• Nadal rolls to eighth Roland Garros title

    6/9/13 5:39 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Nadal rolls to eighth Roland Garros title Rafael Nadal triumphs over David Ferrer in straight sets to win the French Open title on Sunday. Nadal prevails for the eighth time at Roland Garros and now owns 12 Grand Slam titles.

    Despite a recent seven-month layoff and a huge semifinal test from the No. 1 player in the world, Rafael Nadal is still the King of Clay.

    Less than 48 hours after outlasting Novak Djokovic in a classic five-setter, Nadal beat David Ferrer 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 in the French Open title match on Sunday afternoon. The Spaniard needed two hours and 16 minutes to triumph at Roland Garros for the eighth time in his career.

    Whereas Nadal had dropped four sets prior to the last hurdle, Ferrer had emerged into his first Grand Slam final entirely unscathed. The world No. 5, however, ran into a whole different beast in this one--as he already knew thanks to a 4-19 lifetime record against his countryman. Ferrer did well to battle back from an early break down in the first set, but he never really recovered after dropping serve again at 3-3. Nadal saved one break point at 4-3 then earned another scalp of his opponent's serve to take the first set in style.

    An even more dominant second frame of play saw Nadal lead from wire to wire after breaking again for 2-0. The middle set was marred by a flare-wielding intruder who interrupted play with the No. 3 seed serving at 5-1. A rattled Nadal got broken while attempting to serve it out, but the incident also seemed to distract the underdog. Ferrer promptly donated serve at love, double-faulting twice and spraying two forehand errors.

    Ferrer had his one real chance in the the third. The fourth-seeded Spaniard broke back right away after trailing 2-0 and he also got a look at another break chance at 3-3. Nonetheless, Ferrer missed a routine return and with that his comeback bid all but ended. Nadal held then broke for 5-3 when Ferrer double-faulted at ad-out. With the championship on his racket, the former world No. 1 made no mistake. Nadal won the last four points of the match and clinched victory at 40-15 with a powerful forehand winner.

    "That's just amazing; that's a lot," Nadal said of having won eight titles at Roland Garros. "That's more than I even can dream about. I never thought about something like this. But here we are today.... During the seven months there were some low moments. I am lucky I have a great team around me that really supported me. Since I came back, the results have just been amazing for me."

    "He was better," Ferrer assured. "He's playing unbelievable tennis. Maybe I need more experience in the final of a Grand Slam. I was a little bit nervous. It's normal."

    Ferrer wrapped up his effort with 22 winners and 35 errors. Nadal recorded 35 winners and 25 errors while serving at 70 percent and capitalizing on exactly half of his 16 break-point opportunities.

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Vamos Rafa!
Rafa at his very best.
Congrats to Rafa for his 8th RG title

ramo22 , 6/9/13 6:16 PM

A truly great achievement from a truly great sportsman.

Nadal is now without question one of the true tennis greats and considering that he was out for seven months this French Open win becomes even more incredible.

Although for me, the Indian Wells win was the most impressive achievement of his combeack, particularly since he hadn't even played on a hard court for over a year.

Still to reach 9 finals out of 9 tournaments, winning 7 titles beating Djokovic, Federer, Ferrer, Berdych, Del Potro along the way is great no matter the surface and again underlies the domination he has against his generation of competitors. It is yet another positive case in any GOAT debate.

As ridiculous as it sounds, from July to December this year is where we will see what Rafa is truly made of. For all of his great victories during his run, it can be argued that Nadal has simply cemented, perhaps even now enforced further his invincibility on the clay. What he does from now on is significant in terms of his ranking, challenging Djokovic at the top of the game and his credentials even more off the clay. Correction last year's 2nd round Wimbledon exit is a major target to start with.

In my opinion now, Rafa just needs 3 more slam wins off the clay to remove any lingering doubt about his position amongst the true tennis immortals. If he does this then along with his h2h over all his rivals, including tow truly great adversaries in Federer and Djokovic, the manner of his victories and what he has brought to the game would for me make him the greatest player ever.

Not bad for a player soon to be ranked No5 in the world. Well done ATP for the ranking system - keep up the good work..

lebsta2 , 6/9/13 6:33 PM

Ricky should come and take a bow. He got the winner right he only made a mistake about the runner up.

nadline , 6/9/13 6:55 PM

NAADAAAL !!!!!!!!- 12 TITLES and counting

isfand , 6/9/13 7:02 PM

@ lebsta2

Dont believe I have ever read a post as great as yours!!!! Very very very well put!!!

I especially agree with your penultimate paragraph, and so too with your point about the ATP!! Now the establishmnet will get even more furious with Rafa for now not only making most playera look bad, but they too as well!!

Tsk, tsk, tsk, what do we do with this guy?!!!!!!!!

Yes, he is THAT special!!!!

Monalysa , 6/9/13 7:03 PM

Rafa, you have now gone where no male tennis player has gone! You have made history again! I am so proud of you!

What's even better is that Rafa now has virtually nothing to defend for the rest of the year. He can only gain points! He can play without any pressure. I think the ranking will sort itself out now. He would be #4 if Ferrer had not gotten to the final, but he can only go up from here on out!

I thionk Rafa will address his early exit from Wimbledon last year. We know what a healthy Rafa can do at Wimbledon! Every round he wins means more points! I also think that Rafa showed that he can more than hold his own with Nole.

It is a crazy tennis world when the player who just won his 12th slam, his 8th RG and who has the most points now in the race to London, is still ranked #5!

Nativenewyorker , 6/9/13 7:14 PM

It was far better for Rafa to play Djokovic in the SF than in the final. I think Rafa was tired today so he didn't need a long match.

nadline , 6/9/13 7:26 PM

12 and counting!

World #1 in sight

Stay healthy and it's all ahead


rafakid , 6/9/13 7:50 PM

Congrats Rafa and fans! Great achievement. I didn't see the match but by the score, one could say it was a disappointing affair after the semis. Now, that is a true dominance on a court, tournament and surface. True and undisputed King of Clay. And what a season so far! Amazing! Really, kudos to him.

As for the ranking system, it is ridiculous by the state of current affairs, but it is a 52 week point count and is valid. That's why there is also a race which is more accurate in terms of what is going on this season. One year ranking system is better than two year ranking system suggested by Rafa.

danica , 6/9/13 7:50 PM

So danica is a bigger expert on which ranking system is better than Rafa who experiences its effects! LOL!!!

holdserve , 6/9/13 8:00 PM

Now, its Emperor Nadal!!

Monalysa , 6/9/13 8:01 PM


Thank you very much for your comments. I think Rafa has maybe 1-2 years left in a physically prime state to attain those three non clay slams. How incredible would it be if he did it this year?


I actually think the ranking system should be changed to start rewarding players for defending titles. Retaining a tournament is just as hard as winning it for the first time, perhaps even harder due to the expectancy and the competition becoming more wise as to what a champion can do.

The system is flawed because it doesn't recognise consistency over larger period. Rafa has defended 4 titles this year yet has zero recognition for it. If he wins next years French for a 5th consecutive year the rankings will show nothing for it.

Ferrer has improved on his previous year's results, but his results are not as impressive this year as Rafa's yet he is ranked above him. It makes no sense whatsoever.

What should happened is that a 'bonus' points amount should be given for defending a title. It can be say half the points for winning the tournament first time round. So 1000 pts for a slam - 500 for Masters 1000 and so on. That way then a player is still geting recognise for winning titles whether for the 1st or 8th time and the overall ranking system will give a better reflection of the best performing player like the current ATP points race system does.

lebsta2 , 6/9/13 8:08 PM

lebsta ; If you go by results Fed doesn't deserve to be in top 4 as well.
Has Fed beaten any top 4 this year?

fedexal , 6/9/13 8:16 PM

Nadals got one more Wimbledon in him ;)

This year...fed-nadal final, how fitting would it be! 10 years since fed got his first, 5 years since that magical 08 final! Murrays fighting injury and fitness and novaks gotta be hurt after the disappointments of not winning RG. If the draw suits both Fed and Rafa i can see it happening. Fingers crossed

rafakid , 6/9/13 8:18 PM

Nadal is going to play till 2016 at least. In fact he will probably retire that year. So he has 14 more slams to play. He will win 3 to 6 more slams.

holdserve , 6/9/13 8:50 PM

On ITV news today they actually said that many now consider Rafa to be the GOAT. Whilst I don't believe in the title it was good to hear.

nadline , 6/9/13 9:03 PM

Where's KMA and where's the Hydra (fedkovic, novakisthebest, JamesDjokovicfan) and seventeen (Sienna) ? Are they hiding? All credit to Rafa for shutting up this foul mouthed bunch of posters. Rafa is the greatest in history!!!!!

holdserve , 6/9/13 9:03 PM

It was far better for Rafa to play Djokovic in the SF than in the final. I think Rafa was tired today so he didn't need a long match.

nadline , 6/9/13 7:26 PM

Considering Friday was sunny and today is not, I feel it was all to the good that Rafa played Nole in the semis.

holdserve , 6/9/13 9:08 PM

Nadal looks on track to grab the crown of GOAT that was handed to Federer at a far too early stage. The only thing that can stop him are his knees.
These are the crucial stats. Nadal at age 27: 12th Major. Federer at this age: 13 majors (US Open '08). However: Nadal enrolled in only 34 Majors so far (missed out on 6 due to injury). Federer needed 36 Majors to get to 12 wins, and took his 13th in his 40th GS appearance. Can Rafa take his 13th win in one of his next 6 GS appearances? I would make a strong case for that one!
The killer argument however: the two GOAT candidates Federer and Nadal met in GS tournaments 10 times, with a 8-2 lead for Nadal. Provided Nadal stays healthy, this debate will be closed in his favor within the next 4-6 years. See, no 'weak era' argument needed, although I do like that one very much too :)

JBeer , 6/9/13 9:09 PM

I think i know where KMA, Hydra and seventeen are. They must be the morons who tried to disrupt the match.

holdserve , 6/9/13 9:20 PM

JBeer, great post!You should be renamed De Beers! Gem of a post! A diamond!

holdserve , 6/9/13 9:22 PM

It was a bit sad to see Ferrer not performing as he can but I'm glad, of course, for Rafa.
I think none of us can quite grasp what an 8th RG means.. how huge it just is. Considering Rafa doesn't win any more, it will still be talked about for a long long time, this is history in the making and it will probably never be repeated.
Strange things going on in the match, the disrupting morons - lol holdserve - the fire, what the hell happened there?
Well done to Rafa and also to David.

Shireling , 6/9/13 9:29 PM

You guys are all deluded!

Claycourt matches are boring. Just a bunch of guys endlessly pushing a ball across the net, with only the occasional serve and volley!

Claycourt match wins count for very little. I mean, they would normally because it is the hardest test of all tennis skills all at once (save for serve/volley and wacking the ball as hard as can be). But we do not live in normal times. We live in the times of inconvenient truth. Where a kid from one of the inferior countries came to challenge the white knight and defeat his too many times, and often on claycourts. So we need to take away all claycourt victories from the record books. There! that's better! Now no-one needs to feel upset, envious, jealous or hateful. There, there. Isn't that nice?

chlorostoma , 6/9/13 9:37 PM

Thanks Holdserve. At Rafa's current average conversion rate (0,35%) he would need 18 GS appearances to capture the missing 6. Best case scenario, he plays 18 GS tournaments between now and September 2017 and converts at least 6 of those.

JBeer , 6/9/13 9:59 PM

Nadal Head to Head against the TOP-20:
Nadal-Feder er:20-10........Nadal-Almagro:10-0
Nadal-Murray:13-5...........Nadal- Haas:5-0
Nadal-Berd ych14-3...........Nadal-Raonic:3-0
Nadal-Del Potro:8-3..........Nadal-Monaco:4-1
Nadal-Tsonga:8-3.............Nada l-Simon:5-1
Nada l-Wawrinka:10-0.......Nadal-Querrey:3-0

sanju , 6/9/13 10:04 PM

If Rafa wins 1 more Wimby, USO, AO - he is right up arguements whatsoever

He would be having 2 of every slam, in short double career slam

Olympic Gold

Multiple Davis Cup

Maximum Masters

sanju , 6/9/13 10:06 PM

I assumed Fed won't win any more slams.
So Rafa will win about 1/3rd of 14. That makes it say 5. As Rafa is more likely to win RG, than Nole or Muzza are to win any other slam ( he is more dominant on that surface than anybody is on any other surface), if we refine the calculations to have 3 RGS and 1/3rd of the remaining 11, he has about 4 more non-clay.
So good chance of winning totally 6 more. And definitely a very high prob of winning 3. His knee permitting!!! He lost much of 2009 and 2012 because of Sir Knee, his biggest foe!

holdserve , 6/9/13 10:08 PM

sanju,, corr - Nadal Ferru 20-4.

nadline , 6/9/13 10:12 PM

sanju, Rafa already has 2 Wimblys. So he just has to win one more of USO and AO. He came pretty close to that in 2011 USO ( but for poor scheduling) and 2012 AO.
I am sure he will make it sooner or later especially as none of the younger chaps ( new generation) like Tomic, Dimitrov etc are a serious threat.

holdserve , 6/9/13 10:12 PM

Please don't use the word threat and the name Tomic in the same paragraph. It makes google confused.

JBeer , 6/9/13 10:17 PM

Chances of Nadal getting to the final of a GS tournament he enters? 50% folks. 17 finals out of 34 journeys. Chances that he wins such a final are 70%. GOAT style.

