• Federer corruption fears over phones on court

    6/1/13 4:53 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer corruption fears over phones on court Roger Federer has warned that the growing presence of mobile phones on court could put the sport on a slippery slope to an electronic form of illegal coaches.

    The Swiss said that the dark side of the always-online lifestyle could be used to corrupt.

    His remarks came after a post-match question concerning flamboyant Frenchman Gael Monfils, who asked and received permission from the chair to whip out his iPhone to video spectators performing the Mexican wave during his thrilling win over Ernests Gulbis.

    Sergiy Stakovsky, a member of the ATP Player Council, used his phone to snap a picture of a disputed clay ball mark in a first-round loss but later copped a $2,000 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct after tweeting the picture.

    Federer can see the door opening for illegal electronic coaching, with people in the player's box sending texts or other messages to their man on court. "It's only going to happen more," Federer said on the new situation, "I think it's pretty funny, actually. The problem is that clearly there could be coaching going on through mobile devices.

    "It would probably be so easy to do. Go to the toilet and you hide it somewhere - I'm just saying anything is possible. You have to hope that the players use it in a funny way and it's not meant to be bad or disrespectful." Fines for using phones on court range up to $20,000 if outside coaching is involved.

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Fed should know all about this as Mirka is always on her phone texting during his match.

nadline , 6/1/13 9:03 AM

Federer will introduce scanning and body search before players go on court.

nadline , 6/1/13 9:36 AM

I have never seen another sportsperson besides Federer that tries to monopolise the way the game is played due to his fear of losing to another player and losing that advantage. I admire Fed for what he has done the last decade for the game of tennis but honestly coaching through mobile phone messages? A coach can only do so much for their player. A text message from the coach saying to return with a backhand DTL while you are match point down is not doing the player any favours. It is up to the player, through the combination of belief, skill, luck and past training sessions with their coach that will in the end result in a win or loss for the player. Illegal coaching during a match? I am all for it. The results would be hilarious. Far out.

dejan1989 , 6/1/13 10:04 AM

On court coaching would make absolutely no difference to the outcome of a match. It's allowed in WTA matches and the results are the same as in the slams, the same players still win. Serena doesn't have any on court coaching and her opponent often does, but Serena still wins.

nadline , 6/1/13 10:09 AM

Fed is a true Luddite isn't he? First he resisted Hawk-eye and now he is fretting about mobile phones. Ad like any Luddite, he focuses on the potential perils, not the potential benefits. I'm sure there is a Fed complaint against the DHBH somewhere........

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 10:17 AM

And why is he not railing against the clear and present corruption exercised by the corporations to influence the make up of draws and schedules? Oh, that benefits him........sorry.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 10:20 AM

ritb, i know exactly how you feel. fed does tend to be hypocritical the moment he gets off the court.

dejan1989 , 6/1/13 10:23 AM

Fed will soon be advocating the banning of left handers and cctv cameras in the toilets.

nadline , 6/1/13 10:27 AM

Federer was obviously right. Stakovsky actually got fined for using his phone during the match, so it's clearly not recommended. Plus, I am pretty sure it's actually against the rules to use your phone to communicate with others using a phone in the match, so Federer isn't saying anything new.

tj600 , 6/1/13 10:33 AM

Hi @sienna, sorry, @seventeen. Good to see you post without use of profanity. Thank you for the consideration.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 10:35 AM

Let's not muddle matters to suit our own agendas. Stakho was fined for using a mobile phone to question the Umpire's decision, not on court coaching, two different things, not what Fed is concerned about.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 10:40 AM

Federer wants Babolat racquets banned.

