• Murray to test his back on Queen's grass

    6/8/13 4:24 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Murray to test his back on Queen's grass Andy Murray's decision to skip the French Open has been proved a wise one, with the top-seeded Scot set to test his recent back injury with a start on grass at Queen's club.

    The tournament, beginning Monday, features Murray as well as fellow returnee Juan Del Potro, who missed Paris with a virus and who is said to still not to be at 100 per cent fitness. French Open semi-finalist
    Jo-Wilfried Tsgona is also in the field in west London.

    Murray had some quiet hits at Queen's this week to test the status of his back, which flared up on him during the Rome event last month and forced him straight back home to London for tests and rest.

    After numerous medical consultations, the 26-year-old got the OK to play on the relatively forgiving surface. “Barring any setbacks in the next couple of days I will be making an appearance at the club of
    the queen next week!” tweeted the ATP number two.

    “The grass is easier on my back and I’m hoping Wimbledon will be fine.”

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Federer RG QF exit boosts murray's chances of being 2nd seed as he enjoys 440 points lead currently as per wimbledon's seeding system and federer's potential victory at Halle could have propelled him to 2nd( because 250 would have added twice) in case murray had decided to skip queens but now murray needs to win only one match to ensure his place as 2nd seed in wimbledon and its also ggod to have some match practice before wimbledon where the scot will try to become the first british male since Fred Perry to win the coveted CHAMPIONSHIPS

isfand , 6/8/13 8:25 AM

This break from RG is a blessing
Fuck RG and fuck you all too!
Kidding ;-)
Andy will get the toughest draw of the top 4 at Wimbledon
As he almost always has done, but this time he won't be as tired if he gets to the final.
And health permitting that's exactly where he will be!
And then.......

Twinge , 6/8/13 3:36 PM


Conspirator , 6/8/13 4:37 PM

The new 'Wild West'?
How provincial!
Lets take it to the new frontier instead

Twinge , 6/8/13 4:48 PM

Oh!! What happened to his "crippling" back injury? Of course everyone
knew there was no "injury." He has never won the FO or W. and skips FO. Beyond pussy- dom

pennster , 6/9/13 4:53 AM

AndyM's 2012 Wimby draw was a joke, it was a virtual free pass to the finals. And the one match where it became competitive, he choked big time.

fedexal , 6/9/13 4:54 AM

fedexal you must be living in la la land. Muzza's draw was the toughest at Wimbly 2012 and Fed's was such a joke that it was clear it was heavily rigged.
Same thing happened at Olympics but luckily Muzza's draw opened up and Fed's heaily rigged draw became a little tougher than anticipated because Delpo gave him too hard a workout ( rather unexpectedly-probably inspired by patriotism).
Hope Muzza is seeded 2 at Wimbly otherwise we know what the draw would look like. Fed and Ferrer on one side, Nole and Muzza on the other with Rafa in Muzza's Quarter.

holdserve , 6/9/13 6:01 AM

Murray's draw was toughest .. My foot . He played Ferrer in quarters who has no accomplishments on grass. In AO 2013 Murray took 5 sets again to dump your aging Fed and then choked again in the finals. Before semis , Muzz draw was a joke .

fedexal , 6/9/13 8:17 AM

Hope Murray recovers and is fit enough to compete for the remaining season!!!

Monalysa , 6/9/13 2:30 PM

Murray's draw was toughest .. My foot
fedexal , 6/9/13 8:17 AM
your foot.... is right, it is in your mouth. Just playing Ferrer in the Quarter makes Muzza's draw a joke?
Just learn to analyze draws properly before making posts. Who could be possible opponents in every round.
Yeah, take your foot off your mouth. Go back to 2012 Wimbly and analyze the draw.

holdserve , 6/9/13 2:36 PM

@Holdserve : I am talking abut Murray's AO 2013 draw. First learn to read the posts carefully. Since you have analyzed Murray' 2013 AO draw just give me any name which you find was tough for Murray and still Murray was taken to 5 sets by an aging and tired Fed. Holdserve first get a hold on your mind.

