• Becker tips Murray as Paris title candidate

    5/9/13 3:43 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Becker tips Murray as Paris title candidate Boris Becker has gone out on a limb by tipping Scot Andy Murray as a possible title tip for the French Open.

    Becker, known for orten speaking first and thinking somewhat later, believes that the No.3 who reached the Roland Garros semi-finals two years ago, has his chances despite the overwhelming superiority of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on the surface.

    The German, who won Wimbledon three times and reached a Paris semi-final, believes that this year, the uninjured Murray can boast fitness which trumps that of at least two of his rivals: Nadal (knees) and Djokovic (ankle).

    “Clay is not his best surface, he seems to struggle a little bit but the top guys right now are in some trouble,” said the 45-year-old German.

    "Rafael Nadal is still not quite there in my opinion, Roger is getting older and has taken a bit of a sabbatical and Novak lost surprisingly early in Indian Wells and Miami and has picked up an injury. This year is probably one of, if not the best chance, Murray will ever get at winning the French Open.

    "With a fully-fit Nadal who is in form, you are only every going to be second best. But with Nadal still on the comeback trail there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel for players like Andy.

    Murray had a poor showing in his clay opener at Monte Carlo and was booed off the court when he was trounced by Swiss Stan Wawrinka. He won his opener at Madrid in two tiebreak sets against Florian Mayer.

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Meanwhile Murray is fighting for his life against Gilles in Madrid.

ed251137 , 5/10/13 12:54 AM

Well, Boris, that got you a headline :-)

alex , 5/10/13 1:11 AM

After three hours Gilles Backboard Simon finally cracks in the tie-breaker.

ed251137 , 5/10/13 1:16 AM

More errors in Muzz's game tonight than perforations in a teabag, winning after umpteen match points. Brilliance and awfulness in equal measure from muzz and eventually stumbles over the line.

What are the Spanish like, playing till after 1.15am on a week night?

alex , 5/10/13 1:21 AM

lol...since when has Simon become a formidable opponent on clay?! Tantalizing match for poor Andy...good that he managed to pull out the win...

natashao , 5/10/13 1:27 AM

There were 3 shots from heaven Alex
How many players play such moments... like ever?
So I enjoyed it very much.
As for the other..siesta por favor!

Twinge , 5/10/13 1:30 AM

And who really believes a Thursday night is a 'week night' anymore anyway?

Twinge , 5/10/13 1:32 AM

Becker tips Murray as Paris title candidate...............good for him!!!

Monalysa , 5/10/13 1:33 AM

^^^^^It's got Djokovic's name all over it I'm afraid

Twinge , 5/10/13 1:41 AM

Popeye Murray versus Stick Insect Simon. To be fair, Gilles also clocked up a lot of UEs but Andy had more outright winners in what was an intriguing cat and mouse matach. As so often, when Andy manages to scrape home, it's a case of ' a win is a win.' But a potential RG winner.....................I dont think so.

Next up for Andy is Berdych.
He has never beaten him on clay: on this evening's showing I'd be very surprised if he produces an upset tomorrow.

ed251137 , 5/10/13 1:50 AM

Twinge, i bet the same thing you thought for Madrid!!!!!

Monalysa , 5/10/13 1:53 AM

He's never beaten him on clay and yes he won't tomorrow either Ed dear.
Ya never quite know with the muzzlington do you?

Twinge , 5/10/13 1:53 AM

I didn't think about Madrid tbh Mona dear.
Buts it's been quite eventful.
Let me see, oh yes short of retirement it's Rafas I think.
Another obvious one that still leaves all the questions in place.
And how exciting would that be?!?
RAFA OR NOVAK is the question.
dependent on the situation I'll root strategically for either one.
But more for Novak (slightly) because FEDAL has truly been round the blocks by now.
I mean like whatevah!

Twinge , 5/10/13 2:05 AM

With Rafa probably going off for surgery, Paris is Nole's. If Nole's ankle is really bad, then Andy has a chance. So does Fed.

holdserve , 5/10/13 4:22 AM


Who said Rafa was going to have surgery?

