• Federer snags first title of 2013 in Halle

    6/17/13 2:51 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Federer snags first title of 2013 in Halle Roger Federer and grass turned out to be a winning combination again, as the Swiss world No. 2 captured his 6th trophy at the Gerry Weber Open.

    Roger Federer's last title came during the summer hard court swing last year in Cincinnati, but he added one to his 2013 resume on Sunday with a 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-4 win over Mikhail Youzhny.

    Youzhny played well in the final, especially in the first set and the first half of the second set. Unlike most of their other 14 encounters, the Russian made Federer work for the win on Sunday. Youzhny's pace won him the first set, but Federer eventually got a bead on the Russian's groundstrokes.

    Once Federer got the break in the second set, he really took control of the match. The Swiss rolled through the third set without facing a single break point.

    Federer moves onto to Wimbledon, where he is the defending champion.

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Good win Fed. Next, a win at a 500 tourney would be nice.


rafaisthebest , 6/17/13 7:12 AM

Congrats Fed! Hope this given the confidence for the bigger battles ahead at Wimbledon.

Allez Fed

RMadhu , 6/17/13 8:53 AM

17 is hugging the double bagel to herself like a child with its 'doudou'

ed251137 , 6/17/13 1:25 PM

Enlighten me then. Please translate what you meant when you said
'More important its the Bigmac.'

ed251137 , 6/17/13 2:31 PM

One can say that Fed feels so at ease in grass as Rafa on clay. Well done to the champ. Can't wait for the Wimby draw.

Shireling , 6/17/13 2:37 PM

Fed's game not really at the right stage at the moment.
I think he is low on passion and energy this year. Probably a long time on tour has taken that away. He needs to find that hunger back if wants to remain in the winning circle. Once that happens, other things will fall in place on themselves.
Wishing Rog good luck for the Wimby!!

abhirf , 6/17/13 2:56 PM

Good win for Fed but he should have beaten Youzhny more convincingly

tennis2011 , 6/17/13 3:12 PM

Since 17 is not prepared to elaborate, would somebody else be so kind as to explain to this doddery OAP what she is talking about.

ed251137 , 6/17/13 3:54 PM


Forgedaboutit, I don't think even seventeen knows what's going on in her brain at the best of times...........

rafaisthebest , 6/17/13 4:02 PM

^^^^^^ lol. The only thing I could think of was she might be referring to McEnroe but couldn't see any connection.

ed251137 , 6/17/13 4:09 PM

ed, JMac's tournament wins.

More importantly why do you correspond with this sad person?

Congrats Rog. Nice to know you can still beat players outside the top 150 and players from the weak era.


Conspirator , 6/17/13 4:37 PM


If you happened to read tennis-x, then you would find sienna chatting about #77, the same as seventeen's comments here.

Some people are really just too obvious!

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 7:46 PM

this article has so far attracted 9 posters and 17 contributions. Either Fed fans don't give a lot of value to this title or there just aren't enough Fed fans to go around no more...

Shireling , 6/17/13 10:12 PM


1. There aren't enough Fedfans anymore anywhere. Remember, most jumped ship onto the Novak bandwagon when Fed started to slide;
2. The few who are left can't be bothered anymore with Fed. They would rather be talking about Rafa and his fans.

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 1:07 AM

I'm a Fed fan. but not an active poster. But a realistic expectation is happy to see him play :) If he wins, good.

RMadhu , 6/18/13 8:54 AM

Same here...I'm a Rafa fan but hearing no news about the condition of his knees after RG and not seein how he moves on grass nowadays, I'm hoping for the best but keeping my expectations in check. But look he went out in the 2nd round last year so he cannot get worse than this no?

#Last sentence for Fedfans reminder in case they forget about this... :-)

phoenix , 6/18/13 9:30 AM

I checked on vb and Rafa had his knee examined by his doctor and all is well. So he came out of RG with no problems. He is doing what his doctor is telling him to do by skipping Halle. He will come into Wimbledon with no match play. He is supposed to be traveling to London later this week. I expect that he will practice once he gets there.

