• Paris pullout will cost Murray, says Rusedski

    5/24/13 12:34 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Paris pullout will cost Murray, says Rusedski Former player and British television commentator Greg Rusedski fears for Andy Murray's dream of reaching the No. 1 ranking after the Scot made his dramatic injury withdrawal from the French Open.

    Murray pulled out four days before the start of the Paris Grand Slam with back pain which has bothered him seriously in recent days.

    Now the world No. 2 must concentrate on regaining fitness and hoping for a start in just over a fortnight on the grass at Queen's Club, and after that, Wimbledon, where he played the final a year ago against Roger Federer.

    But Rusedski now says Murray's chances of overtaking Novak Djokovic for the top ATP ranking this season are compromised: "His opportunity to end the year at No.1 will be difficult. It looked like the battle for No.1 was going to be between Andy and Novak Djokovic until Rafa Nadal returned from injury (and won six titles in eight tournaments in 2013). Now all three of them are fighting for top spot."

    Rusedski forgot to include world No. 3 Federer. If the 17-time Grand Slam winner gets to the final in Paris, he replaces Murray on the second ranking spot, according to preliminary calculations.

    But Rusedski appears to see the logic in Murray's decision to skip Paris. "I always say it’s better to be a little bit cautious even if it means missing one event and making sure you’re healthy for the rest of the season.” Murray reached the French semi-finals in 2011 and played a quarterfinal in 2012.

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I'm not blaming Rudeski: he was clearly asked to comment on the situation. But flagging this statement of the obvious as news. Pleeeeeeeeeze.

ed251137 , 5/24/13 9:15 PM

There was also an item on Andy's hotel purchase...*eye roll*
Thought we were on the brink of a grand slam.....?

deuce , 5/24/13 9:38 PM

Thank goodness Nadline, RITB and others trawl daily to bring us breaking news

It's obvious JL has to file a given number of words per week and anything to fill the quota will do - regardless of its news value, or level of interest come to that.


ed251137 , 5/24/13 11:13 PM

Oh yes ed I'm personally always thankful for Nadline's news reports.
So Fox News....
Anyhoo it is OBVIOUS to anyone that a fully rested grassy Murray is so much better a prospect than a dirty clay baked one.
Who else will be as fresh come wimby?
Fed doesn't count as he has moved beyond freshness in tennis terms regardless of rest.
The FO CAN F. O. as far as I'm concerned!
Novak and Rafa can beat each other to a pulp there.
Let the murray dawn begin in the tournament that truly matters.
In other related news Lindahl is a bit of a stalker of some measure and may require surveillance himself even...

Twinge , 5/24/13 11:43 PM

RT @Mike_Dickson_DM: "50s Andy Murray is already preparing on grass for Wimbledon before French Open even starts"


Does this mean he will just skip clay tournaments altogether? I mean, if he is okay to train without even taking a rest it means the back is okay to train and play on other surfaces, just not okay to play on clay.

rafaisthebest , 5/25/13 10:32 AM

'Does this mean he will just skip clay tournaments altogether...'

^^^^I certainly hope so!
And I hope that you're not an avid DM reader ritb.
It's a sure fire way to reduce ones IQ by a considerable margin even after a week.
There is a chance he might not be playing Wimbledon either..
Remember training and playing grass/clay are different and it was noted that clay aggravated his kind of injury.
Rafa has played too much tennis already and has a lot on his plate in the next 2 weeks anyway.
Andy can handle Novak on the grass and the crowd will be behind him more.
Only if it rains the entire last week is he the favourite and even then Rafa would have something to say about that.
He's my warmish favourite for the title IF he is fit.

Twinge , 5/25/13 1:50 PM

Goodness knows where he's "practising on grass." In UK we've had the coldest Spring for 30 years and lately its been freezing, wet and incredibly windy.

deuce , 5/25/13 2:15 PM

^^^I'm moving soon Deuce,
I've had enough.....

Twinge , 5/25/13 2:23 PM

@Twinge, don't worry, there's no danger of my IQ being reduced further than what it is already! No, I do not read the DM, just Mike Dickson's tweets (together with other tennis related tweets) reported on The Tennis Space.

I know he has a chronic injury and it is aggravated by playing on clay this is why I am concerned he might just cross out the clay season altogether. That would be a shame. If there are any dry grass courts out there, why not practice indeed? I hope he does not heap too much pressure on himself to win.......

Regarding Rafa, I am just taking it day by day, I am beyond making predictions where he is concerned. Who would have thought he would be having the kind of come back he is enjoying? For now, I am just hoping he plays well at RG and wins.

rafaisthebest , 5/25/13 2:31 PM

Come to sunny Mauritius Twingey, I'll clear the dog house for you.............

rafaisthebest , 5/25/13 2:38 PM

You really know how to entice me, don't you?

Twinge , 5/25/13 2:44 PM

.....But you must swear:

a. Never to say anything rude about Rafa;
b. To change your preferences and like clay.

Just some small requests.........

Very small price to pay for some sunshine on your craggy back....

rafaisthebest , 5/25/13 2:50 PM

^^^A craggy back!?

You nasty moo!
I might post like a troll
But I'm far from looking like one.

To your requests...
mmmm let's see..
Can't do much about the second but I never really have done much of the first,
Although I doubt Head Mistress Nagline would ever concur

Twinge , 5/25/13 3:02 PM

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