• Federer finding top form with Wimbledon approaching

    6/17/13 6:30 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer finding top form with Wimbledon approaching Roger Federer has gladly ended his ten-month ATP title draught with a sixth trophy on grass at Halle, his win over Mikhail Youzhny a possible precursor to his trophy chances for an eighth honour at Wimbledon.

    Prior to four of his titles at the All England club, the Swiss tuned up with a Halle victory.

    Federer will hit the All England club with 77 career titles - level with John McEnroe in the all-time list - as he bids for his 18th trophy at a major. His last on the ATP came in August at Cincinnati. "Winning solves everything. I am satisfied with my game, confident, fresh and excited about what lies ahead. There's always a few things I can work on but I can think about that between now and the start of Wimbledon," said the world No. 3.

    The victory also erases a small embarrassment, with Tomas Berdych now the only member of the ranking top 10 not to have won a title this season. Federer's only previous final was a loss to Rafael Nadal in
    Rome last month.

    Federer credited a dozen aces with helping him past Youzhny. "I had to fight hard to remain in the race in the second set. I served well and that's what saved me today."Halle also marked revenge for Federer,
    who beat Tommy Haas in a semi-final after losing to the 35-year-old German in the 2012 final.

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What a player!
true artist.

sabs , 6/18/13 6:33 PM

federer has yet to establish that he is even near top form
halle title has not really proved much

isfand , 6/18/13 10:35 PM

fed usually plays well in grass
look for him to play well in wimby

fedexpress , 6/18/13 11:03 PM

Long range forecast makes me hopeful the roof will be in effect for Roger's matches.

rogerthat , 6/19/13 1:59 AM

interesting .............. lets see how it happens

isfand , 6/19/13 2:16 AM

If the roof is in effect then Fed will be very difficult to beat

atul1985 , 6/19/13 6:25 AM

Even without roof will be very difficult to beat!!!

mani4Tennis , 6/19/13 8:30 AM

Time for a rain dance or 2 just to make sure eh chaps?
Perhaps some kind of rainy tea dance at TT with dreamcatchers thrown in for good measure.
Doubt it will make much difference this time I'm afraid, in fact it will make it only clearer.
A king has his 'rain' (sic) and then he dies.
It's inevitable.
That is natural order of things.

Twinge , 6/19/13 11:23 AM

"Oh I spy a pun," she cried..or groaned...;)
Go Andy :)

deuce , 6/19/13 2:21 PM

He isn't the raining champion - pun intented - for nothing :)

Shireling , 6/19/13 2:46 PM

'"Oh I spy a pun," she cried..or groaned'

harummph, well next time come up with your own jokes girlfriend!
lets say how groany they will be eh?
Go Muzz!

Twinge , 6/19/13 2:51 PM

This Wimbledon is set to need the roof at some point on most days. The problems arise when it has to be closed mid-match. And we know who will be pressurising for his matches to be played under cover if there is even the slightest risk of rain on the horizon.

ed251137 , 6/19/13 2:58 PM

The weather was supposed to be c**p Today and its gorgeous!
I'm hopeful and honestly I just don't believe the roof will be enough for a player with such rickety form coming in.

Twinge , 6/19/13 3:09 PM

That's going to be the dilemma for the organisers. The weather is so unstable and incredibly localised. Huge thunderstorms were predicted here today but so far it is raining on one side of town but 1km away is in sunshine. They had the same problem at RG.

ed251137 , 6/19/13 3:22 PM

There's no point in worrying about this ed
Cause there aint much we can do about it.
If it does rain, even a little, you can be sure the roof will come on (post haste) for YKW.
And that is that.

Twinge , 6/19/13 3:45 PM

fed has won 7 wimbledon 8 finals without the roof (the roof only came for one and a half set in 12 final) so he doesnot need any roof however he does need his game which has been lacking

isfand , 6/19/13 3:57 PM

Fed benefitted from the roof 3 times last year.
And yes his game has been lacking, (since the wtf last year really) which is why, in this instance, the roof will be needed.
It will probably have to rain for the 2 weeks (and that is not impossible ;)
I'm just not feeling it for the Fed this year he's not looking good never mind threatening coming into Wimbledon.
Its going to be one of the other 3,
Andy probably isn't my favourite as he has never done it before, nor has he beaten Nadal there either.
It will require a step up but i think he just might be ready for that.
But he does know who to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat so we will have to see.
He will be fresh this time at least and will probably be peaking by the 2nd week.
The stars may align.

Twinge , 6/19/13 5:29 PM

lets see how andy fares ................ he is one of my favorites for sure

isfand , 6/19/13 6:06 PM

Yeah let's see, and i meant `snatch defeat from the jaws of victory`

Twinge , 6/19/13 6:10 PM

No one could touch Fed in majors. He appeared in 18 of 19 finals!!!

Now, he can definitely make the roof an essential part of his artillery. No different from the drop shot of which Fed used to scorn as a cheap shot. Now he is a master of that shot.

I for one will definitely be doing a rain dance leading up to his matches!

BTW, can someone explain the # symbols to me? I don't get it.

Allez Fed!

rogerthat , 6/19/13 7:52 PM

'BTW, can someone explain the # symbols to me? I don't get it...'

It means, dear boy, that the person is a boring Cnut.
Apart from one that is

Twinge , 6/20/13 12:59 AM

Twinge, when will the excuses end? 2012 wimbledon was roof. What was it for 2010 AO? 2008 USO? 2011 AO? 2013 AO? 2012 AO?

It is not like federer has not won wimbledon before. You might just find the guy actually has the most titles on grass, 6titles at wimbledon and highest winning % on grass.

Murraying laying a egg is not all too uncommon. He is 1-5 in GS finals. He is just too defensive to bring it consistently at the business end of slams. Luckily for murray's fans they are used to mediocrity - you tend to be supporting the british football team. LOL 1966 was the only time you won world cup, right? You guys should give citizenship to Kneedal. Spain's economy is in the dumps and he will have a better shot at wimbledon than murray.

You guys must be wishing the Allied forces could cover for your ineptitude in sports too, eh?

Fedkovic23 , 6/21/13 12:03 AM

No excuses,
Murray did not have the mental strength to overcome obstacles laid before him.
Despite the advantages given to his opponents
But let's move forward into the future now..
A future without Federer and his Tards no less!
What a beautiful world that will be.
Oh and if 'kneedal' has a better shot a Wimbles
Federer has no shot this time
None whatsoever
Makes you pine for muppets like roddick and philipousses doesn't it?
Oh well......

Twinge , 6/21/13 1:25 AM

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