• Nadal impressive in quarterfinal win over Wawrinka

    6/5/13 8:35 PM | Cheryl Murray
    Nadal impressive in quarterfinal win over Wawrinka Rafael Nadal lifted his game another notch as he dismantled No. 9 seed Stanislas Wawrinka to earn a spot in Friday's dream semi-final against Novak Djokovic.

    Last week's struggles might never have happened as a confident and aggressive Rafael Nadal pummeled Stanislas Wawrinka 6-2, 6-3, 6-1 to move into the semifinals.

    Nadal hit the ground running and never looked back, as he dispatched Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka in less than 2 hours, with the only slightly competitive set coming in the middle frame, where Wawrinka secured his only break of the match.

    But despite Nadal's high level -- he hit 31 winners to just 17 unforced errors, Wawrinka was visibly fatigued, the heavy price he paid for his epic 5-set win over Richard Gasquet.

    The easy win sets up a blockbuster Friday semifinal, as Nadal and Novak Djokovic ended up in the same half of the draw.

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Job well done.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/5/13 9:04 PM

Wow. I think this writer has been following tennistalk banter recently, no? djokovic/


Conspirator , 6/5/13 9:09 PM

^^^Hahaha! Honestly, the writer reads Tennistalk, hmmmmmmmmm, one of the new 'vic's? They were very quiet today.............

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 9:22 PM

?It?s always been the case. The deeper I go the better I play usually. It?s always been the case. It?s the same this year. It?s the same old story.?

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 9:39 PM

Congratulations Rafa!

You were in the zone!

Nativenewyorker , 6/5/13 9:40 PM

Lookin good Rafa!! Let's keep this momentum going right through the final.

Maya , 6/5/13 11:07 PM

Well played Rafa :)

deuce , 6/6/13 6:52 AM

One thing I have observed about the take on both victories, many have attributed Rafa's butchering of Wawa to his long 5 setter with Gasquet but no one has even mentioned that inspite of his 5 setter with Isner Haas was able to stretch Djoker.

Too many people want to see Nole lift the trophy so they refuse to face the fact that he wasn't that brilliant against Haas and hasn't been that brilliant throughout this tournament. Rafa also started slowly and only yesterday did I see the real Rafa.

It is pointless engaging in debates based on wishful thinking so I will keep my powder dry and hope Rafa comes through on Friday.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/6/13 9:31 AM

I realise that the Haas had an easy win over Youzhny, but still too many people are quick to dismiss Rafa's brilliance.

nadline , 6/6/13 9:36 AM

You have a good point nadline... it's so funny no-one talks about Haas being fatigued :)
If anything I'd say it was Nadal who looked more fatigued than Wawa. Rafa is still struggling with his form and this could be a factor against Djokovic.
Anyway, I'm going to stay clear of threads until after the match on Friday.. I don't want to engage into endless talks about who's better, who's going to win.. let alone read what the trolls have to say about Rafa's chances.
I hope it's a competitive match.... (so so nervous already).
Whatever the outcome we shouldn't get too carried away or jump to conclusions. If Novak wins it will not mean that Rafa is buried and will never win a slam again and likewise, if Rafa wins it will not mean that Nole will go downhill and start losing his game.
It's just another match, an important one but just another match.

Shireling , 6/6/13 10:14 AM

Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

childishgambino , 6/6/13 10:38 AM

I am totally "colm". I think I spent all my anxiety energy during Rafa's early post comeback tournaments. I am just totally spent emotionally......................

Rafa will do us proud..........

rafaisthebest , 6/6/13 10:48 AM

If I may add: Wawrinka almost didn't make it to RG due to his thigh injury. On the other hand, Haas had a viral infection only few days prior to the tournament. So, both of them had health issues. Nole and Tommy played at Lenglen which is, by Nole's account, a faster and a more slippery court than Chatrier. Those conditions favor Haas. He beats Novak (Halle, Wimbledon, Miami) or plays tight matches against him (Toronto) on faster surfaces. I don't know, maybe the result would have been different had they played on Chatrier.

However, none of these things really matter come Friday.

danica , 6/6/13 11:57 AM

danica, you have no basis for saying Wawrinka had a thigh injury, like many you cannot accept that Rafa is that good on clay. However, here is Wawrinka in his own words describing why he lost q=Interviews

nadline , 6/6/13 12:14 PM

Rafa and Novak will play first, then Tsonga and Ferru:

RT @christophclarey: "So the FFT has decided. Djokovic-Nadal first as the "undercard" on Friday; Tsonga-Ferrer to follow via @DrewLilley #RG13"

I like this. If it's hot and sunny, it's hottest midday, making Rafa's spin more wicked.....

rafaisthebest , 6/6/13 12:21 PM

I always prefer Rafa to play early then I can relax [or not] and watch the rest of the matches.

nadline , 6/6/13 12:24 PM

Yes me too. Rafa - Djoko goes first. Yuppie!!!

