• Murray rallies to capture Queen's Club title

    6/16/13 7:26 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Murray rallies to capture Queen's Club title World No. 2 Andy Murray won is third championship title in London after rallying to oust fellow seed Marin Cilic. The Scot came through Sunday's match in three sets, 5-7, 7-5, 6-3.

    Top seed Andy Murray added ATP World Tour title #27 to his resume late Sunday, having rallied to upend defending champion Marin Cilic. The 26-year-old Scot, three-times a winner at Queen's Club, converted three of 16 break points through two hours and 33 minutes of play.

    "I worked very hard in the time I had off to get myself back in the best shape possible," Murray said. "My team helped me a lot, they've been very patient with me.

    "(Cilic) is one of the best grass court players in the world. We've had a lot of very close matches. I was lucky to come through in the end; he was playing very good tennis, especially towards the end of the second set."

    After dropping the opening set, Murray held double break point at 3-2 in the second. The top seed failed to convert the points plus another in game 6. Murray recovered to reach set point at 6-5, leveling the match on an errant forehand from Cilic.

    A steadied Murray built a 4-1 advantage in the deciding set. Championship point came at 5-2 for the Scot, but he was unable to close. Murray held a second serving 5-3, then took the title once Cilic netted a forehand.

    "It was a great match from both sides, a great level of tennis," Cilic assessed. "Andy showed he is capable of coming back; he's a great fighter. Congratulations to him for a great week.

    "It was an extremely great week for me. I enjoyed all my matches. It wasn't easy, I had some tough fights. I hope I'm going to continue with my good form."

    Murray completed the match with 4 aces and 47 of 62 first-service points captured.

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Grabbing legs , grabbing his package, yelling at his box, poor Lendl.

pennster , 6/16/13 8:55 PM

Well played Andy. Played beautiful, awesome tennis once he had settled after that fall.
Wimbledon next! Go Andy :)
Marin is such a honey too. At least two years younger than most of the top 10. His time will come.

deuce , 6/16/13 9:09 PM

And poor pennster too
The troll on the losing side.

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:11 PM

Lol painster must lurk on this site so that he can be the very first to post something nasty about Andy.

deuce , 6/16/13 9:11 PM

Oh he's a lurker alright
Silly nadaltard

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:16 PM

Deuce did you see how well Andy moved,
Loved the sliding he did
Like he was on ice.

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:20 PM

75 75 63 ummm! I suppose a win is a win.

rafaeli1 , 6/16/13 9:21 PM

No, 57 75 63.

Cilic lost the match, Murray didn't win it.

rafaeli1 , 6/16/13 9:24 PM

Oh haha!
Is that your expert opinion nadaltard2?
Wow we are busy Today with your lot
Good sign I think.....

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:27 PM

Congrats Andy and fans! Glad to see him back. I'll try to catch the rerun of the match later, kids permitting :)

This was also a good tournament for Marin. A win over Berdych and a close encounter with Andy certainly can boost his confidence. I am sure no one will be too happy to see him in his part of the draw.

danica , 6/16/13 9:30 PM

Yes, he was moving so well and soooo fast! Wowzer! And some of those shots in the 3rd set, why had me purring just like alex :)
Lol what on earth is the MATTER with some folks?

deuce , 6/16/13 9:31 PM

^^^my theory is this..
Once Fed retires and the Fedsters dissipate
It will be the Nadal fans time to be even more entitled and tiresome than they are now.
They will become what they have so assiduously criticised in the past.
It's already happening.
They think they are the 'good guys' etc
But really they're are just the 'less bad' guys.
Still it's like shooting fish in a barrel for moi.

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:36 PM

I guess some people are easily pleased with a mediocre performance by their idol.

rafaeli1 , 6/16/13 9:41 PM

I'm guessing you didn't watch dear,
That's my take,
The scores don't reveal everything you see.
And if you did and that's your view well it's seems your have your own mediocrity to contend with and worry about rather than Andy's

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:47 PM


Did you actually watch the Murray match?

