• Federer gets past Simon in five

    6/2/13 8:47 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer gets past Simon in five Roger Federer comes back from two sets to one down as he defeats Gilles Simon to book a Roland Garros quarterfinal spot on Sunday. Next up for Federer is another Frenchman, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

    Roger Federer's Grand Slam quarterfinal streak is alive and well. But not before a huge struggle on Sunday.

    Federer came back from two sets to one down to beat Gilles Simon 6-1, 4-6, 2-6, 6-2, 6-3 in the fourth round of the French Open. The third-ranked Swiss needed two hours and 59 minutes to reach his 36th consecutive major quarterfinal.

    "The number is unbelievable," assured Federer, who also earned his 900th career match win in the process. "I probably would have been happy with one at one point in my career, when I was younger. Eventually you raise the bar and say, 'Okay, hopefully I can reach my first semifinal,' like in 2003 at Wimbledon. I went on to win the tournament and the rest we know. It's been an amazing run and I'm happy I'm still on it."

    He was almost on his way to Halle, Germany for the grass-court season instead. After dominating the opening set, Federer dropped serve for the first time at 3-3 in the second. Simon, who did not face a single break point en route to leveling the match at a set apiece, eventually converted his first set point at 5-4, 40-30 when Federer erred on a backhand.

    Federer suffered a nasty fall midway through the second and he still struggled to regain his composure even in set three. The 2009 Roland Garros champion lost the last four games of the frame starting at 2-2, including with a service donation at love in the fifth game. Simon survived a deuce game at 5-2, again capitalizing on a set-point opportunity thanks to a backhand mistake by his opponent.

    The rest of the way, however, it was almost all Federer. The second seed seized breaks at 3-2 and 5-2 in the fourth and again at 1-0 in the fifth. A never-say-die Simon finally got back on track to hold his final three service games before applying some serious pressure with Federer serving at 5-3. The 18th-ranked Frenchman got a look at three break chances, but Federer saved two with service winners and a third with a forehand volley winner. It finally ended when Simon sent an aggressive down-the-line backhand on match point.

    On his way to a Tuesday showdown with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Federer recorded nine aces and two double-faults. Tsonga, who erased Viktor Troicki 6-3, 6-3, 6-3, has not surrendered a single set this fortnight.

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Okay folks, Federer actually beat someone, who is not a qualifier, that does not make him a favourite for the Championship, let's just be clear. Guy who's one 1 Slam in the last how many years......deserves respect, but being a favourite, no. First guy that is not a qualifier took him to five sets, Benneteau was crocked, might as well have been a quali. And yes, Tsonga is a favouritei their quarterfinal match...................

rafaisthebest , 6/2/13 9:24 PM

We have seen this so often with Fed lately. He looks to be unbeatable against qualifiers and a Benneteau who was hurting, but once he bumps up against a decent player it's a battle.

As far as Tsonga being a favorite, I wouldn't go quite that far. He will have to keep it together and bring his best. Coming back from two sets down can give a player a big shot of confidence and momentum. I don't know that it necessarily means that a Tsonga win is a foregone conclusion.

Nativenewyorker , 6/2/13 9:45 PM

That's strange Rafabest,who are you quoting there?Lol.

stratocast51 , 6/2/13 10:10 PM

Yeh he deserves respect but he's number 3 favourite at best! For fed to win he needs Rafa to go out next followed quickly by Novak! He would need a gasquet in the final! He's the undoubted favourite from his side of the draw thou to be fair! However, Tsonga and ferrer could beat him on their day

rafakid , 6/2/13 10:21 PM

Good for him he was able to keep his quarterfinals streak alive. Anyways, I really doubt he will be able to get past a red-hot Tsonga.

Emiliano55 , 6/3/13 12:58 AM

Does anyone think Tsonga will beat Federer?

tj600 , 6/3/13 1:03 AM

I do.

Emiliano55 , 6/3/13 1:21 AM

If Tsonga can beat Federer on Grass, I reckon he can beat Federer on clay. I also agree that Federer is presently struggling against any decent opponents, but in this case I think he just doesn't like playing Simon. I don't think Ferrer could beat Federer though, the way he plays doesn't bother Federer and he lacks a shot that could really cause him many problems.

rbennett , 6/3/13 1:23 AM

The FED is "amazing" (C'MON!), even when he plays not so good tennis he can still win. Bring on Tsonga. :)

sky , 6/3/13 1:32 AM

I don't think Ferrer could beat Federer though, the way he plays doesn't bother Federer and he lacks a shot that could really cause him many problems.

rbennett , 6/3/13 1:23 AM


sky , 6/3/13 1:37 AM

Tsonga's has an artillery of weapons, one of which is his unpredictability: unfortunately
he also has a habit of sabotaging his chances with high risk play at critical moments. If he can keep his head then he could well get the better of Roger.