JBeer , 6/9/13 10:30 PM

What is a better predictor of Rafa's conversion rate over the next, say, 2 years? His average since the age of 18/19 (RG 2005), when he was weak on grass and hardcourt and only 18/19? Or his average over, say, RG 2008 to now, i.e. the first summer he broke through on another surface. Or, say, since AO 2009, i.e. the first slam where he broke through on his weakest surface. Unfortunately there is the issue of injuries which prevented him to play on several occasions or just took him out during the slam, e.g. once at AO once at RG and once at Wimbie. Unfortunately this may be the main reason he might not add another 6 or 7 or 8 slams. Not that necessarily matters to his overall achievements, but since this is the topic we are discussing. Fortunately, on the other hand, for his competitor. Without Sir Knee (great one, holdserve!) they would have (and probably will not) won as many Majors as they have.

chlorostoma , 6/9/13 10:43 PM

now that I have had a lot of "congrats" in my inbox and a smiley, cheerful, happy, truly ecstatic face to go with it, I finally have time to relax and join my favorite people, my fellow Rafans in tennistalk and congratulate you all!

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

In the Balkans Rafa is no longer called "the King of Clay". He is now righty called "THE GOD OF CLAY"!

I am so proud of our Rafa! I knew the finals will only be the formality for Rafa given his level of play. I knew Rafa would beat Ferrer fairly easy even though Ferry was much more rested. Rafa is simply amazing! I love that guy, I really do!

Congrats dear Rafans! Today the history is being written and we are here to witness it! Aren't we lucky to be the part of it...

And one HUGE hug for Ricky the PROPHET!!!

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/9/13 10:58 PM

Thx for congratulating us natashao :) it feels nice this back-patting btwn fans :)

OMG, I've just realised what the fire was about (in reference with my last post), I was doing sthg else and only saw the smoke and glare coming out from the corner but missed the whole pyro flare incident!!

Shireling , 6/9/13 11:12 PM

I firmly believe that Nadal will win at least another 6 majors. Most likely he will not be injury free for the next 4 years, but his desire to win and make the most of his career, may well push him to play till he will be 34-35. With the correct scheduling, this will allow team Nadal to take part in well over 20 more majors. Rafa and uncle Toni are truly humble, but be not mistaken, they want that GS record as badly as any Rafa fan.

JBeer , 6/9/13 11:29 PM

These are heady times! I am enjoying reading the predictions of how many slams Rafa may win before his career is over. However, I want to stay in this moment. Whatever he does, I think this moment for now is the crowning achievement in his career.

Just think - Laver, Borg, Sampras and even Fed were never able to win 8 titles at one slam. Fed is still playing and could possibly do it if he wins one more Wimbledon. I don't know if that's going to happen. But right now Rafa stands alone.

Having watched tennis all my life, this is something that is so emotional. I don't even think it's really sunk in yet. I am sure that Rafa wants to enjoy this moment with his family and friends. He deserves it!

As far as the predictions of how many more slams he can win, I am cautious because of his knees. I hope and pray that Rafa stays healthy and is able to continue to compete. I am pleased that he is being wise in his scheduling, building in periods of rest and listening to his doctors. It was a good decision to skip Miami and it's a good decision to skip Halle. I think Rafa will continue to do this as the tennis year moves on. He now has the luxury of picking his spots for some rest, give that he has virtually nothing to defend from here to the end of the year.

I am still in a kind of euphoria. I don't want to think ahead just yet. This feeling is just too good!

Nativenewyorker , 6/9/13 11:43 PM


As well as being one of the world's greatest sportsmen, Rafael Nadal is certainly one of the most polite and pleasant. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Nadal took time out to shake the hand of the security staff who wrestled the second-set court intruder to the floor and now he is posing with the ball kids and tournament officials for team photos.

From BBC radio :)

vamosrafa , 6/9/13 11:49 PM

@ JBeer

Welcome to TT!!

Its just amazing what Rafa has achieved. I for one wish him all the best for the rest of the season!!!


Monalysa , 6/10/13 12:03 AM

Rafa will definitely play till 2016. whether he will play after that would depend on how close he is to Roger's GS tally and more importantly on the state of his knee. He has expressed fears that the ATPs schedule could leave him permanently crippled.
He may decide to focus on slams and not on no. 1 ranking to save his knees and cut down on his schedule. Thereby he may extend his career.
I am anxious to see how he performs at Wimbly this year to have a better idea of his potential slam count in the years to come.

holdserve , 6/10/13 12:08 AM

chr18 , 6/10/13 2:39 AM

Congratulations to Rafa, 8 at RG is just amazing. Doubt if anyone will ever be able to top that.

deuce , 6/10/13 6:45 AM

Doubt if anyone will ever be able to top that.
, 6/10/13 6:45 AM

No, there is a reason it has never been done yet. Clay requires lot of skill, resilience, physicality to win irrespective of what the tards on this forum say :-)

And people Fed and Sampras may have 7, but Fed has 7 in Wimby out of 14 tries (99-2012). Rafa has 8 out of only 9 times he has played in RG. Historic and unparalleled and unprecented. I bet no one will do that ever, its ureal what he has achieved.

Its not about just No 8, its about the number of attempts in which it has come which makes it even more greater.

sanju , 6/10/13 6:54 AM

I think, Rafa will retire at rio2016. He has already stated that he would like to play till that time.

atul1985 , 6/10/13 7:02 AM

Rafaa winning 8 at RG will put pressure on Fed at Wimby, he will want to win his 8th too. :-)

Also I think Wimby is so wide open this time. There is clearly no favourite. Any of the top 4 can take it. Depends a lot on the draw. It will be very interesting Wimby.

sanju , 6/10/13 7:46 AM


I agree with you about Wimbledon being more open than in the past. Fed is not the obvious favorite, given that he has not won a title since last summer and has not been in good form. I am sure that he will be motivated to try to do better here, especially since he has 2000 points to defend.

Now that Murray will be back in action, all of the top four will be playing. I do agree that it may well depend on the draw. This should be an exciting Wimbledon!

Nativenewyorker , 6/10/13 8:15 AM

I have the notion that most of them (players) are uneasy when Wimbledon come to play due to Rafa's ominus return. At fans side, the fedfans are the most unrested ones in particular because they cannot rely anymore on their man's probability to win Wimbledon this time but of course expect them to show up with their "17" shield.

My hope is high Rafa will win this Wimbledon.


Raindrops , 6/10/13 9:40 AM

Couldn't post during the final, but I'm back here to tell you: I TOLD YOU SO :)))) Even if during the match he played with Djokovic I had moments when I really really believed it was over, I knew he was winning this title even before it began. CONGRATULATIONS RAFA!!!

childishgambino , 6/10/13 9:53 AM

BTW folks any idea which country hosts the moronic trolls on this site? I mean a person with multiple ids and one id talking to another is delusional to the core. Talking to yorself in the mirror is okay but talking on an internet site to different ids created by same I pity the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country where these tards live.

sanju , 6/10/13 10:49 AM

sanju, back in time she mentioned once HER heritage is Cyprus and residing now in London and according to her, she travels a lot. Clue, don't get fooled when she says she's a HE.

Raindrops , 6/10/13 11:31 AM

7 months we waited. 7 months we held our breath. 7 months we rode the path of hope and belief. 7 months we dreamed of the future. 7 Months. Sometimes alone, sometimes together in the cyberspace. Pulling each other up, relying on someone else?s belief, someone else?s hope when ours wasn?t strong enough. For we need anything and everything to comfort us, to tell us, yes he will be back, yes we will see him again for what he is.
They say its just a sport, they say he?s just a player, they say it?s nothing to feel about, they say its nothing to think about. They say this for they didn?t suffer that day at Wimbledon with us. They say this for they don?t understand what the soiled shirt and drenched Bandana means. They say this because they don?t understand him. They say this because they don?t understand us.
They say this because they don?t understand what it means when one of us shouts, cries, laughs, smiles while saying ?VAMOS RAFA??
So tonight we say together, we BELI8VE?
Thank You for playing Tennis? Thank you for who you are?

atagore , 6/10/13 11:34 AM

Nice atagore, very poetic.

Raindrops , 6/10/13 11:40 AM

What makes this 8th RG even more special?
- the fact that Rafa Nadal managed to win a major for the 9th season in a row, an unprecedented achievement, Rafa GOAT style;
- the fact that he beat Novak Djokovic both in 2012 and 2013 Roland Garros, despite losing twice on clay to him in the built-up to RG 2011 and once in the built-up to RG 2013. His last two RG wins put those warm-up losses in a different perspective. The "if Djokovic had not lost to Federer in RG 2011, he would have beaten Nadal surely"- argument is not a credible argument anymore. Djoko had his chance to shine at RG twice but met his maker. Nadal owned Djoko in his own house two years in a row and Rafa was at his best when it mattered;
- Team Nadal and his fans can lean back now for the rest of the season. The annual major we need to keep on GOAT track is in the pocket already, anything else is bonus. I bet you it will be a big bonus!

What's next?

Let's think about the Dream Scenario for this Summer. A Wimbledon victory in which he beats Rosol and Federer on the way would be appreciated. I think it would force all confused Fed fans to delete their accounts and start crying in AO '09 fashion.

JBeer , 6/10/13 11:41 AM

atagore, you speak for all Rafans. The Rafa haters are still trying to prove that there is no sand in the desert caught up in their twisted bitterness.


nadline , 6/10/13 11:46 AM

I am praying Davydenko and Rosol are in Rafa's path at Wimby. Also would like Florian Mayer (current H2H 1:1) to be in Rafa's path so that H2H can be a positive. Want Rafa to end his career with a positive H2H against ALL active players.......

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 11:53 AM

LOL JBeer,

I highly doubt the fedfans do that. They just simply move the goal post to another place, that's what they do.

Raindrops , 6/10/13 11:55 AM

hehehe al

childishgambino , 6/10/13 12:01 PM

@atagore, well said! May I add the following to the importance list?

It completes the triangle of eights, the Mallorca Triangle:

Barcelona, 8 titles;
Monte Carlo, 8 titles;
RG, 8 titles.

Henceforth, the Mallorca triangle will increase in size, in tandem....


rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 12:03 PM

I must confess I am not yet ready to "accept" Djokovic winning RG. I single out Djokovic because he is the only one capable of truly challenging Rafa at RG. I am not ready yet. I wasn't too bothered by MC, but Djokovic winning RG would have broken my heart........

I am glad Rafa played Djokovic in the semis. The finals would have been too pressurised. And as it turned out, it was Rafa so-called destiny was smiling on because it was hot and sunny on Friday and cold and damp on Sunday!!

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 12:45 PM

Everyone could use a little bit of things going their way from time to time. The first time Rafa met Novak at RG post Novak 2.0 2011 was a year ago. They played for too long a stretch in what was pretty much muddy clay, the organizers not stopping play in time. I've never seen anything that ridiculous in playing conditions (that can be made a decision about). Worse than bad winds. So there was a bit of balance that the next time they played at RG, where, after all Rafa was still coming back from 7 months out, the weather suited Rafa's style.

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 1:01 PM

I think Nadal is in great form, I wouldn't be surprised if he finished with a double career slam and 10 RGs.

However for him to win US open again, I really feel like he has to revert to that 2010 serve. I was just watching some highlights against lopez in the 4th round. That serve was insane! Why he doesn't use it normally, is actually beyond me. I feel like that serve is arguably even more important than his backhand being on fire.

DeadManWalking , 6/10/13 4:50 PM

Nice well-written (and short) article on RG 8:

One of the side table lists the 7 _male_ tennis players who have won a slam at least 7 times:

7 US C?ships: Richard Sears, Bill Larden, Bill Tilden

7 Wimbledons: William Renshaw , Pete Sampras, Roger Federer

8 RGs: Rafael Nadal

(Only one other player got more than 3 RG?s ? Borg with 6)

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 4:58 PM

R8F88L N8D8L


Conspirator , 6/10/13 5:06 PM

as opposed to: #Sw-huis ?

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 5:13 PM

@DMW, that USO 2010 serve gave him shoulder problems after I believe. Also, serve styles and patterns are a tactical issue. If you watch Rafa now he is going for placement rather than power. On clay, this is the right tactic, imo. Rafa can inject power in his serve. It will be interesting to see the tactics he employs on HC.

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 5:15 PM

finally my exams are over :D so I can enjoy your posts :)

rafaelo , 6/10/13 5:53 PM

I remember the same thing re the shoulder pain

On days of confidence Rafa's serve gets the job done often. If he can improve on his easy points ratio (confidence level being equal) that would be great, but it will probably come more from tecnique and intelligent placement choices than power. Now, if he could find a way to always be at the highest levels of confidence ... :-)

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 5:53 PM

For me what I am looking for now from Rafa is consistent levels of concentration throughout a match so he does not have dips mid match and make life unnecessarily difficult for himself and his fans. This is an issue Uncle Toni mentioned post Barcelona, that he never used to have dips in concentration like he seems to do now and this is something which ha to improve. For example, starts off hot and wins the 1st set easily, I now expect him to be come bored, drop his concentration and then the 2nd set becomes a dog fight, unnecessarily IMO.

I am thrilled with the improvements in the technical aspects of his game, his mental strength, stamina and fight.

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 6:12 PM

finally my exams are over :D so I can enjoy your posts :)
, 6/10/13 5:53 PM

You mean you did not enjoy them before? :-)

sanju , 6/10/13 6:25 PM

:)) no! but now i am free of worries ;)

rafaelo , 6/10/13 6:26 PM

, 6/10/13 6:12 PM

Add to that he never ever used to get tight earlier. He does now. He has issues closing set/matches and invariably drops serve. The Rafa pre 2011 would never have not closed the match in 4 against Novak when serving for the match.