I am keeping my expectations in check, given his #5 seeding and no warmup matches played. The early rounds will be a test. I just hope that he doesn't get stuck with some big serving guys. If he can work his way into form and get through the first week, then we all know what can happen. :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/18/13 10:01 AM

Excellent news, @nny about his knees. At least he will be entering Wimby in relatively good health, he can compete with happiness. Of course it would have been better if he had played a warmup event but the timetable is so tight between RG and Wimby this was not to be.

I thought he was travelling to London today?


rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 10:52 AM

Rafa at the airport before flying out to London today:

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 11:02 AM

Thx for the link ritb

Poor Rafa.... sometimes (if not all the time) being famous must suck big time! Imagine having to endure a guy filming you all the time - liberty of expression my ass, whatever happened to liberty of being left in peace :)
As for the knee, thx nnyr, that's the best news. Rafa doesn't need matches, he's already played more matches than anybody else this year - as soon as he hit the grass he'll feel right at home - he hasn't won at Wimby for nothing you know ;)

Shireling , 6/18/13 1:44 PM

I was left speechless, @Shireling. This is he price Rafa has to pay for fame, I don't envy him at all. Did you see them actually point the camera at his plane ticket? That felt so invasive, and Rafa just took everything in his stride. And the oaf in the apricot polo? He shoved a kid away from Rafa so he could get a better view, unbelievable. Loved how Papa Nadal slipped discreetly out of camera focus so the spotlight would be trained only on his son.....

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 1:50 PM

yeah.. in this sense I don't envy him at all either.
The press in Spain is totally nuts, there's no restrain or measuer whatsover!
Very poised and analytic interview from Rafa, when the talks about the game you can see why he's such a good competitor: cause he's got his head in the right place.
They were asking him about the lack of practice on grass and he said that he hasn't played on this surface for practically two years - because last year, both in Halle and in Wimby he arrived with very bad knees.
He says that he will try to play as aggressively as he did in RG.
They also asked him about his oponents, against whom he'd chose to play out of the top 4 and he gave his usual answer: that if he gets to play with any of them it would mean that he's reached the quarters or semis and that then he'd had a good first week.
He finished saying that Wimby is unlike any other tournement in that you can find yourself out of a match very quickly and not have any chance to get back, unlike RG, USO and Australia where you always get more chances as the match advances....

Shireling , 6/18/13 3:08 PM

Great win from Federer. 77titles is a great achievement. Another laurel for the legend.

I hope Rafa and Roger keep the old guard's defense against the onslaught from the young guns, relatively speaking, going.

In 2010, R&R got 4 slams.
In 2011, Djokovic made it 3-1 for the young guns.
In 2012, It was 2-2 but the year end was the younger guard member.

So far, it is 1-1. I hope it will be atleast 2-2 for Rafa and Roger.

Sherlock , 6/18/13 5:19 PM

I too am glad to hear NNY's medical report so in the event he does lose early this year maybe he will give his opponent some credit this time rather than going straight to the injury excuse.

chr18 , 6/18/13 7:30 PM


I stand corrected. On vb it does say that Rafa is traveling to Wimbledon today.

Here is the information about Rafa's report from Dr. Cotorro on his knee posted by forum member Ellie. It's the google translation but I think the information is still pretty clear.

