• After slow start, Nadal breezes past Klizan

    5/31/13 8:38 PM | Cheryl Murray
    After slow start, Nadal breezes past Klizan Rafael Nadal once again dropped the first set, only to rebound to win in four, with the Spaniard dispatching Martin Klizan in the second round.

    After a rainy Thursday pushed Rafael Nadal's second round match until Friday, the Spaniard came out with more rust before righting the ship for a 4-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 win over world No. 35 Martin Klizan from Slovakia.

    As he had in his first round match, one poor game in the first set put Nadal in the position of coming from behind. The world No. 4, who is the defending champion, played an abysmal game at 3-3 in the first, including a double-fault which lead to the first break of the match. It was enough for Klizan to take the opening set.

    Nadal rebounded immediately, jumping out to a 4-0 lead, before losing his insurance break for 4-2. With his game seeming to steady to a more expected level, the No. 3 seed tucked away each of the next three sets for the victory.

    More concerning for Nadal though is that he will play again on Saturday against Italy's Fabio Fognini, as his match was delayed from Thursday.

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RG has always treated Rafa like this. (maybe one day they'll acknowledge and praise him how he deserves).
If it weren't for the stupid way the ranking works in tennis, I'd say he could just skip it next year, he's won enough times. He could focus on maybe snatching a few other GSs.
If Novak doesn't beat him this year it will be just too ridiculous .. and can't win it forever, at some point he'll just have to stop :)

Shireling , 5/31/13 10:27 PM

@ Shireling,

I have been thinking that exact same thing for a while now! I think if Rafa wins RG this year that he should skip it and concentrate on the other slams instead! But if he chooses to do that he would be criiticised endlessly for perhaps being arrogant, in that he feels that why waste his time with RG bcos no one can beat him there!!!!! You know, people would very much prefer for someone to finally beat him, a la Novak/Federer, rather of him boycotting the event all together!..............damned if he does, damned if he doesnt!!!

For me, i would very much orefer if he stop playing the tournement all together rather then let someone beat him there...................besides RG does not deserve a champion like Rafa!!! There will never be another like him and if he boycotts the event it will certainly lose is lustre which he has certainly brought single handedly to the event, like it or not!!!

Monalysa , 5/31/13 11:18 PM

I am of your same opinion Monalysa, I'd prefer Rafa to skip it whether he wins this year or not. You're quite right in saying that, by some, he'll never make the right decision.
I don't think he has brought lustre to RG single handedly although for sure he's its best champion ever
The likes of Borg and Lendl, or Sampras and McEnroe never being able to win it also contributed to its appeal (and disdain by others)

Shireling , 5/31/13 11:42 PM

Nadal will never skip RG unless he's retired or actually injured. If you notice he's skipped the other 3 GS and the Olympics but not RG since he first won in 2005. He knows where his bread is buttered.

chr18 , 5/31/13 11:53 PM

So Nadal has lost 2 sets already. I guess if this continues we'll be hearing about how his knee was infiltrated for every match and another long break coming.

chr18 , 6/1/13 12:42 PM

No doubt you will be telling us as the news comes, chr18, as it is clear your tennis antenna is only tuned to Rafa radio.....

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 12:51 PM

Rafael Nadal lets rip at French Open scheduling and women's tennis.

Roger Federer played it down the middle when asked to comment on Nadal's predicament.

"I understand that he's frustrated," the Swiss said shortly after beating Julien Benneteau in three fairly quick sets. "That's understandable ? that is, he would like to play the second day like any other day. But I think 50% of the players couldn't play their match [on Thursday].

"Then it makes the situation very complicated for everybody. Some coaches coach two players, so maybe they say, 'Please don't make them play at the same time, [play] one in the morning,' [but] the other one doesn't want [that]. Anything goes. Anything is possible for all players, for all organisers.

"It's probably complicated. I think they didn't do it on purpose. You know, they do their best."

No, they didn't schedule you to play on the first day on purpose, Rog, it's complicated. They were only doing their best.


rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 1:27 PM

I wonder how many of you support Shireling and Monalysa's idea that Nadal should skip the FO in the coming years? It certainly good be good for Fed/Djoker. :)

chr18 , 6/1/13 1:38 PM

I said on another thread Rafa should not set foot on RG AFTER he retires. I want him to get to at least 10 RG's before considering retirement.

That'll be sticking his tongue out at the French.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 1:52 PM

chr18, that's the big difference between Rafans and Fedfarts. You have seen Rafans clashing with different opinions unlike fedfarts who can be associated to penguins in the zoo. They really looked funny stupid specially at night when the zookeeper lit up the flashlight and there you go the penguins focused their attention altogether on the spotlight. You can see unison well choreographed head movement as the spotlight moves and no one of them want to disengaged with what they are seeing even it caused them a twisted neck.

Raindrops , 6/1/13 2:04 PM

I don't understand why Rafa should skip his best tournament just because the French can't take it that RG is owned by a Spaniard. When Sampras retired he was pretty assured that his 14 slam titles would never be beaten and it has, so there is no guarantee that someone might not come along one day and beat Rafa's RG record. So, I think the more titles he can win before retiring the better.

To skip RG would be cutting his nose to spite his face.

nadline , 6/1/13 2:05 PM

Nishikori has downed Paire in 4 sets.

nadline , 6/1/13 2:07 PM

It would also be an empty, arrogant gesture and Rafa doesn't do arrogant.

ed251137 , 6/1/13 2:09 PM

It never occured to my head that kind of thought. The best thing Rafa would do to get even with French is to keep winning it.