His level of play actually droppd in 3rd set of final too in between for 4 games, just that David could not capitalize. Maye he was tired in 3rd set after the gruelling semi.

sanju , 6/10/13 6:28 PM

:)) no! but now i am free of worries ;)
, 6/10/13 6:26 PM

Back to looking 24 after Rafas historic win? :-)

sanju , 6/10/13 6:38 PM

@sanju, I cut him some slack for the final because he must have been emotionally drained from the semi final exertions and emotionally exhaustion affects the body.

I think the nerves have definitely been a factor so far this season but I attribute this to being at a point he never thought possible because of his knee injury. Suddenly he finds himself serving to be in the final of RG, the heart starts to pound, I can understand that. I am hoping post RG he will start to tell himself that he deserves to be where he is , so he should embrace it instead of disbelieving. I expect to see a calmer Rafa hereon.

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 6:40 PM

I am 22 and soon to be 23 :D

rafaelo , 6/10/13 6:42 PM

, 6/10/13 6:40 PM

But RITB, I expect him to be more relaxed going forth for rest of the season. His clay achievements have made a monster out of him and it is too tough to live upto expectations year in and year out from past 9 years for 3 Masters and 1 Slam. He has successfully lived upto expectations every year (he won on an average 4/5 tourneys he plays every year).

I dont think he will feel that much pressure on grass and HC ashe is not the out n out favourite

sanju , 6/10/13 6:52 PM

I am 22 and soon to be 23 :D

, 6/10/13 6:42 PM

Ok Mr 22. Hope your exams went well and you will fly with flying colours like Rafa :-)

sanju , 6/10/13 6:54 PM

I am quiet eager to hear n see what Fed says about Rafas historic achievement. I am sure he will be asked about it in Halle

sanju , 6/10/13 7:10 PM

Rafa is 1st to qualify for the WTF.


Conspirator , 6/10/13 7:10 PM

thanks sanju

rafaelo , 6/10/13 7:14 PM

Has Rafa ever finished RG with 7000 points in the race yet from 2005 onwards? I doubt he has, I think its his best showig ever for 1st 6 months and this is without playing a slam and a masters Miami

sanju , 6/10/13 7:18 PM

, 6/10/13 6:40 PM

ritb, in this post you put it very well, and much better than I could... I've been trying to write something like this but erased my attempts :-)

on top of which, Rafa is a worry-type person, some people are some are less, and he truly does not take any match for granted, no matter how much he might want to win it or how much better he might look on paper

his knee(s) has held out much better than feared and everyone (sane) whishes that just continues to be the case

other than this re-entry from long absence and the ever-present worries about the knee (and always playing with some level of pain now)... his season so far does remind us of spring 2008 (followed by a great summer), spring 2010 (ditto), and spring 2012 (should have been ditto had knee not been a factor)... it would be nice if summer 2013 resembles summer 2008 or 2010 in this way... the strong spring is there (more than before), the weapons are there, ... Let the Knee be There!

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 8:25 PM

Sometimes I think we forget that Rafa has had problems closing out slam matches in the past. Think about the 2008 Wimbledon. Rafa was up two sets to none and Fed won the next two sets to take it to that unbelievable fifth set. Also, at the 2009 AO Rafa won the first set, Fed won the second set, Rafa won the third set and Fed won the fourth. So it's not as though this hasn't happened in the past.

We may see these ups and downs from Rafa in a best three out of five set match. Best two out of three in Masters or 500 or 250 tournaments would be something else. The important thing is that Rafa can raise his game when the match is on the line.

It's possible in that fourth set in the semifinal that nerves did get to Rafa. This was by far his biggest match of the year. So maybe that was why he couldn't close it out. The important thing is that he was able to step up and play his best to win the fifth set. That was some of the finest tennis I have seen Rafa play in a very long time.

Anything Rafa wins from now on this year, is like icing on the cake. He should play without pressure because he's got nothing to defend. Rafa has his pride and would want to do well in the next two slams. He has defended his points and as long as his knee is okay, we should see a Rafa playing more freely.

Nativenewyorker , 6/10/13 8:55 PM

Only three active H2Hs in which one player has beaten the other 20 times: Rafa over Rog, Rafa over Novak, and Rafa over Ferrer.


Conspirator , 6/10/13 9:42 PM

If I can only interrupt this by going back to the topic of ranking system.

I do not say I am a bigger expert than Rafa, "LOL", but to the best of my knowledge, he was the only one among all others "who experience it", who voiced his opinion on two year point count. It is obvious that such a system would protect the few at the top and put the upcoming players in disadvantage. Why then only two years? Why not three? No. One year is one season and as far as the time frame is concerned, I don't see why it would be changed. It is the same for everyone. If it was Roger who suggested a two year point count, you would find a number of reasons why it's not good.

I agree with a lot of your points. The ranking system is definitely flawed. But, it was changed so many times. For example, before, you would be awarded bonus points according to the ranking of the opponents you beat. It wasn't the same if you beat Rafa/Nole/Andy/Roger or Istomin/Haase...

The most important thing is that the system doesn't favor anyone. It's the same for the #1 as well as for the #1001. Slams should probably do better with adjusting their seeds according to the current race points.

danica , 6/10/13 10:37 PM

danica, 6/10/13 10:37 PM,

Interrupt to go back to the topic of ranking system

In case you hadn't noticed, the topic of this thread is Rafa winning his eighth RG title!

Nativenewyorker , 6/10/13 11:45 PM

That's the title, yes, but it is not the only topic. If you haven't noticed, I acknowledged Rafa's spectacular success and congratulated all of you fans. I also made a comment regarding the ranking which was first brought up on this thread by a Rafa fan. Since I wasn't around during the weekend, I thought I had some catching up to do specially because some of the posters choose to reply to my post, not to mention that one of them laughed at me.

And, does your last sentence mean that I have no right to comment on anything else here that is not related to the 8th RG title?

danica , 6/11/13 12:20 AM


It's interesting that you ask if you have no right to comment on anything else here. I say that because I experienced exactly the same thing the other day here when a Rafa fan posted a comment telling myself and two others that we were off topic. Technically it was true, but comments tend to go off topic many times.

You said that you were interrupting to back to the topic of ranking system, so my sense was that you thought that the topic thread was about the ranking system. I just reminded you what the topic thread actually was about. Just a clarification to avoid any further confusion.

Nowhere in my comment did I say anything about you not having a right to comment on anything else.

Nativenewyorker , 6/11/13 1:01 AM

I apologize. I maybe overreacted because I had a feeling that your post suggested posting only about the Rafa's win. I am glad if we sorted this out :).
Enjoy this historic Rafa run, it is really fantastic ;)

danica , 6/11/13 2:11 AM

danica, Rafa is outspoken. He is the only one who spoke out about the 2 year ranking system, more money for players etc. When he did speak up, others in the media reasoning fallaciously like you that if Rafa is the only one who spoke up, he is just stating his viewpoint, attacked him vigorously especially Bodo who claimed Rafa was a squeaky wheel and there were no issues with the ATP except his own issues.
The ATP chief however admitted there were issues.
So it is just your faulty reasoning which leads you to assume what Rafa stated are only his views.
What you say about 1 y, 2 yr ranking etc are just your opinion and frankly as you are not a player on the ATP tour your opinion has less value than Rafa's who was probably stating the players' views as he was then on the council.
But no doubt your Rafa hate clouds your judgment as it clouded Bodo's and others in the media who then had to cut a sorry figure when it turned out Rafa was representing the players!
An argument can be made for 6 months ranking, 1 yr ranking, 2 yr ranking,.... 100 year ranking. What is relevant is what the players want ( ATP represents the players: Association of tennis professionals). So your opinion is not worth a row of beans on this issue.

holdserve , 6/11/13 4:53 AM

Even though I am a Rafa fan I somehow am not sure if 2 year ranking is right and fair.

I more agree with lebstas comments though on awarding bonus points for defending title. Look at Rafa - he did better than last year in 1st 6 months and has actually dropped in rankings.

sanju , 6/11/13 6:18 AM

I have not examined the whole 2-year ranking issue and the impact such a system would have on the individual players. However, I do not think its fair to say Rafa is in favor of this system for selfish reasons. Such a system would benefit players who took extended injury absences. Is Rafa the only one to take extended injury lay offs? Delpo, Monfils, Robredo, Haas, anyone? Golf uses a 2year ranking system and this seems to work well. Am not saying I agree with Rafa, I have not studied the pros and cons but it seems to me odd that a pro like Rafa would openly support a system just for his benefit. Especially when Rafa is not a selfish person in general.

I agree with @danica on one thing though: Slams should use their discretion, which they have btw, to seed players based on their current form and proficiency on respective surfaces. This should apply to ALL Slams however, not just the French Open as some people have vigorously argued in the past.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 6:36 AM

Any quote from Federer yet on Rafas historic double?

sanju , 6/11/13 6:58 AM

On your comment on another thread rating RG as the best slam.

Depends on how you rate tennis skills over retrieving skills or running/chasing down any ball. it was fitting to see Bolt giving away the trophy in GS where running matters.

RG is tough for many because they invest in developing their tennis skills not mere running skills, but RAFA has both in abundance.

Wimby is tricky, attractive, easy to lose, tough to defend and classy

sabs , 6/11/13 7:22 AM

"Murray, who will play his opening match on Wednesday, believes tennis should consider adopting golf's system of basing rankings on two years' worth of performances rather than one, and expressed sympathy with Rafael Nadal, who despite winning 43 out of 45 matches since returning from a seven-month lay-off, will be seeded fifth for Wimbledon.

"In tennis, if you miss four or five months it is almost impossible to maintain your ranking," Murray said. "So Rafa will be seeded five for Wimbledon, which is tough as he is better than that.

"That is how our ranking system works. It's a one-year ranking whereas with golf it is a two-year ranking, so even if one of the best players in the world gets injured they can still maintain their ranking."

Before 2001, Wimbledon's seedings were determined by a committee. These days, however, the men's seedings are based on the ATP rankings and a formula which takes into account a player's performance on grass in the past two seasons, with added weighting on the most recent year. Because Nadal was knocked out by Lukas Rosol in the second round last year there is no chance of a top-four seeding.

"I saw that with the bookies [Novak] Djokovic is the favourite, I'm second favourite, then Rafa third, then Roger [Federer]," Murray said. "But who knows with the way Rafa played at the French Open? He can beat anyone playing like that." evans-aegon-championships

So Rafa is not alone among the players to call for a 2 year ranking. Puts paid to the claims he was doing it for purely selfish reasons. I wish people would LISTEN to Rafa not just HEAR his words, this way they may actually UNDERSTAND where he is coming from. If another eminently reasonable pro like Andy sees merit in the idea, why pillory Rafa?

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 7:37 AM

So Roger is not a fav to win Wimby13, Ok then RAFA should opt to face Fed in QF.
I am rooting for that.

sabs , 6/11/13 7:56 AM

sabs..I never said its the best, I said its toughest and takes a lot out of you. It depends a lot on point construction and points are long. Its not just tennis skills, it demands lot of physicality and resilience and patience too.

And pleae Rafa did not win his 8 slams by just running. I am sure you saw his RG semi and final, he literally constructed points and was at his aggressive best. You dont see Rafa usually hitting 60 odd winners like in Novak match and 35 winners in a short 3 setter in final.

Wimby is usually first strike tennis and quick .

sanju , 6/11/13 8:06 AM


Interesting info from the bookies. I would think Rafa will be thrilled not to be the favorite, knowing him! So Fed is last? I guess they are looking at his title drought since last summer, no titles this year so far and generally mediocre form.

It's Fed's turn to feel the pressure. I just checked the updated rankings after RG. It's so close between #2 to #5 that Wimbledon could really shake things up. Murray usually has the pressure on him here, but I think having won his first slam and the Olympic gold medal last year will help him. Even though the slam drought is over for the Brits, there is still the matter of a British man not winning Wimbledon since - when? The 1930's?

Nativenewyorker , 6/11/13 8:06 AM

C'mon @sabs, even you have to honest and say Fed cannot be favourite for Wimby, no? That does not mean he cannot win it, just that the probability of him winning it at this time is lower than that of Novak's.

Personally, I am not convinced Fed's back problem is gone. That's what gives me pause in talking up his chances. Rafa has a chronic knee problem but he has shown that he can win in spite of it. So far, Roger has not shown he can win in spite of his chronic back problem.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 8:07 AM

Ok then RAFA should opt to face Fed in QF.
I am rooting for that.

sabs , 6/11/13 7:56 AM

Be careful what you wish for...............

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 8:11 AM

feeling is mutual :-)

sabs , 6/11/13 8:19 AM

Personally, I am not convinced Fed's back problem is gone.
-rafaisthebest, 6/11/13 8:07 AM

I too have similar feeling about his back, but I wish to believe that he is holding it back for Wimby.
He had a mediocre RG in 2012 aswell but came out all cylinders fring and won Wimby beating Nole and Andy back to back.

sabs , 6/11/13 8:29 AM

you're probably thinking of someone else while talking to me. But let me be clear, just in case, so such mistakes don't happen again: I do not hate any player nor do I have the reason for that. Your telling me that I hate Rafa is truly insulting. I may not agree with certain things he said or approve of what he did (like that finger pointing towards the net when Novak touched it) but does that make me a hater? Are you a hater then?

