• Djokovic says he almost didn't play Madrid

    5/8/13 3:56 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Djokovic says he almost didn't play Madrid Novak Djokovic confessed that he almost skipped the Madrid Masters due to pain from his injured right ankle. As it was, the world No. 1 now faces a race for fitness with the Rome event starting on Monday.

    Djokovic lost a three-hour marathon second-round opening match to cramping Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov 7-6(6), 6-7 (8) in front of a jeering Spanish crowd which did not forget that he had beaten their hero Rafael Nadal in the event two years ago.

    Djokovic hurt his ankle in Davis Cup over the US a month ago, then managed to rehab it enough to play Monte Carlo in mid-April, where he won the title to deny Nadal a record ninth straight title at the Masters 1000.

    But Djokovic revealed after his Madrid loss: "For 12 days after Monte Carlo I didn't touch the racquet. I didn't know up to Saturday if I'm going to come here or not because of the ankle. But in the end, I made the decision to come because I like to play in this tournament. Maybe it could have been different; maybe not. Now it's too late to think about what I decided.

    "I thought it was the right decision because, luckily for me, nothing really happened when I twisted the ankle during the (Dimitrov) match. It was a slight moment. I had good protection on my ankle.

    "The only positive thing that I look into, is that I didn't injure my ankle worse before Rome and Paris."

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He should have skipped MC. I think he should skip RG.

nadline , 5/8/13 5:14 PM

Really, Nole should take some time off until his ankle is better, no matter how long it takes.

nadline , 5/8/13 5:27 PM

As you suggested nadline, he needs to take 7 months off, sort out what is going on there and come back in time for a 250 HC Tourney! That should sort out whatever is ailing him.

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 5:39 PM

^^^oh hahahaha!

Twinge , 5/8/13 5:48 PM

If Novak felt he did not want to play bcos is ankle was not right and was still after he twisted it, it did not get any worse?!!!!

Novak please keep on digging yourself up a hole, just try not to dig in too deep! I still need for Rafa to show you who's King of Clay!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 6:28 PM

LOL... I can hardly wait RG...
Shameless comments from Rafans... keep it coming pls... This comes from Uncle Tony instructions?
And for 7 months I was hoping for Rafa's return in good shape...LOL! much about fair support for your guy :)
Nadline... you have Woodo doll of Nole... admit ;)

zare , 5/8/13 7:10 PM

^^ Jeeeez who invited the illiterate. Try and make less sense "zare", I dare you.

Djokogod , 5/8/13 7:25 PM

this loss hardly has any effect on djokovic's RG chances, he was clearly lacking practice ........... still the 2nd favourite by a long margin

isfand , 5/8/13 7:26 PM

Djokovic wont be particularly affected by the loss. Just needs to rest his ankle properly and hope he finds form in Rome.

Djokogod , 5/8/13 7:33 PM

It's in Nole's interest to rest his ankle for as long as it takes. No voodoo doll. Sorry don't believe in things like that.

All that looking up to the skies and making the sign of the cross during a tennis match is really disrespectful, as if God has nothing better to do than worry about Nole winning tennis matches. There are lots of starving children around the world who need his attention more.

nadline , 5/8/13 7:43 PM

@ Djokogod,

Seem to be a newcomer here!! Welcome to TT!!

Novak does need to strengthen his ankle but at the same time he cannot take too much rest! If he blames lack of match play for his first-round loss how is it that more rest will improve his form?.............someone plz explain me?!!!!

@ Zare...........voodoo?, the devil! Novak thought, hey, I beat the king of clay on one ankle, surely I can take him down without needing to practise!!!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 8:01 PM

^^^Apparently one of the crowd's sin, amongst others, was to boo after Novak crossed himself. A God-less lot, those Madridistas..........they surely deserve to burn in hell.

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 8:03 PM

DelPo and a number of others thank God after every match. If Nole believes that heavens helped him, or that he couldn't believe what just happened, why not showing?

danica , 5/8/13 8:07 PM

Personally, I have no problem with public displays of faith, or any other personal foibles, each to their own. I mean, Rafa religiously arranges his bottles in a certain manner. That could be interpreted as a display of faith, no? Hehehe!

I just brought up the incident in my post of 8:07PM to show the ridiculousness of the whole spat! I mean, seriously? What was NOT objectionable in this match!?

People need to grow up!

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 8:21 PM

.......I mean, ANYTHING would have set the crowd off at that point, that's why you don't ever want to trade barbs with a mob, nobody comes out looking good.

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 8:26 PM

@ RIBT........LOVL!!!!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 8:39 PM

Er, just to make it clear: my last post starting with DelPo was a reply to nadline's @7:43pm.

danica , 5/8/13 8:55 PM

^^My bad, @danica, but no harm done I hope, all in good fun!

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 8:58 PM

"All that looking up to the skies and making the sign of the cross during a tennis match is really disrespectful"
Is there anything... anything at all, that you don't find disrespectful about Nole...
LOL...nadline, calm down.

zare , 5/8/13 9:25 PM

zare do you know that your name translates to 'heinous goat' in bosnian?

Djokogod , 5/8/13 9:44 PM

Imagine...if everyone looked to bottles for faith. Then the world would be as one.

Maya , 5/8/13 10:00 PM


rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 10:09 PM

ankle hurts, ankle doesn't hurt...
I play this, I don't play this...
I win a point, I swagger and inhale head high
I lose a point and I slouch and do the grimacing tiptoe trot
we haven't had such an entertaining Nr. 1 since McEnroe

he does play damn good tennis though :)

Shireling , 5/8/13 10:58 PM

knee hurts. knee doesn't hurt.
then tummy hurts. then uncle blabbers some BS
i play drama queen. nobody gets fooled except my fans [they always fall for it]
we definitely dont find such drama queens in ATP. In WTA, nadal will find lot of similar acts.

his tennis is inferior to djokovic/federer for sure. [getting booed at the slam you win the most? ouch! i don't think that has happened to anyone since mcenroe, for sure!]

Fedkovic23 , 5/9/13 12:21 AM

@ Fedkovic23,

"his tennis is inferior to djokovic/federer for sure".............yeah, with the H2H Rafa has against both them, absolutely!!! But whatever makes you sleep better at night.................

Monalysa , 5/9/13 12:46 AM

"i play drama queen"

No, you ARE a drama queen.

"his tennis is inferior to djokovic/federer for sure"



Conspirator , 5/9/13 2:33 AM

After 7 mos off and cameback and reached finals for all 6 tournament and win 3 titles and an idiot said his tennis is inferior??? This guy must insane and a sick hater...

tettylds , 5/9/13 4:03 AM

So, we do accept nadal is the only brat after mcenroe to be booed off at his most dominant slam!

Neither fed/djokovic lost 7 times in a row [across multiple surface mind you] at their prime.

H2H. really? This myth has been busted by nadal himself in his biography. That he was fortunate to play Federer more times on clay than Federer's favorite surfaces - grass/USO/cincinnati/indoors.

I know this is hard for logically challenged people/kindergardeners to grasp, Ask yourself this - Would you be davydenko and have a winning h2h against rafa with 0 slams or have 17/6 slams + better records than rafa outside clay [surface of the mediocres - see muster/costa/bruguera/gomez and a host of nobodies who did nada outside clay].

Another question for you guys : top 5 players have about 16 common tournaments a year. Of which 25% are on clay [3MS + RG]. Yet nadal has played fedkovic 50% of their h2h on clay. Why? could it be that the dude is more of a one surface pony than fedkovic? I mean let's face it, fed/djokovic have superior records than rafa @ 2 of the 4 slams and the year ending championship. Fed has the superior record at even wimbledon/weeks at no.1

believe me, if you really know statistics and tennis history, you will know nadal is on track to end his career as no.3 of this generation. Wait and watch as Mr.Djokovic will overtake that puny 11 GS titles. just a matter of time. you guys know it too, if not you would not be having your daily therapy sessions dissing the guy for dominating your dude for the last 2 years.

17slams+302 weeks+6year end champ+4years in a row no.1
6slams+ 7-0, 2years in a row no.1 [mr. BP never did that.]

math not my strength? more like dumbness is your lastname crappyrator!


i think you are being too kind calling this a high-schooler. it most likely never got by elementary school at all. must be posting from an hi-tech assylum. hope the nurses are not skipping out on the medication and/or shock therapy!

Fedkovic23 , 5/9/13 4:18 AM

Truly scrottracker worthy ranting now DimiKovic. Keep it coming!

Let's see. Rafa has beaten Fed on ALL slam surfaces and is 5-0 in all slam meetings since 2008 looks like Fed is the one trick pony in slams vs Hasbeen, no?


Conspirator , 5/9/13 4:30 AM

^^^Hasbeen is one trick pony vs Rafa

See, now you've bored me into typos.

Conspirator , 5/9/13 4:33 AM

Nadal always praises Federer like he used to praise other players also.. He keep saying Federer is the best in history but as a fan I like to continue his statement by says that does not matter if u r good in history as long as I keep beating u LOL..

I learned statistic in my study.. So if u want to go to tennis statistic, go to Atp statistic.. U can find there who has better winning precentage, there r a lot there..

Bottomline is if u want to ignore Nadal, u can also ignore Federee n other greats..

By statistics... Nadal can reached Federer slams in these 5 years considering they hv 5 yrs different in age n for sure Federer will never beat Nadal record on masters.. Djokovics can beat Federer years no 1...

Is not because of clay or not clay.. Nadal can beat Fed in hard, grass, clay only in indoors Fed had advantages on Nadal...

tettylds , 5/9/13 4:36 AM

PunchbagKovic likes to cherry pick his facts. His skewed bile is a simple product of Rafa's domination over his schoolgirl crush.


Conspirator , 5/9/13 4:42 AM


Keep it coming with the names. You are a high schooler and I am a granny along with all the other grannies here! What gets me is how a loser like this comes on here and presumes to think he is somehow superior than the rest of us as he spew out erroneous supposed "facts"! This grandiosity is kind of strange.

Fed fans have always cherry picked the facts to try to bolster their arguments. After all, what can they do with a lopsided 10-19 h2h in Rafa's favor and also knowing that their hero has lost to Rafa in slams on ALL surfaces!

