• Federer destroys Devvarman at Roland Garros

    5/29/13 8:08 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Federer destroys Devvarman at Roland Garros Roger Federer makes quick work of Somdev Devvarman on Wednesday at Roland Garros. Next up for Federer is familiar foe Julien Benneteau.

    Roger Federer continued to cruise at the French Open on Wednesday, as he hammered Somdev Devvarman 6-2, 6-1, 6-1 during second-round action. Federer needed just one hour and 22 minutes to set up a meeting with Julien Benneteau on Friday.

    The third-ranked Swiss broke at love in the first game of the match, setting the tone for its remainder right away. Devvarman had two break points at 1-2 to get back on serve, but he could not convert. The Indian qualifier delivered a second hold for 2-5 before Federer wrapped up the opener with a routine service game.

    Devvarman won a mere five return points in each of the first two sets. He failed to capitalize on his lone break chance in the second and dropped his own serve an additional three times. Two more breaks in the third were easily enough for Federer, who clinched victory on serve at 5-2.

    The 2009 Roland Garros champion finished with 54 winners to his opponent' 12.

    Benneteau, by contrast, survived a grueling five-setter with Tobias Kamke. The Frenchman blew a two-set lead and surrendered the fourth 6-0 before prevailing 6-4 in the fifth. He needed three hours and 59 minute to advance.

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Thoughts from Roger himself...



Conspirator , 5/29/13 9:29 PM

Keep it up Conspirator I enjoy reading your posts. You missed off your hashtag. Don't worry I'll sort it.....

#10 - 20

brothdog , 5/29/13 9:55 PM

Conspirator , 5/29/13 9:29 PM

Did you notice who one of the posters at the bottom of the Blog was: cheaternadal, yes tennisna reads PseudoFed!

rafaisthebest , 5/29/13 10:10 PM

No I missed that RITB. Too funny.

brothdog, haha, a true fed fan like yourself won't rise to my troll bait.


Conspirator , 5/29/13 10:46 PM

ritb: Is it possible PseudoFed is written by someone we know :-D

ed251137 , 5/29/13 10:49 PM

I pulled up that link and didn't see cheaternadal. Where is it? This is hilarious!

Oh and for seventeen going on seven - you have given yourself away!

Nativenewyorker , 5/30/13 2:31 AM

He "was" also on Twitter...

#RealShoc ker

Conspirator , 5/30/13 3:09 AM

It takes a lot to have your Twitter account suspended.

Hope TT moderators have noted this.

ed251137 , 5/30/13 4:44 AM

Conspirator, 5/30/13 3:09 AM,

How did you find this? I have a Twitter account but don't use it that much.

I didn't know that it takes a lot to have your Twitter account suspended. I am still a novice.

Who are we talking about? Tennisnba who posts everywhere under a bunch of different screen names?

Nativenewyorker , 5/30/13 4:59 AM

@nny, @Conspirator, you know what, I opened the PseudoFed Blog intending to copy and paste that post by cheaternadal for @nny and it is no longer there! The post was there yesterday when I read the Blog for the first time. I think PseudoFed deleted it! PseudpFed has zoomed up my estimation, I am impressed.

PseudoFed wised up to him because cheaternadal used to troll mercilessly on the PF Blog, sending endless posts.

Well, let's hope TT moderators take note and do not get left out, the blogosphere is cleaning up. That's how you deal with trolls.

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 7:19 AM

Talking of people zooming up in my estimation, Federer just did with his comments about Gulbis's comments saying the Top Four's pressers are boring. This is what Federer supposedly said in response to Gulbis:

Federer: "I know what Gulbis means. But it's not always our fault. We have to do so many press conf., he does less" (via @GregBeaud20min)

Zing! Hahahaha!

And seriously, you know you have a personality problem when Ferru, yes, sweet non-confrontational Ferru is moved to say this about your stupid comments:

RT @fgomezsaez: "Gulbis dice que los de arriba aburren, se llevan bien y no rompen raquetas. Ferrer responde: "mejor aburrirse que pegar tiros sin sentido".

