• Nadal has a moan about unfair scheduling

    6/2/13 2:39 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Nadal has a moan about unfair scheduling Rafael Nadal is frustrated at constantly coming up short end of French Open scheduleding, forced to play back-to-back matches as his side of the draw gets caught up after week 1 rain.

    And the seven-times champion is seething about the lack of planning which led to his match originally set for Thursday being played on Friday. For the second straight match, the king of clay dropped an opening set on the way to victory.

    "Everybody knows that the schedule of yesterday was wrong, that's the real thing," Nadal complained. "I don't know if the director of the tournament, supervisors, guys who take the positions, they take a bad position two days ago (when Thursday was planned).

    "I cannot play third after men's and girls when our possible opponents plays second after girls. That's not fair. And today I was playing almost three hours on court, and my opponent was watching the TV in the locker room.

    "So if you told me that's fair, I say that's not fair. Only thing that I can do is be positive, smile, and try to win my match and try to be ready for tomorrow."

    Nadal was particularly troubled by the excuse given to him as to why he was scheduled as he was: "They told me was because (Czech Lukas) Rosol (who beat him in 2012 Wimbledon) have to play doubles. "I'm sorry, but that's a joke. You have one more week to play doubles if you want to play doubles."

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Why is it that you Johan publish news 2-3 days past its sell by date? Keep up to date please, every other sports website do

rafakid , 6/2/13 2:51 PM

No surprises there, the real surprise is somebody pays him to do that........

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 3:00 PM

Looks like it is that time of the month, for rafa! The usual moaning and whining. The french hate you. Deal with it bro. WTF you want them to do? hold their hands and sing kumbaya.

Men's and girls? Really? After 12 years on the tour, that's the best you can do. 3rd grade kids can do better than your pathetic excuse for English. Nole, please teach him some English as you school him on the court, no?

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/2/13 3:07 PM

^^^ Pipe down there

rafakid , 6/2/13 3:09 PM

That's the right to do Rafa to exposed the unfair treatment to a clay God like you. Anyway, just keep winning Rafa even they will schedule you to play 3 matches in day, sure you can do it and still win them unlike one old dog out there who is protected by weirdos. Just do one thing for us Rafa, when you face that old dog, kick him hard in his ass...will you?

Raindrops , 6/2/13 3:39 PM

That would be hard to do raindrops - players are facing each other, a kick would land elsewhere. lol.

ed251137 , 6/2/13 3:41 PM

^^^ lol ed...i thought it was known to everyone that old dog has no wilander, so it doesn't matter where the kick lands, he won't get killed at least.

Raindrops , 6/2/13 3:44 PM

you mean the ballerina got no balls? :-)

phoenix , 6/2/13 3:48 PM

How can a chicken got balls? (chicken to Rafa 20-10). Chicken TMF has no win at all against Rafa even the weirdos french fries protect him.

Allez ZERO !!!

Raindrops , 6/2/13 3:54 PM


Conspirator , 6/2/13 4:31 PM

The best way Rafa can answer the Organizers is to bite the trophy a week today.

nadline , 6/2/13 5:18 PM

Rafa's got the support of all the commies including the French.

nadline , 6/2/13 5:21 PM

Rafa is 3rd on PC tomorrow after a women's match and Djoko.

nadline , 6/2/13 5:39 PM

The spectators might often behave like football hooligans and the organisers are in thrall to Federer but, you're right, the press is on the whole fair-minded and acknowledge Rafa's stature.

ed251137 , 6/2/13 5:43 PM

RT @NeilHarmanTimes: "Why on earth is Wawrinka v. Gasquet not on Centre Court tomorrow and Djokovic v Kohlschreiber on Lenglen? Explain Mr Schedule person "

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 5:55 PM

"And today I was playing almost three hours on court, and my opponent was watching the TV in the locker room."
Simple idiot. Win your match in a hour and a half like Fed.

chr18 , 6/2/13 6:39 PM

^^Fed just dropped a set to Simon, there's a thread on it. You may want to go and post there about the match if you are a Fedfan that is........

