• Federer, Haas in brutal top half of Halle draw

    6/9/13 8:18 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer, Haas in brutal top half of Halle draw A lopsided Halle draw pits 2012 finalists Roger Federer and Tommy Haas in the top half along with Milos Raonic and Jerzy Janowicz. Federer (five) and Haas (two) have seven titles between them at this event.

    Roger Federer will be bidding for his sixth Gerry Weber Open title while hoping to go one step further than last year when he begins his grass-court campaign this week. Federer finished runner-up last year to German favorite Tommy Haas, who is on a collision course with the former world No. 1 this time.

    The two veterans headline a jam-packed top half of the draw that also includes fellow seeds Milos Raonic and Jerzy Janowicz. Among the unseeded threats are Ernests Gulbis, Marcos Baghdatis, Gael Monfils, Daniel Brands, and David Goffin.

    Comparing the two halves side by side, they almost look like completely different tournaments. Federer, Haas, Raonic, and Janowicz are light years strong than the other four seeds--Richard Gasquet, Kei Nishikori, Philipp Kohlschreiber, and Florian Mayer. The five aforementioned floaters are arguably more dangerous than the second best unseeded player in the bottom half. On the weaker side of the draw, only Mikhail Youzhny appears to have a realistic shot at making life difficult on seeds.

    While Federer and Haas have opening byes, Raonic and Janowicz will be a part of first-round action. Raonic has an especially difficult path on paper, beginning with Monfils. The flamboyant Frenchman is not at his best on grass, but he has heated up this spring with a Challenger title, a runner-up showing in Nice, and an impressive run to the French Open third round. The Raonic-Monfils winner could advance to face Brands, who pushed Rafael Nadal to four sets at Roland Garros. An in-form Gulbis and a slumping Baghdatis also find themselves in the bracket's second quarter.

    Federer will open against either Cedrik-Marcel Stebe or qualifier Jimmy Wang. The top seed is on a quarterfinal collision course with Janowicz.

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I remember 2 years ago when Fed skipped this event for the 2nd time in 3 years (after making the RG final both times) and the tournament organizers were so ticked off. Then last year they went and got Nadal. Now the same thing has happened as he has pulled out. I guess they'll be back to sucking up to Fed. Let's see what happens in Basel as they've done the same thing. My guess is Nadal will try to play this year but skip next year.

chr18 , 6/9/13 9:44 PM

I guess Fed told them to give him a difficult draw for the 250 event so that the ridiculously easy draw being designed for him at Wimbly will seem more credible.

holdserve , 6/9/13 9:58 PM

What Ricky fails to mention is that all the good players other than Jerzy are grouped in Haas' quarter so it's Haas with the tough draw, not Fed.


Conspirator , 6/10/13 12:28 AM

textor , 6/10/13 12:32 AM

"Brutal half"? It's all relative.

If roger wants brutes he should swap events with muzz ... Tsonga, Berdych, Del Potro, Cilic etc. all on the menu at Queens.

alex , 6/10/13 1:20 AM

Ah Ricky making misleading posts?

holdserve , 6/10/13 1:41 AM

No wonder kneedal ran away to begin his annual "hiding" process. Great to see all these talented players in one tournament. I hope the ATP makes Halle and queens masters tournaments and places them one week after another.

Tennis fans over the world must be happy that the boring slam is over. As usual another snoozefest of an all-spanish boring game. Nole tried his best to give some credibility to the boring slam, but unfortunately clay is a surface that encourages min-numbing defensive game and not aggressive and complete players like Federer/Nole/Ali.

Bring on the real tennis. Good luck to all the talented players in the world, you cannot be beaten by ball-fetchers on these faster courts for sure.

Glad to know Ricky can see the truth beyond all the insanity from the kneedal nuts. Good on you Ricky.

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 2:19 AM

Hey Fedkovic they let you out so soon after you jumped on the court with a mask and a torch?

holdserve , 6/10/13 2:33 AM

"I didn't lose my focus," Ferrer said. "Rafael, he was scared a little bit. But nothing happened, so it's OK."


chr18 , 6/10/13 2:37 AM


Add that to banana-choking, crying like a pansy in the press-room, crying like a girl after the 2007 wimbledon final and the perennial uncle he has to surrender to.


I got bailed by your momma coz your dad ain't doing it for her. I hope you are not as dis-satisfied as her, dear.

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 3:02 AM

At least he did not cry like baby in the trophy presentation where the entire world watching... I am sure you forgot trophy presentation AO 2009... that is the worst humiliating moment I have ever seen...

tettylds , 6/10/13 3:14 AM

Did Rafa ever cry in the press room or in the Wimbledon final 2007? His tears of despair have always been private.
Tut tut Fedkovic , you are seeing delusions in your ass interior or getting Rafa mixed up with Fed who cried at AO'09 like a "pansy" or Djoko who cried in the press room like a "pansy" after allegedly twisting his ankle in the davis cup.
My momma was the prison warden. She let you go out of pity for the others who couldn't bear your stink. She is too soft hearted, poor dear. She probably felt a stink in the wide outdoors is better than a stink in a confined space.
Don't worry, no matter how dissatisfied I am, I ain't going anywhere near a stink bomb fascinated with asses and who is an ass to boot.

holdserve , 6/10/13 3:29 AM

LOL! Fedkovic. Thanks for the laughs man. That was a zinger. As Sheldon Cooper would say "Bazinga!"

The most humiliating moment is what nay-dull does in front of millions of audience every time he serves. His ritualistic OCD makes a lot of creepy and certified insane people look sane. I am hoping none of these rafabots here are as creepy as nay-dul, though I have my doubts about CBM/ed/ and a few other rafaalings, however. They really must be shrink-certified nuts.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/10/13 4:19 AM

Ah Hydra (Fedkovic, James, Novak is the best), I must end our tete a tete here as I had promised Cheryl I would not engage with trolls. But my curiosity got the better of me. I had seen on TV the hydra jump onto the court with its mask and torch. How did it start trolling TT again? well I guess if Germany could let free Gunther Parsche, France could let free the Hydra.
I will leave you to wallow in your misery because neither of your pansies could even make it to the final, let alone win the title. So you say the grapes are sour! HA HA ! There's no end to your misery or frustration!!!!!

holdserve , 6/10/13 4:49 AM


You are trying to dig up the wrong butt. I know you are trying to imitate nay-dull, but he does the digging on his own behind. You my friend, try to finger other people and then go complaining to the moderators when the said person smacks you.

You are the low-life comparing people who do not bury their heads in rafa's behind like you and your croonies do, to Gunther Parsche. There is only one tard who issued a death-threat to a player and he is a rafatard. This is official, not the fake stories you are making up like your idol fakes injuries.

You and other rafafans have supported the said rafatard when he had issued a death threat to Federer, last Shanghai. That tells us who the Gunther parsches of the world are rooting for.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/10/13 4:58 AM

Typical losers mentality...ur fav. Cannot win it so that slam is boring/mediocre.

atul1985 , 6/10/13 7:08 AM

Chr18, are you seriously trying to give Fed credit for turning up at Halle and discredit Rafa for not? Jeez.....

What else was Fed supposed to do with all that time on his hands? Remember, he does not go deep in tournaments these days. In case you were deep in some cave in Tora Bora or such and did not hear: Rafa was in his 9th final yesterday (how many finals has Fed been in this year? One) so you will excuse Rafa if he needs to catch up with his loved ones. Unlike Fed, Rafa has been a busy man lately!

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 7:32 AM

look look loooooookkkk the gremlins reappeared LOL.

Raindrops , 6/10/13 7:47 AM

Nole's not playing either, either lol at the double! Jo is at Queens and Ferrer, where?

deuce , 6/10/13 7:49 AM

As long as he didnot tug JamesDjokovicFan's disgusting butt, I have no problem see Rafa's routine everytime he serves... so sexy.... I do love it... lol..

tettylds , 6/10/13 8:04 AM

chr18, 6/10/13 2:37 AM,

What on earth is funny about this to you? Honestly! I remember what happened to Monica Seles when she was stabbed in the back on court in the middle of a match by a deranged fan. No one knew if this guy had any other weapons, but it was bad enough that he had this torch with flames and smoke billowing up.

Maybe the security people should have let him go as he seemed to be trying to get on the court and was leaning in Rafa's direction.

You really have a warped sense of humor! Somehow I get the feeling that if it was Fed in Rafa's place you would not find it nearly as funny.

rafaisthebest, 6/10/13 7:32 AM,

Tora Bora! LOL! If only!

Hey that's an idea. We could ship chr18 and his other sore loser, sour grapes buddies to Tora Bora! They would be right at home! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/10/13 8:12 AM

LOL for that silly thought of RG the boring slam.

Amongst the 4, RG now becomes the most notable Slam where the new record is set by Rafael Nadal and that fact pains those non Rafans to no end.

Poor souls.

Rafa, hope you win Wimbledon again to continue pain of those obnoxious gremlins hehe.

Vamos !!!

Raindrops , 6/10/13 9:18 AM

I am waiting Ricky's Halle prognosis to look onto possible a hell of kind match up for Federer.

Raindrops , 6/10/13 9:23 AM


Don't bother with the rafatrolls. This is the only place they can call home. All the other tennis sites, they get treated like the French treat Rafa.

It's not like this is the 1st time Rafa withdrew from a non-clay tournament/GS. Funny how all his withdrawals are from non-clay tournaments. Since 2005, the guy withdrew from AO, USO, Wimbledon [once as a defending champion] and the year-end championships. He has however never withdrawn from Monte-carlo, Rome or FO.

