• In-form Gulbis cruises through Troicki meltdown

    5/15/13 8:39 PM | Ricky Dimon
    In-form Gulbis cruises through Troicki meltdown Ernests Gulbis does not let a meltdown by Viktor Troicki interfere with his progress into the Rome third round on Wednesday. Next up for Gulbis is either Fabio Fognini or defending champion Rafael Nadal.

    Ernests Gulbis won his fourth match of the week at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia when he steamrolled Viktor Troicki 6-1, 6-1 during second-round action on Wednesday evening. Gulbis blasted 30 winners to his opponent's 10 and held all seven of his service game to advance in one hour and 10 minutes.

    The Latvian had qualified for the main draw before ousting Jarkko Nieminen in straight sets on Monday and he was in even more dominant form right from the start of this one. Gulbis won all 13 of his first-serve points in the opening frame of play, so two breaks of his own were easily enough to take the set with ease.

    Undoubtedly, the highlight of the match came when Troicki dropped serve early in the second. Chair umpire Cedric Mourier confirmed Troicki's forehand on break point to be just long, but the Serb had a much different opinion when he inspected the mark for himself. He launched into a verbal tirade before dragging a TV camera--and a cameraman--out the court to get footage of the mark.

    After threatening to retire from the match, Troicki came back out and promptly earned his only two break points of the day. Gulbis steadied himself after the delay, however, and managed to consolidate his break. From there the world No. 46 was once again off to the races and his fifth break of the match at 5-1 finished off the double-breadstick in style.

    Troicki struck a mere 10 unforced errors, but he was overpowered by an opponent who is now 19-6 at the ATP main-draw level this season. Next up for Gulbis is a likely third-round showdown against Rafael Nadal.

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For lack of tennis at least Troicki put up quite a show :)

Shireling , 5/15/13 9:06 PM

this guy is so cute...too bad he is playing my Rafa...

natashao , 5/15/13 9:16 PM

recap with footage of the meltdown -

RickyDimon , 5/15/13 9:17 PM

Troicki's meltdown was very funny.He never really lost his cool.Gulbis enjoyed it too.

stratocast51 , 5/15/13 9:17 PM

Contrast winners/unforced errors. Fognini 12/33 Nadal 9/10 yet the commies said it was a master class by Nadal. Hilarious. Then I hear that Gulbis hit 30 winners and Troicki only had 10 unforced errors. Analysis: Gulbis went out and won his match while Fognini gave Nadal the victory with over 8 games worth of unforced errors. No question which match would have been better to watch. Winners any day of the week.

chr18 , 5/15/13 9:33 PM

there's chalk flying off in the slow mo shot, Victor was right :)

Shireling , 5/15/13 9:38 PM


nadline , 5/15/13 9:38 PM

i never saw Gulbis in the video. I also didn't see chalk fly up.

RickyDimon , 5/15/13 9:40 PM

chr18, do you understand tennis?

Troicki meltdown: Troicki was right, the ball was in but that does not make his childish behaviour acceptable.

This is the second time Mourier has made a wrong call in as many tournaments. He did not overrule a wrong call during Rafa's match in Madrid where a ball was called in when it was far out wide...

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 9:44 PM

who is anyone to say Mourier was wrong? It clearly cannot be proven.

RickyDimon , 5/15/13 9:45 PM

well, watch the slow-mo of the bounce, it's at the end of the video. Clay doesn't look white when it flies off

Shireling , 5/15/13 9:48 PM

Numbers don't lie. Gulbis plays a far more exciting attacking form of tennis. Remember attackingtennisrulez lol. I guess it's a matter of taste but I personally don't like matches when somebody hits 33 unforced errors in 1 hour of play. Boring. Winners are more fun to watch.

chr18 , 5/15/13 10:01 PM

chr18, do you a have brain? Listen to yourself: you are saying you do not call Rafa's game today a masterclass because it is not to your taste. So, your taste is the standard?

You are entitled to your opinion and taste, but know this: other people are also entitled to their opinion and tastes. The commies clearly have a different opinion, and taste, to yours.......

Don't worry, you will get to watch your favourite player, Gulbis, tomorrow...............

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 10:07 PM

Rafa makes opponents give him errors because they have to go for lower margin shots as it is their only chance against him. He is that good. Even Federer has said so.

Seriously chr19, you know nothing about tennis. Stick to proctology.


Conspirator , 5/15/13 10:08 PM


You know bias is a terrible thing. Rafa came out and played quality tennis. You can judge how Rafa played, even if Fognini didn't play that well. You get caught up in a numbers game, when it's also about other things. Rafa was more focused, more mentally tough. Fognini didn't have the ability to hang with Rafa in the rallies. Rafa earned that win by taking Fognini out of his comfort zone and making him flustered and therefore prone to UE's. It wasn't just happenstance.

Rafa is also capable of playing attacking tennis. Maybe that's why he has the h2h advantage over Gulbis. You are making it an "either or" argument. It's not like one style of play is good, whereas another is bad. They are different. On clay, the serve isn't as dominating and constructing points is important. Defensive skills are rewarded on clay. Great defense also wins matches. I am baffled by your inability to grasp that concept.

Nativenewyorker , 5/15/13 10:09 PM

Sorry, but I have also come to the same conclusion: chr18 knows nothing about the game. His "winding up" of posters is actually a way of hiding his ignorance............

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 10:17 PM

attackingtennisrulez (sp?) was one of the most passionate of rafans posting here... by the numbers: one quarter in the closet three quarters out of the (rafan) closet and 95% entertainment he is missed

chlorostoma , 5/15/13 10:23 PM

Rafa - 26
W/L - 614-124
Titles - 55

Gulbis 24
W/L - 141-132
Titles - 3
You are right -

Numbers don't lie.
chr18, 5/15/13 10:01 PM

nadline , 5/15/13 10:23 PM

RickyDimon , 5/15/13 9:40 PM

How could there possibly be white chalk. The lines are white plastic, no?

ed251137 , 5/15/13 10:25 PM

Don't worry, folks, the chr18 meltdown is directly related to Rafa's progress. There's more to come...........either way!


rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 10:27 PM

"do you a have brain?" Huh? I guess you meant "do you have a brain?". Maybe your brain is getting a bit scrambled so you can't write your words in proper order. It seems as if you may be in the midst of a transient ischemic attack. I suggest you calm down a bit before you have a full on stroke. This being the case my retort of "Do you have a half brain?" may actually be ominously close to reality. I'll leave you alone to rest comfortably.

chr18 , 5/15/13 10:30 PM

nadline, 5/15/13 10:23 PM,

I think that's the best way to counter chr18's argument.

Gosh, I had forgotten about good old attackingtennisrulez! Oh yes, it's definitely a good idea to quote one of the biggest trolls ever on this site, albeit a sometimes entertaining one. I would hardly consider that person to be a credible source. :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/15/13 10:30 PM

Conspirator, 5/15/13 10:08 PM
^^^ Stick to proctology.
you're one crazy fellow...:))))

natashao , 5/15/13 10:32 PM

chr18, enjoy the match tomorrow: Gulbis vs Rafa.

Enjoy your rest!


rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 10:34 PM

.....and please pay attention tomorrow, you may learn something about the game, hopefully!

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 10:36 PM

nats, chr19 is an expert with his head up his a$$ most of the time.


Conspirator , 5/15/13 10:36 PM

Does anyone else notice the irony of this situation, as it's normally Gulbis that loses his mind.

tj600 , 5/16/13 12:09 AM

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