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 6:47 PM

.........and chr18, do stop sniffing around Rafa's behind, truly disgusting.

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 6:50 PM

chr18, why did you say " I never called him gay. I said I was relieved to hear that he had a girlfriend and therefore wasn't gay."?

Why does that relieve you?


Conspirator , 6/2/13 6:56 PM

^^well, now we know why he is always sniffing around Rafa's behind......

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 7:04 PM

chr18 that's another grouse though obviously Rafa cannot openly say what everyone knows. Even Sean R of tennis-x has hinted that Fed chose the draw himself. Now if Rafa could also get a draw like Fed I am sure he can close his matches in an hour or so. But sadly not only does he have to spend 3 hours on court against quality opponents from round 1, even his schedule is rigged to make him play back to back matches. The organizers are bending over so much to oblige Fed that he can sniff their behinds more easily than you can sniff Rafa's.

holdserve , 6/2/13 7:20 PM

Hey chr18, go cheer Fed on the Fed thread, he will have to go to 5 sets if he wants to win! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase, Fed needs you!!

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 7:24 PM

Poor Fed, the first remotely quality opponent who doesn't even have a killer shot and Fed might have to play 3 hours! tut tut!

holdserve , 6/2/13 7:41 PM

creep up behind rafa? physically impossible. the guy is busy pulling out the rafatards that have established residency there.

one of these days crappyrator is going to come out of naydull's behind. Will be the biggest miracle since the days of Houdiini!

As fedkovic says KTSP - Mr. Proctologist

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/2/13 7:41 PM

Fed has been taken to 5 sets by no-killer-shot Simon, hahahahaha!!!! That's the problem with old-age, it brings senility!!

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 7:51 PM

So chr18 is hanging out here rather than on the Fed thread? He can come on here and trash Rafa but not go on that thread and support his guy?

Even with the cupcake draw of draws, Fed is struggling in the fourth round. Yet the Fedfarts have been going after Rafa! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 6/2/13 8:00 PM


I gave you an offer with your fellow rafafartED. This is your chance to prove that unlike Jean, you can actually tell the difference between your own behind and a tennis court. Anyone who has seen you post knows you have never played tennis in your entire scumbag of a life.

So please stop acting like you are some tennis guru. You are just a pathetic MF with nothing to do.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/2/13 8:14 PM


Liar, liar pants on fire! You are no tennis player! You can make all the fake offers you want! A total joke! You think it makes you macho if you call out people and boast about playing them and beating them?

Coward to the end! Even abbreviating the profanity to avoid getting banned from another site!

Nativenewyorker , 6/2/13 8:16 PM

The ATP's resident whining queen at it again. I am surpised nadlina did not mentione her pet whine - the 2year ranking! I guess the ATP asked him to STFU on that one.

Fedkovic23 , 6/2/13 8:19 PM

Why are you all arguing like this on every thread? It's not nice to read and I wonder if you'd all say if if you met in person? Anyway stop arguing please there's no need for it.

rbennett , 6/2/13 8:20 PM


Please shove some sense up the rafafarts' pie-hole. I will have no qualms in meeting these miserable bitter antiquated hags and treating them like they deserve to be. No wonder these grannies have been forsaken by their families! They are absolutely miserable!

For your sake, I hope you are a rafa kool-aid drinker, or else be ware of the native new-yapper and her never ending efforts to drive away anyone who doesn't have their heads stuck up rafa's behind like she and her fellow tards do!

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/2/13 8:40 PM

chr20, 6/2/13 6:39 PM

Fed is now officially a simple idiot having taken three hours to win his match according to chr10-20, no?

And I thought he loved Roger.

So fickle. Just like the French crowd.


