• Nadal hedges his bets on Wimbledon

    6/10/13 9:24 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal hedges his bets on Wimbledon Rafael Nadal has returned home to Mallorca on doctor's advice to rest his left knee after the rigours of the clay season.

    And while the eight-time French Open champion is hopeful of pulling up fit for Wimbledon starting in a fortnight, he is keeping his options open regarding playing the grass-court Grand Slam.

    "I will check all my body, and I really hope to be ready for Wimbledon," said the winner of seven titles from nine tournaments this season after only starting in February following seven months out injured. "I won't play a tournament before Wimbledon, so that's not the ideal situation before a grand slam on grass, the conditions are very different.

    "I'm in a good position, even if I don't play a good Wimbledon. That doesn't mean I am not going to try, because I am going to try my 100 per cent to be ready for there and to play good tennis there."

    But his historic Roland Garros trophy has defiantly taken the pressure off of Nadal. "I'm in a position that I can take everything with a little bit more relax. If I'm still doing the things the right way, I going to have my chance to finish the year on the very good position on the ranking."

    Nadal said that during his recent spring win spree, his knee has been an intermittent factor. "For some weeks I didn't feel well (after winning Barcelona in April), but the last couple of weeks I start to feel my knee better. So that's positive.

    "And the knee is resisting tough matches like I had in Rome against (Ernests) Gulbis, David Ferrer, two days straight. The knee resisted a very tough battle against Djokovic the other day. I didn't have a terrible feeling (afterwards), so that's very positive news.

    "I'm going week by week, day by day. I will take a look after here. That's what we're going to do next few days, and try and make the right things to be ready for Wimbledon. But I don't know... that's the real thing."

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Congrats for the wonderful comeback and great clay tournamnets.
RG 8 was amazing.

Awaiting for similar runs in Clay 2014.

Rest your knee.

sabs , 6/11/13 7:10 AM

G8 win. But I liked Novak Djokovic. Depression for now. Andy Muzza to win Wimbledon! GO Muzza

leftarmgonewrong , 6/11/13 7:33 AM

Thanks for your kind words for Rafa @sabs!

Excellent that the Novak fanbase is growing on TT. Hope you are an honest and fervent Novak fan, @lagw, not these pseudo-Novak fans who are actually Fed fans who hate Rafa and have suddenly invaded this site. If you are legit, you will find there are honest and legit Novak fans on this site so you have plenty of company!

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 7:47 AM

Yay, leftarmgonewrong! Go Andy!

deuce , 6/11/13 8:45 AM

Like clockwork, the annual "hiding from the fast courts has begun". Better to not play and let people doubt you are a chump on grass than play and lose to Rosol and remove all doubt.

See you next year in some no-one-cares-tournament on clay nay-dull.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/11/13 9:31 AM

Calling a player who has been in five Wimbledon finals and won two of them a "chump on grass" is about the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. At least stick to facts, instead of gratuitous insults.

Nativenewyorker , 6/11/13 10:12 AM

I was reading an article on bleacherreport and someone made a sensible observation about Djokovic's personality. He's trying to be like Rafa and Roger but he really shouldn't do that. He's not a nice guy, he is a bully. He is not modest, he is cocky. He is more like Gulbis than Roger or Rafa. So why the act? Quit the act Novak, and we'll have even more to look forward to.

childishgambino , 6/11/13 10:31 AM

this article is in direct contradcition with what U. Toni said the other day about camp Rafa being in a good position for the rest of the season.....
NNYR - u fell in the trap again! :)

Shireling , 6/11/13 10:46 AM

Sometimes I wonder why people waste their time to post rubbish when they have nothing to talk about. Fedkovic, jamesDjokvic o whatever you choose to call yourself. People should know when they are conquered. Respect is being humble and saying the right things. Your hatred for rafa should not becloud your judgement such that once people se your post they ignore it because that's what most of us do anyway. Rafa's achievements are there for all to see. Another funny thing here is that you don't back up your post with facts because lest face it you have no facts.
RG is not the only place rafa thriives. In case you don't know he has a career grandslam, has made 5 finals in wimby and won 2 which is more than you can ever say for Djokovic. The only GS where Djoker has a better record than rafa is in Australia Open , which if you also remember Djokovic barely won the last time they met.
Rafa is way ahead of the other guys on tour and the statisticcs are there to prove it.
Try and earn some respect for yourself at least and just observe the threads. Its because you are so obsessed with rafa that you worry so much.
Enjoy your day and watch as rafa breaks new height.
For your info the no 1 spot is no longer sure for your man..

puto , 6/11/13 1:44 PM

puto, they do it to get a response indicating that they have pissed you off which you provided.


Conspirator , 6/11/13 2:26 PM

@ conspirator, I totally agree, one should just cultivate the habit ignoring their post and not making reference to it in the discussions. That way they know they are totally non - valid...
Sometimes I marvel at their level of reasoning. A lot probably has to do with upbringing....
Let's just hope that our man rafa is injury free for the rest of the year and that the gruelling games he had to play enroute to his title won't have any negative impact on the knees.
The rest of the season promises to be interesting if a healthy rafa can be in that equation.

puto , 6/11/13 2:55 PM

The fact that of late there is no moderation is disturbing. Ricky had mentioned earlier that there is no sponsorship for this site. He had also mentioned that he is not paid for moderation.
Moderation is an essential part of maintenance of a site. If it goes it is a sign that this site is in trouble. I am worried.

holdserve , 6/11/13 2:58 PM

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/11/13 9:31 AM
If Nadal with 5 finals and 2 titles is a chump on grass , then Djoker with one final and one title is what?
In fact among the active players, Nadal is second only to Fed and is way ahead of Djoker.
In the Open era only Sampras, Fed, Borg, McEnroe and Becker have more than Rafa with McEnroe and Becker having just one more than Rafa. Edberg, considered a grass court specialist, has only 2.
If Rafa is a chump on grass, then James is a gibbering idiot

holdserve , 6/11/13 3:11 PM

(Via @davidjnadal) Today Rafael Nadal will visit Dr. Sanchez in Vitoria and on Thursday he will return to training in Mallorca. On Tuesday (18.06.13) he will travel to London to begin adapting to the grass at Wimbledon.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 3:19 PM

Edberg, considered a grass court specialist, has only 2.....only 2 Wimbledon titles.

So Djoker with one title and one final is a maestro but Rafa with 2 titles and 5 finals is a chump.
james awarded moron of the year award!

holdserve , 6/11/13 3:22 PM

It's ok. Andy knows better than the Fedtards about how good Rafa.

jean , 6/12/13 2:58 AM

Read a interview Rafa gave to MARCA saying that he hopes to be playing till 2018:).
That's great news. Hope he wins 3 on clay and another 3 non-clay slams to put an end to all GOAT arguments!

atul1985 , 6/12/13 4:02 AM

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