• Tennis court fix first on the list for Murray hotel

    4/30/13 6:51 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Tennis court fix first on the list for Murray hotel Renovations are set to begin soon on Andy Murray's $2.8-million Scottish property just outside his hometown of Dunblane.

    One of the first items to receive attention from the builders will be the tennis court already in place at historic Cromlix House.

    The plan is to renovate the estate into a 15-room luxury hotel in time for autumn Ryder Cup play in the area in 2014. As such, there is little time to lose. And world No. 3 Murray is said to be ready to consult on major decision concerning his pet project.

    The management company which will handle day-to-day duties is already starting to work. “We already have a tennis court but we are changing its location because there are a lot of trees in that area and leaves are a problem,” said official Norbert Lieder.

    “This will be a straightforward refurbishment with no major layout changes. There will be small changes to the entrance and we are increasing the number of car parking places and creating a larger restaurant.

    “The tennis court is for our guests. I don’t know if Andy will be using it.”

    Once complete, the hotel could create around 40 jobs, according to local estimates, no small feat in the north of Scotland. And officials say that inquiries about the new facility are already popping up from locals with opening day set for next April 1.

    The hotel has already had a relatively recent minor celebrity moment, when Murray's doubles-playing elder brother James married Alejandra Gutierrez at the venue in 2010. The Cromlix had once been a five-star establishment before closing in tough economic times more than a year ago.

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While I also consider the Fuentes court decision a joke i.e. the order to destroy the evidence, I have to wonder: is this what should be exercising Muzza's mind right now?

Shouldn't he be focussing on his clay game? I doubt there is anybody in their right mind who is not bemused by the Spanish court's decision but Muzza needs to focus on what's important and immediate, unless he is gunning for a more political role on the Tour....


rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 1:06 PM

RT @AndrewCastle63: "A heartfelt and considered reaction to #fuentes from a Grand Slam and Olympic Champion. Well done @andy_murray"

Well, other Grand Slam (multiple) and Olympic Champions are quietly going about the business of preparing for Madrid. That imho, is what a "heartfelt and considered" reaction to #fuentes should be!

rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 1:14 PM

^Nonsense ritb,
I mean purleeze!
An actual court in an advanced western democracy has ordered evidence from this junk doctor be destroyed.
Under what ruling?
Clearly it would implicate others.
Very disturbing and fishy (not `bemusing`!) that a judge would do such a thing.
Oh and you can prepare for Madrid and think about the occasional other thing too `even` if you only have the one slam & gold medal under your belt.

Twinge , 5/1/13 2:12 PM

Andy put on bulk to match Rafa and when Rafa returned after 7 months slimmer and fitter, Andy is now trying to lose his bulk and has taken one hour off his training regime to be as slim as Rafa.

He should stop emulating Rafa and Nole and be his own man.

nadline , 5/1/13 2:22 PM

Twinge , 5/1/13 2:22 PM

Colm, Twingey, colm......I agree with whatever negative adjective you care to use on THAT court decision, including disturbing, fishy AND bemusing. That was not the point of my post though, my point was; why is Muzza bothering to make this a tweet issue? He is not the only one exercised about it, evidently but is everybody (professional tennis players) else humming on their keyboards about it? Not that I am aware.............

Does it mean they are any less disturbed about the verdict? No.

There are people who are paid to follow up on these things.

Regarding the Slam and Olympic medal thing, I was actually making fun of Andrew Castle's tweet, who saw fit to mention same in his homily....


rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 2:29 PM

Nadline, why don't you somehow manage to stay on topic for once?
No one cares about your whiney attempts to criticize Andy's training regime.
But I'm sure if he reads TT he will take you under advisement :)
Its been covered now, what 10 times, by you here?
So lets finally draw a line under that one shall we?
And anyway, why do you feel the need to attack him for this right now?

