• Dimitrov stuns Djokovic in three-set thriller

    5/8/13 5:06 AM | Ricky Dimon
    Dimitrov stuns Djokovic in three-set thriller Novak Djokovic is out after one match in Madrid as Grigor Dimitrov pulls off the upset of the tournament on Tuesday. Dimitrov is through to a third-round meeting with either Stanislas Wawrinka or Santiago Giraldo.

    It was not just a wild day at the Mutua Madrid Open. It was downright stunner.

    Grigor Dimitrov shocked Novak Djokovic 7-6(6), 6-7(8), 6-3 during second-round action on Tuesday night. Dimitrov needed three hours and five minutes to score earn the biggest victory of his up-and-coming career.

    "Of course this has been what I've been working for, to play matches like that, and why not win them?" Dimitrov said. "I felt that I could actually hang with Novak the whole match. That's the whole purpose of getting ready for big events and eventually for big matches."

    The 21-year-old had to be ready for this one both mentally and physically, because it required absolutely everything he had in the tank. Dimitrov saved three set points in the opening set, the first serving at 4-5, 30-40 and two more at 4-6 and 5-6 in the ensuing tiebreaker.

    Amazingly enough, the second was even more tense. Trailing 4-2 with his opponent serving just two games from the match, Djokovic appeared to re-aggravate the ankle injury he had sustained last month in Davis Cup. The top-ranked Serb took a medical timeout in the middle of the game and came right back out to break his opponent. At 5-5, Dimitrov started to cramp--a problem with which he has struggled in the past--but managed to force a tiebreaker. Djokovic saved one match point at 6-7 with a serve-and-volley play before forcing a decisive third set.

    Dimitrov, however, was not about to go away without a fight. In fact, he actually controlled the decider from start to finish. The world No. 28 broke right away then earned another scalp of the Djokovic serve at 5-3 to clinch victory.

    Dimitrov's moment was preceded by a whole host of drama earlier in the day. Fernando Verdasco earned the biggest win of his season by outlasting Milos Raonic 6-4, 2-6, 7-6(7). Fabio Fognini had a 5-4, 40-0 lead serving for the match in the third set against Mikhail Youzhny only see to the Russian storm back and win 7-6(4), 2-6, 7-6(5). Andy Murray held off Florian Mayer in a pair of tiebreakers, the first of which ended 13-11.

    Verdasco awaits either Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or Robin Haase while Murray is set for a third-round showdown with Simon. Next up for Dimitrov, meanwhile, is either Stanislas Wawrinka or Santiago Giraldo.

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It feels like 2001 again. Baby Fed has beaten a #1 player for the first time. He's on his way but he needs to get fit. In the next 2 years he'll start winning GS trophies if he does and be in the top 3 at least. This loss could be good for the Djoker if he needs the rest/recovery time but he has to win RG now for it to be a positive. Does anybody have a link to what he reportedly said at the end of the second set? I don't want to take some Nadal fanatic/Djoker hater's word for it. I'll withhold judgement until I know it's fact.

chr18 , 5/8/13 12:40 PM

^^Google is your friend.

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 12:53 PM

......and go easy on that "Djoker hater" thing, makes no sense whatsoever. Why would a Rafan hate Djokovic at this point? I don't get it.............

The wise and true Djokovic fans see through you. You are no Djokovic fan. Frankly, you sound rather desperate in this regard, imo.

You Fedfans, otoh, have a reason to hate Rafa, so quit projecting, will you?

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 12:59 PM

^^And so begins the messianic hype.
Knocking a top player out in the 2nd round is impressive but hardly a unique occurrence.
Its a happy moment for a lesser player to capitalize on if he is up to the challenge.
Dimitrov played well enough and was due a win after pushing Rafa just before, but it was his spirit that shined through rather than his tennis this time.
In any instance this changes absolutely nothing.
Nothing at all.