Sounds very convenient and will fool only negative IQ creatures like rafabats. Mary Carrilo was already complaining about the illegal coaching from uncle toni during the semi-final. I am more and more truths will out in the future.

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 9:35 AM

Get over it fedkovic, it's already done, the cup is already given to the King. It will only add up more frustrations dealing with the past and making yourself look sour. Speaking of withdraw, we've witnessed players withdraw for a simple reason that they can't play, so you are talking nonsense once again. Your man is free from a possible defeat in the hand of Rafa, aren't you happy with that?

Raindrops , 6/10/13 10:01 AM

* speaking of withdrawals

Raindrops , 6/10/13 10:06 AM

I have seen ieds and their effect and people trembling at only at suspicion of them
Dont judge people so quickly and real life is not like movies meanwhile Federer should win Halle and restore his confidence before wimbledon and i ll pick federer to win in Halle
(and to every person who do not share my point of view, has all the right to do so but like civilized people please)

isfand , 6/10/13 10:38 AM

RG is the most difficult slam to win. It requires physicality, skill , stamina and points are not first strike tennis.

Given that Fed and Djoo cannot win, it is cited boring. I bet Djoko would give his right and left arm and other assets too to win it :-)

Fact is RG is 2nd top slam after Wimby. Australia Open is the least important amongst equals.

The world goes by history, not what a cramped short circuited brain thinks:-)

sanju , 6/10/13 10:47 AM

agreed just not with Djokovic giving assets :-)

isfand , 6/10/13 10:49 AM

sanju, 6/10/13 10:47 AM,

I do find it odd that these so-called Fed and/or Nole fans are trashing RG. Fed was thrilled to win it in 2009 because it gave him the career slam. He didn't seem to think it was of lesser importance. Nole has stated that this year his goal was to win RG. He made it a priority. Why if it's such a nothing slam?

Fed and Nole have made it clear that they each wanted to win RG. I don't know why these sour ball so-called fans would demean the very slam that seems to be so important to the players they say they like. Kind of strange!

Nativenewyorker , 6/10/13 10:57 AM

Sadly, I do not find chr18's amusement at the potential danger that intruder posed to Rafa surprising. This reaction is driven by fear. It actually shows Fedbots' level of desperation. They saw what we saw, a resurgent Rafa and what that portends. Can you blame them? They know that it will be very difficult to stop this Rafa, why not hope for a criminal to "take him out"?

I hope Team Rafa increases security around him, the spirit of Tonya Harding lives........

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 11:08 AM

But then this is nervous amusement cause by the very real expectation of Fed dropping out of the Top 4 post Wimby. He will drop 450 Olymoics points, and frankly I would be very surprised if he made it past the semis this Wimby. I fully expect Ferru and Rafa to overtake him in the rolling rankings post Wimby. After this, they can protect him in the first 2 rounds of Slams but after that he is a gonna because he will be meeting the Big fish earlier than now............

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 11:20 AM

Right now, Fed is panicking over the 35yr old Haas in Halle.

nadline , 6/10/13 11:50 AM

I want Gulbis to win this :)

Shireling , 6/10/13 12:09 PM

Djokovic is playing The Boodles:

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 12:14 PM

Oh come on. The funny part is that Ferrer says that only Nadal was afraid and he wasn't.....then he went on to df twice in a row his next service game.

chr18 , 6/10/13 12:38 PM

chr20, you know full well that they were closer to Rafa than to Ferrer. In fact they were nowhere near Ferrer.

nadline , 6/10/13 12:53 PM

I wasn't critical of Nadal but of the Halle organisers who felt it necessary to recruit him when they had Fed already. Same goes for Basel. Is Nadal following Fed around or trying to stalk him?

chr18 , 6/10/13 1:42 PM


Let these rafatards be. For them, a rafatard issuing a death threat to Federer is funny, but something the doormat of the top 3- ferrer says about their idol, they cannot see the humour in it.

Rafa crapped in his pants. No surprise, he's always needed uncle toni right behind him. The day Rafa wins a grandslam without Uncle Toni sitting there and constantly assuring this weakling that it is only a tennis match and that Novak cannot physically come over the net and beat him up, I will think of him as a grown-up. Till then, he is an emotionally-stunted human being who is over-depended on a parent/uncle - you see a lot of those tennis players on the WTA tour, where players are like deer in a headlight if their dad/mom is not in the box.

I think parents who let their kids find their own path to success, like Sampras' parents or Federer or novak's parents often have saved their kids from the "tennis parent" syndrome - google it, it is quite wide-spread - parents trying to live their lives through their kids. There are a few exceptions - like Mr. Williams - now that guy has achieved something worthwhile. Most of the others are like Toni, tomic's dad and so....

There is nothing wrong in Rafa crapping in his pants. It is wrong if rafatards try to cover it up and try to make it look like he is like Rocky Balboa or some mythical hero saving this world. Good on ferru for not thinking like rafabot and speaking his mind out.

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 1:43 PM


It is a good thing to follow Federer's path to tennis stardom. Even if the organisers of Halle and Basel throw half of the money that fed earns, kneedal would make 10million$ more than what he makes now.

Federer makes 61million$ in endorsements [check the Forbes' richest athletes list]. Nadal makes 1/3 of that. about 21million$. Even Sharapova makes more than that. LOL! Rafatards have atleast the h2h croon about on-court. Off-court, everyone knows who is the real God of Tennis. He is the greatest icon our sport has ever had. Bigger than Agassi and certainly bigger than Borg, the quitter.

Like a Church in England claimed "God made Roger Federer"

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 1:55 PM

Somehow I just get the feeling that if Sod were in Nadal's shoes yesterday, Sod would have grabbed that kid by the neck and Sod-o-mised him with that flare in lieu of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

chr18 , 6/10/13 1:57 PM


nadline , 6/10/13 1:59 PM

@deuce, 6/10/13 7:49 AM
_Ferrer, where?_

Ferrer is going to the Netherlands, to defend his title. .aspx

Augustina08 , 6/10/13 2:16 PM

There is an echo which takes place before Wimby, right? Is that the Boodles event which Djoker is playing at? I hope Rafa gets to test the grass somewhere before Wimby, the way these guys are slipping and falling on the new grass at Queens makes me very afraid.

@ chr18, Fed will not be around for long, only logical for the Halle organizers to hedge their bets and go for tennis's rock star. Fed's star is waning you know. I really think it's time you let go of Sod you know, getting rather sad all things considered. I would understanding this elevation of Sod, and Rosol, if he had gone on to win the title, all he did was play spoiler.

You may want to consider the following, chr18, when you are in the grips of Sod fever: how many tries did it take before Fed captured 7 Wimby trophies? How many tries did it take before Rafa captured 8 RG's? I'll give you the answers tomorrow.

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 2:34 PM

^^exho, not echo

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 2:36 PM

chr18, 6/9/13 9:44 PM
---I guess they'll be back to sucking up to Fed.---

Fed has already signed a lifetime (!) agreement with Halle tournament. In 2010. etime-contract.aspx
In 2009 and 2011 he withdrew from the tournament due to fatigue. In the future he will probably lose at the RG early and can fulfill his commitments in Halle.

Augustina08 , 6/10/13 3:08 PM

See fedfarts, Federer withdrew in the past year edition of Halle not only once but twice. Eat crow again in criticising Rafa's withdrawal at Halle this year.

Raindrops , 6/10/13 3:29 PM

@chr18, 6/10/13 1:57 PM
---Somehow I just get the feeling that if Sod were in Nadal's shoes yesterday, Sod would have grabbed that kid by the neck---
Tsonga, who crushed Fed and is taller than Rafa, would have done the same.
It's pity that he lost to David the Little.

Augustina08 , 6/10/13 3:29 PM

Told you they all appear at once, Raindrops - they're all the same Fedtard lol! What must it be like to talk to yourself on cyber because no one else will talk to you in person, LMAO!

jean , 6/10/13 3:44 PM

Cheers Augustina, is that grass then?
Isn't "Boodles" an exclusive club? I think Andy has played there.
@chris 18
All these "hydra," as holdserve has rather aptly put it, are making you look like our resident vicar...;)

deuce , 6/10/13 4:14 PM

must be nice to be adulated by these "hydra"
I am soo jealous ;-)

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 4:23 PM

@ deuce, 6/10/13 4:14 PM
---is that grass then?---


Augustina08 , 6/10/13 4:26 PM

Augustina08 , 6/10/13 4:28 PM

The guy went over to Fed. Besides it was obvious he was just some Spanish retard trying to have fun rather than wielding a dangerous flare.

chr18 , 6/10/13 6:41 PM

And how did you know he was Spanish? You did say you were a Redneck, no?

rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 6:50 PM

Did not know that ts20 was Spanish.

Yes, ritb, chr20 is an admitted redneck homophobe.


Conspirator , 6/10/13 7:00 PM

Just one thing!
Nole's fan and Fed's fan in one person?!? Thank's God, such abomination does not exist!
Fedkovic are you from Bosnia?

zare , 6/10/13 7:28 PM

BTW... What was that in Halle... Fed and Haas in double?? Freak show ?
...and they have just lost in first round... LOL...

zare , 6/10/13 7:33 PM

zare, 6/10/13 7:28 PM

I agree...From my own experience and believe me I am surrounded by Nole fans :) I have never come across the fan who supports Nole and Fed in the same time! It simply does not go these trolls who keep intruding TT pretending they like Nole are definitely fake and rather pathetic...I think they only bring bad luck to Nole with their shameless comments...

natashao , 6/10/13 7:47 PM

zare, 6/10/13 7:28 PM,

Thank you for speaking up about this weird new breed of troll. As you said, this would never exist. That's because these are fakers who get kicked off sites and then just move on to troll on other sites.