Which loosely translated means, better to be boring than take senseless shots. I defer to the Spanish speakers on TT to make a more accurate translation.

Why do I get the feeling Gulbis is too thick to get the message?

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 7:34 AM


At last the mystery is solved! I kept checking that link over and over to try and find this cheaternadal. So now you have explained what happened. Good for PseudoFed for getting rid of this troll.

I agree and have been saying this for a while about how to deal with trolls. Everyone has to face this reality. It's easy to get rid of them. Once you delete their comments then they will try to find someplace else to go for a while, until their posts are deleted or they are banned again.

Also, I loved Fed's response to Gulbis' comments. He just swatted him like a fly! You know that Fed would have zero respect for a guy who was gifted with such talent and enormous potential, but who has done precisely nothing with it. Yet he feels free to take cheap shots at those who have achieved that level of success.

Oh and yes, Gulbis is far too think to ever get the message!

Nativenewyorker , 5/30/13 8:13 AM

Sorry, Gulbis is far too THICk to get the message!

Nativenewyorker , 5/30/13 8:15 AM

There was a time when Gulbis was the flavour of the month and had quite a fan following before he all but disappeared from sight. Since his reincarnation he seems to be hell bent on alienating everybody with his foot in the mouth comments: I cant think he is very popular in the locker room either.

ed251137 , 5/30/13 11:57 AM

Who of the top few players do you find most difficult to play?

Well, I never won against Nadal. Definitely him. But I like to play against him. His game style suits me well. Yeah, probably him. Because the rest I won ?? okay, I won ?? Murray I won in exhibition match, which doesn't really count, but still, for me it counts. Novak I won once. Roger I won once.

Yeah, probably Rafa.

phoenix , 5/30/13 12:24 PM

Rafa is the most difficult player to beat, his overwhelming positive H2H against the field attests to that. This is why beating Rafa is the equivalent of winning an Olympic gold medal for a lot of players, and why we never hear the end of it if Rafa gets the odd beat-down........

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 12:32 PM

^^^Exactly. Even taking a set of Rafa is something to write about. Sod must be savouring his wins over Rafa now far more than over Roger, Nole or Murray. He must think it's the biggest achievement of his career.

nadline , 5/30/13 12:36 PM

.taking a set [off] Rafa

nadline , 5/30/13 12:41 PM

@nadline, what exactly is Sod remembered for now? I dare you, google Soderling right now and look up a couple of articles randomly and I bet you the focus of each article will be his take-down of Rafa at RG. If he was American he would have written a book on that specific match alone and made a lot of money off it.........

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 12:46 PM

And which match is my TV feed showing during the rain delay.......Rafa vs Brands!

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 12:49 PM

Andy Murray, Roger Federer and boring pals need to start trash talking says playboy Ernests Gulbis
29 May 2013 22:30

Son of a millionaire banker, once jailed for soliciting a Swedish prostitute, the world No.40 wants a bit of abuse and broken racquets...

And world No.40 Ernests Gulbis, who was once jailed for soliciting a Swedish prostitute, blames Roger Federer for making the sport bland.

Gulbis, the son of a millionaire banker, claimed: ?Tennis today badly lacks characters. I respect Roger, Rafa, Novak and Murray but, for me, all four of them are boring players. Their interviews are boring. Honestly, they are c**p.

?I often go on YouTube to watch the interviews. With tennis, I quickly stop. It is a joke. It is Federer who started this fashion. He has a superb image of the perfect Swiss gentleman. I repeat, I respect Federer but I don?t like it that young players try to imitate him.

?I do not want to hear a guy who I will not name, but who I know thinks all his opponents are arseholes, putting on an act. I don?t care about my image. I have no interest in appearing nice.?

Gulbis, who lost in four sets to Gael Monfils at the French Open yesterday, wants tennis stars to trash talk like boxers.

?On the court, it is a war,? he said. ?Off court, no problem. But I want to say what I think. I would like interviews to be more like in boxing.

