• Drouet reveals Tomic reign of tennis terror

    5/7/13 12:35 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Drouet reveals Tomic reign of tennis terror Bernard Tomic's mad dad John will face a Madrid court next week after beating his son's hitting partner to a bloody pulp on a Madrid street in a violent outburst which could see the latest in a line of abusive tennis parents banned from the game.

    Frenchman Thomas Drouet, who served as the sparring for the past six months for the 49th-ranked Bernard Tomic, has told his story to France's l'Equipe, sparing no detail of the out-of-control and brutal nature of Balkan-born elder Tomic, nominal "coach" to his son.

    Drouet, 29, was head-butted by John Tomic outside the player hotel at the Madrid Masters on Saturday as a simmering dispute from earlier in the week erupted in violence from the Balkan-born Australian parent.

    Drouet told l'Équipe: "In the six months I've been working with him, he's made me sweat blood. He's made me do all sorts of menial work that had nothing to with my job and paid me peanuts.

    "I was his servant. He demanded that I bring a glass of orange juice up to Bernard's room in the morning. He treated me like a dog with disrespect and then this. But he need to be off the ATP (tour).

    "I want to make it understood that this man is violent and dangerous. And unpredictable. I saw John hitting his son when I was at their house in Australia in January. He abused him physically. I know because I heard a big noise in the next room. It was clear enough."

    Drouet said that last Tuesday, he witnessed John Tomic strike his 49th-ranked son in the mouth on a Monte Carlo practise court, drawing blood. "Blood was dripping onto the court. All that because Bernard told him he was tired of hearing his crap. I didn't interfere as it's been said here and there."

    The parent's threatening behavior, this time directed at the French former player, continued when the team flew from Nice to Madrid last Saturday as John Tomic demanded unsuccessfully that Drouet go buy him a carton of milk before the flight.

    The insults were so troublesome on the flight that Drouet said Bernard went to the back of the plane to escape.

    "Just after arriving at the hotel in Madrid, john tells me: 'Drop your things, we have to talk,'" Drouet told l'Equipte. "Then, I see he looks around, which I understand later to mean he was looking to take me somewhere out of sight. So we leave, I follow him down the stairs ... and he spits on my face. I wipe it off, that's all. I think he was trying to provoke me into being the aggressor. I don't move, and that's when he head butts me.

    "I crumpled. I convulsed a bit and lost consciousness. It was Josko (team physio), who, when he saw John come back alone, started to worry. He found me on the floor covered in blood and sounded the alarm. John left me like that."

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What a creep! He belongs in jail.

chr18 , 5/7/13 1:22 PM

Thats terrible. No place in the civilized society for such a man. Go to jail you scum bag

atul1985 , 5/7/13 1:41 PM

RT @christophclarey: "ATP tells New York Times/IHT that John Tomic's credentials for all ATP events have been suspended until further notice "

Good. Don't want that psycho anywhere near where Rafa might be.........

rafaisthebest , 5/7/13 8:25 PM

I hope they give him a lifetime ban, actually. Having somebody that volatile around is dangerous for all involved. He clearly thinks he's above such mundane things as the law.

I feel very sorry for Bernie. There is obviously abuse going on there both physically and mentally.

cherylmurray , 5/7/13 9:25 PM

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