• Berdych beats Murray, through to semifinal

    5/10/13 11:11 PM | Kelli DeMario
    Berdych beats Murray, through to semifinal World No. 6 Tomas Berdych made the last four in Madrid, having ousted World No. 3 Andy Murray late Friday. The Czech is through to take on either Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Stanislas Wawrinka in the next round.

    World No. 6 Tomas Berdych continued his run at the Mutua Madrid Open with a straight-sets upending of world No. 3 Andy Murray. The 27-year-old Czech converted three of 7 break points en route to a 7-6(3), 6-4 victory.

    After winning the opening set, Berdych went on to break the Murray serve at 2-2 in set two. He completed the quarterfinal effort with 32 of 47 first-service points captured.

    Berdych moves on to face either 7th seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or 15th seed Stanislas Wawrinka for a place in the championship final.

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well, this didn't attract a lot of attention.
Will Murray ever be Nr. 1 if he doesn't reach a clay final....?
Yes people, clay also counts, in fact it counts just as much or more than the other surfaces.

Shireling , 5/11/13 10:20 PM

^^no it doesn't
HC's count the most and that is a statistical fact.
But clay would be nice, it would help at least.
But more than other surfaces?
Sorry that is your nadalistic irrationality showing.....
A common ailment in this blog....

Twinge , 5/11/13 10:46 PM

can you kindly explain why HC's count most, based on this statistical fact?

Shireling , 5/11/13 11:54 PM

I don't think they 'count most' other than the fact that most tennis matches are played on them.
Numbers not bias.
Not entering the value of this just the reality of the tour...
Also I am confused as to why clay Is 'natural'.
What's 'natural' about crushed brick?
If that is natural why isn't HC?

Twinge , 5/12/13 12:11 AM

Brick is baked clay.

holdserve , 5/12/13 12:29 AM

Twinge I am reminded of a joke:
A scientist went to God and said , we don't need you anymore. Science has finally figured out a way to create life. Take dirt, form it into likeness of man and breathe life into it.
God wants the Scientist to demonstrate.
So the scientist bends down to the earth and starts to mold the soil into the shape of a man. "No, no, no..." interrupts God, "Get your own dirt."

holdserve , 5/12/13 12:51 AM

For what it's worth: natural or not, grass and clay were the only surface for this sport for the longest time and both are much kinder to all players' bodies (not only Nadal's). Both are more demanding of all-round tennis skills, especially clay. The only major advantage hardcourt has, and why it is not the most prevalent in the majority of countries and hence tournaments, is due to a consideration that has nothing to do with what it does to the game itself or its impact on the player's bodies: relatively cheaper to install and to maintain... a very important consideration as it also makes the sport a bit more affordable to those not born into wealthy families, but strictly in terms of the game itself hardcourt is more 'one-dimensional' (pun intended).

Funny thing to consider. If there were NO differences in surface and there was only one (which ever one of the three or four current ones) then we would never have so many of the discussions about it and would argue about the merits of players only on other dimensions, e.g. intelligence in the game, endurance, flexibility and hosts of others... Other distortions and rationalizations would have to be brought to bear against unwelcome results.

chlorostoma , 5/12/13 12:54 AM

Adam is supposed to have been made from clay. Early human civilizations used clay for making pots, building houses....Clay is ancient.

holdserve , 5/12/13 12:58 AM

"Will Murray ever be Nr. 1 if he doesn't reach a clay final....?"

Sampras was No. 1 for years, during which he only won 2 clay titles ('94 & '98). The answer is: yes, it's possible.

racquet , 5/12/13 2:35 AM

^^^who cares what you think chloroetc?
Why do you think you can casually involve yourself anymore in my conversations eh?
This is between Holdserve (shireling) and I, not you.
My patience has definitely come to an end concerning your existence....
You have been warned for the last time....
Anyway yeah holdserve REAL CLAY is natural but 'clay courts' are really not.
I saw the report on the courts of RG they are of brick construction ie manufactured.
All materials when broken down are 'natural'..anything that exists is natural anyway or it wouldnt exist, but the question is are they adapted by human hand
There's no question they are and that goes even for grass too.
It's matter of degree, nothing more.
There are no clay courts naturally occuring without human intervention, like their HC counterparts.
So no, I don't buy the 'natural' argument one bit..

Twinge , 5/12/13 3:49 AM

Twit, the TT police is now trying to dictate who can and can't enter what discussions. Get over your sad self! Everyone else's patience with YOU have come to an end with your endless rubbish rants. Clearly you care what chloro thinks or you wouldn't have read the posts. Douche!

jean , 5/12/13 4:00 AM

Actually no I wasn't interested in chloro contributions you sad bloated witch,
Come to think of it Who do you think you are actually you vulgar piece of trash?
No one gives a f**k what you think or ever did, if something like you can actually be classed as capable as thinking.
Which is debatable, lets face it.

Twinge , 5/12/13 4:10 AM

Oh pardon
I meant capable OF thinking.
Of which there is no evidence whatsoever

Twinge , 5/12/13 4:25 AM


You do have this in common with a couple of other posters:

The more clearly / specifically someone exposes exposes those aspects of your posts that are violent / disrespectful / fact distorting (not always all three at ones) aspects of your posts the more violently you react and the more you attack that poster with extreme language and almost clinically borderline behaviour. Whether that poster is me or any number of other people who on occasion point out something like that in your posts. Thankfully not all your posts are like that... many of them contain no such aspects and are just sane like those of most people who post here.