As rb says above, if he can beat Roger at Wimbledon, why not at RG?

ed251137 , 6/3/13 1:55 AM

Federer is worse on clay than on grass(for sure) so you would think Tsonga has a good chance.(based on the Wimbledon match) Unfortunately Tsonga is also worse on clay than on grass(and by a bigger margin than Federer). If Federer plays well then I think he will win. However, if he reproduces the form he showed against Simon, he will be in trouble.

tj600 , 6/3/13 2:08 AM

This is not the tsame Tsonga that beat Fed at Wimby.

Ferru has no weapons against Fed. Never has. Never will. Sorry Ferru.

The last Sunday however may get ugly.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 2:15 AM

It's obvious some of you know very little of tennis. A top player meeting a quali for his first match is not a picnic, it's a difficulty task. The first being, the top player has probably zero knowledge of the quali's game and is in for many surprises. The other, the quali is more match grooved than the top player, who has to play himself into form, especially on clay. A lot of qualis are clay courters, who've played at least 3 matches to qualif, thereby making their first match in the singles draw difficult for th top guy..

Dunno wy Fed is being criticized for playing two qualis, isn't it the same a lot of times with nadal, Djoker and Murray? And, how many matches at this FO has nadal won in straight sets?Thus why is Fed's 5 settwe with simon, som eone who always gives him trouble, a matter for so much criticism.

You people will find anything to discredit Fed to make your faves look better. You should grow up instead of wasting time on such stupid stats. The ones criticizing Fed are the same who claim they don't do it, but every thread that features Fed, there are numerous criticisms of him pertainig to absolute zilch. I can't believe that benne is not considered a bona fide seeded player coz he's supposedly deemed 'crocked" in the twitter analyst's opinion.

Everyone who's been watchng tennis for the past 5 years, know for a certainty that Simon poses a huge problem for Fed, coz he's like an amoeba which never goes away. The balls keep coming back and it's something that causes Fed to lose his patience and concentration. Simon defends/returns well, and does not create pace, plus he can play deep, which can be confusing for a player's court positioning. And, the fact, that he can be very patient and wait for his opponent's errors against someone like Fed who's impatient, makes him an extremely difficult opponent for Fed.

And, this garbage that lately Fed's looked good playing lower-ranked players but not so good in the later rounds, is just a bunch of crap. All top players have that problem. They look untouchable for the fiirst 3 rounds, and then run into huge problems thereafter. Oh, but I forget, when that happens it's due to them tanking the match and n ot the opponent playing very well.

The gist of all the garbage written by Fed's detractors is that some hope that if they can convince themselves enough times by repeating their crap, Fed will hear them and collape in Rd 2 to a virtual unknown, like some of the other top players do, except in their case, they tanked.

scoretracker , 6/3/13 3:00 AM

Definitely this match with help fed to be competitive and ready for big matches ahead.
He won a tough match without playing his best and he can only get better.
7 hours for first 4 matches is pretty good and he will be ready for Tsonga.
Last match was similar to Haas match in 2009 or Benneteu match in 12 Wimby.

Common Roger.

sabs , 6/3/13 3:48 AM

Fed needs to lift his game. I think Tsonga has a real chance to beat fed, but not to take the title. An inspired tsonga is enough to take anyone, even if it is on clay. Just look at soderling 09 against nadal - and tsonga is arguably a better player.

My bet for RG is still with ferrer. He doesn't have the weapons, but this year I don't think its about weapons. None of the top 3 are in tip top form and over 5 sets, ferrer CAN grind it out if he wishes. Just wait for the UE and defend like crazy.

DeadManWalking , 6/3/13 3:55 AM

DeadManWalking - Agreed about Tsonga on his day being able to beat anybody, that Australian Open performance against Nadal was one of the best performances I've ever seen, it's a shame he hasn't really touched those heights since. I don't see Ferrer winning RG, I think if he faces Federer, Nadal or Djokovic he'll lose, and I think he'll have to go through at least one of them to win RG.

rbennett , 6/3/13 4:14 AM

Tsonga, the 2008 Australian Open runner-up, got past Viktor Troicki 6-3, 6-3, 6-3. Tsonga is 3-9 against Federer, but he did come back from a two-set hole to win their 2011 Wimbledon quarterfinal.