fedexal , 6/9/13 6:20 PM

I did not bother to analyze AO 2013. We were talking about Wimbly 2012, why on earth did you switch to AO 2013? In communication you don't read every single word, the brain goes by probability. What's the probability that someone will suddenly talk about AO 13 to prove that Wimbly 12 draw was a joke? Practically zero. Unless of course that someone is fedexal with his foot permanently stuck in his mouth!!!

holdserve , 6/9/13 7:53 PM

Murray's Wimby 2012 draw was a joke as well.

fedexal , 6/9/13 8:05 PM

I hate to interfere really but draws are decided in a ceremony infront of everybody and if any player ever gets a favorable draw, it is luck and every player gets his share of favorable draws and tough draws ......... to dismiss anybody's achievement is not fair and there is a seeding system and everthing if Nadal was beaten by Rosol so Rosol was then beaten by somebody and so on and Murray won his half to reach the final and federer has won 17 GS and he is the greatest player of all times till he is surpassed by a better player and draws have nothing to do with that ........ every fan should cheer his player but should not accuse other players of things they have no proof of because as the matter of fact FACTS will remain FACTS even if someone decides to stay in his own world oblivious of them

isfand , 6/9/13 8:21 PM

and Murray is very much in business here imo lets wait till the first week of wimbledon and we will have a clear picture of where the players game is

isfand , 6/9/13 8:26 PM

The magicians do all their tricks in front of everybody. Besides, apart from the 32 chips in public, the remaining 96 are done behind closed doors.
There's no luck of the draw. The draws have been rigged since Forstmann took over IMG , lured Fed back with promises of attracting huge sponsorship. The best way of doing it was to project Fed as the best ever and to that end the draws were rigged. Remember Forstmann bet on Fed at FO 2007. No coincidence, my dear. IMG controlled the board of ATP.
Now that Fed has huge sponsorship the organizers have convinced themselves that if Fed doesn't go deep in the slams then the sponsors will stop pouring money into the tour.
It is an open secret now that the draws are rigged in favor of Fed. ESPN proved it with statistcal studies. Anyone who knows math can do the analysis himself and see that the draws are rigged.
The players are aware of this too but like the organizers probably they too feel without Fed, sponsorship will drop off.
Muzza hinted at rigging for Fed when he said he had to try for no. 2 seeding otherwise he could find himself in the half with 2 of the other elite4.

holdserve , 6/9/13 8:42 PM

As Rafa is not ranking wise in top 4

holdserve , 6/9/13 8:44 PM

players pick the chips not anyone else...... sharapova picked RGs draw this year and NADAL picked women and i dont doubt integrity of shrarapova and nadal till it is proven otherwise

isfand , 6/9/13 9:06 PM

and history has shown that the rest 96 have not mattered much........ those who matter come in top 32 soon enough unless someone suggests that organizers knew that rosol will beat Nadal which imo Rosol would not have thought even in his dreams (the only time a top 4 player has been beaten by an unseeded player in a long time)

isfand , 6/9/13 9:11 PM

and if they know that much then they might also find someway to rig the draw infront of everyone and if they can do that much then they can do anything and if they are that capable, they deserve to do as they please

isfand , 6/9/13 9:15 PM

isfand, your arguments are pathetic
I am not doubting integrity of nadal or sharapova. I referred to magicians. They ask a member of the public to pick a card but they always make them pick the chosen card. Same trick at work on Nadal and Sharapova. Nadal and Sharapova are just players. They can easily be tricked by wily magic tricks.

