• Polyglot Djokovic a master of many tongues

    6/3/13 12:25 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Polyglot Djokovic a master of many tongues While Roger Federer is regularly hailed as a polyglot as he gives media conference in English, French and Swiss-German, Novak Djokovic is also a power player in the language game.

    The Serb No. 1 lays claim to a handful of European languages - if not fluently then well enough to get by. "I speak six, seven languages, let's say, enough to communicate with the people. It's not on a perfect level, but still good enough."

    Like Federer who hails from a small nation surrounded by neighbouring linguistic giants. Djokovic's Serbia can make much the same case. That, says the player, explains his propensity for speaking as many languages as possible.

    "It's just the variety of languages that we have in Europe, because we are so close to different countries. Italy, France, Germany, a lot of Serbian people go and travel and work in those countries and then
    come back.

    "In elementary schools we had two languages that we were obliged to learn. English was the first one, and then we could choose the second one. I chose German because I went to practise in Germany after that
    and spent some time.

    "We have a saying in our country: The more languages you know, the more is your worth as a person. "I like to understand what people are saying wherever I am, at least to pick up a few phrases of those languages."

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Exactly! The more languages you speak, the wealthier as a person you are.

Federer speaks Swiss German and German which are similar, French is spoken in Switzerland and English is basically his mother tongue (his mother being from South Africa) not to mention that everyone on tour speaks it. I read somewhere that he also speaks a bit of Swedish.

However, Nole speaks Serbian, German, French, English, Italian. None of those languages are linguistically similar to Serbian and none of them are spoken or in the near vicinity of his birthplace.

danica , 6/3/13 7:14 PM

there are various variations of that saying but I believe the 'worth' they describe is not necessarily monetary. Another version of it says you live as many times as the number of language you speak, which I take to mean that you have that many ways you experience, feel and think about everything as it is true (imho, and often denied) that in each language you speak you do experience things differently and your personality even comes through differently.

French and Italian are very similar linguistically. English is half Germanic (and in this pretty similar to Dutch, Fries and German, and even to Danish and somewhat to Swedish and Norwegian, and half Romance (and in this half similar to French, Spanish, Italian and even Romanian). If you know German and French well it is a lot easier to learn English, for example, once you get used to how the sounds of the words change and that takes little time.

Some may think that I am bragging in what I going to say. I am NOT impressed with Nole speaking several languages nor Fed. Not because they are famous players or not. But simply because many / most children in certain countries learn several languages growing up. Countries like the former Yugoslavia. Countries like Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and the list goes on. They grow up immersed in several langauges, but in school and after school (community or at least television, movies, music, cartoon books and books).

I was born in an eastern european country so speak one of those languages fluently and understand at least two others more or less. Then grew up in Belgium where I learned Dutch, French and one non-European language in school. German was around enough on tv and 'in the air' so I understand it quite well. Moving to Canada then made the passive English active. In school we also read Latin and one other obscure dead language. I have been learning Spanish on my own. Again, sounds like bragging. Truth is, I do not pick up langauges quickly but I have been immersed in a number of them for many hundreds of hours and in such circumstances (and a little motivation) anyone will learn languages. If you don't have hundreds of hours of immersion then it won't happen unless you are one of those lucky few who absorb languages like a sponge. So it is nothing to be admired that a person immersed in several languages long enough learns to speak them. It _is_ a good quality to have as you get to understand the viewpoints of several peoples / cultures / countries a little easier. But nothing to put people on a pedestal for. Circumstances, is all.

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 7:49 PM

Do understand why this would be a story. Most media stories are written/disseminated from the American perspective and Americans are notoriously mono-lingual (changing slightly with Spanish creeping in) and so anyone who is bi-lingual let alone multi-lingual is considered a genius.

With the lifestyles the Tour guys (and ladies) lead, not surprising they are multi-lingual. Sure there are lots of players on the Tour who are multi-lingual besides Djokovic and Fed, but do not shout out about it.