Atleast once Rafa wins, we can enjoy the 2nd one at peace

sanju , 6/6/13 12:30 PM

nadline: with respect Danica is right in saying Wawrinka arrived at RG with a thigh problem. And as I reminded you yesterday he had on-court treatment for it during the Gasquet match. Credit to WaWa that he didn't refer to it and gave full credit to Rafa and accepted he was outplayed. Unlike his compatriot who is loath to admit it. In fact I'm tempted to think it was a deliberate tactic to show up Fed. There's no love lost between those two these days.

ed251137 , 6/6/13 12:37 PM

Judging by the fact that Rafa has now beaten Wawa 10-0 and has never lost a set, on all surfaces, I'm at a loss as to why people have to look for excuses for Wawa losing in straight sets yesterday.

nadline , 6/6/13 12:40 PM

In fact I'm tempted to think it was a deliberate tactic to show up Fed. There's no love lost between those two these days.
, 6/6/13 12:37 PM

Elaborate please ed, did not get this one

sanju , 6/6/13 12:42 PM

Yes ed, I do know where you are coming from as well as all the people who are surprised that Rafa beat Stan in straight sets for the 10th time in a row. Maybe you all think that had Stan not been injured he would have won the match.

nadline , 6/6/13 12:43 PM

How so very nice of Stan to give credit to Rafa for beating him in straight sets for the 10th time, if only he wasn't injured, who knows what would have happened.

nadline , 6/6/13 12:48 PM

One day, Rafa will get the credit he deserves. I don't know how many times you have to beat a player in straight sets for people not to look for excuses for your opponent.

nadline , 6/6/13 12:52 PM

Nadline: now what are you trying to suggest?

ed251137 , 6/6/13 12:58 PM

Reminds me of:
"Nobody beats Vitas Gerulatus 17 times in a row."
Take heart Stan...;)
Didn't Sod say similar? Think that was about Fed.

deuce , 6/6/13 1:23 PM

I have to say, I have been all over the internet and I have not seen Stan's thigh injury mentioned even once, not once.

nadline , 6/6/13 2:32 PM

Edward the fake Rafa fan is seen through by true Rafa fans.

holdserve , 6/6/13 3:26 PM

Holdserve. Ive had enough of your poison pen campaign. Get lost.

ed251137 , 6/6/13 3:30 PM

Novak Djokovic says he can beat Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros

"I know the game plan, and I'm going to be confident and step into the court with self belief," said Djokovic.

"I know what it takes to beat him. I'm going to win - that's the mindset."

"I know what it takes. I played him in Monte Carlo earlier this year and on clay. I played a fantastic match, and I know what it takes to win against him," he said.

"In these kind of matches, if you don't take opportunities you're in big trouble, because the opponent is probably going to take his opportunities," said the Spaniard.

"And I think I played a great second set in Monte Carlo. The only negative thing in Monte Carlo was I didn't win the set. The rest of the things was positive for me."

"I am able to play with less pressure than before because I know from where I came here," said Nadal. "From a very low situation, very low moments, so everything is positive for me."

"I try to play my best tennis, and the least of my concerns is to know if I'm favoured or not," said Nadal.

"These are words that will be carried away by the wind. What will stay is my tennis, my match, and who is going to win the match."

rafaisthebest , 6/6/13 3:37 PM

@ Nadline

I read here I think that Stan was not sure of participating in RG due to a groin injury but he must have felt better coz he participated and made the quarters!!

With reagrds to Rafa and his legendary status, I have learnt in life that when people refuse to accept the truth, the trick is they try to deny it as much as possible by finding clever ways to justify their bias, and after repeating it more than twice they actually start to believe it!!!

I never bother with the Rafa detractors and the Federer/Nole opologists becos Ive realised that the more time passes the more desparate and pathetic the theories and excuses become.

And yes, Rafa is THAT special!!!

Good luck in the semis, Rafa. If you play your best the result is NID!!!!


Monalysa , 6/6/13 3:41 PM

In other words, Rafa thinks that predicting the winner is as good as whistling in the wind.

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/6/13 3:41 PM

Monalysa, I read it here too that Stan was considering pulling out of the FO; but Stan already won 4 matches before playing Rafa, including a tough 5 setter against Gasquet. He says he had no physical issues in his presser after Rafa beat him and basically admitted that Rafa is too good for him.