Twinge , 5/8/13 1:03 PM

chr18, I speak's my native language and you will just have to take my word for it?he cursed but I am too polite to write what he said here since I don't want to be warned by the administrators...I just felt I could respond to your stupid post in which you yet again use the opportunity to insult Rafans for no's not that I care about your judgment on the issue...

natashao , 5/8/13 1:18 PM

Never mind talking about the tennis, that PHOTO is seriously awful and needs changing fast!

deuce , 5/8/13 1:19 PM

Unless I am mistaken, didn't Djokovic tell the crowd to " suck my d...." in Serbian? Of course, given how atrocious the crowd behaved I don't really blame him for thinking that, but it would have been better if he had kept it to himself and not blurted it out loud....

tj600 , 5/8/13 1:20 PM

tj600, 5/8/13 1:20 PM

natashao , 5/8/13 1:23 PM

Oh I thought he said it in English. It's just as well they didn't understand or there might have been a riot. Still not a good role model to lose your temper like that. Oh well it shouldn't surprise anybody that the Spanish are just as rude, or possibly worse, that the French.

chr18 , 5/8/13 1:27 PM

Crowds always root for the underdog. They cheered for Rosol against Rafa at Wimbledon, where Rafa's popularity is not in doubt. The crowd enjoy seeing an upset because it's exciting for them.

Insulting the crowd just makes them do it more and Nole should be fined for using obscene language.

nadline , 5/8/13 1:29 PM

^^Thing is, it's counterproductive too. The crowd are reading about it all on the internet, they will remember it come Madrid 2014, what will he do if and when they start taunting him with the 2013 outbursts, taunt them back some more? Just a mess all round.....

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 1:41 PM

Fed even insults the French when they are cheering FOR him...

Baby Fed seems much classier than Fed.


Conspirator , 5/8/13 1:46 PM

The crowd was nasty. They wanted Nole to lose because they want Rafa to win. It was fine when they were just cheering loudly for Dimitrov, but when they started cheering errors, that wasn't well done of them.

Regardless though, Djokovic should definitely not have said what he did. It's a childish move and one I thought he'd outgrown.

cherylmurray , 5/8/13 1:54 PM

Remember Berdy giving them the hush sign in 2005? Nadal made a fuss over that. It seems tame now by comparison.

chr18 , 5/8/13 2:02 PM

The Madrid behaviour was extremely poor but was rooted in patriotism whereas the borish French behaviour is rooted in racism, a trait that a certain Fedbot exemplifies.


Conspirator , 5/8/13 2:07 PM

Very generally I think the French culture (or Parisien to be precise) is more `fed like` in that they prefer grace over power and all the arty stuff.
I love Paris but i could never live there, the people are insufferable.
So I'm not sure its racism, i think its more to do with snobby french values about what the best way to do things.
And they are very sure that their way is the best way at all times.

Twinge , 5/8/13 2:38 PM

There are many arguments about why the Paris crowd hates Nadal. I agree with Twinge...I believe it's more styling than anything else....although it's true that there is no love lost between the French and Spanish, you don't see the FO crowds going after...say.....Feliciano Lopez like they do Nadal.

cherylmurray , 5/8/13 2:41 PM

That's because Feli loses there like a nice Spaniard should. If Feli won a multitude of slams there, they would treat him like Rafa.

Nole will have his French support firmly behind him. No worries there.


Conspirator , 5/8/13 3:03 PM

I agree with Conspirator, it's racism as far as the French are concerned. I remember Verdasco being in a Nice final against Gasquet and the French crowd simply heckled him to death, Verdasco, unfortunately allowed himself to be distracted, lost focus and lost the match.

They will be cheering on Novak at RG alright. Not because they are FOR him , but because they are AGAINST Rafa, just like Novak's newly-minted support base......

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 3:11 PM

It's nothing to do with Rafa's style it's dates from when he beat Gasquet there who was their star and has dominated the tourney since then closing the door to their home grown players.

nadline , 5/8/13 3:13 PM

^^If federer had one the FG 100 times they would have still loved him.
Even if Gasquet had the door slammed on his face etc.
As if he had a chance anyway.
Please they turn on their their own players if they think the are under par as well.

Twinge , 5/8/13 3:19 PM

Oopps, I meant RG naturellement.