Talk about not having a life! This is really quite sad.

Nativenewyorker , 6/10/13 9:04 PM

"I think parents who let their kids find their own path to success, like Sampras' parents or Federer or novak's parents often have saved their kids from the "tennis parent" syndrome - google it, it is quite wide-spread - parents trying to live their lives through their kids. There are a few exceptions - like Mr. Williams - now that guy has achieved something worthwhile. Most of the others are like Toni, tomic's dad and so...."

Well said. A lot of such kids grow upto be control-freaks and they are a shrink's delight. Baroli and Nadal - absolutely creepy on the tennis-court. Their rituals and routines - I think even elderly people like CBM/ED/dunce would be less adamant of their routines than them. LOL!

Routines and rituals in the elderly are amusing, but in people in their 20s - CREEPY

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/10/13 9:32 PM

Zare and natashao - There are many nole fans who have been watching tennis much before nole started playing. If you guys have seen other blogs, you would know that.

You can ask the double-faced deuce, she knows who the djokovic fans other than her federer hating pal JB side with on randall's blog. she will give you all the names.

You can keep sucking upto rafa fans because you are afraid of the rafa-loonies, but there are a lot of Djokovic fans who say rafa fans to do what Nole asked the madrid crowd to do.

CBM aka new-yapper - I dont see you on tennis-x. Do you remember how you and other rafa loonies got moderated and kicked out by Sean? I do and ask deuce who coined the CBM title for you. Or go check the comments in the bracket site. It is a good old friend of yours. You are not qualified to talk about life - you wouldn't be the miserable person you are if you had one.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/10/13 10:09 PM

I will give you a hint - her name starts with a J and she jumped the boat from rafa to djokovic when she realised rafa can't do better than nole outside clay. LOL! She is as cunning as you are but way too smarter than you and your rafabots here.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/10/13 10:14 PM

rafaisthebest, 6/10/13 6:50 PM

Does this help?

chr18 , 6/10/13 11:02 PM

chr18 , 6/10/13 11:02 PM


rafaisthebest , 6/10/13 11:11 PM

Here I'll copy and paste it for you:

Jaume Marquet i Cot (Catalan pronunciation: [??awm? m?r?k?t i k?t]), more popularly known as Jimmy Jump, born in 14 March 1976, is a streaker from Sabadell, Spain.......Tennis
During the 2009 Men's Singles Finals of the French Open, he accosted eventual winner Roger Federer, attempting to place a red barretina on his head. Jimmy was tackled by a security guard while stumbling after he jumped over the net. He faced up to 12 months in prison for the incident.

Is that clear enough that he is a Spanish retard as previously stated?

chr18 , 6/11/13 3:13 AM

I don't understand why people keep making fun of Federer because he cried at the AO '09 trophy presentation. I guess it makes him a pansy in their eyes....despite Andy Murray crying at multiple runner up GS trophy presentations. I guess Andy's the only one who's passionate about winning.
Then again, I still can't say I'm surprised by such retarded logic.

ts38 , 6/11/13 4:07 AM

Shireling, 6/10/13 12:09 PM

I second that motion

ts38 , 6/11/13 4:17 AM

Really ts20? You don't know the difference? Really?

OK, let me explain it to you.

Fed had THIRTEEN slams and it was killing him (in his own words). Why? because he wanted to pass Sampras. For Himself.

Muzz cried because of the pressure and expectations of his home nation and he had come so close to winning his FIRST major which he wanted, not only for himself to validate all his hard work, but for his team and family.

Oh, and why not kill two troll comments with one stone, chr20, why was it significant enough for you to point out that the person who went after Fed was Spanish? Moron.

#LetsAllGiveRogerAChanceToSe ttleDown

Conspirator , 6/11/13 4:17 AM

Maybe the relative genius S/T can let us know if he thinks Spaniards are a classy race or not.


Conspirator , 6/11/13 4:21 AM

I agree...From my own experience and believe me I am surrounded by Nole fans :) I have never come across the fan who supports Nole and Fed in the same time! It simply does not go these trolls who keep intruding TT pretending they like Nole are definitely fake and rather pathetic...I think they only bring bad luck to Nole with their shameless comments...

natashao, 6/10/13 7:47 PM
You are so funny! The Nole/Fed fans brought bad luck to the djoker? You should be glad, or else you'd be very, very unhappy this past weekend, coz, guess what nadal got the better part of the bad luck to Nole, he won, Nole lost.

I don't know why ikt's such a surprise for you to see Fed/Djokovic fans rooting for them, as though you feel it some kind of aberration. It's rampant. Most tFed fans have adopted the djoker in lieu of Fed passing the torch to another, and they prefer for tht player to be the djoker, so I don't understand this strange thinking that's taking place. The nole fans shuld be happy, notupset.

i can understand the Nadabots being offended coz it's Nole on the receivin g end of the fan love, not their clay king, but why are the resident djokovic upset with the new fan support? i'd think they wouild be happy. there are murray fans who have jumped on the Djoker/nadal bandwagon for recognition, and they are not being called hydra, so why this disdain for the djokovic/fed fans? To reiterate, if the support was for nadal or murray, it would all be peachy, but coz it's a Fed/djoker combo it's being sanctioned by all and sundry. LMAO.

some get on their podium and preach that all posters are welcome, but I suppose they should say, *only if they support nadal*. incongruence rules. bwahahaha

scoretracker , 6/11/13 4:46 AM

I guess it makes him a pansy in their eyes....despite Andy Murray crying at multiple runner up GS trophy presentations. I guess Andy's the only one who's passionate about winning.
Then again, I still can't say I'm surprised by such retarded logic.
ts38, 6/11/13 4:07 AM

Logic?what logic? when it concerns Fed everything derogatory stated is logical, but not the case with any other players. people perpetually talk of hate and it's the same people who denounce it when it's said back to them. Highly illogical!

scoretracker , 6/11/13 4:52 AM

Yes S/T, but what's your view on the Spaniards as a race? Classy or not classy.

You've already classified the Chinese race as being classy.


Conspirator , 6/11/13 4:58 AM

S/T you are being highly illogical. The Hydra which has invaded this space and to which you are regrettably giving support isn't a Nole fan. It is a Fed fan supporting Nole only because it hates Rafa. Just as chr18 and many other Fed fans are besotted with Sod and Rosol and support them only because they hate Rafa.
If you can't see this and you can support the Hydra which has used obscene words I am loathe to repeat, all I can say is your hatred of Rafa is greater than your sense of propriety.

holdserve , 6/11/13 5:00 AM

Chr18, was he the same guy who tried to tackle Rafa on Sunday, carrying a firecracker?

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 5:17 AM

@holdserve, I hate no one, and DO NOT HATE NADAL. If I did I would be engaging in in a lot of descriptive adjectival phrases with respect to him, despite being hunted horrendously by some who are on a with hunt on this site and who are happy to be rid of those who do not fit in with the clan leaders.

The guy James, whose screen name says "james djokovic Fan" is NOT a Fed fan. Now who is being blind? why are you being so selective? Does it mean that anyone who does not write hero-worshipping stuff about nadal has got to be a Fed fan by default? Come on!!

FYI, were you reading the past 2 weeks when I was being verbally abused by many nadal fans who've referred to me as "attention whore" and a host of many such names, not to mention the absolutely insanely sick tirades from the raindrops character who referred to stink, smelly, panties, urine and the like. I absolutely feel she belongs in a mental asylum together with jean her other cohort. And, why shoujld Fed fans be ridiculed in such an offensive manner. It works both ways holdserve.

FYI, no one uses more obscene language than some of the resident nadal fans on this site.Many of whom are quick to pull the trigger on the most putrid name calling, etc. I feel that no one should be ostracized on a forum, but it's being done here continuously because they have done the unthinkable and don't share the opinions of the many pertaining to nadal. Why? I thought a forum was a place where those of differing opinions can air them without being unmercifully hounded and degraded because they do not conform to the unwritten rules of some.

scoretracker , 6/11/13 5:29 AM

S/T you supported the Hydra which was spouting putrid posts. So the Rafa fan you refer to has trained her guns on you. I am not supporting her.. But remember you found nothing wrong in the horrendous posts of the Hydra. Now that similar garbage is being directed at you, you are upset.
Let me clarify. I am not in favor of obscene posts. I brought this matter to the attention of Cheryl . Remember " Lord of the flies" Without adult intervention, the kids became savages. Here even hitherto decent posters were resorting to foul language in the absence of moderation. I fear that if not moderated, TT may totally degenerate.
A good policy is never to support garbage lest it gets thrown at you eventually.
Once again I clarify, I am not supporting Raindrops.
I think you should make a stand against obscenity whether it is directed at you or at Rafa fans. You cannot maintain double standards.

holdserve , 6/11/13 5:49 AM

Respectfully, I have to disagree with your analysis of why Roger cried during the 2009 Australian Open. Certainly his fervent desire to finally acquire 14 slams and break Sampras' record played a part, but do you truly believe it was purely selfish desire? So many millions were urging him on and passionately anticipating it. Surely that creates just a vague atmosphere of pressure. Winning a Grand Slam is so difficult, and that loss was a continuing streak of heartbreaking losses at the hands of Rafa. Add to that the immediacy of the ceremony and the support of the crowd at his loss, I certainly don't blame him for breaking down. It's pretty cynical to believe the whole affair was just plain selfishness on his part, while he was surely crying in some part for himself there are multiple facets to most things and he is human. Sometimes we can't take it.
Just an addendum, but in the eyes of some this was construed as an attempt to taint Rafa's celebrations. That is pretty freaking diabolical, and I can't really understand why some believe he's that sort of person. He isn't a perfect man but I can't believe he would ever do that.
Oh, and also... Rafael's reaction and consolatory response are part of why I admire and just plain like him so much. He's a genuinely good person and while that ceremony wasn't exactly my happiest moment, Rafa was touching. And it's part of why I'm a fan of him as well.