Now, if you had described the Federer performance as mediocre............I would agree with you.

ed251137 , 6/16/13 9:49 PM

I saw it from the first ball to the last.

rafaeli1 , 6/16/13 9:52 PM

Oh get a life, will ya? Or better still, learn how to celebrate and un-learn to be so sensitive. So not everybody is running up singing Kumbaya all Rafans are evil? Please. Where is the hate? One poster gives their opinion on how the match was won, or lost, and they are hating?

Can't you just ignore that bit of harmless opinion and celebrate your man's win without pointing at imaginary enemies? News flash: there aren't any. Just relax, people, relax. And leave Rafans alone. Murray won, Rafans lost nothing. Celebrate him, keep the spotlight on him, not imaginary enemies.


rafaisthebest , 6/16/13 9:53 PM

Then we can dispense with your analysis forthwith.
Clearly you are not to be taken seriously

Twinge , 6/16/13 9:55 PM

Wow someone's cage has been rattled!
I think it's you that needs to calm down a bit ritb
Valium, alcohol etc
And I do have a life (actually a couple of them)
Unlike certain posters on here 24/7

Twinge , 6/16/13 10:00 PM

Twinge, Andy was bounced out in the first round last year and everybody cried, that's it, worst prep for Wimby, blah, blah, blah! Well, he made the finals, his best Wimby ever and backed that up with a win at the Olympics, at the same venue. So, clearly there is no causation between his or anyone's performance at lead up tournaments. So, people need to just relax, stay in the moment, enjoy the moment, enjoy the fabulous win because that's what it it was: a fabulous win today.

Stay positive, in the moment! No one is out to get Muzza!

rafaisthebest , 6/16/13 10:08 PM

.....okay taking your advice and a glass of Red. Cheers.

rafaisthebest , 6/16/13 10:17 PM

Who do you think you are lecturing about this?
I'm well aware of that, generally
I didn't say anything about this meaning he's going to win Wimbles or anything but it's good prep because clearly he wasn't match fit,
Had he been bounced out in the 2nd this time it would have been a potentially a disaster.
So I disagree with you this time, but for another reason.
And please stop talking as if you represent all of the rafans of the world.
My comments were not aimed at most of the posters here,
But believe or not there are more rafans beyond this site.
You are aware of that aren't you?

Twinge , 6/16/13 10:18 PM

That's my usual advice to everyone ritb
Cin cin!

Twinge , 6/16/13 10:21 PM

Hitler was a monster so let's burn all jerries. Is that it Twingey?

phoenix , 6/16/13 11:11 PM

Murray was impressive. He will be hard to beat at Wimbledon. Since we haven't seen the Djoker or Nadal on grass I'll put Murray as the slight favorite for now. Fed can still do it but the consistency hasn't been there of late. I would say Fedal are going to be vulnerable to the big hitters so long as their aim is good. Murray less so.

chr18 , 6/16/13 11:54 PM

Tdidn't see the match, but nice to see some new players winnining titles for a change, so congrats to winners and r/u.

There will be a lot of players hard to beat at wimbles. Grass rewards the big servers. I expect to see Raonic, cilic, delPotro and janowicz, and hopefully Haaas, if he's not too tired, considering the amount of tennis he's been playing lately. All of these guys can put up good results. Some of the top 4 will have some tricky draws. to manipulate.

scoretracker , 6/17/13 1:10 AM

I've only ever seen Fed manipulate draws.


