• Henman tips Murray as Wimbledon winner

    6/14/13 4:14 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Henman tips Murray as Wimbledon winner Former British player Tim Henman is dipping his toes into a pre-Wimbledon exhibition north of the border while tipping his heir apparent Andy Murray as a big tip to finally win Wimbledon.

    Henman, who retired in 2007 as Murray was starting to make his move in the rankings, will compete at the hit-and-giggle exho in Edinburgh in the June 20-23 run-up to opening day at the All England club.

    "I think Andy has as good a chance as anybody of winning Wimbledon this year," said the former No. 4. "He showed unbelievable mental strength last summer when he first reached the final of the tournament (and lost to Roger Federer).

    "After how he performed at the US Open (first grand slam title) there is no question Andy has the ability to defeat anybody, despite being involved in what is an amazingly tough era. And I don't think that the added pressure of playing in front of your home fans worries Andy."

    Henman does remain concerned that there have been no standout players following Murray's path into serious ATP careers. "You might have thought the standard would be better than it is," said the four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist. "We have one of the greatest tournaments in the world and ever-improving facilities, but Andy is having to do it on his own.

    "Britain has world-class sports stars. But we have to do a better job of getting the best ones to play tennis. If we don't, we can't expect things to improve." Henman joins a cast of his former rivals in the exho in a field which also includes John McEnroe, Greg Rusedski, Mark Philippoussis, Carlos Moya and Goran Ivanisevic."

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Henman saying that Andy has as good a chance as any isn't much of a tip, if a tip at all. He may as well have said, "it'll be one of the big four".

Maya , 6/14/13 8:50 AM

The usual circus has started.

nadline , 6/14/13 9:32 AM

Was Henamn bound to say anything else?

Shireling , 6/14/13 11:42 AM

As long as you don't resent Andy for it as you usually do Nadline.

Twinge , 6/14/13 12:19 PM

Henman is only the first. They will seek as many people as they can to tip Murray for the win like it means anything.

nadline , 6/14/13 1:08 PM

on a serious note murray has a genuine chance its very difficult to call now
lets wait for wimbledon 2nd week

isfand , 6/14/13 4:29 PM

Man, here we go with the "MURRAY MUST WIN WIMBLEDON" pressure from the Brits.
Subtle, but early.


mara002 , 6/14/13 6:37 PM

It will be a Murray vs Nadal final - basically Murray will be a finalist of last year but Nadal will win Wimbledon and become a three time champion here- like how Djokovic made the two finals this year- Nadal will now make the final and win here; Murray will win US Open again this year

MAGICJOHNSON76 , 6/14/13 11:33 PM

@MAGICJOHNSON76, can I take your "prophecy" to the bank! To be honest, I have no expectation for Rafa for this Wimby, I exhausted my expectation bank at RG. I just want him to have a good tournament and stay healthy.

Vamos Rafa!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 12:11 AM

Sorry Timmy, not with that 'crippling back injury' we all know he has <eyes roll>
I think Rafa or Nole will win this.

pennster , 6/15/13 12:25 AM

Oh let's hope so for your sake!
Imagine how you'll feel if he does win it!

Twinge , 6/15/13 1:09 AM

Tim Henman is owned by the AELTC. What else can say if he wants to keep his salary? He personally can't stand him.

pennster , 6/15/13 5:26 AM

pennster, will you retire from watching tennis if Muzza wins Wimbly?
If his back is not an impediment I would make him the favorite. A lot depends on the draw. He always gets the toughest draw! Hope the Wimbly guys remember they are British!

holdserve , 6/15/13 5:57 AM

Lol Henman "hates" Andy so much he's partnering him against Ivan and Berd to raise money for Ross' cancer charity. And lol again!
@ Twingey and alex all Andy fans, just seen him play and am in even more awe of his tennis skills. Watching on TV simply can't compare. The speed and power of the shots is jaw dropping and Andy's tricks look even more amazing in the context of a hard fought rally. His "reading" of the game and his ability to produce off the wall magic out of nowhere is just wonderful

deuce , 6/15/13 10:16 AM

Lucky you being courtside. That tennis brain of Andy's was what first grabbed my attention years ago. Plus those explosive bursts of speed which take opponents by surprise and are in such sharp contrast to the lethargic way he wanders around the court in between points the rest of the time.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 11:48 AM

Andy skills on the court will soon have no parallel!
You heard it here first
Or second kind of
Enough with the ball bashing you sex starved housewives,
Open your mind &
Lets have a bit of art FFS.
Andy Murray will save the world!
Like the baby Jesus before him (allegedly)
Okay I might be going a teensy bit far now.

