• Djokovic confident heading into Rafa showdown

    6/7/13 4:02 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Djokovic confident heading into Rafa showdown Novak Djokovic is treating his French Open semi-final against Rafael Nadal with the respect it deserves, approaching the match as if it were a Roland Garros final.

    "I look forward to it," said top seed Djokovic after beating Tommy Haas for his last-four spot.

    "It's not the first time I'm playing him, we've played over 30 times. We know each other's game really well. And we are both in good form. This is the biggest matchup of our Roland Garros 2013 campaign for both me and him."

    After beating Nadal in the Monte Carlo final six weeks ago but losing to Spain's king of clay in the 2012 final in Paris, Djokovic approaches the showdown with confidence, even if he stands 15-19 in the series which began seven years ago. "It's the small details and few points can decide a winner, and that's why I need to be very disciplined and focused in order to get emotionally, physically, and mentally ready for that match."

    Djokovic is playing in his 12th consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals and wants to make the most of it. "Comparing to Roger maybe it's not as good. But I'm glad that I have been playing very consistent and always playing my best tennis on the Grand Slams, because that's what I want."

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I wish Rafa will win,Novak play good,but he will be lost,because he said something not true,when he win or lost,he said different,always have reason.

Kvk , 6/7/13 5:02 AM

for djokovic sake he needs all the confidence he can gather if he manages to beat nadal here ...... it would be huge lets hope the match lives up to expectations i am so glad djokovic came out and became the player that he is today but i pick nadal to win

isfand , 6/7/13 7:31 AM

Novak will win in 4sets,

anji123 , 6/7/13 8:46 AM

Djoker is showing no respect at all to Ferrer and Tsonga by saying this match is the biggest match in this tournament. On the other hand, Rafa has pointed out that this is just the SF to win the title you still have to beat whoever emerged as the best player from the other side of the draw.

A calm Rafa should do the job.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/7/13 10:18 AM

Just imagine if Djoker had Rafa's credentials at RG, just how loudly would he be shouting?

I don't think there is a clear winner..............too close to call.

nadline , 6/7/13 10:24 AM

Nole shouldn't be so dismissive about Tsonga and Ferrer because he doesn't have a clean record against them..............he only has a 66% success rate against them. He is 10-5 against each of them and Tsonga took him to 5 sets at RG last year.

nadline , 6/7/13 10:37 AM

Novak said similar things before Monte Carlo and delivered the trophy to Nole nation. I hope he walks his talk. I am sure all people outside france and outside david ferrer's household know this is the final right here.

I guess nadal having lost to rosol might lose to ferrer/tsonga in a GS final, but considering Djokovic's 12 straight GS semis and 15/16 qf streak, I am fairly confident that if rafa cannot beat nole, tsonga will not. Ferrer's chance of winning this french open are as good as davydenko's chances of winning 2013 wimbledon.

novakisthebest , 6/7/13 10:39 AM

Novak said similar things before 2012 French open and the Olympics.....

willmw101 , 6/7/13 10:56 AM

Just watching the 2012 final now and Nole saying he won against Rafa on clay last year (2011) which gives him confidence, and so on and so on...................just exactly what he is saying now but substitute MC for 'last year'.

In their 4 meetings at RG, Nole has only taken one set from Rafa and that was last year.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/7/13 11:04 AM

Novak said similar things before 2012 French open and the Olympics.....
willmw101, 6/7/13 10:56 AM

..................And he left the olympics with no medals.

nadline , 6/7/13 11:07 AM

@novakisthebest, 6/7/13 10:39 AM

No one is going to get a trophy today, the final is tomorrow and the result will be decided on court. I can see why you are a Nole fan. No one should dismiss Tsonga and Ferrer out of hand.

nadline , 6/7/13 11:36 AM

^^He's not a Nole fan, just a Rafa hater.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/13 11:45 AM

Yes, Ferrer has a chance. As I mentioned, they are on par with davydenko's chances of winning a wimbledon. Ferrer's greatest achievement is serving as a doormat for top 3 to enter the Hall of Fame. I do not appreciate such journeymen.

I can see why you are a nadal fan. Please ask your uncle to contact me, I am sure he actually makes a decision than run away being afraid of speaking confidently in front of the public.

novakisthebest , 6/7/13 12:35 PM

I often rewatch this video before Nole-Rafa matches. I particularly love Rafa's response.

ed251137 , 6/7/13 12:58 PM

nadal has never failed to serve out a match and then lose afterwards ........ if djokovic wins this .......... it would be mighty mighty

isfand , 6/7/13 4:59 PM

what a match .............. WHAT A MATCH

isfand , 6/7/13 5:37 PM

KING OF CLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isfand , 6/7/13 5:53 PM

full marks to djokovic he has a bright chance next year

isfand , 6/7/13 6:03 PM

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