Life must be tough for them when reality sometimes gets in their way. :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/9/13 4:50 AM

To avoid reality Fed fans live in a world of delusions where there fave is GOAT.

holdserve , 5/9/13 5:28 AM

Again, you got any stats other than h2h? Why do 50% meetings beetween versatile all-surface players like fedkovic and a one-surface pony like rafa happen on a surface where they only play 25% of the time?

Fedkovic23 , 5/9/13 6:21 AM

One surface pony?? Pony??? Ur brain probably is pony.. But u ask all the player which surface is the most difficult to play on, smart people will answer it correctly... ITS CLAY... Btw Fedokovic, its not only their H2H is Nadal better, their winning precentage overall, the matches against Top 10 and many more..

tettylds , 5/9/13 7:09 AM

Fartkovic23 is without doubt the loser torres9. Hilarious!!

jean , 5/9/13 7:10 AM

Fedmitrov, do you realise that Rafa leads Federer 6:2 on outdoor h/c?

nadline , 5/9/13 1:46 PM

Torres9 come back with his IQ enhanced from 9 to 23? That explains the troll's absence from this forum for sometime. But this enhancement hasn't improved his contributions. He needs to get to IQ 80 at least to make sense.

holdserve , 5/9/13 1:48 PM

Isn't it impossible to improve your IQ? :P

tj600 , 5/9/13 2:12 PM

Again, you got any stats other than h2h? Why do 50% meetings beetween versatile all-surface players like fedkovic and a one-surface pony like rafa happen on a surface where they only play 25% of the time?
Fedkovic23, 5/9/13 6:21 AM

"Again", it's the only stat that is relevent in this case only because it is the only stat that creates so much fedbot bile about Rafa. I didn't make it so. You did. Own it.

How many times has Rafa beaten Fed in a hc major? Twice
How many times has Rafa beaten Fed at Wimby? Once

Let's look at who was still alive to play who in the majors prior to Rafa's long layoff, shall we Deadkovic? (Not that Fed won any slams during that time.)

Wimby '12 - Rafa lost to Rosol, Fed was available
FO '12 - Fed lost to Nole, Rafa was available
AO '12 - Rafa beat Fed AGAIN
USO '11 - Fed lost to Nole, Rafa was available
Wimby '11 - Fed lost to Tsonga, Rafa was available
FO '11 - Rafa beat Fed AGAIN
AO '11 - Both lost before they could meet
USO '10 - Fed lost to Nole, Rafa was available
Wimby '10 - Fed lost to Byrd, Rafa was available
FO '10 - Fed lost to Sod, Rafa was available
AO '10 - Rafa lost to Muzz, Fed was available

So, in the last 11 majors prior to Rafa's injury, only once did Rafa not make it far enough where he could have played Fed.

Must be sad to be so blind or stupid (probably both).


Conspirator , 5/9/13 2:29 PM

^^^^ Should be twice (i.e., 2 of 11) not once.

Your blind falsehood is still sadly inaccurate as are all Fedbot statements.

Conspirator , 5/9/13 2:32 PM

Conspirator, 5/9/13 2:29 PM

Awesome post. Amazing how many times federer has failed to make it to play Rafa on Fed's supposed stronger surfaces... LOL

willmw101 , 5/9/13 2:44 PM

Good post, Conspirator!

holdserve , 5/9/13 2:57 PM



Conspirator , 5/9/13 3:06 PM

tj600, you are right. It is impossible to increase my IQ as it is already too high.
But good news for you is that there is plenty of scope in your case. Increasing from almost 0 to say 20 to start with might be helpful as a first step? Go for it, my dear. Someday after step 2, 3, 4 ( gradually increasing IQ to 80), you might even make sense.
Now that torres9 aka Fedkovic23 has done it I am sure many in the Fed fan world are going to get the brain job done. Good for them and of course good for the world. The standard of discourse in many fan blogs will no doubt improve.

holdserve , 5/9/13 3:42 PM

Holdserve, you misunderstand. What I meant in my post was that it is impossible for anyone to improve their IQ, as it is something you get from birth. In otherwords, if you are born with an IQ of a 110 for example, you cant do anything to improve it.

tj600 , 5/9/13 3:56 PM

torres9 has done it so obviously it can be done.

holdserve , 5/9/13 4:01 PM

tj600, I apologize if I misunderstood. Consider my post at 3:42 as withdrawn.

holdserve , 5/9/13 4:22 PM

As for whether IQ can actually be increased there is no definitive answer. It is generally believed that what happens in the womb and what happens in the first 5 years has a profound impact on IQ. However people have improved their IQ scores even in middle age by educating themselves. We don't exactly know what constitutes intelligence. IQ, EQ etc are attempts to measure this. I am reminded of a beautiful sci fi story " Flowers for Algernon".

holdserve , 5/9/13 4:30 PM

"zare do you know that your name translates to 'heinous goat' in bosnian?"
Djokogod, 5/8/13 9:44 PM

are you aware that Bosnian and Serbian (and Croatian and, the latest ridiculous entry - Montenegrin) are one and the same language? I believe I would know the word if it, indeed, existed at least because I speak "all" of those languages and have a lot of family in Bosnia.

Sorry to all for getting so off the topic.

danica , 5/9/13 8:23 PM

Looks like all the rafa fans are trying their best to drive away another federer djokovic fan.

As a djokovic fan, I can see the point fedkovic is making. A player who is more versatile and is an all-surface player will have the H2Hs tilted in the less versatile player. It seems more than a coincidence that rafa plays 50% of his H2Hs against the other 2 on his prefered surface when they play only 25% of the tournaments on clay.

As another example, I remember agassi played 7 (out of 10) of his GS encounters against Sampras on Pete's favored slams - Wimbledon and USopen. He got only 3 chances on Pete's less favored surfaces. needless to says Sampras has a 7-3 H2H, but Agassi is definitely the more versatile and Pete the one-dimension player. [never made a final on clay].

Similarly Borg never got to play mcenroe on clay in 14 meetings. while, Mcbrat consistently played borg on mac's favorite surfaces - USopen and indoors. [grass was neutral, you can say]. The result? mcenroe has a 7-7 H2H against borg, but clearly borg is a cut above mcenroe.

One more thing - Djokovic has a 8-3 H2H against rafa in the last 2years. Just saying. So are we to assume Djokovic is a greater player than Rafa? Sounds so, by the logic rafa fans are suggesting.

novakisthebest , 5/9/13 8:27 PM

@ novakisthebest,

would you like some cheese with that whine?!!!

Monalysa , 5/9/13 8:35 PM

Djokovic "didn't touch a racquet for 12 days" and no one noticed?!? Does he usually pracitice in a hideaway?

Ramara , 5/9/13 9:11 PM

It must be the same hideaway where rafa got "treated" for his knees for 7months.

novakisthebest , 5/9/13 9:17 PM

Fedkovic has been here for 5 mins so no one has driven him away, he has just changed his moniker to novakisthebest.

nadline , 5/9/13 9:25 PM

One more thing - Djokovic has a 8-3 H2H against rafa in the last 2years. Just saying. So are we to assume Djokovic is a greater player than Rafa? Sounds so, by the logic rafa fans are suggesting.
novakisthebest, 5/9/13 8:27 PM

Your the only one suggesting that logic novakisthebest. Most sane people would argue that two players CAREER h2h is far more accurate at determining who the better player is rather than a h2h period over a 2 year window!! Why would anyone only measure those two years? Oh right, of course you are massively biased.

Novak "SUCK MY DIC*" Djokovic over and out.

Scrotracker , 5/9/13 9:33 PM

novakisthebest, 5/9/13 8:27 PM

Perhaps you missed my earlier response to... you. Please refer to Conspirator, 5/9/13 2:29 PM that address the same old, same old cherry picking.


Conspirator , 5/9/13 9:38 PM

Your the only one suggesting that logic novakisthebest.
Scrotracker, 5/9/13 9:33 PM

Well, at least he's given up on Federer.


Conspirator , 5/9/13 9:42 PM

"Novak "SUCK MY DIC*" Djokovic over and out."

You boorish fans deserve it.


novakisthebest , 5/9/13 9:52 PM

Rack those leaves racker
Rack them good and well
Rack them true
Rack them true
A true racker are you

chlorostoma , 5/9/13 9:54 PM

No, your boorish and tacky serbian player was out of line. Disgusting example.

Scrotracker , 5/9/13 9:54 PM

Fedkovic is torres/scoretracker/skeezer and now I am fedkovic? OK. time to stop doing what novak told you guys to do and unfog your heads.

Clearly the monte carlo manhandling has damaged your teeny-weeny chicken-brains. was that so bad?

novakisthebest , 5/9/13 9:59 PM

Scrotracker , 5/9/13 9:54 PM

It's all moot now, he is the one who ended up sucking a weener, Dimitrov's!


rafaisthebest , 5/9/13 10:01 PM

and rafa ended up sucking Djokovic's in Montecarlo - weener that is.

novakisthebest , 5/9/13 11:08 PM

I never heard Rafa invite the audience in MC to suck his weener, Mr. novakisthebest, your idol did in Madrid. See the difference? Don't answer that......


rafaisthebest , 5/9/13 11:22 PM

He actually didn't ask for sucking :)). He asked for some licking :)).
Not that I approve of obscenities but the crowd deserved it and he said it in Serbian. Had he really wanted to be heard and understood, he could have said it in English. And trust me, that phrase in Serbian bears much less weight than the "F" word in English, something we heard a number of greats shout for a much lesser reason.

danica , 5/10/13 2:05 AM

After Monte Carlo, Novak was the king of clay, then Dimitrov, now Wawringka LOL...

tettylds , 5/10/13 2:20 AM

@Danica, 2:05am, you state the crowd deserved it, I disagree. Would you feel the same if your kids were sitting in the stands watching the match and those expletives were blurted out by the djoker? I doubt it. You're trying very hard to negate what your fave did. perhaps it's working for you, but you'll have a difficult time convincing millions of tennis fans that the crowd deserved the obscenities.

How could such a religious gy, who's always kissing the cross and looking up ot heaven be so vulgar? makes me want to challenge all the religious folk at times, coz most of them seem to be the most hypocritical.

@ritb:Scrotracker , 5/9/13 9:54 PM
It's all moot now, he is the one who ended up sucking a weener, Dimitrov's!