As for the rankings, many players were sick or injured and dropped on the list as a result. They have to climb back to where they belong and that seems fair to me. Whether tennis can be compared to golf, I don't know. I know that there was once a "protected ranking" rule where an injured player could preserve the ranking if he spent the majority of the season sick/injured. I don't know if that still applies. Ranking system is definitely flawed but until I hear more players asking for the two year system (like they asked for higher pay in early rounds) I am in favor of backing up the one year system (although, the race should probably be the most relevant ranking system after the first half of the season). And mind you, this is only my opinion that I hope I can state freely.

danica , 6/11/13 9:35 AM


Please be assured, no one in their sane mind and who has a positive will accuse you of being a hater. You have to forgive crapserve as she is neither. You can see her hatred for Federer in every post she posts and she cannot fathom anyone like you as all the rafa trolls are united in their hatred for Federer and now Djokovic. The hatred will only get worse as Novak wins more slams and keeps winning.

Have you seen this site when Nole was thrashing nay-dull 7 times in a row? These lunatics will go wild if Nole wins the next 2 slams. Even on a blog about the deceased Jelena, these rafatards have to paint Nole as Serbian nationalist so that they can spew their venom on him. Keep your support going for Nole. You are the fairest poster on TT and doing so in a most hatred filled rafa trolls site like this is quite an achievement. You must be working with the UN :)

Nole will come back strong for the fast courts. I hope he wins his 2nd Wimbledon because that will ensure he has atleast an equal record to nay-dull on all major tournaments outisde clay. [He already has better record than naydull at AO,USO and Year-end championships]

Ajde Nole!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/11/13 9:55 AM

How does Novak have better record than Rafa at USO? Both have won it just once. Please dont change facts. If you talk of Novak being 2 time finalist and Rafa 1, then Rafa has made far more semis too (2008-2011 he played USO and he made 2 semis, 1 title, 1 finalist).

Novak has far far lower performance as of now on Wimby than Rafa. Novak has won just 1 title and no finalist, Rafa has 5 finals and 2 titles

So the logic changes huh? If Novak has 1 title and Rafa has 1 title on USO and 1 more finalist performance than Rafa on USO , Novak is already better whereas if Novak wins Wimby and matches Rafa, Rafa is not better on Wimby though he has far more finalist appearences.

The hypocrisy of people on this forum is laughable

sanju , 6/11/13 10:12 AM

Danica - You are entitled to your thought but are you saying Novak did not deserve to forfeit that point? It was as per the rule and he was rightly penalised. He knows the rule I am sure. Regarding Rafa pointing that he made a mistake, what is wrong? Its not as if umpire looked at Rafa and talked to Novak, the minute Novak touched the net Pascal Maria made Novak lose the point. He did not even look at Rafa.

sanju , 6/11/13 10:15 AM

Please check the replay again when did Pascal Maria forfeit the point to Novak, it was right at that very moment. Rafa had nothing to do with it except that he realized Novak was wrong and pointed his hand.

sanju , 6/11/13 10:17 AM

I am not sure what Fed feels to have Novak rated as favorite to win Wimby when he has won it just once whereas Fed has won it 7 times. Andy has not even won it yet.

Am not able to understand the rationale behind the bookies odds. I think there are a lot of intangibles making that decision and its not surely based on past results.

sanju , 6/11/13 10:23 AM

JDF said that Nole has better record than Rafa at the AO, USO and YECH. He didn't mention Wimbledon in that context. However, he is right regarding those three tournaments: Nole won AO 4 times comparing to Rafa's 1 title. Nole won two YECH while Rafa won none. At the USO, both have one win, but Nole was in the finals three times (2007, 2010, 2012), to Rafa's one. Even if Nole was only two time finalist, it would still be a stronger showing than a number of semifinals. As for Wimbledon, if Nole wins it this year, his record would still be weaker than Rafa's.

As for the finger pointing, I just said I didn't like it. To me, it looked like kids telling on other kids. The umpire is professional and knowledgeable and was right to penalize Novak but the reaction from Rafa was disappointing for me. I don't see Nole doing it to his opponent.

danica , 6/11/13 10:52 AM

danica, 6/11/13 10:52 AM

Well I think you should give him the benefit of doubt that he may have pointed his finger jut in case umpire did not notice it. It was late in 5th set and an umpires focus can waver a bit in a long mach .

They call umpires down for ball marks and point out wrong line calls right? I see this no different from that.

On you dont see Nole doing it, I bet he would have at such a critical juncture in a match. Infact every player wold have including Nole, Fed, Murray.

sanju , 6/11/13 11:00 AM

@danica, of course you are entitled to your opinion but your disquiet with Rafa pointing to Novak touching the net before the ball bounced twice? Let's explore this:

The rule says if you touch the net before the ball bounces twice, you lose the point. We agree, no? Novak touched the net after the first bounce but before the second bounce, no? We agree. Should Novak lose the point? Yes, we agree. Fine.

Now, your argument is that Rafa should not have pointed to Novak touching the net. In your opinion, the Umpire had not seen this default by Novak, it was Rafa who "told" on him, making him a bad boy! So, according to you, if Rafa had not told on Novak, the Umpire would not have seen the incident and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Novak would have walked away from the net, pretending a) he did not touch the net b) he was unaware of the rule. In other words, you would have been happy for Novak to gain a point by illegal means. Where does that put your contention, which you are always reminding us here, that Novak is the fairest tennis player, he always gives away points when he feels the opponent deserves it, he always applauds the opponents etc, etc?

May I remind you Novak actually argued with the Umpire on that point? What, he actually wanted to be awarded the point when he had clearly broken the rules? What kind of fair sportsman does that? Instead of arguing, he should have just accepted the point penalty and in fact applauded Rafa for making sure Novak was not denied the opportunity to do the right thing, no?

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 11:00 AM

My point doesn't differ from yours very much. My point is that the umpire saw it - it happened right in front of him - and acted accordingly. My point also is that there was no need for Rafa to point to it. I am just saying what it looked like to ME. I didn't like the gesture. In a way, he was unconsciously showing that he didn't trust the umpire. I don't know what Novak was arguing about. Maybe he thought the ball bounced twice, I couldn't hear. He knows the rules and I'd be very surprised if indeed he wanted that point for himself.

danica , 6/11/13 11:17 AM

The thing about Rafa wanting a 2 year ranking. My question to those who suggest that Rafa wants this to protect himself, I have the following question: will the same accusation be levelled against Muzza? Is Muzza supporting the idea of a 2 year ranking system for selfish reasons? Let's explore this:

Rafa is likely to be seeded #5 at Wimby. This means he can meet any of the Big 4 in the quarters, including Andy. So, could it be Muzza is now coming out in support of this idea because he is now likely to be affected directly by results of the non-application of a 2 year ranking system? Why has he not voiced his support publicly before?

Rafa has been out for 7 months. As a result his ranking has dropped to #5. Has this affected his performance? Evidently, no. He is leading the Race to London. He is the leader in the number of tournaments won. He has beaten the #2, Fed, at IW in the quarters. He has beaten the #4 on numerous occasions since returning. He has beaten the #1 player. My point is, Rafa is not inconvenienced by the current ranking system. It is the current Big 4 who are inconvenienced by the current ranking system! THEY are the ones who would have been protected if a 2 year ranking system had been in place. For Rafa, it makes absolutely no difference. Are we seriously to believe that Novak preferred meeting and being beaten by Rafa in the semis than in the final? He lost ranking points for goodness sakes. And he will likely lose some more if he meets Rafa in the quarters in Wimby.

Rafa is not being selfish when he suggests the ATP adopts the 2 year ranking system. Unfortunately, people adopt a knee-jerk "no" approach whenever Rafa speaks, which is a shame because if they actually listened to him, they would see that he makes sense. We saw this with the enforcement of the time violation rule as well.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 11:19 AM

Fair enough, that is how you saw Rafa's reaction. I saw it differently. I saw it in the same way players point to ball marks in the clay. Players point to ball marks in the clay after the linesman makes a call, after the Umpire has seen the play but nobody accuses the players of behaving badly in that case.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 11:29 AM

..........unlike a ball-mark, Novak was not going to leave a tattoo on the net which the Umpire could examine after at his leisure as evidence of the infraction, this is why Rafa had to make sure the Umpire saw the infraction instantly, in my opinion.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 11:45 AM

if there was a two-year ranking system we would not have had a final before the final....Nole certainly deserved to play finals but with the current ranking system he was sent packing in the semi...the same may happen to him/Andy/Fed in the Wimby quarters this year if they run into Rafa...

#is it fair?

rafaisthebest, 6/11/13 11:29 AM
completely agree with you!

natashao , 6/11/13 11:48 AM

The thing is, when Rafa made that proposal no one backed him, everyone said he was being self centered. At the time he pointed out that Delpo shouldn't have been outside the top 400 on his return for injury but everyone poo pooed it, forgetting that it will not only affect the player returning from injury but also those who have to face him in the early rounds. No one wanted to face Delpo in rnd 1.

nadline , 6/11/13 11:57 AM

Just for the record: I don't accuse Rafa of being selfish. If I am not mistaken, he was voicing his opinion on the 2 yr ranking system even before he decided to take leave. I said that such a system protects the top players ( all of them), while making it harder for new ones to climb the ladder. Top players are more or less on their positions no matter what. They will have to play each other sooner or later in a tournament. Whoever is the strongest - wins the trophy. But I think that the system needs to be more flexible for the upcoming players - two years is a lot of time and it would be pretty darn hard for them to establish themselves. But, I am not opposing it either. If they all agree to that, I am happy.

danica , 6/11/13 11:59 AM

I hope Wimby seeds Rafa #4, failing which, should they leave him at #5 they put him in Ferru's quarter. No disrespect to Ferru, but..............

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 12:13 PM

Btw, in no way am I suggesting that Novak wanted to cheat and not acknowledge his infraction, or that he does not know the rules. As you say, @danica, he maybe thought the ball had bounced twice. I just wanted to debunk the idea that Rafa pointed out the infraction out of spite.

Courtney Nguyen hinted as much in her write up of the match for Sportsillustrated. I was not amused. But then again, she had picked Novak to win RG...........

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 12:24 PM

"The hypocrisy of people on this forum is laughable"

The only hypocrisy comes from idiots like you who cannot read properly. JDF mentioned Nole has better records than kneedal at AO, USO and WTFs. Atleast you are not a total moron like other rafatards and did not question AOand WTFs. At USO, Nole is on a 6 year semi-final streak with 4 finals, 1 title and last 3 years he made atleast the finals.

Please enlighten us with your stupidity how that is inferior 2 Rafa's stupid records? Maybe you could use hydraserve or ed or nny or ritb or other rafatards who must be sharing your opinion.


Fedkovic23 , 6/11/13 1:24 PM

"You must be working with the UN :)"

@JDF - You are right on that one. Danica is a great ambassador for Nole fans and far better than low lives that call themselves rafabots. hydraserve/ed/yapper.

Keep fighting the good fights Danica. Nole will continue his addition to the slams soon.

Fedkovic23 , 6/11/13 1:32 PM

From rafaelnadalfans Facebook page:

@RafaelNadal is in Mallorca until June 17, and will travel to London on the 18th. We wish him a quick recovery and a clean bill of health!

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 1:49 PM

Rafa was absolutely right in pointing the net call immediately to the umpire.
It was a crucial stage/point of the match and he couldn't afford not saying anything. The rule is clear, had he failed to point it out right there and then, there was a chance that the umpire might give the illegal point and said nothing in which case Rafa would have had to intervene verbally and it would have looked much worse. Moreover, it would have been a case of his word against the Umpire who just couldn't have conceeded his error since he's the ulterior referee.
You might not like the way he did it, maybe he should have had halted and just looked expectingly at the Umpire but, like I said, it was a crucial stage of the match and it was a thing of the moment.
About the ranking system, I also think it ought to change somehow. Not because I want it to benefit Rafa or anybody else but because it doesn't make any sense to me. For one thing, I feel that points should be awarded for retaining a title.

Shireling , 6/11/13 1:53 PM

Fedkovic, your post says a lot about the character of who you support. All of youare simply incredibly inexperienced. Its no wonder Nole still leaves under the shadow of rafa and federer despite being at the sumit in rankings. No maturity.
For your information the argument about whose results are better should not even come because Nole has not joined thte elite league yet. When he wins at least 1o slams or more , you can now begin to bring him into the discussion of the greats. Stop being disrespectful here and be more objective. When we talk about greats we don't talk based on a 2 year span of dominating the game. fed and rafa have been consistent for the past 10 years and it is what they have been able to achieve over these years on and off the sport that makes us tennis fans appreciate their greatness. need i remind you that Djoker has also been around and been under their shadows for so long . So it is understandable that his doing well now gets to him and makes him arrogant. Just looking for the attention.
I mean to come out and boast on air that you will defeat rafa on clay and telling us about your motivation and bla bla bla says a lot. i am happy he was proven wrong.
Talk about records, Rafa has 2 wimby to Noles 1, they both share 1GS on USO while Nole leads on AO. while on FO, we need not mention it bcos you can read about in the history books.
Its ok to support Djokvic but you cannot bring him into the discussion of the greats of the game. Lets talk some more when he wins 10GS because thats the criteria and landmark.
I am a true rafa fan but also acknowledge what Fed has achieved. But Nole is still way back
For now he is a member of the 20 club and interestingly 3 of the top 5 players in this world are in that club.
Let the racket do the talking.

puto , 6/11/13 2:04 PM

Commendabe try puto, but you're wasting your time.
Even in the quality of his fans Rafa wins :)

Shireling , 6/11/13 2:07 PM

To dominate RG you have to be born in the first 2 weeks of June..............Borg was born on the 6th of June and Rafa was born on the 3rd of June.

puto, these people know they are talking rubbish but they still go on saying things that are contrary to the evidence. It's like denying that there is no sand in the desert.

nadline , 6/11/13 2:20 PM

'it's like denying that there is sand in the desert'

nadline , 6/11/13 2:21 PM

Too bad for Novak then, he's one week short...

