• Injured Murray says he could well miss Paris

    5/16/13 3:40 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Injured Murray says he could well miss Paris Andy Murray fears that long-term back pain might rule him out of the French Open after quitting his opening match in Rome.

    "I'd be very surprised if I was playing in Paris," he said, adding that the problem which has dogged him for almost 18 months had gotten worse recently. "I felt pain today, the same as in Madrid. I took a few days off after Madrid. I hit yesterday and played some points. But I was still sore today."

    Murray lost to Spain's Marcel Granollers 6-3, 6-7(5) after stopping before the third set after having received treatment on court after the third game of the set.

    "We will have to wait and see on Paris," he said before heading to London on a bitter 26th birthday. "I'll try to make a decision on Paris after the next five days or so. I need some days off for it to hopefully settle down."

    The second-round climbdown was Murray's first retirement since May 2007, when he had to quit in Hamburg with a wrist injury which kept him out of the game for nearly three months.

    "It's not been perfect for a long period, I want it (the back) to start feeling good again. Everyone goes into matches with niggles, but this is very frustrating. Some shots hurt more on clay because the movement is so exaggerated. There is not a lot of power on the ball so you have to generate power and pace yourself.

    "I don't want to go into details, but I've got a disc problem, it changes week to week. It's been an issue for awhile, but I want to make sure it goes away. I don't want to be playing with it long-term, it's not enjoyable at all."

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Rafa is crossing fingers here lol

Emiliano55 , 5/16/13 9:31 PM

This sounds ominous. What a cruel blow.

ed251137 , 5/16/13 9:39 PM

real shame, c'mon Andy get well soon and be fit for Wimby
(had he gone to Madrid, they would have sucked his disk , maybe it would be not so sore now)

Shireling , 5/16/13 10:12 PM

Wimbledon champion 2013

rogervic , 5/18/13 1:38 AM

"Some shots hurt more on clay because the movement is so exaggerated. There is not a lot of power on the ball so you have to generate power and pace yourself."
As usual I'm right. Maybe ritb will believe Murray's own words. No Twitter needed.

chr18 , 5/18/13 3:14 AM

So what does that prove in your delu world? Some shots are not all shots. D
dropshots for instance ....
chr18, Basically, it looks like you are mentally challenged. Nobody said clay is faster than hard court. It is slow and you have to hit harder. Doesn't require Einstein to figure that out .
But hard court being unyielding is jarring on the body. Nature never designed our bodies to run, bounce or jump on hard courts. So the shock is bad for the joints
( knees, hips....) Lots of players, not just Rafa have suffered from serious joint injuries.
Clay is not magical that you never get hurt on it. But it won't cripple you unlike hard court.
Fed has danced his way through the ages because of favorable scheduling and rigged draws. Has Fed ever in his long career had to play back to back matches in slams. No!
But Rafa, Nole and Andy have, despite the latter two having played in half his number of slams. The rigged draws ensure Fed doesn't spend much time on courts and the schedules take care of the rest.

holdserve , 5/18/13 4:49 AM

Holdserve, don't bother, trying to make chr18 see sense is a losing proposition. Like a child, he wants my approval, he wants me to say he is right. Sigh.

Personally, I have no interest in engaging children on an Internet forum.

rafaisthebest , 5/18/13 5:22 AM

So is it possible to repost holdserves post everytime chr18 goes off about how horrible clay is. Maybe eventually it'll sink in. Maybe.

Maya , 5/18/13 5:35 AM

I was eluding to a discussion ritb and I had a few days ago. Please mind your own business next time when you don't know what I'm referring to. Of course ritb knows I was right about Murray and clay. That's why her only resort is insults. Sigh.

chr18 , 5/18/13 1:25 PM

Stop trying to censor people on this site. @holdserve has a right to respond to whatever posts she likes on this site. Her response is spot on, that is why you are trying to shut her up. As for me resorting to insults, pot calling kettle, much?

I long ago came to the realisation that trying to make you see sense is an exercise in futility, so I gave up trying. You can have the last word on Murray's injury, chr18., it is clear this is very important to you.


rafaisthebest , 5/18/13 1:45 PM

Apparently Andy is having a scan this weekend and then will make a decision about participation in Paris. Funnily enough he's been making, "I want to have enough money to do what I want when I retire", noises lately too. Hence last promo deal. Can't see him playing much beyond 30 myself.
Good luck Andy.

deuce , 5/18/13 2:02 PM

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