I hope you realized that I did not write that post. it's the HS D/O who has put a twist on my screenname this adolescent will do anything to gain some attention. Dunno, but I think she's fascinated by a part of the male anatomy she cannot have.

scoretracker , 5/10/13 3:00 AM

Ms.Murray, posts @Scrotracker, 5/9/13 9:33 PM , and Scrotracker, 5/9/13 9:54 PM and Scrotracker, 5/9/13 9:33 PM, should be deleted.

Please take note. The poster Conspirator is using my screen name, with the 'Scro" letters transposed to write her filthy posts. Please delete these posts. Not only is it wrong to allow her to do this, but ihow is it that some posters are able to use so many screen names, is what I'd like to know.
@conspirator, STOP your stupid adolescent behavior. you've gone too far this time, (you've done so before) using my screen name transposing letters to write your sick language. Isn't your willmw moniker enough for writing your filth?

scoretracker , 5/10/13 3:09 AM

Nole is definitely a bit of a fake. How was his ankle good enough at Monte Carlo to win the tournament and then deteriorate so much as to make Nole consider withdrawing? That reminds me, Fedkovic23 said Rafa shed tears like a pansy at his press conference because of cramps. That is false. He did not shed any tears. It is Fed who shed tears like a pansy after losing AO 2009 and Nole at a press conference after injuring his ankle in Davis Cup.
So much for Fedkovic's 2 faves. Why is it Fedkovic admires guys shedding tears like pansies? Why does he frequently refer to others as pansies? Why is he obsessed with Rafa's butt. Like Samprallica, I must say hmmm...

holdserve , 5/10/13 3:52 AM

thanks for pointing out the impostor. Honestly, I didn't pay attention how your nick was spelled until you pointed out that the other one has a capital S. This is truly unacceptable and needs the administrator's attention ASAP.

Anyhow, I don't think you can protect kids from everything and a spoken language with all its drawbacks is no exception. They hear it sooner or later. We speak only Serbian at home, but the vocabulary my kids learnt from their peers in school is not nice. And we deliberately picked a school that has highest grades and has a title of Distinguished School of California, if I am not mistaken, only one of the six that were awarded that last year. The community is nice and well educated.

Well, like I said, I don't like obscenities but Serbian will be understood by peoples of former Yugoslavia only, whereas Spanish will be understood by half of the world, and English literally by the whole world. Not many will go to google translate to find out what Nole said. It was an unfortunate event, yes, but I feel the need to stand by Nole because I understand it.

And as for men crying, I have nothing against it, on the contrary. Thank you for showing your emotions! That is being brave when everyone expects you to be tough. Crying is FINE.

Rafa didn't cry, he kept his teeth clenched. It was really painful to watch. Some time later, I came across some Spanish comedians that ridiculed Rafa because of that. I found it more than tasteless. You just do not laugh at someone's pain.

danica , 5/10/13 4:50 AM

@danica, it's happened before, but seeing as how my past calls for moderator intervention on this sort of garbage almost always are ignored, I don't hold much hope that those posts will be deleted. This conspirator character is praised for her ugly posts and her ridiculous pseudo hash-tags, (which always are insults towards Fed and his fans) coz she amuses some on this site, and is a Nadal fan. If it were a Fed fan doing that, the thread would be littered with abusive responses. double standards galore. Isn't it strange that both connie and her other self, willmw had left simultanously, and returned simultaneously? And, hawkeye disappeared since connie was caught talking to herself? she does the same with willmw, agreeing with whatever is written a lot of times.

scoretracker , 5/10/13 5:13 AM

Oh gosh, usualy I only have to be on "Andy Alert." Now my antennae are flashing cos Mac is under attack! He was the most talented player ever to pick up a WOODEN tennis raquet.

deuce , 5/10/13 7:19 AM

@danica, I must agree with @scoretracker on Novak's reaction to the crowd's baiting. For me, the issues to consider are as follows:

1. You do not engage in a "dialogue" with a crowd, it's not practical, there's many of them against one of you, who do you single out in the crowd?
2. Because they are a crowd, mob rule is not far off. You cannot reason with a mob, it's an oxymoron. The wise behavioral rule is: never argue with a mob, you will not win.
3. By heckling Novak, the crowd travelled on the low road. By heckling them back, Novak chose to travel with them on the low road. It was his choice, he did not have to.
4. He is the TRAINED professional, not the crowd, therefore he is expected to behave better, not the crowd.

In the face of the crowd's rudeness and heckling, Novak should have done the opposite i.e. taken the high road, stayed in his lane i.e. ignored them and focussed on his game. This would have made the crowd look even more foolish and more importantly, denied Grigor the positivity he got from the crowd and maybe Novak would even have rescued the match. Instead, by behaving the way he did, he has allowed the crowd to gain sympathy and be cast as victims who were insulted by the very person they paid money to see.

It was Goerge Bernard Shaw who said: Never mud wrestle with a pig, you will both get dirty and besides, the pig will enjoy it.

It is a pity Novak did not think of this before he went on court.

ps: Another aspect I thought contributed to the whole fiasco: Novak's own personality. He comes across as someone who wants to be liked, to the point of desperation sometimes. The comedy skits etc. This kind of personality tends to be thin-skinned and are easily riled because they are always looking to be liked so much. So, maybe the whole fiasco was inevitable when you take all the elements into consideration.

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 7:46 AM

Simple: tennis should do what they do in football, study tapes of matches post match and punish "sinners" retroactively. They can get translators to translate foreign language obscenities and act. As it is, English speakers are disadvantaged, not fair.

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 8:18 AM

Novak's the best:

Great post @ 8:27! There is reasonable evidence that a one-dimensional/one-surface/both [like rafa] benefits from his being less of a player. Look at davydenko/blake/nalbandian's h2h VS kneedal. They successfully avoided the BP [you know what it means right? hint, think about nadal serving, LOL!]. If federer/djokovic were miserable on clay like sampras/mcenroe, they would be having winning H2Hs and djokovic would even have a 13-7 or 6 lead in the H2H.

as I said earlier, don't let these pensioners bully you. they got no life or job and will try to post a bunch of stupid baloney. You can safely ignore.

did you say novak comedy skits? LOL! he really does a mean rafa impersonation. the people in US loved him for it. Remember soderling in wimbledon 2007? LOL! but, hey, they are both obsessed with rafa's behind [according to nadas]. Would rafa be doing such puke-worthy stuff if he wasn't so obsessed with it? how about you duds tell him to stop doing such puerile stuff in public and we can all be at peace with it!


looks like it is fair game to spoof posters' monikers. here are a few you can try - crappyrator, constipator, naive new-yapper [suits my granny to a T, she is always online yapping. wish there were jobs that hired 80+ people ;). let me know if you need more!

Fedkovic23 , 5/10/13 10:14 AM

This pony brain is like a his cry baby idol... sounds so desperate...

tettylds , 5/10/13 10:30 AM


I guess this is therapy for you whenever Fed loses. Don't worry, there is help for the angry and depressed!

Oh and if I am 80+ years old, then my mother must be well over 100 because she's still alive! Too funny!

I hope that this online therapy does you some good, because you really need it. :)

Nativenewyorker , 5/10/13 10:31 AM

You have got to be kidding?! I can't believe a sane person would say this! Novak's swearing is all over the web...take a look and see...and everyone could use google translate for God's according to you if you curse the crowd in your own language, other than English, than it is a noble, sincere and justifiable thing to do? Do you understand that Novak embarrassed himself and the whole nation, the Serbian speaking population and that this incident will make his legacy whether you want it or not...I felt embarrassed that I speak Serbian and had to witness what he did and said!, it was classless, barbarian, vulgar and overall STUPID thing to do and there is no way you will ever convince me that the " CROWD DESERVED IT"!???? Are you aware of what you are supporting here?
and BTW, please do not claim that you can fully understand Croatian because it has changed immensely since their independence so that you would clearly have difficulties understanding most of the words...
and "the latest ridiculous entry - Montenegrin"?!! be careful what you are saying here and who you are insulting...I know, I know?Montenegro independence hurts, doesn't it? But you probably know that Nole is Montenegrin origin and that people love him here...don't make fun of his origin, it's not nice thing to do to your idol...

natashao , 5/10/13 1:30 PM

my above post refers to danica's posts
danica, 5/9/13 8:23 PM
danica, 5/10/13 2:05 AM
sorry people I just had to reply...someparts are off the topic but I couldn't resist...I promisse I'll rest my case now..:)

natashao , 5/10/13 1:34 PM

scoretracker has fallen off the wagon again I see.

willmw101 , 5/10/13 1:45 PM

After that glorious Davis Cup win, the Serbian team was given diplomatic passports, including Novak so in principle he is a Serbian diplomat, representing Serbia, so I can understand the humiliation of some of his compatriots like @natashao....

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 1:46 PM

Conspiracy theories abound. scoretracker stop throwing arm chair psychology around :)

willmw101 , 5/10/13 1:48 PM

???? ??? ?????

NovakSUCKMYDICDjokovic , 5/10/13 2:01 PM


No way, why is this screen name allowed!!! Are you kidding me!!!!

Monalysa , 5/10/13 2:19 PM

Surely that name alone should be banned and hopefully Cheryl can see the IP address of all the similar names and ban this person once and for all. They've really gone over the edge.

chr18 , 5/10/13 2:20 PM

Look who's talking about going over the edge lol!

jean , 5/10/13 2:23 PM

Hmmm(samprallica style :D) It appears that Scrotracker is NovakSUCKMY.... This is based on Scrotracker's , 5/9/13 9:33 PM post. Now, if as scoretracker(careful with the spelling people as they are similar) is correct that scrotracker is conspirator, then logic dictates that all 3 are one and the same. Oh and btw an IP address test probably wont work chr18, as he could easily have multiple laptops or something.

tj600 , 5/10/13 2:23 PM

Thank you chr18, Monalysa for speaking out for decency and requesting the TT moderators delete this poster's id. In fact, as chr18, this is the same poster who has invaded this site under different id's but surely the IP addresses should make it easy to identify him.

Please, please moderators, don't let one malicious individual ruin TT. He is being disowned even by his erstwhile allies.

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 2:27 PM

@danica, this is exactly why we said Djokovic did not do himself any favours with his poor reaction to the crowd taunting. Look who has "adopted" him now? Unsavoury characters who I am sure Djokovic himself would be embarrassed to be associated with, never mind you his genuine fans.

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 2:45 PM

'don't let one malicious individual ruin TT..'

Lol are you serious?
Just the one?
Nah ritb, there's more than one.....

