modesty........

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 6:49 PM

Shireling, 6/28/13 10:02 AM,

For what it's worth, I don't see anyone specifically crucifying you. All you have to do is read chr18's comment on 6/27/13 @ 2:17 pm. That's what gets Rafa fans riled up and touchy about anyone presuming to think that Rafa would be faking. How often have we heard that from the Rafa haters?

Now if I said something like that, I know exactly what I would have had to deal with here. I am not lumping you in with the likes of chr18. I just simply do not agree with you. However, I am not questioning your loyalty to Rafa because I am not the Rafa fan police.


In your comment at 4:37 pm, you said that Rafa got treatment for his knee post Wimbledon. How do you know that? Because he went to Barcelona to visit Dr. Cotorro? I haven't heard anything regarding treatment for the knee.

As far as the news that Rafa might play in a clay court tournament, I think that's a good thing. He lost the opportunity to gain points at Wimbledon, so why not play if there's a clay court tournament? I don't want him sitting around getting rusty and out of form again.

We know full well how Rafa looked at MC after another month off. It took him a while to get his form back. I think Rafa won't want to be off for another four or five weeks again. He needs to play.

As far as his attitude in the match with Darcis, I just think Rafa was not confident without playing a warm up tournament. He's made it clear that this kind of preparation is crucial for him to succeed at Wimbledon. He wasn't comfortable out there, Darcis was playing aggressive and taking it to Rafa and he wasn't able to get his feet under him and get adjusted to the grass court conditions.

As far as what tennis2011 said, suffice to say that I do not agree. Nole hasn't exactly looked unbeatable on hard courts this year. Remember I/W and Miami? I don't know that we should assume that he will be at his best as we head into the hard court season after Wimbledon.

Rafa has shown that he can play on hard court with the best. There's no reason to think he can't do well at the USO as long as the knee is okay. He did get to the finals again in 2011, losing to Nole. So he's been to two finals at the USO. I believe he's been to two finals at the AO.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/13 6:57 PM is-l eft-knee-after-returning-to-Spain-articolo11018.html

vamosrafa , 6/28/13 2:01 PM

@nny, see above

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 7:03 PM


I saw a picture of Rafa yesterday with that bandage and the extra tape on his knee. But I had not seen any news that he specifically received treatment for the knee. It does look something was done with the heavy bandage.

So what's up with Uncle Toni's comments? According to him it wasn't the knee, it was Rafa's attitude. But this certainly indicates that something was going on, unless they were going to treat the knee after Wimbledon anyway.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/13 7:22 PM

Rafa, those shorts are like 2 sizes too small, sheesh!! fael-Nadal-relaxes-boat-shock-Wimbledon-defeat.html?ico=sport^headline s

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 7:30 PM

I just checked out vb and someone said that the yellow tape is for draining swelling in the knee. Interesting.

Nativenewyorker , 6/28/13 7:32 PM

More picture with the yellow tape: -at-ibiza/

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 7:41 PM

So, the mice are back out to play when the cat is away?

RogFed , 6/28/13 8:37 PM

Was that a cat? Looked more like vermin to me.............

rafaisthebest , 6/28/13 8:53 PM

This is not the first there's some disagreement in camp Nadal but if Rafa says that he was not able to perform for 'several reasons' which did not include an attitude issue then I believe Rafa and not U. Toni since the former is the only one that really knows what he's feeling out there.
Anyway, I won't think too much more about it, there's nothing to be done. I always take Rafa's loses too hard.
The way things are with Rafa's knees I will try not to get to ahead of myself even if he tends to spoil us fans as with his amazing results this year. Even the 1st round exit at Wimby was amazing (ly bad) :)

Shireling , 6/28/13 9:19 PM

Found some photos of Rafa's summer holidays

Shireling , 6/28/13 9:30 PM

Funny one -roger/

sanju , 6/28/13 9:42 PM

Murray is looking very very sharp . He looks all good to win unless he suffers a meltdown

sanju , 6/28/13 9:50 PM

Chlorostoma you are a boring passive aggressive little shrew
If you haven't responded to my posts in the past it's only because you've thought it wise not to.
I'm not interested in Rafa or his tennis and esp not his fans anymore.
There are exceptions of course, you never being one of them.
It's so pathetic that people here expect me to sing Fedal's praises when they were turfed OUT in the 1st and second rounds,
But if you really didn't care what I thought then you wouldn't have bothered with that bitchy little post would you?
Why bother?
Oh wait had I said he was going to clean up in the USO that might have charged things!
Damn what a missed opportunity.
If I have misunderstood your post somewhat I apologise as you like quite a few of your friends here get the 'speed read' treatment from me, but nevertheless I am always clued up to your tiresome intent.
Again if you don't like my posts don't bother reading them, or SR
But I know you will continue to read them and will continued to be bothered by them.....

