• Murray saves match point, outlasts Ferrer for Miami title

    3/31/13 9:52 PM | Ricky Dimon
    Murray saves match point, outlasts Ferrer for Miami title Andy Murray overcomes David Ferrer in three sets to win the Miami title on Sunday. It is Murray's second career triumph at the tournament.

    This one had just about everything....except for winners and service holds.

    Andy Murray won a 2-6, 6-4, 7-6(1) thriller against David Ferrer in the Sony Open final on Sunday afternoon. An ugly but entertaining showdown featured long rallies, countless errors, a bevy of physical problems, questionable calls, brain cramps, and even unruly fans. At the end of it all, Murray finally prevailed after two hours and 45 minutes.

    The Scot had endured up-and-down patches throughout the Indian Wells and Miami events, and he began the title match in dreadful form. Ferrer saved two break points in the opening game and was off to the races. In fact, the world No. 5 fought off multiple game points in three of the first four games en route to a commanding 4-0 advantage. Ferrer held again for 5-0 before his opponent got on the scoreboard twice in succession. Ferrer's third break of the day--at love--wrapped up the set, which ended on a Murray double-fault.

    Murray got back on a track in set two, just as he had done in a come-from-behind semifinal victory over Richard Gasquet. The second seed missed a break point in the first game but held comfortably then benefited from a flurry of Ferrer mistakes to break for 2-1. Murray briefly gave it back at 4-3 but never lost control, breaking again for 5-4. A rare routine hold in the 10th game set up a dramatic third.

    Both men were nothing more than hopeless on serve throughout the first half of the decider. Six consecutive breaks led to a 3-3 deadlock before Ferrer held at last for a slight 4-3 edge. Murray answered to bring himself level before another exchange of breaks took the score to 5-5. With the two competitors struggling to move, they managed to trade holds at 5-5 and 5-6. Ferrer had a championship point at 30-40 in the 12th game, but he saw it vanish when a mid-point challenge showed that a Murray forehand had clipped the back of the baseline.

    The Spaniard's leg cramps ultimately proved to be too much to overcome, whereas Murray was able to battle through his general fatigue. It resulted in a dominant tiebreaker for the favorite, who surged to a 4-0 lead and never looked back. Ferrer mustered one point before Murray sprinted away with the final three points of the match.

    A dreadful stat sheet shows Ferrer with 14 winners compared to 50 unforced errors. Murray wrapped up his effort with 23 winners and 45 errors. They combined for 11 double-faults--seven off the Murray racket and four from Ferrer.

    "It's taking a little while to sink in, because it's tough to think really at the end of the match," said the two-time champion, who earned seven breaks to make up for eight donations of his own serve. "It was so tough physically and mentally that you were just trying to play each point. I think it was an exciting match. I don't think either of us played our best tennis. But what I did do was fight hard; showed good mental strength to get through that match."

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Awful tennis on slow courts. Serena could have beaten either today.

chr18 , 4/1/13 3:02 AM

Funny you say that chr18, I felt that way about the slowness of the court when Ferrer was playing Haas. It looked like clay court tennis to me and even though I wanted Haas to win, I didn't see him doing so coz Ferrer set the tempo of the match engaging in those long rallies which tired Haas.

The third set today was like a WTA match. But it all comes down to who comes out as the winner. I would have been happy for either guy to win, so good for Murray.

scoretracker , 4/1/13 3:58 AM

Thanx for an excellent match report. Hope you've really enjoyed your time in Miami.
Conditions were clearly awful, they could hardly stand at the end. The fact that Ferrer, one of the fittest guys on the tour, had cramp says it all. Pity they had to have it at the hottest time of the day, the Murray/Gasquet match was such better quality.
@scoretracker, cheers:)


deuce , 4/1/13 8:02 AM

It was horrible watching the two of them suffering in that heat and humidity and all because the tournament directors caved in to the networks' insistence on an early start. And then the umpire, from the comfort of his chair, stupidly issuing warnings. Jeeezzzz!

All the people criticising the quality of play clearly have no idea what the conditions can be like in Miami in the middle of the day.

Deuce is right. Andy, who trains in those conditions, and Ferrer who is famous for his endurance, were in a state of total collapse. They must both have been in need of resuscitation when they got back to the locker room.

Shame on the organisers.

I'm not surprised there has been speculation that Nole didn't push himself too hard. He probably did not relish the prospect of playing a final in those conditions and wisely headed back to Europe.


ed251137 , 4/1/13 10:36 AM

It's a travesty to schedule this final according to the whim of CBS (who are bound by a colossal $700m contract to show college basketball). Why not hold the final in the evening? Either that or give up the rights to ESPN or the tennis channel.