Why do people have to qualify everything that Rafa achieves is what I don't understand.

nadline , 6/6/13 3:49 PM

What I am saying is, there was no mention before or during the match about Stan's thigh injury, nor anything after the match. Only people who cannot accept Rafa's brilliance seem to think it was an issue in the match.

nadline , 6/6/13 3:52 PM

Nadline: Why do you keep looking for ulterior motives everytime I post a commen?.
And what's this cosy relationshiop you've got going with Holdserve? You keep taking swipes at me and each time up he pops.

I was only going by what I read here and in the press generally. And my earlier comment above was referencing the fact that he dismissed the thigh as a factor in his loss and simply said Rafa was too good - which is not often the case with Federer.
http://preview.tinyurl .com/myauofq

ed251137 , 6/6/13 4:11 PM

So let's agree that Rafa won because Stan had a thigh injury.

nadline , 6/6/13 4:34 PM

Ah dear ed, let us not forget Bartoli, muzz humiliation and sundry other comments. No doubt dear ed, you were totally innocent but still feared a lynching! If you were really innocent, why did you fear a lynching, m'dear? Because you knew what you had implied!

holdserve , 6/6/13 4:37 PM

Ed, why do you care who others believe is your favourite player or, for that matter, the quality of your allegiance to that player. For some, you are not a "true rafan" if you can appreciate the play and/or cheer for any of Rafa's main rivals. I, for one, don't subscribe to that definition and, if I did, would not want to be considered a "true rafan".

Sigh, I guess with the "-fed-fan-ovic" trolls effectively being laughed at, we must feed upon ourselves now?


Conspirator , 6/6/13 4:47 PM

@ nadline

Oh, I thought you were not aware of Stan's injury!

But I agree that Rafa's achievements are generally undermined! But its good that Rafa really doesnt mind! He just continues on with his business after which he says my favourite line..........'uh, sorry about the result today but remember you are the best of the world"!!!

Monalysa , 6/6/13 5:12 PM

To all solid and bland??? Rafans,

Unlike the protected and fake RG champion, our guy still playing in this competition and tomorrow will be a big fight for him, can we delay the bickering until RG is over to focus on the next match of Rafa? Can those negating Rafans have a truce, much better if we learn how to forgive & forget the past for afterall we are celebrating every Rafa triump and moaning at every low moments of Rafa. We are all getting the same degree of beatings from the opposition so, may I request all Rafans to unite.


Raindrops , 6/6/13 5:34 PM

My wish would be for some Rafans not to jump all over anything and assume that it means that it's a slight against Rafa. Having a chip on one's shoulder is not an attractive quality!

We should stand together in support of Rafa for tomorrow's match and stop carping about the whys and wherefores of his victory over Stan. He won! Case closed!

Nativenewyorker , 6/6/13 7:40 PM

Conspirator, 6/6/13 4:47 PM

In answer to your question, I mind what Nadline thinks because we have been sharing the ups and downs of Rafa for the better part of five years. So I was taken aback when out of the blue she accused me of being anti Rafa. And has perpetuated the myth ever since - egged on by Holdserve whose opinion I couldn't care less about.

However, I've reached the conclusion it's all part of her coping mechanism when she is stressed about Rafa.


ed251137 , 6/6/13 7:46 PM

Ed, it's not personal. The point u were trying to make was that Wawa was injured not that it's the reason he lost which dani a was implying so u got caught in my defence of Rafa against dani.

nadline , 6/6/13 9:27 PM

Edward, I couldn't care less about your opinion as you are a total fake starting with the nice little story you have built up about being a 75 year old woman with teenaged kids spending your time cooking and baking in the South of France and drinking during the day.
However, you do care for my opinion otherwise you would not have attacked me and called me and my job and education foul names just because I defended Rafa against the Fedfans' mono myth attempt to discount Rafa's Wimbledon win.

holdserve , 6/6/13 10:01 PM

Remember Edward, you pretended there was a Rafa fans Thought police and you were its spokesperson. You pompously ordered me to stop defending Rafa as the Rafa fans did not want me to dispute the mono myth. You proceeded to viciously attack me when I ignored your order.
You have pretended the above shameful incident did not happen. But scoretracker, Conspirator, chenna21, the Fed fans like abhirf were either witnesses or part of it.

holdserve , 6/6/13 10:14 PM

LOL! rafatards!!!!!!!! You guys are bitching about your own ilk, now? Here I was thinking ed was the samrtest of these dumbos. NNY, you did good dear. I will bump you to single digit IQ rating.