Twinge , 6/28/13 10:42 PM

@guys, of course I would love rafa to gain more points but I am just afraid of him overplaying ! the guy played TOO much tennis heading into wimbledon and see what happened.. But RITB's point about the relatively 'soft landing' on clay before preparing a transition to hard court is also valid...not sure what's best for him medically..I just want a fresh rafa at US open :/ May the best happen to him and he takes the best decisions...

@NNY, thanks for the info on the tape :) your vb updates are awesome !

@nadline, yess I did see them , thank you so much :D great to see johhny mac finally favoring the rafa corner....for years he labelled fed as GOAT and now he ha inclined toward rafa :D

vamosrafa , 6/28/13 11:54 PM


I understand your concern for Rafa. We all want what is best for him. I think that back-to-back slams just was too much to ask of Rafa after being out for seven months and not playing a slam for a year.

Rafa's comeback has been so exceptional. We might be forgiven for getting a bit carried away. I guess that at some point there would be a reality check for all of us.

There is a lot of tape on Rafa's knees. Those pictures were quite revealing. It shows that something was done to the knee. So Rafa may well have been experiencing some problems, maybe from playing so much in a compressed period of time since his comeback and maybe just from transitioning to grass.

I just love seeing Rafa on his boat with friends enjoying summer in Mallorca. He's got his head on straight and puts it all in perspective. He knows how to move on and enjoy life.

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/13 2:11 AM

Of course he will overplay! That's what he does best. He can't resist the urge to play on his beloved clay. There's always Gstaad to play after Hamburg too.

chr18 , 6/29/13 2:57 AM

Impossible for Fed to overplay when he can only win a single 250 event.

Difficult to beat when he's not playing.


Conspirator , 6/29/13 3:44 AM

And turd-face T-whinge is at it again with it's massive meltdown. There was nothing bitchy about Chloro's post - yours on OTOH, well, everyone can thankfully see. Save your spoilt brat rants and racist Indian posts for your mum and dad. You and redneck homophobe should stay put in scum-land's gutter hole where your type of species belong. Run along now...

jean , 6/29/13 3:47 AM

Conspirator, 6/29/13 3:44 AM,

Bingo! Good one!

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/13 5:35 AM

Here is another update on Rafa's knee from forum member ana canada. Her sister is an RMT who has had training in k-taping and this was her interpretation of the tape-

"He has physio tape & kinesio tape. K- tape is the thinner strips & that for swelling. It helps drain the swelling. The white tape is for support. So a stronger less flexible tape."

Just thought Rafa fans would be interested. They also said on vb that this is not about a prp injection because that would have meant a visit to Dr. Sanchez in Vitoria.

Nativenewyorker , 6/29/13 9:19 AM

Thanks NNY. Please keep the updates flowing.

I too think playing in Hamburg maybe good jut to get a feel and get some match practice and work his way up.

Its only after he played Chile, Brazil, Mexico did he win IW. Let us not forget that.

sanju , 6/29/13 9:44 AM

I wonder how many of the top 4 will be able to win even a 250 event at 32? Of course, the more realistic comment should be how many of them will even be playing at 32? Fed, @ 26 y/o which is 2007, stacked up several titles, including GS titles and MS. He did the same in 2008, 2009, . Let's see how many of the top 4will be able to do the same.

scoretracker , 6/29/13 10:15 AM

He did not do in 2008..just won a slam. Fed was in his 27th year in 2008 from August , not 26th .