In some ways this match reminded me of that ding dong match between Nadal & Verdasco at Cincinatti. More UFEs than winners, breaks galore, heat, etc. Not pretty but you couldn't turn away.

racquet , 4/1/13 11:52 AM

Andy now No 2 in YE ranking and No 2 overall.

deuce , 4/1/13 12:01 PM

There is talk out there of Ferrer "losing" the match at the challenge he made at match-point. I disagree with this take. I think the point was already lost on account of the fact that Muzza hit an almost winner (which skid on the baseline) and made it virtually impossible for Ferru to construct a winning return of his own, and Ferru knew it that is why he challenged, a last throw of the dice. This poster, @Caprice, on tennis.con explains the situation more eloquently than I:

"At match point Ferrer was already on his last legs, he had a cramp and could not run, you saw his legs collapse dramatically under him, causing him to fall in a heap. When receiving serve he was no longer doing his trademark skipping from side to side.

Murray had constructed his point well. The shot that Ferrer infamously challenged was a near-winner hit with pace and placement, which sat Murray up nicely for a final winning shot, an inside-out forehand to the open ad court. Ferrer would have been caught wrong footed on the other end of the deuce court.

So, even if Ferrer had not challenged, it would have been unlikely for Ferrer to have won the point.

The ball was called in but there was every chance the ball was out, Hawkeye showed the ball had only just clipped the baseline.

If he had not challenged, he would forever be rueing and wondering, "what if?"

For all these reasons it was not such a silly decision." nsigence/46949/#.UVlZoldRCDc

rafaisthebest , 4/1/13 12:03 PM

Bravo for Andy! I got to see only part of the match and did realize it was not a very good quality, but it is irrelevant after all...the good thing is that both Andy and David are in the game and the tennis becomes more interesting...Fedal down one place...that's not gonna last long for sure...

Vamos Rafa! The clay season is approaching...I love it...

natashao , 4/1/13 1:34 PM

ed251137, 4/1/13 10:36 AM

Djokovic should play in the Davis Cup quarterfinal in the USA this weekend.

Augustina08 , 4/1/13 3:10 PM

@Augustina, DC is in Idaho, where it's cold and it's also an indoor match. I don't think he should have a problem with heat.

When djokovic played his match with Haas it was still cold. I doubt that he didn't want to win. he was very upset over the loss. in his press conference.

scoretracker , 4/1/13 3:25 PM

Serena would have gotten double-bageled by both Ferrer and Murray. Easily.

RickyDimon , 4/1/13 3:25 PM

scoretracker, 4/1/13 3:25 PM

I commented on Djokovic's possible travelling back to Europe.

Augustina08 , 4/1/13 3:42 PM

rafaisthebest, 4/1/13 12:03 PM

Yes exactly. Commies also agreed it was a smart challenge because he was out of position anyways if he needed to continue the point. Some said it was a dumb challenge but it was smart.

Also agree with S/T, Novak was visibly upset so he wanted the win for sure.


Conspirator , 4/1/13 4:09 PM

If you haven't seen Ferrer's match point, you can watch it in this video at 17:00 - 17:50:

Augustina08 , 4/1/13 4:31 PM

I know this is not the first time Muzza has ascended to the #2 spot but it just feels like a watershed moment, really does.

rafaisthebest , 4/1/13 4:48 PM

@ Ricky
Feels like that for me too :) In fact Andy's just had a Nole moment- saving a match point and going on to win. Never done that b4.

deuce , 4/1/13 5:41 PM

The thing is, had Ferrer not challenged, he might still lost the point, but he might not be that affected mentally than having a wrong challenge and losing the point. He was obviously affected by the wrong challenge and played badly after that, especially in the TB that followed. Missing championship points were not rare when your opponent played well enough to save them, as can be seen during Rafa/Delpo IW final, and Nole/Murray Shanghai final, but to throw away the CP yourself is like gifting your opponent the point. I believe Murray made the same mistake with a regrettable wrong challenge during his SF match vs Fed at Cincy 2009. He called for the challenge and immediately regretted it. As it turned out, he was wrong and Fed won the point and then went on to win the match.

luckystar , 4/1/13 6:15 PM

It was obvious that Ferrer was distraught over challenging that shot on match point. He even brought it up in his post-match comments to the crowd. We can always look at things in hindsight and criticize them. I am sure that Ferrer would like to have that challenge back. I don't know that he would have won the match. He was struggling with cramping even before that moment and had treatment from the umpire a few times.