Conspirator , 6/17/13 1:52 AM

Muzza is rested, grass is his favorite surface and he did well on it last year so agree with chr18, he has to be the favorite. After that it's any of Rafa, Novak and Fed not necessarily in that order, with Tsonga, Berdych and Delpo as potential banana skins.

rafaisthebest , 6/17/13 6:57 AM

Did any of you watch the Rally For Cancer yesterday evening? Andy was on terrific form and the atmosphere at Queens was superb. What's more Lendle was laughing and joking the whole way through. But my god does it tug at the heart strings to watch Ross Hutchins on camera.

ed251137 , 6/17/13 9:06 AM

Querido Rafa agrees with me
Cilic did not much special and yet Murray struggled, relinquishing a break in the first set, and then another to drop it 5-7, squeezing out the second set 7-5, and then finally taking it 6-3 in the third. Yes, there were some nice points here and there, but overall it was sloppy and unimpressive. So I'm not exactly quaking in my extremely fashionable Crocs over here re: Rafa's Wimbledon prospects in light of not playing a warm-up tournament, as I'm pretty sure he could have beaten both Cilic and Murray today. (Like, literally. Both of them on one side of the court, Rafa on the other.)"

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 9:22 AM

Tignor tennis,com)
As far as his form goes, Murray?s right, he has been sloppy, sloppier than he can afford to be at a Grand Slam. His forehand has deserted him, his concentration has lapsed, and, as Tsonga and Cilic proved this weekend, his second serve is still a liability. They had little trouble running around it."

#face the facts

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 9:33 AM

I agree that Andy's performance at Queens is not top notch. But let's not read too much from it. This is a tune up tournament and we can't really expect him to be on his peak this early and double bagel his opponents.

phoenix , 6/17/13 9:43 AM

ed251137, 6/17/13 9:06 AM,

We didn't get to see it in the states. I did see the final with Andy and Cilic and also saw his friend Ross Hutchins in the stands. The British commentators pointed him out and told the audience about his battle with cancer. It was very touching when Andy spoke about him finishing the cancer treatments and asking everyone to stay for the charity match.

It brought a few tears to my eyes. It's great to see this young man able to be at the match.


I saw the match and don't agree with your observations about Murray. I don't think he started all that well, but he did get better as the match went on. Cilic also played well and challenged him. In the third set I thought Murray came up with some great tennis to take the match.

Also, it's not important for Murray to play his best now. This tournament was a warm up one for him since he was out with the back injury. He needed match play and that's what he got. Also, another title which is good for the confidence moving forward to Wimbledon.

The key is for him to play his best at Wimbledon. This tournament was a good start.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 9:44 AM

This is what the man himself thinks

"I think most of the matches there has been patches where I played a high level, and all the matches it's been parts where, you know, I have been a little bit inconsistent or just played a couple of sloppy games," Murray said.

"I managed to find ways to win the matches, which is important, and I'm playing well. I'm hitting the ball well. Just sometimes making some bad choices or some poor mistakes."


rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 9:44 AM

Ah ha!
See I was correct.
It's all just a little a bit of wishful thinking on your part.
Querido is no doubt an esteemed rafatard but I couldn't care less what it thinks
The tennis was mostly at a high level with Muzz coming back from a back problem.
Don't you worry about it, Murray's level will only get higher.
We'll see how well Nadal plays but given how he was dumped out by a no name journeyman last year, I wouldn't get too cocky just yet sweet cheeks ;-)
Oh and more urgently, are we really (really) sure Crocs are 'extremely fashionable'?
I mean I suppose they are if dungarees are too perhaps,
and even sexier to boot!

Twinge , 6/17/13 9:45 AM

Whether this matters for Wimbledon or not is by the by, but let's not pretend that Murray was on top form at Queens because he wasn't, he says so himself. All of you get off the Murray bandwagon.

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 9:48 AM

A lot of you are letting your heart rule your head or you are just bad as assessing tennis performances. No objective person who saw Murray at Queens last week would give him more than a begrudging 6/10.

Had Rafa performed at that level, I for one would not have been happy about his prospects for Wimbledon. I would rather listen to Tignor than some posters on TT.

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 9:53 AM


First in case you are new here, I am not on the Murray bandwagon! I am a Rafa fan. He's the only bandwagon I am on once Wimbledon starts.

Now that we have that out of the way, I speak my mind and say what I think no matter who is playing. Nobody is saying that he played his best tennis. However, as you can see with the result, in the end he didn't have to because he still won the match. He finished the match playing a lot better than he started it and that's what you want to see.