Twinge , 5/10/13 2:52 PM

^^^as long as you are not one of them it's all good Twingey....

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 2:56 PM

Bet this is all scoretracker and she's playing some perverse game

willmw101 , 5/10/13 2:57 PM

Guys, look at willmw's first post on what Novak said to the crowd. See djokovic Kicks offf , etc. thread:
@radosko: ''SUCK MY ****'' , words from the world No1 to the crowd as he sits after taking the set #rolemodel
Disgusting from the Serbian. Terrible example to the kids.
willmw101, 5/7/13 10:52 PM

Now Take a look at post on 5/10/13 @2:01PM,
Novak "SUCK MY DIC*" Djokovic over and out.
Scrotracker, 5/9/13 9:33 PM, and the other two posts on this thread.

And, who refers to me as Scrote, scrottracker, Scrotracker, and is always changing around other poster's screen names? It's conspirator. She is definitely willmw in disguise, whos the biggest Djoker hater on this site, and the one who refers to his coach as Marina Vadgina in CAPS. She's proficient enough to dig up archived stuff in an instant, and is operating under under several monikers.

TJ600 is right. IP addresses are not traceable to a poster if they use several computers, which is what conspirator is doing. It's what I was trying to explain that it's the reason I don't blog when I'm away, due to IP addresses not matching if I were to use a different computer, e.g., my company's laptop.

I'm angry because I've been impersonated, and the worst of it, it's the language that's being used. I'm sure that by now you all are aware of that fact that I don't use obscenities/foul language, coz it's something I detest and is absolutely uncalled for.

scoretracker , 5/10/13 3:21 PM

^^^as long as you are not one of them it's all good Twingey....
rafaisthebest, 5/10/13 2:56 PM

Lol well apparently I am to some,
I'd like to think I'm just keeping it real.....

Twinge , 5/10/13 3:32 PM

@willmw, nice try, but it ain't gonna work. You have a history of using vulgar language. And, for the last time, I'm a HE. Now crawl back to the looney bin from which you eascaped.

scoretracker , 5/10/13 3:33 PM

^^^ LOL. Off the wagon.

willmw101 , 5/10/13 3:54 PM

Oh shut up scrotrasher, quit the whining.

jean , 5/10/13 6:41 PM

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.


Conspirator , 5/10/13 7:08 PM

NatashaO, give me a break, will ya!? Don't tell me those languages are not the same. Don't tell me that I wouldn't be able to understand the Croatian pathetic attempt to change the language with ridiculous stuff only so it would differ from Serbian. I read their articles on a daily bases and have great friends in Croatia. I don't need a translator. As for Montenegro, guess what, my maternal and paternal ancestors come from Montenegro, but like most Montenegrins, they are Serbs. My post about language maybe hurts chauvinists of those new countries, but it is a fact. Find out on internet the name of the language Raonic speaks (besides English). The language is the same and was called the Serbo-Croatian, as you very well know, in old Yugoslavia. No one calls the most spoken language in Australia - Australian. Nor do I speak American here. From the linguistic point of view, it is one language.

As for Nole swearing, again, tell me no one else swore ever in the heat of the moment, tell me Murray, Nadal, Ferrer, Federer never swore, not to mention the greats of the past. Oh please, so much ado about nothing...

danica , 5/10/13 7:22 PM

very nice and balanced post @7:46am

We're human. It's very easy to throw stones at others. But we should try walking in others' shoes and be less judgemental. You don't know how you would react in such a situation.

danica , 5/10/13 7:32 PM

danica , 5/10/13 7:32 PM

Quite agree, that is why we are just TT posters and not multiple GS winners! It is very easy to be wise with 20-20 hindsight.

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 7:45 PM


Fine, but what Novak did was wrong so at least try to acknowledge that!!! Some people thought he was right to swear at the crowd, i think thats the issue most people have!!!

@RIBT, yeah. But if it were Rafa/Murray/Fed who behaved like that................

Anyway, im sure Nole is sorry and will never do it again!!!

Monalysa , 5/10/13 7:54 PM

Monalysa, 5/10/13 7:54 PM
Thanks...that's exactly what I was trying to prove...there is no justification for what Nole did..But I am sure, as I stated before, Nole regrets it and will never again be provoked like that...
Tennis is clean, beautiful and cultured sport and tennis players are role models worldwide...I wish it would stay that way...
Vamos Rafa!
#humble, well-mannered

natashao , 5/10/13 8:30 PM

@Monalysa, Rafa would NEVER behave the way Novak behaved, ever, you can take that to the bank. Shout profanities at the crowd? Never, so why even speculate about it?

rafaisthebest , 5/10/13 8:40 PM


I am in no posititon to say what Rafa will NEVER do, but I am happy to say that, yes, its unlikely!!!

Monalysa , 5/10/13 9:55 PM

@Fedkovic23, 5/10/13 10:14 AM
You're so funny. Thanks for the names, but it does not stop the HS D/o from behaving like an imbecile.

It's so strange that none of her hashtag admirers haven't said anything about the foul language on this site, nor has there been any action to remove the despicable posts. I know I'm not in good standing with the powers that be, -- a personna non-grata, but there have been several comments from other posters requesting the removal of the sick posts and nada.

It's strange how many call for tennisNBA to be banned, albeit his only crime is pasting articles, and those same posters who enjoy the pseudo hash-tags are silent over this mess.I suppose anyone but Nadal is OK with the gang.

@jean, Don't tell me to stop anything. You're just as bad as the poster who wrote those comments. Perhaps it's you considering you enjoy using krass language to express your non-tennis posts, which are reserved for Fed fans. Who fooled into thinking that you know anything about tennis and your comments are of some value to the tennis discussions on this or any tennis blogsite.

scoretracker , 5/11/13 4:50 AM

Undeniable proof, Novak has picked up a racket since Madrid:

rafaisthebest , 5/11/13 1:01 PM

Rome draw is out I think. Apparently nadal is in ferrer's quarter and novak's half. Roger and ANdy are in the same half of the draw.

tj600 , 5/11/13 1:25 PM

Woow...finally Novak Rafa semis..back to the good old days 2006-08

atul1985 , 5/11/13 4:34 PM

I've never known Andy swear AT anyone else on court or off, during matches. AT himself, for sure, does it all the time. Not a good thing to do, I agree, but there is a bit of a difference.

deuce , 5/11/13 5:16 PM

@deuce Agree with you. And Andy very smartly plated down Fed swearing at him @AO 13 which only a very mature guy can do.

fedexal , 5/11/13 6:03 PM


Donot worry, these demented rafanuts will be grounded quite soon. I remember Lance Armstrong fans behaving like these imbecile posters a few years back. now they are looked on as the scum of the sports community. their dumbazz retarded stunts of copying another poster's name is what low-lives are made up. could be any of the rafasses = newyapper, constipator, rafaistheass.....

Ignore them and stickaround. Here are a few Fed achievements to cheer you up

4 time laureus champ, 8 times sportsmanship award 9 times in a row fan favorite [apparently there is a world outside TT where rafa is just a chump and cannot hold a candle to Roger's achievements and stardom. Roger is widely acknowledged has the greatest icon of our sport and his competition is now with all-time icons like Jordan, Pele, Ali, Schumacher, Bubka and the like.

It is impossible for off-court achievements to top on-court numbers like 17slams, 302 weekes @ no.1 and 6year end titles, but Fed's super-stardom has made it possible.

Onwards and upwards for the Lord of Tennis. #El Mago

Fedkovic23 , 5/11/13 6:55 PM

What else you want to add more fedkovic to make you happy with the rest of fedfarts? Great achievement why not, but just imagine how literally ugly the face of hapless Roger when cried in the public because he can't accept that he has lost again to his God Rafa. Those happiness and smile the fedfarts are trying to enjoy can spoil easily by bringing JUST one event in tennis that related to Rafa.

Raindrops , 5/11/13 7:16 PM

just reading again this thread's title...
acutally, Nole was right, he just played three sets in this tournement.

Shireling , 5/11/13 9:47 PM

Fedkovic doesn't seem to realize that we have been invaded by trolls and haters in the past. We survived it then and we will survive it now. Just to be clear, we are NOT going anywhere!

You can suck up to your buddy all you want, but all you have is hate.

Nativenewyorker , 5/11/13 9:57 PM

being a complete atheist, I always hate preaching but I can't really understand how people get so carried away in this bickering about who's won this, who's won that.. we all have our favorites and the stats are there for anybody who wants to see them.
I (almost) always want Rafa to win and therefore I can't be very objective but I like Djokovic's game, not so much his character. I was very vehement about his last MTO but he deserves it because it's not the first time that it happens and because his movement isn't hindered in any way. In that sense his injury - which I think is legit - is no different from all the other ailments that the rest of the field have because of playing pro tennis.

Shireling , 5/11/13 10:15 PM

rafabots talking about hate? the hate you guys vent on federer/djokovic or anyone who supports them is obvious to see. You get treated like you treat others. Just as you guys have survived trolls, we fed/djokovic fans will survive you lot too. It is a matter of a year or 2 before rafa knees finally explode or noah's claims get proven. I will be right here to remind you people when that happens. I am not going anywhere too!

Fedkovic23 , 5/12/13 4:04 AM

The troll is really trying too hard and shamelessly at

Anyone who supports Fed + Djokovic together is a certified Rafa hater in my opinion with sole intention being to denigrate Rafa and see him lose/fail , sadly what the troll says wont happen , what will happen to Rafa will be decided by Rafa on the court itself. If someone is a fed + Djokovic fan, I presume he would rather spend his time talking about them in his posts rather than try to bring a 3rd person down..

sanju , 5/12/13 4:43 AM

geez, anyone who does not shower praises on nadal is a troll. You guys don't want people to talk tennis, they are only to talk Rafa LUV.

Why haven't any of you called for the moderator to remove those sick posts on Djoker? I'd bet you'd be going balistic if it were done to rafa. such double standards.

scoretracker , 5/12/13 5:39 AM

I think most rafa fans were supportive of Djokovic till 2011. I wonder what has changed since then? Everyone knows the answer to that one. Djokovic humiliated rafa and relegated him to 2nd rank and then rosol drove a stake through the demented fans of the clayal. Rosoled to 5th in the world.

#Djokovic is the king of the tennis world.