On a related matter: Was surprised to hear Fed addressing the Italian crowd in English during his runner-up speech in Rome and Rafa address the crowd in perfect Italian. Clearly Italian is not on the Fed's resume, but it is on Rafa's. But you never hear Rafa shout from the rooftops about his linguistic skills........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 8:18 PM

Fedkovic - good on you guys. Effective communication is the no.1 requirement for a leader in any field. These two are winners not only on the field but off the field.

The usual rafatard burial-of-their-head-their-own-behind routine. Even a parrot will utter a few words when trained. If you really know a language you should be able to do an entire press conference in that language. Fed/Djokovic are desperate enough to learn a few words and claim they know some language. It is for Mr. Toni Slave to do so. I hope KTSP's italian is better than his worse than a kindergartener english. You have to be a total bone-head to be on the tour for 12years and still suck at english like KTSP does.

Fedkovic23 , 6/3/13 8:39 PM

Correction: rafa's English has improved a great deal over the years and is very fluent now. Not perfect but that's normal for anyone who does not speak a language for hours a day. Or do you in your mind discount people's command of English if they have some accent? There are literally tens of millions of people office not more in the world for whom English is not the first language but who master it more than many native speakers, while their slight or heavy accent might make some conclude simplistically that their English is lacking.

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 9:35 PM

Cellphone changed 'if not' into 'office' above

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 9:37 PM

Unless you are a moron, you wouldn't qualify rafa's english as fluent. If his english is fluent, Djokovic should have a PhD in english literature. Get those rafa blinders out and see the real truth.

Fedkovic23 , 6/3/13 9:50 PM

I'll take your word for it Fedfan23 ;-)

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 10:04 PM

OK Fedfan23, I've re-read the beginning of my 9:35 PM post. I meant something closer to: 'very good for someone in his shoes', or simply: 'pretty fluent' (as opposed to 'very fluent'). Last couple of years he's given many times detailed answers that were fluent, subtle and nearly 100% grammatically correct.

So I'll ask you, have you ever worked at learning a second language to the point of being about as fluent in it as Rafa is in English? Because if you have or had, you'd know how many hundreds of hours of immersion that requires for most of us. I've been through the process for several languages and perhaps you have, perhaps you haven't. Now, if Rafa was still speaking as haltingly in English as he did back in 2005 at his first RG, I'd say, given that English is spoken so widely in the world he should have put in the time to get more fluent. But he has, and he is as fluent as he needs to be so your argument is entirely empty and just trolling. Yes, your the Fed speaks several languages fluently, but he better had, growing up in Switzerland where every educated person speaks Swiss-German, French and Italian, big deal.

This whole topic of Novak speaking several languages and Fed too is... moot as moot can be. Hundreds of millions in the world speak several languages.

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 10:12 PM


How many of those hundreds of millions have won 17/6 slams like Fedkovic. I am sure the rafabots on this side would be cussing out Fedkovic if things were reversed and kneedal was capable of better english and was as fluent as Fed and Djokovic are.

You consider me a troll, I consider you and the rafatards as trolls. Even stevens I guess. If Federer and Djokovic got the respect they deserve, rafa will get his due. Simple and straight.

Fedkovic23 , 6/3/13 10:39 PM

I read somewhere that Federer can speak French, Swiss German, German(I am not an expert, but one of my friends told me that german and swiss german are not mutually intelligible) and English with reasonable fluency. He also knows a little bit of Italian, Swedish and Spanish.(Although he is not as fluent at the last 3 as the former 4.) Djokovic speaks Serbian,German,Italian,English and French.(Although I heard that his French is not that fluent and he wanted to improve his skills in that language.)

tj600 , 6/4/13 2:54 AM

Take my hat-off to these multi-lingual champions. The make the extra effort to reach out to fans.


JamesDjokovicFan , 6/4/13 3:45 AM

Rafa speaks 7 RG titles.

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 6:32 AM

How many fishes has Novak ever caught? And Fed? Rafa has caught hundreds fishing in Mallorca, so there!