That's why these smaller tournaments are called warm up events. They help the players to made the adjustment to grass and work out any kinks or rust in their game. You can't expect Murray to come back from an injury and just go out there and play lights out. It doesn't work that way. But he got some tough matches under his belt and still got the title.

I call it as I see it.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 9:56 AM

Do you have some sort of comprehension difficulty?
He was hardly perfect all the time his concentration was gone for about half of a set and he shanked more than normal with the FH, but by the 3rd his level was high and he was impressive enough.
Had cilic knocked him out it would have meant very little in the bigger picture.
Nothing more to add, onwards and upwards
You see I'm also not worried about any of this I know the whole thing will tighten up to previously unknown levels by the 2nd week
And then we will see, won't we?

Twinge , 6/17/13 10:02 AM

Can't wait for Friday to see the draw...

phoenix , 6/17/13 10:03 AM

I call it as I see it.
Nativenewyorker, 6/17/13 9:56 AM

Then you need to get your eyes tested or you lack judgement.

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 10:07 AM

'No objective person who saw Murray at Queens last week would give him more than a begrudging 6/10...'

I think it's you that's letting your heart get in the way.
This is a relative position to take on his performance.
Murray (now pay attention) was coming back from a month out
He was knocked out last year in the 2nd but still made the final.
You're trying to make this a big deal because you hope that he won't be a threat for the title but really all it is is match practice.
Cilic was the better player for a lot of it but still couldn't win and really things are going as planned, he was also moving well and aggressive,
He will get better..
Much better :-)

Twinge , 6/17/13 10:12 AM


There's nothing wrong with my eyes. Your comment was rude and disrespectful. You are not God with eternal knowledge and wisdom. If you can't tolerate someone having a different opinion, then it's going to be very difficult for you here.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 10:21 AM

This tard has just started posting here and I'm already tired of her,
Oh well, I'm sure I'll find a way to amuse myself in the coming weeks regardless.

Twinge , 6/17/13 10:25 AM

Murray has volunteered to have Nadal in his Qtr at Wimbledon........not!

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 10:28 AM

What a way to introduce yourself to TT rafaeli1. Welcome btw. :-)

phoenix , 6/17/13 10:41 AM


rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 10:55 AM

Welcome rafaeli1. I love it when anyone speaks their mind and says it as they see it

Right to dissent is a MUST and everyone can have opinions.

All that should not be done is name calling, abusing and insults. Civil discussion is paramount.

BTW rafaeli1..which country are you from?

sanju , 6/17/13 11:17 AM

Thanks sanju. I'm English.

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 11:29 AM

I could easily have come on here after the Nole/Rafa semi and said, "Rafa didn't win that, Nole lost it."
BUT I DIDN'T and I WOULDN'T. Not because I'm "sucking up" to Rafa fans either. Lol can't u just hear the hydra salivating at that comment, no because I think all fans should be left to celebrate in peace, rather than to read sour little put downs.
You, of course, have every right to dislike Andy, criticise his formand exchange opinions with us Muzzers, but surely a preview to Wimbledon is the place to do it?
As for accusing NNY of being on a "bandwagon" if you'd been on here more than 2 seconds you would know what a fair and reasonable Rafa fan she is. That's just her way. Heck, I don't even know which players she dislikes!

deuce , 6/17/13 11:56 AM

^^^Rafa didn't win that, Novak definitely lost it.
Oh and Ralaeli1 yes welcome!
You will surely `enhance` this site's discourse,
Because one can never have enough silly little girls posting rubbish here.....
Can one?

Twinge , 6/17/13 12:06 PM

Why would I want to comment on a Wimbledon thread about Queens? Murray wasn't that good at Queens which is not to say that he won't be good at Wimbledon, after all Roger lost to Haas last year in Halle and won Wimbledon and Murray went out in the 1st round at Queens last year and was runner up at Wimbledon.

