• Federer not a big fan of 32-seed format

    5/31/13 3:21 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Federer not a big fan of 32-seed format Roger Federer has come out cautiously on the side of his former fellow Swiss star Marc Rosset, admitting that a Grand Slam with 32 seeds can often be a bit lacking in excitement during the early rounds of play.

    The second seed at the French Open said that he had never been a proponent of the system, adopted around a decade ago, which was designed to keep elite seeds from facing each other too early in the fortnight-long event.

    Now, the tide may be starting to turn, with early men's matches - and certainly many of those on the women's side - turning into uninspiring slugfests before the big names start to face off early in the second week.

    "I came through both systems, where we had 16 seeds back in the day," said the 31-year-old with a record 17 titles at the majors. "(With 16 seeds) you do have much tougher draws early on.

    "But I guess separating the best a little bit is good for spectators, fans, media maybe as well to a degree. Also the players because hard work throughout the season gets compensated and gets paid off in a little, in a small way. But it can be a big way, too.

    "Does it make a huge difference? I'm not sure. But I understand what he's saying. He's (Rosset) not wrong about it; that's for sure."

    Federer needs to perhaps wrap his head around the issue - but not during Roland Garros, where he is bidding for his second title after winning it in 2009.

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*last fake garros champion

atul1985 , 5/31/13 10:08 AM

The people who will suffer if they only had 16 seeds at slams are the players ranked between 17-32. They will be facing the top guys from the off and I know who will come out worse if the top guys had to play the likes of Simon, Dolly, Monaco, Anderson, Chardy, Youzhny or Seppi in the 1st round.

I'm sure players ranked 05-32 will be dead against going back to 16 seeds because they will no longer expect to pick up 2nd round points easily at slams. The top 4 players will hardly be affected. Even players ranked 5-10 might find themselves at a disadvantage having to play players ranked 17-32 in the first round.

nadline , 5/31/13 10:31 AM

^ Oh please, this stuff is truly disgusting. Why on earth is it being allowed on a tennis site? Seldom have I read such women hating bilge.
Wake up moderators, where the heck are you?

deuce , 5/31/13 12:26 PM

The 16 seed system just means potentially harder draws for the top players. It also gives more potential for blockbuster first round match ups.(which could be good for the tournaments) Either way, I don't think it will make a huge difference with respect to who wins the big titles though.

tj600 , 5/31/13 12:35 PM

moderators have gone to sleep it seems

atul1985 , 5/31/13 2:07 PM

"Seldom have I read such women hating bilge."

where does gender come in that post? or are you doing it out of habit? i know you hate people who don't suck up to rafa fans like you do, but the rant above is no worse than some of the homophobic rants of your pals jean/constipator.

Fedkovic23 , 5/31/13 2:52 PM

But the fuckster luckystar was a bit bigheaded comes nadal. but you clearly cannot separate a single thought without putting the grinder first.
seventeen, 5/31/13 11:16 AM

So, here it goes again starting with someone else in this language like it did before! And of course, slime scums like Fedkodick20 tries pathetically to point the finger at someone else. Nice try! It's now even more clear that you gutter scum lot are the ones initiating the fans wars with you filthy language and name calling. Here only to cause conflicts. Disgusting. Which end of your mother did you really emerge from? The back end, clearly. Filthy, street gutter scums. Tsk tsk... birds of a feather like crap20, and the like. Eeeeewwwww.....

jean , 5/31/13 3:02 PM

You must be confusing yourself with what Toni said about kneedal's birth in his slave's autobio.....

Fedkovic23 , 5/31/13 3:26 PM

If your head was not so up rafa's behind, you would know how people have kids. Grannies, you gotta educate the rafatards...... they are embarrassing themselves, not that it takes much......

Fedkovic23 , 5/31/13 3:29 PM

Exactly! PEOPLE have kids one way, fedtards have 'kids' another way!!! lol.

jean , 5/31/13 3:38 PM

Don't know why I'm bothering to reply ....but it is clear that nadline is a woman and a thoroughly disgusting sexual comment was directed at her. There was no attempt to argue with her in a cogent or civil manner. That and other posts of a similar, highly offensive nature draw me to the conclusion that the perpetrator is a woman hating misogynist.

deuce , 5/31/13 4:09 PM

Deuce, try to calm down and be reasonable. It's obvious that seventeen-20 was raped by its mom, grandma, sis, aunt, step sis and.....well, you get the picture...

jean , 5/31/13 5:06 PM

Well, if Roger speaks, it will happen. Not that he'd have to face anyone but a qualifier regardless.


Conspirator , 5/31/13 5:10 PM

deuce , 5/31/13 12:26 PM

I have long since concluded the following:

1. There no longer is any moderation on Tennistalk.
2. The trolls have realised this and have all de-camped from other sites where they are given short shrift and have now settled at TT.
3. Tennis-x blog is x in name only, it is actually quite civil and there is moderation there. The discussions are robust but profanity is given short shrift and the perpetrators are shunned BY ALL.
4. Teenistalk should now be re-named: Tennistalk-x rated.

rafaisthebest , 5/31/13 5:35 PM was started (TT-x Rated) already the day someone posted the picture of fedkovic...way so ugly that I start to chuckle again. Guys they are good punching bags remember, just don't reply when they talk filthy. That's the only way to unload their disappointment. They wish Rafa to lose early because it's certain like a sun to rise in the East, their man will eat dust again.