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 6:45 AM

Let the rackets do the talking...knowing all the languages in the world will not help ones tennis skills.


phoenix , 6/4/13 7:32 AM

Nole and Fed are fluent in lots of languages, so what? For Fed his fluent French couldn't help him lifting the trophy at AO 2009 or RG 2008 or.....:))
And for Nole, good for him for being multi-linguistic, but the question is: Will his level of Italian be effective on his level of play vs Rafa in the semis?
Vamos Rafa, when you bite the trophy on sunday you are free to use your poor French to thank the crowd. FOR THE EIGHT TIME:))

arwen , 6/4/13 8:01 AM

This argument reminds me of one on here ages ago about the merits of various players' partners....
*sighs and leaves room....*

deuce , 6/4/13 8:34 AM

and look who penned the article, it's Johan Lindahl of course...

*double sigh and leaves room....*

phoenix , 6/4/13 8:47 AM

@deucy, oh no, you don't! Not until you accept defeat. Does Kim Sears speak Scottish? I thought not. Knew she couldn't hold a candle to Alize Lim. You don't even know who Alize Lim is, do you? Thought so. Well, she speaks Mongolian....

Okay, defeated, you can leave the room now.....

*smiles smugly*

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 9:04 AM

well, rafa speaks spanish on the tour since, you know, he's surrounded by spanish players. Unlike Djokovic whose only friend on the tour is Troicki and he doesn't get to stick around that much...

childishgambino , 6/4/13 9:19 AM

childish: you're forgetting his stooge Tipsy - btw, whatever happened to him?

ed251137 , 6/4/13 9:41 AM

This whole, "Rafa does not speak English well" condescension is reflective of a colonial mentality on the part of those who say it. In the days of Empire, people were forced to speak English (Spanish, Portuguese depending on the location) at the expense of their native languages to be considered enlightened! Clearly some people are still stuck in that era. They are the backward ones.

The modern person is proud of his/her mother language and personally, I find people like Rafa who speak a foreign language with a thick accent reflective of their mother tongue quite charming. It says he has roots........

Hmm, love me a man with roots........


rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 9:49 AM

*Just peeping round the door...*
Lol RITB and as Kim doesn't speak Scottish and Andy doesn't speak English...why tis a marriage made in heaven....;)

deuce , 6/4/13 9:53 AM

Ridiculous to even make a discussion of it...let me put it this way: How many of you, and overall HOW MANY PEOPLE in the world speak SERBIAN for God's sake? It is natural for Nole to learn other languages as NOBODY understands his native language. He lives in Monte Carlo where he barely can hear any Serbian word (unless he runs into Zare somewhere in the streets of Monte Carlo :) It is related to where the players reside...Fed speaks all these languages as they are official languages of his COUNTRY and most of the kids there speak the same! So, if Nole was staying more in Belgrade maybe he would have had less need to speak French-English-Italian...his girlfriend graduated in Rome and he spent much time there so obviously he learned some Italian which is BTW fairly easy to learn...while Rafa spends most of his free time in Majorka enjoying his life (which I find perfectly reasonable and smart thing to do as he is a patriot who admires his own country!) he is not in position to practice English a lot as he does not need to...and he is perfectly fine the way he is right now...Spanish is taking over as a second language in most of the countries (certainly in the US!) so why don't media ask questions in Spanish? Because they mostly speak ONLY English those poor creatures?

So, just retarded and stupid people would make an article about fluency in languages...what a miserable way to cover up the lack of tennis knowledge, Mr. Johan...go and read some tennis news, you may come up with something valuable indeed and worth being mentioned in TENNISTALK...

natashao , 6/4/13 11:52 AM

Allez natashao!

But JL has at least provoked us to discuss this trivial matter rather than the stony silence which greets 90% of his news input. lol.

ed251137 , 6/4/13 12:23 PM

Lol natashao... no luck for me... I am going to Monaco, 3,4 times a year... (working with 3 gallery in MC). Always trying to schedule my travel with MC Master...
2009 was disappointing but this year it was good :).
I know where he lives, but 90% of time he is somewhere around the world...
He has aunty in maybe next time...
Johan's post...LOL !

zare , 6/4/13 12:28 PM

Just read through the thread and must say that your arguments are very sound and that I agree almost entirely with what you say (incidentally, I live in Brussels so I've picked up French actively and a bit of Dutch too).
If anything.. I'd say that a language doesn't determine how you feel.. or that you don't have new feelings with one language that you might not have with another (IMHO)... but it is true that you can express the feelings you have in many different ways if you have a wider palette in your hand.. but that's just an opinion..
You can also argue that knowing more languages gives you access to feelings which you didn't know you had.