Twinge , 6/15/13 1:58 PM

^^and who's bingeing on the idolatry now??

Pot calling kettle.......!!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 2:26 PM

Just giving credit where it's due baby,
A sense of humour is also required, from time to time, to get my posts.
Ah but then it's not exactly a Nadal fans forte humour, is it?

Twinge , 6/15/13 2:37 PM

We use our funny bones to count Rafa's trophies Twingey........tough going..

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 2:46 PM

Funny bones?
Would you also be referring to those magic knees of his I wonder?

Twinge , 6/15/13 2:54 PM

PS. Do tune into a brilliant BBC docu on BBC on 23rd wherein Henman says, "I felt really protective of him (Andy) because I knew what would happen."
Lol a real "hater." Shame people can't get their facts right.
Horrible at Queens today :( Rain, big gusty winds etc

deuce , 6/15/13 3:23 PM

Twingey, that's a low blow (pun fully intended) even by your standards, aim higher.......

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 3:27 PM

Deuce, didn't you know? The AELTC ordered Henman to take part in that charity match.

racquet , 6/15/13 3:33 PM

@ Deuce 10.16
Got me purring :-)

alex , 6/15/13 3:38 PM

Me too Alex,
Me too...
I crawled on all fours, onto my cats bean bag and we both gave it a right old turbo purr!
Doggie was big time jealous!

Twinge , 6/15/13 3:59 PM

Oh, there's also an @racquet on TT, what a coincidence. I had a strange encounter with a poster called @racquet on tennis-x blog yesterday, very strange.

Y'all know I post on tennis-x blog under the name @nadalista, I've mentioned this before. Well, I'll just post the link to the particular tennis-x blog where I had this "strange encounter of the third kind", check out the conversation between @racquet and @nadalista and make of it what you will:

Below is just a sample of what this @racquet fellow directed at me:

............................................................... ..................................................

racquet Says:

@Jane ?the only time you ever post anything about Nole is to take some kind of jab at him. Why bother??

That?s just her way and she takes pleasure in irritating people. According to her every player is trying to copy Rafa in some way. Over at TT she brings him up on every single non-related thread. Funny thing is she?s not young and has an adult child yet behaves like a One Direction fan.

.............................................................. ............................................

racquet Says:

^ enjoy the Rafa posters that adorn your bedroom walls and don?t forget to dust off all the Nadal memorabilia once in a while.

............................................................ ...............................................

racquet Says:

?You cannot stand the fact that I am a Rafan??

Not at all. I get on with quite well several Rafans here. You know my issue with you at TT and how you turn every thread about other players into one about Rafa. Plus it?s your general snarky tone towards other players like the post about Novak above.

.................................................................. ..............................................

racquet Says:

?you clearly are obsessed with me?

Don?t flatter yourself. Your spamming of threads about players not named Rafa is an irritation. Hopefully you won?t succeed in turning this site into another TT.

............................................................... ................................................

To say this came from left-field is an understatement. I have never interacted with a @racquet on TT and yet this @racquet poster on tennis-x blog said I knew the issues he had with me on TT! I asked him for the posts which he and I had exchanged on TT about these "issues", he could not, or did not produce them. If indeed these TT "issues" existed, why on earth he chose to air them on tennis-x blog and not on TT is beyond me.

To say it was a bizarre exchange is an understatement.

As for the comment, "Hopefully you won?t succeed in turning this site into another TT." clearly indicates (a) he does not have a high opinion of TT (b) he is familiar with TT, probably has even posted here! It is not a secret that recently we had a tennis-x blog poster post here under the username @leftarmgonewrong so it would not surprise me if this poster has also posted here, under what name I don't know and I don't care.

As I said, I was reminded of this strange conversation by the name @racquet on this thread, not saying it's the same @racquet on tennis-x blog who targetted me for abuse. I mean, TT would not be good enough for the tennis-x blog poster, no?

In my customary @rafaisthebest equanimity, I employed "le shrug" and let it go! What else to do, hehehe! Cor blimey.........

Lesson learned: Strange things happen on the internet, not least of which is being targetted for abuse by virtual strangers (pun fully intended)!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 4:32 PM

I still think we should go over to tennis -x
Perhaps for a Wimbledon holiday or something
But I'm not doing it alone.
Anyhoo the racquet HERE always makes a lot of sense RITB,
Maybe there's more than one racquet no?