JamesDjokovicFan , 5/12/13 6:34 AM

We don't feel humiliated, we just follow what Rafa always said.. Accept the defeat.. We even more proud about Rafa to see how he accept his defeat.. Remember after he beat Nole at Monte Carlo last year he said, after 7 times lost, thanks for the trophy, Nole... And Nole after beat Rafa at MC this year said, thanks to allow me have this trophy at least once.. They both are great champs.. We cannat control how d Madrid crowd reacted to Djoko recently..

tettylds , 5/12/13 7:08 AM

This is really just too funny! Before I was accused of being Nole's new champion by the very person who is now complaining about the sick posts about Djoker? What about the other equally offensive posts? Oh now I get it! If it's directed at Rafa or his fans then it's fine and dandy. This tunnel vision and hypocrisy is absolutely unbelievable! You can't have it both ways. If it's wrong for one person to do it, then it's wrong for anyone to do it. There are a lot of hateful posts here, but now it's all about Fed or Djoker.

sanju, 5/12/13 4:43 AM,

I agree with you. These people aren't fans of anyone or even the sport of tennis. They are just here to hate on Rafa and his fans. They are also pathological liars with way too much time on their hands. Losers who can't make it in the real world, so they hide behind an anonymous screen name and attack. Oh yeah, like that takes brains or thought.

Nativenewyorker , 5/12/13 7:28 AM

People, the name combinations are enough to tell you these are attempts to build an anti-Rafa, Fedfan-Nolefan, alliance here on TT. Such an alliance is already up and running on "that other site", but that is not a surprise.

I don't see it happening here on TT. TT is a haven for a better class of fan and the Nole fans here would never associate themselves with riff-raff.

rafaisthebest , 5/12/13 8:54 AM

........Personally, I take this ratcheting up of Rafa hate as a sign of how much Rafa is feared. Alliances are needed to take him down, lol!

And you know what is bringing all this fear? Rafa's current amazing finals run after 7 months out injured.............

rafaisthebest , 5/12/13 8:58 AM

What is the latest bulletin on the 'I Almost Didn't Play Madrid' ankle?

Do we know if said ankle has hobbled to Rome?

ed251137 , 5/12/13 9:08 AM

ed, just seen lovely pic of Nole, GF and dog in a caff in Rome. So the answer to your q is yes!

deuce , 5/12/13 10:04 AM

scoretracker - I have rarely read any negative post about Djoko here by the sane Rafans. If some demented ones have written, nothing can be done about it.

I for one am a Rafan, but I like Djoko. I always support Djoko except when hes playing Rafa.

Whether I support Fed, no I dont and never will because too much crap has been said about Rafa by the Fed fan community, 80% of it just mindless accusations, so my mind will never ever support Fed . That does not mean I ridicule him or call him names, I never have and never will.

But 1 thing I am proud of, atleast the Rafa fans here dont use crutches and latch onto a 3rd player to build up the defense of Rafa. Lot of Fed fans these days have taken to bringing Djokovic in the conversation along with Fed to denigrate outside help as much as you bet these fans dont care about Djokovic at all, they just want him to beat Rafa as much as he can so that Rafas credentials and titles and slam count gets curtailed.

sanju , 5/12/13 10:44 AM

This notion that Rafans hate Novak is laughable, it's a myth created and spread by Fedbots to rationalise their own Rafa-hate. Think about it: why would Rafans hate Novak? Is he a threat, currently, to Rafa's legacy? The answer is a resounding NO! I am not going to waste my time narrating Rafa's career achievements compared to Novak's. I recommend anyone with an interest in this visit the ATP site and knock themselves out. Let Novak reach double digit Slam counts then we can revise this. Fedbots say we hate on Novak because he beat him in 2011. Novak the first person to beat Rafa? This is childish reasoning beyond belief!

Fedbots know Rafa is gaining speed in Fed's rear-view mirror and they are so desperate to see he does not catch up, including shamelessly cozying up to Novak so he can be the "wingman" who stops Rafa winning more Slams. It is obvious really. If there are Nole fans out there who are happy with this sort of Johnny-come-lately Nole fan, that is their choice.

Rafans have absolutely no reason to hate Novak, Fedbots on the other hand have plenty of reasons to hate Rafa. Fedbots, hear this: we are not gonna hate on Novak because you say so!

As Rafa says, we gonna see, no?

rafaisthebest , 5/12/13 11:27 AM

I'm not a fan of Djokovic's personality (largely because of his bellicose way of celebrating) but I admire him enormously for what he has achieved while growing up in a war-torn country. From the early days his matches were compulsive viewing and he has contributed to many of the best duels over the past 6-7 years.

It was clear back in 2007 that he was the person who was going to be the real challenge to Rafa - which is not to say I enjoyed watching when it eventually came to pass in 2011 :-(

As in all great rivalries the protaganists tend to bring out the best in each other when they meet.

ed251137 , 5/12/13 11:43 AM

@sanju 10:44am, I'm not a fan of the djoker, which I've made very clear, and have also listed the reasons for my stance on the matter.

My mentrion of those dirty posts, which I very clearly stated, is not based on my concern for the djoker, but the use of my screen name which, (some of the letters transposed) make it appear as though I wrote those posts, and is the reason I asked for moderator intervention (to date there has been none). The conspirator character has consistently used that altered screen name to refer to me in her stupid, adolescent posts, and some of her gang, in their adolescent form have followed suit. I've been called tons of names by her and the gang, (Jean did so just after my request for moderation on this thread by referring to me as "scoretrasher") when they get into their lynch mob mode. Hence, it's understandable why conspirator's chief proponents of her stupid, pseudo-hashtags and name calling (she gets them through rough times, hahahaha) would want to twist things around to protect her and remove blame from her for those posts, like NNY did in her 7:28AM post. However, it's nothing new when NNY wants to play dumb, and resort to ignoring the matter on hand. she's great at miscontruing other people's comments to mean something different, which enables her to rant non-stop. I'm very much aware of her games.

What has the new Djoker/Fed posters' comments on Nadal got anything to do with what conspirator did using my screen name? Absolutely nothing. NNY's feeble attempts at transference of guilt, stating "you can't have it both ways" is not only ludicrous but downright moronic, as she's endeavoring to make the point that posts referring to Nadal are the same as someone else using my screen name. Good try, but no can do.

Approximately 90% of the Nadal fans on this site resort to name calling and using ugly adjectives to describe Fed fans. However, when it's done back to them, they all protest vehemently. What are Fed fans supposed to do, just plug up their mouths, which many of us do, and let them have their way? Nadal fans are many and they give reinforcement to each other, hence this problem will never end. The mere fact that Fed fans are outnumbered makes it very easy for the Nadal fans to say whatever they want, coz if we take on one of them, then we have to deal with all of them coming from all angles. As one of the gang put it, when Fed retires then they'll be rid of the Fedups. That statement speaks volumes that Fed fans are unwelcome on this site, albeit the Nadal fans claim it's an untrue statement. And, the worst of which is when NNY climbs up on Mount Olympus to her soap box preach to all how welcome Fed fans are on this forum. Yeah, we believe you maam, NOT.

scoretracker , 5/12/13 1:31 PM

What are Fed fans supposed to do, just plug up their mouths, which many of us do,

Come again. You gotta be joking.....................

ed251137 , 5/12/13 1:39 PM

Correction S/T. I specifically referred to Fedups (the ranting and raving lot) - not civilised Fedfans.

ed251137 , 5/12/13 1:44 PM

how is scoretracker still ranting?? Has she taken a break in the last 3 days?

willmw101 , 5/12/13 1:51 PM

Wills: It's how she (or should I say he) gets her kicks. It's the only way she can disperse her pent up frustration at being a nobody.

See you over on the other thread. But do me a favour, tone down the anti-jinxing - it's bad for my nerves ;-)

ed251137 , 5/12/13 3:49 PM

Fedkovic you accuse Rafa of doping by making a reference to noah's claims. Why do you think your idol cannot be accused of doping? Both Fed and Djokovic can be suspected. Give me one good reason why they cannot be.

The media is controlled by Fed's sponsors .

What about the infamous incident of 2007 where Fed was accused of giving inside info to Forstmann. Why was it buried, never investigated? Why was it concealed that Forstman controlled ATP through IMG? Which made his betting on Fed very serious indeed and Fed's chats with him mighty suspicious. Why didn't ATP ask the cell phone company to preserve its records? Why did ATP refuse to investigate?

holdserve , 5/12/13 4:19 PM

The response from scoretracker was to be expected. A very long-winded response that never addressed what I said. I guess if you talk a lot and throw in that someone is ludicrous or moronic, dumb, misconstruing and getting on Mount Olympus on a soap box to preach.

So what should we make of your post @1:31 PM? Talk about preaching! You always feel the need to post these meandering replies that say absolutely nothing. More mischaracterizations and distortions of what I said because you simply do not wish to deal with the specific points that I made. You can't discuss with a brick wall.

Just trotting out the tired characterizations of me is not really addressing what I believe is a serious issue here.

Nativenewyorker , 5/12/13 6:24 PM

Novak is not true,if he win,he never said not ready to play at Madrid,he is professional player,lose is lose ,no excuse!

Kvk , 5/12/13 6:34 PM

If he got injured,why don't stop,and rest?when he win the match,he said nothing,if he lose,said too many reason,when he win at Monte Carlo ,he said my ankle is better,now lost the second round at Madrid ,said not prepare to play ,the professional player,said like that ,I think so funny.that why,I never believe he say anything is true.

Kvk , 5/12/13 6:58 PM

I not sure kvk. I like Novak, Andy, lot Rafa and for sure sometime punchbag even too. Is true!

Fedbots ruin but they back under the rocks for today thank you Rafa.

hawkeye , 5/12/13 11:05 PM

Some more delusional comments from rafabots. Fed is insecure about a kneedal whose career is going to end in 2 years but rafa is way ahead of novak? Really? in which planet is this, dimwits? Last I checked 17 is farther from 11 than 11 is farther from 6. Djokovic has overtaken rafa's achievements at AO, USO and year end. [not that it takes much to overtake kneedal's achievements there.] He is almost there with the weeks at number 1 and wimbledon. Clay as we all know is for losers like the spannish players.