Shireling , 6/11/13 2:24 PM

puto, 6/11/13 2:04 PM

Straight to the point! Well said!

natashao , 6/11/13 2:25 PM

Yes Novak has his Mum and Dad to blame.

nadline , 6/11/13 4:23 PM

Don't worry James no one considers you sane after you made the retard statement of the year about Rafa being a chump on grass. Tut tut, you shouldn't make posts which make you eligible for an emergency admission to a nut house!
danica, you may not be a hater, but you definitely are negative about Rafa. How could you imply that the 2 year ranking system is touted only by Rafa for his benefit? And talking about Rafa pointing to the net, it shows you are petty minded. What did you expect him to do? Look heavenward? He is playing competitively. He has to notice the opponent's errors especially at a critical point in the match. He wasn't playing an exhibition match.
Your Djoker has done horribly unclassy things which don't seem to matter to you like dancing on a car roof top.

holdserve , 6/11/13 5:01 PM

or what he said to the crowd at Madrid (even if it was in Serbian)... if Rafa said something like that I would lose a lot of the respect I have for him as a sports person, really.
Everybody is allowed to say/write what they want but then they have to deal with the consequences.

Shireling , 6/11/13 5:18 PM

Don't forget also Djoker asking the refereee to water the court deep into the fifth set because his movements wasn't ok, especially since he knows that once that happens the balls become heavier and would do well to disturb the top spin that rafa was using that day. He didn't complain when he was winning in the fourth set oh.

puto , 6/11/13 5:43 PM

, 6/11/13 2:04 PM

Puto, you are wasting your time trying to reason with dumbwits whose brains are short circuited. What would you make of a person creating 3 ids and each id talking to the other? We all ignore these bots yet they come here daily to bark, talk of zero self esteem and respect. Just ignore them, they dont exist for us, they can continue spaming till the cows come home, doesn't make an iota of difference.

sanju , 6/11/13 6:25 PM

sanju, 6/11/13 10:12 AM

So are you. :)


Conspirator , 6/11/13 6:30 PM

Danica - You are very nice and respectful and I like reading your posts, however I gotta say that your yardsticks of measuring Rafa and Novak are very different.

You seem to be very okay with lot of things Novak says and behaves which are downright theatrical (eg ripping shirt off, howling and roaring loud which is downright insensitive to an opponent (have you ever seen Rafa and Fed behave like that?) , very dramatic mind games and almost attention seeking statements in the press (eg destiny, coach, my goal etc and pronouncing i know how to win, I will win) , but do raise concern about something very basic Rafa did. FYI you really need to watch the replay again, the minute Rafa pointed hand that Novak had erred and the time umpire started talking to Novak that he had lost the point was at exact same time, umpire did not even look at Rafa . I can bet on it that had Rafa done the ame, Novak would have also called it out, it was critical juncture of the match.

And RITB - Novak actually argued with the umpire that the ball was out, please dont say he had no intention to take the point for himself, he ofcourse had else he would not have argued for 2 minutes. He asked for the court to be watered saying it was slippery and when it was not done, said in press that RG was wrong to do that, oh really, how mature of him? He clearly wanted court to be watered to gather his composure , he was frustrated at that point with Rafas strong comeback and he knew he had to halt his momntum and as Puto pointed out, it would have affected Rafas topspin which he was not able to handle at that point of time. He wanted the court to be watered for pure selfish reasons and nothing else , let us admit it, eveything points to it.

And I see no difference in a player calling out a ball mark on clay and telling umpire to come down and check and pointing to an opponent touching the net.

sanju , 6/11/13 6:37 PM

So are you. :)

, 6/11/13 6:30 PM

Haha Conspirator, No. I have never ever addressed any post to them. I dont try to reason with them as its not even worth fraction of a second to be spent on. I was just trying to tell Puto to just ignore them and I also request holdserve to :-)

sanju , 6/11/13 6:40 PM

@sanju, I agree with you regarding the appearance of Novak's intentions about the net touching infraction. I am trying very hard to give Novak the benefit of the doubt. Remember, a lot of his fans have built this narrative of Novak being the most gracious in defeat, the most sporting who always applauds opponent's good shots, the one who always gives points away if they are wrongly called out. It s true Novak argued for a long time with the Umpire but I did not hear what was being said. It is possible he was saying the ball bounced twice before he touched the net which would mean he was the only one who thought that because I have not heard anyone even suggest that that the ball had bounced twice when Novak touched the net. Like you, this means to me he wanted the point, otherwise why argue about it?

Someone also made the good point that if Rafa had not pointed out the infraction in the instance and the Umpire had missed it, it would have looked really bad for Rafa to then contest the point with the Umpire. There is no hawkeye allowed on clay, no videos replays, so it would have been Rafa's word against the Umpire's, with no mark to verify! Absurd.

Another good point which was made, Rafa made an insane number of winners in the 5th set, some of them jaw-dropping and yet Novak never once applauded those shots. Why not? I thought he applauds when his opponents make good shots.

My own view is this: Novak is one of the finest tennis players to ever play the sport. He is not yet a great but he is well on his way to becoming one through the magic he weaves on the tennis court. There is no need to embellish this with stories portraying him as some perfect human being who is better than the rest. I fear some of his fans are going overboard trying to make him out to be something he is not. He is near perfect on court (his shots, his game), he does not have to be perfect off it. Just let his game do the talking.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 7:21 PM

And remember what started the kerfuffle in Madrid? It was Novak disputing balls called in which Novak thought to be out. On 3or 4 occasions this happened with the Umpire coming down to check and disagreeing with Novak. The crowd did not like this and the rest is history. But what was the story which was spun in the media? That the crowd booed Novak because he beat Rafa at Monte Carlo........

I am not a believer in supernatural hocus pocus, however I believe in karma. You make your own luck in this world. What goes round goes around........

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 7:39 PM

Nole wasn't arguing that the ball had bounced twice. He was just asking about the details of the ruling. Here was his explanation...

"My argument, you know, there from the court, you know, right after that happened was that the ball was already outside of the court. I know the rule is if you touch the net before the second bounce then you're losing the point.
I don't know if it's taken into consideration if the ball is already out of dimension of the court, you know. I don't know."


Conspirator , 6/11/13 7:49 PM

@Conspirator, OMG, it means either Novak does not fully understand the rules or he is being disingenuous! Is Novak serious? How about those banana forehands Rafa and Roger sometimes hit from outside the court, shouldmthey be disallowed because the ball will be outside the court? The second bounce can be inside or outside the court, doesn't matter, the fact is he touched the ball before it bounced a second time i.e. it was still in play when he touched the net. This further enhances our argument that Rafa was right to point out the infraction immediately. He knows the rule. He could not afford to take a chance and wait for Novak's interpretation otherwise he would have been robbed.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 7:59 PM

I don't understand why anyone would even bother to bring up the call for touching the net. The umpire saw it clearly and made his ruling. Replays on tv showed that the ball did not bounce twice before Nole touched the net. The umpire explained his ruling to Nole.

Rafa had every right to point it out. As others have said there can be no video replay. He saw it and immediately pointed his finger to make sure that the umpire saw the infraction.

It's all over and done now. The match is over, Rafa won. I will never understand wny anyone would want to bring it up again or why anyone would think that Rafa displayed any unsportsmanlike behavior. He reacted instinctively in the moment when he saw the infraction.

A player has to know where he is in relation to the net. That's why we don't see this happening. I guess Nole was so intent on hitting the shot that he didn't know how close he was to the net. Lesson learned!

Nativenewyorker , 6/11/13 8:30 PM

I thought he applauds when his opponents make good shots.

It s true Novak argued for a long time with the Umpire but I did not hear what was being said

, 6/11/13 7:21 PM

He usually does not applaud when he is down or behind in a match.

He was arguing withumpire that the ball was out of court when he kinda touched the net and hence was arguing for the point. The fact that he was aruing itself was wrong, the ball has to bounce twice period

sanju , 6/11/13 8:30 PM

The fact is, Djoker would not have been able to play the ball without touching the net because he had to run at such speed to get to it. What's the point of going on and on about it. According to the rules of the game he lost that point, just like you lose a point if you cause obstruction like a ball falling out of your pocket during a point.

#Sore loser.

nadline , 6/11/13 8:32 PM

There is no question that Rafa should have reacted immediately. It would have been ridiculous and irresponsible not to.

I can understand on such a crucial point why Nole would have wanted to verify that there was no mistake in the ruling. For example, if Nole's smash was so hard that it didn't bounce a second time until it reached the stands and Rafa would not have been able to get a racquet on the ball, but of course this is not the rule but I can understand the question.

I'm pretty sure most players don't understand the details of every rule.

For example, when they brought in the time violation enforcement, I remember where several prominent players did not know the details of this rule and others such as MTOs so, for me, his questioning was fine. Here is the article...


Conspirator , 6/11/13 8:34 PM

It is similar to Serena losing a point for causing obstruction in a USO final in 2011 aginst Stosur for screaming and saying Come on as soon as she hit the ball before Stosur could even receive the ball.

Novak is decent overall but he talks way too much n thats irritating about himn he is very theatrical- almost attention seeking which is not befitting a World No 1 . Its almost as if he wants to remind people that he is the No 1 and he should get more atention than Fed or Rafa which sadly will never happen because he is not even 30% poplar as the other 2 in terms of fan following

sanju , 6/11/13 8:37 PM

Nole applauds Fed shot at 6-6 2-0 in the WTF tiebreak...

Sorry but I think it is genuine. Maybe, for optics, he might want to dial it back when he has a big lead but I just think he appreciates good tennis. I think both Nole and Rafa show exemplary sportsmanship when they lose.


Conspirator , 6/11/13 8:43 PM


I don't like this business of trumpeting your goals or aspirations to the world. We have been hearing from Nole about wanting to win RG and this being his primary goal, how he knows he can beat Rafa, how he has the game and on and on. The problem is that you put additional pressure on yourself when you tell the world. Then if you don't achieve the goal, it seems even more disappointing and humiliating. You can also want something too much.

I got the sense that Nole felt with Rafa coming back after seven months out due to injury, this would be his time. I don't think he counted on Rafa being able to come back strong and get into such good form. Nole seemed to think that by beating Rafa at MC, that it was almost a done deal. There's a huge difference between a Masters tournament and RG. Rafa knew that he wasn't anywhere close to the form he needed to compete with Nole. That's why he handled the loss so well. Others may have read more into that victory, including Nole. But when it came to crunch time in the semis at RG, Rafa brought his very best.

Nole will have other chances. At some point he may well get it done at RG. But for now it's still Rafa's house.

Nativenewyorker , 6/11/13 8:44 PM

My post above was directed to sanju's post @ 8:37 PM.

Nativenewyorker , 6/11/13 8:46 PM

Exactly NNY, it is perfectly fine to have desires and dreams and why shouldn't he, he ofcourse should, only then will he realize it. But to tom tom it to whole world and make a spectacle of it and then even get his coach into the mix - he just played it all wrong, he just stressed himself about it and he paid the price for it.

sanju , 6/11/13 8:49 PM

What's important for me in this whole discussion is that it highlights the problem Novak has against Rafa on clay: his poor footwork compared to Rafa's and this is the reason for the lopsided H2H ob clay.

Poor footwork moving towards the ball caused him to keel over the net when he made that smash. It was a run of the mill smash, no reason for him to keel over the net. Poor footwork was also the reason he wanted the court watered because he was losing foot grip. How come he was the only one losing grip, Rafa wasn't.

In my view, Novak is the second best clay courter out there but this just shows the gulf between Rafa and the rest of the field on clay, and Roger pin-pointed what makes him outstanding on clay: his footwork. Good as Novak is on the surface, he still does not come close to Rafa in moving on the stuff and that is why, for me, 2013 was Novak's best chance to win RG because the expectation must have been there that Rafa's footwork must have been affected by his long injury timeout.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 8:49 PM

Here is another example. Yes, he's up a set but applauds Rafa's winning tweener lob even though it puts him down 0-40 on serve in the 2nd.

(Beautiful shot from Rafa BTW.)


Conspirator , 6/11/13 8:50 PM

Nole doesn't applaud Fed here but here he is having lost the 1st set tiebreak to Fed at 5-all in a tight 2nd set at the USO no less (SF I am guessing given it was pre-2.0), and in a magnificent point he reacts humorously when he realizes he is about to lose the point.

Conspirator , 6/11/13 8:57 PM

BTW this article supposedly says Rafas knee is in good condition after testing today illa-nadal-encuentra-buen-estado.html

sanju , 6/11/13 9:02 PM

Google translation

The left knee of Rafael Nadal is "a little better every day," as explained by the doctor of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, which today has visited eight times Roland Garros champion in Barcelona.

Nadal has passed a medical this morning at Medical Clinic Tennis Maphre of the Catalan capital where he has spent "routine tests," explained Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro.

Specifically, the Spanish tennis has undergone ultrasound and resonance control, which confirmed that the left knee injury that kept him standing over seven months has "a good outcome".

The Balearic tennis today return to Mallorca, where a couple of days rest before returning to training on the track.

Nadal's intention is to use these weeks without competing-reappear later this month in the Wimbledon Open for muscle strengthening treatment with your therapist, Rafa Maymo, and his trainer, Joan Forcades.

sanju , 6/11/13 9:03 PM

@Conspirator, I am still not completely sold. I mean, Novak and Fed are not besties. There is mutual respect, but no friendship. I also have a sense that Novak does not want to step on Fed's toes, gives him a wide berth, does not want to get in his face but he does not have such qualms when it comes to Rafa. I have never heard Novak trash talk before a match wit Fed. I have never heard him say he knows how to beat Fed, he is going into the match to win not to play, he is going to beat Fed. He says these things each time before he plays Rafa now. Sorry, I find it disrespectful to Rafa. I mean, doesn't Rafa know how to beat him? Does he go into a match with Novak to play, not to win?