I don't know whether Murray will be on better form at Wimbledon or not, all I know is he wasn't great at Queens. If his fans want to celebrate a mediocre performance that's up to them but it won't stop me saying what I think.

As for Nativeyorker not disliking any player, that makes her sound like a crowd pleaser to me. Why did she not defend Rafa from the Twinge bile? The world and his wife always have an opinion on Rafa's performance especially when he played a bad match, but no one is allowed to have an opinion on Murray or Djokovic when they've played badly. Everyone should pretend that they played sublime tennis.

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 12:14 PM

I'm beginning to like you rafaeli1...I hope you survive Twingey's acerbic wit and stay on in TT. :-)

phoenix , 6/17/13 12:26 PM

Rafa didn't win that, Novak definitely lost it.
Twinge, 6/17/13 12:06 PM

So childish.

rafaeli1 , 6/17/13 12:35 PM

@ raaeli1
Please see Phoenix @9.47 17/06. That's a fair assessment and NOBODY is arguing with it. Why is Twingey's comment "childish" and yours not?
Andy wasn't good for a set and a half, but then he was terrific :)
As for NNY being a "crowd pleaser" oh lol. Says more about you than her. There's been so much unnecessary antagonism on here lately, I for one am putting up a big banner saying:
"All crowd pleasers step this way, more needed on TT. Urgent. Many vacancies. Apply now. Sanity needs to be restored"

deuce , 6/17/13 12:48 PM

This rafaeli1 sounds an AWFUL lot like nadline.

chr18 , 6/17/13 1:52 PM

Rafaeli: You say you are new to TT but it is clear you have read enough threads to be aware of the long running animosity that exists between some individuals on this site and are allowing their jibes to influence your judgement and colour your comments.

Oh deucey: Oh for the old days.

Beware of tuning into the lon
At least wait until you

ed251137 , 6/17/13 2:14 PM

Congrats to Andy!
If Rafa can't win Wimby I want him to do so :)

Shireling , 6/17/13 2:18 PM

The last two lines above should have been deleted before I hit 'send'.

ed251137 , 6/17/13 2:19 PM

chr20, 6/17/13 1:52 PM


I actually agree for once with the self-admitted homophobe racist!

"I call it as I see it." -nny


Conspirator , 6/17/13 4:48 PM


Thanks for the support. The comments from rafaeli just sound so oddly familiar! :)

I have heard that accusation here before. who could that be?

I also agree with your sentiments that right about now we could use more crowd pleasers. We need people who have an innate respect for others and can have a decent discussion.


You should try to emulate Rafa. He is always respectful about the other top players. He gives them respect. I wonder what he would make of your disparaging comments about Murray. You are new here and don't know me at all. So take your time and at least read posts here before you go jumping to conclusions.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 7:43 PM

I haven't posted all day because I had my physio at the hospital after my knee op. So rafaeli sounds like me, glad that at least someone else has a great mind.

This site seems to dump on anyone who has an opinion that doesn't go with the flow. Pity.

nadline , 6/17/13 7:57 PM

Look who's talking!

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 8:19 PM

For anyone who missed the Rally For Cancer after the final at Queens - the moment when Murray scored a bulls eye.......

ed251137 , 6/17/13 8:29 PM

Yep 'rafelitard1' is a younger alterego of the very much older Nadline
How embarrassing!
I'm fed up with all these doppelgangerinos pretending they are other posters because they can't even own their own obnoxiousness with their existing identities.
Which are anonymous anyway!
Lame assed or what?
At least you know what you're getting with me bitches!

Twinge , 6/17/13 8:36 PM

Next rafelitard is going to accuse NNY of 'running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds'
And I'm sure ill get a JAM TOMORROW! at some point
I think it's good she's at least trying for some variety because let's face it, she rarely has anything of worth to say here in her usual guise.....