Conspirator , 6/2/13 9:23 PM

Let's go in order :
6:56 PM I find it odd that as soon as homos left Conspirator joined TT. Enough with the gay questions already. We get it. You're gay. Whatever.
7:20 PM Who is Sean R? What network does he commentate on? What newspaper does he write for? He's unknown to me.
7:24 PM Fed does not need me to win.
8:00 PM Up until now I spent 3 minutes on this thread and left 1 comment. How is that hanging around this thread exactly?
Liar, liar pants on fire! Nativenewyorker, 6/2/13 8:16 PM
Seriously? I haven't heard that one since kindergarten methinks. Epitome of childishness.

chr18 , 6/2/13 9:26 PM

^^^well spotted, @Conspirator.

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 9:26 PM


Did you lose your sense of humor along the way? Some things that are said are not meant to be taken seriously! But then you and your Fedfarts only have one thing - hate, hate, hate.

Kindergarten methinks? Gosh, you must be older than I thought! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 6/2/13 9:29 PM

9:26PM So Fed does not need you to win, does Rafa need you sniffing around his behind? You talk about nobody else but Rafa, and hang around no other players' threads most, what's that all about?

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 9:30 PM

Too easy Sheila. Fed was not complaining about having to spend 3 hours on court while his opponent was watching on TV was he? No. It was Nadal. Really? That's the extent of the argumentative skills/reasoning here? Laughable really. Well spotted ritb? You too? Dunce times two it is.

chr18 , 6/2/13 9:30 PM

Irritable much, chr20-10? Don't worry, this too shall pass, maybe sooner than you think! When is the Fed/Tsonga match?


rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 9:34 PM

Well...if anyone should complains about scheduling, it's Nole!
2 days after Mirka's pet, one day after Rafa... Two times fighting against the clock and opponent...

zare , 6/2/13 9:37 PM

What are your takes on rafa nishi?

rafaelo , 6/2/13 9:40 PM


You got to excuse these rafatards. If they had argumentative skills/reasoning, they would not be called tards and kicked away from other tennis sites. This is their last hold.

Their insanity/craziness will keep soaring as the dreaded friday meeting with Nole approaches. They know Nole is going to make rafa do what he had promised the madrid crowds. Even a no-brain creature like CBM aka old-yapper knows it.

Everyone knows rafa's legendary whining. I am sure uncle toni would have flogged him for this unacceptable whining.


You should stop talking about SOH. You are as funny as rafa's butt digging is. - more disgusting than funny, that is.

JamesDjokovicFan , 6/2/13 9:45 PM

Wow for a moment there chr20, I thought I was reading a scrottracker meltdown!!!

Easy easy there there now. Please take a deep breath and calm down.

Still can't answer why you said you were relieved that Rafa wasn't gay hey?

Also, why are you so interested in my sexuality?


Conspirator , 6/2/13 9:46 PM

Next thing you know chr20 will be telling us he's off this thread got it.


Conspirator , 6/2/13 9:48 PM

rafaelo , 6/2/13 9:40 PM

I think Rafa will "bring it", no worries...................

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 10:03 PM

I dont anticipate that Nishikori will trouble Rafa for more than a game or two.
His track record on clay is not particularly impressive.

ed251137 , 6/2/13 10:59 PM

This is the time when we should see Rafa step it up. The weather has improved, he's had a day off to practice and this is the time when he starts to pick it up.

Nativenewyorker , 6/2/13 11:13 PM

JamesDjokovicFan - The only real difference between you and Rafa fans is the fact that they like Rafa and you don't, however we all like tennis! So, can't we talk about positive things and have normal tennis related discussions? Instead of insulting each other and saying 'Rafa fans do this' and 'Federer' fans do that' and so on. I'm not just talking to you but everyone here in general now. Why are you sitting here arguing about such trivial things and hating each other? We're all doing the best we can so let's try to remember that, instead of making enemies out of each other!

rbennett , 6/3/13 1:19 AM

Liar, liar pants on fire! You are no tennis player! You can make all the fake offers you want! A total joke! You think it makes you macho if you call out people and boast about playing them and beating them?

Coward to the end! Even abbreviating the profanity to avoid getting banned from another site!
Nativenewyorker, 6/2/13 8:16 PM

Now we see the full extent of the NNyyapper's education. She went to school long enough to remember some nursery rhymes.