?OK, maybe those guys are maybe not the most brilliant on earth, but when they face each other down at the weigh-in, they bring what the fans want: war, blood, emotion.

?All that is missing in tennis, where everything is clean and white with polite handshakes and some nice shots. While the people want to see broken racquets and hear outbursts on the court.?

The colourful 24-year-old has admitted taking marijuana but insisted his arrest in Sweden was a misunderstanding. And Gulbis has no interest in getting elected to the players? board.

?The system is much too bureaucratic. It would need that the top players agree to change things. But they are rather happy that the smaller players are treated like s**t and that they don?t have enough money to pay for good coaches.?

Murray boring on purpose

Andy Murray, who has started training at Wimbledon this week, told GQ: ?Whether people like you or not should be irrelevant. But, to be honest, over the years I have found it difficult to open up and be a bundle of laughs in press conferences, or interviews.

?I always try to give honest answers, but they are fairly boring so I don?t have to deal with the aftermath of any scandals. I would say that I am different from
what a lot of people think I am like.?


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nadline , 5/30/13 12:59 PM

Isner is now in the history books for taking Rafa to 5 sets at RG, and Brands has now got something for his scrap book, if his grandchildren ever asked him what he achieved in his tennis career.

When players come up against Rafa they play as if they are demented because they know they have to throw everything at him to stand any chance. The Gulbis who played against Monfils is a far cry from the one who played against Rafa.

nadline , 5/30/13 1:05 PM

?I do not want to hear a guy who I will not name, but who I know thinks all his opponents are arseholes, putting on an act. I don?t care about my image. I have no interest in appearing nice.?

So Nadal think all his opponents are a.holes does he? Hmmm...or could it be Murray?

chr18 , 5/30/13 1:43 PM


Obviously it is the uncle-controlled kneedal (KTSP) who has to repress his real opinions in fear of being flogged by his super-ego-uncle.

the OCD and all his fears - kneedal is a prize specimen for shrinks.

Fedkovic23 , 5/30/13 1:52 PM

This is not the trolling thread, chr18, go join your troll friends on the other thread...........

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 1:53 PM

............Of course you can't go anywhere without your friends, can you chr18?

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 1:56 PM

fedkovic20-10 is on the longest period in the history of the female anatomy...........

Scrotracker , 5/30/13 1:56 PM

I hope it's clear to the moderators that you, chr18, are the magnet for this nonsense. Enjoy.

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 2:01 PM

Enough. This warrants a specific and direct complaint to the moderators.

rafaisthebest , 5/30/13 2:08 PM

After his incredible tournament in Paris in November when he reached the final coming from nowhere, the Pole made headlines only for his incredible tantrum in Melbourne when he started to shout as a possessed man... and now this one...

There are reports on the web that during an interview he defined Djokovic a fake and Federer a guy that thinks he is above everybody.

The Interview

Apparently in a recent interview at a local newspaper he said (google translation)

"I don't have any idols, I'm not following the examples of anyone. I liked Sampras for style, Safin for character. I like watching Federer, but lately I am missing Nadal because he hasn't playing for 8 months."

Then Jerzy elaborated that he liked Nadal "Because there is no fake, he behaves like in life"

Djokovic is a fake

"Djokovic is fake, he shows off and acts. Federer is a guy who wants to be above everything. In this context there might be something unnatural of him, hard to feel he is one of us" said Jerzy

"When lower ranked players were protesting because Slam organizers were paying us only 14% of their income, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic were on our side, though there are millionaires, Federer said that according to him is OK"

You can see some tension building up in the locker room...


Nuff said. We all now know what the players think in the locker room. Gulbis and Jerzy are simply expressing what every other player thinks.

nadline , 5/30/13 2:50 PM

rafaisthebest, 5/30/13 2:08 PM,

There is a lot more that warrants action by the moderators. Have you read some of the blogs on this site? It's like the inmates have been let out and are running the asylum.

Nativenewyorker , 5/30/13 8:08 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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