Twinge , 5/8/13 3:29 PM

Fed is the right... shade.


Conspirator , 5/8/13 3:30 PM

Twingey is right. They booed Andy as he walked onto court in France. By the end they were booing Gasquet

deuce , 5/8/13 3:44 PM

@ Cheryl,

"The crowd was nasty. They wanted Nole to lose because they want Rafa to win."

I disagree! The crowd was neutral at the start of the game, but after the MTO debacle, then they got pissed perhaps assuming it was gamesmanship on Nole's part! The same scenario with Rafa at Wimby in his game against Petzner!! The Wimby crowd was not so bad but they were rooting for Petzner bcos people do like to root for the underdog and get excited about the prospect of an upset!!! Nole just reacted to it extremely unprofessionally!!!

And I hate it when it is said that the crowd rooted for Dimi bcos they want Rafa to win!! Personally, if thats how I felt about Nole, I would not purchase a ticket for his match, esp if he was not playing Nadal!! Last year in Madrid, the Spanish did not show any animosity towards Novak and that was after he had blazed Rafa in 7 consecutive why NOW?!!! That just makes no sense whatsoever!!! Its just too convenient!!!!

Novak just needs to grow up!!!! PERIOD!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 3:47 PM

The crowd was nasty. They wanted Nole to lose because they want Rafa to win.
cherylmurray , 5/8/13 1:54 PM

Cheryl, How do you know that? Mob mind reading?
From what I have read and heard from people who attended, the crowd turned on Djokovic after he took his MTO.

holdserve , 5/8/13 3:49 PM

Dimitrov is very good but does anybody else wonder how can he be so unfit?? Every match he plays he ends up with cramps! How is he going to survive the grand slams?He is a professional player how is that possible?

jjsevilla , 5/8/13 3:53 PM

@Monalysa and @holdserve, you should know by now that the wisdom amongst the tennis cognoscenti is that Rafa cannot beat Nole without "outside help". I don't think Cheryl is part of that cabal but in this instance she just latched onto one of their "truisms" and ran with it....

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 3:55 PM

Shame Nole did that swearing... these guys have big egos, he is not used to being booed so he kind of couldnt believe it, even if the crowd is nasty they should be able to put up with it. Anyway I guess no one is perfect...

jjsevilla , 5/8/13 3:57 PM

Oh please. If you look at the very first post of the Dimitrov-Djokovic match preview, I said it was obvious right from the start that they were firmly on Dimitrov's side. Certainly, Djokovic's unwise actions made them louder, but you can rest assured, there was no support for the world No. 1 out there.

And if you look at it from the Madrid crowd perspective, Djokovic had just beaten Nadal in Monte Carlo. Of COURSE they don't want a re-match right away.

cherylmurray , 5/8/13 4:13 PM

jjsevilla -- I think the Dimitrov camp should be VERY concerned that he's cramping in the second set of a match. Yes, it was against Nole (and Rafa) and yes he probably ran more than he would against others, but that is NOT a good sign. WHat's going to happen if he gets taken to 5 sets at Roland Garros? It's an issue that they MUST address if Dimitrov is to start making real noise on tour.

I will be interested to see how he fares in his next match possibly against Wawrinka.

cherylmurray , 5/8/13 4:18 PM

Even assuming they were against Djokovic from the start, how do you know it wasn't because they were supporting the underdog? How do you know it is because Djokovic had beaten Rafa at Monte Carlo?

holdserve , 5/8/13 4:23 PM

I just dont understand it! I watched the match and in the first set the crowd was clearly were cheering for BOTH guys!!!! Its a fact!!!!

But nevertheless, it just puts it into a little perspective what Rafa (and Serena) has been through all those years, esp. with the French crowd!!! I have absolutely NO sympathy for Novak there!!! Maybe he needs a bit more of that so he can learn some more humility!!!! Big Baby!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 4:29 PM

^^Why is a MTO justification for all of that venom?
If one rolls the ankle and has a mto that is out of line?
Was he faking it are we all certain about that?
The ankle was heavily strapped after all.
He is the not only player that does that kind of thing anyway is he ;)
Please it was just the excuse they were looking for to ramp it up.
Booing his dbs and the like.
The point about how Novak reacted to it is probably correct although i could see where he was coming from.
Anyway he's gone now.