In 2009 he did it only after Rafa got injured and took full advantage of it , check what he did in first 5 months of the year..zilch

Rafa with all his illhealth is doing better ..far better in his 27th year than Fed and Fed was actually fully fit

sanju , 6/29/13 10:23 AM

I meant 27th year from August 2007 , not 2008 above

sanju , 6/29/13 10:24 AM

"Again if you don't like my posts don't bother reading them, or SR
But I know you will continue to read them and will continued to be bothered by them.....
:-)Twinge, 6/28/13 10:42 PM

Bravo!! they'll bitch and moan but can never resist the urge to read what you and some of us have to say. I'm accused o writing long posts, but I come on this site generally at nihgt, after doing a da's work (some can't say that coz they don't have jobs) and write 1 0r 2 posts covering everything. For that I'm consistently being ridiculed. However, there are those who write their nonsense thrughout the day which totals a book, but have the nerve to complain.

BTW, I see that there's a full complement of the fanatics present 24/6. Whatever happenened to the planned exodus of the dream team? As usual that was just a bunch of froth and foam, and a means to blame Fed fans, who consistently have to deal with their displaced anger, and the usual tongue lashings and blame for any of nadal's losses. Oh, the games people play.

It would take a miracle for them to implement their exodus, coz this is their home judging by the amount of time they spend policing this site coz, in their infinite wisdom they feel it belongs to them. Poor mis-informed whiners. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 6/29/13 10:29 AM

Now the aspiration is to see who can win a 250 event at 32 like Federer. Lol

Fedfans seem to have accepted that it's the end of the road. They were counting his record Qtr final appearances in slams only last week now they are down to his record of winning 250 events.

Rafa's loss is different. We all know he didn't play his best against Darcis whilst Federer hasn't played better for a looooooooog time when he lost to Sergiy.

There is a kind demob atmosphere going on in the locker room regarding Federer. It's like when an unpopular teacher is retiring and the children feel free to have their own back. What with Sergiy saying he kicked his butt even though he had to play against his ego as well and Melzer saying he showed Sergiy that he is not Roger Federer.

nadline , 6/29/13 10:38 AM

, 6/29/13 10:38 AM

It ironical nadline, if he wins even a 250 at 32, its like 'Oh hes still winning at 32' . If he does not win, its ' Hes 32 for Gods sake, hes playing for the love of the game, lets see if the the others can even walk at 32'.

I mean his age is being used as per the situation..Haha..its funny and hilarious.

Fed is 32..FACT ..He is not playing well since August 2012..FACT. Just get over it and accept it.

sanju , 6/29/13 10:52 AM

Fedfans knew the jig was up a long time ago. This is why they changed tack and the new refrain came into being: we don't hate Rafa, it's his fans we cannot stand. The reason they cannot stand us is because they cannot stand to see the optimism we exhude, which only serves to bring their own pessimism into sharp focus.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 11:08 AM

Observing the death throes of the rabid Fed fans puts me in mind of those poor mugs you see at the races who've just lost their last 100 bucks backing the wrong horse.

ed251137 , 6/29/13 11:21 AM

^^Apt metaphor. They are the ones who are dressed in the fine sharp suit, hired of course, but cannot stop the saliva dribbling all over their chins, mouths agape, because suddenly they have lost control, in every sense of the word.

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 11:29 AM

Gulbis said in his interview when asked about the exit of Fed and Rafa that they need to look at the schedule. He said it's tough to recover from 5 set matches, concentrating on every point for hours.

nadline , 6/29/13 12:43 PM

Which is underlined by only have a two week gap between RG and Wimby. Is it next year when they put Wimby back by a week?

ed251137 , 6/29/13 1:00 PM

^^^No, it's in 2015.

nadline , 6/29/13 1:04 PM

Courtesy of

Rafa Nadal attended a Julio Iglesias Concert in Barcelona with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello. [this week]. In the middle of the concert Julio Iglesias decided to pay tribute to Rafa, He got a standing ovation & Rafa stood up to be recognized. Check out the video here. s-rafa-nadal-presente-concierto-me-gustaria-fueras-hermano-20130627090 534.html

Then praised him as a son, " but I wish you were my brother, " he joked before proceeding.

