• Anderson advances, Istomin dispatches Isner

    5/13/13 1:51 AM | Cheryl Murray
    Anderson advances, Istomin dispatches Isner John Isner continued to struggle on European clay, with the American losing on the opening day of play to Denis Istomin.

    Denis Istomin def. John Isner 5-7, 7-5(5), 6-3

    John Isner's serve wasn't enough to get him through his opening match against Uzbekistan's Denis Istomin. Part of the problem for the American is that Istomin has a bomb for a first serve also, as proven by the 8 aces he served to Isner's 10 for the match.

    Isner served well enough in the second set that he didn't face a single break point, but he couldn't make any in-roads on Istomin's serve either, and the Uzbekistani leveled the match at a set a piece in the breaker.

    Istomin broke the American's serve early in the third set, his first break of the match. The single break was enough to advance.

    Kevin Anderson def. Jurgen Melzer 6-1, 6-2

    South African Kevin Anderson has had a fantastic 2013, and continued his winning ways on Sunday with a demolition of Austria's Jurgen Melzer, ranked 35 in the world.

    Melzer had his chances, but Anderson played all of the big points with confidence, staving off all 5 break points against him and converting on 5 of the 8 he had against the Austrian.

    Anderson has a clay court final this year (in Casablanca) and he made the third round in Madrid last week. He sits at a near career-high 27 in the world.

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Isner and Querrey out in the first round. FO runs not looking good.

ts38 , 5/13/13 5:03 AM

It's been a long time since Courier and Agassi, that's for sure.

cherylmurray , 5/13/13 1:17 PM

Well at least the US still has the "World" Series, no?


Conspirator , 5/14/13 2:09 AM

Canada has the Gay Cup eh?

chr18 , 5/14/13 4:04 AM

Oh wait it's the Grey Cup. Silly me.

chr18 , 5/14/13 4:06 AM

Hey look the high schooler jumped in out of nowhere to insult the US.

ts38 , 5/14/13 5:45 AM

Sorry, but I have to ask, chr18, why are you so obsessed with homosexuality? If you are gay and you are in the closet, come out for goodness sake, it's 2013, nobody gives a hoot! At least in the rest of the world. Is being gay such an issue in the States? I am beginning to worry. Emigrate then if you feel so constricted over there....

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 6:53 AM

I have to agree. There seems to be some kind of obsession about being gay. It's come up in chr18's comments far too often.

Unfortunately, gay has been an issue in the states, but things are changing. Thank goodness!

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 7:25 AM

the hell happened to this thread?

RickyDimon , 5/14/13 7:26 AM

It's obviously gone way off topic.

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 7:29 AM

Sorry Ricky, But personally, I am sick and tired of chr18 bringing his homophobic baggage onto these threads. He never, ever misses an opportunity to spout his reprehensible prejudice. If the moderators will not call him out on this, then sorry, some of us will.

Why can't he keep his sorry, hateful views to himself? Why should we have to put up with it?

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 9:46 AM

Well said RITB!

jean , 5/14/13 10:54 AM

If there's no obsession about being gay, you can surely counter it with some heterosexual innuendoes? considering rafa fans are supposed to have "SOH'. Oh wait.... they are after all naDULL fans!

It is 2013, stop being so stuck-up and uptight about gay/lesbian/age/gender jokes. Unfortunately people are busy playing victims and cry "helpppppppppp" when things are dished out to them - douchebags! If you don't like people throwing stuff @ you, stop the junk you post.

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 3:45 PM

It may be 2013 but people are still being attacked and killed and experiencing prejudice and persecution because of their sexual orientation.
Pardon me for not laughing.

deuce , 5/14/13 4:04 PM

deuce , 5/14/13 4:04 PM

Not to mention being made fun of........why anyone's sexual orientation would be considered funny is beyond me.

But then again, such is the world we live in....

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 4:16 PM

Fekovic, have you penned even a single post so far that is sane balanced and insightful about tennis, tennis matches or the pro male players, and has no amount of trolling material? Give us the subject / date reference please.

Just wondering...

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 4:19 PM


I thought rafaisanazz said it is 2013 [ in the sense, being gay is no big deal], maybe you want to educate him about the persecution/tragedies of homosexuals.

You did find pressure cooker exploding funny, didn't you deuce?

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 4:22 PM

"You did find pressure cooker exploding funny, didn't you deuce?"

You are either just as pathetic as crap19 or you are far, far more ignorant than we gave you credit for.

jean , 5/14/13 4:33 PM

That last post was for Nishikovic, or is it Fedmitrov?? Oh no, I can't cope...

jean , 5/14/13 4:35 PM

yeah fedkovic why don't you write a post on tennis? This isn't a forum for discussing gay rights. If you are so obsessed with pansies as you and chr18 appear to be surely there are gay forums or support groups where you can express your hatred and frustration?
We aren't interested in your orientation. We are interested in discussing tennis here. The name of this forum is tennistalk.

holdserve , 5/14/13 4:36 PM

may I respectfully ask for an answer to my question to you @4:19 PM ?

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 5:02 PM


I am sorry if your brain cannot process anything beyond tennis. Leave the moderation/purpose of the website to more capable individuals. Continue your preachings to fellow -ve IQ individuals = rafabots. spare us your ignoramus opinioins!


Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 5:04 PM

Djokovic is on court, some of his so-called fans are not interested it would appear..........

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 5:07 PM


You are a member of MENSA?

Good on you mate! It really doesn't show. Hide your light under a bushel, what?

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 5:10 PM


stop begging for replies. If your posts deserve my attention, you will get it.

I am sorry I don't meet your "tennis talk" criteria. [primarily harping 10-19 and preaching clay and FO are the most significant surface/slam because nadull can only dominate at said places.] now, please go back to your rafabot "tennis talk" - clay is the greatest surface on earth. FO is the greatest slam and so on and so-forth. don't forget to spew bile on fed, djokovic, their fans, or even rosol. LOL!


Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 5:11 PM

Mr. Fed Kovic,
Please put your MENSA hat on. Re-read my original question. It does not ask anything about your reading or views on my posts. Not interested. I merely asked whether you have *yet* written one post on tennis here that happens to not attack people etc. I think the answer is a clear "No". Won't ask again. You can take your MENSA hat off now :)


chlorostoma , 5/14/13 5:14 PM

Fedkovic must be a member of negative Mensa for those with IQ of 50 or less. He obviously feels he is very bright having increased his IQ from 9 to 23.

holdserve , 5/14/13 5:23 PM


Did you really think that you would get an answer to that question? I am glad that you answered it yourself! This person is not here to talk tennis. This person is here to inflame, disrupt and attack. Nothing better to do in life, I suppose.

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 8:28 PM

This thread went off course, like so many others do,

@Well at least the US still has the "World" Series, no?
Conspirator, 5/14/13 2:09 AM

This poster enjoys insulting the US. Why is it that no one asks this poster why she can't stay on topic?

scoretracker , 5/14/13 8:47 PM

RITB - I don't care that it went off course. i was just asking what happened?

it's a worthless thread about 2 worthless matches. better to happen on this thread than one that discusses good matches.

RickyDimon , 5/14/13 9:03 PM

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