Raindrops , 6/1/13 2:11 PM

RG is a gimme for Rafa (Unlike other people, I do not think Rafa is on the decline because he dropped 2 sets at RG 2013). Also, it is prep for Wimby. Also, winning RG sets him up nicely to add to his Channel Slam record. And last but not least, continuing playing and winning makes the French mad.............I'll toast to that!

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 2:14 PM

Right now when Rafa is clearly the boss at RG, many commies can't wait to shoe-in Djoker in his place simply because it's not Federer who owns RG.

nadline , 6/1/13 2:17 PM

Muzz is already practicing at Wimbledon and he says clay is bad for his back so he won't be a contender at RG should Rafa not play and Fed is on his way out so guess who would probably take over without Rafa being there?

nadline , 6/1/13 2:20 PM

The desperation by the media for Novak to be RG Cahmpion is unreal. Look how they keep saying how Novak nearly beat Rafa at RG 2012, he never took Rafa to 5 sets, yet Rafa who took Novak to 5 sets "at his house", the Australian Open you never hear them say Rafa nearly beat Novak.

Hang on to your house keys Rafa................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 2:28 PM

^^^Exactly. They put more emphasis on the set that Novak won in the RG final last year than the other 3 sets that Rafa won. Novak has only made it to the final of one clay tournament this season and because he unfortunately beat Rafa there in MC it's wiped off all the beatings he got in Madrid and Rome.

Had Rafa lost in the 1st round to Dimi in Madrid and was due to play him again at RG that's all they would have been talking about. Since it's Nole who suffered the beating not Rafa it hasn't stopped them catapulting Nole to the final even though there are 3 players still in his Qtr that he could very well lose to - Haas, Dimitrov and Isner.

nadline , 6/1/13 2:38 PM

Imagine if it was Rosol Rafa was playing today instead of Fog, the internet and media would have been electric with speculation. That's the only reason I was glad that Rosol went out. Rafa will have his chance to teach him a lesson one day but not now.

nadline , 6/1/13 2:42 PM

^^They all wanted a Rosol/Rafa rematch. Look how the RG officials went out of their way to accommodate Rosol, Rosol!! At the expense of their 7-tine Champion!! Am glad Rafa embarrassed them openly, exposing their shenanigans. Can you imagine! As Rafa said, they chose to protect Rosol by scheduling his match ahead of Rafa.......because he had a doubles match later on? How lame can you get? And then Rosol proceeds to win both the singles and doubles matches.........

Desperation knows no bounds. Grown men prepared to make fools of themselves by backing a lame horse like Rosol to down Rafa at RG.................

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 3:01 PM

^^meant to say, Rosol proceeds to lose both the singles and doubles matches.....

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 3:03 PM

I'm sure Rosol was handpicked and put in Rafa's Qtr just like he happened to be the 'lucky' loser in Rafa Qtr in Rome.

nadline , 6/1/13 3:08 PM

And of course this kind of corruption does not worry Roger, it's mobile phones that are doing his head in, just like the amount of time Rafa took in between serves did.....

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 3:16 PM

Looks like Maria wants to take the scenic route (3-setter)................


rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 3:29 PM

Folks, the only reason why i would not mind if Rafa decides to stop participating at RG is because i believe it would give him and his body a better chance of winning the other slams esp USO and AO which are his least successful slams! Thats all!! I mean Rafa is already a legend on clay, he has nothing else to prove!!! No matter how many RGs he wins we cannot guarantee that the record will not get broken, records are not forever!!!!

The thing with Rafa and clay is that since he is so good at it and that he makes almost every final at least, and now more than ever with the competion getting really tough it is even more tasking for him, so by the time he gets to the second half of the year he is spent!! So to me, he is better off participating less during the clay season and concentrate more on the other slams and WTF where he is better able to produce better results, esp as he is getting older!!

Its not about getting back at the French, who cares about them?! Just a thought............

Monalysa , 6/1/13 4:09 PM

I don't think Rafa would ever skip RG. Why would he not want to play at the slam where he has had his greatest triumphs? Why would he abandon clay to supposedly prove something on other surfaces? He's done it all.

Nativenewyorker , 6/1/13 7:06 PM

@Monalysa, your argument sounds suspiciously like the one put forward by Fedfans that Rafa's Slams are too heavily weighted towards clay (as if that is a problem), he needs to win more off clay (why?, isn't clay the same as grass or HC in terms of weighting?). I don't hear people say Novak needs to stop winning on HC (where the majority of his wins are, or Australian Open where the majority of his Slams are) and win off HC to prove himself.

Rafa is doing just fine. Let him win on clay, his favourite surface, just as Novak wins on HC, his favourite surface and Fed wins on grass, his favourite surface.

rafaisthebest , 6/1/13 8:26 PM

That's exactly what Monalysa and Shireling are saying. Even while I agree with this, if I were him, I wouldn't stop playing it. Easy money lol.

chr18 , 6/1/13 8:49 PM


Easy money? Are you kidding me? Rafa may make it look easy but it is anything but that! To lose one match at RG in his whole career? Even Fed never had that kind of dominance at Wimbledon. Which is why Rafa's record at RG is such a sticking point with you and your other Fed fans.

Borg made it look easy, too. Except that we now know that he practiced endlessly to become so physically fit like a tennis machine. We know that he had his own routines such as following the same route to the tournament, using the same towel or the same chair, sleeping at the same temperature every night. It takes more than we know to dominate at a slam the way that Borg and Rafa have at RG.

Or are you just hoping that Rafa will skip it in time for Fed to have another chance for a win?

Nativenewyorker , 6/1/13 9:23 PM

It wasn't me who suggested that he skip it. Please read the beginning of this thread. I've repeatedly said it would be stupid of him to skip it.

chr18 , 6/1/13 10:31 PM


40 UEs from Rafa and 59 from The Fog.


Conspirator , 6/1/13 10:51 PM

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