So yes, I can see him applauding Fed's points because he almost seems to have an obsequious respect for him. And in your last example against Rafa, he was up a set, no?

The point I am making is, let's not put Novak on a pedestal. He is just as sportsman-like, respectful and gentlemanly as the rest. No more no less.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 9:04 PM

@sanju, fantastic news! Hope this improvement continues so we can have Rafa fighting for honours at full strength.


rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 9:07 PM

RITB : He does not say these things to Fed because he knows Fed will give it right back and a mouthful at that. Has he not heard or read Feds interview after he slapped tat forehand return on match point. Fed was very uncomplimentary of him. Also I dont think he regards Fed as his true rival because hes almost 5-6 years senior.

He says it to Rafa because he regards Rafa as his true rival and then he also know Rafa does not react in press back

sanju , 6/11/13 9:09 PM

No, I think he is more sportsmanlike than most, as is Rafa IMO.

OTOH he was not too happy with this Fed winner on set point at the WTF. Wait for the end. The look on Nole's face is priceless...

#MaybeYo ureRight

Conspirator , 6/11/13 9:19 PM

Well, it cuts both ways I guess. Some of us Rafans may not appreciate Novak's "trash talking" prior to his matches with Rafa. Some of Novak's fans did not appreciate Rafa's pointing out Novak's net infraction during the semi.

At the end of the day, the respect one another and that's all that matters.

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 9:24 PM

Nole doesn't say he knows how to beat Fed because, Federer, the God of Tennis, even past his prime is the one who troubled Nole the most in his best year - 2011. When Nole was busy flogging Mr.Uncle'sBoy 7-0, Fed was the only player to hold match points against Nole in the Grand Slams - he did it twice, both at French Open and USopen and won the FO match. At USopen, Nole cemented his standing as the most mentally strong player of this generation, he saved not 1 but 2 match points against the greatest hardcourt player of all time.

Any compliments he throws to kneedal are to make sure Nadal doesn't run away from tennis like he did last year after losing to Rosol and not giving Nole a chance to build on his, then, 7-3 streak, 5-0 outside clay, against the most one-surface pony among the top 4.

Fedkovic23 , 6/11/13 9:27 PM

ritb, definitely!!!

Nole has repeatedly stated that the biggest challenge is beating Rafa on clay and he is right!


Conspirator , 6/11/13 9:40 PM

ritb, thanks for the link, I thought this bit needs to be posted here, because it proves that Rafa does have influence in Paris. I am so pleased that he showed Noah the door. It would have been farcical for Noah to present Rafa with the trophy.

"When it was done, Nadal gazed at his trophy, unblinking, for minutes before going up to receive it from Usain Bolt, who was drafted in after the Spaniard vetoed the possibility of having to accept it from Yannick Noah, the last Frenchman to win the title here, 30 years ago. In 2011 Noah angered Nadal by accusing Spanish athletes of using "magic potions"; night there was no time for recrimination, plenty of time for respect."

#the cream always rises to the top

nadline , 6/12/13 11:06 AM

Thisis so nice to hear @nadline because this shows Rafa knew he would get to the final, and win! The decision to draft Bolt in for the trophy ceremony was made before the tournament started so Rafa's veto was done at that time. But being the classy guy he is, Rafa never talked about it, nor did he send out any messages suggesting he would be holding the trophy come Championship Sunday.

On to Wimby!

rafaisthebest , 6/12/13 11:37 AM

Sorry, Shireling, the link came from you. Thanks a lot.

nadline , 6/12/13 11:39 AM

Congrats to Nole and his great TT fans danica, zare and others. A great win for Nole.

He may have won the battle but Rafa will win the war.

We will see, no?


Conspirator, 4/22/13 4:46 PM


Conspirator , 6/12/13 2:11 PM

nadline, 6/12/13 11:39 AM

Rafa's camp have said that there was no such veto and I believe them.
One thing is that they don't particualry like Noah (who does?) and a different one alltogether is to suggest that Rafa has the power to tell the FR who they can bring to the thropy ceremony.
Were this true, can you imagine on how many diaries it would have already shown up?
Apparently Noah's mum was very ill so he had to cancelled... only to be seen partying with his pals the following evening....

Shireling , 6/12/13 3:26 PM

Fairplay in tennis doesn't mean giving one's rightful point to the opponent. It only means giving the opponent the point which was rightfully the opponent's when the opponent was on the wrong side of a bad call.
Rafa claimed his own point in pointing out Nole running into the net. He did not deprive Nole of Nole's rightful point. What was danica griping about? Does she expect pro players who train and struggle day and night to concede their rightful points to opponents and keep quiet?
Winning is important for players, not pleasing danica by letting Nole get a point not rightfully his.

holdserve , 6/12/13 3:49 PM


Interesting snippet of news. Would that be a convenient excuse when he realised the near inevitably that he would find himself face to face with Nadal?

Re: the Finger Pointing. Funnily enough I did not not read that incident in the same light as many others did. When the camera caught Nadal making the gesture I interpreted it as a warning to Nole not an attempt to attract the attention of the umpire who could not possibly have failed to see the sequence since it was right under his nose. I have not seen the replay but my memory is that the finger pointing happened after Nole had been called out by the umpire.

ed251137 , 6/12/13 3:59 PM

In fairness to @ nadline, she is not the source of the "veto" story, I also read it in a respectable journal. The important thing is everything went smoothly on the day.

Keeping fingers crossed that Rafa safely navigates the 1st week of Wimby..........

rafaisthebest , 6/12/13 3:59 PM

ed251137, watch the replay, Rafa was definitely pointing to the infraction, it was not a warning, and why not? If the shoe had been on the other foot, Novak would have done exactly the same and everybody would be lauding him for his reflexes at pointing out the infraction and parodying Rafa for his "clumsiness".......

rafaisthebest , 6/12/13 4:05 PM

Shireling, 6/12/13 3:26 PM,

Thanks for giving us the real story. I never bought this idea that Rafa would have vetoed Noah or even that he had any certainty that he would win. Rafa doesn't think like that. He takes nothing for granted.

I don't know where some of these silly stories get started online.

Nativenewyorker , 6/12/13 8:13 PM

Edward as usual wants to side with the anti Rafa fans like danica. So, he has posted gibberish claiming Rafa was warning Nole. Warning against what?
Now the fake Nole fan aka Hydra has beaten it into us that Nole is super intelligent, he speaks so many languages, blah blah, Rafa is a moron etc.
Now if dumb Rafa knows the rule that running into the net before the ball bounces twice makes you lose the point, how come super intelligent Nole doesn't? He is the World no. 1, has been playing tennis since he was barely out of his diapers. Is it possible for him not to know the rule? More likely he was pretending he did not know. What a fake!

holdserve , 6/13/13 5:51 AM

It would have been beyond inappropriate for Yannick to be involved in an all Spanish prize ceremony in view of his intemperate outburst 18 months ago casting a slur on all Spanish tennis players and the follow-up Guignols puppet show which directly implicated Nadal.

The minute it became obvious there was a strong likelihood of an all-Spanish final, the French and Spanish tennis federations would have realised the need to replace Yannick.

Whether the Nadal camp lodged a protest or not is irrelevant.

ed251137 , 6/13/13 7:01 AM

I am not sure why we are still even discussing this. The trophy ceremony went off very well with Usain Bolt giving the cup to Rafa. We don't know what went on behind the scenes, however if the Rafa camp has said that they gave no such veto then I believe them. I am sure there is no love lost between Rafa's camp and Noah. I do not blame them at all. His comments were appalling.

If it was indeedteh French and Spanish tennis federations who decided to replace Noah, then all well and good. I guess they didn't want to have embarrassment at the trophy ceremony. Whoever made the decision or however it came about, thank goodness!

Nativenewyorker , 6/13/13 7:15 AM

I think the organisers changed their minds when Noah announced that he wanted to sing :)

Shireling , 6/13/13 10:12 AM

Hahaha Holdserve, you are too funny :). I can hardly believe what I read regarding myself. I am anti many things. I am anti war, anti GMO, anti slave trafficking, anti sweat shops, anti globalization... but I am never anti any sportsmen, not Rafa, not anyone. That's ludicrous. Nor am I a hater. But maybe you are since the arguments you have against me can easily be applied to you. Anyhow, you'll never hear from me any name calling, nor words of disrespect, nor wondering if some of you are ok, sane and such. But I will most often say things that I liked or disliked ( and sometimes be smarter and keep my thoughts to myself).

As for the dancing on the car, I already wrote about that here, but you obviously missed it. It was not showing disrespect, it's the way it is celebrated in the Balkans. There are other posters here from that area and if they are honest, they will vouch to this. Dancing on the cars is not as common as dancing on the tables but it is present specially after big wins in sports (soccer or basketball games). That's how the Davis Cup 2010. was also celebrated. In all honesty, I don't like such ways of celebration and never did it myself, but trust me when I tell you that it is quite normal there. Bryan bros didn't say anything against it when they saw it, just said: "These guys know how to party." I know that to someone outside that can seem rude, however, I understand it and know there were no hidden agendas behind.

I said what I had about the finger pointing and will not repeat myself. I thought Novak was right in asking for the court to be watered although he should have asked for it even sooner. And it has nothing to do with making Rafa's spin less potent but with the court literally being lifted in air. Sometime in set four, seeing both of them in reddish clouds, I wondered why they needed to breathe that. Johnny Mc was commenting that the courts had to be watered more often and that in his time it was done properly. It was a dry, sunny day and a match that lasted over four hours. It was clearly wrong to water the court only once.

Now, having said all that, Nole didn't lose because he was caught in the net, nor because the court was too dry, nor because there were few bad calls, or because Rafa was way better... but because his mind went who knows where for a set and a half. Wherever it wandered! Against lesser player it may work. Not against Rafa (or, as we've seen, against Berdych and Dimitrov and Sam). Rafa showed one more time his superior mental stability. Even if that was the only thing that eventually decided the winner, it was huge enough and for possessing such a virtue, he deserved to win that match and later, the trophy.

danica , 6/14/13 2:23 AM

Shireling, 6/13/13 10:12 AM,

Too funny! Love it! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 2:28 AM

And is it common in the Balkans to say what Novak said to the crowd at Madrid? Really danica you are too absurd at times. How can you defend the indefensible? Balkans or Vulcans, once they are international stars they must behave decently by generally accepted standards. If somebody hails from a cannibal region he can't eat his opponent and then be excused because back in cannibal land it is the norm. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When you are an international star perpetually roaming the world and not holed up in Serbia, and you know the world is watching you, you behave decently as per generally accepted standards of behavior and they do not include uttering obscenities at the audience or dancing semi nude on car tops.
Novak is very intelligent clearly. He has time to learn umpteen languages but no time to learn internationally accepted manners and etiquette? In any case I doubt that in Serbia classy people tell the audience what Novak did.
And I am not a hater. In all probability you are. You jumped on me ( sour grapes) when I merely made an objective observation about some match of Novak, which observation in fact was echoed by many here as well as by tennis writers especially as Novak fell in a subsequent round in an unimpressive manner.
That was the first time I realized you were envious. Till then I had a high opinion of your respect for other stars especially as you had chided some foul mouthed Novak fans telling them such behavior is not acceptable in this forum.

holdserve , 6/14/13 2:44 AM

danica, as a matter of curiosity do you have objections when a player points to a ball mark to show that his opponent's ball was out?
Your objection was ridiculous. Players are entitled to fight for their legit points. If necessary by pointing fingers to bring it to the Umpire's notice

holdserve , 6/14/13 2:52 AM

I just said I didn't like that Rafa's reaction. That is all. I didn't say I didn't like his encircling the ball that was good in the second game of the third set. Things like that happen. I have no idea why people try to convince others that their feelings are wrong.

As for the pointing to the ball marks, I have nothing against it. In fact, I wish there was a hawkeye for clay tournaments as well. Maybe then Rafa wouldn't object Gulbis asking the umpire to check the ball marks all the time and say he never does that.

Envious? Really? Not me. Tennis is not even close to my priority list. I enjoy the game and pretty much all the players because all of them can produce outstanding matches. I hate their injuries and never doubt them. I, also, admire all of them. I am never too ecstatic nor too subdued when my favorite wins or loses. But I like Nole the most for various reasons.

I don't think the comparison with cannibalism is ok. People have the right to celebrate however they like as long as they don't endanger others.

danica , 6/14/13 8:46 PM

If I may add (one thinks better after brunch :) ), I know that we had some disagreement in fairly recent past but I cannot remember what it was about if my life depends on it now :).

Going back to the topic of envy, I'll tell you that I also take part in discussions on one Serbian forum and get negative reactions because many a time I held Rafa's or Andy's side. I remind them that they wouldn't speak the same if any of them were Serbian players. On the contrary, all the faults they find in them would be forgotten and some superhuman qualities would be imagined. I have more pressing things in life than to envy better results of a player A than those of a player B. :)

danica , 6/14/13 10:00 PM

I don't understand why Rafa pointing out Nole's infraction is even an issue. What really did people expect him to do? Look the other way and pretend he didn't see what he did? Why? As if Nole wouldn't have done the exact same thing? Bah humbug.