Djokovic will end this generation definitely ahead of kneedal's puny achievements. His bigger target is to get to 17 slams, 302 weeks and 6 year end champs. Now THOSE are a real target he can pursue. Rafa's 11, 102 and 0 do not even qualify as a target for someone as talented as Djokovic.

new-yapper: please stop your dimwit bullcr@p. you rafabots are junk for resorting to juvenile stuff like copying another poster's id - that is supposed to be entertainment and SOH to you. not your fault, if you idolise a guy who has the personality as interesting as a blade of grass - mr. nadull, and have negative IQs like you rafabots, that is the exact kind of junk that will happen.

Fedkovic23 , 5/13/13 4:15 AM


Conspirator , 5/13/13 4:55 AM

Happy to see hawkeye back, hehehehe!

rafaisthebest , 5/13/13 6:53 AM

#Comeback kid of all time
#Greatest of this era
#King of Clay
#Youngest of this era to win a slam
#Only player with a positive h2h against the top 4
#Golden Slam


nadline , 5/13/13 9:53 AM

#Won at least 2 GS on each of the 3 different surfaces
#Greatest claycourt player of all time
#8 consecutive titles at one tournament
#Record M1000 titles
#Record ATP 500 titles
#4 Davis Cup Titles
#Career Grand Slam

nadline , 5/13/13 10:02 AM

Just a few of what The Special One has achieved - so far!


nadline , 5/13/13 10:06 AM

what happened to moderation?
Most people here have but words of praise and good constructive criticism. We enjoy talking about tennis and exchanging views with other fans.
Posts such as that on 5/13/13 4:15 AM are shameful and discredit this website. I know there's no way to control who or what is written here but at least the rest of us who are not racist and insulting could be spared of having to see this on TT.

Shireling , 5/13/13 12:23 PM

The problem is it falls to Ricky and Cheryl to clean up the threads when they get cluttered with garbage and deal with imposters invading this site. But unfortunately when they are flat out covering back to back tournies unacceptable comments are left up.

I have often made the same point as Shirling: no respectable fan is going to want to sign up to TT if the first thing they see are some of the sick comments that are currently on display :-(((

ed251137 , 5/13/13 12:40 PM

Not to mention the loony brigade who spend their whole lives attacking individual posters and write screeds of rubbish about being persecuted.

Cue in S/T who will go for the jugular now.

ed251137 , 5/13/13 12:47 PM

thx ed251137,
Well, we don't pay anything to post at TT so we can't complain too much.
I always try to ignore people who aren't reasonalbe. Sometimes though, they do have interesting comments so one is inclined to read and then be baffled from all these sad lines... anyway...

Shireling , 5/13/13 1:57 PM

Shirling,I dont think you were taking part at the time but there was a period last year when one of the regular posters was completely out of control. If you have an idle moment I can recommend Ricky's blog 'Feeling the Nadal Pain' as a little light reading - starting around early December '12 ;-))

ed251137 , 5/13/13 5:29 PM

I agree that it's hard for Ricky and Cheryl to be monitoring this site when they have to cover actual tennis. However, that can be resolved by getting additional help. It reflects negatively on the site when this outrageous garbage is posted. Tennis sites need to have moderation. I know that they have tightened up on moderation over at The post which was referenced was written by someone who admitted he came from There is no way that posts such as this one would be allowed on

ed251137, 5/13/13 12:47 PM,

You said it very well.

Nativenewyorker , 5/13/13 9:34 PM

i'm starting to think that jean, hawkeye, conspirator, Scrottracker and NovakSUCKMYDICDjokovic are all one and the same

ts38 , 5/13/13 9:43 PM

ed, I can name two regular posters who were completely out of control last year end.
I don't remember which thread. One was you and the other Conspirator. You issued the edict that I should not talk about Fed's mono because Rafa fans did not want it. When did Rafa fans establish a Thought Police, that too for preventing other Rafa fans from defending Rafa against the mono myth?
When I went ahead and defended Rafa, you and Conspirator attacked me viciously calling me names. The most vicious of your posts have been deleted.
You should try to control your "leader of the lynch mob" or "leader of thought police" tendencies.
There is absolutely no excuse for you because not only am I a Rafa fan, I was defending Rafa. You cosyied up to the Fed fan who was trying to bolster the mono myth with lies. Disgraceful behavior! Of course it also proves you are no Rafa fan. Why else would you want to support the mono myth meant to discount Rafa's Wimbledon win?
Incidentally I did not call either of you names. The name calling, insulting my background and my job and education were done by you and Conspirator. Those posts were deleted under moderation almost within a few minutes.

holdserve , 5/14/13 4:20 AM

i'm starting to think that ts38, cherylmurray, rickydimon, Charlie sheen, john lennon, pete Sampras, princes Di, Barrack Obama, Heath Ledger, jean, hawkeye, conspirator, Scrottracker and NovakSUCKMYDICDjokovic are all one and the same

jean , 5/14/13 6:31 AM

LOL, ed, @ed251137, 5/13/13 12:47 PM, whenever I think you've sunk to the lowest, you surpass my expectations. You're as usual, looking for a war, but it ain't gonna happen. nice try. those who write screeds are on here 20 times per day writing on every thread. I write one post to cover many topics. Just cut the garbage. it's sad that for an older woman you are such a mischied maker. geez, get a life!!

@ 9:34PM, NNY Lies as usual. Not one poster stated that the post written by "NovakkSUCKMYDICDjokovic" had come here from If that's true, show me and all others the post from those posters stating they wrote that post. I believe Fedkovic23 and JamesNovakfan, stated they post on, so stop with your lies. You'll say and do anything to discredit any Fedl posters. If anyone were to look through this thread, they'd not find a comment from anyone acknowledging to being that poster nor writing that post. As I stated, you LIE.

You have a propensity for lies and twisting stuff around to suit your agenda, which anyone with .25% intelligence can see through, and you have become so very predictable, that you'd go to any lengths to discredit those you HATE. and, yes, albeit you state you don't hate, you are one very hateful woman. when anyone dares to cross you, they can be assured that you will sink your fangs very deeply into them, and won't ever let go. I pity you. You are doing what you always do cover up for your friends. I'm positive you know darn well who wrote the posts from "Scrotracker, and Novaksucmydic", so stop with your lies and poor attempts to cover up for your lackey who should be banned. As long as she keeps getting your back, she can do no wrong. As you stated you need her sick pseudo hashtags to get you through stuff. the same stuff you create. Her other self, willmw, used those words, in her attempts to translate novak's comments to the crowd, see at @willmw101, 5/7/13 10:52 PM . If it was done to nadal you'd be frothing and foaming more than the pacicific ocean. In fact, ALL OF YOU WILL DO THAT, NON-STOP.

@jean, I don't have any adjectives to describe your krassness. you are a poor representative of womanhood, as is the gang.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 7:57 AM


Look who is lying now! The screen names to which I was referring were Fedkovic and novakisthebest. Maybe if you read the topic threads here, then you would realize that both of these people admitted that they came from So instead of jumping to another dumb conclusion with any basis in fact, get it straight!

I have had it up to here with you talking about how I lie and how I hate. You are beyond repetitive, boring and a broken record. It appears that you hate me and have this weird obsession in which you presume to know everything about me. Your misguided characterizations of me are frankly not only false, but disgusting.

You have no problem accusing others here of being the same person. Hypocrisy and being two-faced is not an attractive quality. Your rants are still shrewish and histrionic.

I feel pity for you because you are so consumed with yourself, so selfish and self-indulgent that you have zero compassion or empathy. You have lost your humanity and that's beyond sad.

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 8:08 AM

@holdserve, 5/14/13 4:20 AM

What you state is true and I can attest to your comments with respect to ed and conspirator, and the gang on that thread. They and the gang went after you, me and several posters, who are not of their group. Most of their posts were deleted, which is the reason ed's now telling others to visit that thread, coz she knows her nasty posts are no longer on that thread. ed and her gang use the Approach Shots threads for their personal chat-room where they gossip, lie and lambaste those of us they HATE. It's so sad that they are far from the norm of what is required to behave like a civilized and respectful woman. How very sad for the other women who post on this site.

There are some women such as danica, nadline, natashao and YOU (holdserve who in many ways are fair and unafraid to speak out against the lynch mob) who will argue their points, but never do they get down into the mire. The gang is downright vicious and will do and/or say anything, even stoop to lieing, to prove their points, as @, 5/14/13,9:34PM. It's so sad.

I suppose that I'll see a post from she who loves to deliberately misinterpret my comments , then claim I don't address what's being written, because I've named some decent women and uncontrollable jealousy will be eating away at her. It's not unusual her for to state that Ii'm looking to divide and conquer, as she's done many times in the past. Par for the course, so what else is new? There are times I'd like to praise some posts written by a few Nadal fans who make good sense, but I've had to refrain from doing so, coz she who can see into other's thoughts, project her self-serving agenda and wicked thinking unto me.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 8:20 AM

How abouit trying to comprehend a little, even though it's a big ask, coz it evades you.

You stated @9:34PM: "The post which was referenced was written by someone who admitted he came from There is no way that posts such as this one would be allowed on"

Can you grasp what I said?@ 7:57am, "Not one poster stated that the post written by "NovakkSUCKMYDICDjokovic" had come here from If that's true, show me and all others the post from those posters stating they wrote that post. I believe Fedkovic23 and JamesNovakfan, stated they post on, so stop with your lies."

You need to show where anyone copped to saying anything of the sort. The post that was being discussed is the one authored by "NovakkSUCKMYDICDjokovic


bwahahaha, at the other parts of post. you are now the self-proclaimed armchair psychiatrist that you know so much about me. I'll repeat what you repetitively state: (not verbatem) It's so funny that this person claims to know so much about me and I don't even know them.

woman, you should not talk about me coz you are the epitome of what you project unto me and any one who crosses you.

"I feel pity for you because you are so consumed with yourself, so selfish and self-indulgent that you have zero compassion or empathy. You have lost your humanity and that's beyond sad. "Nativenewyorker, 5/14/13 8:08 AM

I'm so happy to see you that you have finally acknowledged what and who you are coz that's you and more. Take your meds and get some rest coz you need it to keep your scrambled and addled brain functioning. NOW CHOKE ON THAT.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 8:42 AM

FYI, most of the decent posters talked about the post I referenced, and it was again stated last evening. As usual ed used shireling's post to goad me into one of her flame-throwing wars..

dunno what shireling is complaining about that's so upsetting in Fedkovic23 post at 4;15, when everyone else is talking about the other very dirty posts.If she's so gung-ho on what's right or wrong she should be talking about the other posts written about the djoker, which everyone who has some moral decency is annoyed about and has so stated.geez

scoretracker , 5/14/13 8:56 AM

Shirling: I rest my case.

ed251137 , 5/14/13 9:13 AM

OMG! There are no words!