Champion7 , 6/11/13 5:57 AM

Conspirator, 6/11/13 4:17 AM

Such school logic

ts38 , 6/11/13 8:11 AM

rafaisthebest, 6/11/13 5:17 AM

He was some French kid protesting against the recent legalization of gay marriage in France. He had the words 'Kids Right' across his chest meaning kids should have the right not to be adopted by a homosexual couple which will obviously cause them to be brought up in a dysfunctional/deviant manner/lifestyle. Good cause but highly stupid forum in which to protest. So French though.

chr18 , 6/11/13 12:15 PM

Chr18 - Please tell me you're joking about that being a good cause?

rbennett , 6/11/13 12:52 PM

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. "(Leviticus 18:22 KJV)
"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." (Leviticus 20:13 KJV)

chr18 , 6/11/13 1:11 PM

@chr20, i hope your wife does not get hold of your foe's tennis balls coz you have to cut off her hands if she did... :-),_But_You _Do_Anyway

phoenix , 6/11/13 1:26 PM

I am trying very, very hard not to laugh here............

chr18, are you preaching on TT?

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 1:28 PM

chr18 - In leviticus, it also says if you commit adultery with another man's wife, you and the adulterer shall be put to death. Do you believe that too?

Anyway I think you should read this: h-news/children-in-gay-adoptions-at-no-disadvantage-8518004.html

rbennett , 6/11/13 1:36 PM

@chr18, 6/11/13 12:15 PM
---He was some French kid protesting against the recent legalization of gay marriage in France.---

If he was a kid, then he was a giant one. :))) n-nadal-ferrer-final/

Augustina08 , 6/11/13 1:53 PM

My question for chr18 is this: if he is a follower and believer of the Holy Book which he quotes, why does he hate Rafa so? Does the Holy Book allow hatred of tennis stars you do not know personally?

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 1:57 PM

chr18, 6/11/13 12:15 PM
chr18, 6/11/13 1:11 PM

Wow. Just. Wow.

Such a fcuktard homophobic racist.

I'm sure glad I don't judge Americans and in general based on the idiocy continually demonstrated by the likes of chr18, ts38 and S/T. What an ugly display of hatred.


Conspirator , 6/11/13 2:42 PM

scoretracker, 6/11/13 4:46 AM

I am just telling you what I know and learned from my friends who are Nole's fans...they hate Fed for taking Nole out in 2011 RG semis when Nole had most chances against Rafa...they will never forgive Fed's derogatory comments on Nole which came before Nole became No1 (google it you will find it!)...I guess you tend to forget that...and it is a common truth that Nole and Fed HATE each other...Nole respects Fed but clearly does not like him...ask any Serb and he/she will tell you the same...however, today, with Fed being out of the picture and not being a real threat it is kind of understandable that Nole's fans decide not to trash Fed and his fans any more...why should they? They do not even acknowledge Fed is around as he does not even go that far to face Nole....I feel sorry for those cheaters of Fedfans who now pretend they like Nole...they have nobody else to support as Fed is on his way out so they turn to Fed's enemies...and they count on Nole to stop Rafa so that Rafa never breaks Fed's records...that is what this support for Nole is all about, no?
you poor souls...

natashao , 6/11/13 2:47 PM

......and some of the Fedbots will come up with the ultimate Rafa-hate speak: "I don't hate Rafa it's his fans I cannot stand." Yeah right, I bet they don't hate blacks either because some of their friends are black............

rafaisthebest , 6/11/13 3:10 PM

Champion7, 6/11/13 5:57 AM

It definitely wasn't an attempt to taint Rafa's celebration (even though it did). The tears, for whatever reason, were sincere.

BTW, I didn't bring this up. A complete idiot did.


Conspirator , 6/11/13 3:17 PM

Fair enough.

Your message of 12:15 made me lose much of my respect for you, if not all. I'm so sorry that you think that way.

Champion7 , 6/11/13 4:03 PM

chr18 , 6/11/13 6:57 PM

chr18 why are you so racist?

Scrotracker , 6/11/13 7:16 PM

I'm not.

chr18 , 6/11/13 7:27 PM

Says the racist

Scrotracker , 6/11/13 7:36 PM

Besides it was obvious he was just some Spanish retard
chr18, 6/10/13 6:41 PM

If you are not a racist, then why was did you feel the need to point out that he was Spanish?


Conspirator , 6/11/13 7:58 PM

a racist, a bigot, a homophobe...

phoenix , 6/11/13 8:05 PM


Conspirator , 6/11/13 9:41 PM

"Jaume Marquet i Cot (Catalan pronunciation: [??awm? m?r?k?t i k?t]), more popularly known as Jimmy Jump, born in 14 March 1976, is a streaker from Sabadell, Spain...."

Oh wow! The rafabots are defending this guy because he is Spanish? Add this to their defending the rafatard who issued a death threat to Federer. I thought it was stupid when they claimed Spain is a greater football nation than Brazil and a greater tennis nation than USA/Australia.

How stupid can they get? Everything Spanish is great because kneedal is from Spain?

Fedkovic23 , 6/11/13 9:53 PM

"A lopsided Halle draw pits 2012 finalists Roger Federer and Tommy Haas in the top half along with Milos Raonic and Jerzy Janowicz."

IMO the latter two are already out, are they not?


I really need this on a shirt. I didn't get my "HI7TORY" one.

mara002 , 6/11/13 10:31 PM

People who are from Spain are considered Spanish. Spanish is not a race, it is an ethnicity. In Spain there are different races of people. Therefore I made no racist remark.

chr18 , 6/11/13 11:10 PM

chr18 just stop the bigotry and you'll be fine.

Scrotracker , 6/11/13 11:56 PM

@chr18, I suppose you know by now that those posts @7:16, and 7:36PM are written by the dumbo combo, willmw/conspirato, who are just retarded and are out to cause trouble.

scoretracker , 6/11/13 11:57 PM

No you are racist and homophobic to be sure.

Regardless, your statement is at least bigotry. Why are you such a bigot chr18?

Why do you have so much hate inside you? Why are you so intolerant?


Conspirator , 6/11/13 11:58 PM

ALL rednecks are full of hate. That's why they're rednecks.

jean , 6/12/13 1:15 AM

chr18, ts38 and scrottracker all played themselves in Deliverance.


Conspirator , 6/12/13 1:37 AM

'ALL rednecks are full of hate. That's why they're rednecks...'

Oh hahaha,
Stupidity and a lack a self awareness are almost interchangeable 'qualities'
Aren't they just?

Twinge , 6/12/13 1:48 AM

Look who's talking about stupidity and lack of self awareness. And there I was thinking this couldn't any funnier!!

jean , 6/12/13 2:05 AM

Is it really that funny Jean?
Then you must have a special sense of humour!
From my perspective, it's all just a little bit sad.
An unloved and undesired spinster with an eating disorder,
Posting venom on a website for 6 years for a player who wouldn't give her even a minutes notice in the real world,
Okay I could laugh at you but it would feel hollow.
But you have my sympathies at least.

Twinge , 6/12/13 2:15 AM

Get away from the mirror. There's more to life.

jean , 6/12/13 3:00 AM

More to life for most but a trashy hound dog like you?
Somehow I have my reservations about that.
Jean, honestly, if you were any more stupid and one dimensional, they would have to come up with a new name for whatever it was you were.

Twinge , 6/12/13 3:28 AM

oh my. This place has gone downhill. No surprise. The language. sheesh. I was going to comment or commets about Federer and Haas but whilst reading, I totally forgot what I was going to say lols...

leftarmgonewrong , 6/12/13 5:01 AM

Still angry T-whinge? Better check the blood pressure!

jean , 6/12/13 8:10 AM

And just like that, @lagw posts in flawless English, not Chinglish. Well, I was fooled for a while there...........


rafaisthebest , 6/12/13 8:26 AM


Yep! They always show their true colors! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/12/13 8:50 AM

Please. Don't flatter yourselves NNY and ritb, I don't intend to make this a posting home nor did I intend to hide my writing style but ritb was so cute and inviting with that Chinese spammer joke, I couldn't help it; even regretted not using wong for wrong lol... And I am not who you think I am ;) anyway. I was just here doing some poster syntax and style investigation of my own and could not resist a little fun. TT is not for me, though I did like Cheryl's Blog very much about Jelena Gencic and would have said hello to deuce, had I not already started the little ruse. ciao! I leave you wonderful ladies.

leftarmgonewrong , 6/12/13 9:44 AM

moral lesson: ignore ALL johnny-come-lately monickers until they have proven themselves

phoenix , 6/12/13 10:27 AM

Good riddance to everything gone wrong aka leftarmgonewrong, assuming of course he/she actually goes away.

holdserve , 6/13/13 6:04 AM


Here's a news flash for you which may explain why this new person popped on here!

