• Djokovic admits he was beaten by a better player

    3/28/13 2:29 AM | Johan Lindahl
    Djokovic admits he was beaten by a better player Novak Djokovic could not believe the poor performance which led to his elimination in the fourth round of the Miami Masters at the hands of evergreen veteran Tommy Haas.

    But the Serb top seed and defending champion gave full marks to his 34-year-old conqueror.

    "As far as I'm concerned, it's definitely the worst match I have played in a long time," said loser of only his second match of the season in which he has won the Australian Open and Dubai.

    "All the credit to him. He played a great match and he was the better player, no question about it. The results show everything," said Djokovic. "I just didn't feel good on the court. Conditions were really much, much different from previous matches. Balls didn't bounce at all.

    "It was very cold, and I just didn't find a better solution to come back to the match. Even though I was a break down, I managed to come back and then when I needed to step in I didn't. I made so many unforced errors from forehand side, and it's just the way it is.

    "Definitely he made great tactics, used the serve well, moved around the court really well and was better. The crowd is fantastic and always giving me plenty of support. Unfortunately, I didn't give them that third set. I wanted it badly. I was trying to find rhythm and that's the way it is."

    Djokovic will now take a breather as he prepares for next weekend's Davis Cup quarter-final in the back-woods venue of Idaho in the far west of the US.

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This is disgusting and classless from Djokovic. Piling on the excuses:

"Novak Djokovic could not believe the poor performance which led to his elimination"

"As far as I'm concerned, it's definitely the worst match I have played in a long time"

"I just didn't feel good on the court. Conditions were really much, much different from previous matches. Balls didn't bounce at all."

"It was very cold, and I just didn't find a better solution to come back to the match"

"I made so many unforced errors from forehand side"

Any credit he DOES give to Haas is massively undermined by this tirade of excuses implying that the match was on his racquet and that if he had been playing well (which he was btw) he wouldn't have lost. Everyone thinks djokovic is a good loser but he actually just puts on a brave face and jokes around a bit before being snide and regularly condescending in the presses and interviews. It's as if he truly believes that he is on a mission from God... Oh wait he does.

willmw101 , 3/28/13 12:01 PM

Let's hope that mission includes a RG title.

chr18 , 3/28/13 12:31 PM

Oh yeah, if Fed can't do it, wish to high heavens that someone else does it.

phoenix , 3/28/13 12:54 PM

Nole does always put on a good performance at the end of a match he has lost but I also suspect that it is a 'performance' - all part of his nice guy image. The applauding of opponents shots is also part of that persona. I know quite a few people share my view that he overdoes this to the point it comes across as condescension.

It all stems from the days when he made so many PR gaffs he was in danger of becoming actively disliked.

I just wish he would be as gracious when he wins as when he loses. Burying the bellicose celebrations would go a long way to helping him win wider respect for his outstanding tennis talents.

I understand totally that it is part of the national character but it is inappropriate at the end of a tennis match and shows disrespect to an honourable apponent.

ed251137 , 3/28/13 1:11 PM

correction of spelling gaffes

gaffes NOT gaffs
opponent NOT apponent

ed251137 , 3/28/13 1:17 PM

@phoenix, well I thought, Fed had already won a RG title!

abhirf , 3/28/13 1:18 PM

^^@abhirf, I believe you have totally misunderstood @phoenix's, how to say.........."tongue in cheek" comment.

rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 1:49 PM

Ah well, what can Nole possibly lose by listening to Tracy Austin's advice on how to play well in the wind? RG2013 might be windy, y'know........ ay-well-in-the-wind/

rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 1:54 PM

Haas is nowhere near the class of Nole. Just because Nole lost doesn't mean Haas is a potential grand slam winner. The fact is Nole did not play well.
I like Nole and have always respected his immense talent. I just don't like his over the top celebrations some of which were tasteless like dancing shirtless on top of a car.
But that doesn't alter the fact that Nole is one of the greatest tennis stars ever. And Haas is nowhere near.

holdserve , 3/28/13 2:08 PM

Ah, chr18 the "narrow" minded (for lack of a "better" word).

So you hope for Nole to win the FO?


Conspirator , 3/28/13 2:10 PM

For me, its not so much that Nole did not play well, I think it was a matter of Hass not alllowing Nole to play well!!! If it were another player, like Tsonga perhaps, Nole would have won that match hands down!!

Monalysa , 3/28/13 2:18 PM

Conspirator , 3/28/13 2:10 PM

Eh, for this particular gentleman it's a case of ABR (Anyone But Rafa).......

rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 2:22 PM

chr19 can draw comfort from the fact that with Rafa and his dodgy knees, Nole and Fed have the best chance they ever had to beat Rafa at RG. Sod could do it, why not Nole or Fed? But a fit Rafa cannot be beaten on any surface and even an impaired Rafa is hard to beat at RG as proved by 2011 and 2012.

holdserve , 3/28/13 2:34 PM

In his presser, Nole gave credit to Haas including:

"But all the credit to him for, you know, making me, you know, play this bad."

That's what a good player does. He prevents the other guy from playing his own game and dictating.

Nole maybe the worse winner but he is definitely the best loser IMO.

While I'm not a huge fan of some of his celebrations, on another level, it is nice to see how meaningful they are to him. I don't see it as pure bragging. It is a release of pent up stress and anxiety and a statement of what it means when he beats another great player.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 2:46 PM

@rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 1:49 PM
I completely understood @phoenix post and what he/she meant by it. Was trying to have a bit of fun, just teasing him/her :)

abhirf , 3/28/13 2:54 PM

@phoenix had his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek and you had yours in yours........or never mind....

Where the heck is my scotch?

rafaisthebest , 3/28/13 4:06 PM

I didn't like his words at the presser either. Worst match in a long time ? Huh ?

Tommy outlplayed Novak really big in this match. He made him play the way he did. Djokovic is not in his confort zone when the guy in fron plays with different highs and effects all the time. Haas showed how Djokovic can be easliy beaten.
Federer tends to vary his game against Novak and that's why he can beat him too. Muzz the same, etc.

Djokovic plays like a robot when he receives the same ball all the time. That's why he use to thrash players like Berdych and Delpo. Even tho Delpo strangely varied his game in their last math and ended up winning.

The thing is, not all players can do this. Talented players with diverse game can do that. And we all know this a species in extinction.

Emiliano55 , 3/28/13 4:27 PM

Oh WOW, some of you had better be careful what you say about djokovic. he has a new champion now on this site. No one is allowed to say anything about his carefully cherry picked words for Tommy. And, they are also not allowed to question what he meant about 'not feeeling good on the court'. That's about the stupidest comment I've heard from a player. Did he mean, he was sick, or he didn't feel good playing on the court or against tommy. We are not allowed to question some players injuries.

As usual when he loses, he begins, that his opponent played well, then, after a couple of minutes the excuses begin to flow and the other guy's win is all down to Mr. djokovic playing badly, making a lot of UEs, and not feeling"good' on the court. Oh but wait, I'm disallowed to say such things coz of another who's looking for some kudos and is standing in the wings just waiting for a blast-off.

djokovic cannot create his own pace, but loves it when the opponent does it for him, then we see the 28 shot rallies. Tommy has the ability to mix things up a lot, he also can go from defense to offense in a stretched position, which is what gives djokovic a lot of problems.. It's like an anything you can do, i can do better, when tommy takes it to djokovic.

