• Nadal says surpassing Federer is just a dream

    6/13/13 12:44 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal says surpassing Federer is just a dream Rafael Nadal may own the French Open with a record eight titles, but even the king of clay admits that reaching the all-time mark of 17 grand slams held by Roger Federer will be a tough ask.

    Nadal told Spain's Marca newspaper that even after winning his 12th major, the idea of ever surpassing Federer seems almost unreal. "It is something that right now seems light-years away, something that I am
    not even thinking about."

    Nadal, now back in Mallorca and resting his problem left knee before the June 24 start of Wimbledon, added that winning a dozen means little. "The normal, nothing special,"he said of his weekend

    "Luckily, I have always had a team with me which has helped me in the good and the bad times. Luckily, I have had family and friends around me who have helped me."

    Federer is tuning up for a Wimbledon title defence on the grass of Halle and aiming for an eighth trophy at the All England club. Nadal has won seven titles this season since returning in February from seven months off with his knee problems.

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nadline , 6/13/13 12:54 PM

Rafa has been trained to hit tennis balls, but I doubt the dude can count beyond 10. I am sure he thinks Carlos Moya is the greatest player to have ever played tennis. You cannot blame him. Uncle toni never educated him on the history of tennis.


Fedkovic23 , 6/13/13 1:02 PM

I think Cheryl should write an ode to Rafa right now that 'if' he won the next 6 slams he 'would' surpass Roger's tally of 17 slams and be the undisputed 'GOAT', with 18 slam titles, despite taking 7 months out and playing with a dodgy knee, and being only 1 yr older than Muzz and Djoker.

This feat would be a great achievement by a mediterranean islander whose parents split up at the height of his career, even if they are back together now.

How ridiculous it is to praise someone for something they hope to achieve one day when there is no guarantee of it ever happening.

nadline , 6/13/13 1:28 PM

Rafa can surely count to 20.



nadline , 6/13/13 1:57 PM

In short, Nadal never said it was 'just a dream'....
I'm hyper-crytical of Nadal at times being one of those half-breed fans who, back in the day, said he would never win USO. When he lost his 2nd final to Fed, after having been in front for most of the match, I thought (but didn't say it this time) that he would never had a chance to win Wimbledon.
I have never jumped on the wagon of those haters - don't know how else to name them - who still see him as a one surface man.
So this time I'm not prepared to write him off as far as reaching Fed's slam count. I'll just say that it is highly improbable :)

Shireling , 6/13/13 2:41 PM

I think of Federer's records left, Nadal is most likely to achieve this one. He's not that far behind and he almost most certainly will win more french opens. I don't think he will achieve Federer's weeks at no.1 or WTF wins or consecutive quarter/semi final at grand slam run though.

rbennett , 6/13/13 3:34 PM

For Rafa, it's never about surpassing Roger or anybody else, it's all about surpassing HIMSELF.

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 3:44 PM

Federer is scared to death at the thought that Rafa will overtake his GS haul. Fed has 2 years to continue to enjoy his leadership in slam wins. By 2015, Rafa will add 2 more wimbledons, 2 hard courts slams and off course 2 more french and forever end all doubts as to who is the greatest of all time.

NadalistheGOAT , 6/13/13 5:17 PM

NadalistheGOAT, 6/13/13 5:17 PM

beautiful moniker and I so agree with the way you think...:)

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/13/13 6:29 PM

Humbleness is the mark of a true champion like Nadal he always downplays his chances even when they are there 5- 6 more slams to win is not easy but not impossible
it will be interesting to see how Nadal fares in coming years but first this WIMBLEDON
lets see what happens

isfand , 6/13/13 6:52 PM

Thanks Natashao:)

NadalistheGOAT , 6/13/13 6:55 PM

@NITGOAT, welcome to TT. I also agree with your projection of Rafa's Slam haul. I have a feeling he will do something special this year. In fact on the hard court count, I think you are being conservative. Most people still do not want to acknowledge Rafa's prowess on HC, preferring to pidgeon-hole him as a clay cout specialist. Rafa will shock them.

Can't wait for Wimby..........

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 7:09 PM

`NadalistheGOAT` is SUCH a sybil like fake moniker,
I mean purleez!
So who is hiding behind the other name they are usually hiding behind i wonder?
It could start to get very confusing around here!
Wouldn't it be positively MINDBLOWING, for example, if there were no real posters here at all, merely the machinations and multiple Ids of two God Like supertrolls.
Don't scoff it might end up this way..
Also if you were a brain suspended in a vat of liquid how would you know you were really seeing things you do, & that the experiences you had were not simply fed to you VR style by the spaghetti monster... If its all a mirage how would one prove otherwise?!?
makes you think doesnt it?
And what is the matrix?
And oh its dinner time for me so I have to get ready
Cheerio for now.

Twinge , 6/13/13 7:31 PM

hahaha, Twingey! I've already been burned once, what's twice or thrice amongst friends, hey!