@rfzr: She wouldn't know metric system coz she didn't remain that long in school. Too bad, coz she's the dummy and don't even know it.

All she dwells on is trying to show up posters who are/were/and will be banned. the make-believe moderator, who knows the laws of this forum but can't produce any.

@ritb: I'm an institution here you say.? You forget yourself being on t-X, who makes a jackass of herself using 2 monikers simultaneously, and having many meltdowns. Your sum total of tennis posts are twitter twits,. And the worst is, you even gets confused which moniker responded to whose comments. You need to behave like the little children you and NNcrapper purport to be. And, granny ed, how many comments do you write that are really about tennis?NONE. Your MO is to engage someone in an argument over crap and then provoke them to no end, turning everything into an argument. Thus, making it impossible for anyone to write on anything tennis, coz they have to argue with your non-sensical alzheimers mutterings.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 1:35 AM

Nadal is right was not on what organizers did

isfand , 6/3/13 1:43 AM

rbennett, 6/3/13 1:19 AM

rbennett, 6/3/13 1:19 AM

rbennett, 6/3/13 1:19 AM,

What you said is the way it should be, but these trolls don't do positive. Just take a look at the post @ 1:35 AM from our resident looney tune. There is at least one or two of these meltdowns every day on this site. It never ends. Someone with no life who will invest energy and effort in endless bashing. This is the person who has brought the toxicity to this site.

We try to ignore it but when it's on every thread then it gets harder and harder.

You sound like a decent person who is here for the right reasons. Let's hope that we get to talk about tennis amidst the insanity.

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 2:49 AM

Sorry for the triple posting!

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 2:50 AM

rbennett, nice thought but you'd have an easier time solving world hunger.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 4:06 AM

NNY - I appreciate the compliments in your post, but I think everybody's a bit at fault here (admittedly some are worst then others). In a couple of your posts, even this one, you're insulting or making fun of people, but you seem to know better, so be better! If someone is insulting you or saying something you don't like, respond reasonably, you've been very nice to me just know, so I bet you could very easily do it :).

rbennett , 6/3/13 4:10 AM

@2:49AM, There is at least one or two of these meltdowns every day on this site. It never ends. Nativenewyorker, 6/3/13 2:49 AM

No more than the many fiascos you and your friends have very day, with non-nadal fans, and the squabbles among yourselves also. You have a very selective memory, that much is evident. I've never seen a more over-worked word than "meltdown", used by the dumbest people around on this site, and one other who is willmw on another site with an appropriate name of dum azz used by a poster there., I?m sure of that.

"Someonee with no life who will invest energy and effort in endless bashing."
bwahahaha, You have truthfully spoken of yourself. You have zero life and is riding everyone's ass, who does not want to crawl up yours or bow down in worship to Rafa.

You know you're referring to yourself don't you? If you had a real life you won't be here 24/7. The minute someone pens a post, there you are answering it, and boring everyone to death with your assinine mutterings, that makes it so obvious you?re suffering from alzheimers. Too many moments that are far from lucid for me to think you are anything but insane. You are so pathetic.

"We try to ignore it but when it's on every thread then it gets harder and harder."

Yeah, *we* you know very well that there are many of you playing this game of harassing non-nadal fans. BTW, you're fooling yourself by saying 'we try very hard to ignore it" you poor victims, 7 of you picking on one or two Fed fans and having a free-for all which amuses them to no end, is trying very hard to ignore it. You are the bunch who tkes it to every thread and regurgitates it for months. Your very meager tennis comments are on nadal's greatness and the other comments are degrading Fed and his fans.

You are now picking on seventeen for absolutely no reason except she'he's a Fed fan. I've never seen some of the new nadal posters who are being abusive, so how come youj're not questioning their identities. they could have morphed from one of your cohorts. .

If you ever tried to ignore you wouldnt be in every pot stirring it relentlessly. THE FACT IS, YOU ENJOY THIS, AND AS THE OTHER JUDGE STATED YOU NEED ME AROUND, coz you need someone to pick one. except in her case, she thinks she's on a platform doing something worthwhile.