BTW, he got a warning for a time violation and he did some arguing.

Oh well, let's see what his champion will say about the aforementioned remarks from others beside myself. As it turns out, there are a lot of people who think the same way and can break down a match, without wearing twisted rose tinted lens. Oh the games people play.. I suppose the abuse is only meant for some of from the Froth and foam

scoretracker , 3/28/13 6:30 PM

scoretracker, you will appreciate what I mean by

#running with the dear and hunting with the hounds

nadline , 3/28/13 6:37 PM

@nadline, I understand the phrase, but how does it apply to what happenend to me? sometimes it's kinda difficult to know this, due to the many comments that get in between. I know that there is something called looking for kudos, if that's what you mean.

scoretracker , 3/28/13 6:45 PM

^^^The phrase refers to Djokovic's new champion, not you.

nadline , 3/28/13 6:48 PM

thanks ritb, my tongue is indeed stuck where it should be...

phoenix , 3/28/13 6:48 PM

scoretracker, by chameleon, I am referring to people who change colour to suit whatever.

nadline , 3/28/13 6:52 PM

Thanks nadline. Did I get an earful and it's still going on, even though I'm not saying anything. One thing I'm happy about is that there are some wiser people on this site who can see through such things, and can call a spade a spade. not everyone wants kudos.

scoretracker , 3/28/13 6:53 PM

scoretracker, I've changed my mind.

I hereby allow you to question the following but not necessarily limited to: words (only if cherry picked), meanings, injuries (limited to Fed's back) and such things.

All blast-offs including any resultant froth and foam will be withheld and rose-tinted glasses removed.


Conspirator , 3/28/13 6:54 PM

@nadline, so you do notice some things. Thank you. Yes I know the chama, chama, chama, chameleon. Wasn't there a guy named boy george who sang that song? my mom likes to hum it.

scoretracker , 3/28/13 6:57 PM

Love to see the ocean frothing and foaming, especially in the mediterranean waters. so calm and placid, sitting on a rock with my girl, and watching the waves hitting against the rocks leaving a trail of faom, and then gazing far into the billowed clouds. that tell a story..

scoretracker , 3/28/13 7:02 PM

I have difficulty sitting on the fence that's why I stay firmly on one side of the fence so everyone knows where to find me. I can't be doing with kudos.

nadline , 3/28/13 7:04 PM

scoretracker, sounds nice! I'm jealous. Cold, rainy and foggy here.

I'll bet all these interesting posts from you on TT really help you and your girl relax. Don't drop your smart phone in the ocean!


Conspirator , 3/28/13 7:10 PM

I say what I think. If it doesn't make some people happy, then they are free to say so and give their opinion. However, it would be nice if they would direct it to me by name and not make insinuations or innuendoes.

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 8:21 PM

I fail to see how these two are not connected and disrespectful to Haas:
"As far as I'm concerned, it's definitely the worst match I have played in a long time..."
"...But all the credit to him for, you know, making me, you know, play this bad."

I would think that he knows better than his detractors how he played or how he felt on that court.

Somebody mentioned the time violation and talking to the umpire. Are you kidding me? Nole very rarely, if ever, engages in talks with the umpires. He doesn't make drama because of bad calls, he lets it go. The only time I remember was in the QF of the FO when he lost to Melzer.

danica , 3/28/13 8:26 PM

yes NNY never makes insinuations or innuendoes like that...

ts38 , 3/28/13 8:45 PM

danica, Nole did argue with the umpire about time violation. Did you watch the match?

nadline , 3/28/13 8:51 PM

ts38, 3/28/13 8:45 PM,

Look who's talking! Trolling for flame wars again!

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 9:06 PM

Don't worry NNY, when trolls like ts38/2 are on your case, you know you're doing something right. ;)

#GetLarsOutH ere

Conspirator , 3/28/13 9:19 PM


Okay, if you say so! :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 9:31 PM

Nadline, sure I watched the match :)). You misunderstood me. He did argue for a very brief time during the exchange but somebody brought that up as if he was performing Jerzy antics and as if that is something that he does on a regular basis. That's why I said that he rarely engages in such arguments and if he does, like in that match, they are not heated or loud.

danica , 3/28/13 10:39 PM


You are correct. I watched the match, too. They showed Nole going to his chair and then looking up to Lahyani and getting into an animated discussion. But it wasn't like he had this mad face or was screaming. Lahyani is a great umpire. If he gave the time violation warning, then that means that Nole took too long.

Of course, having said this I guess now I am trying to get "kudos" in some way by saying something that isn't critical or mean about Nole! I don't get it, but that's how some people think here. Since the majority of fans here are Rafa fans like myself, I don't know how saying something supportive of Nole is going to earn me kudos, but then no one said there was logic in some of the critical comments! :)

Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 10:57 PM

Sure, I can't say Nole is known for arguing with the umpire. Smashing things with his racquet is more his thing. To be honest, the time enforcement is driving the most docile player nuts.

nadline , 3/28/13 11:00 PM

Smashing racquets is his thing. The only instance I can recall of him smashing other things was his chair (at the FO I think?). Totally unnecessary although on a much smaller scale than poor Nalby's reaction :).

After that "argument" with Lahyani, I noticed Nole was pressing the ball kids to be faster.

danica , 3/29/13 12:18 AM


I also noticed that Nole was urging the ball boys to be faster after that time violation warning. Smashing rackets has been his thing, but he seems to be doing less of it these days. He used to be quite histrionic on the court but starting in 2011 there was a change in his behavior on court. He can still lose it at times, but not nearly as often as in the past.

Nativenewyorker , 3/29/13 12:44 AM

I have never seen a player in the history of tennis more gracious in defeat than nole, his hug and genuine smile at the net even when he loses is disarming. The moment that comes to my mind is when he hugged rafa at uso 2010, rafa was so pleased with his act that he came back to hug him again when nole was sitting on his chair.

akd2011 , 3/29/13 7:04 AM

Players should be judged when they are not doing well. Of course Nole didn't smash any racquets in 2011, why would he? Nole does smash the net with his racquet from time to time. I laugh when people claim that Murray's tirades have stopped, even the other day he used the f-word when he was frustrated.

They all have different ways of expressing their frustration, after all, the are human first before tennis players.

nadline , 3/29/13 9:05 AM

If u like a player, u tend to ignore their faults, pretty much. If u don't u look for things to reinforce your dislike. eg. everything about Delboy irritates me. Realise it's totally down to me, not him, and am sure he's a gr8 human being but there u go, 'tis human nature.
BTW I like Nole :)

deuce , 3/29/13 9:06 AM

"However, it would be nice if they would direct it to me by name and not make insinuations or innuendoes. Nativenewyorker , 3/28/13 8:21 PM "

You've got the gumption to come on this thread and talk about insinuations and innuendoes? Don't make me laugh bwahahaha.You have used the meaning of those words as your swords and for chopping down everyone who crosses your path or into whom you've sunk your fangs. I see you're still foaming up on the other thread using your lies to keep you afloat albeit I said I was finished talking on the matter. You persist in demonstrating to all who've read your comments that you cannot leave anything alone. Not to mention the greater fact that you know nothing of world geography. oh, but you liked that the poster stated to me, that serbia is not siberia., after making a jerk out of yourself and showing up your ignorance of temperatures across the world. I suppose you are one of theose who didn't know the difference, and does not necessarily mean they are Americans, who attended school. Even a 6th grader knows the difference between Serbia and siberia and the temperate and torrid zones, eastern, western hemispheres and the equator. Everytime you try to show me up, you end up making a bigger fool of yourself.