Twinge , 5/1/13 2:29 PM

Oh, am watching CNN right now and the anchor reports on the Fuentes trial verdict and whose furious tweet do they plaster on the screen: Mister Andrew Murray's. So there you have it, Muzza is now the poster boy for the outrage out there about this notorious trial...

rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 2:38 PM

One can't be bemused and disturbed simultaneously by the same thing ritb
And I'm calm dear, but it seemed like you were trying to diminish what was being said and also belittle Andy a bit at the same time.
You're off the hook of course but honestly its not a big deal that Andy has made a big deal out of this as it stinks of corruption up to the judicial level.
His response was on the money in fact, yours it must be said, was not.
If i were Spanish i would have a real problem with this, in fact I still have a problem and no I was never one of the conspiracy theorists that populate this board either.
No doubt the next thing we'll probably see is Lance Armstrong applying for duel Spanish/American nationality ;)

Twinge , 5/1/13 2:40 PM

"Muzza is now the poster boy for the outrage out there about this notorious trial..."

So what?
CNN always reports tennis news under the banner part of their broadcast all the time.
Even WTA stuff and who gives a rats furry little behind about that?
The world number 3 has every right to be frustrated by this on a whole host of levels, no less the threat it poses to the status of his sport.
Its seems that french player who criticized Spain appears to have been vindicated by these events.
In a complete kind of way in fact.......

Twinge , 5/1/13 2:48 PM

An appeal is taking place to stop the court from doing this.

Twinge , 5/1/13 2:55 PM

Twinge, I just do not think Muzza should be in the fore-front of "voicing the outrage" that's all. That does not mean he should not be outraged. Like I said, everybody in their right minds is outraged but discretion is the better part of valour at the best of times.

I would rather Muzza was being quoted by CNN on his exploits on the court, let the politicians such as Federer speak on "other" matters. Just do not trust the media.

I think anybody who has followed cycling (like I do) would know about Spain's history in terms of doping controls or lack thereof. Spain, as a country, has not covered itself in glory on this point. It's not a secret. That does not mean every Spanish sporting person is suspect, as was alluded to by Yannick Noah, a bad joke.

Exactly why I would rather Muzza kept his counsel, and went on with his on-court business. Let the Noahs of this world speak, as they are wont to......................

rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 3:08 PM

I do hope the blood gets examined however.
I love a good scandal ;)

Twinge , 5/1/13 3:11 PM

I doubt very much the blood will be destroyed, too may prying eyes now. After all, it was WADA pressure which brought Fuentes to "justice" and I think WADA will continue keeping this matter in the spotlight.

rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 3:17 PM

Twinge, are you on topic? Is this thread not about Andy's hotel? What have
you talked about so far? The judgement regarding Dr Fuentes, of which you know zilch.

So far you have not made one comment about the subject matter of this thread.

nadline , 5/1/13 3:24 PM

^^^Your over-defensiveness on this matter makes me rather suspicious of you Nadline.
And that's on top of your many other drawbacks lol

Twinge , 5/1/13 3:27 PM

Oops, I started the "off-topic" discussion, let me try and rectify by finding a link between Muzza's hotel and the Dr. Fuentes story.........

The hotel is ownwd by Muzza, Muzza made a comment about the Fuentes verdict,.............There! The link is established, it is Muzza....

rafaisthebest , 5/1/13 3:30 PM

The reason I am not engaging in the Dr Fuentes saga is because I know absolutely nothing about it, nor do you.

nadline , 5/1/13 3:31 PM

The hotel is ownwd by Muzza, Muzza made a comment about the Fuentes verdict,.............There! The link is established, it is Muzza....
rafaisthebest, 5/1/13 3:30 PM

ritb, you missed out another link on the chain - Muzza is emulating Rafa......

nadline , 5/1/13 3:33 PM

^^What kind of brain dead idiocy is this?
I wasn't in court but i know that he was found guilty,
I know that his sentence is a joke and i know that the courts have moved to have blood from other clients of his destroyed as evidence.
And THAT is all i need to know at this stage dear.

Twinge , 5/1/13 3:39 PM

Twinge as far as making a difference in the Dr Fuentes case, you are just whistling in the wind- huffing and puffing and not affecting anything.

Calm down! No one cares what you think about it.

nadline , 5/1/13 3:53 PM

hehe but of course no one cares what I think!
You don't care for starters, as evidenced by your behaviour on this here thread....