Twinge , 5/8/13 4:50 PM

holdserve - Obviously, I don't know the motive of every member of the crowd, but logic tells me that it makes more sense that the crowd would be cheering against the man who just defeated their country's most beloved athlete than because they were truly behind a guy from Bulgaria with a spotty history of sportsmanship and who once waited for a chair umpire after a match and shoved him to the ground. Call me crazy.

cherylmurray , 5/8/13 4:52 PM

I dont understand why people were complaining about novak's movement improving after the MTO. I mean, isn't the purpose of taking an MTO to help improve a particular physical ailment(and hence improve your movement and such)

tj600 , 5/8/13 4:56 PM

@ tj600,

Gues you may have a point, but dont expect everyone to see it that way, BUT that does not make your point any more valid than those who dont see it your way!!!........

Just saying!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 5:08 PM

tj600 , 5/8/13 4:56 PM

I guess the normal reaction is to expect impaired movement even after the MTO. Even the commies said Novak was 100% after the MTO, which suggests the reason for getting the MTO was not so serious afterall.

Compare this with Serena Williams at Oz2013. After she twisted her ankle and had an MTO she could hardly move, let alone run. Of course not all injuries are the same and different players react to injuries differently but there you are.......

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 5:14 PM

since you used the word logic which is a trigger for me, I have to respond. Logic and probability would tell you that most of the crowd would know nothing about Dimitrov, certainly not about his pushing an umpire.
If Rafa was playing against Novak, yes, they would root against Novak. People do cheer for their beloved countryman. But root against someone who had defeated their countryman in some other tournament? This is complex reasoning which is possible for an individual but not a crowd which is generally governed by emotions, not complex logic.
As Monalysa said and as did my friends who observed the match, the crowd was almost neutral till the MTO. They might have slightly favored the underdog before but were not hostile till the MTO.

holdserve , 5/8/13 5:17 PM

@tj Too true
I remember Haase playing Andy once and in the final set could hardly move. Took an MTO and suddenly was able to run around like a flipping rabbit. Still lost...tee hee..

deuce , 5/8/13 5:19 PM

jjsevilla, Djoker is used to being booed. He was booed in the USA for years after he fell out with Roddick.

nadline , 5/8/13 5:32 PM

^^Why is a MTO justification for all of that venom?
Twinge , 5/8/13 4:50 PM

Because in tennis (don't ask me why) MTOs are taken as a sign of gamesmanship. In this case it was the older, #1 player appearing to employ trickery (said gamesmanship) against a younger, less experienced player, with the intention of denying him a victory. i.e. bullying, this is why posters here said it was a case of cheering for the underdog.

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 5:32 PM

Monalysa, 5/8/13 3:47 PM


natashao , 5/8/13 5:37 PM

^^The crowd didn't have to know anything about Dimitrov, Holdserve.
The issue was Djokovic. Of whom I am sure they knew more than enough.
There's nothing complex about it, Novak has defeated Rafa on many occasions the last 2 years, its reasonable to presume a Spanish tennis audience might be easily swayed, on masse, too have a go.
Its not about Logic their reaction is an emotional/tribalistic one.
But it the causal reasons for it can be understood logically.
Anyway no-one can be certain and you might be right,
But I personally think Cheryl is correct on this one.
At the end of the day one mto was simply not enough of a reason to go over the top like that.

Twinge , 5/8/13 5:38 PM

Now Djoker says his ankle was so bad that he considered not turning in Madrid.

nadline , 5/8/13 5:49 PM

rafaisthebest, 5/8/13 5:32 PM

... in the middle of said underdog's own service game no less. I think it was 30-all?

Doesn't excuse their behaviour though, or Nole's for that matter.