Check out tennis-x blog - "Poll: Who's Your Early Favorite to win Wimbledon"

In particular scroll down to the post dated June 12 @ 9:45 PM! Great reading! Informative too! They are still obsessed with this site, as you will see! :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/13/13 8:06 AM

The kovic retards should be thankful for Nadal. Otherwise, where would all their retard energy be consumed? Supporting their favorite player? I doubt that. HATERS

childishgambino , 6/13/13 9:37 AM

Nativenewyorker , 6/13/13 8:06 AM

I saw that! Let them stew in their own bile. This is not new to us. The level of viciousness is positively correlated to Rafa's success. I am loving it! Let them suffer....

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 9:51 AM


I wanted to alert you because I know that you post over there. Apparently they are aware of this hybrid breed of Fed/Nole fan who has been popping up here. The comment was quite revealing as to the state of mind over there. I love how they are still obsessed with this site!

I agree with you that this is all due to Rafa's great success. The more he wins, the angrier and more pathetic they get!

Nativenewyorker , 6/13/13 9:56 AM


The viciousness on that site has reached epic propositions! The internet really is a window into a lot of people's souls. It's amazing how a stranger's (Rafa's) success can generate so much bile in some people.

These hybrid Fed/Nole fans are also coming from there.

It is shocking and sad in equal measure.

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 10:08 AM

I am Spanish but live in Belgium and I don't get offended from what I read here since
anybody can come here, get a log in, and post to their heart's content..
It would be like being in a multitudinous concert and complain about the amount of people or being in a MotoGP event and complain about the noise = if you don't like it don't be there.
It's different when a public figure says something out of place (although no-one in their right mind can say as outrageously intolerant things as what we have to read here from time to time); as when Y. Noah called all Spanish sports persons dopers. In this case, it is allowed to feel disturbed because Noah's is just feeding his seedy persona appealing to the FR historical contempt for their southern neighbours.
On another note, having to read 'tards' (with its different prefixes) or 'retards' all the time is very wearing and sad :( If your only way to express your sentiments is in belittling others in such a disrispectful manner at least try to be more creative about it - have you stopped to think that some of us here might have relatives or other loved ones who are in fact mentally disabled?

Shireling , 6/13/13 11:04 AM

@nny, you're gonna love this!:

contador Says:

I am very happy you liked my temporary guest moniker, leftarmgonewrong LOL?that was a fun fact finding excursion.

June 13th, 2013 at 4:37 am

So there you have it, this is the tennis-x poster who came here under the name @leftarmgonewrong. She is a Nole supporter on that site. I have no problem with her or anybody else on that site but obviously Rafa's beating of Nole at RG has made her and other Nole supporters over there become a little ehm, overwrought?

Next time she ventures onto here, give her some love, she is under the mistaken assumption TT is a vipers' nest!!


rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 11:08 AM

leftarmgonewrong, 6/12/13 9:44 AM

"I was just here doing some poster syntax and style investigation of my own and could not resist a little fun. "

It appears that a lot of style investigation has been going on between the two sites. On T-X, some of the regulars claim it's the nadal posters from here that have invaded the site. And, on this site, the posters here are carrying out their own investigation and have come to the conclusion that there is an influx of hybrid posters on this site which emanated from the other site. What I find to be extremely funny is the fact that a lot of the regulars on this site post on the other site and are also doing their thing, posting/using several monikers and having conversations wth themselves. No mention is made about the crazed posters on this site who are impersonating some posters on here and are having conversations with themselves. LOL. Too funny.

scoretracker , 6/13/13 11:09 AM

Maybe seventeen and the so-called hybrid posters, albeit there's no proof available for the accusations, should receive an apology for all the monikers they've been wrongfully accused of using. Too bad that posters are hindered from posting and whisked away coz they are not nadal fans. Where's the democracy??

scoretracker , 6/13/13 11:18 AM

It's tennis, just a game, no need to lose one's rag over it.........

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 11:23 AM

`In particular scroll down to the post dated June 12 @ 9:45 PM! Great reading! Informative too! They are still obsessed with this site, as you will see! :)..`

You know we could all go over there for a cybernetic invasion (for fun) and interact with them.
Using our `real` TT monikers too.
I'm sure I in particular would get on very well with them.

Twinge , 6/13/13 1:03 PM

scrottracker, 6/13/13 11:18 AM

Just when I think you reached the hypocritical bottom, you manage to drain a little more out of the tank.


Conspirator , 6/13/13 1:56 PM

Twinge , 6/13/13 1:03 PM

Lol! That would be something, hehehe! You would get on very well with that lot.

Seriously, there are literally a couple Muzza fans who post on that site and a handful of Rafans but you should see the distress levels on that site everytime Rafa wins! Thoroughly enjoyable. I am positive the junk posters who have invaded this site are coming from there. They post junk here and then go over there and complain about the junk that's posted on TT! I kid you not.............

I post there under a different username just to enjoy winding them up!

rafaisthebest , 6/13/13 3:32 PM

I really don't understand why everyone argues over something as relatively meaningless as the game of tennis. The personal attacks here and arguments that most of you engage in are awful to read. We're all here for a short time and we should all be kind to each other, not just because it's the right thing to but because it will make you all feel better. I know I've said this for a few times already but I'll keep saying it and hopefully some people will join me and help change this site for the better!

rbennett , 6/13/13 3:37 PM

rafaisthebest, 6/13/13 11:08 AM,

Well my initial hunch about this person with the strange new name, was right! She used to post on this site a few years ago under another screen name. But she posted something to me that must have been pretty bad, because Ricky deleted it before I even got a chance to read it.

She was part of the clique with madmax and a few others who have publicly trashed this site on tennis-blogs.


I don't know if they are ready for you! They probably would not know how to answer you or what to say! :)


I think you sentiments would be very worthwhile for those at tennis-x who just can't leave this site alone. They need to hear it!

Nativenewyorker , 6/13/13 6:26 PM

Sorry I meant to say on tennis-x blogs!

Nativenewyorker , 6/13/13 6:27 PM

Haha I'm not sure they are ready for me NNY;). I kid I kid! I do need your help though, don't get in any arguments, just be nice to those that say bad things, remind them we're all the same and that we should bond over our similarities, rather then argue over our differences!

rbennett , 6/13/13 11:46 PM

I agree rbennett honey bunch
I thought I was alone, SO alone in thinking this.
People are so cruel here, where's the love?
Where's the milk of human kindness?
I was crying last night thinking about this and then I realised it!
NNY needs to knock it off.
She's too much and is behind all of the viciousness here.
We will make this a better site against these ruffians
And maybe just maybe bring a little more light in this world.

Twinge , 6/14/13 12:02 AM

You do make a lot of sense @rbennett, but I do think the main problem is cultural, and this has nothing to do with Nationality but rather individual senses of decorum. For some people it really is no big deal to swear, for some it is troubling. How to bridge the devide? Some people hear banter for what it is, harmless but maybe coarse discourse between friends, some people hear insults. Hell, some people will mistake insults for banter!

When you consider all that, and the reality that this is no longer a diligently moderated site, I don't think we are doing too badly on TT. It could be better and that's what we should strive for I think, to make it better.

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 12:12 AM

It's well past your bedtime, Twingey, go on..........

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 12:13 AM

And @rbennett, Twingey used to nice, until they invented clay court tennis. Oh, those were the days........

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 12:16 AM

Given the fact that your post did not make too much sense
Maybe it's you that should retire to your kip to dream of Rafas 20th slam.
Just teasing rbennett a little, always thought s/he was a good one

Twinge , 6/14/13 12:19 AM

Twinge, 6/14/13 12:02 AM,

What are you on about in this post? You have this sharp wit and sometimes I don't know if you are kidding or not.

If it was meant to be sarcastic or sardonic humor, then all well and good. However, you do know that there are a one or two here who really do think that I am the source of all evil in the world and to humankind! :)


Your sentiments are admirable. I am doing my best to just join in the discussion and ignore those who are here for the wrong reasons.

It's possible that ritb is on to something with cultural differences. I don't know any decent site that tolerates profanity. It used to be that way on this site. Even on tennis-x, that bastion of Rafa hatred there is decent moderation now. But I think the real problem goes deeper than just the use of swear words. It's the irrational hatred behind it.

Contrary to the propaganda on tennis-x and from a few here, I don't think Rafa fans demand that everyone love him. I certainly don't! I would think they would respect what he has done in this sport. I respect Fed even though I am not a fan.

The bottom line is that there are a few who come here to inflame, incite and insult. That's not what it should be about. A lively discussion with different points of view from fans of different players is great. It would appear that it's now up to us to deal with what has been going on here. I think most of us are doing quite well with ignoring the offensive posts.

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 1:12 AM

^^^oh for goodness sakes,
It was obviously a joke
A sense of humour tends to be the first thing to go around here
Oh and don't quite agree that all Rafa fans don't require that everyone love him.
And I think you know who I mean too.....

Twinge , 6/14/13 1:22 AM

Federer's draw is a joke.
I wonder whether Wimbledon will be able to surpass this. They will put all the tough ones in Muzza's draw or Nole's draw, put Federer in that half and then some media guy will write Fed and Muzza in brutal bottom half or Fed and Djokoic in brutal top half.
I remember a joke about a mosquito which was sitting on an elephant when it was crossing a bridge. Afterwards it boasted how the two of them, the elephant and the mosquito, shook the bridge!

holdserve , 6/14/13 1:33 AM

I guess Fed told them to give him a difficult draw for the 250 event so that the ridiculously easy draw being designed for him at Wimbly will seem more credible.
holdserve, 6/9/13 9:58 PM

Which is it?

chr18 , 6/14/13 1:50 AM


Sorry but I did say that you could be joking! On the other hand, some others are definitely not when it comes to me. :)

I should have just spoken for myself about the issue of requiring everyone to love Rafa. For myself, it's not a necessity. However, I think that I know to whom you are referring.