Twinge , 5/1/13 4:01 PM

"Andy is now trying to lose his bulk and has taken one hour off his training regime to be as slim as Rafa"


racquet , 5/2/13 1:38 PM

And by "link?" I mean do you have a link to the story about this change in his training regime. It's news to me.

racquet , 5/2/13 2:23 PM

Still waiting.

racquet , 5/3/13 12:03 AM

Sky commies discussed, at length, live, Andy's bulk and training regime and said he had taken an hour off his regime to lose some of the bulk.

nadline , 5/3/13 9:54 AM

^^^They actually suggested that he might have been emulating Rafa but that Rafa lost weight during his injury time out.

nadline , 5/3/13 9:57 AM

So, unsubstantiated hearsay. Thought so.

racquet , 5/3/13 11:24 AM

^^^You'll have to take it up with SKY.

There is circumstantial evidence and watch Andy lose the bulk.

nadline , 5/3/13 11:55 AM

Wimbledon 2009: losing to Rafael Nadal was the impetus behind Andy Murray's fitness
Andy Murray has revealed how last year's Wimbledon exit at the hands of Rafael Nadal turned him into one of the fittest players in the world.

Starting point: Andy Murray says his loss to Rafael Nadal in last year's Wimbledon quarter-final was the the moment he stepped up his fitness training

By Telegraph staff and agencies 2:29PM BST 21 Jun 2009

Murray had already made great strides with his fitness by the time he faced Nadal in the quarter-finals 12 months ago, but was left in no doubt there was still more hard work to be done.

Nadal powered his way to a 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 victory on Centre Court and sent Murray scampering to Miami to put in long hours in the gym and on the track.

That decision paid huge dividends, with Murray going on to win his first Masters series title in Cincinnati and reach his first grand slam final at the US Open.

"Beating Richard Gasquet in the fourth round last year was a great match to be involved in, but I lost to Nadal comfortably in the next round," Murray said. "I actually went away for three or four weeks after that and trained really, really hard over in the States, down in Miami in really warm conditions.

"I realised that I was in good shape then, but I lost to someone like Rafa, who's probably one of the best athletes to ever play tennis (and) I needed to improve that side of my game. bledon-2009-losing-to-Rafael-Nadal-was-the-impetus-behind-Andy-Murrays -fitness.html

nadline , 5/3/13 12:11 PM

Oh & so what Nadline?
I can't decide what your real beef is here except the need to troll.
He copies Novak too sometimes and Nadal has done some things the way of Federer and so on.
If that is the case here again anyway, which I doubt, I think the debulking is more to do with Reaching optimum match fitness & having better recovery times as it was clearly compromised during the AO.
He has better things to do than merely copy rnadal and his trainers will be trying to find the best way forward for him in this respect.
It's not a big deal despite your attempts to make it so and anyway at least he respects Rafa, I personally would prefer that he take a more distanced approach to this player, they can never be real friends anyway while rivals and it all seems to work in Nadals benefit. So given that it has allowed Nadal to maintain an edge, why would you continue to complain about it.
Oh that's right, you have nothing better to do.

Twinge , 5/3/13 12:17 PM

And anyway its pretty clear that the transformation of tennis into a more baseline orientated physical sport has had a lot to do with Rafas rise in any instance.
It's something that everyone has had to emulate in order to keep up.
So stop complaining about Murray, complain about Rafa if you don't like this evolution.

Twinge , 5/3/13 12:20 PM

I don't suppose I'll hear from racquet again!

Twinge, do you have a problem with someone stating the facts because you don't happen to like them?

nadline , 5/3/13 12:24 PM

Twinge - "If that is the case here again anyway, which I doubt, I think the debulking is more to do with Reaching optimum match fitness & having better recovery times as it was clearly compromised during the AO."

You don't know that for a fact, do you?

nadline , 5/3/13 12:27 PM

All you have is conjecture drawn from boredom, and you have managed to avoid answering me again.
There is no 'fact', you know nothing about it, it's just Nadline with her Nadal coloured glasses on doing a bit of trolling, that's all.
I have offered a counter explanation that in this instance is more plausible judging from what I've actually seen than 'ooh Andy idolises Rafa and wants to copy him'.
I think you'll find he wants to win matches actually lol.
Clearly you're conflicted.
On one hand you like that he looks up to Rafa on the other you resent that he might be giving him an advantage against him.
But let's face it it doesn't add up to a hill of beans as to how bitter you'll become if everything doesn't go Nadal's way from now on in, lol
A change in attitude might be a timely consideration....
Speaking of,
It might be time to focus on the spring cleaning Nadline, if you don't have any help in that respect,
Don't you think?