Wasn?t it last week you were counseled to ignore, and did you pay any attention from that time to the present? NOOOO. Do you remember what I stated that such counsel was an exercise in futility coz your dear friend ed and many others (in response to your many whining bouts and fiascoes similar to that above) have offered such advice to which you agreed to try, but you revert back to same ol you not even 5 minutes later) and you've never stopped yapping???

?You sound like a decent person who is here for the right reasons. Let's hope that we get to talk about tennis amidst the insanity.?

Bwahahahaha, Talk about sucking up big time. Only someone who is totally oblivious would belieive you. And, you?ve only said that about 2 times previously to him, coz he?s not on here often. And, what strikes me as being very strange you've forgotten all he said to you. Just goes to show how much you pay attention to good advice. WOW. She'll (they all) will be nice to you as long as you don't cross swords with them and say anything with respect to darling rafa. Then the lunatics will come out tampeding.

LOL, the triple posting is an indicator that you'll be yapping about same 30 more times. 3 x 10.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 4:34 AM

Scoretracker - Relax man.

rbennett , 6/3/13 4:49 AM

OMG, what has happened to this sight? Take a chill pill scoretracker. You said you came to this thread to discuss Rafa's comments regarding scheduling, but all I see are some of the windiest posts on the sight and nothing having to do with Rafa at all. Here's the good news. No one is making you act like an as_ . Your doing that quite nicely all by yourself. You come on Rafa's threads for the sole purpose of antagonizing his fans, hurdling insults and then cry victim when they fight back. You can't have it both ways. You can't hate on someone and not expect them to fight back.

Maya , 6/3/13 5:17 AM

^^^ nativenewbot is the real culprit here. scoretracker just couldn't tolerate drama queen's yapping and acting out 24/365 and he/she let it all out. i can't blame him/her. nolifer can do that to you.

rfzr , 6/3/13 5:43 AM

and the meltdowns continue...

phoenix , 6/3/13 5:55 AM

How many meltdowns has scoretracker had so far today?

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:56 AM

@Maya, you need to read more before you speak. This is a "site" not a sight.
Now where on this thread did I mention: "

"You said you came to this thread to discuss Rafa's comments regarding scheduling, but all I see are some of the windiest posts on the sight and nothing having to do with Rafa at all. "show me, and if not shut you know what.

Have you lost your mind. I remember last year sometime, you did exactly the same thing you're doing now. You accused me of posts and accusations and other stuff I didn't do. i'm still waiting for the proof of those accusations. All of you rafabots feel that you can jump into the fray, lie, make up stories, poke fun at others, then tell us to take a chill pill, when we retaliate ,coz you need to back up the other nadabots. NOW WHO'S MAKING AN ASS OF THEMSELVES, YOU ARE?????

Try collecting kudos by writing something intelligent other than making an ass of yourself. Do I need your permission to write on a nadal thread, which I very seldom do? You nadalbots litter Fed threads with the most assinine comments and preach, preach, preach at us.

You got something worthwhile to say, then talk about those posts (not written by me) which contain the most filthiest language, and wherein i'm referred to as an "attention whore" and several other names. but's that's OK with you, coz it's a nadal-bot doing it. And, what about the new posters who are hounded to no end by the NNyyapper?

@rfz, 6/3/13 5:43 AM, thanks you got it right. I'm sick and tired of this mad ass NNY who thinks she owns this site (and others like this Maya who are supposedly so pious that they feel they are equpped to chide me) and keeps hounding me from thread to thread. Then you have her cohorts, ed, ritb, willmw/connie, and a few others who keep coming at me when I'm posting and even when I'm not. M st of my time is spent answering these morons' comments, and it takes away from the tennis discussions.

If I ignore them and go to another thread, the bunch follows me from thread to thread. to provoke me to extract an answer. It's sick trying to defend myself against tens of assinine posts .