Shireling , 6/4/13 1:19 PM

This is all IMG's work. This is part of their project to de-Djokerise the Djoker and Federise him instead. Remember, Fed is no longer with IMG and Djoker has joined the stable so, go figure................

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 1:57 PM

the question whether different languages make a difference to how you experience the world etc, is very controversial. It used to be strongly believed by many scholars in the time of Sapir and Whorf, about half a century ago. Since then it has been mostly dismissed and disbelieved, although some more recent studies show partial support. For myself, I wrote a small paper on it back in uni long ago when I thought it was obviously true only to discover it was mostly dismissed. And have tried to observe from my own experience. I am pretty convinced, but some of the effects are subtle and it is a matter of opinion or subjectivity it seems.

chlorostoma , 6/4/13 3:00 PM

I don't pretend to know as much as you do about this subject (chlorostoma), I've never even heard of Sapir and Whorf...
I have just my reflections but I'm not the wiser for it.
I only speak for myself, the languages I speak are of course intertwined with their cultures. It is the combination of these two factors that enriches us so if we go back to the beginning of this thread, I'd say that most definitely we are so much the better the most languages we speak (and I'm not saying we are better than somebody who doesn't speak several languages but rather that we are a better version of ourselves) and that in a sense, I see your point, we multiply our reality-percieving possibilites (as in more lives). To use a technological simile, we upgrade from CD to DvD, lol

Shireling , 6/4/13 3:24 PM

@childishgambino, 6/4/13 9:19 AM
---well, rafa speaks spanish on the tour since, you know, he's surrounded by spanish players---
Rafa also doesn't need English to read the ATP website and rulebook, they are available in Spanish. Actually, Rafa's native language is Mallorcan (the local variety of Catalan language). There are two official languages in Majorca: Mallorcan and Spanish. So, Rafa is at least bilingual.

Augustina08 , 6/4/13 3:30 PM

I very much agree with you. I grew up in Belgium long enough and loved both cultures on the street on tv in movies and in music so that I felt I was part of both regardless of not having been born there. Now I've lived even longer in my third country, again: circumstances, to feel I am a fully part of this one. Does not make me better than anyone else, of course, just like you say, but having a few lived viewpoints means hopefully a better version of what I may be.

chlorostoma , 6/4/13 3:42 PM

Would like to clarify the comment at 12.23pm:

I was referring to the title of the article. I wouldn't want anyway to infer I meant a discussion about the being multi-lingual is trivial.

ed251137 , 6/4/13 3:45 PM

Why limit our shallow self-identification with a particular male among the top four of the atp who is good at smacking a ball across the same net over and over, and our self-aggrandizing to only how many languages said male speaks fluently or haltingly?

I propose we add a few more shallow dimensions to this deep debate.

Including, but not limited to:

how many countries has he lived in, how many fish has he caught on average since becoming a pro tennis player, how many empty swimming pools did he practice in as a youth and how many fish were in it, how many times did he practice with bad balls on bad courts, how many charitable organizations has he started, how many days a year does he actively involve himself with said charitable organizations, and how many fish, chocolates or specialty cheeses does he bring to them, what is the most expensive haircut he?s had and that is known about publicly, how many time-outs has he clocked on average over the last five years, how many female pro tennis players does he count among his friends, what is the average distance from the geographical center of Olympic games grounds he has overnighted at over the last three games, how many ads for automated cappuccino machines has he featured in, how many adds for hot chocolate, how many changes of color to his tennis outfit on average over the last 7 years, how many nose hairs does he need to trim on a monthly basis if any, how many eggs does he prefer for a typical breakfast, how many professionals make up his team, how much better has he evade paying taxes than the other, how good is he at making insinuating weather predictions, how often does he write to his fans who use multi-name aliases, how particular is he with his bottles on the tennis court, how good is he at imitating other players, how quickly does he sign his name on the glass in front of the camera after winning a match, how far does he throw his wristbands at the crowd after a successful game, how often has he disappointed his fans for not winning when they wanted him to, how many teenage girls have a crush on him, how many times has he been rude to the ballgirls, what about ballboys, does he prefer to eat meat or seafood or gluten free food, does he prefer to sleep with the lights on or off, how close is he to his mother, and to his father, how many times has he changed coaches and will someone please tell me whether a high number or a low number is better, on average how long is his exchange with his opponent at the net after the match when he won, and when he lost, and what is the ratio between those two (to no more than two significant digits, of course), on average how often each month does Johan Lindahl copy and paste outdated or irrelevant news about him in a TT article bearing his name in the title, how many times has he hit a tweener in a match, and how many hits on ourTube has this generated, how many childhood friends does he maintain a close friendship with, is his girlfriend or wife considered more attractive by glossy magazine standards than his opponents?, how often has he flown in a private plane, how many grams of cereal does he eat if he is having cereal for breakfast, how many followers does he have on one of the most popular and demeaning social networking conglomerate, what is the main non-tennis characteristic of his that his typical fan identifies with or admires the most, how good is he at small talk, does he fold his clothes nicely in the clothes closet at home, how about in the hotel room, how good is he at video games, how should his facial expressions on court be interpreted, how sweet a tooth does he have, how well behaved is or are his parent(s),

and so many more, but it really ain't the place nor time to reel off rhyming diction, but yet we'll write a final rhyme while waiting ?

wait, where?s my coffee?

chlorostoma , 6/4/13 3:46 PM

jeeez chlorostoma... did you copy-paste that or did you just have an epiphany?

Shireling , 6/4/13 3:56 PM

@chlorostoma's jealous of all the attention we lavish on @scoretracker, me suspects.....

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 4:03 PM

I just had this braincramp on the commute to work so just wrote it and copied and pasted it

no, that's not it, this is it:

I was so, so very jealous, of the attention @scoretracker and all the love

chlorostoma , 6/4/13 4:12 PM

...'on average how often each month does Johan Lindahl copy and paste outdated or irrelevant news about him in a TT article bearing his name in the title'... hihihihi

Shireling , 6/4/13 4:18 PM

Yet another attention whore.

Now, where did my boyfriend go?



Conspirator , 6/4/13 4:24 PM

^^Haha! Good one @Conspirator!

rafaisthebest , 6/4/13 4:26 PM

It seems to be the fashion to bash Lindahl ( bashing team led by Edward Lecter). What's wrong with his articles? When I first came to this site I was puzzled by this constant Lindahl-bashing and even more puzzled by the fact that he never responds. Anyway I thought there had to be something wrong with Lindahl.
Then Lindahl wrote about Djoko and goat cheese and bashing team was in action as usual. Edward claimed that Lindahl had written the article based on a mistranslation. That's when I realized that Edward is a fake and makes up lies to attack people.
It is very unfortunate that the other fans are following Edward's lead ( or mislead). But then, I suppose, the evil Edward ( like Lecter) attracts people.

holdserve , 6/4/13 4:49 PM


Pot meet kettle. Your fellow rafatards are after Lindahl because of the same unholy obsession you guys have with KTSP. They are bashing him because he is not as blinded by rafa as miss goody 2 shoes.

Fedkovic23 , 6/4/13 5:14 PM

Maybe you missed his recent article entitled something to the effect "Rafa Moans about Scheduling".

If Federer complains about time violation not being enforced, do you think Lindt-all would consider using the term moans?


Conspirator , 6/4/13 5:16 PM

I don't mind a discussion about linguistics as long as it's not used for the purpose of bashing Rafa! If that's the reason for the discussion, to trash his English and laud Fed and Nole for supposedly being better linguistically, then I am not going to support it.

There have been far too many ways for the trolls to bash Rafa. I think his English is quite good. Whether it meets the standards of some here who don't like him no matter what, is not important.

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 6:53 PM

if you harness a language at will but only hatred and bile spews out of your mouth then, what good is it?
What you say, for the purpose of communication, it's just as important as how you say it, if not more.
I don't understand why you go against chlorostoma, I found his 'lecture' very interesting albeit if at the end he wanted to show off a bit, so what? better that than having to read xenophobic hateful intolerance all the time.