Twinge , 5/3/13 12:54 PM

Why has racquet disappeared into the ether and Twinge is the one who is exercised about Murray copying Rafa.

The mind boggles!

nadline , 5/3/13 1:07 PM

I haven't disappeared. I have, you know, other stuff to do in my life.

Everybody knows about the turning point in 2009 when Andy amped up his fitness regime. What has that got to do with this idle speculation that he's "emulating" Rafa?
Ridiculous. He's very open about his training regime - more transparent than the other big three in fact. If he has adjusted it we'll hear it from him and the reasons why. You may prefer to have blind faith in Sky commies, I don't.

racquet , 5/3/13 1:16 PM

You're not complaining of course,
After all you did manage to get us all off topic from the original off topic quite successfully.
Which was the plan after all.

Twinge , 5/3/13 1:16 PM


"It was after Wimbledon I pushed on. I just learnt a lot from the loss to Rafa. I realised I needed to get fitter and stronger. I went away and worked on it."

nadline , 5/3/13 1:40 PM

We are referring to the bulk issue of RIGHT NOW.
You've been told, everyone started to improve their fitness so they could try to hang with Nadal.
Bar Federer and we know show that played out.
Murray was clearly overly ripped and bulky for the AO,
I hope he is scaling that down as it can effect movement and recovery.
Would he have gotten the blisters had he been lighter, possible not and could have recovered better from the Federer match even more likely.
Djokovic is like a whippet!
It was an error probably on Andy's part, but it has little to do with playing follow the leader.
Not that Rafa is the leader anymore of course.
Now run along please so we can get back to discussing the Fuentes controversy in peace

Twinge , 5/3/13 1:51 PM

I honestly never understood why nadline is so critical and negative on her countryman. Does she fear that one day Murray will be able to beat Nadal consistently as the Djoker has been able to? Or is that the English really hate the Scotts?

chr18 , 5/3/13 1:59 PM

Just grasping at straws.

racquet , 5/3/13 2:03 PM

I'm English and I don't hate the Scots, on the contrary
I don't like every one i meet or see in the media but then it is the same with the English...
^^^^case in point :)
The devil makes work for idle hands and all that
doesn't it just Nadline?

Twinge , 5/3/13 2:15 PM

1:59 PM
That's just a tired old cliche. Nationality has nothing to do with it. Besides, as you should know, he has an English girlfriend and lives in the south of England.

ed251137 , 5/3/13 2:34 PM

Tennis is an international sport and players have fans all over the world. There is no law saying you have to support your countryman. I have nothing against Andy whatsoever, I'm just not a fan of his, that's all.

nadline , 5/3/13 3:15 PM

Is chr18 really that provincial? What has nationality got to do with whom one supports? But then again, he is not the only one. I have noticed assumptions on some blogs that if you support Rafa you must be Spanish!


rafaisthebest , 5/3/13 3:43 PM

If Federer relied only on Swiss fans, he would never fill a stadium outside Switzerland.

nadline , 5/3/13 3:54 PM

There is a big difference between being a fan of your countryman and constantly dissing him. I didn't say nadline shouldn't be a Nadal fan. It's just strange that she so often puts Murray down. I'm a Fed fan but I always support the American players during DC.

chr18 , 5/3/13 4:35 PM

Apparently one is not permitted to call Nadline out on her ludicrous behaviour on this site.
It upsets the locals too much, who actually agree with her but haven't got the guts to be open about it

Twinge , 5/3/13 4:53 PM

Who said I didn't support the GB Team in the DC?

I guess if Fed played against an American in the DC you'd support the American, chr18.

nadline , 5/3/13 5:18 PM

There is no team GB without Murray.
At least not one that is going very far. Sadly.

