• Murray keeping his Scottish options open

    4/25/13 5:21 PM | Johan Lindahl
    Murray keeping his Scottish options open With a long-term proposal for an independent Scotland now simmering on the front burner of British domestic politics, it follows that the opinion of famed Scot Andy Murray might be sought.

    Perhaps the highest profile Scot in the world after James Bond actor Sean Connery, the world No. 3 has kept any opinions on the matter close to his chest. As a resident of Surrey, the posh county south of London, who earns much of his sponsorship income - the Royal Bank of Scotland is an exception – from English sources, Murray will have been advised by handlers to keep a low profile.

    But that doesn't necessarily mean he cannot speak out on the touchy subject. And, following the example of any politician, Murray has managed to straddle the ideological fence on the contentious issue.

    “You need to figure out what’s best for the country and then come to an opinion," he told British media. “I want to read more about the issue. I don’t think you should judge the thing on emotion but on what is best economically for Scotland.”

    With a referendum on the issue set for September, Murray's status as a Scottish voter remains unclear due to his English address. But he does own a hotel in his hometown of Dunblane which he bought earlier in the year.

    “You don’t want to come to a snap decision and then see the country go t**s up. I'm proud to be Scottish but I am also proud to be British. I don’t think there is any contradiction in that.”

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Well, that's his vote right there. No one voting for independence is "also proud to be British". It's what I would have expected. Home in London, Engish girlfriend, most of his best tennis friends English. His buddy Connery may be pro-independence, but there's no way the manchester Utd boss sitting in muzz' box for his USO final will be voting for it. Of course muzz doesn't want to alienate Sean Connery (who wadn't slow to accept Her Majesty's knighthood!) and a small chunk of Scottish fans by coming right out with it. To be honest, though, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he didn't care a whole lot about it. Most Scots I talk to are fed up hearing about it already ... And it's still 17 months to go - think I'll emigrate to get away from it all ...

alex , 4/25/13 6:05 PM

^ Of course, not living in Scotland will mean neither Ferguson nor Connery get to vote anyway. But interestingly, something like 7% of Scotland's population, who are English, will. Quite right too.

alex , 4/25/13 6:15 PM

Sounds like he is against Scottish independence.

nadline , 4/25/13 6:24 PM

sounds like he doesn't give a toss about Scotland's independence. Nor does he have to.

Shireling , 4/26/13 11:30 AM

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