TuesdayChild , 6/14/13 10:02 PM

I don't think the comparison with cannibalism is ok. People have the right to celebrate however they like as long as they don't endanger others.

danica , 6/14/13 8:46 PM

That's your opinion dear. Other people may not like offensive behavior like shouting obscenities at the Madrid Crowd. You may say you have no objection to the foul language of the Hydra (Fedkovic, James and others) because you are a Serb but I am sure you can appreciate the distress it causes others who are not from the Balkans and are not used to thinking like you apparently do that it is normal? Would you glibly say it is ok, because in Serbia it is ok, too bad if others in this forum are stressed or offended? It is the right of the Hydra to use foul words ( like Djokovic did) because it are not endangering others?
What a pathetic argument! I told you, don't try to defend the indefensible. Just accept that for an international star Djokovic's behavior is not classy, sometimes downright offensive.

holdserve , 6/14/13 10:06 PM

Don't insult me Holdserve.
And don't twist my words. And quote where I said Rafa's selfish and thinking about himself re 2 yr ranking system. It speaks volumes about you and nothing about me.

First, nobody wrote a manual on the proper ways of celebrating. If you and a couple of others find dancing on the car offensive, then tough. Accept that you are not the only ones in the Universe and that people have different ways of expressing their elation.

Since I didn't see the celebration in question so far, I went and found it on youtube. From what I see, Vajda is on the car and he is rather making fool of himself - he is not dancing mind you. At his age he should have known better. Novak was not on the car.

As for Nole's swearing at the audience, I am not happy about it. But I understand that in the heat of the moment, that's how some would react specially if the reaction of the audience is unprovoked.

I made a comment last week about the language of certain posters here and asked for respect. I expect it from everyone, not just from "Hydra" but from all the posters, including some Rafa fans. I, also, said what I think about trolling here. Maybe I should listen to my own advice and ignore you.

danica , 6/14/13 11:27 PM

@danica 8:46PM,

If I may, regarding the incidence where Rafa was unhappy with Gulbis calling the Umpire to check each and every ball mark, I don't know how this relates to this current discussion but I thought I would clarify the context of that incidence because I fear it was misunderstood.

In a clay court match, when the ball hits the clay it leaves a mark. When the ball goes out close to the lines the linesman calls it out and invariably the player next to it or the receiving end circles the mark to confirm that the ball is out. The player to whom the point goes against has an option: he can either accept the linesman's call AND his opponent's confirmation and that's that OR he can ask the Umpire to come down and physically check the mark and confirm the linesman's call.

Most players on Tour trust one another's integrity such that when a player circles a ball mark and says it is out, the other player accepts it and does not call for the Umpire. It is a mark of respect and trust to accept the other player's word. Players value this, it says I trust you, you are a man of integrity. If you watch Rafa and Ferru playing, they hardly ask the Umpire to adjudicate, they trust each other's calls, that is enough. However, if there are 50-50 balls, they will ask the Umpire to check but this is few and far between.

Now, what happened with Gulbis was that each time a ball was called out on Rafa's side and Rafa signaled that the ball was out in confirmation, Gulbis still insisted on the Umpire coming down to check i.e. he did not trust Rafa. This was insulting to Rafa. This was questioning his integrity and credibility, in fact saying Rafa would cheat to gain an advantage. This is what Rafa objected to, being treated like that, not the checking of the marks per se. Gulbis was asking the Umpire to come and check ALL marks, even those that were not 50-50. As I said, amongst the pros, you only ask the Umpire to come and check 50-50 balls otherwise you show each other respect and trust that the other is not trying to cheat you. This is why tennis is called a gentleman's sport.

So Rafa was saying I never disrespect an opponent like that. He was not saying Gulbis should not ask the Umpire to check the ball. He is entitled to do that but he also needs to show respect to his opponent. That is the correct spirit to show on court. In fact that is the word Rafa used, he said what Gulbis did was not correct. When the shoe was on the other foot and Gulbis circled ball marks, Rafa accepted his confirmation and did not ask the Umpire to come down. That is what Rafa meant when he said he never does that.

We know what Hawk-Eye does, it takes away the Umpire's discretion and it also takes away the reliance on each other's word as far as the players are concerned. That is another debate.

To conclude, Rafa was not against Gulbis pointing out ball marks, he was against Gulbis's uncouth, ungentlemanly conductbe on court. Be a gentleman Gulbis, that is what Rafa was saying, and show respect, the respect I showed you.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 12:01 AM

Where is @rafaelo? I hope he is okay, I heard on the news recently that they are planning to tighten Internet restrictions in Iran. I hope he is not affected.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 12:35 AM

thanks for clarifying this. See, that's what I like on forums - arguments without name calling and insults. I didn't see the whole match, just bits and pieces, but I read that quote of Rafa which was posted here.

One more thing re Vajda on that car. The more I think about what I saw, the more I am convinced it was one of those things they agreed upon before the tournament in case of success. As in Davis Cup shaving their heads if they win. Because, to me, it didn't look like something spontaneous.

danica , 6/15/13 12:38 AM

Danica: I have nothing but respect for your tolerance in the face of what I feel are often unreasonable attacks on you for stating your point of view and defending Nole. When people like you are prepared to explain the cultural differences which shape their views and influence the behaviour of their player it goes a long way to helping others understand, and hopefully be more tolerant, of different national characteristics.


ed251137 , 6/15/13 1:46 AM

Danica: Following on from my comment above, I still think it is unfortunate that Nole continues with his bellicose style of showboating. As World No.1 and having proved himself over and over again, a little more restraint would be appropriate. I am surprised that his PR people haven't advised him to tone it down. This is sport not a war-zone. Watching him I always feel he is celebrating the defeat of an enemy rather than expressing pleasure or triumph at having won a tennis match.

I am not proposing he does an Andy - who only managed to look slightly less glum than normal after winning a Gold medal and a GS. :-D

People cannot change their personality but they can modify their behaviour.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 3:05 AM

danica stop your pretense of holier than thou and pretending that I am insulting you when it is you who is doing so in a sly manner. You started off attacking me for a neutral observation which was not even meant for you. You insulted me by claiming sour grapes but after reading your many posts I realize you are bitterly envious of Rafa. Pathetic, your attempt to pretend I have the negative attributes which actually you are displaying.
I am not envious of Djokovic's success. You are envious of Rafa's because right now Nole is way behind in the race and he has risen now only because Fed is in decline. Rafa was the only one who could defeat the Fed consistently. Muzza could have done it too but he ilacked mental toughness in slam finals.
But you are probably in denial about your own attitude just as you are in denial about Djokovic's offensive behavior.
Please by all means ignore my posts. I would be happy not to be the butt of your sly remarks.

holdserve , 6/15/13 3:35 AM

Holdserve, you really made me laugh now. Please, read what you wrote and tell me it was not insulting on so many levels.

I feel the need to write this last post to you. As for "attacking" you, since this is a public forum, I can jump in any conversation and add my two cents. I hope we agree on that. I was probably provoked by your "neutral" comments on Nole (honestly cannot remember what it was about - that's how important these posts are to me) and stated that you were jealous of his success. To that you replied that it was not so, and that I assumed too much. I accepted that I may have assumed and apologized for it. We agreed to leave all that behind. And then, suddenly, you laugh at me on this thread because I said I thought the one year ranking system was better than a two year ranking system and somehow that equals to me being a Rafa hater (!?). I can now say that you assume too much. But if that really makes you feel better in any way, so be it. Geez.

Ed, thanks for your kind words. I am glad that there are Rafa fans who don't see hate in my posts (!!!).
I found that Nole celebrates loudly when he wins a match/tournament that is very important to him. And having in mind what he went through, as well as the treatment and press he was getting until 2011, I can't really blame him. That's who and what he is in such moments. I like that honesty (this applies to everyone) much more than pretending to be something he is not. There were certainly things I found tacky - those shirts with the number of the tournament he won in succession (2011) for example. Ugh! Whatever were they thinking!

danica , 6/15/13 8:52 AM

@ 8.52 AM
'Whatever were they thinking!'

His camp were only take a leaf out of the Federer book. lol. Donning an ostentatious gold embroidered jacket to mark the 17th GS after that tense battle with poor that really was a bad error of judgement: you might almost say tacky.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 9:53 AM

Lol you've made me laugh out loud with your "slightly less glum" remark about Andy's downbeat celebrations.
As a matter of fact I think u r completely wrong.To me he was "very less glum."
Andy, never change!
Just seen him at Queens, am even more in love with his game.

deuce , 6/15/13 10:27 AM

hello RITB and every one :)
no I'm fine :),yesterday we have difficulties to access internet, but today is fine! rafa is not playing and my tv channels do not cover queens or halle so I have nothing to say, just reading your comments and enjoy

rafaelo , 6/15/13 10:41 AM

Hi @rafaelo, good to hear from you and that all is well! Please check in now and again, join the conversations so that we know you are still connected and are okay.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 11:17 AM

10:27 AM

OK, I concede he was a LOT less glum. And I recall there was also something which resembled a smile from Lendle. But as chief of the Murray supporters, is there nothing you can do about the ghastly outfits he wears these days! And that blue he's wearing this week is a killer. Puts me in mind of Nole's poison snake green attire he donned for the '08 USO. At least they'll all be wearing whites soon.

Were you actually at Queens? I love the genteel Englishness of that club and become very nostalgic for England watching the tournament unfold on TV. What a far cry from the raucousness of RG.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 11:29 AM

Deuce: Found the answer to my question on the other thread.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 11:50 AM

@ ed
Yes, was there. It's a brilliant tournament because u r so up close and personal to the players. Also, on the Friday they put all the quarters on centre so if u r lucky enough to have a ticket and the weather holds, it's must be one of the BEST tennis days ever.
Don't mind the blue top with the yellow shoulders tbh, makes him look like Superman. But the players all in white looked the best, something about the white against the green.

deuce , 6/15/13 11:54 AM

They have already started fretting about Rafa's seeding at Wimby:

"Nadal will come in behind Ferrer by 195 points with a weighted tally of 7,840. That figure takes into account Nadal?s second-round loss at Wimbledon last year as well as his Wimbledon final the year before. Playing Halle this week would have given him a shot at catching Ferrer, but he withdrew after making the French Open final. With Nadal seeded fifth, he has the same chance of being drawn against Djokovic, Murray or Federer as he would Ferrer, who has made it past the fourth round at Wimbledon only once.

The risk of that imbalanced draw was something we saw in Indian Wells when Nadal and Federer played each other in the quarterfinals of a tournament for the first time since their first meeting in 2004. Given Nadal?s current form, which has seen him make the final of all nine tournaments he?s played this year and winning seven of them, the All England Club must be crossing their fingers Nadal isn?t in the same quarter as one of the other Big Four members come Friday?s draw release."

What will be will be. Rafa will be seeded 5th, and I am confident he will meet all challenges before him with "colm".

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 11:55 AM

In my opinion, you only have to visit other tennis blogs to see that Nole fans (and I mean the true Nole fans, not the hybrid johnny-come-latelies who are actually frustrated Fedfans) on TT are better educated and of a higher class than those you find on some of the sites. Personally, I do not always agree with their views and vice versa but I find they make an argument when defending their guy, an approach I appreciate even if they fail to convince me!

The same of course applies to my darling Rafans on TT! TT may not be the best but it definitely is one of the better tennis chat site available. And the fact that the posters self- moderate shows the maturity of the posters on here.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 2:16 PM

danica you are a fake. Not of the same dimensions as Edward ( who calls himself ed and is in a class by himself setting new records for fakeness ) but a fake nonetheless.
Do you really imagine anybody's posts here are important to me? The post of yours I mentioned surprised me because I did not expect pettiness from you having had a good opinion earlier. But now Of course I realize your earlier"niceness" was just because Nole was winning everything. When he came down to Earth, you went back to being what you really are. In future, believe me, I won't notice your petty remarks because now I know.

holdserve , 6/15/13 2:55 PM

Is a discretionary bump possible for Rafa at Wimby even though he by the formula will be seeded 5.

If Rafa gets seeded 5 n faces Ferrer in qtrs, it wll be good :-), facing Ferrer for him is easier than Berdych, Tsonga, Delpotro on grass

sanju , 6/15/13 3:03 PM

And danica, for your information Edward isn't a Rafa fan. He is a Muzz fan and like you has slyly made several anti Rafa posts. No wonder he loves your anti Rafa posts.
Strangely there are some Rafa fans here who think his numerous anti Rafa posts are a private conversation with me.

holdserve , 6/15/13 3:04 PM

holdesrve is the biggest psycho I have ever seen . Even if ed is not a Rafa fan , why is his a** is on fire?

fedexal , 6/15/13 3:11 PM

@sanju, I read somewhere that yes, Wimby can bump Rafa up if they wish. Read the SI article I posted to see if they touch on this subject. If Rafa is seeded 5, which I think he will be, he does not get his own quarter, he has to be in one of the top 4's quarter. So, if Rafa makes it to the quarters, he then faces either of the top 4 in whose quarter he fell. This cannot be Tsonga. Delpo or Berdy.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 3:23 PM

Good question fedexal. I will await holdserve's answer to you with interest.

bye the bye, I'm a diehard Rafan who happens to also be a fan of Murray and for good measure am a woman. That may have something to do with it.

ed251137 , 6/15/13 3:39 PM

Yes RITB but he can get drawn ino Ferrus qtr which may well work out to his benefit :-)

sanju , 6/15/13 3:45 PM

n RITB u said same thing as me..what I also mant was if he gets drawn into Ferrus qtr, he can avoid Delpo, Berdy, Tsonga in qtr which is better :-)

sanju , 6/15/13 3:49 PM

If anyone is definitely a psycho it is fedexal who pops up in some discussion which does not involve him, which he does not understand. His post is totally meaningless except as general hate directed by a crazed Fed fan toward a Rafa fan. Interesting that Edward understands his gibberish.
As for Edward, he posts anti Rafa stuff, claims to be a Rafa fan, claims to be a 75 year old woman with teenaged kids (?????), calls me (unprovoked) all sorts of names, whew what to say is this poster a weirdo, a fake or a psycho? Take your pick.

holdserve , 6/15/13 4:12 PM

I am wasting too much time responding to posts of edward, fedexal and assorted other crazed Fed fans/Rafa haters.
So, my dear weirdos (or psychos if you prefer), I am going to ignore your gibberish for sometime and focus on tennis.
Which means I will be back for Wimbledon.

holdserve , 6/15/13 4:17 PM

I guess its time for Mods to breakserve !! Enough is enough ...Holdserve needs to be flushed out ....

fedexal , 6/15/13 4:47 PM

Holdserve, I am pretty sure Ed said she had teenage GRANDkids!!

tj600 , 6/15/13 5:09 PM

holdserve..with due respect to you what are you so bitter about? Take a chill pill buddy.