I understand you are not interested in what I write, and that it does not bother you. It is entirely up to you and no one else whether you should be interested or bothered, or even read anything I write. Still, what I wrote in the previous paragraph holds.

I will add two things. In the last five years I have been posting here I have very rarely interacted with anyone who I find disrespectful of others. And usually keep it to about one or two posts. And... usually what gets me to not just let the posts be is simply when some people attack others, and in the case of this forum, people they don't know at all and attack using the anonymity we have here. You Twinge - among others here - have verbally abused by now almost every regular poster here who is Nadal fan (why Nadal fans?) and even one or two of the Murray fans (and I can't remember whether you have done the same with some of the Nole fan. Despite all the rationalisations as to your motivations and even that it is all 'in fun' and you don't spend a lot of time posting here and so on and so forth.

Re-read what you just wrote to jean, for example, I mean look at what you called jean. Look at it with as much detachment and objectivity as you can, and pretend it is not your own writing. If you can see the level of anger, self-righteousness, and ultimately discomfort and inferiority you display in it so readily at a total stranger then perhaps you can see how you are seen by the hundreds of people (thousands?) who read TT regularly, not only the twenty or so of us who choose to post regularly.

I hope you find some relief some day.

chlorostoma , 5/12/13 4:36 AM

Some relief?
Please enough with this,
I know exactly what I am doing here,
Stop trying to interact with me and stop trying to make a big deal out of it
I don't insult 'all' Rafas fan etc. far from it.
It's precisely 4 (although it might be more eventually, or less)
And do you know what, they all deserve it.
Rarely will I start a fight with anyone on the Internet
But I will finish one.
I'm sorry that I can't conform to your highly subjective standards of what is considered 'nice''
Which seems to include characters such as Jean but that's another conversation.
You just have to accept that but if you ham fistedly patronise me one more time I promise you I will strip the flesh from your bones.....

Twinge , 5/12/13 4:49 AM

There have been more no 1s in the game who didn't care a rat's behind for clay than clowns who only cared for clay. Sampras,mcenroe, becker,edberg,rafter, safin, hewitt - all have been no1 without bothering much with the clay.

Murray will definitely be no.1 soon and rafabots will start venting out their bile like they are doing against djokovic as he approaches rafa's puny 102 weeks at number 1. 100 weeks at number 1? LOL! how many weeks was thomas muster at number 1?


Fedkovic23 , 5/12/13 4:55 AM

It's just not the weeks at number 1, Djokovic also beat rafa 7 times in a row - Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Rome, Wimbledon, USOPEN, AO. Ofcourse they gonna hate him!

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/12/13 6:46 AM

So we can call all the hardcouters hardclown... Clay is the most difficult surface to play on, that's for sure Fedocry!!!

tettylds , 5/12/13 6:59 AM

Twinge, I don't agree that everything is man made and the difference is degree. Dirt is God made and humans still haven't got around to making it from nothing.
The difference dear Twinge is that clay and grass support life. They are living surfaces. Both courts require continuous maintenance. Clay courts can have moss, algae etc grow on them.
Hard courts are popular because they require no daily maintenance just sweeping. They are created by man and are synthetic. No living things grow on them and no living things should have to pound their feet on them for hours at a stretch. Our bodies aren't created to bear that kind of shock.
Just because someone styles his hair or blow dries it, hair doesn't become synthetic. So also merely because clay is baked it doesn't become synthetic. (Clay can be naturally baked in the sun).
Natural stuff are environment friendly. Synthetic stuff usually are not as they do not breakdown into natural elements in the normal course. Why do you think plastic is so bad for the environment?

holdserve , 5/12/13 7:26 AM

It doesnt take anything to figure that Fedkovic23 and JamesDjokovic are the same guy..haha..Posts one after other with same theme, different ids

BTW Rafans- please ignore this troll..let him mouth as much filth as he wants..soon hell tire of his own filth and create another id and come.

sanju , 5/12/13 10:49 AM

Case in point of what I wrote last: Twinge, 5/12/13 4:49 AM

Incidentally Twinge,
It is far more than 4 posters you have insulted, we can all read,
and how exactly are you going to put in practice your physical threat? Re skin that is. Truly bizarre thing to write, little wee bully.

chlorostoma , 5/12/13 1:33 PM

Shaping up for a fisticuffs are we.

ed251137 , 5/12/13 1:50 PM

shouldn't last long, twinge likes to finish them
besides I am trembling in my boots

chlorostoma , 5/12/13 2:04 PM

I dont like to think of you being keel hauled by Twingey. I'd jump over the side if I were you before that happens.

ed251137 , 5/12/13 3:37 PM

:) 100% irony, yes ed?

chlorostoma , 5/12/13 4:44 PM


ed251137 , 5/12/13 6:06 PM

Avec les cons, plus ca change et plus c'est la meme chose.

chlorostoma , 5/12/13 8:43 PM

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1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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