It's pathetic that this brainless bunch can't think for themselves but follow NNyyhapper's behavior. continuously.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 6:06 AM

yeah, I'm attempting to melt you all down, but you've got too much blubber to make it happen.

ritb, for the many meltdowns you have on this site daily, aside from the rants and embroiling yourself into so many arguments on this site, and then on tennis-x, where you go to harass the Fed fans, then come here and brag about it, I think you need to shut the **up. You and yourr Brando character has tons of meltdowns wih the djokovic and Fed fans. between the two of you the tennis discussions is all about your cut and paste tweets and shitting on Fed and the djoker, When you stop, brando takes over. similar to connie/willmw.

Let's not forget the many meltdowns you have over Dimi when you thought he would lose to the djoker, something you wanted sooooo badly.

As ususal phoenix is stuck on one-half of a line.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 6:14 AM

Hey ritb, how many times have you opened your yapper today? i'm p;ositive if a count was made, you'd win by a ration of 20:4.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 6:16 AM

Scoretracker's in the mood today, gonna be a loooong day........

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:17 AM


I said I wouldn't be on again...but in truth I have been on and reading the posts.
Your last post, cracked me up so much, that I had to comment...

I guess that's the only way to deal with the special

isabeau77 , 6/3/13 6:34 AM it!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:34 AM

I don't understand the thought processes of people sometimes. Particularly on the internet. To me, when I think of someone who is a fan of something several adjectives come to mind, most intrinsically passion for the something they are fans of. All too often, and disturbingly so on this site, there are much darker layers, and I think the internet provides an arena which allows light to shine on them all too brightly. Seriously, would some of you truly express such things to someone in real life? Do you act that way to friends or family?
The schism between fans of different things, often opposing things exists in a broad spectrum of areas. Particularly when you have rivalry's the likes of Rafa and Roger. Passion I can understand. What I can't understand is the notion some have that there is a war being waged, with terms like hatred being thrown around. Like leaves in a forest. Petty bickering, trolling, insults and feuds and rants and ravings. Really? Do some of you realize just how far you've fallen into a chaos you're actively inflaming?
I'm a fan of Roger Federer. I have been for years and I also like and respect Rafa. There are players I tend to appreciate less, but that doesn't mean I go around trolling their fans and insulting them at every term. I have never experienced the intense hatred some have of them and their fans. I don't understand how that is logically understandable.
I've liked this site in the past for the intelligent blogs, and the informative and reasonable discussions. While I haven't been a truly active poster, and while their have been disagreements, even feuds in the past, now it just seems to be normality rather than the alternative.
I don't think this is going to make much of a difference. I just wanted to get a little rant of my own off my chest. But if you appreciate tennis as much as I do, and wish to see more in the way of actual discussions about tennis... just freaking ignore those who don't. Without attention and active engagement I don't see why they would bother. And if they did I would be even more worried about them than I already am, but they're ignorable either way.

Champion7 , 6/3/13 6:35 AM

@isabeau77, I love that phrase, the special ones! My dear, you cannot come onto a tennis site and take yourself too seriously, unless you are one of the special ones of course!

Please do not be put off by the nonsense, take it in good humor, once you start taking the nonsense seriously, you also have become special!

Our boy is on today!


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:40 AM

scoretracker, 6/3/13 1:35 AM

scoretracker, 6/3/13 4:34 AM

rfzr, 6/3/13 5:43 AM

scoretracker, 6/3/13 6:06 AM

scoretracker, 6/3/13 6:14 AM


I rest my case. It will never stop. I may not handle it in the best way, but there it no one on this site who can possibly deserve this crap on an ongoing basis. Do you know how long this has been going on? Sometimes you just have to stand up and say something. This is a vendetta and an obsession. I can stay quiet, but it will not stop. Of that I can assure you. Again thanks for you honesty and fairness. I respect what you said.

Champion7, 6/3/13 6:35 AM

You haven't been here for quite some time. It's nice to see you again. You are making some reasonable points. I have been here for a long time and enjoy the great blogs and the intelligent and informative discussion with other long time posters. But it's getting harder and harder to have these discussions.