It's impossible to talk tennis with you around. Every tennis related comment I write, there you are ankle-biting my every word and turning it into an argument, then I have to defend myself. Even if I choose to ignore you, you keep persisting in coming at me any which way you can, by drawing others into the fray like you've done on the other Djokovic/Haas thread using your innuendoes and urging them to look on the other threads. And, it never stops for that period in time, you keep perpetuating it for months and years. You're using the internet in lieu of a much-needed psychiatrist. Get some help puhleez.

scoretracker , 3/29/13 9:09 AM

@deuce, yes it's very obvious you don't like Juan, I get that, but at least you're honest to admit it.

There was a time I liked Djokovic, when he beat the three top players in Toronto, but I've become turned off from his histrionics on court, the impersonations, shirt tearing, and the worst was when he won the AO2008. Not to mention pointing his racket to the crowd, and his subtle underhanded comments when he's beaten, like saying they played better than he did, but then going on to undermine their win with his excuses. that's where Murray is different. he acknowledges he was beaten and sticks to that, leaving out the excuses.

Yeah I get it that you like you like Novak, but isn't it because he broke up Fedal? Or did I misinterpret your comment from a few months back?

scoretracker , 3/29/13 9:21 AM

@danica, I don't know you you are referring to about the time violation comment. If it's me, all I stated was that he argued with the umpire for receiving a time violation. the antics similar to JJ, well that was not me.

As for Novak smashing other things, he broke up the Perrier bench, and a few years ago went ballistic digging up the court at shanghai with his racket for which he had to pay some big dollars to be repaired. i don't know if he actually paid the money.

scoretracker , 3/29/13 9:26 AM

deuce does not like Fedal. Her wish has always been for Djoray to replace them. We have seen what a Djoray era looks like in Miami and it doesn't bode well for tennis post Fedal.

Be careful what you wish for.


nadline , 3/29/13 10:05 AM

deuce wants Fedal to disappear into the sunset so that her precious Djoray will take over, forgetting that Rafa is only 1 freaking year older than them. We've seen what a 35 year old Haas can do after multiple injuries over the years.

nadline , 3/29/13 10:27 AM

Fedal won't disappear any time soon. Both have the desire to carry on competing. They love tennis and love the competition. I think they'll play till 2016 at least.

luckystar , 3/29/13 10:48 AM

I guess Haas has sent out a message to a lot of the older generation players. Where there's the will there's a way. If he can play at this level at 34/35 anybody can.

It remains to be seen how long he can keep playing the kind of matches we've seen this week. As Bollereti said 'he will probably be remember for his achievements this week more than for having once been No.2'

ed251137 , 3/29/13 11:09 AM

I'm extremely happy Haas is showing others how to win against the top players. He beat Fed last year and is now going after some of the other players. tommy has stated that his motivation is (1) for his daughter to see him play; and (2) to beat the top players. He has the tools to beat them, I only hope that his fragile body does not let him down.

I'm glad that Fed has taken this time to refresh and regroup. Nothing like some R&R and family to get him back into his winning ways, and ignite his lukewarm feelings about the sport into a burning desire to get back on and start winning again. Fed has some goals to keep playing and I'm sure that will be his focus when he returns. He's always known how to keep himself from burn-out, and this time-out will get his tennis juices flowing again.

scoretracker , 3/29/13 11:34 AM

Surprise, surprise - I agree with the above ;-D

He's done it before, he can do it again. Fed, I mean.

ed251137 , 3/29/13 12:36 PM

@ scoretracker
partly that yes, I do admire him for that but I also really like his personality, apart from the chest beating, he seems a lot of fun.
pleeeeeese give it a rest. And pleeeese take your knife out of Andy's chest, it's getting soooo tedious.
Fedal can't possibly last for ever, some people need a reality check.

deuce , 3/29/13 2:55 PM

I think Nole tanked his match against Haas.
I thought Muzz fans liked Rafa but it appears that at least deuce and ed don't.
Deuce is anti-Fed too but ed is pro-Fed.
Like nadline said everyone who is not a Rafa fan is anti-Rafa with a few exceptions like zare. And Twinge ( nadline won't agree with this).
I am a little surprised that most of the Rafa fans are cheering for Haas or Gasquet and earlier for Cilic. Anti-Muzz?

holdserve , 3/29/13 3:09 PM

It's not a case of cheering for anyone. I can be totally objective here because I don't care who wins but I think Haas and Gasquet look very impressive.

nadline , 3/29/13 3:14 PM

I think the Rafa fans are cheering for Haas, Gasquet and earlier for Cilic as these are lesser players and their winning this Masters will not make any difference to who gets to be year end number 1. But Muzz is a threat to Rafa's chances. Hence the lack of support for Muzz.
Oh well, I am supporting Muzz in this tournament.
I am not greatly concerned about Rafa being year end number 1.
I want him to get the channel slam. Beat Nole seven consecutive times.
The only threats are his knees and rigged draws (thanks to Fed's overweening ambition. Lukewarm, my foot)

holdserve , 3/29/13 3:18 PM

hehe, look at the Rafans when Rafa is not playing. They are very friendly and take sides with anti-rafa and so funny that they even stomach scoretraker hahahahahahahaha....Time for you to shine scoretraker...hurry up, make amend with Rafans while Rafa is not playing yet, soon you will get bamboozled again and again and again.

Raindrops , 3/29/13 3:40 PM

holdserve, what makes you think that djokovic "tanked" his match with haas? Sure, tanking DOES happen in tennis, but I seriously doubt a champion like Novak would have it in him to tank a match. Personally, I don't think Nole was at his best, but I don't think he deliberately lost the match.

tj600 , 3/29/13 3:47 PM

Don't u just love it when people put thoughts in your head and words in your mouth?

deuce , 3/29/13 4:02 PM

Holdserve - you are way, way off the mark not only about me but also about Deuce.

Rafa is and always has been my first love but I am also an honorary member of the Andy Supporters Club. I have a grudging respect for Roger as a tennis player only - there are many aspects of his personality I dont care for which I dont air very often to avoid the tirades which any criticism of him provokes.

ed251137 , 3/29/13 4:04 PM

I don't agree with holdserve. I've always supported Cilic, he's my second favorite, behind Rafa. I've nothing against Murray, and I seriously never thought of Murray as a threat to Rafa, not at all, sorry Murray fans! I always view Rafa as a better player than Murray, and expect them to finish their careers with Rafa well ahead of Murray. If anything, Nole is a serious threat to Rafa, still Nole can win whatever he wants, except that I hope for Rafa to continue winning the FO and anything on clay, plus some more Wimbledon.

I like Gasquet too, he's Rafa's pal and both were child prodigies, so it's sad that Rafa has already moved so far ahead and Richard still yet to win anything significant. If anything, I hope for Richard to win a slam, at least that will do some justice to his talent.

luckystar , 3/29/13 4:11 PM

Oh roll on Monte Carlo. You know something's not right when I find myself looking forward to a WTA final.............


rafaisthebest , 3/29/13 4:37 PM

As an Official Rafan, all I can add for this week with Rafa out is Vamos Andy!!!