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 9:25 AM

Relax nny, she/he has to eventually run out of breath.

ed251137 , 5/14/13 10:03 AM

scrot-trasher, you are yet again taking up valuable space.

jean , 5/14/13 10:51 AM

HOLY MOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Scoretracker's really lost it this time, she's gone completely nuts... Amazing the kind of introspective breakdowns people have on internet forums.

willmw101 , 5/14/13 11:17 AM

Wills: If it weren't so sad it would be funny. My guess is the stress of holding down an important position in a multi-billion dollar corporation has tipped her over the edge again.


ed251137 , 5/14/13 11:42 AM

^^too funny!

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 12:03 PM

I'm a 'he', not a 'she' (for the record).
Well, the post is there for everyone to see so if you don't see anything bad in it (scoretracker) then let's just leave it at that, no harm done but to himself I guess.

Shireling , 5/14/13 12:05 PM

Shireling, you must apply for United Nations Peace Keeping Force AT ONCE!

deuce , 5/14/13 12:11 PM

don't know if your argument is well intended or not but, lol.
I've said it before, if not for my pronounced and incontrovertible atheism, I would have been a priest.
(well, other things would deter me from being a priest too)
I'm not claiming to be an angel, I also have my rants and have an annoying tendency of wanting to tell people what thesy should say/write.. like when I openly said that Novak was faking his MTO... (which I still think he used to his advantage)

Shireling , 5/14/13 12:21 PM

That pressure cooker remark is disgusting after what happened at the Boston Marathon. You should be ashamed really.

chr18 , 5/14/13 1:20 PM

crap18 has definitely gone beyond pathetic now, as nadline says, scrapping the barrel. Wow putting words into people's mouths! Do you think everything revolves around yanks do you? YOU should be ashamed of your disgusting yourself.

jean , 5/14/13 1:35 PM

Only slightly tongue in cheek m'dear...;) However, DO think it's an admirable trait to be able to turn the other cheek, especially on the internet.

deuce , 5/14/13 1:38 PM

chr18 desperately trying, and failing miserably, to use the Boston Marathon events as a fig-leaf to cover his vicious homophobia.......

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 1:42 PM

.....and in keeping with his logic, pressure cookers should now be banned from use as kitchen utensils, never mind mentioning them...........

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 1:45 PM

I think it's a good thing that most of what we say here can be taken with a 'grain of salt', after all we're just exchaning views. Luckily there's no legal restrictions here otherwise this would be extremelly boring.

Shireling , 5/14/13 1:46 PM

I have been taken away in a van by a bunch of men in white coats. Im off to the looney bin, someone sectioned me.

Scrotracker , 5/14/13 2:00 PM

It takes a tortured mind to read a reference to the atrocity in Boston in that hashtag.
I trust all civilised people recognised it as an analogy for becoming overheated.

ed251137 , 5/14/13 2:10 PM

Doesn't take much to read that chr18 is a tortured soul...........

Come out of the closet, chr18, and breathe!

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 2:56 PM

Like I wrote before, half the time chr18 writes sane insightful posts on tennis (Jekyl), and half the time it is as if an entirely different person is writing (Hyde).

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 3:44 PM

Quite a few like that on here, m'dear. NOT talking about you either m'dear. It's very strange to me.
OF COURSE we did. No need to clarify your comment.
Did your mum call them at long last?

deuce , 5/14/13 3:54 PM

Another despicable effort to drive a federer/djokovic fan off. scoretracker ignore the hyenas.

The jealous and hatred for Americans and US is understandable. A necessary price for the world domination we enjoy across all fields of life.

I hope you are not moronic enough to use your "#PressureCookerexplodes on twitter. most probably your are even more moronic than that. please feel free to prance around with that......

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 4:02 PM

It must the fluoride in the water. There is an exception though, Dr. Jekyl makes sure not to drink such water.

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 4:11 PM

Medskovic23, 5/14/13 4:02 PM

Please calm down.


Conspirator , 5/14/13 4:19 PM

Nishikovic23, pity party for one, table is ready, please.................

rafaisthebest , 5/14/13 4:29 PM

That pressure cooker remark is disgusting after what happened at the Boston Marathon. You should be ashamed really."

Remember these are rafabats. Would anyone with shame keep picking their behind when being watched by millions? Not in the society I reside in. Now that we have established that said person is shameless, considering being fans of such and act? LOL! shame is not something they have ever been accused of these rafabots!

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 4:42 PM

besides that, +1 on such a disgusting and heinous remark. oh well, there are a lot of people who hate people/countries that are at the top. US, federer,djokovic, soderling, rosol [i mean rosol? come on!!!!!!!!!!!]...... the list is never ending. kool-aid drinking can do that....

Fedkovic23 , 5/14/13 4:45 PM

Rosol on top? Come on Fedkovic, you need help. Call 911 right away. It is an emergency!

holdserve , 5/14/13 5:05 PM

I have been taken away in a van by a bunch of men in white coats. Im off to the looney bin, someone sectioned me.

Scrotracker, 5/14/13 2:00 PM


I see willmw/conspirator has struck again writing her impersonator posts. !

Do you bunch don't have anything to say to about the post above? No, you'll encurage them,.It's wonderful to see the gang has gotten back together against their common enemies. Everyone who is not backing Nadal is an enemy.

As for me wrunning out of steam, who writes the most on this site. I cn name them, and is it about the actual matches being played? No. It's some stupidity on links and tweets and anything that can build up Nadal. I write one post to cover everything, you bunch have running commentaries. So stop with your nonsense.

@ed, you should be ashamed (but it's established you've got none) to encourage willmw/conspirator. I know this is a case of anyone will do, as long on they get on your side and harass the Fed fans. more power to willmw/conspirator, who has now gone balistic. have fun you mikserable bunch.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 6:24 PM

@shireling, did that poster write filthy posts, using language that's nasty to anyone? What about these posts? I suppose they are to your liking? And, the post written by a poster NOVak suc my dic? do you like them?

I can't believe that ALL of you would turn a blind eye on those comments and pick out a comment from a poster replying to those who are picking on him. TheLYNCH MOB IS REALLY SICK!

scoretracker , 5/14/13 6:31 PM

^^^ LOL here we go again. Didn't realise you has internet access in the mental institution Scoretracker.

willmw101 , 5/14/13 6:34 PM

willmw, enjoy the party. You'll mess up again, when you go off your meds and use your many poster names having a conversation with each other, using all the filthy words you can find. Funny how you and conspirator vanished simultaneously and returned again simultaneously. Not to mention the entrance by hawkeye. Keep following ed she'll lead you up a gum tree and leave you stuck up there.

BTW, are you still seeing racist posts and hearing voices, or maybe you have a new supply of meds. You are nutso. The sad part is that the lynch mob is ignoring your filthy posts and are encouraging you. It's any port for a storm whn *ed* needs an ally.


scoretracker , 5/14/13 6:44 PM

LOL, oh my god this is funny. Full on meltdown again from Scoretracker. Special stuff, keep it up.

willmw101 , 5/14/13 6:46 PM

That pressure cooker remark is disgusting after what happened at the Boston Marathon. You should be ashamed really.

chr18, 5/14/13 1:20 PM

ed has no shame. she will write remarks specifically to infuriate others and then when they answer, it's "you see what I mean". it's very sad that she's older than my granny, who's very educated, and would NEVER get on a blogsite to pick on young people, much more lead a lynch mob against anyone. ed's in a sanitorium for the legally incompetent, placed their by her family for their protection. I'd say ed, willmw/conspirator and therest of the gang are all residents of that special ward which is locked at all tmes. they are holed up there with a computer and no contact with the world outside. A bunch of whackos.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 6:51 PM

Sure willmw. The special stuff you wrote using with a play on the letters of my screen name is SPECIAL STUFF, DA.

I see you have changed computers again.
I have been taken away in a van by a bunch of men in white coats. Im off to the looney bin, someone sectioned me.

Scrotracker, 5/14/13 2:00 PM

I guess every time you need male contact you strike up a mad spell and then *men* appear. Ooooohhh, that's the highlight of the day for you, eh nutso?

scoretracker , 5/14/13 6:57 PM

The lynch mob is so far removed from reality that they can't even figure out that the poster 'Scrotacker' is one of the bunch. How quickly the nutso entered into the lynching act along with jean. willmw/conspirator/ hwakeye/jean are all one and the same poster.And, they have the unmitigated gall to pick on a poster, Fedkovic23 for answering their sick comments? Geez get a grip you bunch and deal with what's staring you in the face.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 7:02 PM

SO much arm chair psychology being thrown around. Please keep going, this is golden stuff.

willmw101 , 5/14/13 7:08 PM

LOL, oh my god this is funny. Full on meltdown again from Scoretracker. Special stuff, keep it up. - willmw101, 5/14/13 6:46 PM

My thoughts exactly! I think the quality of the butt of our jokes may have increased again slightly, but only slightly. It's been a while since I've had such a good laugh lol. Major meltdown indeed.

jean , 5/14/13 7:14 PM

Weather forecast: Violent storm expected.

ed251137 , 5/14/13 7:36 PM

can you find that weather post I wrote years ago? A few weeks ago when the subject came up I googled for it but came up with bapkes.

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 7:37 PM

@ed, you're the viollent storm who's had her run, but knowing you, I suppose we can expect some more. This thread was out of the line-up, but you deliberately put it back in the running to have a nice ol blown out flame-throwing war. Gawd, you must be very needful of some male attention, and are so mentally challenged that you'll do anything to get any much needed reaction and interaction from a man. I really do feel sorry for you. How can you be so mentally imbalanced and far removed from reality that you have to start stupid flame thrower wars? geez, get a life. FYI, you are even worse than willmw/conspirator/haweye,of whom you're a fan, for her ridiculous pseudo hashtags. Anyone who would encourage willmw, who was the first to repeat Novak's comments in solid caps, is even worse than this nutso. willmw/conspirator/hawkeye nutso.

@5/14/13, 7:37PM, for a few days last week, i actually was beginning to think you are a smidgen more normal than the lynch mob, coz you attempted to have a sane discussion with me on tennis, which subject matter you very rarely address. It makes me onder why you are on a tennis website, falling into the same category as jean, willmw/conspirator/hawkeye, and a few others who know nothing of tennis, the sport and would not know the difference between the ad/deuce side of the court. You use this site to practise your ppor knowledge of arm-chair psychology/psychiatry. LOL.