Nativenewyorker , 5/10/13 5:05 AM

Nobody said but Rafa talked ominously about a decision to be made, his knee hasn't progressed. So I assume the worst. That way I am prepared for the worst.

holdserve , 5/10/13 5:27 AM

Here is an excerpt from Rafa's press conference posted on vb by forum member piliii. Sometimes it helps to read the comments in context. It is concerning but we don't know if this means surgery. He says some good things, too.

Someone else on the forum mentioned that he was limping at Barcelona and now at Madrid. I didn't know that.

"I do not see Roland Garros as an objective. I rather go day by day, doing it well every time. Since I'm back I've been going day by day because what I want to note is that I'm getting better. I'm In the QF of Madrid and that's the nice thing I can say. We'll see, later there's Rome and then Roland Garros. After all I've been through it's positive what's happening now. If I cannot arrive well at Roland Garros, then I won't go, but I did not think about it yet."

"If it keeps on bothering me, then we will have to make a decision. It was not bothering me. Just the usual level of pain. But as I said the first day it's hard to say it and I avoid saying it because the results are being so good that out of respect to the opponents, it's not the time to analyze how I am. I prefer to analyze the game, which is good, and I will continue. If discomfort increases, we'll have to make a decision to treat the knee. But it does not bother me more than usual, only at some movements"

Nativenewyorker , 5/10/13 5:38 AM

Thanks, NNY! But I am still depressed.

holdserve , 5/10/13 5:42 AM

Rafa's sufferings remind me of the story of "The little mermaid" .She fell in love with a prince and got a witch to give her legs so she could win her love. But the price she had to pay was excruciating pain all the time.
With his special shoes for his foot problem, Rafa has been playing with pain for his love of tennis. Of course he knows he is damaging his body and has to take long breaks every now and then when his damaged knees cannot let him play competitively.
I hated it when people made fun of his cramps (at USO) and his knee pop (at AO).

holdserve , 5/10/13 6:08 AM

Chickened out of that one after the first set. What on earth was up with Andy, making a 5 course dinner out of a light snack???? Still, a win :)
Very sad news about Andrew Simpson :(

deuce , 5/10/13 7:04 AM

holdserve, 5/10/13 5:42 AM,

We don't really know what will happen. I totally understand your feelings and am also feeling the same.

I guess this is off-topic, but since it was brought up I did want to see what information I could find and post it here. That's all.

Nativenewyorker , 5/10/13 8:12 AM

Rafa's sufferings remind me of the story of "The little mermaid...'

Lol that's very sweet from you.
Not quite your style usually is it?
I pictured Rafa with a pair of fins there for a moment..
The reason this operation has been resisted I presume is due to the uncertainty of the outcome vis a vis a restored performance no?

Twinge , 5/10/13 10:22 AM

So happy for Andy.... Hopefully he holds the No 2 ranking at least up Wimbly...

tettylds , 5/10/13 10:54 AM

Murray? A title candidate at RG? Be able to beat Rafa in best of five format on clay. It can happen of course only if Rafa's legs get broken. lol....
Murray is not a challenge for Rafa on hard courts let alone clay:))

arwen , 5/10/13 12:22 PM

Deuce: Just caught up with the tragic news about Andrew Simpson. I never did like racing cats.

ed251137 , 5/10/13 12:35 PM

'Murray is not a challenge for Rafa on hard courts let alone clay:))
arwen, 5/10/13 12:22 PM

Factually incorrect now never mind for the rest of Rafa's career peanut brain.
Notice I said Rafas career.......
This 'caja magica' is a thoroughly odd venue for tennis.
It looks like they're playing in the car park of an industrial estate just outside Birmingham.
The militaristic rows of white flowers only enhance this effect.
Perhaps this was one of Francos last commissions.
Well, At least it's a little different.