The singer declared he is an admirer of Rafa Nadal on the stage of the Royal Palace Gardens. Also added: "Speaking of discipline, of will, of intelligence, of all those wonderful things we want for our children ... Rafa Nadal has them all."

nadline , 6/29/13 1:33 PM

jean why do you even bother?
You simply come across as a grossly overweight pikey with a diseased cooch!
Your posts have no effect on me,
from now on in, whenever you attack me....
Instead of attacking you, I'm going to exact a price on one of your friends here.
Which makes you responsible in my view!
Throwing insults at an undersexed, ugly old hag is not getting me anywhere so a new approach is required...
Yes Sir!
We'll see how tolerant they will be of you then, when I start to tear into them (because of you)
Let the games begin

Twinge , 6/29/13 5:12 PM

'The singer declared he is an admirer of Rafa Nadal on the stage of the Royal Palace Gardens. Also added: "Speaking of discipline, of will, of intelligence, of all those wonderful things we want for our children ... Rafa Nadal has them all."

Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap!

Twinge , 6/29/13 5:14 PM

Oh one other thing Jean
It's been going on forever but REALLY
Don't you realise a lot of what you say is 'borrowed' from me?
Are you that lacking an imagination that you must copy me all the time?
It would be flattering but as you are garbage it's only amusing
In the ironic sense of course
Stupid one dimensional witch

Twinge , 6/29/13 5:34 PM


Please accept apologies on behalf of the rafa fans who have abused Federer's family here and please do no bring Rafa's family.

Sherlock , 6/29/13 5:42 PM


rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 5:46 PM


Your posts betray your thoughts, your thoughts betray you as a person. Accept my sympathies if you experience all these things from your brothers, uncles, and father.

phoenix , 6/29/13 5:53 PM

Rafa will go down in folklore as the tennis player who sent many Fedfans spiraling into the depths of madness....................

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 5:54 PM

I didn't know Fed and Kim Kardashian were

rafaisthebest , 6/29/13 5:57 PM

Oh, you are a FILTHY b**ch seventeen!

Twinge , 6/29/13 7:39 PM

Is that all you got zeveeenteeen? Zureely yoo caan doo beteer?

Doesn't change the fact that your fading player will always be the little bitch of Rafa, no?


Conspirator , 6/29/13 8:00 PM

I find that in many of Twinge's post he behaves like a troll - distorting facts, throwing insults at many, and trying to be clever in trying repeatedly to get a rise out of various rafans. Why the constant obsessions to distort facts about rafa and facts about his fans?
But then once in a while it is not so much bully-like behaviour you get in his posts. E.g. the two or three separate posts in which he threatened to kill me. And it all was because I simply joined a conversation he had with holdserve re the merits or lack thereof of claycourt as a tennis surface. Or just now when he told Jean that he would take out his reactions to her posts on other posters here. There is only one kind of behaviour out there in the non-anonymous and non-virtual world that is like this I think. It is that of sociopathic and psychopathic people. Am I saying Twinge has either condition, actually? Of course not. But he does in some of his posts writes just as if he has while writing those posts. And it's the first time I've seen anyone do this online (perhaps I don't hang around enough other sites). I find that surprising. I have no explanations for it, but that doesn't matter. None of us need to know or understand why Twinge writes these things. Or care. But it remains absolutely appalling behaviour that has no place in a site on tennis.

And sadly it is about as diametrically opposite behaviour as you'll ever see in public (and I am sure in private too) of that delightful young man and brilliant tennis player Twinge is a fan of, the Scott who I hope takes the Wimbledon crown this year, or at least once in the coming years.

chlorostoma , 6/29/13 8:59 PM

Shut up chlorostoma!
This isn't some dungeon for S&M freaks
Find another obsession.......

Twinge , 6/29/13 9:03 PM


And by the way there is only one of the two of us who is obsessed and it's the one who does all those things I describe over and over.

chlorostoma , 6/29/13 9:50 PM

Yeah, right, absolutely...