I can't lose my sense of humor, not the way things are going here.

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 2:15 AM

nny, that was when I believed Ricky's headline that Fed had a brutal draw. I normally don't bother to analyze draws of minor tournaments if Rafa is not there. Then conspirator pointed out the truth and I realized it is a classic case of the elephant and the mosquito.
Now it appears Fed wants brutally easy draws in EVERY tournament.More greedy than I had given him credit for.

holdserve , 6/14/13 2:56 AM

Everyone knows who the trolls are. If this was a moderated site, they would have been banned a long time ago. Because there is no moderation, they will continue to be a fact of life on TT. The unfortunate thing is they are supported by a few bona fide posters here for obvious reasons. These are the people that give them life.

So @rbennett, as long as the trolls and their supporters are here, communication standards on TT will always be low. It is not the ordinary, regular posters who are the problem, it's the trolls and their supporters. Personally, I just ignore them.

I am baffled, why is having multiple usernames an issue? This is a red herring. The issue is what people post, not what they post as. If any of these combo-named trolls' posts were civil and about tennis would that be a problem? No. All they post are insults about Rafa and Rafans. The same applies to new posters. If they come onto TT, regardless of whom they support, and they are civil and talk tennis, why should we not welcome them?

The trolls and their supporters are never going to drive the agenda on TT. The agenda is tennis talk and it shall remain so.


rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 6:19 AM


Your analysis is correct. It's true that the whole issue of multiple user names IS a red herring! Unfortunately, the one person who screams loudest and longest about it, is guilty of doing just that to others! LOL!

As you said, it is the content of the posts. To pretend that the likes of Fedkovic, JamesDjokovicFan, novakisthebest and seventeen are really here to talk all things tennis in a reasonable and respectful manner, is laughable. Especially seventeen, whose language was truly vulgar, profane and despicable.

They are still here only because there is no real moderation.

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 6:39 AM

holdserve, 6/14/13 2:56 AM,

I don't even know the players who Fed is playing in his first two matches. Unbelievable!

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 6:41 AM

Fedkovic could also be JamesDjokovicfan or seventeen or whomever, couldn't care less as long they talk tennis and refrain from baiting other posters. We could then have civil discussions with them, why not? The idea that Rafans are only welcoming to those who support Rafa is not supported by the facts. I was the first to welcome @leftarmgonewrong, this after she had stated she was a Nole supporter. Turns out this individual had sinister motives for being here, what else is new? The fact is she was welcomed by a Rafan. So this notion that Rafans only welcome Rafans on board is a lie.

And the lies will not stop here because we know what drives these lies. I am just pointing out these things so that it is clear to anyone interested that we are not stupid. Some people may want to believe these lies but that is their choice. It is also our choice to not be ensnared by lies.

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 7:12 AM

Twinge - I know your comment was a joke, it gave me a bit of a laugh so thanks haha. (I'm a he btw). You should stop your silly fights with Jean though!

NNY - That's cool, I've seen you get into a few arguments but I can tell you're a nice woman (you are a woman right?) and it's more people saying things about you that you don't like, so it's understandable, but I would just ignore people who insult or be nice back to them, it's difficult for people to carry on when you're being nice. I don't think they really mean it anyway, these things are just easier to say on the internet.

RITB - It could be a cultural thing that's an interesting point! I'll have to have a think about that one, I definitely think it's harder to take things as they are meant to be said on the internet as you can't know how someone is saying it. I agree we should all strive to be better here (and everywhere). Trolls are a problem everywhere, some are funny, some aren't! I just ignore them or like I said to NNY, be nice to them.

Thanks for engaging with me by the way to all of you :).

My last point is to Holdserve and whoever else is saying it, do you truly think Fed gets rigged draws? It's a pretty big accusation to make to me, and would have alot of repercussions, so I'm interested to know if you really think his draws are rigged, and if you can back it up? I remember Conspirator posted me something a while a go but it wasn't very convincing.

rbennett , 6/14/13 1:17 PM


If 13 straight non clay majors with Nole drawn into Feds half ( a 1 in 2 to the 13 th power probability) in addition to the ESPN expose on the US Open draw is not very convincing, then we should respectfully agree to disagree.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 1:37 PM


If 13 straight non clay majors with Nole drawn into Feds half ( a 1 in 2 to the 13 th power probability) in addition to the ESPN expose on the US Open draw is not very convincing, then we should respectfully agree to disagree.

However, I don't believe Federer is directly involved.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 1:38 PM

I don't even know the players who Fed is playing in his first two matches. Unbelievable!
Nativenewyorker, 6/14/13 6:41 AM

Really? Then it seems you're not much of an all-around tennis fan. Hardly surprising.

chr18 , 6/14/13 1:55 PM

but then, that would be bad for Fed, no? I mean to be in Nole's half.... or do you mean that the draws are rigged purely for commercial reasons... I don't get it

Shireling , 6/14/13 1:59 PM

The silly argument is that these were before Djoker 2.0 showed up gluten-free. The other side of the argument is that Murray would have been drawn in his side, you know the guy Fed just lost to for the first time in a GS AO'13 in 5 sets to boot. Yes the same guy he won 3 GS off of prior to that despite the fact that the Djoker had beaten Fed in a GS as far back as AO'08.

chr18 , 6/14/13 2:07 PM

Shireling, both.

Prior to 2011 Nole 2.0, Fed owned Nole on h/c but struggled against Muzz.

This "random trend" started in 2007 and continued until it coincidently stopped after 2011 when Nole had completely transformed his game/confidence.

chr18 BTW is STILL an admitted homophobe (not an insult because he readily admits it) who knows shiite about tennis and even less about probability (not an insult, just basic facts).

The fact that Muzz couldn't beat Fed doesn't change the math and the business desire to keep Nole in Fed's half. Even ESPN proved that the early round draws for the top 2 players were very likely not random.

Oh, and nny, those household tennis names Stebe and Zverev are ranked 156 and 166. Don't you have the Top 200 players names memorized by now?

rbennet, actually I don't know what is so difficult to believe about the possibility that draws might not be random. If you were trying to maximize revenues in a business such as professional tennis, wouldn't you want to maximize the chances that the most recognizable name in tennis at the time (by a LONG shot) to the casual fan made it deep into the draw (regardless of whether he needed the help or not)?


Conspirator , 6/14/13 2:26 PM

Conspirator , 6/14/13 2:26 PM

'Don't you have the Top 200 players names memorized by now?' lol

Well... I'm old enough to know that rigging is possible but it's a tall order to say that Fed is benefitting - knowingly or not - from continuous meddling...
I'm not saying you're wrong or right but you have to admit - Conspirator - that you don't have any proof other than following patterns and trends which could effectively be random as much as they might apper to be the opposite.
(I'm not defending Fed but the world of tennis - btw)

Shireling , 6/14/13 2:36 PM

No you are right Shireling. It is only circumstantial. That probability, if truly random, BTW is 1 in 8192 or approximately 0.01% (not 1%, not 0.1%).

It is extremely suspicious but that is all.

Professional sport is a business. Why would the powers that be want to leave something a critical as a draw to chance if they could exert some control?


Conspirator , 6/14/13 2:46 PM

I'm at a loss with numbers I must confess but 0.01 % does allow suspicion.
Thx Conspirator, it's always interesting to read all these things. This is one of the reasons I visit this site.

Shireling , 6/14/13 2:55 PM

Not to even mention the biased scheduling. Look at the preferential USO scheduling:

2009: Fed was No. 1, Fed defending champ - Fed plays Day 1, Rafa plays Day 3 (Fed plays his 2nd rnd match on Day 3!!!)
2010: Rafa was No. 1, Delpo defending champ - Fed plays on Day 1, Rafa on Day 2
2011: Nole was No. 1, Rafa was defending champ - Fed plays on Day 1, Rafa and Nole on Day 2
2012: Nole was No. 1, Nole was defending champ - Fed plays on Day 1, Nole on Day 2

The most blatant example was the 2008 USO Super Saturday. All throughout the tournament, Rafa's half played 1st and Roger's half played their corresponding round the next day which I assumed was because Rafa was No. 1 at the time.

Nasty weather came on Super Saturday with scheduling in disarray. The first match should have followed suit with Rafa starting 1st but I was shocked to learn that, no, the tables would be turned and Roger would play Nole 1st.

As a result, the Rafa-Murray match was not completed and had to be finished on Sunday giving Roger more rest for the Finals. Would love to know the back-door scheduling that happened that weekend.

French Open historical scheduling history is just as bad.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 2:56 PM

Shireling, having an ostrich like head buried in the sand attitude doesn't alter the fact that draws have been rigged from 2007. Forstmann started it. ( Forstmann, through IMG, controlled ATP)
I am also pretty certain Fed knows about it because he supported having only a money minded CEO in 2011. He was afraid that if they got somebody like Krajicek ( a player), the draw rigging- for- money- and- sponsors argument would lose its appeal.
I think Fed sees nothing wrong in it. He probably thinks tournaments will collapse unless Fed is there deep into the tournament to keep the fans glued to TV sets . Better still, every slam should have Fed lifting the trophy to keep the sport adequately funded!

holdserve , 6/14/13 2:58 PM

If chr18 knows the names of all the ATP players from 1 to 500 or more then I am not surprised he follows the life and times of Rosol, a virtual non entity whose only claim to fame is beating an injured Rafa.
chr18= trivia specialist!!!!!
But equating trivia with knowledge?

holdserve , 6/14/13 3:06 PM

Well, perhaps I'm too naive... the preferential scheduling that Conspirator mentions is indeed very obvious and has been noted here by many. Rafa always seems to be on the wrong side of it.
But about the rigging, sometimes it's the players themselves who take the names out from a ball (or other recipients) - how do you explain the rigging there?

