• Federer throws his support to Tsonga in Paris

    6/6/13 4:08 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer throws his support to Tsonga in Paris With fervent fans all over the tennis world, it's nearly always a "home" match for Roger Federer - even when the Swiss is playing a local as he did in his quarter-final loss at the French Open.

    But after going down in quick straight sets to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on what was clearly an off day for the world No. 2, Federer can appreciate the support he got in the heated atmosphere of the Chatrier stadium at Roland Garros.

    And now, the ousted Swiss is throwing his moral support behind Tsonga to lift the first home trophy at Roland Garros in the 30 years since Yannick Noah did it.

    "I always try to play tough but very fair. They seem to enjoy it, and they have helped me in a huge way to win in 2009. I thought they would have been very happy again if I did that again this year. Unfortunately I couldn't get it done," said Federer. "For them, I hope that Jo Willy can do it, clearly.

    "I've played so many French guys along the way with (Gael) Monfils and Jo Willy, of course in Bercy (Julien) Benneteau and Simon and all these guys. We know each other and I think the crowd knows me by now.
    I know them."

    Federer has always felt at home in the Paris hotseat. "I thought the crowd was more even today than it was against (Frenchman Gilles) Simon, for some reason, which I was happy to have a lot of fans on my
    side today,"said the French-speaking Swiss. "I've always had some amazing crowd support here in France and throughout the world. I have been very fortunate because I don't have a home Slam or anything like

    Against most any other (non-French) opponent Federer would have surely had the majority of the crowd of 16,000 on his side, as is often the case when the 2009 champion takes to the clay in Paris.

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Sorry Fed, Rafa is winning RG 2013.


rafaisthebest , 6/6/13 1:00 PM

Fed "I always try to play tough but very fair."

Is he saying others haven't played fair?

nadline , 6/6/13 1:11 PM

Typical GOAT Pretender. Fed wants anyone to win RG besides Rafa.

dejan1989 , 6/6/13 1:15 PM

^^^this is the true, no? This is why a lot of his fans suddenly find Novak exciting, as if Novak just started playing tennis in 2011. The hope is that Novak stops Rafa (the closest to Fed in Slam count) getting closer to Fed. The moment Novak starts getting close to Fed, he will also become persona non grata!

rafaisthebest , 6/6/13 1:28 PM

Here is a link to the Guardian showing the menu on Tuesday, you have to scroll down to see it, but it's worth looking at as-wawrinka-live

nadline , 6/6/13 1:35 PM

ritb, exactly. looking forward to that day when Novak is close to Fed. In my opinion a true GOAT (even though there never will be) is not one who continues to play so that their records are not broken or is in fear of their records being broken, but rather for the love of the game. that is why i admire about rafa. when loves playing tennis thats when he plays his best tennis. at times he has distractions (parents divorce, knees etc) you can see how he isnt giving it his all because he isnt at 100% and as a result cannot love the game as he usually does.

dejan1989 , 6/6/13 1:40 PM

"...But after going down in quick straight sets to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on what was clearly an off day for the world No. 2..."

So far in the season he has not won anything. So, it is an off day for him for the last several months that he played?

phoenix , 6/6/13 1:45 PM

Sorry, but just going by the quotes from Fed, perhaps a little out of context, there is so much wrong with those words.

Fed does not like Nole much. But regardless of that, I don't think he likes the prospect that it is very likely that Nole will complete a career slam - he has many years yet in which to do it and possibly this week. In fact, of the three Novak is the one most likely to complete the career slam twice.

The one sad aspect of Fed's career, the only one really, with a career not marred by injuries, with a career where someone worked hard to match their talent (Fed), a career where no major obstacle was necessarily obstacle... is that a) he was over-adulated when still very young and b) he took it to be the truth. You may not agree with me but for years now I've thought Fed could have gone even further if he had an even-keeled humble (in the best meaning of the word) view of himself. It is that way for Rafa and it allowed Rafa to take every difficulty in stride and work as hard in the ways needed to keep going and improving and go well past everyone's expectations year after year, starting with defeats of Fed in 2004 through getting close to winning Wimbie in 07 etc. Imagine if Fed had the same humble (in the best sense of the word) approach towards himself and his career always through today. I do believe that, for one, he would have worked out better how to defeat Nadal more often, he would have sometimes not have lost matches against others, he would have been more likely to make the singles gold 1 and 5 years ago, he would achieved that much more so that he could have been clearly known as the best of his generation by far, and he would not have been known (or overlooked) as the snide interviewee. Not really his fault... most people going through that over-adulation at age 21, 22 etc would have gone down more or less the same route. And that, to me, is the only sad aspect of an otherwise very remarkable man and career.

chlorostoma , 6/6/13 1:54 PM

Along with over-adulation you get the opposite too: plain dislike... at a time, despite respecting and admiring Fed's game - anybody who likes tennis must agree that Fed is really a virtuoso of this sport - I trully started hating the easy, matter-of-factly way in which he won every single match, the lack of emotions in doing so, the lack of contestants ... I think that's why the timing for a figure like Nadal appearing in the circuit with his diametrically opposed style was a blessing for tennis. You were always going to have people who would stick to the easy winner and others who would jump to the new candidate.
It has been (and I say 'has been' because the rivalry Nadal/Federer - Federer/Nadal doesn't seem to be so relevant now) one of the best rivalries in tennis ever, if not the best.

Shireling , 6/6/13 3:21 PM

Most tennis fans prefer people like Federer who often speaks his mind than nay-dull's fake humility. If nay-dull's humility was truly genuine he sure would have more fans than Roger, which is obviously not the case.

If anyone is genuinely humble and does not put up a false image it is Novak. He does not bump opponents like what rafa did to Rosol in wimbledon when he was losing and doesn't get bullied by opponents like Soderling did to nay-dull in wimbledon 2007, when he pulled off a similar smartazz stunt. Soderling humiliated nadal by imitating the mallorcan's absolutely pathetic butt-picking routine in front of the whole crowd.

Rafa was nice and warm to djokovic till Djokovic realised his true potential, beginning in 2011 and since the hammerings began, rafa's and the rafatards' true character came out and rafa has been a sore loser. Not really the behaviour of a truly humble person.


JamesDjokovicFan , 6/6/13 3:34 PM

Sure, sure little JimmyFedererboy, very interesting. Isn't that nice! Goooood boy!


Conspirator , 6/6/13 4:01 PM


Stay Tune so you will witness every single time federina get humiliated

hahahahahhahahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I am so satisfied.

Vamos Rafa!

Raindrops , 6/6/13 5:04 PM

BREAKING NEWS... Fed is not rooting for Rafa nor Nole,

textor , 6/6/13 5:23 PM

"I thought they would have been very happy again if I did that again"....LOL
He is better than PseudoFed :)

zare , 6/6/13 5:23 PM

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