Twinge , 6/29/13 9:55 PM


you have never answered directly as to why you threatened to kill me, and take the skin of my body, and simply because I calmly joined a normal discussion you were having with other posters here

Nor any answers to the few times I've called you on bullying-like behaviour, or on hundred times repeated using insults at posters here and more of the same,

because there is not much that you could say directly to that, is there,
other than attacking the person pointing out these behaviours of yours and saying 'passive aggressive' here and 'bore' there... in fact a lot less colorful and witty repartee than you usually have ... seems like I am very close to the mark on those counts

you want me to shut up?

two things: I will post about your appalling behaviour, and only when it is appalling, when I choose, which won't be too often

I will entirely stop posting about your appalling behaviour .... when you will stop choosing to behave that way on a site where people are trying to calmly talk about tennis - insult-free, lies-free, etc.

chlorostoma , 6/29/13 10:00 PM


you have never answered directly as to why you threatened to kill me, and take the skin of my body, and simply because I calmly joined a normal discussion you were having with other posters here

Nor any answers to the few times I've called you on bullying-like behaviour, or on hundred times repeated using insults at posters here and more of the same,

because there is not much that you could say directly to that, is there,
other than attacking the person pointing out these behaviours of yours and saying 'passive aggressive' here and 'bore' there... in fact a lot less colorful and witty repartee than you usually have ... seems like I am very close to the mark on those counts

you want me to shut up?

two things: I will post about your appalling behaviour, and only when it is appalling, when I choose, which won't be too often

I will entirely stop posting about your appalling behaviour .... when you will stop choosing to behave that way on a site where people are trying to calmly talk about tennis - insult-free, lies-free, etc.

chlorostoma , 6/29/13 10:04 PM

^^^lol double the fun!
You can just tell that chloro is in his pyjamas down in his mothers basement while he posts his emo crap.
Anyone that takes the Internet as seriously as this wretch really should stay well away from it!
I might be evil ect but there are far worse things in this world than my posts on a tennis blog.
Poor thing, I feel it might just be too delicate for this world....

Twinge , 6/29/13 10:08 PM

nothing you have posted about me over the last ten or so posts we have exchanged has any semblance to me

what's the point telling people how you imagine my life etc you have no way of knowing and should not be interested

the point is that you often attack the person

I simply point out your __behaviour__ and only when it is beyond the pale

of course I know your threats are empty but the point is... as you well know... that just chosing to write such here on this forum is something most sane people would never dream of doing and it is appaling

would it be too much to ask to let people discuss tennis without insult, deliberate distortions of facts, attempts to rile people, and frankly behaviour that calls to mind sociopaths

where is it that you thing that makes you look good, superior, wise, world wise, admirable, clever etc etc

would you be able for, say, one month, to write just about tennis and not write about anyone here, and not obsessively tell us how much you dislike fedal and their fans? or can you not help doing so over and over

there are some weird people writing very meltdown kinds of posts here
that is not your case
but yours is calculated meanspirtedness
not admirable

why not try to emulate the behaviour of Andy Murray?

chlorostoma , 6/29/13 10:22 PM

I wonder when the high schooler will get bored with the seventeen project? Perhaps when people stop responding I suppose.

ts38 , 6/30/13 12:00 AM

Awww, pweeve don't caw me names transsexual20. You huwt my feewings.

Haha, you keep responding so I'm not bored yet!


Conspirator , 6/30/13 12:24 AM

And that, ladies and gents, is how easy it is to expose trolls for what they really are. Much like pulling the sheets off a mattress and seeing the bed bugs crawling underneath. You all want to know what's gone wrong with tennistalk? There's your answer.


ts38 , 6/30/13 1:50 AM

ts38, 6/30/13 12:00 AM

Nice try ts20.

But you trolled me so maybe you need to take care of your own house first.


Conspirator , 6/30/13 2:11 AM

seventeen, 6/29/13 2:13 PM,

For the record, this is the reason that we decided to take a leave of absence. No one should have to read this filth on a tennis forum. However, when seventeen cowardly pulled her usual disapperaring act once Fed lost and the other trolls followed suit, then some of us felt that it might be okay to come back.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe seventeen was abused as a child or else she is just a gutter dweller who has a rather weird obsession with on specific sex act!

I am waiting for the pious one to condemn seventeen's post! Let's see if the hypocrisy will still be in effect! I am of course referring to the post on 6/29/12 @ 10:29 AM.

However, I am not holding my breath! After all, it's about attacking and trashing Rafa fans and only Rafa fans, a few in particular.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 2:52 AM

Just to clarify in my above post, I meant to say that seventeen has a rather weird obsession with ONE specific sex act!

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 2:57 AM

LOL! seventeen, ts38 and twinge putting rafatards in their place. Most enjoyable! Great to see non-rafa fans regain control of this site.