Twinge , 5/10/13 1:11 PM

Twinge, I guess surgery is the choice when there's no other choice. Anyway all this must be sweet music to fans of Andy, Nole and Fed. One man's meat....

holdserve , 5/10/13 1:24 PM

Yeah I suppose so...
I make fun of Rafa knees due to the tiresome nature of some of his fans but I don't want Rafa to retire because of this. Honestly.
Andy is nearly grown up now, he will still have a chance at many HC slams even with a fit & recovered Nadal around.
Novak having tendinitis in the ankles however... well perhaps it's best we don't go there ;-)

Twinge , 5/10/13 1:41 PM

twinge, just out of curiosity, are we talking about Andy who has never ever played in any clay court final? I guess either one of those from your sarcasm filled list: Rafa with 70 year old knees, Nole with ankle injury or Fed who is currently playing tennis just for fan of it, would beat your RG favorite Andy with no mercy to even donate him one, please, stop making fan of Rafa and Nole's injuries...I assume and hope you would never wish them to be injured, would you? Because, you never may eat your own words...

natashao , 5/10/13 1:58 PM

What are you going on about now?
Stop getting all moralistic & confrontational Natashao, all of these ridiculous arguments about Croatia etc with Danica as well.
Most of the posters here won't even know where it is!
And I know I don't care..;-)
Take it outside dear!
The Yugoslavians were pretty good at that before no?
Also your complaint isn't making any sense to me given what i have posted just recently so clearly you're reading skills leave much to be desired too.
Oh well....
Crybabies here through and through.

Twinge , 5/10/13 2:25 PM

"I make fun of Rafa knees due to the tiresome nature of some of his fans but I don't want Rafa to retire because of this. Honestly."
you are just making fun of yourself is painful enough for Rafans to go through his injurie time-offs and to live with it, we don't need you to make our lives more difficult...but if you really enjoy it, so be it...
if you don't know where Croatia is that is your own ignorance...even more if you don't care...your knowledge on this issue is probably at the kindergarten level so I really do not see why do you get involved at all??? I wrote it to reply to Danica not for you to read...I wouldn't care less what you think about it and please do me a favor and skip my posts...I would have really loved to do the same when you are concerned but you were so annoying and so persistent in irritating Rafans and insulting nadline and others that I just had to read some of it...I will alter my approach from now on be sure...
and what is it about you enjoying to put down people and insult us? I even thought of you as nice and interesting poster at some point...silly me...

natashao , 5/10/13 2:59 PM

Why don't you get stuffed Natashao?
My comprehension of Croatia is at a kindergarten level?
Well there it shall remain as will my knowledge of crop infestation in Micronesia and toilet manufacturing in 18th century Uzbekistan.
I never said I was nice, being nice does not interest me while log on to the Internet.
But I'm not just coming on here to argue either.
Make your lives more difficult?
Honestly that's ridiculous.
Clearly you don't have a life anyway to come out with nonsense like this.
Tennis & Tennis players in the grand scheme of things aren't that important.
Try and have a little perspective on this.
The real issue of course is who thinks the site is theirs, people like you and Nadline etc feel entitled to dictate how everyone should behave here.
Unfortunately you don't own the place so that's not a realistic expectation for you to have anymore.
Sorry :(

Twinge , 5/10/13 3:22 PM

My comprehension of Croatia is at a kindergarten level?
Well there it shall remain as will my knowledge of crop infestation in Micronesia and toilet manufacturing in 18th century Uzbekistan."
exactly...and since you have no knowledge on any of Yugoslavia stuff just don't get involved and don't make a fool of youreslf even in your ignorance, you sure belong there...
no, you are not nice, don't you even go are more pathetic and bitter for some reason...
so now I DICTATE what people should write here...AHAHAHA...yeah I fix draws as well...and I am close relative of Ricky who BTW knows where Croatia are so, so...I will refrain from saying what...
I don't even come from Croatia...

natashao , 5/10/13 3:34 PM


Twinge , 5/10/13 3:49 PM

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