Conspirator , 5/8/13 6:00 PM

while we are being logical and pondering causal connections,
if the crows was against Novak for beating Rafa recently, why exactly is it that they didn't boo him or otherwise heckle him in the first set, but that all started after what the well-timed (momentum breaking) MTO that looked and smelled like gamesmanship?

#I was waiting for the sun to be at a different angle and thought if I could just have a few minutes and break my opponent's momentum, that is why I took a bathroom break

chlorostoma , 5/8/13 6:05 PM

And some posters on "another" thread mentioned that Novak was seen practising daily for more than three hours during the two weeks out. So for him to say that he did not pick up a racket during this time is just beyond me!!!

I take everything these guys say with a pinch of salt!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 6:05 PM

And many people remember the days when Nole used to retire at the drop of a hat - or to be more specific - after he had dropped a set, or two. At one point he had managed to retire from three out of the four slams. A little more stiff upper lip and a little less histrionics would also make people feel more sympathetic if he has genuinely hurt himself.

ed251137 , 5/8/13 6:12 PM

And even last year in Madrid Novak lost in the quarters, after beating Rafa to submission 7 consecutive times..................was Novak ever heckled and jeckled, was he booed?!!! Does ANYONE remember the Spanish rooting valiantly for his opponent at the time?! I cannot even remember who his opponent was, that goes to show how uneventful his loss was back then, and it was only last year?!!!

So please, someone tell me, why all of a sudden would the Spanish turn on Novak NOW.........and even bother to attend his bloody matches!!?!!!

This is simply just a case of Novak's reputation preceeding him............and that's just too bad!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 6:14 PM

Yes but in these sorts of things the crowd usually needs a reason to have a go, don't they.
A catalyst that is justifiably puts them on the moral high ground if you like.
Attacking someone for simply winning would have put them in a bad light.
Anyway f**k it, i still don't think taking a mto was such a big deal.
I mean it wasn't at the TB was it?

Twinge , 5/8/13 6:43 PM

@ Twinge...............but if thats your still puts them in a bad light......................Novak beat Rafa only two weeks ago!!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 7:03 PM

Twinge , 5/8/13 6:43 PM c/47362/#.UYqEs8pRCDd

"Trailing 2-4 in the second set, Djokovic rolled over his right ankle?the same ankle he sprained against Sam Querrey in last month?s Davis Cup match in Boise?immediately dropped his racquet, and stopped play, leaning against the flower bed behind the baseline for support in pain. Djokovic took an extended injury timeout to have his ankle re-taped, and shortly after play resumed he broke back for 3-4 as both men raised the physical stakes. "

So you see, Twingey, the crowd sensed an upset by the underdog at the time of the MTO and they saw the MTO as a ruse by the "bigger man" to slow Dimi's momentum...........and he "proves" them right by promptly breaking back to level the score.

Rightly or wrongly, this was the reason, and timing, for the crowd's reaction....

rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 7:07 PM

@ RIBT.........simply put!!!

And whats even more irritating is that some refuse to accept it!! However, its easier to accept that the crowd's reaction was just pay-back for Novak beating Rafa in previous matches!!! Utterly rediculous!!!!

Monalysa , 5/8/13 7:14 PM

Well, won't be long now before we hear it is all evil Uncle Toni's fault. He put the crowd up to boo heard it here first.


rafaisthebest , 5/8/13 7:17 PM

Having watched the match, my take is that the crowd was behind the underdog but was enjoying a competitive match. I didn't sense any hostility towards Nole until he took that MTO. From that point on the crowd really turned on him. They clearly thought that it was gamesmanship to try and throw off Dimitrov. I don't like how the crowd acted, but it was obvious that the whole mood changed once Nole took that MTO.

I don't believe in over analyzing the mentality of fans at a tennis match. I don't think they had residual bad feelings because Nole beat Rafa at MC. They weren't being disrespectful to him before the MTO. I don't have a problem with Nole taking the MTO, but the crowd thought otherwise.

However, the manner in which Nole handled it was reminiscent of his past histrionics and bad behavior on court. There is no excuse for using that kind of language towards the crowd. He could have taken the high road, but instead chose to stoop to their level.