Finally I want to say this one thing - if I do make it a point to consistently ignore these posts and not say a thing as I am dragged through the muck and mire again and again, if it still doesn't stop will you all call this person to account? That's my question.

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 6:47 AM


I'm ignoring the 'special ones' from now on...

Yes, our boy is on today and I expect him to turn it on.
He has won this 7 times...he knows what he is doing!

Part of his anxiety is fearing he will be bundled out by a one hit wonder, ala Rosol in the early rounds of majors he loves bests, where he is helpless to do anything about it.
Now, that players are becoming more experienced, I expect him to play with more calm.

isabeau77 , 6/3/13 7:04 AM

It's an endless cycle. And it can't be easy to deal with. All I can say is that the situation is well established, and the poster's reputation isn't exactly rosy. I highly doubt their arguments will sway very many people, even if they continue beyond lack of response and all reason. I'd hope it wouldn't happen like that, but people know you here NNY. Remember that.

Champion7 , 6/3/13 7:08 AM


I know that but it's kind of scary to see someone so obsessed. The people who know me here have been quite supportive.

We'll see if saying nothing helps.

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 7:28 AM

better a half-liner than kilometric posts of repetitive rants. get a life...better yet get a husband :-)

phoenix , 6/3/13 7:33 AM

yes, i know you're a he, but the way you talk looks like you need a thousand husbands.

phoenix , 6/3/13 7:38 AM

^^^ be polite to the queen of lunatic fedfarts. We both know who this scoretracker is. SHE CAN change HER clothes but her pungent pissy odor odor is emanating in 4 corners of TT. But hey, I thought SHE was after you phoenix, I mean chasing you for a date gwahark hark hark hark. I hope you have a strong stomach holding her hands once you met her. Bring her flowers will you? Any kind of flowers WILL DO hahahahahhahahahahah

Raindrops , 6/3/13 7:41 AM

unbelievable. The posts at 7:28AM, painting herself as such a rosy piece of fruitcake, is enough to see what fakes are like. not to mention the ones who drop in once in while and don't see the whole picture, and are passing judgment @7:08AM. It's easy to pass judment on someone who is harassed by so many crazy people.

@NNY, what about all of those posters who see you for who and what you are? Are they also obsessed? I'd say the obsession is on your end coz you follow the posters you don't want here (you said so just last week you'd love for them to leave) and keep harassing them, aided by your clan, several of whom have posted over the past 4-5 hours.

@raindrops, you are not only insanely mad but your mouth is nastier than the NYC sewers. I shudder to think what you'd be like to live with and those you associate with in real life, that is, if there are any lfet. You are a true sicko.

I suppose the posts at rafaisthebest, 6/3/13 6:17 AM , 6/3/13 7:28 AM 7:33AM, phoenix, 7:38AM, and the most disgusting @7:41AM are eloquent.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 8:01 AM

Scrotetacker, why such a short post? What happened to the other 50% of your meltdown?! Did you click on 'Send' too quickly? There, there now...stay calm and post your meltdown rants properly and in FULL next time. yeah hear?!

jean , 6/3/13 8:09 AM

jean , 6/3/13 8:09 AM

Hahahaha! Too funny.....

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 8:26 AM

jean, 6/3/13 8:09 AM

Classic. You've made my day.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 9:14 AM

7:20 PM Who is Sean R? What network does he commentate on? What newspaper does he write for? He's unknown to me.

In my post, I said "Sean R of tennis-x" Does that answer your question? It is Sean Randall. If you say tennis-x is unknown to you, you never heard of it, then.....

holdserve , 6/3/13 10:12 AM

Stop ranting scavengertrucker, time to take a bath and change your panty to somehow lessen your unhygenic odor. I suppose you won't find PANTY offensive as your fellow fedfarts used it very frequent lalely. However, you may advise everyone if you no longer wearing panty for a long time so no one would talk about panty with you anymore, okay?