Twinge , 6/15/13 4:45 PM

Twingey, like I said: this was completely from left field!

1. I had never had an issue with this @racquet at tennis-x blog until this strange conversation.

2. I have NEVER, EVER had an issue with an @racquet on TT, never exchanged posts of any kind (I may be a little loopy at the best of times but I would know, trust me!) with any @racquet on TT, in fact I did not even know there was an @racquet on TT!

As I said, not suggesting the @racquet poster on tennis-x blog is the same as the @racquet who posted above on this thread, just that I was reminded when I saw the username!

It was so bizarre I had to share it..............and laugh!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 4:57 PM

...........of course there could be more than one @racquet, it's the internet, no? Anyhoo (as Twingey would say), I guess this proves we really shouldn't pan TT that much, stranger things happen on other sites, no?

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 5:03 PM

Perhaps our racquet might like to clarify it.
I tried to troll through the geeky and insipid tennis x thread but felt my life force diminish so...
Lets see what he has to say instead!
If anything...

Twinge , 6/15/13 5:09 PM

Hahaha! Sorry for putting you through the pain of trolling through the tennis-x blog thread, maybe I should have prefaced it with a health warning!!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 5:13 PM

4:32 PM

ritb: You may not have been around at the time but a while ago Cheryl asked us not to post links to other forums. It's OK to quote from them but apparently it makes the higher ups jumpy if people are redirected to 'rival' sites.

The weirdos get everywhere and it can be spooky if you're the target :-(


ed251137 , 6/15/13 5:22 PM

ed251137 , 6/15/13 5:22 PM

Thanks for the heads-up, will certainly not happen again. If Cheryl is listening, my apologies..............

This is the first time I have ever done so, in fact. It's just that the whole incident was so bizarre I felt it's one of those stories you need to present "documentary proof" to be believed! Just too weird.............

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 5:27 PM

Nick Bollettieri was in the studio at Queens and he was asked who was favourite for Wimbledon. His response was 'anytime Rafael Nadal walks onto a tennis court, I wouldn't bet against him.'

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/15/13 5:31 PM

Oh well Nadline, you've finally managed to quote someone even older than yourself for a change.
I bet he said that in 2011 too.
Yadda yadda.
Lets see how everything unfolds shall we?

Twinge , 6/15/13 5:38 PM

Oh well T-whinge you've again manage to post more useless junk.
Yadda yadda

jean , 6/15/13 5:54 PM

Beeb seems to have given up on Queens.
AAHH, more product placement....
*sobs and leaves room.*

deuce , 6/15/13 5:54 PM

When you finally post about something actually related to tennis, you shall be at the start of being in the position to talk about 'junk' from others..
But just the start, you sorry unloved bitch.

Twinge , 6/15/13 5:59 PM

@twinge 3.59.

It's me that's big time jealous ... deuce at Queens.

alex , 6/15/13 6:29 PM

any news on the semis sked at Queens?

phoenix , 6/15/13 6:37 PM

They are putting Andy and Tsonga on centre court and moving Cilic and Hewitt to court 1. They are due to come out in 10 minutes from now.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 6:46 PM

thanks ed...

phoenix , 6/15/13 7:02 PM


You should not be surprised at anything that happens on tennis-x. There are some serious Rafa haters there and they will strike under any number of user names. They don't like Rafa fans posting there and will remind you of that in different ways. That's why I left a long time ago. Who needs it!

I would really love to see Twinge there with his biting wit and words. They wouldn't know what hit them! :)

For what it's worth, I have no doubt that Henman was sincere in tipping Murray to win Wimbledon. The Brits are really overdue.

However, we shall have to see how it all plays out.

Nativenewyorker , 6/15/13 7:57 PM

@nny, nothing surprises me about tennis-x blog and it's vile posters.. I am ready for whatever those Rafa-hating trolls throw at me. I will continue to torture them with Rafa news till they shrivel up like the trolls that they are. I hope Rafa assists me in this task by continuing with his winning ways.

I'm loving it! And if they continue with their nonsense, I will unleash Twingey and Conspirator on 'em!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 8:23 PM

.......and @holdserve of course, hehehe! That'll teach 'em..............