It's always risky to stop in the middle of a rally. On match point, it's the biggest risk of all. But what is done is done.

I made some comments on the live blog topic thread that the early start time of the match was horrendous. That was specifically requested by the network because of a potential conflict with the 2:00 pm start time of the NCAA basketball match. So the players were forced to go out and play in the hottest part of the day.

I am sure that if the conditions were not so extreme, then there would not have been such a high number of UE's. The truth is that Murray is a deserving #2 right now. He has earned it and is now where he belongs. I am happy for him and his fans.

Nativenewyorker , 4/1/13 8:20 PM

Thanks Gussie. I'd forgotten about DC. That's something to look forward to.

I didn't see the Haas/Djokovic match but I had read several references to Nole's performance (or lack thereof) so knowing the heat can be an issue for him I had wondered if there perhaps grounds for the suspicion people were voicing.

My bad. One shouldn't listen to idle gossip let alone comment on it. My apologies to Nole and his fans.

ed251137 , 4/1/13 8:26 PM

CBS is also to blame for the archaic "Super Saturday" at the USO that forced players to play semis and finals with no day of rest in between.

CBS should stick to talk shows, reality TV and soap operas.

Conspirator , 4/1/13 8:38 PM

The USO and Super Saturday is another example of the lamentable power and influence the networks have over this slam. They have created havoc with the scheduling of the USO for some time now.

I sincerely hope that the networks will just get out of the business of broadcasting tennis altogether. They do not seem to have a true commitment to the sport. Tennis comes last in importance after football, baseball, basketball and drag racing.

Nativenewyorker , 4/1/13 8:59 PM

I just wanted to clarify my comment @8:20 PM. I said that Murray is the deserving #2 player at this time. Just to avoid another dustup or any confusion, that does not mean that I don't want Rafa to be #2 or #1 again. It's just acknowledging the reality as it stands now. Rafa isn't going to be #2 or#1 at this time. His priority is to defend his points and win in the upcoming clay court season. After the clay court season, Rafa can only gain points. So it is from that point on that he will have the chance to move up in the rankings. I believe that he can be #2 or#1 again. But what I want most is for him to win.

Nativenewyorker , 4/1/13 9:39 PM

Thank goodness he and his team took the precaution of withdrawing from Miami.

ed251137 , 4/1/13 9:53 PM

I just want to congratulate both players for their effort. I only saw the tie-break but what I have read about the match, it was gruelling and unbearable.
Those who are into cyclism also sometimes argue about the ulmost inhuman conditions on which the cyclists have to climb the alps or pirenees. But it is those conditions that make it so interesting. The crowd loves to see the 'suffering' of the atheletes and it gives the more value to the victory.

Ferrer has mentioned that he would like to forget the match as soon as possible. He is dead wrong about this. Not only does he have to remember it but.. he will. There is no shame whatsoever in giving all of yourself and not having that little bit extra to go the distance. Murray was mentally more solid as is always the case in tennis for those who are used to being amongst the top.
Well done Andy, well done David!!!

Shireling , 4/2/13 9:02 AM

Ferrer is 31 today. Happy Birthday Daveed.

It's not difficult to imagine the depth of his disappointment at being so near yet so far from lifting the trophy on Sunday. It was untypical of David that his body gave up on him: this undoubtedly contributed to his fatal decision to challenge and let Andy out of jail. Andy, too, was on the brink of collapse but praise to him for holding it together long enough to clinch the title.


ed251137 , 4/2/13 9:55 AM

I guess Murray would be Gregory Peck 'ed251137'

Shireling , 4/2/13 10:46 AM

For me, the most pleasurable thing about the whole match was Ferrer's disastrous pine call. Not because it to the wind right out ferrer's sails 'cos I felt genuinely sorry for the poor guy. But because here was the new aggressive muzz going for and just clipping the line with a penetrating forehand at 5-6 and match point down in the deciding set. Old, pre-lendl muzz just wouldn't have been doing things like that.
Another supposed 'negative' about muzz's performance was the high error count, again an alien stat to the old play-it-safe, pre-slam winning muzz.
Not pretty but exciting and, above all, the new take-it-to-'em muzz:-)

alex , 4/2/13 11:20 AM

nny - thank you again for your generous comments re- muzz. By the end of the year I can see it being back to a very tight three-way battle for pole position again, and no way do I see rafa settling for third fiddle, much less second.
I foresee the draws as being more hugely important than ever over the next couple of years. I can envisage a scenario where muzz will rather meet nole than rafa, nole will rather meet rafa than muzz, and rafa will rather meet muzz than nole. That means they'll all be very kenn to reach at least 2 in rankings, with a 50% chance of their worst match-up meeting his worst match-up in the other half of the draw.
The interesting factor is going to be roger as he starts to slip down the rankings and could potentially show up anywhere and, on a good day, beat anyone (perhaps except rafa).