"I know he can beat me, and he knows he can beat me," Federer said. "But I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen."

Very interesting choice of words from Fed . Def the 'am ging to make sure that doesnt happen'

Tsonga can beat Fed but he is so unpredictable , you cant rely on him for 5 sets

sanju , 6/3/13 5:37 AM

Fed in fighting mood? I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 5:50 AM

RITB - I think hes very confident Tsonga will self destruct :-)

sanju , 6/3/13 5:53 AM

Of course Tsonga will self destruct but he's got to be the favorite given Fed's performances so far. But it's nice to hear fighting words from the Fed. I think he has been talking to Rafa, talent ain't enough!

rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 6:02 AM

It will actually boil down to who will self destruct more given the UE both make :-)

Tsonga in a trance mode like he was Set 3-5 in Wimby 2011 against Fed or in AO2008 against Rafa is once in a blue moon occurence

sanju , 6/3/13 6:16 AM

rbennett, 6/3/13 4:14 AM,

I agree about Ferrer not winning RG. He hasn't shown that he can beat the top four when it counts. I know that he has looked good and is getting through his draw fairly easily, but when it comes down to crunch time I just don't think it's going to be enough.

I do think Tsonga will make it a match against Fed but I still don't see him winning. It's possible but will take an incredible effort of consistently brilliant tennis and keeping it together mentally. We know that Tsonga is motivated at his home tournament and wants to do better than just making the quarterfinals again, but it's not going to be an easy task.

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 6:58 AM

Hey people from Europe

Do Dutch people speak such horrible and poor English like a pest on this site is?

sanju , 6/3/13 7:48 AM


No! It's fake! We have seen this before here. It's the same person who used to post crappy Dutch and broken English and truncated phrases and words.

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 7:55 AM

@3:00 AM
'Everyone who's been watchng tennis for the past 5 years'
Says it all!

The rest of the paragraph is a cut 'n paste job.

ed251137 , 6/3/13 8:14 AM


What do you mean by the rest of that paragraph is "a cut 'n' paste job"? You mean that this is from someone else or another one of that person's posts? Just curious.

Plagiarism afoot?

Nativenewyorker , 6/3/13 9:22 AM

If Tsonga can come back from 2 sets down at Wimby to beat the Fed I think he can also beat the Fed here at RG. In fact, I'm almost sure he will. (if this match indeed takes place)

Shireling , 6/3/13 12:50 PM

oh.. should have read all the thread before.. many posters have said just the same thing :)

Shireling , 6/3/13 12:56 PM

Seventeen - I only posted shorter to Scoretracker because I was tired and didn't really know what to say, his post seemed a bit of a rant but I didn't mean to be unfair or anything like that.

rbennett , 6/3/13 1:01 PM

@9:22 AM

It's the only time any S/T comment makes sense. lol.

Surely you've noticed all Fedup trolls consider themselves expert analysts of the game: and how they all hurl the same epithets claiming Rafans have never played tennis?

But as far as I can recall she is the only person to ever claim to know more about tennis than Ricky :-P


ed251137 , 6/3/13 1:19 PM

But it's nice to hear fighting words from the Fed. I think he has been talking to Rafa, talent ain't enough!
rafaisthebest, 6/3/13 6:02 AM

When has Nadal ever said anything like this :

"I know he can beat me, and he knows he can beat me," Federer said. "But I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen."

To the contrary, even when he's the obvious favorite, he beats around the bush with this 'I will try my best' rubbish. He never issues fighting words. The only thing remotely controversial he's done is bump Rosol during their match.

chr18 , 6/3/13 1:49 PM

The only thing remotely controversial he's done is cry a river on stage.

phoenix , 6/3/13 1:56 PM

chr20, still can't answer my question, no?

rbennett, 6/3/13 1:01 PM

Just "a bit"???


Conspirator , 6/3/13 2:23 PM

Oh, and chr20, as far as your comment on " He never issues fighting words."...

No answer to my questions? Thought not.


Conspirator , 6/3/13 2:27 PM

Rafa does not just use words to express his fighting spirit, just ask Fed how Rafa expresses himself........


rafaisthebest , 6/3/13 2:35 PM

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