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 7:45 PM

Rafa will undoubtedly end his career with a few more RG titles (minimum 10).

The rest is suspect though... AO is Nole's to lose, Wimby will be Murray's new home with the success he had there last year, and we all know Rafa does not like playing at the USO.

Not knocking him, but rather seeing the growth of the other two guys makes it hard for me to see Rafa winning at least 6 more slams...

aegis , 6/13/13 7:58 PM

Records are made to be broken and no hill too high to be accessible. Nadal is 27 and assuming him to play at least 5 more years, there is no reason not to believe that he can not scale or even surpass Federer @ 2 slams for the next 3 years and at least 1 in the next 2 unless another duo equivalent to FEDALs invade our planet from Crypton. He will end up with 20. Irrespective of what the fans say, Rafael knows more than anyone else what it takes to win a slam against all odds and he has done it at least in three slams at Wimbledon and AO in 2008 and FO this year against Roger and Novak. He has great respect for Roger and will have even when he reaches the milestone and sets a new one I am a Federer Fan and I am proud of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovich and Andy Murray too for their great performances against my Favourite. At the moment the dream is even more realistic than it was a year before.

newfangkc , 6/13/13 8:04 PM

After 2008 season none believed Roger can surpass Pete. He proved everybody wrong. So what may appear to some as a dream is not far from reality. It is difficult but champions are meant to surpass difficulty and Nadal is one hell of a fighter to go the distance spending the last ounce of his energy left in his body.

newfangkc , 6/13/13 8:23 PM

'Nadal is 27 and assuming him to play at least 5 more years...'

Oh hahahahahaha!

Twinge , 6/13/13 10:10 PM

"I am a Federer Fan"

When you have to state this, it is quite obvious what you are. Unfortunately not all of us are stupid and -IQ creatures like you and the rafatards.

and the other Gem : Nadal playing for 5 more years? LOL! priceless. The guy has played exactly one non-clay tournament in his last 9. He has won 1 non-clay title in about 30 months or so. Good on you for throwing a few biscuits for the rafapups but you ain't fooling anyone who has been following tennis and whose universe is beyond the cave rafa trolls exisit in.

Fedkovic23 , 6/13/13 10:58 PM

The consecutive Quarter final and Semifinal streak of Federer is a result of rigged draws. The weeks at no. 1 although related to the rigged draws are nevertheless respectable records and I don't think Rafa will surpass that record because he is playing in a strong era whereas Fed played for 4 years in a weak era.
As for WTF, it is only a glorified exhibition, also it is probably heavily rigged. At any rate last year's draw was heavily rigged in favor of Fed but alas Djoko slaughtered him just as despite a heavily rigged draw at Olympics, Muzza thrashed him.
Heavily rigged draws have kept the QF streak alive.

holdserve , 6/14/13 1:47 AM

Twinge , 6/13/13 7:31 PM,

LOL, it's so very blatant and funny simultaneously, that when a new nadal fan joins the fold/clan, he/she is welcomed with open arms. They've been quite a few of them popping up recently, whose names I haven't seen during the approx. 3 years i've been posting here, but nothing is mentioned coz they only have to say the magic word 'rafa'. However, when Fedkovic, James, and novakisthebest joined the site, they've had nothing but harassment coming at them from all angles, and several labels hung around their necks, e.g., fake, hydra, etc., too many to mention, without a smidgen of positive ID/proof. And, the best of all were the sentiments expressed by one of the powers that be, that they would love for the site to be rid of the new Fed/djoker posters. tTis, from the same poster who claims all Fed fans are welcome.

It's mind-boggling at the slectivity that goes on here and it's all so very simplistic that even a lobotomized organism can see through the farcical comments and hypocrisy. I suppose this being a forum, where all opinions are to be allowed only works in one direction and for fans of one player?

scoretracker , 6/14/13 4:20 AM

Rafa may play for 3,4,5 years and no one knows that and only time will tell us the answer but for those so confidently scoffing at the probability of it happening, hope you have the same confident predictability about your own life in the next 5 years, may do you all a world of good

sanju , 6/14/13 4:26 AM

Rafa may have won 1 title in 30 months on HC but atleast he won and a Masters at thar, the so called GOAT has not won a title on red clay since 48 months haha and has not beaten Rafa in a slam since 72 months (2007 July was last)

sanju , 6/14/13 4:32 AM

Nadal will end his career with more slams than Federer....BOOKMARK IT.
Infact I rate Sampras's achievements higher than that of Fed. He actually won slams in a really tough era. Fed won most of his slams during the weakest era of tennis. (2003-06). He played monkeys like Gonzalez, Hewitt, Roddick etc. in slam finals.

atul1985 , 6/14/13 4:51 AM

scoretracker the new poster aka hydra is unwelcome because it is foul mouthed, makes only hate posts, knows nothing about tennis.

holdserve , 6/14/13 4:58 AM

Atul : Trolls never come to terms with reality. All they do is unleash their own pitiable frustration in their sorry lives on the internet resorting to multiple ids.