alex , 4/2/13 11:39 AM

Isn't amazing what a cm's difference can make when exchaning views about players and how a match went?. Had Murray's ball been out we would be saying that Ferrer made call of his life and praising him while putting Murray down.. that's how it goes...

It's hard not to like Muzz.
He's a bit negative when he's not getting it right but he's a nice chap. (If you compare his negative demenour to the likes of Connors or McEnroe, he's practically an angel).
It is to be said that he's humble in defeat and in victory... he just loses it a bit sometimes.
I can imagine the Britts being quite excited this year - more than ever - about his possibilities at Wimbledon... but there'll be ample opportunity to talk about that in the months to come for sure...

Shireling , 4/2/13 12:24 PM

Shireling: As an avowed Rafan I come in for a lot of stick for also supporting Andy. Initially I was motivated by patriotism to root for him (as long as he wasn't playing Rafa :-D) but from early in 2008 I started to respect him and appreciate his tennis in its own right. It was a long haul but I was pleased to see him vindicated last year and I wait with interest to see how the Murray/Nadal scenario plays out even if it produces a conflict of interests! There is genuine warmth and liking between these two as there is amongst many of their respective supporters.

BYW: I'd like to tell you how much I've always enjoyed reading your comments.

ed251137 , 4/2/13 12:57 PM

@ 10:46 AM

Alas he is no Gregory peck :-)
but my goodness that was a memorable film.

ed251137 , 4/2/13 1:04 PM

Thx for your kind comment ed251137 (lol, it's like addressing a droid in Star Wars or sthg)
Your unbiased contributions are very much welcome too.
I need to say though that I don't come here as often as I should, it all pends on Nadal's knees I'm afraid. As I've said before, when he's out of the picture I tend to lose interest, not entirely in tennis but in contributing at all..

Shireling , 4/2/13 1:32 PM

alex, 4/2/13 11:39 AM,

I appreciate your response. I genuinely feel that Andy earned the#2 ranking. No one handed it to him. It was only a matter of time before he overtook Fed. I don't think Fed has been playing well for a while now. He is in the midst of a title drought since last summer and has been losing points.

It remains to be seen if taking some time off to deal with his back, rest and practice will help him get back to good form. He has some serious points to defend, so he will want to get back on track.

I felt the need to clarify my remarks so that there is no question about my loyalty and feelings for Rafa. Sometimes recognition of another top player's achievements can be misconstrued. It shouldn't be that way, but unfortunately it can be misinterpreted.

I feel for Ferrer. He must sense that there may not be that many more opportunities to have the chance to win a Masters title. It's amazing that he can produce this kind of tennis at the age of 31!

Nativenewyorker , 4/2/13 9:14 PM

@nny, don't cry for Ferru, I think he will surprise us all and play well, well into his mid thirties. He is in good form and is a deserved #4 imo, and going into the clay season, on current form, he is second only to Rafa imho.

rafaisthebest , 4/2/13 9:42 PM


Oh don't worry! I just couldn't help but feel for him seeing the disappointment and emotion from him. It's just a human thing. He seems to think he let it get away and I'm not sure that was the case. Hopefully he will take something positive out of this result as he moves into the clay season.

I still feel that I have to be careful about what I say concerning other players. I don't want my loyalty to Rafa to be in question for any reason.

Just make sure to hang onto that bottle of scotch, because I expect to raise a glass with you for Rafa's 9th at MC! :)

Nativenewyorker , 4/2/13 9:51 PM

^^^for sure.......I KNOW we will be saying "ching ching" to numero 9 very soon!


rafaisthebest , 4/2/13 10:03 PM

nny - your comments re muzz don't in any way diminish your support for rafa. Quality is never diminished by the truth and, as rafa himself demonstrates by the way he talks, true greatness is never threatened by talent in others. Only insecure players and fans cannot recognise and appreciate class in another player. Everyone knows who you support, although if someone wants to find fault in something you've said they'll always find a way. That's life.

alex , 4/2/13 11:11 PM


I am rarely at a loss for words, but what you said is so beautiful. Rafa has always felt secure enough and comfortable enough in his own skin, to be able to respect and admire his rivals. I think it's just another reason why I love him. I wish that I could have said it as well as you did, especially your last sentence. The truth of it has never been more timely.