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 8:41 PM


I should say that there are some decent posters over there. I don't want to paint everyone with the same brush. Jane is one of the nicest people on that site. She never has a bad word to say about anyone. She has been the object of some harassment in the past.

There are some who actually do want to talk about tennis and not just hate on Rafa. But honestly I am not surprised at that exchange you posted. If they see a Rafa fan get too comfortable and start challenging them, then there are a few who will decide it's their job to harass.

Nativenewyorker , 6/15/13 9:55 PM

A fairer way to do the seeding at Wimbledon would be to use the % of wins at Wimbledon over their careers, which looks like this:

Federer - 90.41%
Nadal....- 85.71%
Djoker..- 82.05%
Murray..- 81.6%
Ferrer...- 66.66%

nadline , 6/15/13 10:06 PM

Looks like racquet has got the tricks of trade from maggot. suck up to rafa trolls on TT and get up behind nole fans on the xblog. Sad world of spineless murray fans.

Twinge - you are a good murray fan placing the rafatrolls in this blog in their place - deep inside you-know-where. You will have a great time at xblog. The rafatards are on leash there as the moderators are not biased and adapt to the times. Presently, Sean and co are Nole fans, but if Murray improves that 1-5 GS finals record, they will give him the credit he is due and not claim Murray was inspired by Nadal winning RG on bad knees year-after-year.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/16/13 12:39 AM

you sorry unloved bitch.
Twinge, 6/15/13 5:59 PM

Is that another example of decorum? My my, so much anger. Did you check the blood pressure like I suggested?

jean , 6/16/13 2:47 AM

Thoughts on tennis jean? Murray for the title? Anything besides craving that Twinge continue to talk dirty to you?

chr18 , 6/16/13 3:12 AM

Anymore 'poems', crap20? Anything besides craving that I continue to communicate with you??

jean , 6/16/13 4:28 AM

@nny, I don't go over to that site for companionship or to have conversations with anyone. I like to listen in on their conversations, which invariably descend into Rafa-hate fests. I chime in now and again with a zinger or Rafa news just to watch their panicked contortions and laugh. Amazing how grown men, and it's mostly men, can be so emotionally invested negatively in a tennis playing stranger. This @racquet fellow over there was just doing what a lot of posters there do, sucking up. Don't blame them though, the level of bullying there is unbelievable.

Yes we have annoying trolls on TT but the quality of discussion among normal posters is much, much better.

rafaisthebest , 6/16/13 7:05 AM


I am glad that you don't go over there for companionship or to have conversations! That way you won't ever be disappointed! LOL!

There is a lot of sucking up and it's done out of necessity. Otherwise there is no way to survive. I do read the blogs there on and off. I've seen your posts and think you do a great job. It's not easy, as I found out!

I absolutely agree with you about TT. It's interesting because if you read that site, then you will see that they consider themselves much more knowledgeable than the people who post here. They seem to have delusions of grandeur!

Nativenewyorker , 6/16/13 7:21 AM


If you noticed, one of the "new Nole Fans" said at 12:39 AM, "Presently, Sean and co are Nole fans,......" which confirms what I have said before that there is an anti-Rafa Alliance that has developed over there with Fed fans now becoming Nole fans. As the new Nole poster accurately says, this new Nole-love is recent, the hope being Nole will stop Rafa's Slam accumulation. So pathetic. And of course this is the reason behind the sudden proliferation of new Nole fans on TT as well.

Thank goodness the true Nole fans on TT are smart enough to see through this nonsense.

rafaisthebest , 6/16/13 8:22 AM

Just as I thought.

chr18 , 6/16/13 1:35 PM

Murray, who on Sunday won the Aegon Championship for the third time, will be seeded No2 but may face the nightmare scenario of a quarter-final against Nadal, a semi-final against the defending champion Roger Federer and a final against the world No1 Novak Djokovic.

"I'd sign up to be in the quarter-finals against Rafa tomorrow if someone offered me that. You could say if I get through that match then the semi-final might not be as tough"


Conspirator , 6/17/13 4:30 PM

I think it's between Rafa and Murray
And this time it will be Andy for the 'upset' in the quarters if both meet (but then I would say that)
Don't know why I'm hearing Novak and Andy as favs all the time.
Rafa has won it twice and has beaten Andy 3 times too.
But this is a much more aggressive Andy than the one Rafa has known before.
He'll take out whoever makes the final (probably Novak).
And then things will get interesting....

Twinge , 6/17/13 8:52 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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