Read what Fed is going on about, you are going off on a tangent:

"Federer can see the door opening for illegal electronic coaching, with people in the player's box sending texts or other messages to their man on court. "It's only going to happen more," Federer said on the new situation, "I think it's pretty funny, actually. The problem is that clearly there could be coaching going on through mobile devices."

nadline , 6/1/13 10:55 AM

Going off the rulebook, theoretically one could allow the use of mobile phones during matches if they get approval from the tournament director. I can just imagine players excuses for the use of a mobile phone: "I want to listen to music on my iphone to relax me when there is a change of ends". It could revolutionise the way the game is played, with status updates on Twitter from players. "Just lost my serve".

dejan1989 , 6/1/13 10:55 AM

You know he's just telling you what's possible, he just hopes players don't do that as it's pretty easy to get away with. It's not like he called the press conference to condemn the use of mobile phones on court. And it doesn't matter how much or how little on court coaching affects the outcome of the match, that is not the issue here, as it's clearly illegal right now. If on-court coaching was indeed legal, then there would be no issue regarding the use of phones. If you wanna have that debate, sure by all means, but atleast wait for him to actually give his opinion on the matter.
And he's not railing against 'the clear and present corruption exercised by the corporations to influence the make up of draws and schedules' 'cause no one asked him anything about it.

xrf , 6/1/13 10:55 AM

'Just lost my serve. Here's a picture of me brooding over it. OH BTW, that chick in the background is cute!'

xrf , 6/1/13 11:02 AM

Of course no one would ask him about his preferential scheduling and easy draws just like significantly, every one and his wife has been asked about the enforcement of the time violation rule except Federer who they all know is behind it.

They are all in it to project Federer.

nadline , 6/1/13 11:03 AM

He doesn't miss a trick when he spots an opportunity to polish his Elder Statesman of Tennis image.

ed251137 , 6/1/13 11:05 AM

Fed should know all about taking toilet breaks to gain advantage over an opponent!

jean , 6/1/13 11:26 AM

All dulltards are in same line with their PunyGoat.



KMA , 6/1/13 11:33 AM

Why RAFANs are upset about Fed's remarks? RAFA was never in question.
I agree with fed, this may lead to many corruption practices later on.

Being the patron of Tennis, Fed must be worried about these ill practices.
what a man!

sabs , 6/1/13 12:25 PM

Fed should first try and sort the rigged draws and preferential scheduling. But, of course, he would be the loser.

nadline , 6/1/13 2:11 PM

He is concerned about Tennis, individual inconveniences can be ignored in the interest of the game.

sabs , 6/1/13 2:52 PM

^^Individual inconveniences?? Suffered by Fed, in draws and preferential scheduling??

Talk about chutzpah! @sabs, I'll have you know I'm downing a G&T in anticipation of Rafa's match and I nearly choked, went down the wrong way!

I never............

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 3:08 PM

So even Federer thinks ther is no GOAT:

Roger Federer has had more front-row looks at Nadal than anyone. He talks to the ATP about Nadal?s maturation over the years.

Federer, who has a 2-13 mark against Nadal on clay, weighed how he?d fare against Borg on the surface. ?Probably not so good,? he stated. ?He was one of the greatest clay court players of all time. He was fighting with the wood racquets, and it was a different time. That?s why I never quite know who was the greatest of all time.

?We will never know how we would have all matched up, because Borg would have played totally different in today?s age. And Rafa would have played very different back then because you can?t play the way he plays today, but great players find a way, and that?s what Rafa is showing in these last 10 years.?

nadline , 6/1/13 3:21 PM

I think Mr. Federer is right. Lot of sports have already rules in place regarding cell-phones restriction. Tennis as usual is behind the world.

As expected rafatards are trying to do their usual federer bashing. You mention real problems in tennis like doping and you will not see rafa or his tards within a mile of the conversation. Most of the sports world is not as moronic as the rafatards and they keep the crusade on against the biggest threat to pro-sports.

The biggest elephant in the tennis world is Rafa and his mysterious annual "injuries". It is like a ticking time-bomb and if those skeptical peers and Noah are proven correct at sometime, tennis will have its biggest crisis. I don't give a rat's behind about rafa, but I hope the ATP is not sushing things like they did with Agassi and crystal meth. As baseball and cycling fans know, there is only so much you can hide. The truth will out sooner or later.

novakisthebest , 6/1/13 4:28 PM


Thanks for the new word 'chutzpah'.
I was trying to say ,Cell phone misuse is a bigger problem than schedule related problems.

sabs , 6/1/13 4:37 PM

Fed doesn't think that there is a GOAT because he's no longer in contention.


Conspirator , 6/1/13 4:40 PM

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