I am going to try and remember your wise words when things get tough.

Thank you!

Nativenewyorker , 4/3/13 12:46 AM

Well said alex!

Conspirator , 4/3/13 12:56 AM

I did not want to post here for sometime but after reading some of the misleading comments of ed-ward, deuce, NNy and conspirator and finding that other fans either innocently or otherwise are supporting them in their fake anguish, I want to clarify:
A Rafa fan is not deemed anti-Rafa simply because he or she praises another player. He is deemed anti-Rafa if he posts anti-Rafa comments, discounts Rafa, joins with anti-Rafa fans in discounting Rafa and/or in harassing lynch mob style Rafa fans who are attempting to defend Rafa.
Edward is guilty of all these offenses.
NNY is probably guilty of inadvertently weakening the case of a Rafa fan attempting to defend Rafa. NNy does this because she is insecure and wants to be in the good books of certain fans. But while other Rafans maybe annoyed by her school girl style gushing over certain posts etc, I doubt that anyone doubts her Rafa affiliation. She is definitely a Rafan.

holdserve , 4/3/13 3:36 AM


I honestly cannot believe this! I am so over people on here deciding what I think, who I am, why I say what I do!

What is this nonsense about being insecure and wanting to be in the good books of certain fans? School girl style gushing? Maybe I just liked the comments! Did you ever think of that?

Nobody here knows what is in my mind and heart, except me. You have never met me, looked me in the eye and heard the sound of my voice. So please do not presume to tell others who I am.

Now I am supposed to be grateful that you don't doubt that I am a Rafa fan? After the other things you said about me? I think you need to take a good look in the mirror at yourself first.

Nativenewyorker , 4/3/13 4:18 AM

Oh NNy make up your mind what is it you fear. You have been expressing your fear that praise of other fans will categorize you as anti-Rafan. You have expended energy in explaining why saying Muzza deserves no. 2 is not to say Rafa does not deserve no. 1 or 2 and how much you feared praise or recognition of other players' worth could make other Rafans classify you as not a Rafa fan.
Some fans have also sympathized with you and assured you that only insecure Rafa fans think praise of other fans is anti-Rafa. You gushingly agreed and were so grateful for that assurance and support.
Hey now I put your mind at rest on that vexatious issue and you are not grateful?
tut tut! Ingratitude thy name is NNY.
Anyway, I am done. See you when RG is on.

holdserve , 4/3/13 5:01 AM

corr.....line 2
praise of other players....

holdserve , 4/3/13 5:02 AM

corr, para 2, line 2
think praise of other players....

holdserve , 4/3/13 5:05 AM

We all can't be blindly perfect.


Conspirator , 4/3/13 5:08 AM


You need to stop being so petty and judgemental of others on this site. You would try to take something heartfelt and real from someone like alex and try to use it to your own unfortunate ends. You really didn't get what alex was trying to say at all. That's too bad.

I don't gush! Thank you is a polite expression when someone posts something which seems worthy. However, you may not be up on the niceties of how to interact with people. Characterizing my gratitude as gushing just happens to be your skewed personal view.

Maybe I should say thank you to you for making me realize one more time that I will never be able to win with some people.

Nativenewyorker , 4/3/13 5:50 AM

If u want me to ignore u then please don't mention me in your posts, that's just being provocative AND prolonging the argument. In the interests of other people on here I won't respond directly.
Don't think folk on here are actually meant to like each other. Shame. Just ignore.

deuce , 4/3/13 8:35 AM

Holdserve: I am sick and tired of your smear campaign. You constantly refer to anti-Rafa comments by me. But have declined to produce any evidence.

Either put up or shut up.

Thank you.

ed251137 , 4/3/13 8:49 AM


I should just have known better than to even bother to respond. It's not worth it. You are right and of course I should ignore this kind of thing.

It's not as though I am the only one who has been insulted either. You and ed have also been targeted in a really unseemly way. It's not just about me.

I have no idea what the accusations are about at all. Neither of you has ever been "anti" any player or person on this site. You are both kind and gracious.

I don't know where this is coming from, but I am going to choose not to respond or acknowledge this anymore. However, I am truly sorry that both of you have been called out in this manner.