Even for a non-fan of the personality-less rafa, it is sad to see you rafafarts clawing and biting each other. Up your meds, rafabots. You cannot afford to neglect them at your age. Get into senior care homes if you do not have a kind-hearted and caring grand kid like me to administer the pills to you.

Fedkovic23 , 6/6/13 10:38 PM

@ 9:27PM Glad to hear that Nadline but you certainly had me fooled earlier today.

@Holdserve: It will come as a great surprise to you but I have better things to do than argue the toss with you about the two posts above. Which for the record are inaccurate in several respects.

ed251137 , 6/6/13 10:55 PM

OMG! rafafarts are like crabs in a jar. they will pull down anyone trying to get of the assylum that these creatures reside in. One day, one of these things will escape into the sane and real world!

novakisthebest , 6/6/13 11:11 PM

Suuuure, suuuure little youaresuchthebitch, very interesting. Isn't that nice! Goooood boy! Run along and play now!!!


Conspirator , 6/7/13 12:03 AM

I was not implying anything. And I was not diminishing Rafa's success on clay. For the latest proof, I kindly ask you to go to the thread on Nole's win and see what I said about the King of Clay. Your gloating about Rafa's score was what made me write what I wrote because honestly, I don't like when people don't take everything into consideration. That is also why I wrote that Haas was sick and possibly still feeling the effects of that illness. How come you didn't comment on that? How come you didn't notice what I implied there?

To make it short: your line of thought is that when Rafa loses it is ok to mention injuries and chronic pain. But when an opponent loses easily, it is not because he had an injury but because some of us are blind and can't see how brilliant Rafa is (we are not blind, trust me).

danica , 6/7/13 12:12 AM

Nadal was impressive and brilliant in his win over Waw as the title of this thread's not nadline's observation: it's the fact...and he was calm in this match as he knew he would beat Waw again...never ever Waw was able to take a set from Rafa and it sure was not to happen this time around no point in talking about anyone being injured...the outcome would have been the same with Waw injured or not...and with all injuries Rafa had to cope with throughout his tennis life and all that he has still been able to accomplish, "brilliant" seems insufficient word to describe his greatness...

Vamos Rafa!

natashao , 6/7/13 1:36 AM

Edward how are my posts inaccurate? Do you deny claiming that Rafa fans did not want me to dispute the mono myth? Do you deny that you attacked me viciously?
In calling out Edward, I am not locking horns with a Rafan but a vicious anti Rafan pretending to be a Rafan as proved by the lynch type attack launched on me by Edward when I tried to defend Rafa.
As recent as a few days ago she hinted in her sly manner that Rafa's OCDs were a nightmare for his opponents.
It is no surprise that you cannot argue my two posts because they are based on facts. By pretending to have better things to do than disprove my posts you are in your sly way hoping others will give you the benefit of doubt. Which cunning ploy is succeeding. Look at RITB giving you love ignoring my posts which have described your unprovoked vicious attack on me.

holdserve , 6/7/13 5:23 AM

Holy smoke. You're becoming more and more paranoic by the minute.

No wonder you relate so well to S/T.


ed251137 , 6/7/13 5:46 AM

More lies huh Edward? Wow! I have to admire your brazen faced lies!
I relate well with honest people m'dear, not with fakes like you who can lie through their teeth. S/T may not be as literate as you but he is honest. I like chr18 too because though I hate his posts, he is an honest Fed fan and knows tennis. Ditto for Zare and Twinge.
You know tennis too but you are a fake, pretending to be a Rafan but actually anti Rafa, slyly laughing at all the poor credulous souls who actually believe your lies.

holdserve , 6/7/13 6:15 AM

correction, S/T is probably more literate than you but may not be as good at English but he is honest.

holdserve , 6/7/13 6:22 AM

"look at RITB giving you love ignoring my posts........."

@holdserve, do you really want to go there? Has it occurred to you that the reason I am ignoring your posts, as you put it, is because I do not want to insert myself in a conversation, which is quite unpleasant to me tbh, which does not concern me? Why do you want to draw me into this clearly private conversation between you and ed251137? Honestly, I am perplexed.

rafaisthebest , 6/7/13 6:41 AM

Really glad Nole and Rafa have both turned up for the main event and hoping for a thrilling contest, which alas I'll have to miss. Go boys go!
@ed, for some you'll never be a "good enough" Rafa fan. You'll never win that one m'dear

deuce , 6/7/13 7:22 AM

holdserve , 6/7/13 6:15 AM

Killing you that much? I disagree with ed on many of her posts about Nole but she has her right to say what she wants and support who she wants. You can prattle on about honesty but the truth is you have no clue of what her preferences are, and being human, they can be complex.

samprallica , 6/7/13 7:41 AM

The meltdowns continue..... I can only imagine that lunatic asylum that the nadal household is at this moment. Nole seems to have gathered some prime real estate in the vacuous heads of nadal and his supporters.