Twinge: Nolandy looks inevitable. Let us set an example for these fedal fans on how a rivalry needs to be. If Novak does not win it, I wish murray gets the title.

Just don't let these CBM yapper and RafafartED get Ricky/Cheryl to put you in moderation next sunday.

I think nole has 45% of winning his 2nd wimbledon. he has to run through haas, berdych, delpotro and murray, but I keep watching his humiliation of Rafa, during that 7-0 run and if anyone can run through these players, it has to be Nole.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 2:59 AM

Blandly blahdy blah blah blah

Read the first two sentences which was more than necessary.

More fake BS over and over.

What an idiot.

I'm a much bigger Nole fan than your fake ass.

Poor punchbag will always be Rafa's little bitch which is where all your hate comes from.


Conspirator , 6/30/13 3:18 AM

By your logic, CBM, you must have experienced this and projecting your thoughts onto seventeen.

"The only thing I can think of is that maybe seventeen was abused as a child or else she is just a gutter dweller who has a rather weird obsession with on specific sex act!"


If you were a novak fan, you wouldn't be the frustrated puss you are being. I am happy Novak is soon going to win the 2nd wimbledon and get 100 weeks as no.2 and overtake the boring spanish fisherman!

Novak will be extending his status the 2nd greatest player of this generation outside a surface like clay which most champs like sampras, mcenroe, becker and edberg wouldn't even care to spit on.

Let's check your novak fan quotioent : Say it with me. Novak has 5HC slams to rafa's 2, 2WTF to Rafa's 0 and will soon match rafa at wimbledon and weeks at no.1

Nay-dull is officially relegated to clay-dull status. Ajde Nole! Your fans dont have to claim rigged draws, crowd loving your opponent more than you or any such conspiracies.

The numbers speak loud and clear. Let us get the 2nd Wimbledon and regain the turf from clay-courters from Spain.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 3:49 AM

"By your logic, CBM, you must have experienced this and projecting your thoughts onto seventeen."

JamesDjokovicFan, 6/30/13 3:49 AM

Wow! And I thought you had a brain! Now if I start every post with seventeen's vile obsessive comments about that particular sex act, then you can say that I have experienced this! Remember, I am not the one who posts this in almost every single comment.

However, since you seem so fascinated with this topic yourself, especially with Rafa's butt, then I guess it takes one to know one!

You don't like Nole, you don't like anybody. You are just a lose without a life who has to post under three different screen names, not counting your new on on tennis-x! Hi Danny Morris!

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 3:56 AM

Oops, I meant to say - You are just a LOSER without a life!

Oh and another typo - not counting your new ONE on tennis-x.

Maybe you can use a few more screen names on tennis-s. That might be fun.

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 3:58 AM

Nah just another fedbot fanboy. Saddest troll of all. Ashamed of his own fav so hides behind the name of his rival. Your hardly a Nole fan.

Hmmm, with all of your crap words, nothing's changed. Fed is still old and the game has passed him by.


Conspirator , 6/30/13 4:03 AM

Hi mem! I know crazyness like you when I see one. I am danny morris? LOL! keep throwing darts in the dark.

I just got off the phone with my friend Jane and we had a laugh about you rafatrolls.

keep spewing venom on Federer and Djokovic fans. Your ilk are going the way of DODO. Forget Federer, Djokovic is gonna whup your guy black and blue.

Just ask him to stop losing in 1st round or sitting in uncle toni's lap and sobbing? Is this why you rafa fans seem to think you are experts on child abuse? I mean Rafa should just get rid of his uncle coach who only keeps demeaning him.

Trust me, rafa-toni relation doesn't make anyone an expert on child abuse, least of all a rafa-craving CB like you. Keep living up your fantasies about rafa and you. It will not change reality where the guy got his butt -which you are so obsessed with whipped by an injured journeyman in straight sets. LOL! not even 1 set?

I know life is miserable for you. I hope you are getting your SS on time. let me know, i can pitch in some money for your pills. Just dont take insanity to the outside world, like you bring it here. The other day I saw how the mob treated a demented person who forgot to take their pills and tell you what - it was not good!

You have my pities and sympathies granma. Please stay here. I can call you sometime if you want to get over your rafa frustration. It is ok, he will atleast make 2nd round in USopen and he wont be in a wheel chair by end of this year, becuase that injury is FAKE!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 4:09 AM

Oh, here is a post from rafa well-wisher Deuce in her true colors on tennis site. LOL!
she has you rafatrolls eating out of her hand here and whipping claydal badddd on tignors blog. LOL!