Shireling , 6/4/13 9:41 PM

Who is bashing chlorostoma? For the record, my comments were meant for those trolls who initially used this topic thread as a platform to denounce Rafa and trash his supposed lack of fluency in English. It appears that those offensive posts have been deleted.

I have not read chlorostoma's lengthy post above, but I have absolutely no issue with him at all. I just wanted to make that clear.

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 9:56 PM

I just wanted to add that I agree completely with natashao's post @ 11:52 AM. She said it all for me.

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 10:01 PM

no, nnyer, my point was not directed at you.

Shireling , 6/4/13 10:19 PM


Thanks for the clarification. It can get confusing on here. :)

Nativenewyorker , 6/4/13 11:46 PM

Federer and Djokovic are more intelligent and one of their great abilities as leader of men is talk in a refined and civilised way in multiple languages.

Even rafa's spanish is the langauge spoken by the workers and less civilised part of the Spanish society. One can easily guess that from the uncouth and barbaric habits of KTSP, but if you are a spanish speaking person you know that verdasco or spanish players come from the more civilised cultures in Spain.

Fedkovic23 , 6/5/13 2:21 AM

Fartkovic! Where were you???

You missed an awesome match today.

Oh, your post above looks awesome as always. I didn't read it of course but I'm sure it is full of gems and your love of Rafa!!!


Conspirator , 6/5/13 2:32 AM

Anyone says more language are more intelligent must be a stupid idiot because language is nothing to do with intelligent....

All Malorcans speak like Rafa....less civilised???? anyway I am not surprised it is coming from Fedoshit23 little brain....

tettylds , 6/5/13 3:25 AM

Relax tettylds! What else have they got to go on? Knowing that your idol is still the whipping boy of a less civilized, 1 dimensional player can't be easy to cope with.

jean , 6/5/13 5:03 AM

Knowing a lot of languages does not necessarily indicate a high degree of intelligence. It simply means one has been exposed to many languages. I can't speak for Djokovic, but it sounds as if he was somewhat compelled to learn several languages due to his circumstances. Same goes for Federer. I do know lots of Swiss people, they say it is not common for a German/Swiss German speaker to be fluent in French, but Federer spent part of his childhood in the French-speaking area of the country, and thus had to learn French. Otherwise, he probably would not be fluent in French. I've read that Federer said English was his spoken in his home due to his mother being South African. If not for that, Federer would probably not be particularly fluent in English. Rafa's first language is Mallorqui, similar to Catalan, neither of which is Spanish. He also knows Spanish, some Italian, some French, and English. Rafa comes from a family of successful athletes, businessmen, and musicians. Not sure how any of that makes him working class or uncivilized. I think Rafa's family was doing quite well for themselves before he became a world renowned athlete.

Fanfan , 6/5/13 6:17 AM

chlorostoma , 6/4/13 3:46 PM
Nothing but admiration for that effort. Priceless.

Fanfan , 6/5/13 6:17 AM
With those ignorant remarks, The Attacker is simply displaying his own paucity of education and class.

ed251137 , 6/5/13 8:24 AM

Novak Djokovic missed the memorial service held by the Serbian Tennis Federation on Monday in honour of Jelena Gencic, but was present in spirit. His mother, Dijana, read a farewell letter at the gathering, written by the World No. 1 to his first coach.

?My dear Jelena, I am immensely sad to be saying goodbye to you today,? Djokovic wrote. ?You prepared me for many situations in life?for wins, for triumphs, for our trophies?but I am completely unprepared for our parting. Not being able to see you off makes me endlessly sad. Still, I know that you?d be mad if I gave up or decreased my chance to fulfill this final wish of ours, winning Roland Garros? I promise that I will speak your name to future generations and that your spirit will live on on our tennis courts.

Hope Novak make's Jelena's dream come true.