Any of the 'kovic' lend a hand to HER Majesty to remove her panty?

Raindrops , 6/3/13 11:52 AM

A synopsis of what has taken place for this gang of wretched, miserable women trolls to behave like a bunch of classless bufoons, and street and internet trollers.

I have said nothing to them that could be misconstrued as aggravation towards any of them them, as is more times than not the case. But, it's not customary that those of us who are on their hit don't have to say or do anything to offend these wretched, classless, (as their cohort enjoys stating, attention seeking MF whores) to start a war, which began with chr18's simple/short list, pointing out a few facts @ , 6/2/13 9:26 PM, and in no way was abusive to any one in this esteemed bunch of idiots.

To begin with, nothing at all has to to be said to them by Fed and non-nadal fans for the buffoons to run berserk, or pop an artery, which would render them becoming one-celled organisms. Neither would it take anything remotely out of character, for any one of them to absolutely lose it, (I say lose it coz I cannot believe anyone in their mind would behave so uterly classless) thus blowing a gasket and rendering them mindless and/or feeble-minded, and spew as much disgusting filth as their one-celled brains would allow them to process.

I'm constantly being referred to as a "woman" albeit they are fully cognizant that I'm a man. I have concluded that their harassment and distorted mindless thinking allows them to think that they have been noticed by a man and as such helps them to attain a level of enjoyment they desperately seek, need, and enjoy. Other than that, what is their explanation for such behavior? I have let countless opportunities go by wherein I could have blasted blast them for their unspeakable behavior, but my sadness for their pathetic state of affairs deters me from so of come up with to pick on and degrade anyone. I'm not angered by their references to me as being a woman, but I feel that it's sacrilegious that those of the opposite sex reading these comments would give other men the impression that such a dirty and offensive manner is indulged in by most women, which thankfully, is not the norm. When I think of my mother, grandmothers, aunts,other women relatives, and my sweet GF, I feel somewhat relieved that they exercised/practise self-control, and would never allow themselves to be coerced into such behavior for cheap fun. But what can I say, those on this blog are cheap low-life women, who are indulging in cheap fun, coz they ARE lower than scum. A decent, well bred and educated woman would never stoop to such behavior, which speaks volumes of and in itself as to their lack of sef-control and breeding.. They behave as though they've been dragged up, and were the bullies of their respective after-school detention classes.

The following posts are in response to no-one's comments, but written just to provoke. Conspirator, 6/2/13 9:46 PM

Then, she who is not to be left out intervened "Coward to the end! Even abbreviating the profanity to avoid getting banned from another site!
Nativenewyorker, 6/2/13 8:16 PM

After that comment there ensued a deluge of moronic comments, from the following morons:

Maya, 6/3/13 5:17 AM
jean, 6/3/13 8:09 AM
jean, 6/3/13 8:09 AM
ed, 6/1/13@9:14AM
rafaisthebest, 6/3/13 8:26 AM
Raindrops, 6/3/3 7:41AM and 11:52M

scoretracker , 6/3/13 4:49 PM

@Raindrops, 6/3/13 7:41 AM , and Raindrops, 6/3/13 11:52 AM

You seem to be someone whose mind is not only in the gutter, but is far removed from anything even a smidgen' worth of decency. You have used this site to extrapolate the most indecent behavior and actions of a perverted and misdirected thoughts and actions you would like to perform for your sick pleasure. How many such sites do you visit each each 24/7? I feel very sad for you.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 4:56 PM

Getting referenced in a scoretracker meltdown, AWESOME! Somewhere right now you can be sure there is an enterprising somebody developing a Broadway script on score's rants.........


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:02 PM

I think edward would be a good inspiration for a film script. Like silence of the lambs. He is so much like Hannibal Lecter.

holdserve , 6/3/13 5:10 PM

Here is what has been working on the other threads so please remember: DNFTT

chlorostoma , 6/3/13 5:12 PM

Scoretracker, tell me, is your "sweet GF" aware of these looong drawn-out meltdown rants of yours? I'm thinking no.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 5:34 PM

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