Would like to see Haas win otherwise.

Any of these last four guys are worthy of a title and I will be happy for any of them.


Conspirator , 3/29/13 4:40 PM

tj600, I watched the match again and frankly, I felt Nole tanked the match.

Raindrops, no Rafan is going to love scoretracker if he makes anti-Rafa remarks. But if he makes anti-Fed remarks, well then of course ......

RITB, WTA has become interesting in the last one year so I am looking forward too to the WTA final. I am fully supporting Serena who reminds me of Rafa because she hates losing and keeps fighting.

holdserve , 3/29/13 4:43 PM

@holdserve, although Muzza has firmly established himself as my second fav, I am finding it difficult to muster any enthusiasm for what's on offer at the Miami Masters now. I would have loved a Nole/Muzza final because I am sure both players would have provided a show. How does a guy with a SHBH make it to a Masters semi or final in this day and age? C'mon!

Now Serena/Screamapova has some.........frisson. True contrasts in styles, power vs elegance and like I said on another thread, I am drawn to power..........

rafaisthebest , 3/29/13 4:55 PM

I am an avid Rafa fan who also happens to like Nole and Andy, so I guess I'm one of the exceptions, no?

phoenix , 3/29/13 4:57 PM

Vamos Sereena!!!!

Conspirator , 3/29/13 5:01 PM

Holdserve: I think you owe me an apology for defamation of character............;-)


ed251137 , 3/29/13 5:09 PM

@ed251137, you can't do worse than hire me as your lawyer........

RITB: holdserve, did you defame ed251137?
Holdserve: (quietly) I did the job I was sent to do.
RITB: Did you defame ed251137?
Holdserve: You're goddamn right I did!

See, bill is in the mail.

rafaisthebest , 3/29/13 5:21 PM

BTW I am anti:
Fascism, dictatorships, torture, the arms trade, extreme rendition, drone warfare, land mines etc etc etc
I am NOT anti-Rafa or anti-Fed. How could anyone who loves tennis be "anti" either?
Such extremes of language are plain ridiculous. But the internet seems to thrive on extremes.
@lucky, I respect your opinions as a fair and knowledgeable poster so no need to apologise. I may not always agree with them, but I respect them.
@Raindrops, if someone addresses me in a civilised manner, I try to respond in the same way.
I save my "hate" for things worth hating, not words on the internet, real things that hurt real people.

deuce , 3/29/13 5:31 PM

Miami trophy is for Andy to take, although I would not mind Haas wining it either...he made a great effort in beating Nole and deserves to live his fairytale a bit longer...:)

natashao , 3/29/13 6:59 PM

deuce, 3/29/13 4:02 PM,

No, I really don't like it! But it's been happening far too often on this site of late.

Nativenewyorker , 3/29/13 8:49 PM

phoenix, 3/29/13 4:57 PM,

My advice? Watch your back! I have said many positive things about Murray, so does that make me any less of a Rafa fan? Or am I sitting on the fence instead of being on one side of the fence?

Being a fan of Rafa doesn't mean that I can't appreciate and respect Nole or Murray.

Nativenewyorker , 3/29/13 8:52 PM

I made a comment about arguing with umpires because it is really NOT something that Nole does and I didn't see the point in bringing that up. A lot of players now complain about time violations. (Fish came to mind when he was given one and reacted during the exchange.) He simply does not argues with umpires. He does break his racquets and he does occasionally hit the net with it, but that is all. I mentioned his "destruction" of the Perrier sign (his chair at the FO) and that was all I remembered. Will have to check on the incident in China though.
But it's OK if you don't like him. There's plenty of us who do. It's unnatural to be amiable and appealing to everyone.

interesting observation regarding tanking of the match. I didn't have that feeling. In the second set, it looked to me as if he really tried. The match I thought he definitely tanked was the one he played against Querrey in Paris last fall.

danica , 3/30/13 1:18 AM

@danica, you didn't answer my question. I asked if you were referring to me. How could a comment, e.g, "BTW, he got a warning for a time violation and he did some arguing",

be equated to: "He did argue for a very brief time during the exchange but somebody brought that up as if he was performing Jerzy antics and as if that is something that he does on a regular basis. "?

Don't you think that you are going way over the top with that comment? It's an extreme exaggeration of what I stated. I mean WOW. I'm glad that my comment and youjrs are on this thread and perhaps you can rethink yours. BTW, he argued for the duration of the changeover. I don't think that's a very brief time, like two seconds. I don't know when you began watching djokovic or if you've seen all of his matches, coz he does argue with the umpires, but not as often as some other players. On the converse, he shakes his racket at the crowd which I've not seen any other players do. He's by no means the saint you purport him to be, and has foibles just like many of them.

I can understand you feel the need to defend your player, but please let's keep things real and not enter into exaggerations. Are you prone to misinterpreting *some* people's comments? This is similar to the Serbia/Siberia stuff which you also misconstrued. I still don't understand how you could have misconstrued my statement that Serbia's winter is colder than 54F degrees in Miami to think that I was confusing it with Siberia. The fact is, Serbia's winter is colder than 54 degrees, so is germany, where he trained.

FYI, I don't know him enough to dislike him, but I dislike what he says when he loses and his on-court histrionics, especially ripping of his shirt. Anyway, we're even in the dislike deparment. You've stated many times that you don't like Fed, and I don't become annoyed, coz you're entitled to your feelings, as I'm entitled to mine.

scoretracker , 3/30/13 2:15 AM

Oooops sorry S/T. Was reading your post, fell asleep and my head must've fallen on the Return key.


Conspirator , 3/30/13 2:56 AM

It's obvious from your repeated efforts to seek attention any which way you can, that you had to have been dropped on your head a long time ago, which is manifested on this blogsite as your condition being abnormal for sure. You have my sympathy for having to suffer from such a rare disorder that has left you in a perpetual state of disorientation with irrational thought processes akin to a 4 y/o.

scoretracker , 3/30/13 3:13 AM

Yeah, went back and reread to see what happened. Turns out I nodded off during your Nole/umpire discussion during the change over.

Good thing I went back or I would've missed that enlightening bit on the weather and Siberia vs. Serbia geography lesson.

Gripping stuff seriously! I never quite thought of it that way!

Keep on trucking S/T.

Conspirator , 3/30/13 3:30 AM

RITB and ed,
I had no idea whose fan ed thinks she is or claims she is. But If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck. Ed's posts are pro Muzz and she has definitely been anti Rafa on at least two occasions. However let bygones be bygones.
If she feels she is a Rafan, I have no quarrel with that. May Rafa's tribe increase.
But I sure hope she posts like a Rafan and does not cozy up to Fed fans trying to discount Rafa's Wimbledon win with the mono myth.

holdserve , 3/30/13 3:51 AM

holdserve , 3/30/13 3:51 AM

I hope you did read from my post that I was having a laugh, no malice intended.

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 6:36 AM

@holdserve 3.51am
So u don't believe in free speech then, or even free thought?

deuce , 3/30/13 9:31 AM

Holdserve: If you're assessment of my loyalties is based on comments by me this week - for sure they are pro-Muzz. But I would really like to know what I have ever written on this site that could be construed as anti-Rafa.