Twinge , 6/17/13 8:42 PM


I can't pull it up. I don't know why. I would really like to see it.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 10:00 PM

NNY: Here is the full link hs-190619165.html

ed251137 , 6/17/13 11:40 PM

bedlam, and the tower of babel, leaning tower of Pisa all joined together, with a lot of kissy, kissy, all around. the games people play on blogs to get recognition is indicative of their unsuccessful lives. This is home for some who police this site 24/7. bwahahaha. No sooner a comment is written an answer appears from the TT police.

scoretracker , 6/18/13 12:04 AM

NNY: Here are some more highlights from the fundraiser at Queens on Sunday.

ed251137 , 6/18/13 1:49 PM

Just back and so annoyed I missed the final:-( Were you there for it, Deuce? I heard muzz hit the shot of the tournament in the final set.
Scanning the thread I see there's a new whipper-snapper on the block, called rafaeli1.
Who does this kid think he is ... "All of you get off the Murray bandwagon."
Why, of course, Thou newly self-appointed Sovereign, we humbly obey Thee, and verily jump off instantaneously and without reservation! LOL! Upstart needs some of your special treatment, Twingey:-)
Sanju defends his 'right to dissent' ... it's the right to eb arrogant I've got a problem with.
Now, to those highlights ... :-)

alex , 6/18/13 8:02 PM

Sorry everybody I forgot to post the highlights link

ed251137 , 6/18/13 8:27 PM

Thanx ed

alex , 6/18/13 8:38 PM

Wow, again muzz raised his game when he needed to, and what about that backhand pass. Almost as 'impossible' as that incredible outside-the-net-post-one-foot-high winner he sent past the same plater in the AO a cpuple of years back. Something about cilic seems to force murray to bring out his spectacular best.

Just read on down the thread and the consensus seems that this cocky newcomer is actually a familiar, shall we say, awkward customer under a new guise. Pardon my poor detective skills folks.

alex , 6/18/13 9:18 PM

Nny - as usual, you are the voice of balance, fairness and reason ... Probably explains why some people seem to enjoy giving you a hard time.

alex , 6/18/13 9:24 PM

Hi alex :) No home for final. Besdides that brilliant out of sight return, another wonderful, wonderful shot was that volley he hit against Tsonga. Jo came charging to the net expecting a short return. Andy saw him coming and at the very last moment changed direction of the shot and put it on the baseline. OMG it was sheer genius. Doubt if ANYONE else could've done that. Wub :)

deuce , 6/18/13 9:43 PM

Hi deuce. Yes I saw that one against tsonga. Muzz so clever too. He knows how to play the grass, knowing that if there's even a hint of moisture there's no way a wrong-footed player is going to recover. It's surely a big reason why the guys with variety who can do the unexpected, with good wrists and reflexes, the mcenroes and federers, have done so well at wimbie. Oh, please let this be muzz's year :-)

alex , 6/18/13 10:28 PM

The long range forecasts show unsettled weather. What's new? Expect the roof to come into use during the fortnight :-(

ed251137 , 6/18/13 11:45 PM


As I said initially, I call it as I see it. I also have no problem acknowledging when Rafa doesn't play well. I try to look at the matches as objectively as possible. I don't even know why anyone would decide that Andy isn't going to have a real shot at winning Wimbledon because he may not be playing his best at Queens. He doesn't have to play his best at Queens! That's why it's a warm up tournament! He got the needed match play and had quality wins against two tough opponents in Tsonga and Cilic.

I did see some great shots from Andy. He got better as the final went on and finished playing some strong tennis. He needed some matches after being off with the back injury. He looks healthy again and that's what is important.

The important thing is to play your best tennis at the slams. Andy has had the best preparation possible.

It's a sad comment if some give me a hard time because I am the voice of reason and try to be fair. Too bad on them!


That's discouraging news. We know who benefits from that.

Nativenewyorker , 6/19/13 12:33 AM

Phew! Bye bye Tennistalk. It was short but it was not sweet.

I've read TT for a long time but never posted. I shouldn't have even bothered.

rafaeli1 , 6/19/13 9:31 AM

Oh Cheerio then rafaeli1!
And don't let the door hit your ass on the way out....

Twinge , 6/19/13 10:55 AM

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