Shireling , 6/14/13 3:08 PM

The players don't read the name (or IF or whatever on the ticket). Why?

They just hand it over to the official.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 4:13 PM

Conspirator - I was more suspicious of the idea that Federer would be involved in rigging the draws then anything else. The reasons why they would rig the draw make business sense but, wouldn't they rig the draws to benefit Nadal aswell if that was the reason for it? He has a commerical appeal basically equal to Federers. I also think if it was/is happening, it will be exposed, so we will wait. But for now, I do not think the draw is rigged for Federer alone, I think it's a coincidence but I admit I could be wrong! I just think we should be careful making these accusations based on statistics alone, they had pretty serious consequences if true!

rbennett , 6/14/13 4:16 PM

you might be right!
Look at 0:34s into this video

Shireling , 6/14/13 4:18 PM

can't they just show the bloddy name, for Pete's (not Sampras) sake?

Shireling , 6/14/13 4:21 PM

No Nadal was not on the same level as Fed to the casual fan and even to the avid fan in terms of popularity for most of this time period.

I think Rafa may have benefited from early round draws at the USO as ESPN has exposed the same as Roger but the scheduling and the 13 consecutive Fed-Nole halves are simply incredible.

Conspirator , 6/14/13 4:26 PM

For those who missed it, here is the ESPN take...


Conspirator , 6/14/13 4:34 PM

players see the ticket/coupon before handing over

isfand , 6/14/13 4:39 PM

Shireling, have you seen magic shows? A member of the audience picks out a card or number. And later the magician reveals the card or number.
Obviously there are ways of rigging the draws even though the players pick the chips. Don't be naive.
As for the unseeded part of the draw it is not done in public so it is blatantly fixed with Fed drawing qualifiers or those 30+ hanging near rank 100 or worse.

holdserve , 6/14/13 4:54 PM

Interesting ESPN article, I won't pretend to have the answers to it, it looks pretty dodgy to be fair, but I still think someone will come out and admit to it if it is rigged. Also the US open thing has nothing to do with whether the draw is rigged in Federer's favour.

rbennett , 6/14/13 4:55 PM

isfand, you think the draws are completely random. I hear you but I respectfully disagree.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 4:57 PM

Simple rule is first prove draws are rigged. Second see who benefits invariably. Simple conclusion draw is rigged in favor of Fed. Also we have supplementary facts like schedules being rigged in Fed's favor to further point us in the right direction.

holdserve , 6/14/13 4:57 PM

rbennett, 6/14/13 4:55 PM

It has to do with the theory that the draws are not random. Tie that to the 13 draws in a row and for me that is a pretty compelling argument.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 5:01 PM

i respectfully accept your disagreement but i stick to my view of draws being random

isfand , 6/14/13 5:05 PM

Yeah isfand those who shut their eyes to indisputable facts can stick to their views. We have the flat earth believers, you know, despite all the scientific facts and observations and even photos of Earth from space.

holdserve , 6/14/13 5:29 PM

We saw the "benefits" of drawing relatively weak opponents in the early rounds. It leads to a false sense of security such that come the business end of the tournament, embarrassments can ensue......

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 5:36 PM

Holdserve - I don't think you can compare not believing this to flat earth believers.

Conspirator - Yeah I get that :). I still don't think the draws are rigged just for Federer though, and I'm pretty sure if they were, he wouldn't be involved. Like I said before though, I could be wrong!

rbennett , 6/14/13 5:38 PM

Agreed. That's not what I said though.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 5:47 PM

@rbennett, what was your reaction when you saw Fed's draw and play schedule at the French Open?

rafaisthebest , 6/14/13 5:50 PM

yeah like flat earth believers some minority may believe draws are rigged even though no player has ever said it even though there is no concrete proof even though players themselves pick the chips even though no person ever challenged the draw
even though we have nothing to doubt the integrity of all organizers involved
i cannot doubt the integrity of a person until it is proven

isfand , 6/14/13 5:56 PM

A majority of people believed that the earth was flat.

Dr. Andrew Swift, past chairman of the American Statistical Association's Section on Statistics in Sports and an assistant mathematics professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, said the analysis and its methodology were sound. "Any way you want to look at these, there is significant evidence here that these did not come from a random draw," he said.

A player, Scoville Jenkins, a wild card with the lowest rank of 1433 in the draw (who faced No. 2 Roddick in the 1st round and Fed in the 1st round when he was the 4th lowest ranked player in the draw in 2007), questioned the draw...

"Sometimes I think they put the player against who they would like to play," said Jenkins, who has since retired from professional tennis and is now an assistant tennis coach at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta. "If somebody came out tomorrow and said, 'This whole time we weren't doing it random and we were picking by whatever system,' it would not surprise me.

Do you doubt the integrity of OJ Simpson?

Conspirator , 6/14/13 6:17 PM

Jenkins said "sometimes I think" not they put and O J simpsons has nothing to do with tennis draws till the time it is proven that draws are rigged I wont believe they are and honestly i dont find any depth in these draw rigging arguments

isfand , 6/14/13 6:41 PM

and you can always find people believing in strange stuff like some people who believed Nadal was doping in 2010 then when Djokovic started winning in 2011 people started accusing him of doping no wonder some people think draws are rigged everyone can believe what he wants to I for one dont believe in any of the above and when a person wins a GS its not because of draw or weather its because he proved him to be best in that tournament like Djokovic in AO and Nadal in RG
rest everybody can believe what he wants to

isfand , 6/14/13 6:51 PM

It seems to be some sort of crusade Conspirator and holdserve have been on for what seems like an eternity. Maybe they will feel good about themselves if they can get somebody to agree with them. Who knows? Or cares for that matter?

chr18 , 6/14/13 6:51 PM

I was just testing your statement "i cannot doubt the integrity of a person until it is proven" with my OJ example.

It's not a question of depth (not sure what that means exactly). Just some pretty suspicious numbers coupled with very outlandish scheduling.

I wouldn't have made a very good flat earther back in the day I guess.

All cool. Whatever.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 6:52 PM

chr20, if that is the case, it is at least relatively harmless to others.

You feel better about yourself by judging others through homophobia and racism which does harm others.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 6:58 PM

Looking forward to the Haas Fed SF, rematch from last year's final.

Hoping Haas can take a game or two.


Conspirator , 6/14/13 9:09 PM

isfand you are a flat earth theorist, not conspirator or me. On what is your belief that the draws are random based on? just ATP saying so. But my assertion and Conspirators's and all people who have faith in scientific methods, it is based on statistical evidence. It is not a belief held like yours despite huge statistical evidence to the contrary.
But what is the use of reasoning with a flat earth theorist? They believe only in faith , not facts. Considering you are oblivious of facts, I deduce you must be a Fed fan.

holdserve , 6/14/13 9:28 PM

There must have been many isfand clones amongst those who put Galileo to death because he insisted, based on scientific observations that the Earth went round the sun. But isfands do not value scientific evidence. Just because the Church said so, they believed the Earth was the center of the Universe. Isfands have always existed.

holdserve , 6/14/13 9:50 PM

chr18, 6/14/13 1:55 PM,

That's funny coming from you! So you know these players given that Conspirator has indicated these two players are ranked 156 and 166 respectively! So you knew them all along, right?

Sorry, no I don't bother to know guys who are ranked out of the top 100! Let's not get into my knowledge of the history of tennis. I just think that you embarrassed yourself with this nonsensical comment!

rbennett, 6/14/13 1:17 PM,

You are correct in saying that I am a woman and that I get into arguments when someone says something about me that is outrageous, egregious and blatantly false on its face. It's really annoying to have to read comments from a person who doesn't know me, has never met me and never will, knows precisely nothing about the person I am and then presumes to tell everyone details about me in excruciating detail. It's like being stalked online! Cyber bullying is another term for it.

I appreciate that you see I am a nice person. However there are a few here who would argue otherwise and posit that I am the devil reincarnated! LOL!

I don't know about being nice to them. Ignoring them is about the best I can do.