Twinge , 5/3/13 5:21 PM

chr18, do you have evidence to support your claim that nadline does not support British players during DC?

rafaisthebest , 5/3/13 5:28 PM

Oh look Nadline isn't against Andy because he is a Scot, and she is not being unpatriotic etc.
She obviously has a big problem with all of the other top 4 as they threaten dearest Rafa that's all. Look at how she goes on about Djokovic.
Love, it appears, rally does conquer all boundaries
including border controls.

Twinge , 5/3/13 5:34 PM

So, it is chr18 who harbours ill-feeling towards nadline or more precisely, Rafa, since in his mind nadline is a surrogate for Rafa. This can be deduced from his wild, unsubstantiated claims against nadline.

rafaisthebest , 5/3/13 5:38 PM

Me a surrogate for Rafa? Lol

nadline , 5/3/13 5:42 PM

No I don't think it can specifically now anyway.
Ch18 was correct that Nadline is often very anti Andy, making ridiculous claims and suppositions about him, whining, siding with anti murray trolls and generally being negative most of the time about him.
Although clearly she can also be supportive of him too. Occasionally.
It's hardly a wild unsubstantiated assumption to make is it?
Anyway it ch18 can probably answer this one for himself.

Twinge , 5/3/13 5:44 PM

chr18, do you have evidence to support your claim that nadline does not support British players during DC?

rafaisthebest , 5/3/13 5:28 PM

No response=unsubstantiated claim=wild

rafaisthebest , 5/3/13 5:49 PM

I used DC as a personal example. The point is she constantly disses her countryman unnecessarily.

chr18 , 5/3/13 6:05 PM

Okay Twingey, to round off this Dr. Fuentes trial saga, here is Rafa's view. Please note he stated these views at his pre-tourny press conference in Madrid after being asked his opinion by journalists, he did not just volunteer his opinion on twitter: -destroying-puerto-evidence-aids-cheats/story-e6frfgao-1226635040516

"My opinion is that the ruling wasn't positive for anyone," the tennis great said. "The only ones that benefitted were the ones who cheated. The ones that are hurt are Spanish athletes and sports in general."

"The image this transmits to the world isn't the one we were hoping for," Nadal said. "I think it is a mistake that the names (of Fuentes' clients) are not known, but that is what happened. We will keep working so that sports stays clean and this doesn't happen again in the future."

rafaisthebest , 5/3/13 6:24 PM

Why on earth would Rafa fans be at all botheres about
1) what he writes on twitter
2) whether or not he needs to lose weight
3) how he chooses to spend his money

deuce , 5/4/13 9:50 PM

^^Because some Rafa fans are Murray fans. Tennis fandom is not a zero sum game, although some people would have it be.

rafaisthebest , 5/4/13 10:15 PM

I honestly never understood why nadline is so critical and negative on her countryman. Does she fear that one day Murray will be able to beat Nadal consistently as the Djoker has been able to? Or is that the English really hate the Scotts?

chr18 , 5/3/13 1:59 PM

Well, chr18, please enlighten us: why is Sloane Stephens so critical and negative on her countrywoman, Serena Williams? They are both American, no? By your logic, Sloane should not be dissing Serena because they are compatriots: -williams-2/

rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 9:37 AM

I think some people are trying to gag me expressing an opinion on Murray simply because we are both British. I don't happen to think that making a statement of fact is equal to dissing. It's no secret that Andy looks up to Rafa, a fact that is not lost on Lendl, hence this excerpt from QueridoRafa:


"And today with Muzz. I guess Muzz has eased up on his ?no practicing with top guys anymores? rule (although, suspiciously, he did practice with Djokovic and Ferrer multiple times after supposedly adopting that rule (I don?t think Muzz practicing with Fed was ever, um, an option?), suggesting that the rule was in fact ?no practicing with Rafa anymore? probably due to the fact that Mr. Lendl banned it after determining Muzz?s hero worship of Rafa had reached catastrophic levels.) Rafa also has reportedly enlisted the help of two new coaches. They?re small, but very wise. Very wise. I think they just might be the key to Rafa?s further success this year."

nadline , 5/5/13 10:11 AM


I don't know why this was even brought up. My favorite is Rafa and he is Spanish, not American. So does that make me unpatriotic? I don't get that at all. We like who we like. My first favorite was Borg. He was Swedish. Then I liked Lendl and he was Czech. So should I be deported?