History hasn't upheld your claim that the other 96 do not matter. The other 96 contain the opponents of the 1st two rounds and they could be players ranked 33 or ranked 200. They could be great players returning from injury or rising young stars about to make a break through or players who are veterans on the tour hanging around rank 100 for years. It makes a HUGE difference!
Ivanisevic was a wilcard, Serena was unseeded when they won Wimbly and AO respectively in 2001 and 2007.
Isfand is another fan with foot in mouth disease! Hope there is no major outbreak of this dread disease!!!

holdserve , 6/9/13 9:38 PM

should i give any more logics to this psychological patient that how stupid his logics aere NO because what can u do with a man who is suffering from psychological diseases ......... lock him up in a mental asylum ....... what can you do when you cannot lock such a diseased pathetic man in an asylum ...... ignore he even exists .......... that should be doable ........ but i recognize my fault to talk any sense into a delusional man who is suffering from incurable diseases ............... prayers ..... well i pray for you as well as all those who had to put up with you who are currently putting up with you and who will have to put with you any time in future ............. May God have mercy on their souls

isfand , 6/9/13 10:14 PM

and everyone with a sane brain is advised not to reply but only to enjoy posts of holdtongue because he is a jester and cannot hold his tongue ............ LOLZ

isfand , 6/9/13 10:25 PM

Ah isfand, you have lost it! Look at your last two posts! No logic, no arguments, just some gibberish and name calling! You have proved to the whole fandom here that you have no arguments!!!!! Pathetic!
Anyway, since you are now reduced to a gibbering ..***..... I will not reply to further posts on this issue. I don't want you to permanently go over the edge!
We need you around!! Especially when Rafa or Muzza win again!

holdserve , 6/9/13 11:25 PM

And I will repeat. 13 straight non-clay slams putting Fed and pre-2.0 Nole in the same half was not a random event. You don't see Rafa look or read the chips. The outcomes of the early round matches has no bearing on the statistical improbabilities demonstrated in ESPN's study. Besides, arranged easy early rounds are less taxing improving the chances of success in later rounds.


Conspirator , 6/10/13 12:13 AM

indeed, conspirator

and because none of us have written why 13 straight is almost completely certainly non random, let me for a moment. The probability of Fed and pre-2.0 Nole in the same half of one non-clay slam is 1/2 or 50%. 2 consecutive is 1/4 or 25%. And it keeps going down by half each time, ie exponentionally quickly: 3 is 1/8 or 12.5%/ 4 is 1/16 or 6.25%. 5 is 1/32. 6 is 1/64 (less than 2%). 7 is 1/128 (less than 1%). 8 consecutive times is 1/256, 9 1/1024 (less than once in a thousand times. 10 is less than once in 2000 times. 11, less than once in 4000 times. 12 less than once in 8000 times and 13 is less than once in 16,000 times. And in the circumstances when various (non-clay in this case) slams do practically have the option to choose where to put these top players rather than place them randomly.... this statistical probability of happening more often than 15,999 times out of every 16,000, on average.... is a certainty: at least a few, but probably many if not close to all of those 13 placements of Nole were not random... to benefit the other top player.

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 12:30 AM

^none of us have written _out recently_ why....

and I meant to say that those probabilities are in the case every single one of those 13 draws for Nole's half were random draws.

chlorostoma , 6/10/13 12:33 AM

I think fans of a player who lost to a 100 ranked player in the 2nd round come out as sore-losers when complaining about draws.

If anything the draws were rigged to protect kneedal from Nole, who even before 2011 had a winning H2H against kneedal on courts. Not just Nole, a host of players like davydenko, hewitt, blake, nalbandian have wiped the floor with kneedal on hardcourts.

Now that even the draws are not saving him from getting his butt-kicked by the likes of Rosols, uncle toni came up with the strategy of running away from Grass and hardcourts. He ran away from Miami, Halle and Dubai. 2 out of 3 non-clay tournaments that had either or both of the 2 most complete players of this era - Fedkovic!

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 2:55 AM

I think uncle Toni is so generous by not letting his neph playing... give chance to others to win lol....

tettylds , 6/10/13 3:08 AM

Welcome back Murray - 2nd highest winning % on Grass among active players behind the God of Grass, Roger Federer

Fedkovic23 , 6/10/13 3:08 AM

God of Grass????? Did he won the eight already??????

tettylds , 6/10/13 3:10 AM

Forgive poor Fedkovic, he doesn't do facts, only delusions. After all his universe is confined to the interior of his ass.

holdserve , 6/10/13 3:14 AM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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