Nativenewyorker , 5/8/13 7:31 PM

thanks Cheryl for being the voice of reason here. The crowd WAS nasty. I wouldn't blame Novak for not going back.

pennster , 5/9/13 1:01 AM

Anyone with even a half-brain can see that the Madrid crowd was boorish. As I mentioned, why is anyone surprised? Did I miss the bulletin where the Vatican or Mecca anointed spanish crowd as Saints? Aren't these the same callow crowds that celebrate bulls running around the street goring and mauling people? The only people in denial about the crowds are the usual suspects what have their heads buried god-knows-where. Anyone want to volunteer a guess? ;)

Fedkovic23 , 5/9/13 3:30 AM

"Anyone with even a half-brain.."

...and he's speaking from experience.


Conspirator , 5/9/13 3:42 AM

23 is less than 1/4th of 100. If 23 represents Fedkovic's IQ, he has a quarter brain (average IQ is 100). Maybe he should say anyone with even quarter of a brain ( not half-brain)?
Anyway can't blame him for exaggerating his brain size. Everybody likes to look better.

holdserve , 5/9/13 4:19 AM

The crowd was appreciating good points played by both players in the first set. Only after the MTO ( which I believe Novak was right as he clearly had trouble with his ankle) did the crowd turn vocal against Nole. The Madrid crowd has always appreciated good play. Nobody rooted against Novak when rafa played him in the finals here or against fed when he beat Rafa in 2009

atul1985 , 5/9/13 4:46 AM

Conspirator, 5/9/13 3:42 AM

holdserve, 5/9/13 4:19 AM

Well said! Talk about someone who doesn't even have half a brain. Anyone who has to put other people down while hiding behind an anonymous screen name on a tennis forum, definitely is not a happy camper! Someone is in dire need of self-esteem and also a reality check!

Nativenewyorker , 5/9/13 4:54 AM

The worst part for Madrid is that it does not seem as if it is a favorite for the players as well. The conditions and the court have been criticised in the past. Especially with Nole playing MC, he may well give it a skip in the coming years after what transpired. Rafa plays though he is less than happy to play in Madrid, only because its his home tournament. Andy gave it a skip last year. And it is not ideal prep for Madrid.

Nole probably did not expect such a hostile crowd when there was not country pride at stake. And everyone gets a little flustered when one is upstaged by an underdog. I remember how Rafa was a little flustered during the R2 in wimby in last year. However he kept things under control. But Nole's personality is more outgoing. So probably in the heat of the moment, he shot from the lip

vmk1 , 5/9/13 6:31 AM

All this talk about Novak skipping Madrid next year............... because he was booed?

Talk about big blouse behaviour........he's a professional for goodness' sake!


rafaisthebest , 5/9/13 7:01 AM

Again, for those who don't seem to understand: Madrid crowd was never disrespectful of Nole before, why would they all of the sudden become so revenge oriented to pay high price tickets to watch his match just to be able to boo him?! Sorry people but that is beyond comprehension. From the very start they have been supportive of both, saluted Nole's and Grigor's good shots and enjoyed the match. I still think Nole deserved to be doubted given the way he acted after the MTO. I had the same injury and to tell you the truth if you feel the pain there is no way you can go on ruining like he did no matter if his ankle was heavily taped or not.
The reasons for the crowd to be outraged are easy to find. The fans came to watch tennis and cheer for whoever they want. OTOH the reasons for Nole, who now states he was considering skipping Madrid anyway (???) to fall deep allowing himself to be vulgar and swear at the Spanish/Bulgarian fans, are very difficult to find.
But to think that Madrid crowd came on purpose to revenge Rafa's losses to Nole by being hostile to Nole really makes no sense whatsoever...I can't believe knowledgeable people with common sense would go that far to claim such nonsense. You of all should know better than that...

natashao , 5/9/13 8:25 AM

The dyamics of crowd behaviour are such that it takes only a few people to feel disgruntled and express their displeasure/anger or whatever and within seconds a mob mentality can erupt. It has nothing to do with nationality or even age and class.