Even if someone is pretending to be X, Y, Z why should you let it affect you so much? No one of us knows each other personally, so just chill.

We all ahve ignored the 1 person with 3 ids successfully right, no one talks to them or responds to them these days anyway and guess what, their spams have reduced, no one likes to be ignored :-)

And if you ask my interpretation, fedexal is both a Fed and Rafa fan, guess u missed his posts during RG and ed to me sure does not seem like a Rafa hater at all, I would rather believe her when she says she is both Muzza and Rafa fan . Danica is a Nole fan, so what, she can choose to like whoever she likes.

Lets discuss tennis please..this site is just getting unbearable with all unnecessary fights and name calling.

sanju , 6/15/13 5:10 PM

Any news what Nole is doing these days . He is the only one among top 4 who does not play any warmps . Rafa joins him this year. Rafa is relaxing at home and I guess he will be coming to Wimby quite early to get used to grass.

BTW among all the discussions , I reall find it surprising that evryone is assuming all top 4 will reach the QF . To me there could be quite a few interesting 1st two rounds involving top4. Gulbis, Anderson , Hewitt , Mahut and some others could be troublesome to the top4 (my top 4 doesn't include Ferrer).

fedexal , 6/15/13 5:53 PM

@fedexal, Novak is playing at Boodles in England next week. I think this is an exhibition type tournament on grass, so that should help get his feet wet. It looks like Rafa is the only one who is playing neither an ATP tourny or exho. That has me a little worried tbh.

However, Rafa is slated to be in England next Tuesday. Obviously he will use the days leading up to get some practice time on grass.....

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 6:01 PM

Rafa is preparing for Wimbledon on an indoor hard court in his hometown. His good friend Pico (Juan Monaco) is also there and they are practicing together. I think, it's wise to play under closed roof to be ready for the same situation in Wimbledon. Pico will play in Eastbourne next week. oedRWM#!

Augustina08 , 6/15/13 6:10 PM

@Augustina08, well said about getting used to play indoor.............

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 6:12 PM

Yeah sad to see wimby being reduced to an indoor tournament.

fedexal , 6/15/13 6:18 PM

tj600, 6/15/13 5:09 PM

Glad there is someone out there who recalls that I once mentioned having bi-lingual grandchildren during a discussion on the number of multi-lingual people who post here. .

ed251137 , 6/15/13 6:34 PM

isn't there a grass court in all mallorca?

rafaelo , 6/15/13 6:37 PM

Good question, @rafaelo. You'd think sponsors would be queuing up to build one right in Rafa's backyard, never mind our Rafa being able to afford to build one himself!

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 6:46 PM

and it's strange how rafa manages to make good results on grass all these years with out much practice!

rafaelo , 6/15/13 6:47 PM

Frankly Rafa all these years played just 2 matches on grass at Queens, Halle and then went back home and then flew back to Wimby. Not ure how much 2 matches on grass gave him opportunity to get his feet wet ..

How does practising on indoor court equal practising on grass? Just coz roof is on? But come on doent playing on grass all together diff from an indoor grass court

sanju , 6/15/13 6:57 PM

Watching Queens, I think practicing on grass makes a hell of a difference. Techniques to change direction on the stuff need to be honed, one needs to get used to the ball bounce, the movement on the stuff etc......

It does play different just looking at it.....

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 7:06 PM

fedexal, 6/15/13 5:53 PM,

It's interesting that you think the top four won't even reach the quarterfinals. Gulbis, Anderson, Janowicz, and other bit servers could provide some early round interesting matches, but none of them have ever really done anything in a slam. It sounds like you think one of them might actually cause an upset.

I am resigned to Rafa being seeded 5th. He will accept this challenge as he has accepted others. I am not concerned that he didn't play in a warm up tournament or even this Boodles exho where Nole will play. His doctors wanted him to rest a bit after playing a lot of matches during the clay season. Winning RG and then turning around in a day or two to play a grass tournament is something that he just can't do anymore.

Rafa knows it will be difficult to adjust to grass. I am sure that going to Wimbledon earlier and getting in some practice on the grass will help him to be ready.

Nativenewyorker , 6/15/13 7:45 PM

Sorry, I meant to Gulbis, Anderson and Janowicz and other BIG servers!

Nativenewyorker , 6/15/13 7:47 PM

@sanju, 6/15/13 6:57 PM
---How does practising on indoor court equal practising on grass?---
Of cource it doesn't equal, but probably there are some similarities. Maybe he talked about that in his interview (in his native language).
I saw picture of Pico practicing on an outdoor hard court in Rafa's hometown.

Serena Williams has prepared for Wimbledon on hard courts and it has worked for her.
Serena Williams Interview - Wimbledon, June 20, 2009
---Q. How have you prepared for the switch to grass? Why do you not usually ? or maybe ever ? play any of the grass court tournaments?
SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, you know, I've been just training on the hard court in the United States and, you know, doing lots of training.
But, you know, it's what I've done in the past, the past eight, nine years, so I think it works for me.---

Augustina08 , 6/15/13 8:03 PM

nadline , 6/15/13 10:37 PM

Rafa says he is not taking any injections for his knees, he will go just like that for Wimby. He also said that he needs to navigate the first 2-3 rounds safely to feel confident, the 1st 3 rounds are critical for Rafa

sanju , 6/16/13 5:10 PM

So excited for Wimby, its as open as it can ever get with no clear favorite

sanju , 6/16/13 5:52 PM

Ben Rothenberg ?@BenRothenberg 12m Federer does *not* think Nadal should be moved up from No. 5 in Wimbledon seedings. Said Ferrer has earned it by being "rock solid."

I bet Fed wont say that if Rafa is drawn to play him in qtrs, but guess he is sure that wont happen :-)

sanju , 6/16/13 6:03 PM

BTW has Fed said anything complimentary aout Rafas historic 8 at RG and 9 years consecuive slam wins. I did not read anything yet.

sanju , 6/16/13 6:10 PM

Fed is amusing.

TuesdayChild , 6/16/13 6:16 PM

Fed is terrified of meeting Rafa in the quarterfinals! He's not fooling anybody with his comments. No way does he want to see Rafa on the other side of the net at Wimbledon!

I haven't read anything from Fed complimenting or congratulating Rafa on his historic 8th title at RG.

Nativenewyorker , 6/16/13 7:59 PM

I actually don't care who Rafa plays in the Qtrs, his h2h against the lot of the them speaks for itself.


nadline , 6/16/13 8:41 PM

so many mind readers here. why would fed be terrified of meeting anyone in the early rounds of wimbles/ He is the grass ing, believe it or not.

@sanju: "Even if someone is pretending to be X, Y, Z why should you let it affect you so much? No one of us knows each other personally, so just chill."

Oh, but it does bother all of you. it's regurgitated over and over from several posters, rafabots, who can't see the trees from the forest. It doesn't matter what name a poster posts under, it's what the poster says that should be of interest.there's one nadal poster on here who has the audacity to use several monikers when she wants to get down and dirty, and no one complains, coz she's a nadal fan. On this site Fed fans are placed i straight jackets, their every word is put under a microscope.

There're some nadal posters on here who post on another site , using several monikers, one in particular, when she wants to be a nice person, and collect compliments for being nice to fed posters she uses one moniker, and then the other is for getting down and dirty to the Fed fans, going out of way to provoke them, then comes over here and pretends as theough the fed fans on the other site are the dirty people.

"We all ahve ignored the 1 person with 3 ids successfully right, no one talks to them or responds to them these days anyway and guess what, their spams have reduced, no one likes to be ignored :-)"

In your dreams you've all ignored them. every time one of the posters who are marked as being part of the hydra, one/several of you hound them for their posts. is that ignoring them? NO. But, it's the gang's way of getting their kicks and blaming people as being hydra coz you can do it. If this were a fed site with only a few nadal fans, then it would be different. would you like to be hunded by 8-10 people every day? i doubt it.

Lets discuss tennis please..this site is just getting unbearable with all unnecessary fights and name calling.
sanju, 6/15/13 5:10 PM

Newsflash, the people doing ths name calling and using the putrid language are the nadabots. they provoke the Fed fans, coz it's fun for them, and keep at it until we respond. There are are bunch of sick people parading as nadal fans, which casts a stigma on all.

As for

scoretracker , 6/17/13 1:02 AM

Its sad if Fed did not compliment or congratulate Rafa , Djoko and Murray did and do did many others like Berdych,Delpo,Ferrer etc.

Maybe Fed is waiting to capture his 8th at Wimby to pass the Congrats or for all you know,he may have messaged Rafa or spoken to him on phone which we obviously dont know.

sanju , 6/17/13 4:34 AM


I don't think Rafa will be concerned one way or the other. It is possible that Fed contacted Rafa privately. We know that in the past they have spoken to each other via phone.

I reiterate my belief that there is no way Fed wants to see Rafa in the quarterfinals or the semis for that matter. Rafa has shown that he can beat Fed on grass in one of the greatest matches ever played at Wimbledon. This idea that somehow Fed will be supreme on grass doesn't work when the player on the other side of the net is Rafa.

However, I am content to wait for the draw and then see how it all plays out. Rafa has exceeded expectations thus far with his comeback and has virtually no points to defend from here to the end of the year. He's going to take advantage of it.

Nativenewyorker , 6/17/13 5:23 AM

Fed is definitely terrified to have Rafa in his quarter and I so wish for this to happen. But considering Feds previous matches at Halle, I don't think that he could reach the quarters at Wimby.

phoenix , 6/17/13 6:10 AM

Not important whether Fed congratulates Rafa or not, IMO.

rafaisthebest , 6/17/13 6:51 AM

It isn't important, it just would be anice gesture. I am sure Rafa does not bother.

They are the biggest 2 ambassadors of the sport , it is nice to see them applaud each others milestones.

sanju , 6/17/13 10:36 AM

But @sanju, when has Fed ever publicly congratulated Rafa on anything? Rafa has publicly congratulated Fed, this we know but as @nny says, maybe Fed sends his congrats privately, who know?

Did Novak and Andy publicly congratulate Rafa? Ferru did obviously during the trophy presentation ceremony.

My own take is public displays of affection by these pros are PR jobs, private conversations are more sincere.

rafaisthebest , 6/17/13 10:43 AM

Andy did yes, he openly talked of Rafa being seeded higher nd spoke of his high level of play in French Open. He even said that if Rafa plays like he did in RG, he will beat anyone in front of him. Guessed you missed it.

Novak did not on him completing his historic 8 but was fairly complimentary in post match presser after semi.

sanju , 6/17/13 11:03 AM

I did find it interesting that Novak referred to Rafa as "that player" at some point in his presser. It sounded... odd. At least to me. He was nice enough I guess but he was hardly going to be rude right after a defeat was he?

TuesdayChild , 6/17/13 12:04 PM

@sanju, I thought of you when I saw this conversation on Twitter:

RT @etoriyo: "@andy_murray you don't congrats Nadal when he won his 8th Roland Garros"

RT @andy_murrary: "@etoriyo I actually did but I don't communicate with him on twitter relax"
-------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
Proves what @nny and I said, these pros do not put their most sincere communications in the public arena.

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 8:07 AM

It is curious, but not surprising that, for most Fedfans, Rafa's loss to Rosol at Wimby last year was the biggest thing that ever happened in the last 5 years, bigger than any of Fed's victories on the surface.

Just look at how many times they reference the Rosol victory and compare that to how many times they mention Fed's victories. No contest.

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 8:17 AM

Loved Andy's response to the pot stirrer -"relax". :) Hope he can stay relaxed :)
@Tuesday's child
Fed funny? Not particularily, but why should he be in public? PseudoFed? Now you're talking!

deuce , 6/18/13 8:43 AM

Deuce, Fed isn't particularly funny. He amuses me though, sometimes. There's a difference. :) PseudoFed used to be very funny. Don't find myself tickled by him these days as much as I used to.

TuesdayChild , 6/18/13 10:40 AM

Hahaha, deucy! Yep, trust Muzza to put us love-starved Rafans in our place with one word!

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 10:45 AM

Rafa headed to London.

18.06.2013 Rafael Nadal at the airport before flying to London: 1udbZrmY#!

Augustina08 , 6/18/13 2:33 PM

Rafa has a hit on Wimbledon grass for the first time this year:

Augustina08 , 6/18/13 6:18 PM

Fed is afraid of none, he was there in almost all possible times to face RAFA in clay courts and took the beating as a man!

He will not run away.

sabs , 6/18/13 6:40 PM

He only turned up for Rome, @sabs and yes, he took his beating like a man.

rafaisthebest , 6/18/13 7:25 PM

Augustina, thanks for the links.

nadline , 6/18/13 8:06 PM

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