Ruiz Cotorro"@RafaelNadal's knee progresses well. The idea that we had at Roland Garros has been confirmed with tests".
"It is good news and it also has been holding trust because they are pathologies that are slow to evolve".
"The progress of recent months is still very satisfactory. We have to go step by step as we are doing, with prudence"
"Nadal already adapted from Acapulco to the court in Indian Wells and was able to play well, played hard games and endured"
"The clay was a more propitious terrain but we believe that he will adapt perfectly to the grass"
"We do not think beyond Wimbledon, which continue paying until now and then later we will think about the rest"
"Today the news is positive, and you have to take advantage of that. The progress in recent months has been increasingly more positive"
"I would say it progresses more positively. R Garros is 5 sets tournament and he has played very intense matches, above all against Djokovic"

Nativenewyorker , 6/18/13 8:05 PM

Because it was RG, I think there wasn't enough credit given to Rafa for his amazingly quick comeback after being off for so long in his 1st major in almost a year. He won. And beat the No. 1 player in the world whose top goal was RG.

Simply outstanding.


Conspirator , 6/18/13 8:26 PM

very well said Conspirator

Shireling , 6/19/13 10:46 AM

Hear, hear @Conspirator 8:26 PM


rafaisthebest , 6/19/13 11:03 AM

I wonder if Nole is falling into the Roger syndrome i.e. paying too much attention to the record books and yearning for the wins that will go down in history. Roger has faltered when there is a milestone record on the horizon on several occasions. Novak was desperate for the RG title - but he too has fallen at the final fence when it was within his grasp.

ed251137 , 6/19/13 12:13 PM

crap18, 6/18/13 7:30 PM

You are mistaking him for federina. Just ask Berdych for the details.

jean , 6/19/13 1:19 PM

So you're saying Nadal gave Rosol credit for being the better player last year? When he bumped him maybe that was it?

chr18 , 6/19/13 1:28 PM

Nole tanked RG to save himself for Wimbledon. Lol

nadline , 6/19/13 1:31 PM

^^^^could be he is saving himself for RG2014, eh chr20?

rafaisthebest , 6/19/13 1:54 PM

ed251137, 6/19/13 12:13 PM

No, the common denominator in these two cases were not mental. They were physical.


Conspirator , 6/19/13 2:13 PM

^^^^^^ I was being tactful by not mentioning that.

ed251137 , 6/19/13 2:29 PM

8:26 PM,

How can RAFA be GOAT? not true.
Fed is the GOAT, if fed's achievements are underated with 'Weak Era' tag then same rule applies to RAFA too, he is winning all his clay titles in the #WeakClayera. he dont have any serious opposition in Clay for last 8 years, weak clay era indeed.

sabs , 6/19/13 2:39 PM

Guess who is seeded 5th? yes - that most complete player of our times who got his behind handed to him by Rosol in the 2012 Wimbledon.

Any amount of illegal coaching from Toni is not bringing home the wimbledon title for butt-picker!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/19/13 2:39 PM

sabs, Fed was the GOAT but now Rafa is in my opinion.

Fed is the GOAT in your opinion.

There is no absolute GOAT.


Conspirator , 6/19/13 2:42 PM

^^ Agree

sabs , 6/19/13 2:47 PM

he dont have any serious opposition in Clay for last 8 years, weak clay era indeed.
sabs, 6/19/13 2:39 PM

This is illogical. If the so called GOAT has not been able to provide serious opposition to the King of Clay for 8 years, how on earth can Fed be the greatest of all time?!!!!!!!!!!!

nadline , 6/19/13 2:55 PM

notice me please guys, so i will not look PATHETIC...:-)

phoenix , 6/19/13 2:59 PM

crap18, 6/19/13 1:28 PM

"I have mono"
"My back was hurting, I couldn't move"
"It was too dark, I couldn't see"
"Novak got lucky with that shot"

Or maybe when he's not doing well he'll just take a prolonged toilet break, sit down, change his t-shirt, throw water bottles at ball kids, not shake know, the usual.

jean , 6/19/13 4:19 PM

^^and which other tennis player receives this kind of abuse on as sustained a level as Rafa? People should desist from averting their eyes by saying ridiculous things like, "oh, all players are abused". Nonsense.

rafaisthebest , 6/19/13 7:09 PM

@4:19 PM
"It was too dark, I couldn't see"

The RG 2005 SF was another match against Rafa when Roger complained about the light. The umpire refused his request the match be held over till the next day. It was around 8pm and the sky was overcast but no way it was it anywhere near dark enough to stop play.

ed251137 , 6/19/13 8:39 PM

The federatti have always claimed that theiRFav is the second greatest clay court player of the hi8tory, no?