Posting positive comments about other players is not ipso facto disloyalty to Rafa or an attempt to ingratiate myself with fans of those players.

ed251137 , 3/30/13 9:47 AM

Deuce: Clearly neither of us is sufficiently fanatical to qualify as being a serious fan of our favourite(s).


ed251137 , 3/30/13 9:55 AM

RITB: Till you secure a substantial sum in damages I am not going to pay your bill ;-))

ed251137 , 3/30/13 9:58 AM

NNY, I want to say this in the nicest possible way. I have no doubt that you are a dedicated Rafa fan but you tend to be all things to all men. It is impossible to be hunting the deer and protecting the deer at the same time, or be defence and prosecuting counsel both at the same time. You just come across as someone with chameleon characteristics who is able to change colour according to the environment. I don't understand how you could be wanting Rafa to get back to #1 whilst being sure that Djokovic will stay there.

You usually agree with criticisms of Rafa whilst jumping to the defence of his rivals,
which I find incongrous with being a Rafa fan. I dare you to go to a Rafa fan site like VB and say that Djokovic's recent 2 losses mean nothing that you are sure he will re-group and stay at the top or words to that effect.

I had to smile when holdserve suggested that ed disliked Rafa because I have been accused of being a thought police over ed as well, so I feel vindicated.

nadline , 3/30/13 10:04 AM

LOL @ quacking ed.

It is really fun to see Rafans trying to crack each other, looks like they are in one room running after one another swissing and flicking unsharpened corroided knives LOL LOL. What I am certain is, soon you all be united as usual and fall into one side once the GOTE resumes to play.

Raindrops , 3/30/13 10:12 AM

ed251137 , 3/30/13 9:58 AM

What, no money? Madame, je suis desolee, you have to pay, no? I have secured Madame holdserve's retraction (not exactly grovelling, but who's perfect, eh?) and that is not enough?

Mai non, Madame, damages? Damn Americans, now everybody behaves like them......

*trots back to drawing board, fuming......*

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 10:40 AM

' I have been accused of being a thought police'

Never by me Nadline! I totally understand you find promiscuity difficult to comprehend but, as I said at the time: it's not a crime to be in love with two men ;-)

You know full well that I have never favoured Andy over Rafa. The most disloyal thing I might have said is that I am better able to cope if Rafa loses to Andy whereas I am devastated if it is any other player. I still have nightmares about the RG QF all these years later.

ed251137 , 3/30/13 10:57 AM

RITB: Excusez moi. I dont think being likened to a canard constitutes a retraction. Mais j'ai besoin de Legal Aid to pursue this case further.

Raindrops, 3/30/13 10:12 AM

You can't make an omelette without cracking the eggs: even if the eggs are duck eggs.

ed251137 , 3/30/13 11:06 AM

ed251137 , 3/30/13 11:06 AM

Oh, alright. But be warned: you get what you settle/pay for.............Legal Aid?


rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 11:17 AM

ed, I'm not sanctioning anyone. I don't know what deuce serves behind her sofa but since you camped behind it you've come out all Murray and somewhat anti-Rafa, which is fine. It's just an observation.

nadline , 3/30/13 1:05 PM

@holdserve 3.51am
So u don't believe in free speech then, or even free thought?

deuce , 3/30/13 9:31 AM

Do you really not know how wrong you are? I am an advocate of free speech. The particular cozy-ing up to Fed fans by ed occurred after she issued the dictat that I was not to defend Rafa against the mono myth and she styled herself the spokesperson of all Rafa fans. When I ignored her, she and Conspirator mounted a lynch mob style attack on me, the kind that they and you together had earlier launched on scoretracker.
It is ironical, your talking of thought police.
One of the reasons I feel sympathetic to scoretracker is because you, ed and conspirator behaved like thought police last year.
I have no sympathy with scoretracker's views but I feel he has the right to post here without being harassed by a bunch of fans acting in concert.

holdserve , 3/30/13 1:14 PM

One of the reasons nadline is my favorite poster is because she is completely loyal to Rafa. She states her opinion but does not gang up with others to impose her views by resorting to threats and insults. I like Twinge and Zare too because of their honesty. RITB is great too though occasionally she unwittingly participates in a lynch mob attack on scoretracker.

holdserve , 3/30/13 1:28 PM

I love interacting with scoretracker, Twinge, chr19, rbennett etc. because we all fight our corner defending our player or attacking each other's. This is what I understand fandom to be about. I totally respect the fact that they don't support Rafa but I don't begrudge them having uncomplimentary opinions about him as a player, in fact that's what I expect and I would defend Rafa to the nth degree every time. If they thought he was IT they would have been his fan.

What I can't get my head round are posters who cozy up to others just to get a 'Thank you'.

nadline , 3/30/13 1:41 PM

RITB is great too though occasionally she unwittingly participates in a lynch mob attack on scoretracker.

holdserve , 3/30/13 1:28 PM\

Oh oh..............time to plead the fifth. Anyone know of good lawyers out there?

Unwittingly, really, @holdserve? That is insulting. At least credit me with "witting" participation. I CAN think for myself..................

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 1:41 PM

I am usually very easy going but if I am bitten, I bite back. U need to refresh your memory. I also don't like injustice or keeping quiet when someone is being wronged. Malicious rumours start far too easily on the internet and spread like wild fire.
BTW life is not black and white, but 50 shades of grey and I'm not talking about THAT book either. 50

deuce , 3/30/13 1:44 PM

What I can't get my head round are posters who cozy up to others just to get a 'Thank you'.

nadline , 3/30/13 1:41 PM

Sigh..............what I can't get my head round is the spirit of Mccarthyism that has suddenly pervaded this site. Suddenly people's fandom is being questioned. Really, people? Aaaaaghhh!

My opinion? People can support/unsupport whomever they want. They are not obliged to justify their loyalty to anyone. People posting here are grown-ups, they can fend for themselves. Of course one understands that some posters are less confident in their beliefs and need "support" but "ganging up" on anyone?

C'mon guys. This is a sports blog. A place to relax and have fun.............

I guess I just find it difficult taking myself THAT seriously on a sports blog.........

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 1:54 PM

.............and I really don't post here to be "liked". I post here to express my opinion. Just putting it out there.

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 1:57 PM

Hear, hear RITB, a brilliant post, totally agree.
@ holdserve
AND u r raking over old coals, why do people do that time? The past is a distant country. scoretracker and I have lately been exchanging civilites. As I said to Raindrops if people are civil to me, I'll be civil right back. Shocking or what?

deuce , 3/30/13 2:06 PM

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 3:28 PM

You participate wittingly ( if you pardon the poor pun. Wit for your witty posts and wittingly for your being aware). But now and then even the best of them do skid and you did too when you attacked scoretracker for calling sanju a moron whereas he was only retaliating because sanju had called him a moron. in all fairness, you should have verified the background before sailing forth to the attack.
Anyway, I love your wit. So bring on the "witting" posts.

holdserve , 3/30/13 3:34 PM

deuce, was there any need for you to poke your nose into my exchange with RITB and ed and call me a thought police ? and follow it up with an insulting wow?
So don't try to be holier than thou.
Anyway as I said earlier, let bygones be bygones but let us not pretend the past does not exist. Those who have tried to censor others, joined in harassing other posters, let them (at least to themselves) accept that they were wrong and maintain civility here without giving up the right to disagree.
Witty, if possible. Insulting if you can do so wittily like RITB or zare or Twinge or Conspirator...... ( conspirator sometimes is insulting without being witty)
"Good insults are invariably short and hard-hitting, like a boxer's best stiff jabs. And the best insults and rejoinders are funny as hell."

holdserve , 3/30/13 3:49 PM

Some objectionable posts don't deserve witty insults.