Fedkovic23 , 6/5/13 11:51 AM



novakisthebitch , 6/5/13 11:59 AM

Hope Novak make's Jelena's dream come true.
Fedkovic23, 6/5/13 11:51 AM

Honestly I've not come across fans like these fedtards - a new low even by their standards. The speed at which they jump bandwagons is astonishing. This just proves what I said years ago on this site, that the vast majority of fedtards only jumped on his wagon when he rose the ranks and they noticed him, they never were fans of the sport. This confirms it! What's more pathetic is the use of nole's name to pretend to be nole fans and deflect attention from the fading federina whom they know is no longer a force to be reckoned with and don't want to keep fighting his corner so they hope nole's corner will be the target of attacks.

This is so sweet to watch - the fedtards getting so desperate lol!

jean , 6/5/13 12:45 PM

You know what would be nice, a thread without arguing or statements about how awful a certain group of fans are. Like I've said before, we all like tennis, why don't we embrace that instead of being hung up on who our favourite player is?

rbennett , 6/5/13 1:03 PM

rbennett: Brave try but I'm afraid your wise words will go unheeded.

Sadly this site has been invaded for the sole purpose of ruining civilised discussions between genuine fans who come here to exchange views and share the pleasure of this sport with like-minded people. The tit for tat arguments are par for the course as are the occasional unpleasant personal attacks. But the spate of obscenities and excessively vicious insults are a recent phenomenon.


ed251137 , 6/5/13 1:36 PM

ed251137, rbennett, surely you see the positive correlation? Between the rise of a certain group of trolls bringing the obscenities, vicious insults etc and Rafa's phenomenal return from the enforced absence? As further proof, look at how you never see them commenting on a Novak or Fed thread during a live match. They only show up to post insults!

That Rafans are sometimes drawn into responding is unfortunate but we all know who the instigators are. And by the way, these "new" Novak fans are not Novak fans, they are embittered Rafa haters.

rafaisthebest , 6/5/13 1:50 PM


Thanks for the support for Nole. Don't bother with rafatards like Jean who will not accept anyone who does not bow before the altar of the bull.

You can see on this very thread the rafatards' juvenile attempts to discredit Nole's abilities to master multiple languages. It is a fact that Nole is a more complete human being as well as a tennis player than Nadal has ever been.

Nole haters will have to deal with it.

Ajde Nole!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/5/13 1:57 PM

JerkFedererFan, 6/5/13 1:57 PM

JerkFedererFan, where were you???

You missed an awesome match yesterday.

Oh, your post above looks awesome as always. I didn't read it of course but I'm sure it is full of gems and your love of Rafa!!!

(Oh, and just between you and Me, JerkFedererFan, PDFFT).


Conspirator , 6/5/13 2:08 PM

Ofcourse there are no Djokovic fans, no Federer fans but only rafatards. Keep continuing with your deluded behaviour. Before rafa's returns all the rafabots were lying low under some rocks while nadal had an "injury" lay-off.

Once he was back, the tardism was well and truly on. So much so, these morons have to even discredit the fact that Djokovic has the skills to converse in multiple languages, a fact that is celebrated by all tennis fans except rafatards.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/5/13 4:15 PM

he following anecdote isn?t a particularly egregious example of the habit, but note how the Chinese reporter prefaces her fangirl comment/question. She makes a crack referring to the previous (and obviously most relevant) line of questioning about Djokovic?s upcoming match with Nadal ? and on the presumption that Djokovic himself wished to be rescued from such questions.

Q. ?I guarantee you it's not about Rafa. You talked the other day about your language skill, and you mentioned you might know two or three Chinese characters. A lot of our audience would like to know which three.?

A: ?I don't know the names. (Laughter.) I learned how to draw my name or my nickname in Chinese, but I haven't done it for few months.?

Q: (The reporter persisted). ?That's the one? (apparently, she referred to a single character that represented his name)?

A: ?It faded away, the knowledge.?

Q: ?That's actually just one,? she reiterated.

A: Yeah. I still need to learn 4,999 signs, but there is a long way. (Laughter.)

Q. ?Good luck,? the cheeky lady said.

A: ?Thank you. (Laughter.) Very nice. . .very nice.? room/47849/#.UbV85PnVBSU


nadline , 6/10/13 9:40 AM

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