And that nole character from what I understand is no clay slouch either.


Conspirator , 6/19/13 9:26 PM

seventeen, 6/19/13 6:54 PM

To Cheryl and Ricky,

There is no excuse for this kind of post. I thought there were rules about posting this kind of vulgar garbage about any tennis player!

Nativenewyorker , 6/20/13 2:09 AM

yes nny, they should do something about it before somebody fights back and stoops so low as to mention something about Fed and the twins...

phoenix , 6/20/13 6:12 AM


Are you being funny? I know that seventeen/sienna tried to say that some have talked about Fed's family. The issue is that what one person says is not justified by what anyone else may have said. That's the problem. These few misfits come on here and dredge up some obscure stuff from the past and use it as their justification for spewing out the sickest filth about Uncle Toni and Rafa's mother.

You own what you say. A post like that would have been deleted at one time. There were rules about not making inappropriate comments about a player's family. That goes for everyone, not just Rafa.

Nativenewyorker , 6/20/13 7:08 AM

9:26 PM,


sabs , 6/20/13 8:30 AM

nadline , 6/19/13 2:55 PM
Conspirator , 6/19/13 9:26 PM

Not to mention this contradicts the Federatti and Noleista argument that they are the most complete players on Tour! How can they be complete if they are weak on clay?

rafaisthebest , 6/20/13 9:06 AM

Rafans are arguing two hypothesis at a time.
H0 : Fed is not the GOAT, because he was winning in a Weak Era.
: Rafa won 8 Clay slams against Goat Fed - so he is the real Goat

Rafans, these two hypothesis will not go together, because one negates the other.

Either Fed is the GOAT or No one is the GOAT, until RAFA wins his 8th Non clay title.

sabs , 6/20/13 9:47 AM

@sabs, GOAT-dom is an individual opinion. If you believe Fed is GOAT, I personally am not going to argue because that is your opinion. Myself, I find it a waste of time to even consider who is GOAT until Rafa's career is over. You probably feel Fed's career is over that is why you are prepared to put an epitaph on it...........

rafaisthebest , 6/20/13 10:34 AM


That is not correct. Rafa fans are using the argument of the Fed fans that he is the GOAT. That doesn't mean that they subscribe to that belief. For myself, I do not believe in this GOAT idea, never have and never will. I believe that a player can only be the greatest in his era.

Fed fans don't seem to acknowledge the Weak Era argument. I think it has some validity. However, it's not Fed's fault that there was no one around to challenge him until Rafa came along.

Fed fans always set the bar higher or move the goal posts when it comes to Rafa. My issue is that the whole argument comparing Fed's and Rafa's achievements is fundamentally flawed. Rafa started playing three years after Fed. There is simply no way that anyone can compare them since Fed had a three year head start on Rafa.

It will only make sense to compare Fed and Rafa when they have both retired.

Nativenewyorker , 6/20/13 10:39 AM

I really have to make sure to specifically address my posts to the intended person. My comment above was directed at sabs comment posted @9:47 AM.

Nativenewyorker , 6/20/13 10:41 AM

And my believe is that when the dust has settled, when these 2 greats have retired there will be no need for a debate, the facts and stats will speak for themselves.

rafaisthebest , 6/20/13 10:57 AM

Phoenix, 6/20/13 6:12 AM

I cannot claim to have read every post on every thread but I cannot recall ever reading foul-mouthed comments about Fed's family on this site.