Anyway, sad to say, that our exhange last week was very temporary, but a leopard never changes its spot, does it?. In essence, you have again resorted to your former self, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a few sane moments followed by an extensive insane period. Same as ed and her cohorts, all hopeless. BTW, your gale wind forecasts, which were aimed at me. I I'm not wrong, were on the same thread ed told shireling to read. It was last year. You can do one better, ask the HS D/O willm/conspirator/hawkeye to find it for you. she's a pro at creating fake IDs, (she uses her willmw ID to curse the djoker and her hawkeye ID to do the heavy lifting, and the connie ID to seek attention using her worthless pseudo hashtags, but poor ed has still to realize that connie's hashtags are fake, in the twitter-world. bwahahaha.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 8:31 PM

It's still going on? Good grief! Someone needs to find a better hobby in life.

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 8:32 PM

I wrote my comment before the last hyperbolic rant @ 8:31 PM. And on it goes! However, I do notice a sameness to the insults. I guess it's hard finding original material when all you do is trash people day and night!

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 8:36 PM

Chloro: You mean the one which. as already pointed out above, appeared on Ricky's 'Feeling the Pain' blog @ 12/5/12 4:09 AM

BYW: Is there an alignment of the moon and earth that causes people to lose control of their emotions at regular intervals?

Meanwhile for anybody who has not attended one of Deuce's workshops recently, here is a reminder of how to throw a major tantrum:

http:/ /

ed251137 , 5/14/13 8:59 PM

link above is faulty.

should be

ed251137 , 5/14/13 9:05 PM


I checked it out! Perfect!

Very appropriate since the hissy fit is still going on at various topic threads here.

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 9:24 PM

@ 5/14/13 8:31 PM
'This thread was out of the line-up, but you deliberately put it back in the running........'

Not guilty ducky. As far as I am aware this thread has been up for some days without a break.

BTW: Why aren't you at work today?

ed251137 , 5/14/13 9:26 PM


scoretracker , 5/14/13 9:32 PM


Good question! I thought this person had a job as opposed to the rest of us who supposedly have nothing to do in our lives.

Yet who is here incessantly going on and on and on, singing the same tired song and playing the same broken record.

Maybe the poor soul lost their job!

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 9:32 PM

NONE of your business as to why I'm not at work. I have a job and can take time-off unlike you two who are living off taxpayers hard-earned money. You like to get nasty and personal don't you, coz you got *demented friends* who will back you up? Nothing to do and all day to do it in, grannies, got time. Ask yourself this, If it weren't for the gang, who else would interact with you lot? No oe, except when NNY goes out of her way to greet some by saying ".....(inset name0 how nice t see you. Please, please don't leave us again, we need you. we've had to deal with a lot here". Then" conspirator, glad you're back. we need your hashtags 9they still have not figured oujt the meaning of a hashtag) to get us through these rough times."

poor soul, she's to be pitied.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 9:39 PM

ed, thank you for helping me find that post and thread again

trip down memory lane, avec les cons, plus ca change et plus c'est la meme chose

I'll post some excerpts from a couple of days of that thread... references to on the thread off the thread... Sandy... hissy fits... plus c'est la meme chose

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 9:40 PM

Is it any wonder you fight with so many.
scoretracker , 5/14/13 9:04 PM

"Is it any wonder you fight with so many..."

Well that was objective!
I take it that we are about to lose your delightful company until....when exactly?
Whatever takes you away its okay, no honestly it is, there really isn't any need for you to hurry back!
We'll cope without you...somehow ;)
Twinge , 12/3/12 7:06 PM

thank you for your patience while we dealt with the technical hiccup on this channel, regular programming has now resumed, TAP (bangs the tv set one more time just because), and we are back discussing Feeling the Nadal pain now more than ever, brought to us by the lovely article, one of the most eloquent ones of our very own ricky.

Yes, ladies and gents, we do feel the pain of Nadal's absence but sources tell us he is on the mend and he is on the way back to the circuit. Said sources tell us as well that he is in very good spirits indeed and that his motivation will run high when his wheels hit the track again. South America in particular is awaiting the passion.
chlorostoma , 12/3/12 7:26 PM

"It's simple, I won't comment on the particular thread again.

Still commenting Scoretracker........
Twinge , 12/3/12 7:42 PM

scoretracker @6:47 PM "I know more about tennis than you'll ever know. I've been playing for 15 years."

RickyDi mon , 12/3/12 7:49 PM

For some reason, this song is stuck in my head...

I Never can say goodbye, no, no, no, no, now.
I never can say goodbye.
[ ?. More lyrics ?]
Conspirator , 12/3/12 10:30 PM

I cant imagine what anyone visiting this site for the first time would have made of it all. It's sad because everything was rolling along smoothly for a while.

ed251137 , 12/5/12 12:13 AM

we thank our listener who has called in and given us her name as ed numbers for the kind comments regarding our programming.

Now for a brief weather report: a sandy of hissy fits is approaching the coast of teetee. It is threatening to wage a barometric battle with tiny wiley operator of diminutive dimensions, barely registering decibel reading - with the exception of its own readings within its sinus of proportionately reduced breadth - and that is renowned for hot air masses, ever-present over-compensating movements and monotone patterns.

and now to resume, weather-permitting, our regular programming...
chlorostoma , 12/5/12 4:09 AM

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 9:41 PM

It's been so long that I had forgotten all I wrote about that weather system. Had to read it twice :). Hint: a sinus is not only the (empty) cavity behind or to the side of your nose, but any (empty) cavity in the body.


chlorostoma , 5/14/13 9:47 PM

How about listing those posts from twinge to you calling you a hypocrite and the recent fights you've been having with him and others? WOW, you're as bad as the grannies. Did you say you're a man? Unbelievable! You are as sick grandpa.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 9:54 PM

@9:47PM, I'd like to ask you miserable bunch, if it were not for Fed fans here to provide you with your sick entertainment, what would you do with your time, considering you have nothing to do and all day to do it in?It's a sick way of trying to amuse yourselves.

I know the answer. You begin fighting with each other, similar to those animals who eat their young. You make me laugh at your juvenile efforts to provoke me and other Fed fans. and, you have the nerve to complain! geez, get real.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 10:03 PM

and your point is, scoretracker?

when I added a normal comment about clay and why it has been so often replaced with hardcourt I got immediate intense verbal abuse from Twinge. when I responded to it I was threatened to have my skin removed. You see, scoretracker?

When we call out people who are being verbally abusive they reply with intense emotions and outrageous insults. should we then leave this site, just because we are being verbally abused when we are trying to have conversations about tennis and its top players?

And while we're at it, why not use some humour in calling you out. That's the silver lining... exercising various types of humour when writing and our zygomatic muscles when reading others.

chlorostoma , 5/14/13 10:10 PM

It's an exercise in futility for me to even attempt to make you see reason. FWIW, I was making a point, that you are not above getting into fights with other posters, and becoming nasty, thus why are you trying to place yourself on a pedestal, when you can get into the mud? You have cherry-picked some of my comments and not those written by the posters who ganged up and started the argument on that thread and on this one. On the threads you have quoted, I did not attack you first but you made it your business to join with your friends attacking me. All you have done is cherry pick those comments that you took out of context to prove what? If it makes you happy to do so, enjoy it, but as we both know it's not the big picture, just one selectively made up for your own benefit and those of your gang friends.

"When we call out people who are being verbally abusive they reply with intense emotions and outrageous insults. should we then leave this site, just because we are being verbally abused when we are trying to have conversations about tennis and its top players?"

I have to deal with the above type of situation from about 8 of you continuously on this site, without any respite. It never stops. As soon as I think I'm done with it on a particular day, it is carried forward to another, thus making it weeks. And, it's never done with, as your comment @9:41pm, is proof. There are a few who perpetuate it like a non-stop drip, drip, drizzle, rain, but have the nerve to complain that they are tired of it all. The truth of the matter is quite simple, the gang feels that because they are in the majority they'll always have some of their cxohorts getting their backs, and they use that get out of jail card to the limit. How about you trying to set them straight as in that paragraph I quoted from your 10:10 PM post? BTW, i don't consider your weather forecast posts as humorous, on the contrary, quite tedious and boring. Too bad.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 10:37 PM

Still whining and going boo-h--hoo! Unbelievable that this person can continue to cry and moan. Yet this person can spew out the most vitriolic, venomous personal attacks on myself and others. Always the instigator and then retreating cowardly behind the smokescreen of the poor victim who is outnumbered!

Why don't you admit that you enjoy it? You live for this and will never stop. It's like you are addicted to this kind of obnoxious, reprehensible behavior but will never take any responsibility for your own actions.

It takes two to tango and two to make an argument, so quit crying about everyone being so mean and unfair to you. It's really insulting!

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 11:40 PM

Sorry it's supposed to be boo-hoo-hoo! Keep on whining and crying! Pathetic!

Nativenewyorker , 5/14/13 11:42 PM

"I have had it up to here with you talking about how I lie and how I hate. You are beyond repetitive, boring and a broken record. It appears that you hate me and have this weird obsession in which you presume to know everything about me. Your misguided characterizations of me are frankly not only false, but disgusting."

boo-hoo, regurgitatinggggggg, over and over. boo-hoo. , boo-hoo. frothingggg and foaminggggggg. boo-hoo, I've had it up to here .... blah, b lah, boo-hoo.

scoretracker , 5/14/13 11:50 PM

Thanks for quoting me back to me! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but coming from you it makes me positively queasy.

However, I stand by those words 100%! It fits you to a "T"!

Maybe you could be less predictable. It's getting to be so boring.

Please continue on with your neverending sob story. It's priceless.

Nativenewyorker , 5/15/13 12:16 AM

I've had it up to here with you ... blah, blah."boo hoo.

scoretracker , 5/15/13 12:36 AM

Peek a boo: I can see you.

ed251137 , 5/15/13 12:42 AM

A mental health professional would have a field day with Scoretracker's posts. They are so paranoid its INCREDIBLE. Truly amazing, please continue Scoretracker, I've just laughed out loud for about a minute reading your many, many nonsensical essays.

willmw101 , 5/15/13 1:22 AM

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