Conspirator , 3/30/13 4:08 PM

People, I challenge you to check my posts post Rafa's IW2013 win and tell me if you do not notice a trend.............yes, the trend is: niceness!

Welcome to the new, kinder, gentler RITB, this is what Rafa's IW win has done to me. So, it is not possible, I repeat, not possible for me to have insulted anyone post IW2013! Impossible!


rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 4:28 PM

Conspirator, you should avoid adding to the garbage.
I think Rafa's IW win has made all of us feel more friendly toward our "foes". After all the poor guys are busy licking their wounds and we can afford to be magnanimous and offer to bind their wounds.

holdserve , 3/30/13 4:39 PM

ritb, my beef is only with NNY who I find difficulty to fathom and that's just in my opinion. That's what I think and I am free to say so. Many a time when I am making a case for Rafa NNY jumps in and takes sides against Rafa.

As for ed, I have long since subconsciously seen her a Murray fan and there is nothing at all wrong with that.

nadline , 3/30/13 5:17 PM

Can't help myself holdserve. Tis one of my many weaknesses. We can't all be like you.

Still I contend I must be doing something right on here de temps en temps.


Conspirator , 3/30/13 5:23 PM

#A fan of everyone, you are a fan of no one.

nadline , 3/30/13 5:23 PM

#A fan of everyone is a fan of no one

nadline , 3/30/13 5:27 PM

Of course people can support or un-support who they want; likewise others are free to observe on that.

nadline , 3/30/13 5:30 PM

why are there so many bullsh*t arguments going on here??

I know Miami has been a non-event of a tennis tournament but still...

willmw101 , 3/30/13 5:58 PM

^^^ with that, back to Miami...

Adjeeee Sharapova !!!

# ehhhh ahhhhh ehhhh ahhhhh

Raindrops , 3/30/13 6:14 PM

It's all Miami's I am "forced" to watch this abortion of an WTA match......


rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 6:18 PM

Don't hate me but I paid out for a Times today...shocking I know...Full of lovely Muzziness.
Tut. Tut. Public forum and I'll "poke my nose" exactly where I want and respond to whom I like. It's called freedom of speech, btw.
You attacked me first by putting words in my mouth. Really don't like that. I am no more anti Rafa than I am anti Fed but I am not a blind worshipper of any tennis player, especially Andy.
BTW again, ed has always made it clear that Rafa is her favorite and Andy a close second. That's allowed isn't it?

deuce , 3/30/13 6:21 PM

nadline, 3/30/13 10:04 AM,

Well, at least you finally came out with and spoke directly to me. If that's in the nicest way possible, then all I can say is that after all these years on this site, you do not know me at all. If one comment about Nole simply to the effect that I think he will regroup and be at the top or whatever, makes you think I am anti-Rafa, then you also don't know Rafa. Because he has always respected Nole, Murray and Fed. You look for things to go after other Rafa fans, because you have set yourself up as the perfect Rafa fan who always says the right things about him. You are applying your standard of behavior to me. People are not alike. We have different ways of thinking.

I could say a good deal about how you go after people here who do not appear to go along with you. I could also remind you and others that this is a forum where people are free to say what they think. But I don't think you would hear me. I found your comments the other day very mean-spirited and unfair. I am hardly the champion of Nole. You also obviously don't know vb or understand how that site works. People do post about other players and state their support of them. That's one great thing about vb. They understand the concept of respecting or even liking another player, while still being a diehard fan of Rafa.

Did you read my post on the other blog thread explaining my love for Borg and how I discovered Rafa and what he has meant to me? Let me be clear - I am not a politican campaigning for votes on this site! I do not have to ingratiate myself with fans of other players. To what end? I should try to please these few Nole fans here? Why? For what purpose? I am who I am. I will continue to be true to myself. If you don't like it, that's your problem.

At least now there are others here who have to deal with the same accusation that was directed at me. If you enjoy chatting with others who you feel are more to your liking, then by all means do so. But this is not the first time you have called me on the carpet. I had to defend myself when I wasn't absolutely sure that Rafa was going to beat Ferrer in Acapulco. Be assured I will not do that again.

Your comments are not only untrue and not reflective of who I am and what I feel for Rafa, they have been really disappointing.

Nativenewyorker , 3/30/13 7:02 PM

One other thing I wanted to say, is that I have noticed that not one other Rafa fan has come to my defense or stood up for me. Having been on this site for so long and become quite fond of others here, that is also disappointing. But it's a reality check. Sometimes silence can be interpreted as agreeing with what Nadline said. If that is the case, then I know where I stand.

I see that others don't like being accused of being anti-Rafa. But they appear to be quite fine with what nadline said about me. Now they know how it feels!

It's such a shame to see Rafa fans going after each other in this way. We have all been attacked at times by those who despise Rafa. We have all had to defend Rafa and ourselves. It's sad that it's come to this.

For myself, now at least I know where I stand.

Nativenewyorker , 3/30/13 7:07 PM


Sorry, I owe you an apology. I see that you did speak up about the "McCarthyism" that has now pervaded this site. I am glad that someone is able to say it for just what it is.

So nadline finds me hard to fathom? Do you read my posts here? Or do you just cherry pick the ones that you find too nice about other players? Because that's what it appears to be. You have set yourself up as the gold standard for being a Rafa fan. Therefore, anyone who doesn't live up to your standard, must therefore not be a true Rafa fan. What about all the nice things I have said about Murray? You only mentioned Nole.

I want Rafa to win and be on top. I think he will do it. But having to deal with the comments from you has really disillusioned me.

Nativenewyorker , 3/30/13 7:13 PM

Holdserve:Novak did a semi-tank against Tommy IMO. I don't think he was going to work his azz off to try to win.
Danica: Yes, Paris and Querrey.

IMO Rafa will win RG but if for some reason he can't or gets knocked out early I want Novak to win it.
Rafa, Nole, Delpo are the best!

pennster , 3/30/13 8:12 PM

pennster , 3/30/13 8:12 PM

Please, what exactly do you not like about Murray? I am not trying to start a fan war or be facetious. I really am interested. Some people are put off by Novak's post match win celebrations, some people are put off by Rafa's incessant clobbering of Roger, some by Roger's narcissism........

I really would lie to hear what turns some people off about Andy.


rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 8:25 PM

^^like, not lie.

rafaisthebest , 3/30/13 8:26 PM


I want to clarify that even though I initially addressedmy post @ 7:13 PM to you, the second and third paragraphs were directed to nadline.

I think you know that, but I just wanted to make sure. I appreciate your decency and fairness in all this.