I remember the tennis blogs after nadal got rosoled and novak handed down 7 in a row. It is even better than watching "one flew over the cuckoo's nest". real life insanity and its effects demonstrated in public.

Hold serve and ed, both of your morons for making NNY look like a Dalai Lama! If you guys had a brain, you would dispute a post and not the poster. They unfortunately don't teach that in a rafabot school, because you want to believe there is only one person who criticizes rafa in this world.

Face the fact that rafa's OCD, his unhygienic routines and other psychiatric troubles, lack of proper communication and many short-comings are well documented in the tennis world. Many sane rafa fans acknowledge them and hopefully someone will help Rafa overcome his limitations. Unfortunately most rafa fans on TT are the rafa fans on the lowest rung of the rafa fan pecking order. If Ed really has some constructive criticism for rafa, it only makes her a better human being than the rafa trolls who like to call themselves "fans".

Getting back to the tennis. Nole looked the most impressive of all semifinalists so far. Hope the King of tennis continues his domination of the King of Clay

novakisthebest , 6/7/13 11:32 AM

Hey Hydra, Edward belongs to your sad world, not to the Rafa household.

holdserve , 6/7/13 1:12 PM

RITB, Ed's anti Rafa posts and his vicious attacks on me are a private conversation between Ed and me? Wow! I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks for clarifying.
It does not bother me as long as you do not indulge in anti Rafa posts yourselves.

Samprallica, the issue is too complex for the sly character who said hmmmm. ... Birds of a feather, you and Ed , both masters of the sly innuendos. I have no objection to anyone voicing his opinion. I give mine but have never said that person is prohibited from stating his opinion nor have I advised people to stay away from threads. Others have done it to me including Ed who played the Rafa Thought police.
I have never objected to Ed making his anti Rafa posts. I have only objected to his describing himself as a Rafa fan. According to Ed I relate well to S/T and this proves she agrees that I have no objection to anti Rafa posts. S/T has never pretended to be a Rafa fan.
But no doubt this distinction is too complex for you.

holdserve , 6/7/13 1:31 PM

It does not bother me as long as you do not indulge in anti Rafa posts yourselves.
holdserve , 6/7/13 1:31 PM

Are you threatening me, @holdserve?

rafaisthebest , 6/7/13 9:34 PM

Getting back to the tennis. Nole looked the most impressive of all semifinalists so far. Hope the King of tennis continues his domination of the King of Clay
novakisthebest, 6/7/13 11:32 AM


Where are they now?


and the rest of them

#Vamos Rafa

nadline , 6/7/13 10:17 PM

Like we wrote two days ago,
when the match against Nole is over, win or lose, Nadal's career will continue as usual, some rest (after Sunday), then on with more hard work to keep improving.

chlorostoma , 6/7/13 10:24 PM

Yes, where are these supposed Nole fans now? After days on end of posts telling all of us what would happen today, they were wrong! That's what is wrong with running off at the mouth and jumping to conclusions before the match is played!

They look even more ridiculous than they did when they were boasting and talking about how Nole would slaughter the pig! That's what KMA said in one post! So where are you KMA! Want to talk about that prediction now?

If these fakers really were as smart as they would like to think they are, then they would have been more careful with their words. The real Nole fans were expressing their support for him and hoping for a great match.

Nativenewyorker , 6/7/13 10:43 PM

t does not bother me as long as you do not indulge in anti Rafa posts yourselves.
holdserve , 6/7/13 1:31 PM

Are you threatening me, @holdserve?

rafaisthebest , 6/7/13 9:34 PM

If that sounds like a threat to you when I am telling you only how it would affect me, surely you are suffering from paranoia or you are truly ridiculous.
You love Edward the anti Rafa fan , that's great but it is remarkable that you hate me, a true Rafa fan. I think your problem is you are too much in love with yourself and also lack discretion. I noticed that when you attacked S/T when he was simply defending himself. You don't have a clue about what constitutes fairness.

holdserve , 6/8/13 12:14 AM

@holdserve, this will be my last post to you.

You seem to know me very well, good for you. However, let me disabuse you of one thing dear, I do not hate you. I do not know you. It is impossible for me to hate someone I do not know. To hate you would also imply I care about you. I don't. You are just another poster on TT, love. Don't give yourself an importance you don't have, in my life.

Now you can abuse me any way you want, go ahead, knock yourself out.


rafaisthebest , 6/8/13 7:09 AM

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