On the contrary the only remarks about the twins have been about how adorable and cute they are. There was once a jokey conversation about Mirka chewing very hard on her gum when she was agitated during tense matches but that was deleted within an hour.


ed251137 , 6/20/13 11:21 AM

ed, what post 6/19/13 6:54 PM is insinuating is the most vulgar to say the least. now what would prevent somebody from creating another false account and insinuate the same between Fed and the twins even though it's farthest from the truth but just to spite the poster?

phoenix , 6/20/13 11:38 AM

sabs, 6/20/13 9:47 AM

I don't know who made such a simplistic argument for Rafa as the GOAT. Certainly wasn't me.


Conspirator , 6/20/13 12:02 PM


The point is that if we had moderation the way we have had in the past on this site, if someone did do what you said, then that offending post would also be deleted. That's the whole point of moderation. Once these few misfits see that their posts are deleted, then they would most likely leave.

Nobody is saying that it's okay for someone to trash Fed's family, if that was your point. Common decency should apply to all the players and their families.

Nativenewyorker , 6/20/13 12:45 PM

"As far as 2013 is concerned there was nothing that could be done, we have an agreement on seedings in place and we have to stick with that," Wimbledon Referee Andrew Jarrett told Sportsmail.

"'Of course we always review things and we may debate it in the future."
Some argue that the seedings should just go straight off the world rankings of the time like other Grand Slams (which still would not have altered Nadal's place in the draw) but Jarrett is inclined against that.

My own view is that grass is still a different surface. We are in an era when players usually happier on slower courts have proved that they can do well here and it?s not like the time of Pete Sampras and Goran Ivanisevic when you often didn?t see a return. But grass is still different and so is clay.

"There is an argument that the French Open should have their own seeding formula and the US and Australian Opens another seeding formula, but that is for others to discuss."

Read more: -Rafael-Nadal-seeded-fifth-sets-potential-Andy-murray-quarter-final-cl ash.html#ixzz2Wkq9tzRB
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nadline , 6/20/13 1:23 PM

Sorry. Wrong thread.

nadline , 6/20/13 1:25 PM

People who don't believe in Greatest Tennis player /Athlete of all time are just people incapable of analysing statistics because they are most likely high-school drop-outs with a fear of math and sciences and business.

The majority opinion in the tennis world is Federer is the Greatest tennis player of all time. That is the truth. Right now Federer, Laver and Sampras are the top 3. Rafatards like contipator will point to fed's h2h or laver's playing 3 slams on grass or Sampras not winning a FO. All said and done, tennis historians and statisticians consider them the top 3.

That is the inconvenient truth rafa fans have to wake upto. They will keep praying and obsessing that the guy overtakes federer or diminishing Federer's achievements. The truth of the matter is none of Roger's peers could dominate him outside clay. I am not including sampras who is 10years older than Federer as federer's rival.

For kneedal, he could not dominate his rival, nole, who is his generation and not Federer/Sampras who are another generation, outside his favorite surface.

Djokovic has superior records at AO, USO and Year end championships. He is on track to eclipse rafa's numbers at wimbledon and weeks at no.1

What has rafa got? French open and clay titles. He don't even have the H2H boast like he has against an older rival. Nole took care of that when he whipped rafa 7 times in a row.

Besides, everyone now realises rafa will always get to play Nole/Federer mostly on clay [close to 50%] because even in their worst form, like Roger this year, he will make to a final on clay - Rome. When kneedal is out of form, he is busy sitting at home and sobbing about his conveniently injured knees.

1 title outside clay, where 70% of the tournaments are played, in about 3years. What a champion and complete player tennis has got. I leave it to rafatards to convince us how kneedal is the most complete player of this generation.

Fedkovic23 , 6/20/13 1:42 PM

"He don't even have the H2H boast like he has against an older rival. Nole took care of that when he whipped rafa 7 times in a row."

Check your H2H stat again and come back to me when you're ready...

phoenix , 6/20/13 2:11 PM

Took you a long time to check your H2H stat Fedkovic...where are you?

phoenix , 6/21/13 10:32 AM

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