Nativenewyorker , 3/30/13 8:29 PM

rafa is the best:
He screws over the tourny at Basel by asking for wild card and then says he has butt pain.
He screws over the tourny at Marseilles twice.
He screwed over Adidas by wearing Hugo Boss and they complain.
He called Dubai a practice sesssion.
Declines Davis Cup for ranking points.
In short he doesn't know how to treat business.
He tries to imitate Novak: going to adidas, going gluten-free, getting a Czechoslovak coach, trying to start a tennis academy and just recently buying a hotel like Novak did a few years ago. Novak just started a charity, will he do that next?
He went recently on his facebook and tried to get people to vote for him for some award. Why does he need to do that?
His mother is a really obnoxious fist-pumping mama. I realize Lendl is trying to put a muzzle on Mrs. Muzz but ugh. Murray was asked at Cincy by Chris Fowler if his mother had his medals. Now, Murray is a 26 year old man so I guess people don't believe he is not dominated by Judy.
Becker, Wade, Martina and others think he's a drama queen and I agree.
He looks like a platypus covered in matted hair-the part that's not balding. His constant swearing and histrionics on court make his personality nearly as ugly as his exterior.
Is that enough or should I write more?

pennster , 3/30/13 10:45 PM

NNY: I have always stepped in on your behalf whenever I considerered you were being unfairly treated. But right now I am bewildered by the bizarre taunts that I am anti-Rafa just because I am also an Andy supporter.

I think it stems from the days of the Feeling the Nadal Pain thread when Holdserve labelled both Conspirator and me as being anti-Rafa. It was such a ludicrous claim that I didn't even bother to defend myself assuming that most people knew full well nothing could be further from the truth.

If anybody cares to show me the comment(s) which form the basis for their accusation I would be interested to see them.

If Holdserve's intention was to divide and rule, he has done a pretty good job.


ed251137 , 3/30/13 11:04 PM

Deuce , I resent your constant implication that I am trying to control you. I hardly even interact with you. You think you are free to poke your nose wherever you want then do so with some respect for truth and civility.
It is ed to a large extent who lays down diktats and harasses hapless posters who do not conform. You are his lackey no doubt because he defends you.
Neither you nor ed own this site. So quit your sly remarks.
Do me a favor. Ignore my posts. As you cannot be civil, at least be silent. I will ignore your posts.
As for ed he is suffering from amnesia or he has split personality or more than one person are posting under ed's name or of course ed is simply lying. This is not the first time he has claimed he never made an anti-Rafa post. Last time Augustina gave the lie to that statement.
I have no intention of wasting my time searching for ed's anti Rafa posts. The Rafa fans who follow this blog know full well he (ed) has posted anti Rafa posts. He is so pro Muzz that but for his claiming he is a Rafa fan no one would know it. All the Muzz fans refer to ed as one of them.
Again my request to ed, ignore my posts and I will ignore yours.

holdserve , 3/30/13 11:35 PM

ed251137, 3/30/13 11:04 PM,

I know that. It's why I was surprised by your silence this time. However, nadline and I have made our peace and it's over. We can each have our own beliefs and point of view. We both got it off our chests and that's it.

But now you do know how it feels to have someone question your loyalty to Rafa. I don't have any dual favorites. In fact, I only have one favorite - Rafa. I have said in the past that if it can't be Rafa, then let it be Murray. Note that I never said that about Nole. However, I do understand that you have feelings for both Rafa and Murray. I don't have any problem with it whatsoever. I believe that you are and have always been, a true Rafa fan.

There's no law against having more than one favorite or liking more than one player. I don't know what is going on with that. Lucky has talked about Cilic as a player that she likes very much. Does that somehow demean her being a Rafa fan? Not in my book!


Be careful not to be guilty of doing what you have criticized others for doing. You went after me and basically called me a hater for my arguments with scoretracker. I told you that I have no problem with anyone who comes here to talk tennis. However, if someone comes on here spewing out personally offensive attacks that are blatantly false, then I have a right to respond. Also, if you put out negative comments, then you can expect to get it right back. That's how it works.

So now you are engaging in the very same behavior for which you lectured and criticized me. Then let me ask you - how does it feel? You don't like being attacked either, now do you? Therefore, accord me the same rights to respond when I am being attacked without saying that I am a hater.

You know perfectly well that what has been going on with this site recently isn't as simple as black and white, with a gang of bullies attacking one poor victim. If you come here and trash this site, attack the posters and then cry when they respond in kind, that's just too bad.

Suffice to say that I do not subscribe to your view of what has transpired on this site recently.

Nativenewyorker , 3/31/13 1:06 AM

All this ranting and random in-fighting is very boring. It's times like this when we need Marian Vadgina to lighten the mood. Where is that old chestnut?

willmw101 , 3/31/13 1:11 AM

"One of the reasons nadline is my favorite poster is because she is completely loyal to Rafa. She states her opinion but does not gang up with others to impose her views by resorting to threats and insults. I like Twinge and Zare too because of their honesty. RITB is great too though occasionally she unwittingly participates in a lynch mob attack on scoretracker.
holdserve , 3/30/13 1:28 PM
Agree on nadline. She'll fight her corner, but never does she get into demonizing another poster, nor get together with the group hurling insults non-stop. She'll keep arguing her points, but she still maintains her dignity by not using name-calling and getting into the gutter.

There are some here who can't deal with the matter on hand and leave it there, it has to be kept alive, for reasons known only to God, and milk it until the milk turns black or dried up. One of the many reasons they do this is due to the support they know/think they'll receive as was stated in a comment above. They are cognizant of the fact that regardless of their behavior being right or wrong their friends will support them, plus the fact that they seem to think they have the moderator on their side, due to securing tenure on this site for the many years they've been here. They are working in a job, which is never done. This is the reason why nothing is ever stopped and the ugliness will continue.

I don't see any of the above as holdserve's intention to divide and conquer. It's obvious holdserve is not looking to be the ruler. If that were so, then she'd be playing the game some play here, taking sides, looking to be the leader, and being double-tongued. I'm sure she's acutely aware that by speaking out on the situation, she'll earn the dislike of those who participate in their wrong-doings, but it takes a big person to do what she's done. And, it's about time that some here stop with the innumerable attacks on others, e.g., derogatorily changing posters names to resemble something sick and offensive, which is nothing short of sick amusement for those who do it, albeit they seem to receive someone's respect, which is ja farce, and the other's way of ludicrous of getting that person to be their lackey. It's what kids do, not adults who presumably can think for themselves.

There's a saying that a good name is a nick-name for a fool.

scoretracker , 3/31/13 1:26 AM

@3/31/13 1:06pm "You went after me and basically called me a hater for my arguments with scoretracker. I told you that I have no problem with anyone who comes here to talk tennis."

Oh puhleez, she who never misses a beat to attack me for anything. If I say red is red, you'll say it's blue just to get an opportunity to sink your fangs deeper into me. and start a war, coz you know you'll get undying support. I'm positive that many see it, but are afraid to say anything, because they know you won't leave them alone, once you start..

Just look at what you're doing to ts38, who has finally seen you for what you really are. He can't express an opinion coz you've now latched onto the phrase"he's the flame thrower" and your lackey then finishes it off with one of her stupid posts by referring to him as ts'19'. You bully others into silence.

Keep up your job, which you claim is never done. Yeah, that's the truth, it'll never be done for you coz you'll never stop sinking your fangs into anyone you hate.