Maybe we can just try to look forward to the clay season and some great tennis! :)

Nativenewyorker , 4/3/13 8:54 AM

Sooooo, let me understand this: Peter Bodo writes a long tract insulting Rafa and Uncle Toni after they DARED criticise that obnoxious blue clay Tiriac served up at Madrid2012 but narry a comment from him about the CBS Miami 2013 abortion?

What an un-principled idiot.............

rafaisthebest , 4/3/13 4:06 PM

^^^ Yes. That's why I don't bother reading his troll BS anymore.

Speaking of....

When the fedbot fanboys are not around to criticize, holdserve goes after his own. Just looking for a rise.

Stop adding to the garbage holdserve that you criticize others for doing.

At least the Fed fans stick together.


Conspirator , 4/3/13 4:28 PM

Yeah, the most "famous" of the "interesting" Fedfans being tennisnba. I have never, ever heard criticism of tennisnba from a Fedfan, on the contrary they will find the most creative excuses to defend him/her!

rafaisthebest , 4/3/13 4:46 PM

The fact is, tennisnba will never say a cross word against Roger his sole purpose is to denigrate Rafa so why would Fedfans not stand by her. Coming to think of it, there is not a single objective Fedfan on this site, they all see him through rose tinted glasses, no?

nadline , 4/3/13 6:21 PM

^^Here here Nadline,
I think it is very important that they have the objectivity of say..a nadline or what is the point?
I mean EVERYONE knows that, when it comes to objectivty, you are simply the gold standard.

Twinge , 4/3/13 6:56 PM


What does the hashtag #FPD stand for? Just curious!

rafaisthebest, 4/3/13 4:06 PM,

Does that surprise you about Bodo? Also, why wouldn't Bodo say something about Fed's possible involvement in the new rigid enforcement of the 25 second rule, given his comments in the past about wanting the discretionary enforcement changed.

Nativenewyorker , 4/3/13 8:22 PM


=filho da puta
or son of beeech.
Well it does to me in any instance

Twinge , 4/3/13 8:50 PM

Objective fan? Oxymoron.


Conspirator , 4/3/13 9:25 PM

^^^Thank you Conspirator. I am the epitome of a real fan. Objectivity doesn't come into it.

nadline , 4/3/13 9:53 PM


I feel as though I have read that here before. I think someone else posted it a while back. Informative, to say the least!

Nativenewyorker , 4/3/13 10:21 PM

You have NNY, you have. Your memory serves you correct ;-)

ed251137 , 4/3/13 11:14 PM

amendment: I meant to write 'correctly'.

ed251137 , 4/3/13 11:42 PM


Yes, we must be grammatically correct here! LOL!

Nativenewyorker , 4/4/13 12:21 AM


It's amazing what you can learn on the internet!

ed251137 , 4/4/13 1:43 AM


You know it's so nice to just have a laugh! :)

Nativenewyorker , 4/4/13 2:19 AM

"Coming to think of it, there is not a single objective Fedfan on this site, they all see him through rose tinted glasses..." Bitter complaint by Nagline 6.21pm

"Objectivity doesn't come into it..." on being a fan by Nagline 9.53pm

Well, well, well, I think you must have been inhaling the mothballs again.
You're not being very consistent are you?
Perhaps you think we would forget what you wrote just a few posts up (as you seemed to have) or are you to be excluded from such considerations?!?
You know, because you're `special`..
Apparently fed fans can't be objective and should be criticized for it as such but Nadline who never is shouldn't be but that's okay eh?
Nah not while I'm here it won't be honeybunch..
So Sorry!

Twinge , 4/4/13 12:14 PM

Gotta agree with Twinge on this one, especially the 'honeybunch' nickname;).

rbennett , 4/4/13 12:31 PM

Twinge: I would expect you of all people to acknowledge irony when it's staring you in the face.

ed251137 , 4/4/13 12:57 PM

Irony I usually notice.
But hypocrisy, my dear ed251137, can be seen from outer space to those whose hearts ring true!

Twinge , 4/4/13 1:05 PM

Bring on the tennis, I say.

alex , 4/4/13 5:08 PM


I second this!

Nativenewyorker , 4/4/13 7:24 PM

Where did I say Fedfans should be objective, Twinge?

nadline , 4/4/13 7:33 PM

nny at 4:13, 12:46AM -
Oh shucks, can't get my head thru' the door now:-) You're too kind.

alex , 4/4/13 9:45 PM

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