I dont blame Fed for being in a weak era and amassing most of his slams between 03-07 (when Rafa had not matured into an all surface player), Fed beat who was in front of him , its sad the others were that inconsistent or headcases.

sanju , 6/14/13 5:03 AM

sanju, this is for you.
Ever since Madrid became a clay court Masters (2009), whoever has won it has won Wimbledon.
Will the coincidence continue?
As far as I am concerned though I want Rafa to win everything, I am keeping my expectations low. I wanted him to win RG and now that he has done so, I am relaxed. Whatever he wins hereafter is bonus. I am just happy to see him play.

holdserve , 6/14/13 5:03 AM

I feel much the same way. My biggest wish was for Rafa to win RG this year and make history. I am also keeping my expectations in check. Rafa will be seeded 5th at Wimbledon and will come into this tournament without any warm up match play at Halle. We will see how his draw looks and then get an idea what he is facing in his initial matches.

I am thrilled to see him playing so well. The pressure should be off Rafa too, although we know that he is a fierce competitor who will go out there and give it his all. He can only gain points from now until the end of the year and that's a nice place to be.

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 6:46 AM

@sanju 4:32AM, those are damning statistics indeed. This puts to rest the argument that the Fed/Rafa H2H is skewed in favor of clay. Rafa has been in HC finals, including Slams, in the last 48 months. Clearly Fed failed to make the finals, can't blame Rafa for this. If those were Rafa's stats, reems and reems of blogs would have been written about it. Hey, we should not complain, It shows that expectations about our boy are high.

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 7:24 AM

Even Bodo is coming round:

" It may pain fans of Roger Federer?s elegant, classic game, but the enduring image of this particular time in tennis probably will be that of Rafael Nadal, having backpedalled all the way into his backhand corner, striking a vicious inside-out forehand that rockets past his opponent?no matter how far back or out of position Rafa is.

The shot lands for a clean winner for a good reason that doesn?t necessarily have anything to do with Nadal?s power, or his opponent?s defensive skills (or lack thereof). For Nadal?s opponent can?t concede the down-the-line shot?in reality, the ?inside-in? forehand?by anticipating the inside-out, because Nadal can hook that inside-in savagely, and the distance that shot has to travel is much shorter, which effectively takes time away from the opponent."

I have always said watching Rafa rip that forehand is the closest I have come to a religious experience. It's poetry in motion.

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 8:46 AM

I thought RAFA surpassed Roger last year itself, after winning 2012 RG.

sabs , 6/14/13 8:57 AM


rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 9:02 AM

@aegis, 6/13/13 7:58 PM

On what grounds have you decided that Nole is a lock for the AO and that Muzz is going to dominate Wimbledon from now on? Or that Rafa hates the USO?

nadline , 6/14/13 9:29 AM

Tignor thinks Rafa is the man

"The ultimate result and personification of these ideas and trends is Nadal; it?s almost like he?s a caricature created to illustrate the value of a game anchored in a savage forehand and backed-up by great strength and fitness. History has shown us that certain men seem to have been created expressly to master the challenges of their times?think Winston Churchill, or Martin Luther King Jr.?and it?s that way in sports, too. And that helps explain the success those men and women experience, and why they come to be seen as representative."

Read the whole article: rld/47906/#.UbrIlPnVBSU

nadline , 6/14/13 10:05 AM

^^^Sorry it's Bodo.

It's the same article that caught RITB's eye, above.

nadline , 6/14/13 10:09 AM

Interesting read: l-nadal-confessions-of-a-federer-fan/2/

TheMightyRafa , 6/14/13 10:11 AM

Sorry the link is: nadal-confessions-of-a-federer-fan/2/

TheMightyRafa , 6/14/13 10:13 AM

^^^It's Bodo actually @nadline. I know it's kind of difficult to associate Bodo with Rafa-love, I did a double take myself. I have since concluded that Bodo is a mental case, suffers from a split personality. How else to explain the mood swings from Rafa-hate to Rafa-love?

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 10:16 AM

If one's conclusion that Muzza is going to dominate Wimby hereon is based on his success at the Olympics then the same applies to Rafa and Novak and Fed, no? They also have had success at Wimby. For the umpteenth time, Muzza does not have a Wimby title, yet. Let him win one at least before you start labeling him as a future Wimby dominator.

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 10:27 AM

^ Hate or love, he will stick to one that gives money.

sabs , 6/14/13 10:27 AM

so now it turns out that it's the Rafa fans who are harassing the trolls....
.... please, give me a break (point).....

Shireling , 6/14/13 11:27 AM

^^^Yup. You couldn't make it up if you tried!

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 11:30 AM

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