Nativenewyorker , 6/14/13 9:57 PM

well i dont think facts or statistics support your theory holdserve and what i deduce about you from your behavior ........ i will not say and i know there is no use doing reasoning with you thats why i try not to do with you but conspirator seems a sane head to me that is why i was primarily debating with him for you, I have nothing to say to you, you believe what you want to .............. i am really not concerned but please learn some manners and try not to make offensive remarks against me because i dont make any against you (till you dont make first)

isfand , 6/14/13 10:39 PM

Zverev has a career high rank of 45 and Stebe has been up to 71 last year so these guys aren't always out of the top 100. Zverev is primarily an indoor HC player and Stebe played Halle and Wimbledon last year so probably grass is his best surface. Neither of them are any good on clay so I guess a Nadal fan would be clueless as to their existence. Thankfully tennis has a lot more to offer than dirty clay.

chr18 , 6/14/13 11:23 PM

Chr18, his constant refrain or innuendo that Rafa only plays on clay or that Rafans only watch clay court tournaments because Rafa only plays clay is getting old. Time to let it go, seriously. How about finding another insult because that is your intent, to insult.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 12:17 AM

isfand you already made offensive remarks against me by claiming I am not sane , that I don't have manners etc. Shows how you contradict yourself. What more can one expect from a chap who ignores statistical evidence and trusts to blind faith and attacks rational people like his clones did when they burnt Copernicus at the stake, harassed Galileo, poisoned Socrates.... whew your clones have been busy throughout history but my clones ( rationals) have taken the world forward despite the attacks by your clones ( irrationals).

holdserve , 6/15/13 3:47 AM

chr18, just because you are obsessed with trivia, it doesn't mean all fans are. So spare us details of Zverev and Stebe. No one is interested.
You are implying Rafa plays only on clay and Rafa fans watch only clay tournaments? This is the first I hear that all the slams are on clay. I thought Wimbledon was grass, and AO and USO are hard court.
Instead of ruining your brain with trivia better get your facts right. Wimbly, AO and USO are not on clay.

holdserve , 6/15/13 3:53 AM

YOU first made offensive comments and yes i made those comments after you crossed the line by posting foul language and really i dont expect any courtesy from you and i dont care about your point of view ............. rest every person can judge for himself who is rational ? and who made offensive remarks first ?

isfand , 6/15/13 3:53 AM

Could you reproduce my foul language? Unlike out of control irrationals like you, I never post foul language. Either you are delusional or you do not know the meaning of foul language.
I am sure every person can judge who is rational. As a matter of interest, if you claim to be rational, what is the basis for your belief that the draws are random other than your blind belief in ATP's assertion?
You are no better than your clones who blindly believed the Church and rejected Science.
But those who are zero in logic like you don't have enough logic to understand that they have no logic. It is called the first level of competency or more accurately incompetency. The second level you have enough logic to know you don't have much logic. Third level you gain competency. 4th level is the highest.
You are at 1st and I am at 4th so obviously no rational dialogue is possible with you.

holdserve , 6/15/13 5:43 AM

chr18, 6/14/13 11:23 PM,

Aaaw shucks, I somehow missed these two guys even though they were at some point ranked inside the top 100! Trust chr18 to go look it up and come up with the info! Yes by gosh, these two should have been at the very top of my list!

Reaching the conclusion that I don't know these two players because I only watch clay court tennis, is really using distorted logic. I am so sure that chr18 knew who these guys were all along! LOL!

Zverev and Stebe! Rolls right off your tongue!

Chr18, having someone like you lecture me when it comes to knowing about the sport of tennis, is like asking a blind man to teach people to see!

Nativenewyorker , 6/15/13 6:42 AM

Notice how chr18 and the usual suspects suspended slagging clay off when Djokovic was still in contention for RG? And then after Rafa won it they went quiet as in the first stage of grief: denial and isolation. Now they are in the second stage, anger, hence the nasty comments about clay. Next will be the bargaining stage, expect outlandish theories of what Djokovic should have done etc. Then depression will follow before finally accepting what happened.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 6:56 AM


holdserve, after reading your discourse (in another thread) with scoretracker, the pungent pissy odor queen of gremlins, I thought you can handle your temper civily dealing with fedfarts? Apparently not !!!

Raindrops , 6/15/13 7:42 AM

Rafa double bagelled Monaco 6-2, 6-0, 6-0 at RG 2012 but it never generated the kind of brouhaha Federer's double bagel of this chap has, and Monaco was well inside the top 20, if not the top 15 when this happened so Rafa's was more impressive in that respect.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 1:58 PM

oh my god fed is in trouble!

rafaelo , 6/15/13 2:19 PM

Rafa is a clay courter, plays only clay blah many times has he whipped Fed on HC at Australia, Wimby, countless other outdoor HC? Last time I saw count was 7

How many times has he whipped Murray on gras and HC? Last I saw count was 10

How many times has he eaten Djoko on grass n HC? guess last count was atleast 7 out of 20 defeats of Djoko were on HC n grass

I think everyone in tennis would love to be a clay courter if they can register so many wins on HC n grass over the top 3 :-)

sanju , 6/15/13 2:34 PM

Hi Rafaelo..seeing u like after a week..:-)

sanju , 6/15/13 2:38 PM

Fed will win Halle..cmon none of the Top 8 are playing there..why wont he win? Atleast he will break his 10 month title drought

sanju , 6/15/13 2:56 PM

He sure will and I hope it signals a return to form for him. He needs to put in a good showing at Wimby. We don't want another unbalanced draw like the one we saw at RG.

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 3:05 PM

It can't be as unbalanced as RG as Muzz is playing and Djokovic and Muzz will be in opposite halves. Muzz is playing great and Nole is always tough.
So no matter what Fed's form is, both halves will have some excitement with Rafa's half being possibly more exciting.
Grass is always unpredictable so the big hitters on song could be a menace but if Rafa's knee is not preventing him from being competitive ( as he puts it), I think he will at least reach the quarters no matter how many big hitters stand in his way.
Hopefully he will be in Ferrer's Quarter. Though I would prefer Fed, there is little chance of Wimbly putting him in Fed's Quarter so I am hoping for Ferrer.

holdserve , 6/15/13 3:30 PM

Isfand is another fan with foot in mouth disease! Hope there is no major outbreak of this dread disease!!!
holdserve, 6/9/13 9:38 PM
that was the first time my delusional poster and i ve never posted any irrational comment and thats why i have never gotten into quarrel with anyone other than YOU unlike you always resorting to foul language and picking up quarrel with so many people and i know you dont understand logic or anything rational thats why i try not to debate with you ........ though i feel sorry for you
and rest people have already started judging ........... lolzzz

isfand , 6/15/13 4:11 PM

Federer wins top half ............. lets see what happens in final
rafaisthebest, 6/15/13 1:58 PM
three reasons,
1. zevrev did not win even a single game (because it was a two setter)
2. this was on grass (it is easiest to hold on grass usually)
3. press always give a lot of coverage to federer

isfand , 6/15/13 4:20 PM

isfand you are clearly delusional. Where is the foul language?
Who cares about " people have already started"
Irrationals have always been in the majority and judged greats like Galileo, Socrates etc.
I am tired of this debate with someone who has zero logic.
So ciao till Wimbledon. In the meantime stew in your own bile.

holdserve , 6/15/13 4:25 PM

yeah i person who cannot even see foul language ??? where his standards have dropped to ???? and you dont care (that was expected and is refreshing) then you wrote some gibbrish then you are tired of debate .......... so am I (again refreshing) so
ciao for good in the meantime may you get healthy and tolerant and live a happy life

isfand , 6/15/13 4:34 PM

'Irrationals have always been in the majority....'

Wow, and separate from your arguments with whoever, I simply love this post Holdserve.
It's so true and it's the reason why we still have such a long way to go before we become a truly respectable species...

Twinge , 6/15/13 4:35 PM

yeah twinge you are right .......... we really have a long way to go ;)

isfand , 6/15/13 4:38 PM

Tell me about it isy!

Twinge , 6/15/13 4:41 PM

isfand , 6/15/13 4:20 PM

Ipso facto, breaks of serve are more frequent on clay, so one would expect each player to have a game at least, so bagels should be even rarer on clay.

Your point about the press always giving a lot of coverage to Fed is true and well taken and this is exactly the point I was also making that a lot of brouhaha is generated when it is Fed...........

rafaisthebest , 6/15/13 4:45 PM

well twinge its simple you have a point of view ....... I have a point of view which is different so then we should debate it logically and try to find an answer with an open mind .......... but if one person starts labelling the other person with terms and rather than debating start branding people with titles no one can read any conclusion so its best to leave that person and cut off your interaction now you think draws are rigged so does conspirator we can debate if we mutually agree or hold our separate beliefs about the draw ............. with holdserve i dont want to discuss anything and good to know he feels the same way ........ I couldnt be happier so i will not reply to him till he crosses certain lines which I hope he does not rest he thinks I am irrational so he is welcome to keep thinking and I will continue to think about him the way i have found him to be .............

isfand , 6/15/13 4:49 PM

well rafaisthebest we less less bagels on grass and yeah your point is true

isfand , 6/15/13 4:51 PM

point about federer receiving lot of press attention meanwhile gasquet looks in trouble

isfand , 6/15/13 4:54 PM

rafaisthebest in the last 40 or so years only once has it happen that a guy has won wimbledon without dropping a set, on grass its easier to hold and you have advantage serving while on clay its easier to break as compared to grass but its never easy to break;)

isfand , 6/15/13 4:57 PM

looks like gasquet is out I wanted to see a federer Gasquet final but it looks like federer youzhny

isfand , 6/15/13 5:00 PM

and people might think it was federer who achieved that feat or sampras but NO
it was borg and people generally dont give as much credit to borg as he deserves borg was a mighty champion in his time (but nadal is a bigger clay courter than him no doubt in my mind about that)

isfand , 6/15/13 5:04 PM

I predict Muzza, Rafa, Ferrer in 1 half with Rafa in Ferrus qtr and Djoko Fed in other half

sanju , 6/15/13 5:17 PM

i wish Rafa to be in Fed's qtr so Fed will have to go through Rafa, Andy, and Nole to achieve the 8...possible?

phoenix , 6/15/13 5:31 PM

i wish Rafa to be in Fed's qtr so Fed will have to go through Rafa, Andy, and Nole to achieve the 8...possible?
, 6/15/13 5:31 PM

Def no..impossible..cant beat 3 of them back to back

sanju , 6/15/13 5:55 PM

sanju, how about Rafa beating Fed, Andy, and Nole to win Wimby...possible?

phoenix , 6/15/13 8:39 PM

phoenix perhaps we will know now ;) and on the other hand federer has surprised me with selection of the draw
# not so random i guess

isfand , 6/21/13 4:14 PM

right isfand, now we will know...


phoenix , 6/21/13 5:49 PM

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