You can lie how much you want, but I don't come after you, unless you begin with your disparagement of me. I can always be assure that every tennis comment I write, will produce your usual ankle bitting and criticisms for no reason, but you'll find something to start a war. Most of my time here is having to deal with you and your groupies, all six (6) of you, on a constant basis. And now there's a 7th, who are degrading Fed fans to be something disgusting as a fart.

scoretracker , 3/31/13 1:43 AM

I am not on here enough to know who is who or how many monikers someone has but I feel for you in your struggle. Fed is a wonderful role model and statistically the best player ever so far. I know what you mean about bullies. I like Rafa and Novak second and I caught a lot of hell for liking Novak!!! LOL

pennster , 3/31/13 1:58 AM

Pennster, thank you for speaking up. I appreciate it. There are some Fed fans here, but some of them fear to speak up, and some of them seem to think they can do better or are better than those of us who have to stave off the bullies. Well they can dream on. One of them had this unseen halo around her head who stated she is not like some Fed fans on here. Well, guess what, she got into some nasty arguments with some nadal posters here, one in particular, and it went on for weeks. She finally ended up leaving I guess, coz I've not seen here here since.

I defended Novak in my first post on this site in 2011 when he was beating Nadal, and from then until now the behemoth has sunk her fangs and claws into me, and won't let go. She's empowered by the fact that her cohorts will back her up. Now she's whining that not one of them got her back and rescued her from the mess she got herself into. What I dislike most of all is the exaggerations and lies. It's why I like to point those out to them whenever they say differently. There are double standards here, which will never change.Thanks again.

scoretracker , 3/31/13 3:47 AM

you deserve an oscar for this underdog performance...come on, get real.

phoenix , 3/31/13 6:04 AM

Nadline - I don't think I particularly fight a player's corner or attack anothers, I'm sorry I gave that impression! Glad you enjoyed it though haha. My aim is just to stop people insulting each other over something as silly as who their favourite tennis player is, we should all try to get along! To be fair I haven't exactly been the best at that myself!

rbennett , 3/31/13 6:38 AM

@6:04 am, that's the sum total of your tennis insight that I've ever seen from you. All you do is join the gang and insult those you hate, Fed fans, but never a word on tennis. What a great tennis whiz, NOT.

scoretracker , 3/31/13 6:47 AM

@6:38AM, you a dreamer? Perhaps aiming to get to Mars might be more attainable.

scoretracker , 3/31/13 6:49 AM

i feel for you in your struggle...

phoenix , 3/31/13 7:18 AM

pennster , 3/30/13 10:45 PM

Got it, thanks.

rafaisthebest , 3/31/13 7:50 AM /

"The ugly stepsister of racist comments, sexist language and sexist comments still persist in our society. Often we let the comment slide without speaking out because we don't want to make waves. Have you spoken out when you heard sexist language or sexist comments?"

When you see sexist language, speak up, sisters!

Do not be intimidated by talk of "ganging" up. Anyone who uses sexist language deserves to be "ganged" up on.

Time to make sexism unacceptable, just as racism is unacceptable.

Speak up/speak out!

rafaisthebest , 3/31/13 9:03 AM

'They are cognizant of the fact that regardless of their behavior................................. due to securing tenure on this site for the many years they've been here.'


ed251137 , 3/31/13 9:14 AM

I am more than happy to ignore your posts and you mine. Fights on sights are totally boring to any poor onlookers.
#Morning ed. Gorjus here, sunny, bright and freezing. Lovely January day to be sure....;)

deuce , 3/31/13 11:07 AM

Lovely here too.

You wont believe it but I missed out on both the SFs. Was out to dinner during the Haas/Ferrer match and then misjudged the timing for Andy/Richard. Bloody French TV and their delayed transmissions.

The family arrive this afternoon but have warned them they will have to watch the final.
I'm in the middle of making hot cross buns to appease them!

I'll be glad when tennis crosses the pond and we can get a decent night's sleep.

ed251137 , 3/31/13 11:40 AM

ohhh someone is very trying hard to get TT attention, a drama queen. Teel us how torres9, chr18, ts38, maxi and you yourself behave in TT? You took the center stage recited a very long monologue and appeared to be a hollier than thou. I tell you what, you will remain fedfarts to my eyes as long as i can see anyone of you discounting clay as ALWAYS. That's what I really dislike about you fedfans. The Nadal fans acknowledge all types of courts in tennis be it grass, hard and clay, but it's totally different story for the obnoxious fedfarts. So tell us scoretracker why it is always like that?

Raindrops , 3/31/13 11:40 AM


""""the Nadal fans acknowledge success of every player on all types of courts in tennis be it in grass, hard and clay, but it's totally different story for the obnoxious fedfarts.""""

Raindrops , 3/31/13 11:46 AM

No idea what programme i'm "watching" right now on BBC (not watching, just have the TV on as background noise), but just saw snippet of woman whose title is: Director, Campaign Against Living Miserably.

Huh? She looked miserable.........

Hand in your resignation, love................join TT!

rafaisthebest , 3/31/13 1:54 PM

rbennett, let's just say you are in the anti-Rafa corner. See, I just assumed you were a Fedfan.

nadline , 3/31/13 1:58 PM

Actually, I don't appreciate or like any other player. If I ever root for a player my ulterior motive would be how the results would affect Rafa either in the rankings or in a draw, that's all.

Today, I'm rooting for Ferrer because he has no chance of catching up with Rafa's M1000 record of 22 titles. Not that Murray has any chance either, but he is closer than Daveed.

#ultimate Rafan

nadline , 3/31/13 2:13 PM

I've given the Muzza or Daveed issue a lot of thought and I hav come to the conclusion that I want Muzza to lose for the simple reason that this gives Rafa a shot at a #4 seeding at RG. It doesn't matter to Rafa what seeding he is but it mattress to tennis. If there was no Rafa implication I would be rooting for Daveed.

rafaisthebest , 3/31/13 3:24 PM

Calm down honey, because: OK we'll take out clay, not Rogie's best but in the interests of fairness you must take out indoor, cos Raf's least favourite oops.....oops, check it out but by my reckoning it looks like 7-3...

deuce , 3/31/13 4:22 PM

@deuce, I have come to the conclusion my IPad has a life of its own. In my post of 3:24pm I could have sworn I typed Daveed instead it's showing Muzza. Okay, let me try again:

"............I want Daveed to lose for the simple reason that this gives Rafa a shot at the #4 seeding at RG". Rafa is competing with Daveed ranking wise, not Muzza.

Note to self: stay off the tipple......

rafaisthebest , 3/31/13 4:43 PM

I knew what u meant you are a self-confessed Scotch lover, you MUST be a Muzza fan

deuce , 3/31/13 4:54 PM

LOL @deuce, when did you accept the job as the spokeperson of the fedfarts? Most of them are numbskull because they count only what they want to count. Anyway, Count or no count, Roger will always be Rafa's punching bag. Bad match up my foot, wake up no player has a skewed winning h2h against Rafa but it is actually the other way around, Rafa has skewed winning h2h against almost everybody, so that bad match-up alibi is again a brain fart of fedfarts haha.

Raindrops , 3/31/13 7:36 PM

Current ATP-rankings

1. Djokovic 12 500 pts
2. Murray 8 750 pts
3. Federer 8 670 pts
4. Ferrer 6 970 pts
5. Nadal 6 385 pts

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