• Djokovic optimism high for Rome

    5/15/13 3:52 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Djokovic optimism high for Rome Novak Djokovic will put his injured ankle to another pre-French Open test as the top seed began with a second-round start in Rome.

    Djokovic has been on the red clay of the Foro Italico for several days after travelling to Italy the day after his mid-week second-round loss in Madrid.

    "I didn't get much practice after (winning) Monte Carlo (in Aoril) and so I need to spend more time on the court and this is it,"said the Serb. "The program is so far its going well. I feel better and the ankle is not bothering me," he said of the injury which he has been dealing with since early last month.

    The two-time Rome champion added prior to his start: "I'm getting ready and I love the support and lots of kid screaming my name and it’s a positive think and I speak Italian and I so feel like a local and winning here twice will help me have a great time.

    "I want now to direct my attention to this tournament and not to the Roland Garros and find my right form as in Monte Carlo (where he beat Rafael Nadal in the final) - I believe I can do it. In this tournament there are many great players in great shape.

    "It won't be easy to win it again, but it's not the first time in my career and hopefully this tournament will be the lucky one for me."

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It's as if Madrid hadn't happened

Shireling , 5/15/13 4:43 PM

Is it me or is Novak sounding more and more like Rafa these days? The old Nole would not be shy about talking up his RG ambitions, now we have this, "I am only focussed on this tournament" tripe?

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 4:51 PM

"I'm getting ready and I love the support and lots of kid screaming my name"......................honestly Novak, you try too hard!

Monalysa , 5/15/13 4:53 PM

seriously Nole?! kids screaming my name??!!..pfff

natashao , 5/15/13 4:59 PM

Guys, maybe there ARE kids screaming his name, which would make his statement factual.....

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 5:03 PM


I have no doubt that there are kids AND adults screaming his name, but to actually say it.........................sounds just a bit corny!!!

Just saying............

Monalysa , 5/15/13 5:07 PM

Monalysa, 5/15/13 5:07 PM
exactly...why even bring it up...good for him that there are kids screaming his name...didn't know it was so important to him though...I find it a little egoistic...

natashao , 5/15/13 5:14 PM

He is just desperate for the kind of attention that Rafa and Roger get, without trying. It must be galling for him that they are the real superstars despite him being #1 atm. As Shireling points out he has airbrushed Madrid out of his head.

nadline , 5/15/13 5:20 PM

its good for him to forget madrid and concentrate on the work at hand if he has to have any chance of beating nadal at rome

isfand , 5/15/13 5:29 PM

Didn't he say he was ready for Madrid in his pre-tourny interview? There was no mention of his sore ankle then.

nadline , 5/15/13 5:32 PM

the very statement from the world no.1 that "It won't be easy to win it again, but it's not the first time in my career and hopefully this tournament will be the lucky one for me." shows his confidence levels are not very high against the king of clay

isfand , 5/15/13 5:35 PM

TBH, I have no problems with Novak forgeting Madrid, no one likes to remember a loss................but simply put, I just find Novak tries way too hard, and like Nadline said, its bcos he yearns for the level of fawning that is bestowed upon Rafa and Roger!! But all he needs to understand is to just let his racket continue to do the talking and it will soon come.

Monalysa , 5/15/13 5:39 PM

He's just trying to be like Fed when he was in South America over the holidays for his exo.

Choice Fed quotes:

"It's disbelief for them that they can meet me."

"Here I must have had at least 20 people probably hugging me and kissing me and so happy, you know, just to get a chance to touch me, even. "


Conspirator , 5/15/13 6:24 PM

Nole just looks up to his idol...:)

natashao , 5/15/13 6:27 PM

I think you guys overanalyze someone's words and often take quotes out of context. I really see no point in that.

danica , 5/15/13 7:21 PM

Danica, I thought you might say that!

Monalysa , 5/15/13 7:54 PM

Hahaha, you know me ;)

But honestly, don't you think? I mean, maybe Nole loves kids (as I know he does) and enjoys and appreciate their attention and love more so than the attention of older fans? I volunteer in my kids' school and there is nothing I like more than to see all those kids run to me, hug me, tell me their stories...

I rarely dissect anyone's words that much. Sometimes things get lost or misinterpreted in translation. As for "sounding like Rafa" - LOL. Nole always speaks of concentrating on his next match and not underestimating anybody. He may say what he would love to achieve, and there is nothing wrong or boastful about that. But his approach was "one match at a time" for the longest time.

danica , 5/15/13 8:40 PM

Maybe Nole can get his hair cut like Delpo too!


Conspirator , 5/15/13 8:45 PM

Hmm, @danica, I could swear this is a newer, humbler Nole............

rafaisthebest , 5/15/13 8:55 PM

Comes with age :)

danica , 5/15/13 9:03 PM

maybe this thing with the kids is connected with the other thing about being a child of/from God?

Shireling , 5/15/13 9:15 PM


danica , 5/15/13 10:09 PM

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