It is up to players to learn how to cope in these situations and not to let it derail them. It helps if there is a good umpire in the chair who can defuse the situation. Some are better at this than others.

ed251137 , 5/9/13 8:41 AM

It will be interesting to see if there is any noticeable bias towards Dimitrov when he plays today. i'm also wondering if the Italian crowd will give Djokovic a hard time - they can be pretty volatile!

ed251137 , 5/9/13 8:50 AM

, 5/9/13 8:25 AM

You are right on the point. The crowd was never disrespectful to Nole or anyone before. Nole played Rafa in the finals in 2011, no1 booed him then 9they infact appreciated his goood play). Fed played rafa in 2009 finals and the crowd was appreciative of good tennis all thoughout the match.

The crowd was provoked by Nole IMO. One Madrid friend who attended the match said Nole was being cocky and disrepectful to the chair umpire and the crowd.

atul1985 , 5/9/13 8:56 AM

Djoker he will play Madrid next year - see his interview on the ATP website on his Player Profile.

Nole's fans on TT are not, in general, are not triumphant, and they've had a lot to be triumphant about; it's the Nole Camp Followers like Twinge and Fedkovic who bring out the worst in others.

nadline , 5/9/13 9:09 AM

^^^ignore the double negative.

Nole's fans on TT are not, in general, triumphant...........

nadline , 5/9/13 9:12 AM

atul1985, 5/9/13 8:56 AM,

I didn't know that Nole was being disrespectful to the crowd and the chair umpire. If this was even before his MTO, then that puts a whole other light on things. Maybe he was provoking the crowd and the MTO was the last straw.

I also agree that the Spanish crowd has been respectful to both Nole and Fed when they beat him.

There may be a kind of mob mentality in a crowd, but I did not see any evidence of this until after Nole took the MTO. I don't like what the crowd did, but that's not an excuse for Nole to use profane gutter language.

I do not buy that the crowd was there to get revenge on Nole for beating Rafa at MC. That's really over thinking it. I believe that they just wanted to see a competitive match with some good tennis and they did get that.

Nativenewyorker , 5/9/13 9:16 AM

Sorry, I meant to say that I agree that the Spanish crowd was respectful to both Nole and Fed when they beat Rafa.

Nativenewyorker , 5/9/13 9:17 AM

'Nole's fans on TT are not, in general, are not triumphant, and they've had a lot to be triumphant about; it's the Nole Camp Followers like Twinge and Fedkovic who bring out the worst in others...'

Oh haha you are completely deluded. Complaning about divisiveness & lumping me in with fedetc. I think you'll find that not one of the Novak finds here approves of you, & you are never ever ever in the game to call anyone 'triumphalist', as you seem to think that you are the president of Rafas fan club or something and generally obnoxious about him at all times. You slate everyone else's fans players and are often a ( though well protected) full blown troll, theres nothing saintly about your behaviour here.
Own it Nadline!
I still think you should get a job, but I'll think better of you if you keep it real at least ;-)

Twinge , 5/9/13 10:09 AM

, 5/9/13 9:16 AM

Exactly what my friend told me....even laughed at the point that people were out there to extract revenge on Nole for beating Rafa. He said any1 who behaved the way Nole did deserved the treatment.
Though I dont approve of the way the crowd behaved but it does seem like that they were provoked into it. And when you shout "SMD" at the crowd, you cannot really expect any favours from them, can you?

atul1985 , 5/9/13 11:15 AM

Hahaha, queridorafa chimes in:

"Sounds like a good time to me. But then, I find that apparently a lot of the commentators, pundits, etc. were trying to make it about Rafa, i.e. the crowd booed Novak because of Rafa, Novak yelled at the crowd because of Rafa, Novak lost because of Rafa, Novak is going to be really mad at Rafa now."


rafaisthebest , 5/9/13 12:56 PM

I strongly recommend reading the above queridorafa blog by all. You may not agree with her but I believe it is an interesting perspective.............

rafaisthebest , 5/9/13 1:09 PM

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