There's no law or requirement that you must love any tennis player from your native country. It's a shame that anyone would even try to make an issue out of it.

Nativenewyorker , 5/5/13 11:00 AM

^^^Exactly. chr19's favourite player is Swiss and he is an American Republican!

Tennis is an individual sport. They are competing for themselves not for their country. They are not even forced to compete for their country as Murray and Federer often demonstrate their choice not to.

My favourite player is Rafa so I tend not to look on his rivals favourably. But that's just me.

nadline , 5/5/13 12:23 PM

Isn't it obvious that Sloane is in competition with Serena whereas nadline is not competing against Murray?

I don't see you downing American players (to your credit I might add) the way nadline constantly downs Murray.

Despite Fed being my favorite I wish that the American players can do well. You, on the other hand, don't want Murray to do well because you seem to think he is some threat to Nadal (in the future maybe?).

chr18 , 5/5/13 2:47 PM

chr18, thank you for the clarification: it's okay to diss your compatriot if you are in competition, however, any ordinary fan is DUTY bound to support a compatriot.

What utter rubbish....

rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 3:04 PM

Congratulations, nny, for winning the approval of HIS OMNIPRESENCE, chr18. Nadline, on the other hand, you have work to do!

rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 3:07 PM

Muzz practicing with Rafa today. /1/large

Nadine's sources aren't so hot it seems ;)

racquet , 5/5/13 5:25 PM

Oops, link was broken:

racquet , 5/5/13 5:26 PM

@racquet, please see the full link below, which nadline quoted in her post of 5/5/13 10:11 AM

As you can see, nadline's source, queridorafa, has the link of Rafa's practice with Murray inserted in the paraghraph nadline quoted, the link you posted in your post AFTER nadline's. Clearly, the link got "lost" in the copy and paste process.........

I hope this helps.

rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 5:37 PM

The source of the photo in my link is different to the one in her link. Hope that helps. besides, it's just a blog by a tennis fan so excuse me if I take his "inside knowledge" of Lendl's thought process with a pinch of salt.

racquet , 5/5/13 5:55 PM

I thought my premise was self-explanatory. Sloane can gain a psychological advantage, get in Serena's head if you will, and this could help her career. Trash talking is omnipresent in American sports. See Floyd Mayweather,Jr. or Kevin Garnett as 2 examples.

chr18 , 5/5/13 6:00 PM

racquet , 5/5/13 5:55 PM

Nadlines post is about Rafa training with Murray, with a photo missing, reasons as per my post.

Your photo is about Rafa training with Murray.

So you are quibbling about what exactly? That your photo is more authentic than that posted by a "mere fan"? Even though they show exactly the same event?

Okay, you win.


rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 6:09 PM

chr18, I know all about trash talking as a particularly American cultural phenomenon in sporting terms, who doesn't?

Sorry, your explanation does not address the premise of my post of 5/5/13 3:04 PM.

rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 6:13 PM

I never said anybody was duty bound. I originally said I didn't understand why nadline went on about Murray so much. Twinge has enlightened me that nadline sees Murray as a threat to Nadal. I disagree with this premise however it should be noted.

chr18 , 5/5/13 6:29 PM

chr18, you know all about "going on" about a player, in your case, Rafa. So, I guess you see your behaviour in nadline's. We'll leave it at that............

rafaisthebest , 5/5/13 6:46 PM

Congratulations, nny, for winning the approval of HIS OMNIPRESENCE, chr18. Nadline, on the other hand, you have work to do!
rafaisthebest, 5/5/13 3:07 PM

There is no chance of that.

nadline , 5/5/13 9:34 PM

Muzz practicing with Rafa today.

Nadine's sources aren't so hot it seems ;)
racquet, 5/5/13 5:25 PM

Muzz can't help himself. Lendl can't make him ignore his hero.

nadline , 5/5/13 9:37 PM

I bet that made Muzz's day.

nadline , 5/5/13 9:39 PM

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