"@Northernboy Exactly! I'm a little tired of the constant "oh those knees again" talk. Yes we know there is a problem, but which player in sport does not have injuries, especially after you've spent so much time playing. And anyone who's been watching Rafa all these years knows he would pay the price for his ferocious style of play. So let's just take this as par for the course and get on with it!
5 hours, 55 minutes ago on - Turfed"

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 4:13 AM

Let me know if you rafatrolls are dumb enough to not find out deuce's posts on tennis. I have the links friends and so do all the novak fans on tennis.

Keep displaying your stupidity. it makes for a lot of amusement for us who find clay-dull, very clay and very dull!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 4:17 AM

Oooh, I seemed to have touched a nerve with the hydra troll! Such anger! Tsk, tsk, it's not healthy for you.

So you think I am mem? That is so funny! I love mem! Too bad she doesn't post more often. We don't write alike or sound alike. She is much more direct than I would be and not nearly as nice. But on that site, she is a breath of fresh air!

Hey, wait a minute! You got so mad and opened up your big mouth and put your big foot in it! Didn't you and your two other screen names here trash me for supposedly getting banned from a site on which I have not posted in almost three years? LOL! Too funny!

I got you now! You stepped in it! That's what you get for losing your temper and forgetting your own lies. So according to you I am mem on tennis-x. You can't even keep your own lies straight!

You won't ever get SS, because you actually have to work to qualify! So I guess you will spend your days throwing out pathetic lies and insults and threatening people because you have nothing else to do!

Your garbage is getting old. It's kind of pathetic. Just the same dumb insults over and over again. Nothing new.

Oh and by the way I know that deuce posts on tennis-x. I know her screen name. I was fortunate to have a really good source of information on that site, but I am not stupid enough to go around talking about what I know. I keep my intel to myself. It's called not showing your cards.

I know what deuce said and it's nothing she hasn't said on this site. She doesn't have to love Rafa or even like him. She is entitled to her opinion. I know exactly what she has said and have no problem with it at all.

Good luck trying to stir the pot! Really, you need to get it together and fast! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 5:36 AM

Scoretracker would be impressed JimmyFedBot!

That was awesome! Do it again?


Conspirator , 6/30/13 6:01 AM

CBM aka mem,

you are not just crazy but stupid. tennis site is different from tennis-x, but I should have known I was talking to a moron. anyway you are a chicken thant CANNOT play tennis. I have no use for trolls like you.

As I said, I will keep posting stuff on rafa and will keep celebrating as his career finds its inevitable end to a life with broken knees.

For now, lets enjoy then 2nd year in a row claydull got bumped out by a nobody, immediately after winning the clay slam and being hyped by rafatrolls as the Wimbledon champ in waiting. more like a chump!

clay-dull is buried in clay for good. 1 title outside clay in 33 months!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/30/13 6:35 AM

Very soon we will be regaled by tales from @JamesDjokovicMurray...........

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 8:24 AM

JamesNotDjokovicFan, Fedkovic23, novakisthebest, Danny Morris,

You are out of your mind! It doesn't matter about tennis site or tennis-x! My point still stands! Good grief! Can't you admit when you are wrong? Why the anger? So you messed up! What else is new! LOL!

You really are having quite the meltdown. I guess it comes from publicly embarrassing yourself.

Keep calling me different names! You still said that I was banned from tennis-x and now you are calling me mem! Sorry, you can't get out of this one. It's there for everyone to see. Mem does post on tennis-x. For real. But how can she be me when you said I was banned?

Just admit that you were wrong and own up to it like a man! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 6/30/13 9:29 AM

Rafa says:

?I am confident that I will have a good recovery and be ready for the next tournaments,? he said.

?I played much more than I dreamed of before the injury so that is very positive for me.

?I tried to arrive here in as good a shape as possible, knowing that this year would probably be harder than ever, and it really was. But life continues.

?Two weeks ago I was in a fantastic situation, winning a fantastic tournament, and two weeks later I am losing in the first round. That is sport.?