Raindrops , 5/31/13 5:44 PM

The moderation and relatively mature discussions is why I was attracted to TT in the first place. I realized quite a few months ago that moderation had stopped. First account suspensions/deletions had stopped (I believe I remember Cheryl recently saying that she didn't have the ability to do this and it was up to the site administrators but that they won't do anything - perhaps this was a recent change as I know she has suspended accounts in the past.) However, offensive posts continued to be removed (waaaay less offensive than the pure hate talk being posted regularly now). But over the last few months, nothing is regulated which is a shame. I've simply stopped reading it by checking the poster first.

Didn't know that tennis-X was reasonably moderated ritb, thanks. I'll check it out and maybe move over there instead of TT.


Conspirator , 5/31/13 5:52 PM

Lol am very, very calm. In contrast 17 etc seem about to implode. Fingers crossed.
agree with you on all points.
Agree with you too. Complained to the site today, but have little hope of anything being done. Trouble is you open a topic you might consider interesting...and YUK! It's in your face.

deuce , 5/31/13 6:04 PM

OMG soooo sorry C! Oh for edit button. Mea Maxima Culpa.

deuce , 5/31/13 6:13 PM

@deuce, complained to the Moderators yesterday, I do not expect any action..........

rafaisthebest , 5/31/13 6:26 PM

rafaisthebest, 5/31/13 5:35 PM,

I agree with you on all points. That post by seventeen is one of the most disgusting things I have read on this site. Considering what's been going on here, that's saying something!

It's true that tennis-x has cleaned up its act with real moderation. If you were on that site a few years ago, you would have read much the same garbage that these trolls are now posting here. It got so bad and enough people complained so Sean Randall did something about it. It's still run by the same Fedtards, but there is no profane language and misogynistic, hateful comments.

It's true that the worst of the worst will not gravitate to this site. They have to go from site to site because they don't last long. So they are constantly searching for some new place where they can post their profane rants at will. Even has gotten tougher with the moderation.


I don't think you would enjoy hobnobbing with some of the obnoxious Fed fans that live there.

I think we have all registered our complaints to no avail. So it continues.

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 6:36 PM

Hahaha deucy. But please, just call me connie, or call me maybe!

Yeah, just don't read it deuce. I've hunkered down and just skip over it.

Beware of any posters with new nicks in the last two weeks (there are quite a few out there). Won't stop me posting though (unless I find friendlier confines).

Couldn't find tennis-x (the forum I found hadn't been posted to in months). Link?


Conspirator , 5/31/13 6:38 PM

Sorry, in my previous post I meant to say the worst of the worst will NOW gravitate to this site.

Also a special note to ritb. I did see your post urging me to ignore the trolls for the sake of my health. I appreciate your kindness. As you said - difficult as it is. That's an understatement!

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 6:38 PM

@nny, I have the same suspicions i.e. the trolls site hop. They settle on a site, are found out and sent packing and the settle on the next site etc. Currently Tennistalk is the soft touch. Even Bleacher Report has cleaned up................

Of all the top tennis sites, Tennistalk now stands out as a cesspit...........

rafaisthebest , 5/31/13 6:43 PM

NNY I enjoy a good debate and discussion with a Fed fan as long as it doesn't become overrun by BS that has nothing to do with tennis as has happened here so I don't mind being in the minority as far as that goes.

And nny, you only encourage it if you respond.

Conspirator , 5/31/13 6:43 PM

and then, in line with this topic -->

danica , 5/31/13 6:45 PM


Here's the latest tennis-x thread:

It's Fed-centric, bedlam, BUT THEY TALK TENNIS. Enjoy!

rafaisthebest , 5/31/13 6:48 PM

I don't post on but enjoy reading the posters' in-match commentary. The posters there really turn out to comment on on-going matches, not just turn up post match to comment about other posters' comments, like you find lately on TT!

rafaisthebest , 5/31/13 7:09 PM

Conspirator, 5/31/13 6:43 PM,

I do not agree that it is encouraged if I or anyone else responds. Do you really think that scoretracker is going to stop those epic length meltdowns any time soon? It's been going on for months.

That's putting the blame on others and not where it should rest - with the trolls who come here just to stir the pot and harass, instigate and inflame. It's bad enough that they come on here and post vulgar profane garbage and then when anyone responds, it's - ooh ooh, look at what you said! Like a grade school kid! They don't need any encouragement. It's who they are.

Regarding tennis-x, by all means check it out and join the discussion. As I said previously they have really cleaned up that site with some decent moderation. A few years ago it was much like what this site is now. They listened to the complaints and did something about it. There are some people there who know tennis and are able to have an intelligent discussion. They can come down hard on Rafa fans, but if you can deal with it then you should be fine.

At one point a while back, this guy Ben Pronin who is a blogger on the site, spoke up about how it was becoming too much of a Rafa hate site with endless posts rehashing the same old attacks. Even he had enough of it and spoke out publicly on the blog. That sends a message.

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 9:02 PM


I like to check out Tignor's blog on I don't usually read the comments on the blog, however when I checked them out recently I was impressed. However, this site has also clamped down with stronger moderation. Most sites don't want haters and trolls because it discourages the good people who actually want to talk about tennis, from posting.

Nativenewyorker , 5/31/13 9:05 PM

NNY, I read the posts on the link you provided. Looked reasonable.

In terms of trolls? Yep I believe it will definitely be kept to a minimum because they are just looking for an audience and to get a response, hence the term trolling. Plus, if you don't read them, a few can be ignored/not read.

Conspirator , 5/31/13 9:16 PM

Therapy session #179 for rafatards. They will only increase as naydull continues his usual "injury" drama post wimbledon.

The other sites are doing good because they keep rafatards like cbm/crappyrator/crapserve on leash!

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/31/13 10:08 PM

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