Source: Daily Mail

nadline , 6/30/13 12:12 PM

Turd-face T-whinge has actually surprise me again! Oh my, douche prick, I'm sooooo afraid of your threat. I'll stop attacking you so you don't attack another Rafan who'll blame me. LMFAO!!! Listen prick face, go do what you do best back in your gutter scum hole lol. I'll keep at you as long as I please and feeling generous enough to let you know what I think of you, got it, lil rat?!

Clearly my posts have an effect on you lol meltdown galore ROFL!!!!

See ya turd face t-whinge!

jean , 6/30/13 12:36 PM

JamesDjokovicFan, 6/30/13 2:59 AM

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself and others that you have control of this site via your multiple usernames hiding behind joker, you know that we all know that you know that deep down that deranged head of yours that your attempt is nothing more than a pathetic insecure desperate move.

Keep trying! It's rather entertaining to watch you get increasingly desperate and panic as the days go by.

jean , 6/30/13 12:41 PM

Oh pleeeaase! ROFL
JamesFakeDjokovichFan/DannyMorris/DinosaurDave etc etc. Has caught the wrong bus. Lol I have NEVER posted on those sites. There may well be another blogger who has the moniker "deuce," I remember alex found one somewhere else yoinks ago, but whoever it is, it isn't me. Unfortunately, this being the web, can't really prove it, but there again FakeFan can't either.
How very, very sad that this troll searches the web endlessly for "evidence" to discredit me here. My crime? Why, 'tis actually liking Rafa fans and posting on this site. Oh yes, and also challenging him on his appalling attitude to women.
Really must think everyone on the net is stupid.
BTW on tx says is " investment banker" lol we all know what that rhymes with. Sometimes life's ironies are simply too delicious.

deuce , 6/30/13 12:44 PM

RITB @8.24am
Nooooooooo! How can u suggest such a thing? I thought we were mates...
*sobs and leaves room.*

deuce , 6/30/13 12:51 PM

@deucy, how to put this?

1. Well, it will be a complement, sort of, it will be proof positive that Muzza is regarded as a genuine contender (as if he isn't one already) and worthy of recognition by the "deciders".
2. It will signal Muzza's arrival on the cool scene, well the know what it is, don'tcha? New boy band stuff!
3. It will mean you will no longer be targeted for abuse. Don't tell me you don't like that idea?

Or you could get the ULTIMATE accolade and be included as such: Fedmuzzavic! Ooh la la! Triple decker sarnie!

Run, deucy, run!

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 1:49 PM

@deucy 12:44 PM,

Don't worry about any accusations leveled at you. All sane posters know they are fake. Even if you decided you didn't like Rafa and Rafans today, why would that be anybody's business? You don't need to explain yourself to anybody, especially the hydra.

The guy is simply deranged. Who has'nt he sprayed with muck? What surprises me is there are seemingly sane posters out there who think they can have a reasoned conversation with this creature. You gotta be insane to think that!

Best to not pay attention to his rants...........

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 2:00 PM

'Clearly my posts have an effect on you lol meltdown galore ROFL!!!!'

Er no

Twinge , 6/30/13 2:07 PM

Why anyone would want to be faffed with inventing multiple screen names beats me.

Much of the time their comments are aimed at the people they perceive as leading futile, empty lives and of having no knowlege of tennis, etc. etc. Those that pen these tirades and endlessly comb the internet looking for targets then compose lengthy essays which simply demonstate their own lack of fullfllment and paucity of intellect.

To digress for a moment: Did any of you watch a bunch of OAPs strutting their stuff at Glastonbury last night and holding a crowd of 120,000 people enthralled 50 years after they first took the world by storm. Impossible to believe Jagger will be 70 this time next year and I fell to wondering if all the ageist people who frequent this site have written him off too.

ed251137 , 6/30/13 2:55 PM

Thanx darling! Will try and yawn in the future. But I HATE lies being posted about me! Muck is so easy to spread on the net and it makes me mad!
What sort of insane nutter thinks I play games like that? What on earth would be the point? What kind of person a) does that b) thinks other people do that and c) is prepared to manufacture "evidence" in order to try and discredit someone.

deuce , 6/30/13 2:58 PM

That's the bait, honey, the lies, it's the bait. Don't rise to it.

rafaisthebest , 6/30/13 3:36 PM

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